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Russian roulette

The other couples at the BBQ were all well known to our old friends Sue and Don, and we felt we too knew them well after moving to the town nearly six month ago. So the atmosphere was relaxed and trusting as we swilled our beer in our downstairs rec room . We had moved there in the twilight as the bugs started to bother us. Upstairs was too warm. We were too young and poor to have AC at this point. Besides, it was a good place to hang out for people like us, among the weight benches and barbell racks that were such an important part in our lives.

Carrie, my young bride, was sprawled on one of the benches, and I have to admit she looked very wanton and appealing, so I wasn’t all that surprised when Don remarked how much she looked like the vestal virgin waiting on the altar to give her virtue to the high priest. Carrie sat up quickly, her face coloring, as the rest had a good laugh at her expense.

“I don’t think you could fuck on a narrow bench like that, could you?” Gord ventured, “I mean, who needs to roll onto a cement floor just when things are at the best?” Carrie giggled, “Vic and I have done it, and its not that hard.” The group sat silently, absorbing what shy little Carrie had said. It wasn’t her usual way, and I think she shocked a couple girls. But she also set a couple guys thinking, apparently. After an awkward pause, someone suggested we should be playing something , I think to change the mood away from adventuresome thoughts. There was another pause of cogitation waiting for a suggestion of a game.

Finally Gord jumped back in , speaking thoughtfully and slowly as he formulated his thought. “The idea of Carrie getting fucked on that bench won’t go away. Now, we can’t expect her to demonstrate the possibility just like that, but it does raise the idea of a game of Russian roulette, where no one actually shoots himself. Who here wouldn’t like to see a romp on the bench as long as they are not themselves in the show?” “You mean like one of those live sex shows you hear about in Copenhagen clubs? Here in Carrie’s rec room? With all us watching?” Sue giggled, “Nobody here would have the nerve to do that.”

“Nobody would have the nerve to do it themselves, but they might have the nerve to watch a friend do it,” Gord countered, “We all like a bit of porn, so who can say honestly the idea doesn’t tickle a boner?” “But to be porn, it would have to be with someone else’s husband,” ventured Sally, “you can’t be thinking of that, are you? Oh, my god, you are thinking of that! Never mind, its so far out, I know its not going to happen. So what are the rules?”

Having gotten the guarded admission from all that it would be a good show as long as it ‘wasn’t me’, Gord continued, “So, the Russian roulette would have to involve pulling a name of the girl from a hat. By good chance we have six couples exactly, fitting in that that the game was mostly played with a revolver. The girls in letting their names go in the hat can feel secure that the odds of them escaping to watch the show are five out of six. That’s pretty safe, isn’t it?”

I don’t think at that point anyone including Gord thought the game would continue, but it became a game of formulating rules and safeguards against default as virtually everyone put in his and her thoughts. After much bantering debate the rules of engagement came down as follows: The vestal virgin would be selected by simple lottery as originally proposed. The high priest would be a stud of her choice, but not her husband, since a real vestal virgin couldn’t have prior carnal knowledge of her lover, could she.? It was agreed that the husband or boyfriend might help strip and prepare his sweety for the sacrifice. Since selecting a stud for herself might upset the four rejects and might even give cause for jealousy from her husband, the opinion was that the virgin should let the lottery system prevail as well. The winning priest could call on any or all of the remaining girls to prepare him for his labours.

Gord finished the printed rules with a flourish. “Do you think we could get this thing refined and published? We could make a lot of money, you know. Can you think of anybody who would rather play monopoly than this?” As he talked he was tearing tickets of paper from the bottom of the document and adding names to them. Even at this point nobody was thinking seriously that the game would really unfold, although a couple might having been wishing.. Carrie had abandoned the bench to sit by me, not wanting to be anywhere near the centre of this action. She wasn’t a prude, and had a lover before me, but messing around was by tacit agreement not on.

Gord finished his chore and put the ballots in an empty chip bowl, then made an elaborate show of mixing the tickets over his head and finally pulling one out. .”And the winning lady is Judy. My congratulations, my dear girl. May you have multitudes of orgasms”
Judy sat transfixed by the suddenness of the event, the implications of what might soon happen if she didn’t act quickly. “Now just a minute! You made the draw yourself. How do we know you didn’t mark a ballot and rig the draw?” It was Carrie who came to her rescue and in doing so sprung Gord’s trap on the group. “Judy’s right, you know. It should be a more controlled election..”

Gord made a show of throwing his hands in the air. “ Oh, Ok, We’ll do it again” He put the six tickets face down on the floor. “Does any girl here know which of these tickets are hers? No folds, all the same size. And to be doubly sure, I think Carrie should pick the winner.” Carrie looked at the pile, trying for a clue, but could find none. She reached for one and picked it up just as the realization hit her that she had voluntarily entered and participated in the game and the girl she had selected could get no more help from her. She looked blankly at the back of the ticket for a long moment.

“Would the warder place the name to the virgin face up on the altar, please?” Gord intoned, “Gather round closely, so that all might see together who will lead this flock from the path of dullness that has pervaded our lives heretofore.” Carrie looked at me in sudden panic, but she only got a grin and a nod from me. She was still looking at me as she placed the ticket down. In response to the quiet giggling and applause of her friends, she turned and read CARRIE on the paper…The rogue had even put a happy face beside it. Carrie could feel her face burning. Girls embraced her and congratulated her as she stood numbly. She knew quickly she would have done the same for any of them. It was only a moment before she had planned to do just that. She looked around for me again in a panic.

I took her in my arms and added my congratulations. She pulled back shocked that I wasn’t doing anything to rescue her from the trap she had trodden on, but my mind was mostly on the hardon I myself was harbouring, and thinking of Carrie getting fucked wasn’t making it go away. I let Carrie feel it poke into her tummy, “Its going to be fun, baby. Go with the flow. The show must go on. And it is only a show, more like a game of chicken. Sometime soon someone will run out of nerve. And its not like these guys haven‘t seen you naked down on Wreck Beach, not to mention a couple hundred strangers. Don‘t let them see your fear”

Carrie let me lift her tee over her head. That was a good move by Gord. None of the girls would have done except with her man’s help. She stood quietly as I pulled the knot loose that held up her clam diggers and let them drop to the floor. She squirmed a little as I eased down her thong , but I think she was just embarrassed that I should see that she was already wet. I was in fact very pleased. It meant I wouldn’t have to worry about her having a good time, and that I was right not to have stepped in to help her earlier.
I had her sit on the end of the bench on a white sheet that had been found somewhere and whisked in to consecrate the altar and was just laying her back when a sudden thought brought her upright. We hadn’t chosen a high priest as yet, and she wasn’t going to lay there like a wanton as we sorted that out. I pointed out gently that under the charter she had the right to choose her stud. She thought. Clearly, the worry over playing a favourite among friends had been a valid thought. She in the end gave the choice to me, even insisted that if she was going to be fucked, it would be by my choice.

A smirking Gord handed me the pile of ballots he had marked, but my own mind was working in quirky ways too by now. I arranged them in a row at Carrie’s feet, then turned them over. “So who is the guy?” Someone wanted to know. “The guy is all of you, but in this order. Fifty stokes only, then it’s the next man. First one to cum in Carrie gets to fuck Judy just as soon as he is able, as pay back for Carrie rescuing Judy. First man up, or should I say, in, is ,well, would you look at that, is Gord.”

The room for a long moment was silent. I think everyone there thought that soon someone would call enough and the rest would have to quit the game, but now a girl had let herself be stripped for action on the bench and a priest had been nominated. Further, he was the one guy least likely to get cold feet himself. Even little Carrie looked a bit panicky and pulled my head to hers. “Someone is going to stop it soon, aren’t they? I can’t stop it. I pulled my name. I would look like a prude sissy.? “I can’t stop it either, sweety. It would make me look like a jealous, protective keeper. Would you stop it if one of the other girls was sitting where you are?” Carrie shook her head mutely. After a moment she gave a brave little smile. “Are you okay with whatever happens?” “Go forward knowing that if Gord actually fucks you, I will be soon be fucking Judy. Are you okay with that?” “Is Judy?” “You heard me setting down the conditions and so did Judy. You don’t hear her stopping the show now, do you?” As I spoke I was easing Carrie down onto her back again, sliding her bum to the very end of the bench. A light reflected off the wetness of her pussy, belying any dread she might have been feigning. Gord could only stand silently and stare at his prize.

“Would someone kindly defrock the priest before my little virgin gets a chill?” I finally asked. Almost trancelike figures helped strip Gord, but to his credit, when his shorts dropped he had a hard-on that would have done any porn pic proud. Once naked, Gord woke from his trance. He looked for assurance from me. In answer, I knelt by Carrie and gave her a knee to rest her foot on and motioned Judy to do the same for the other side. One of the guys suddenly came alive and snatched a cushion for Gord’s knees. Thus invited, he kneeled between Carrie’s feet and tentatively rubbed his cock on her pouting labia. Her instant moan of delight fully woke him, and with a grin of delight he guided his head between her lips and slid full length into her pussy. “My god!, “ a girl gasped, “They really did it. They really are doing it. I didn’t think they would, but he’s in all the way. Wow!” “Victor!” Carrie gasped, “He didn’t chicken out. He’s fucking me.””

I didn’t say anything, but my feelings were much the same. Watching from close quarters as a cock slips into your wife is something I would recommend to anyone. Watching her transition from wondering if it might stop to demanding it better not stop, all in four or five strokes, is not to be missed or denied her. Carrie was having an intense orgasm within half a minute, and I heard one of the guys counting off the strokes. Gord was breathing heavily by thirty and I remembered my own rule of fifty strokes. I have never counted the stroke number of a heated fuck, and don’t know how I arrived at fifty. Anyway, Gord was so close when the count hit there that he couldn’t be stopped, and nobody tried to. It was probably closer to double that when he finally convulsed his load into Carrie, who was well into her second orgasm, and not about to let him stop.

I looked across at Judy, still acting as Carrie’s left stirrup, and found her watching me, her tongue nervously wetting her lips. Her eyes held mine as Carrie came again, the, in the quiet that followed we let her feet go to the floor and we met at the big old battered sectional some beloved aunt had handed down to us. There was no coyness now. I had her naked within a half minute, even with a breathless kiss that assured each other that all systems were go. A sundress and panties don’t take much stripping anyway. WE quickly became the new star attraction as Carrie and Gord were abandoned in their a afterglow. I wanted to kiss Judy’s’ pussy, but she was way too horny already to put up with play. She pulled me on top and helped me find her lips that parted and welcomed me in. The feeling of entering a new pussy, especially one you have been wondering about for a number of years, is every bit a good as watching your wife getting a strange cock. The regrets of not doing this sooner are quickly forgotten in the present. I stroked very slowly, not wanting to lose any minute of this first time. I glanced over to the altar, and noticed Gord beginning to give Carrie languid strokes again,

Someone else saw my glance. “Hey you guys. You’ve had more than fifty. Its my turn to be priest.” Even as he spoke his clothes were flying. Gord didn’t object , and moved aside as Don slide in to take his place. Carrie’s cunt wasn’t empty for more than ten seconds before a new cock churned up the cum still trapped in there. Don was gentle. He knew Carrie had just been fucked quite roughly, if briefly, and wasn’t about to wreck anything by making Carrie sore. Gord’s still hard cock wasn’t wasted either. He came to the sectional and flopped at our heads, a dreamy smile on his face. Almost immediately He found Sally straddling his lap. Sally it was who couldn’t believe ‘they were really doing it’. Now she grabbed Gord’s still stiff cock and brought her pussy down to engulf it. Everyone was fucking within minutes. Another couple were at our feet, she slouched on the sectional and he kneeling between her knees. Gord was really finding his second wind. I didn’t know how the other two couples were arranged, but by and by some one said,”That’s way over fifty for Don, Time to move one space.”

Judy and I hadn’t even had one orgasm together, and this wasn’t in the equation, but already bodies were shifting, so we just smiled wryly at each other and parted. We knew we would find each other again. Judy quickly took the position vacated by Sally. I found Sue abandoned on a futon cushion on the floor, looking incredibly sexy and inviting. I think I was in her before she really knew who it was. The thought of fucking a girl who I had known for many years but never really dreamed of making it with, and suddenly finding her writhing under me, all the course of less than an hour, and finding her so warm and sexy, changed my mood completely. As slowly as I stroked Judy, I pumped into Sue. Someone patted my back at one point, but the juices were running high, and I came along with Sue while other couples were making the switch.

Sue and I took our time drifting down. There was no hurry now. I think the early frenzy to have everybody fuck everybody cooled with a couple cums and subsequent softening of boners. The only real movement was for one girl and then another to drift to the can stop the cum dripping down her legs, then the shower became popular, and gradually some clothing began to be retrieved. The mood was decidedly mixed. Some, not all girls, showed some shame in what had happened. More were laid back and mellow. Sally was still nude, and seemed ready to take on another comer. But there was none, and soon the crowd packed up and went home.

“Do you think we’ll have any friends left?” Carrie murmured over her shoulder as she waved at the last car in our driveway. “I think a few people are feeling a bit wicked. Are you?” I had to admit that I wasn’t . I had watched Carrie gather in three loads of cum, more than her share to be sure, but earned in that she had the grit to start the whole thing. As I cradled her lower tummy in my hands I could feel my cock stirring again in the memory. She felt it too and told me I could have a rain check. She was closed for the day.

Don and Sally called by just after noon the next day. Both stumbled over each other to say how sorry they were about all that had happened and for them letting it happen. Could we forget it and still call them friends? As they talked, Carrie and I traded amused glances, and came to a mutual agreement.

“But Don”, I interrupted, “You never actually came in Carrie. And I never got close to Sally, much as I wanted to. Between us, I don’t see what we have to be sorry for. We think its only fair to the others that we make ourselves sorry. Don’t you agree?” As I was talking both Carrie and myself were shedding our clothes, and I was standing in front of Sally with a boner prodding her tummy. Sally looked in panic at Don, but his eyes were on Carrie as she fought with his belt.

Sally’s eyes lit up, ”Oh, we’re so glad we’re not the only sex maniacs. We thought if we could make you trust us again the sex would happen too, but this is the best.” She gave me a shy glance as she fondled my cock, “Do you mind?”

The Long Road

I love to watch my wife with other men,I’ve had this desire almost as long as I have known her. We were both teenagers & virgins on our first encounter so neither of us had ever had sex with anyone else.

The desire to see her with other men all started for me one night on a date with her when we parked in a neighborhood park. We were in the back seat totally nude & enjoying each others bodies.

Suddenly a light was being shone on us & the car door opened,we were startled & scared as we could see nothing with the light shinning in our eyes.Turned out to be a cop, he informed us we were breaking the law having sex & being nude in a public place. He told me to get dressed & for her not to move from the corner she was huddled in. He took me to his car & placed me in the back seat telling me he was going to get her. I was alone for quite a while thoughts racing through my head of what was going to happen to us. As I thought about him catching us fucking & seeing her body my cock began getting hard, the more I pictured him seeing her the harder it got.I was really scared at the same time,I kept wondering what was taking so long & what was going on.

Eventually he returned & told we me could leave, but gave me a very stern warning telling me that due to our ages he should notify our parents of what we were doing & to have them come to the police station to get us but he would let us go but if he ever saw my car in that park again that I or both of us would be arrested.

When I got back to my car she was just finishing dressing when I asked what had he said to her, she said when he had gotten back to the car she was dressing, He shined the light on her & very roughly told her he had told her not to move so why was she dressed. He told her when I give you an order you will follow it to the letter or I will slap the cuffs on you & haul your naked ass to the police station & call your parents to come get you.

Having said that he told her to remove her clothes & get back in the corner where she was supposed to be. She then informed me that he kept shinning the light on her naked body for a while then told her he had better check to see if I had cum in her, so slide over here so I can check you out. She told him no ,so he angrly said fine we can do it here & now or you can get checked at the police station then your parents can come pick your naked ass up.

She relented & said he could check her if we could just go & not be arrested. She told me he had her slide over to the edge of the seat & spread her legs for him. He then inserted one finge r then two fingers into her young cunt & stroked around for a while finally pulling his fingers out & saying I guess you are clean so get dressed & I’ll send your boyfriend back to you then get your asses out of here & never come back to my park again.

As she relayed this story to me I was really distressed that my love had to go thru this hurtfull experence but at the same time I had a raging hard on picturing him with his fingers buried in her hot little cunt. For months I could not get the thoughts of her being sexually used by another man out of my mind, I was constantly picturing her with any good looking guy we were around etc.

After we were married I kept planning on ways to get another mans cock buried in her sweet little cunt. She was raised in a religious home the old fastened way, you get married have kids, stay with your man, so trying to get her to accept having sex with another man seemed like a mountain I would never get across. I got books on swinging trying to get her intrest up, showing her pics of two men doing any & every thing to the woman. Especially reading her excerts from swinging wives of how sex with other men made them feel so mucch more fulfilled & made therir home life so much more enjoyable with their husbands.

She would have none of it her old fashioned up bringing would only lether belive that sex was for your husband only for ever & ever. Before we were married I got a wild hair in my ass thinking I wanted to go back to my home state to be with my old girlfriends. I just did not feel that Al was the one I wanted to spend my life with so we broke up. I went back to my old girl friends for about 3 months but all I could think of was her & every time I did I pictured her & me in bed with another man buried in her pussy. I finally went back but she was dating another guy & a friend told me they were in love & going to get engaged. I sulked for a while but I could not shake the fact I was going to spend the rest of my life with her. I set out to win her back & finally succeded.

The reason I bring this up is because in the processs of trying to get her to swing I was looking for any little thing that would help me get a big stiff cock buried in her hot little cunt. So one day I brought up her ex & how much sex they had together,At first she tried to tell me that they were waiting till they got married & had no sex but I knew her better so after pressing for a while she admited they had been fucking. I got an instant hard on & kept pressing her for details, so I kept pressing the issue she had already fucked someone else besides me so it would do noharm to continue to have fun sex with other men.

I asked her if she enjoyed it with him of course I knew the answer cause I know how much she liked sex. She said yes it was good but way better with me,I kept pressing for details on their times together finally she opend up & went into detail. I got a raging hard on pulled it out pushed her back on the couch & buried my cock in her, fucking like a madman telling her to keep telling me about their sex together. She was actually getting off on telling me about it. I asked her if the memories of his cock fucking her hot little cunt was making our sex better. She gave me a hug let out a little moan & shoved her hot little cunt into me pumping away like a wild woman.

As we lay talking afterwards I said see sex with others can make our sex better I think this just proved my point. If you got this hot just remembering his fucking you how do you think you would feel if you had two guys pleasuring every inch of your body licking,sucking,shoving their hard cocks into your hot cunt over & over again.

She let out a moan climbed on top of me & slamed her dripping cunt down on my waiting cock.As she was riding me slow & easy she said honey I need to confess somthing to you I have kept secret for years because of what you might think of me. I was sure I was going to hear about another guy or two she had been with. She said remember when that cop caught us in the park

I said ya he put his fingers in your cunt to supposibly check you out but you & I both know he was just getting his kicks fingering you. He did more than that he made me fuck him & warned me bad things would happen to you & me if I ever told anyone,but I was afraid to tell you because I was afraid of what you would think of me getting fucked by another man.

I told her how sorry I was that happened to her but she was a real trooper & said she had not let it bother her all these years but the talking of her fucking her ex made her remember the cop pushing his cock into her & that had actually turned her on a little to remember.

Jennie cums to the city

When Rob started his new job, it was really the start of a new life. He had made the break from a life in the logging industry, not following every male member of his family for generations. In so doing , he had to leave the town, and in his case, the State. Back home, logging was virtually the only way to make a living unless you were willing to work for half the money and clean hands. Rob was the only one of his brood to finish school, and had a notion to someday go a bit further.

Loneliness wasn’t a problem with him. He didn’t have much to do with the guys back home anyway. But he did have a lot to learn, he was aware of his lack of experience, and he was keen to make up the deficit. So it was natural for him to seek the wing of a coworker who seemed to be respected by the staff and supervision, and who also took an interest in him. Lars was only a couple years older, but had a degree, a young wife, and an attitude toward life that Rob thought suited himself. It was only weeks before Rob, while not a fixture, was a regular at the Nelson’s. He watched Mary swell with the first baby, and held the son on his first day home, and felt he was at home himself.

More than a year later, Rob was at the bus depot, waiting a late bus from the direction of home. He was in a bigger place now, and he had asked for some of personal stuff to be sent along. Stuff like hockey gear he had thought he would never use again, high school year books, junk. Now he was doing well in his new life, he felt less aversion to the old. Perhaps less fear of failing and having to return, as had been predicted by his brother. The bus rolled in, and a few minutes later Rob was packing his truck with all his junk. A girl with a large suitcase was reading the community notice board and now he took notice of her, trying to remember where he had seen her. Home seemed obvious, since she had come by the same bus as he had, then he put the face to a basketball player from the next town who had come to play his school in a local tournament.

It was a face worth remembering, and he seemed to remember legs to match, although the shorts they wore nowadays meant you had to imagine a lot. He searched for a name, came up empty. He wanted to talk to her, but thought she must have someone coming for her and didn’t need another rube seeming to hit on her. She caught him looking, and hesitantly smiled, then looked away. He bit the bullet. “Ride late coming? Can I take you anywhere?” He tried to sound cool, but she was a knockout, and his voice cracked a bit.

Jenny fidgeted , “Do you know town? Is there a Y a person can go to? I left in a bit of a hurry and I thought it would be easy just to go to a hotel until I found a place, but now it doesn’t seem so easy, especially with all this stuff to haul.”
“Jenny! Sorry, I just remembered your name.” Rob’s face was one big smile,” I used to drool over you when you came to play in Eckville. So you’ve left home too?”

Jenny lit up. She didn’t remember anyone drooling, but if he knew where Eckville was, he was hometown. It wasn’t on many maps. He wasn’t hard to look at either. He wasn’t dressed like a logger, and he didn’t look like he had been to the bar. Nothing like home. She watched with a warm flood or relief as he hoisted her bag into his truck and held the door for her. She wasn’t all alone!

An hour later she wasn’t all that sure. There were hotels, and cheap motels, but a quick scan of apartments had sobered her, especially the deposit needed to even pay the first rent. She had no furniture and as yet no job. She had come cold. The attentions of Tim at home had become too heavy. Tim drank with her father who thought he was a fine match for Jenny, and the pressure was growing. Jenny in fact had never even gone out with Tim, and that was just fine with her. So she left one morning, leaving only a note saying she was headed in to opposite direction.

Now it was dusk. They were at Rob’s. There seemed nowhere else to take her. Rob had hauled his huge duffel bag in and showed her his new digs, then had gone back to the truck and brought in her big suitcase. She hadn’t objected. She had no idea what else she could do. She hadn’t had the luxury of thinking out her future, she just had to shake what looked like might be her future. Rob remembered his first day in the city. At least he had a job and a contact to get a bed to start with. Jenny had none of that, and the hide a bed he had scored at the warehouse now looked like a winning investment. His apartment was a one bedroom, but up to a month ago he had been sleeping on the hide a bed himself..

For the first time in a month, since she had first realized she was going to have to leave, Jenny was relaxed and limp, sprawled on the couch. Rob and her were eating microwave popcorn, the TV didn’t have hockey on it, and he wasn’t drinking beer, or trying to get her to have one. She had started to talk of a job search, but Rob had forbid it until morning. It was Saturday night, he could spend tomorrow with her, and it was time to get to know each other. The talk studiously avoided any mention of what was new at home. Jenny noted that Rob had already laid out blankets for the pull-out, and knew no demands were being made for services rendered. Sometimes while she talked, she was aware that he was devouring her with his eyes, but he had done nothing to frighten her, and his look was one of awe more than any hunger.

Rob, for his part, couldn’t get over this vision that had become part of his life, at least for one night. She was pink and flushed from a hot bath, and wrapped in a huge terry robe that the Nelsons had given for a house warming present only a couple weeks ago. He imagined her skin touching fabric that had cuddled him only last night, then chided himself for thinking that about this girl who needed his help, not his lust. But then he thought it again.

They talked well into the night, then Rob pulled out the bed which Jenny made herself. It was strange hearing the sounds of another person in the house, having to put something on to go to the bathroom, trying to be a bit quiet when peeing, having another glass with another toothbrush on the vanity. He liked it. So he was distressed to hear the sobbing only a hour after he had dozed. He listened helplessly for as long as he could. He remembered hearing his mother sobbing into the night when his dad hadn’t come home, preferring the hockey on the big screen at the bar. But that was angry sounding. This was helpless, like a kitten looking for her mother, still not having eyes open to see it was alone.

Rob took the twists out of the pyjamas he had found among his underwear, and which he hated, and sat on Jenny’s bedside. He knew he had to touch her, hoped it wouldn’t be misconstrued. She quieted at his touch, and as he rubbed her shoulder, managed a week smile up at him. Her shoulder poked through the neck of the big tee shirt he had found for her to use as a nighty. “Sorry. I was crying, wasn’t I? I had to leave there, but I had no idea what it was like being alone” Her perfect face looked up at Rob and now seemed so fragile. But still beautiful. “Okay now?” He still felt awkward sitting on this angel’s bed, and strove to keep any unclean thoughts from defiling the moment.

Jenny rolled and caught his hand in two of hers, pressing it to her cheek, “You’ve done so much, but could I have a hug too? I really need a hug.” Rob let himself be pulled down to lay beside this vision, felt the arms around his neck, made his arms respond, and felt a tiny waist writhe as she snuggled in closer. His cock had a mind of its own, and he hoped against hope that she wouldn’t hug him so close that she might feel it. A willing Mary had been offered to him by Lars only a couple months ago. They were concerned that he didn’t seem interested in girls, when there were a couple in the office who made no secret of his attractiveness. He had been tempted. Mary was a sexy lady, and he remembered how she could kiss on birthdays and New Years Eve, and most of the time around her he watched how she moved. So he shouldn’t have been surprised to find himself roused now.

“I’ve never really hugged a man before” she whispered into his ear, making goose bumps on his arms, “I mean to hug and really hope he likes it. It feels good. I don’t want you to go. I wish you could stay with me.” Jenny studied his face in the dim light, then pulled him to her and kissed him, a shy, light kiss that was still warm and clinging. “Will you stay a little while?” The smile was still shy, but the next kiss was more intense, and the next was more loving, and the next……When Rob went to his bed, Jenny went with him. He didn’t really ask her, both knew it would happen. She had thrown her blankets over him and he knew she could feel his boner and he knew she was pressing back.

It wasn’t classic lovemaking. It was two rookies whose only knowledge was the need they both felt. In later days they both would laugh at the attempts at foreplay that pinched more than tickled in their intensity. But Rob was wonderfully wet and slippery even if she was not, and the pain of her virginity going was slight compared with having her knight in her possession. She didn’t cum herself, but she felt Rob’s juices pumping in, and revelled at his throaty laughter, and she knew it was good, and it would get better.

They didn’t get married right away. They never even thought about it. Everything else happened to quick. Jenny got a job almost right away Monday morning. When Rob got home at five, she had already put in a four hours, and she was brimming with relief and happiness. They floated through the first couple weeks. Lars and Grace had missed him Saturday night, and were delighted to find the reason for his delinquency. They were equally charmed with the girl herself.. Lars had moved up a notch at work, and Rob had followed into his vacancy, a big jump in money. So when they found Jenny was pregnant, the dismay quickly became confidant joy. Jenny was a minor, so marriage was a problem. She wasn’t ready to ask her parents for permission, or to have them know the reason for her wanting to get married. But Lars had a fast car, loved to use it, and one weekend the four of them found a more liberal State, a clandestine chapel, and that was just fine with them..Lars and Grace had been married at the same place, and it worked just fine with them.

Jenny took a long time to show, and she was a valued staff member by the time she had to make the announcement, and she was promised that her job would be waiting. She and Rob had looked at a couple houses, but settled for a condo. Lars and Mary and the baby almost lived there while the repainting was happening, and already there was pile of little used baby stuff at hand. Mary was a first time mother, but she had experience from a happier childhood than Jenny. The first kicks of the baby were felt by all four, and it wasn’t long after that Rob had to give up his sex for the duration. When this news was shared with Lars and Mary, they both smiled sympathetically, “Well, the offer with Mary stands. We have friends that helped me out in my turn. There’s no need to go without” Lars looked sincere, and a smiling Mary nodded. Jenny was looking around the circle perplexed, not knowing even what the subject of the offer was. Rob just smiled and shook his head, indicating Jenny’s confusion, and the topic was dropped.

But a week later, Rob had a wet dream. He was young and healthy, and had learned to like a regular fuck. Before Jenny he knew all about self help, but was reluctant to use it now, thinking he should have more self control. So when he woke to find Jenny’s bum slathered with his cum, he had no words to describe his mortification. Jenny, once she knew what had happened, thought it a huge joke, and rubbed it all over her tummy before going to shower. After, they were laying quietly talking. “Is this what Lars was talking about, Mary taking care of you?” She asked coyly. “I don’t think they mean any harm. They said I could have Mary before, too. Before you came. But I didn’t. I don’t know if Lars really fucked another girl when Mary was big, or not.” Jenny was thoughtful. She was still thoughtful when she made coffee for Mary the next day. “Did Lars really have a girl friend when you were like me?”

Mary cocked her head at her young friend, “You’ve kissed Lars. Isn’t that sort of a lead up to a fuck? Sort of like pretending there might be something that could happen? Its not bad, believe me. We have friends that we make things happen with. More than one couple. So Lars never went short of sex. I’m not saying you should get into swinging, but a little strange tail for Rob wouldn’t harm either of you. Make you feel less guilty about holding out, and less likely to hurry back too soon after the baby is born”

Jenny reeled under the barrage of information. She had never met a swinger before, but thought they must be strange people, and Mary wasn’t strange at all. Still, she was not ready to try it herself. But on the other hand……”Would you like me to tell Rob that its okay with me to have sex with you?” She heard the words come out, and marvelled at her worldly strength that she was able to say them..”I’m not sure he would anyway, much as he likes you, but I think he should.” “I would like that. I don’t think he will either, but a friend has to be there in a time of need, right?”

Jenny had a lot to think about for the rest of the day. Her life with Rob was like a fairy tale, with everything good opening up as they went through it. This was a new wrinkle.. It was attractive, but where she grew up, anything extramarital was how you ended a marriage, or at least get badly beaten. Now it was being offered not really to save her marriage, but at least to enhance it. She hadn’t minded Rob cumming on her bum, wouldn’t mind if he did it again, but her first experience with Rob had ended her auto-sex. She had not time for it. So she knew that Mary would be infinitely better for Rob, and she did want the best for him.

“Mary wants to fuck you.” It was said playfully, with a mischievous grin. Rob made no answer, just looking back levelly but not reproachfully. “Lars wants you to fuck her too. And so do I.” She had said it, and waited for the explosion that she was sure wouldn’t come. It didn’t. “Did you know they were swingers? Its not like Mary has never fucked somebody before.” She watched the play of muscles on Rob’s face as her tried not to look too interested. After minutes of silence, “You really think its okay? It’s something we can’t go back from.” Jenny wrinkled her nose at him, “Mary will be very pleased. We won’t want to go back, just like I don’t want to go back from what we’ve done so far.”

They didn’t see the Nelsons for a couple days. It happened. They were close, but they had separate lives too. Mary and Lars came over to work. It was time to paint the spare bedroom/office into a nursery. It went easily. The carpet had been rolled back, so the floor was safe, and the job was done in an hour. As they stood back and looked at the change colour can make, Mary felt Rob’s arms circle her, and wished they were more intimate. Then the hands found the bottom of her sweat shirt, cradled her tummy briefly, and slid up to claim her breasts. Lars noticed this with a delighted smile opening his face. “It looks like these two have a date, Jen. Do you think they’ll let us watch?”

Rob hadn’t planned on being watched. He hadn’t even planned on making a move, but Mary was there, and a hug seemed in order, and she had snuggled back into him in response to his touch, so the grope was too natural not to do. Now as he felt the nipples go hard and responsive in his hands and Mary’s head leaned back on his shoulder, he felt a bit of panic at the thought of playing this out with his friend and wife watching. Jennie rescued him.

“I think we should let them find each other on their own, just like the first time you fuck me. Take her to our bed, Rob. We’ll take little Lars for a walk.” Rob moved to help his angel get ready, but Mary’s hands kept him where he was, fondling her tits and rubbing his boner between the cheeks of her bum. When they were alone, she turned and planted a kiss on him that had him pressing for more. “Do you remember your birthday when we kissed like that?,” Mary wanted to know, “I thought I had you then. I didn’t think anyone could back away from that. You’re not going to back away this time, are you?” “I was so dumb. But if I fucked you then, I might have started fucking one of the girls from the office, and I might not have been at the bus depot when Jennie got in.” Rob had thought about this, and was sure he was right. “And this wouldn’t be our first time. It all worked out.” His hand had found her pussy as he spoke. “Our chariot awaits.”

Rob was happy he wasn’t a rookie as he explored Mary. He remembered his first stumbling romp with Jenny, knew Mary would have been patient and instructive, but it was so much better seeing her heave and moan with moves he was making on his own inventiveness. “I wonder,” he said as she settled to another level spot between orgasms,” If we could fuck missionary. All year when I fantasized about you, it was lying between your legs and just fucking you. And this is almost like a really good fantasy.”

“It’s a good start. Come here!” Mary pulled Rob down and hugged him with all four limbs, “Fuck me now, a girl should only have to wait so long. OOOh , feel how hard and juicy you are. You feel so good in me. I wasn’t sure I would ever have you. I love Jenny, but I thought I would never get a chance with her here. Now I love her more than ever. First fuck together, don’t try to be fancy, just fuck me like the young stud you are. Think about Lars fucking Jenny in couple months and you watching with me.” And so on. Very shortly after Rob was having an orgasm that reduced him to incoherent syllables, but loud in Mary’s ear, so all she could do is laugh the joyous laugh of a woman having a fantastic fuck and knowing she would many more of the same.

Jenny and Lars listened to the wild sounds coming from the bedroom. They had heard them often, and watched the festivities too. But now Jenny was nursing her daughter, her breasts now huge, and she could feel Lars’s eyes on the unoccupied one. He would have joined in the romp, but he had his own toddler to watch. Jenny put little Mary on her blanket on the floor. She was almost two months. Jenny had a rough time, and in the end had a caesarian, but Mary was perfect, and, except for not having more babies, so was Jenny. She had been told another week should see able to have sex again, and the thought was enough to kindle memories of tickles and sensations. She didn’t cover her breasts from Lars, he would see much more of her very soon.

“I’m so tempted,” Jenny was kneeling between his knees, “I want to do something with you, but I want it perfect. Would you rather fuck me next week, or get sucked right now?” “What a thing to ask with that going on in there,” Rob and Mary were having a really rambunctious romp tonight, “I mean, most of me says, wait for the fuck. But I’m weak, kid. What do you want?”

Jenny pulled down his sweat pants so big boner peaked over. She gazed at it a moment, then worked his sweats off his bum and pulled them right off. She had seen him fucking Mary, and had touched him, but in pregnancy she was too awkward and after she was just not that horny. Now she pulled his stallion to her and quickly engulfed him in her lips. Lars could only gape at the stunningly beautiful face that was working magic on him. She still had a question in her eyes even as she rolled her tongue around his head. And he knew the answer.

Carrie fucks if you ask her nice

Carrie was a bit agitated when she came in after work one day last summer. She had stepped into the stockroom to pick up a box of envelopes and had seen a flash of white from the back corner. She could see a couple kissing , oblivious to her presence, the girl’s arms around his neck and his hand busy under her blouse. Carrie had drifted into an alcove between file boxes and kept still, fascinated by what she was seeing, but not wanting to know who it was. All she knew was there were no single men working there, and no married couples, so what was happening was contraband playing. Even as she had watched there had been quiet whispers and the guy had slipped back into the office, leaving the girl to slip away later. This she did, with an armload of supplies to justify her trip into the room. She had waited another minute and left herself, glad to be out of the situation. But when she had returned to her desk, she had found her friend and workmate, Sue, busy putting away the stuff she had just scooped from the supply room. It had to have been Sue in the embrace.

Carrie and Sue had graduated from business college together just last year after finishing high school. Carrie had married me and Sue had married Eric during the business school. Neither girl really had to work, but since no one wanted an immediate family, both felt they should contribute to the finances, and they had got jobs together in an insurance office. The jobs were menial, but it was a paycheck, and it was probably good for the girls to see what working for a living was like.

Carrie had learned very quickly how easy it could be for a pretty young girl to get whatever she wanted in an office dominated by men. She hadn’t been hit on to much, but this was because she had caught the eye of Gord, a junior partner and up-and-coming mogul in the industry. When the other men had either noticed or been given the word, Carrie was given the eyes but spared the actual advances. She knew that Gord liked her, and suspected that he had ulterior motives, but he was clever enough to not actually give her cause to panic. Actually, he was quite a handsome rogue, only mid-thirties, and fit, and if neither had been married Carrie might have been attracted, even at half his age. But she was, and so was he, to a gorgeous, tall, blonde who obviously had lots of time for tanning beds and deep credit cards.

Carrie had told me about Gord’s friendliness and her suspicions, like a good little wife, and had been relieved that I hadn’t gone into a jealous rage. After all, she did enjoy the attention and flattery, and she had done her duty to her husband. But now she had to tell me how our friend had been lured in by the enticements and was obviously having or preparing to have an affair.

I tried to hide the boner that had started growing as Carrie told her story..The thought of Sue getting strange nooky didn’t turn me off at all. I had always thought that she had a nice body and a wholesome state of mind, just a fun girl waiting to dispense some fun.

“Being caught in the back room and grabbed for a kiss isn’t an affair, you know, sweety”, I tried to invent a non-committal answer. “She was hugging and kissing him back, and he was playing with her tits. When he left she had to pull her bra back over them.” “So its safe to say that whatever they were doing and whatever they are going to do, Sue is an equal and willing partner.” Carrie registered exasperation and triumph at once, “That’s what I’ve been trying to say. She’s cheating on Eric.” I tried to hide any fleeting expressions behind steepled hands..”That would only be true if Eric doesn’t know of the affair, and that he wouldn’t approve. We don’t know if either is true.”

Carrie was incredulous, “Do you think Eric would want Sue to fuck somebody else.?” I took her into my arm, “You can’t live someone else’s life for them, angel. Think of this. Just suppose Eric had his eye on a strange girl. Wouldn’t it be convenient for him if Sue had a boyfriend and she was willing to let him fuck around in exchange? You weren’t a virgin when I met you, and it never affected your value to me. I even like hearing about your old flings. So if Sue gets laid it won’t change her sex life with Eric.”

I lifted her face to touch our noses, “If Gord got really lucky and scored with you, it would only bother me if you ran off with him.” She bit my nose, “Well, he’s not going to get lucky, so whoever you got on the make you can put back on the shelf.” And so it might have ended. But Carrie brought home stories of how happy Sue seemed. She hadn’t been promoted or anything, but she really liked going to work. When we saw Eric and Sue, they were as together a couple as we were. Nothing was said to indicate any changes had been made in their life. Carrie found out mainly through elimination who Sue had been cuddling in the stockroom. Then one day Sue laid a bomb on Carrie

“How are you and Gord getting on? Are things still pretty hot?” The girls were having coffee with their heads together and Sue had a playful look on her face. Carrie took a moment to digest the question and her eyes grew wide. “I’ve got nothing going with Gord. He’s nice to me, but he’s not a boyfriend or anything like that. Did he say he was?”

“Well, no. But the word was out from the time we came into the office that you were his and everybody else was to back off. So I just thought you were an item.” She studied her friend’s face and giggled, “You know, I was so sure you had a lover that I got one myself. Did you know that?” “Bob.” Carrie said flatly, “I knew about him, but I didn’t know you went with him because you thought I was having an affair. I don’t know if I should feel guilty or not. I didn’t do anything,” “Oh, don’t feel guilty. Its been fun and it still is. I’m just sorry you’re missing out. You’re the pretty one, you should be having your share of the fun.” “I never thought I was missing out.” Carrie was having trouble coming to grips with the thought. “You are, though.”

The girls got up to return to work. Carrie was wrestling with her emotions. As they rinsed their cups she turned to Sue,” I have to know. Do you and Bob actually fuck?”
Sue smiled smugly, “At least once a week. Remember when Eric was on that course? Bob fucked me twice every day. That was fifteen times in a week. Sometimes we even have a threesome with him and Eric. That’s the best.”

Carrie tried to keep her incredulity for when she told me about the revelation, but by then it was wearing thin. I tried to downplay the situation by wondering out loud if Sue might like a third man, and Carrie could only muster the outrage to rub her nose into my chest and giggle. “Still, my sweet, you know exactly where you stand. If you ever want to fuck anybody in that office, you have to fuck Gord first. Could be worse, he’s not godzilla.” We were fucking very shortly after that, and as we chatted our way to sleep, Carrie murmured that there was an office party coming up at Gord’s and husbands were invited, so she was game to go if I was. But I had to be on hand to rescue her if needed. I asked if it could be considered helping if I helped Gord undress her and got a bite, but not hard. I asked then what if I were tied up with Gord’s gorgeous wife, and got a thoughtful silence. “Well, lets cross that bridge when we get to it.”

The party as such was incredibly dull. Dull people making just an obligatory appearance, mercifully not staying long. But Dolores wasn’t dull. She was the goddess trophy bride of Gord, a 5’10 Belgian who for some reason liked the way I danced and I had no trouble staying close to. Gord seemed to be behaving himself, but he was never far from Carrie either, and she seemed to be pretty relaxed about it. In a quiet moment together she told me that Gord had fondled her breasts, but had made no fuss when she shrugged him off. So she felt in charge of the situation. We watched as Sue and Eric and Bob and Marge left together, and Carrie only giggled at the implications. I decided to make a delicious proposal.

“I bet if you really had to admit it, it felt good when Gord touched your tits.” This got a non-committal shrug, “Next time he does it, give him more time and don’t make him stop until you can really say it doesn’t feel good.” “And if I let him do that, how do I tell him he can’ t fuck me?” “The up-side to that is that of course you couldn’t tell him he couldn’t fuck you.” “You know we’re the last ones here?” “Yes, I think the party is about to start.”

Gord and Dolores were dancing quietly. I towed Carrie over, tapped his shoulder and danced away with Dolores. Gord scooped up Carrie without missing a step and both couples remained in an embrace after the music ended.. “You have a gorgeous little girl to keep happy here,” Gord spoke over Carrie’s curls, “I bet she keeps you very happy too.”

I had turned Dolores to face them, and as He did the same with Carrie I could see Carrie’s eye fix on my hand covering Dolores’ lower tummy. “She is making me extremely happy right now, as a matter of fact.” I said, my voice muffled my Dolores’ neck, My other hand was one her hip and I pulled her bum back into my growing hard-on. Carrie watched her grind further into me, and made no move as Gord unzipped the back of her dress and passed both hands around to cradle her tits. Gord’s face took on a look of delight as her head rolled back on his shoulder. As one hand slid down into her panties, Carrie arched around and, leading with her tongue, kissed the rogue who had been pursuing her so long.

“Do you mind, though, if my husband and your wife watch us fuck? Its silly of me, I know, but its important, too.” Carrie’s dress had dropped to the floor. Her panties were wiggling down to join it. “I would love for them to watch. But we had better hurry to the bed or we will miss them, and I bet they like being watched too.”

There was really no hurry. Dolores and I had much to explore before we got to the actual fuck part. But we paused occasionally to watch Carrie undress the man she was sure she would never let past first base. Carrie laid Gord on the bed and took my hand and squeezed it as she took Gord’s cock in her mouth, then she released me to get into what she was doing, much to the delight of Gord. A few moments later, she held my hand again as I watched her other hand guide Gord to her pussy. She spread wide to let me and Dolores see Gord give a few short strokes to be sure of the lubrication, then slide it slowly home..As they lay quietly, soaking up each other, Dolores lay beside her and pulled me onto her, eager to join the fray. As my boner found her pussy, another hand slid in and felt my slide in. Carrie locked eyes with me, then she smiled, and pulled Gord’s lips back to hers as he began to hump into her.

That was a well made bed, never once squeaking in protest as two randy couples went over the edge and back for more. We never went home that night.. Gord was a bit older than us, but I guess any forty odd fucking a sweet nineteen is going to find extra life. Or maybe he’s learned a bit about pacing himself. Either way, it was midmorning and after the second fuck that morning that Carrie had to beg off more, being just a bit sore. I think Gord was a bet relieved but flattered that he could outlast her. As we lay in bed that night we had lots to murmur about.

“Do you know what I liked best?” Carrie snuggled into my armpit. “I Liked it best when you knew his cock was in me and we were both loving it and your eyes told me you were loving it too. And not just because you were in Dolores…..Although I guess that didn’t hurt, did it?” “Want a threesome with me and Gord sometime?”

My swinging sister

Carrie and I have had many fun and kinky encounters since the staff party where her boss who had been chasing her for months finally seduced her and showed her a new way of looking at life. I fucked the boss’s wife right beside her as we moved from young marital virgins to swingers hungry for more. Carrie’s best friend’s husband caught her eye, so she helped me seduce Sue so she could fuck Eric. Our life turned from Okay to sublime with one kiss of a clit. But our present fling is the kinkiest yet, and the most fun.

We have been swinging for over four years. We have made most of our contacts by simply seducing friends and work mates, but we also like to scan the swinger sites. We find that just going by the volume of ads, the number of sites, etc, that there must be a good percentage of the population involved or interested in swinging. This knowledge has made us a lot bolder in putting the make on couples who didn’t even know they were swingers until after we fucked them. But the best thing with web sites is locating partners in another town or even country if something else take us that way. We don’t mind a hotel, but we would rather share their master bedroom with some new friends.

So a month ago, when we were planning to visit my sister and her husband out on the coast, we contacted a really nice looking couple not far from their address, thinking it would be nice to have some diversion from the family and also give them a break from us. We wrote back and forth for a couple weeks before the trip, and it seemed that we were really in for a hot time. In fact, we even went a couple days early to fuck the new couple before we had to check in with my sister. We were really turned on by their pictures, and took extra hot ones of us to E-mail back to them. We hadn’t been to the town before, but it was easy to find the address, and we knocked on the door randy and ready. The guy who opened in was my brother-in-law.

“Hey!!, Wow!!, you guys are a couple days early!! Come in, come in. I’ll call Mary. Hey Mary, your brother is here.” Mary came bustling in, dressed in just a bathrobe. WE hugged all around, then it dawned on me. “Are you expecting company? Someone who’s handle is hotpussy? We came to meet firemaiden.” Mary gasped, “I’m firemaiden.”

I stared along with the rest. “You have great tits, sister firemaiden.” Then all four of us broke up with the absurdity of the situation. If just one of us had sent a pic without the face blurred it wouldn’t have happened. Mary saucily opened her robe to show us the lacy thing she had intended to greet her new lover in, then left to put on something more modest. So instead of a couple days of wild sex before a week with relatives, we had nine days with relatives.

It wasn’t going to be bad, though. We had lots to talk about. All four had always got on well and the day went well. We might have made it, except a name was mentioned of a couple who had moved to town recently and Mary and Al had met them. They had come from our area, and it turned out to be swinging friends of ours. It was Sue and Eric. Carrie had helped me seduce Sue when they worked together, and Eric was easy after that.

“So you are fucking Sue,” Carrie teased Al. “That’s good. Its takes a lot of man to handle Sue. Sam had a weekend with her once and he couldn’t touch me until Tuesday.” “That would be Sue, all right.” Al acknowledged, “And I imagine you and Mary can share many good stories about Eric.”

The conversation ebbed and flowed. It was never far from sex, because that was a favourite topic for all of us. But we all knew it might be easier if the talk didn’t get too ripe. We went out to dinner, but didn’t go for drinks. I think Mary didn’t want anyone to get too playful, so it was still early when we got back to the house. Carrie was dressed to kill. She had hoped to give a good first impression to a guy she was going to fuck, and Al could be excused if he was a bit blown away watching her ass doing things with her pants. When he mentioned how hot she looked, it was almost reflex that she struck a pose for him, and it was almost reflex for him to reach out and run a hand down her bum and squeeze a thigh.

“Can I think about you when I’m fucking Mary tonight? It wont be the same though. Damn, I sure was hot for your sweet little body.” “If it comes to that, I was hot for you. That looks like a really fun cock.” Carrie held the hand that still gripped her thigh, “It feels like you’re still hot for me. After the pics we made just for you, you fucking better be.”

Al slid his hand back up her ass and found her bare back, “I hope you’re still hot for me, too. Even if we can’t fuck, we can dream.” “Now you two settle down.” Mary smiled, “Sam and I were just as hot for each other as either of you.” “Just thinking out loud, “Al mused. “We both smudged our faces for the pictures. Couldn’t you put on masks and fuck anyway?” “Nice try, husband, but I think we would know.”

Al had to agree, but he was slow to take his hand off Carrie, and she made no move to speed him up. When we sat down, they sat together on the couch, and Al pulled one of her knees over his and slowly kneaded her knee and lower thigh. After a few minutes when thing seemed to have settled down, Mary went to make a pot of coffee. She was bustling in the kitchen and it sounded like she was throwing together some snacks, so I went in to give her a hand. We found some bickies, poured the coffee and returned to our spouses, still talking on the couch.

Not exactly talking, though. Carrie was moaning, her breast in Al’s mouth, and both hands pulling him tighter. Mary stopped and said nothing. I took the tray from her and quietly set it on a sideboard as we both watched the hot couple on the couch. Now they were kissing, Al still kneading a breast, and as we watched Carrie straddled his lap so he could have both tits while she groped his pants. I think the only person hotter than either of them was me, just watching.

I pulled Mary back to the kitchen to regroup. We could still hear Carrie making sex sounds, and knew it would be painful to put a stop to their sport. Mary shifted her gaze nervously between my face and the bulge in my pants. I watched her moisten her lips with her tongue and realized how dry mine were. I put my arms around her and pulled her close.
“You really do have a fabulous body, sis,” I ground her tits into my chest. Mary stiffened, but made no resistance. “How many men have you fucked?”

Mary giggled, “Lots and lots. I don’t know, maybe fifty. How many girls have you fucked?” “About the same, I guess. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done? Have you had a gang bang?” “Of course. A gang bang is over-rated, but a girl has to try it, doesn’t she? How about you? What have you done that is over the edge?” “I fucked a young girl just a month short of her thirteenth birthday. I still fuck her now she’s sixteen. Carrie and her get it on too.”

Mary had turned to face me, her eyes and mouth open in astonishment. I smiled down at her, “Makes you and me fucking seem, well, not so kinky, doesn’t it?” Mary didn’t say anything, but continued to look into my face as I slid my hands under her top and found her breasts. Her mouth opened to say something, but closed and her eyes closed too as I played with her nipples. She started when she felt my lips brush hers, then she kissed me back. “And you know, sis, you did say in the e-mail you couldn’t wait to get my cock in you and make me cum like I’ve never cum before.” “Ooooh, I did say that, didn’t I? Do you think that’s the way it will work?”

I led Mary back to the others, but they had moved to the bedroom. I started that way, but Mary held back, so I took her to the overstuffed couch our spouses had warmed up for us. I pulled my sister onto my lap like Carrie had straddled Al, and we kissed wildly as I fondled her tits and she groped for my boner. We paused to rip our tops off, and sis took a moment to show off her big tits to me, at least double petite little Carrie. Then we stood and she watched silently as I let my pants fall and released my raging hard-on. I waved it at her in a playfully threatening manner. Then she stood and did the same for me, flashing the shaved pussy that I had been so taken with in our correspondence.

We stood just for a moment looking at each other. “Did you really fuck a twelve year old with that monster?” “She was almost thirteen, and I didn’t use all of it at first” “Am I going to get it all?’ “Can you handle it?”

Mary grasped my cock and, sitting on the edge of the couch, drew me to her until I was kneeling between her knees. My cock touched her labia and rubbed up and down, then my sister rocked her pelvis up and captured me, and we came together with a wonderfully warm, wet, tight, squish. I was as hot as I had ever been. Al was making wild noises of cumming down the hall, and Carrie was also in full chorus. I murmured to Mary that I might be a bit quick, and she said, “OH, good.”

Then I was fucking into the goddess I had come to fuck and she was grooving on the cock she had been wanting for weeks. But I never let go of the delicious knowledge that I was fucking my sister who I had often peeked at when we were growing up, but had never taken beyond a few sneak feels. My little vixen sister had to be doing the same thing. As she climbed the ladder she kept calling me Vee, her childhood name for me. Then my sister was getting my cum in big squirts, ramming her tongue into my mouth each time I rammed her cunt, and when I was so high I could only tremble as I pressed the bottom of her pussy, she sucked my tongue wildly like she was trying to get more cum that way. “OOOoooh!! Yeeesssss, Al!!!” echoed down the hall, and even in our own ecstasy we chuckled, and I could feel her chuckle in her cunt, and she got a few more strokes as a reward. Then she wouldn’t let me stop as the plateau she was on began building to another peak. Even as I pumped into her I managed to get her laying on the couch and I had the added pleasure of feeling her legs around me. We fucked for a quarter hour or more, sometimes resting between her cums, then taking it up again. I think we were both reluctant to end it in case it didn’t start again. Then I was tingling again and the world went mad, the world at that point being my cock and my sister Mary’s cunt, a duet rising to a final crescendo before the final baton dropped and there was only breathless silence and peace in the auditorium.

A gentle hand rubbed my comatose back. “I’m glad you guys aren’t mad at us for fucking. We were just too horny.” There was a nasty little giggle, “I should have known a letch who fucked a twelve year old couldn’t keep his cock out of a hot tamale like Mary.” “I’m glad we have eight more days. I’m not through with this stud bunny,” Mary’s voice was muffled by her own hair. I lifted off her slowly, letting her husband and my wife watch as my half-mast cock slowly pulled free of Mary’s dripping pussy. “I’m so happy to hear that. I was afraid that once the tension was gone you might rethink and call it too kinky to do again. But if you do now I’ll just rape you and say you asked for it……And I have witnesses who will hold you for me.” “Asshole brother!!, Me needing to be held for a stiff prick? Me, the hot bimbo who tricked Al into bed with a friend so I could fuck her husband? Its you who are going to get raped.” “I made it pretty easy to be tricked,” Al protested, “Did you really fuck a twelve year old?” “Actually, a twelve year old fucked me.”

And so on. The evening just got mellower. We fucked again soon, Carrie applauding as Mary lowered her pussy onto my cock, then fending off Al so they could watch us bring each other to climax, then in our quiet time we watched then invent new ways to pleasure each other. The following day when I was fucking Mary we were vaguely aware the lights were a bit bright, but later we were treated to a good video of me pounding into Mary doggie, her huge tits threatening to do damage to both themselves and her face as they reacted to my thrusts. We fucked at least once a day for the rest of the long week. In the end, two boys were weak. The rental car hadn’t been driven more than a couple times in nine days, but it was worth it not to have to make the long drive home.

How this girl learned to party

I guess I could never claim to have been a nice little girl. I began fucking when I was boy. That was when I was allowed to go on my first date, and it only took my boyfriend a couple weeks to get into me. To be honest, I wanted it before that. I knew all about it, as what kid in the last twenty years doesn’t, and even on the first date I thought that getting screwed was the point of it all. And I had a great time for two years. I had a great sex life, all with the same guy, and the world was good to us. Then I got pregnant, and reality set in. We were married quickly, that being the norm in my community. We were only 16 and 18, but with family support, our tight-lipped mothers reckoned we could make a good home for the grandchild.

And that would have been that, except a month after the wedding, before I was even showing, I miscarried, and now we were an under aged married couple without a lot of family support, the black sheep of two families. But we loved each other, and after a bit we moved out to the coast, far from our past. Ernie got work, showed promise, and was soon doing quite well. I worked too, and we were happy and contented. We were still young, and the world was before us, and we felt we could take on all comers together.

We didn’t socialize much at that time. We still had to rent in a doubtful neighbourhood, and our neighbours weren’t even people you care to acknowledge on the street. It was a big day when we were able to buy a decrepit old bungalow in a campy part of town and leave that behind. The neighbours here were friendly, but we still kept to ourselves mostly. We were still only 18 and 20 and most of them were at least ten years older than that. But our story begins with one of our neighbours and a party.

Ernie had got friendly with a John from two doors down, and his wife Janine seemed nice, so we began seeing them for bbq’s and the odd backyard beer. Janine suggested one day that we might enjoy meeting some friends of theirs who were having a party. The friends had been told about us, and Janine had been told to extend the invitation. The address was in a much better part of town, so we thought it might be a good idea, and might even be fun. We were a long way out of the party scene, in fact had never experienced it. We went from shagging teenagers to penniless young newlyweds and missed all that . So we went without a clue to what a party might entail.

I was warned by Janine that I would face advances, but not to take them seriously. They were more of a compliment than anything else. Maybe an odd feel, a stolen kiss even. Ernie and I agreed we could live with that. Sounded just like parties we saw in the movies. Just harmless fun and games. We went ready to enter into the spirit of the evening.

We loved the crowd right off. Laid back, unpretentious, but classy in a way that didn’t think about class. I never had the feeling we were not accepted at face value. I was having a wonderful time, dancing, having drinks brought to me. We were a lot younger than most, so I had a lot of attention poured my way, and I loved it. So when at the end of a dance my partner pulled me close and kissed me, I was pleased and proud of myself, and kissed him right back. It was such a nice kiss. He was thirty five or so, and quite good looking, and I didn’t mind that he ground my tits into his chest a bit. I was starting to love partying.

Nothing more happened for quite a while. I saw Ernie often, and he was having as much fun as I was. He had won the attention of the hostess who loved the way he jived the old sixties way and was monopolizing him. He was Okay with that. She was still a gorgeous woman at forty and was as lively as we were. So I didn’t worry about him when I was led out to the deck by my last partner, the same guy who had first kissed me. He kissed me again, this time even more thoroughly, and I loved it. It was too much fun to be wrong, and what danger could there be? We were soon not so much kissing as necking, but his tongue was nice, and he made no move to touch me except on my bum, which I thought must be all right.

Then we were joined by another couple, and it turned out to be John, my neighbour, with a lady I had seen dancing with Ernie earlier. They too were smooching, so that really made the scene all right. “Hi, Joanie, I see you’ve met Steve,” John’s voice cut in just as we broke another kiss. I smiled at him, my head on Steve’s chest, so proud to have my party credentials recognized. “Steve, that’s my neighbour that just kissed you.”

“And what a kisser she is. I swear she’s giving me ideas. You must have kissed her. Isn’t she something?” Steve held me at arms length and I glowed in his enthusiasm. “Can a neighbour find out what Steve is talking about?” asked John. Steve nodded when I looked at him and John pulled me close while Steve did the same with the other lady. John if anything was even a nicer kisser, and I felt a bit wicked as I felt my tongue drawn into his mouth as if it had a mind of its own. I could feel that John had a bit of a boner against my tummy, and I thought that must be a pretty hot lady he was with. Then we were kissing again and now it was John I was necking with instead of Steve, but he was having fun too, so it was no problem Then a mosquito landed on me just in the middle of a really deep kiss, and I just had to slap it.. “Cooling off, “ I heard Steve say, “Bring the sweety in, John, before she gets eaten. Lets go down to the party room.”

I had no idea of what he meant by the party room, but it had to be Okay if him and Joyce were coming with us. I even revelled in all the new things I was learning about having fun. On the way Ernie caught me and asked if I was okay and I told him we were going down to the party room. I wondered why John looked away, like he knew nothing of it. Anyway, Ernie was relieved to see me having a good time, because he was having one too, and now he didn’t have to worry about me. I became aware that I had two arms around me as I went down, and wondered where Joyce had gone, but I knew I was in good hands, and I was ready for more of the same.

John sat me on a huge sectional in a very dark room, and Steve sat on the other side. We were almost laying down, and when John pulled me close, he grabbed my bum and really ground his boner into me. It was very sexy and fun. Then Steve turned me to do the same thing, and I thought what a neat way to make a lady feel welcome. John was Okay with this, because he was still rubbing my back while Steve and I kissed, and then he was kissing my neck and ear, and I was blown away!!. Steve had a boner now too, and I was proud and excited that I could turn on two guys like that. I kissed one then the other, each kiss becoming more frantic.

Once as I was turning to kiss the other, thinking how I could make this the best one yet, Steve held my leg back, and draped it over his, and John draped my other leg over his. Then John kissed me, and Steve pulled off my spaghetti strap and kissed my tit. I gasped into John’s mouth, and he chuckled into mine, and then I was liking the new game. Even as I was kissing him, John freed the other tit and began caressing it. I was not as streamlined then as I am now, but I was young and solid, and I liked that these men with their pretty wives should like my tits. I was very hot. I even thought momentarily that if anyone proposed a fuck I would go for it, but then I thought, No, this is just a party.

So the exchange kept up, one kissing and the other sucking a nipple. By now I was wanting more, and I wasn’t surprised to feel a hand on my crotch. I was sorry that I had put on panty hose, because I wanted these guys to feel my smooth skin. It was my neighbour John who left my side to go to my feet and free me of the panty hose, and I giggled to think that he had taken the panties with them. I wondered if he knew of his mistake. But then quickly both legs were on his shoulders, and my pussy was in his mouth. My mouth was glued to Steve’s and I screamed an orgasm into him. Ernie and I did oral sex, and loved it, and I wondered if I might be stepping over the line here, but I was beyond actually stopping anything. If anything, I wondered if I had shown my naivete by letting myself have an orgasm just playing around at a party. Steve stood up, and I thought he might be leaving john and I alone, but a minute later John stopped eating me and Steve was between my legs, and I thought maybe he was going to eat me too, then I felt my legs being spread around his hips and as I held my breath, he found my opening, and drove his cock into me, and we were fucking.

The next orgasm came as soon as the realization hit that I wasn’t playing at a party but fucking at a party. As I heaved and panted and moaned and writhed, John returned to nibble my nipples and several other delicious places. I could hear another woman making sex noises, and I knew what the party room meant. I hoped that Ernie wouldn’t catch me, then knew he wouldn’t unless he was on a similar mission..Then I hoped he was, and would find me. I was so high, I was starting to cum again, and I was working very hard to make it good for Steve, and hoped John didn’t mind being left out and hoped he would find a nice lady to fuck too. Then Steve was having a huge orgasm. I could feel him building up for a minute, then every bit of his body convulsed, and he was pounding into me madly, then at the top he could only tremble and press into me while I rocked madly to help him along. Then he was laughing in my ear as he gave the final few strokes and he returned to sanity.

I was close to cumming again, and I didn’t want him to stop, and I tried to keep him humping, but he suddenly pulled out, and left me empty and not wanting to be. The quickly I wasn’t . I felt the exchange to bodies, knew I had more fucking coming, and was glad that it was John. I almost clawed at his cock to bring it to my cunt, and it quickly filled the void. It was very squishy, and John’s cock was even hotter than Steve’s , the orgasm that I had ben stranded with I could feel returning. John’s balls were shaved, and with Steve’s cum running down my bum, he was making loud clapping sounds with every stroke, and we both laughed at that, but he didn’t stop. I was building slowly and I tried not to hurry it. I just grooved on the feel of my neighbours cock fucking me, and wanted him to keep fucking me for a long time. Then I couldn’t control myself, and I was frantically fucking and bucking and laughing and screaming and so happy to feel his cum spurting into me and hoping that he was as high as me. Sometime later I felt him slip out and I just lay where I was sprawled, a happy little smile on my face.

I felt someone over me, and felt a cock slide in, but I was over the hill, and, while it felt nice, I knew there was not another cum in me. Still, I was willing to take another load of cum, as long as whoever it was appreciated the merchandise.

“I don’t think the girl has any more fuck left in her,” I heard Steve say softly. “Good,” said Ernie, “I don’t think I have either. This is a fun party room.” “Steve,” I heard John say, “This is Joanie’s husband Ernie. No need to shake hands right now.” added quickly as Ernie shifted his weight to free his hand. I smiled dreamily up at my man, his cock still in me, but still. “Wow, Joanie, I knew you were a hot babe, but nobody is this hot.”

I’m glad John and Janine had driven us over, because neither of us was fit to drive home. It was only midnight, but it had been a power packed couple hours. It was Saturday the next day and we thought how neat it was we had two recovery days. We still felt we needed it. We talked of what would happen if I got pregnant. I was off the pill, because we had been talking of trying for another baby. It hadn’t happened, but Ernie promised that if I did he wouldn’t even try to find whose sperm it was, it would be his kid. I just loved him so much for that. Neither of us had ever fucked anyone else, or ever thought we might. Now, I had fucked two, including a friend and neighbour. Ernie had fucked only the hostess, but she was insatiable for this stud half her age, and he had been blown away by what a great fuck she still was. We have a good laugh at that memory, now we’re forty, and we’re just starting to get good , really good, in bed.

Later in the day, we were feeling quite spritely. A bit of coffee, feet up rest, but mainly just the memory of the night gave us randy thoughts, and it was me who invited Ernie to finish what he couldn’t finish the night before. Wouldn’t you know it, just as we got up to head for the bedroom, the bell rang, and John and Janine were enquiring how we had enjoyed the party. “I really enjoyed John,” I coyly told Janine, “ I hope he told you about us.” “He didn’t have to, I was in the vicinity. I guess you were too tied up to notice a flash or two?” Janine passed me a couple print outs, on photo paper, no less.

I gasped at the frankness on the paper. The best one showed me and John, one leg over the back of the couch, and other off the front, spread wide open, John’s cock at the top of the backstroke and ready to be rammed home again. I felt myself getting warm, centred in my crotch. I was feeling positively perky now. I smiled at Janine over the top of the photo. “Its not really cool to take pictures like that, and it isn’t why I had the camera in my pocket, but you were just such a perfect couple in the middle of a perfect fuck.” Janine was apologetic. “Our house is small, but we do have a kingsize. I was just going to fuck Ernie. Would you like to fuck him instead? He’s such a sweetheart and he deserves a hot lady like you.”

Jill and two jocks

Even before we were married I thought it would be neat to get Jill into swinging. She was a hot chick, and loved sex, and for someone so young was very inventive and adventuresome. We had actually met through an on-line dating site which also carried ads for couples etc., So we both knew that there were many millions of couples in the world who were into the swinging thing. But we both used the site because neither of us liked drinking, bars, or the kind of person you commonly met there. And in the end we were perfectly matched. Our hang out was the gym, and we played on the track, and we liked to know first hand what was in the food we ate.

Aside from that, I had an active sex life, just not with the kind of girls I would care to live with. Jill’s only experience hadn’t been a good one. She was too young, so was the guy, and all she got out of it was pain. When I was able to show her how much fun sex could be, she thought I was god. This is okay, but I knew I wasn’t , and I wanted to show her there was more to the world than me. Maybe I’m a bit of a pervert, too. At least I’m voyeuristic, and maybe a bit of an exhibitionist, and I have always got a charge out of taking a less than perfect girl and blowing her mind with some wild sex. Bit of a show-off, I guess.

I guess too, I wanted to show off Jill. She was so lean and fit you couldn’t tell it when she was dressed, but she was kick-butt gorgeous stripped for action. She knew I liked to look at the swinging sites, but I didn’t push. How do you tell the girl you worship that you want her to fuck other men? Even worse that you would like to fuck other girls. You might get your wish, but without number one girl. So I played it cool for a couple years, thinking it would turn into fifty years, which looking at Jill wasn’t really bad. If I found a really hot picture of group sex I might print it up and leave it on her pillow, but I never treated it as anything but a joke.

Running calls for very specific weight training, and our gym work involved some esoteric exercises which set us apart from the grunts that most people associated with the weight room. Our program had piqued the interest of Sam, who was there to stay in shape for cycling in the summer, but had no clue of actually aiming workouts toward a goal. We gradually changed that, and he began reading up on what he should be doing specific to his sport. He didn’t do our kind of workout as a result, but we did get to be friends, and we tried to be in the gym at the same time. We also met Sam’s wife, Judy. Judy was cute, but not dedicated to fitness. Nice lines, but more soft and cuddly than high octane like Jill.

My story begins with Judy having to go away. Her mother was a new widow and was having trouble learning to cope. She had relied too much on Judy’s dad to run her life outside her kitchen, and now Judy was going to have to teach her self-reliance. They hoped it would take only a couple weeks, but Judy was happy that Sam had us to maybe spend some of his time with.

“If you could just see that his socks match, Jill. He just doesn’t see the importance of things like that. I know he’ll eat and exercise, but he needs a woman to actually run his life. He’s as helpless as Mom outside her kitchen.” Jill was talking to us on the way to the airport. Sam was at work and we had volunteered to drive her so he didn’t have to book off.

“What else can Jill do for Sam? Name it and she’ll be happy to do it.” I gave my most wicked leer at Judy over my shoulder. Jill poked me in the ribs “You be careful what you say, Mike. Sam is as perverted as you, and I know he looks at Jill.” There was a thoughtful pause from the back seat, and I thought the exchange was over, “But if you want to, Jill, be my guest. Sam would love it, and it would teach Mike a lesson.”

It should have been a good laugh, but it was more like a nervous giggle. Jill knew me, but neither of us could tell how serious Judy was, and Judy didn’t really know if she should have made the proposal. Anyway, we got her away, and drove home. Nothing more was said. I didn’t want to sound like I was pushing an idea, and I didn’t know what Jill as thinking. We didn’t see Sam that day, but he called to thank us, and said he would see us at the gym tomorrow night…The only mention of it came after some very nice sex and we were sleepily cuddling. “I wonder what Sam is doing,” said Jill. “Probably wishing he was with you,” I answered. “Wouldn’t you like Judy to know He’s being well cared for?’ “Not that, you maniac. She’s only been gone a day. His tongue can’t be hanging out yet” “You’re cooking for him day after tomorrow. I bet by then it will be. He’s a healthy young boy.” I massaged her right breast with my tongue. Jill squeezed my face into her breast, “You just be careful what you wish for, bucko. I’m not sure Judy was fooling about taking care of him, you know.” “Well, if she was, the joke would be on her, wouldn’t it?” and I nipped a nipple and turned over to let her mull her thoughts.

The workout next day was normal enough. Our weights were heavy, so we had to time our rests between sets and we had time to talk and watch each other pump iron. I was used to noticing how Sam watched Jill, because he really appreciated how nice a body she had. He was crazy about Judy, but hard muscles have a special pull. But I thought that now Jill was looking at him in a different way. Couldn’t be sure, and I told myself to quit dreaming. Sam was coming to dinner next day, but as it happened we hadn’t eaten yet, and he talked of fast food, which we just couldn’t allow, so he ended up back home with us.

While Jill fired up the steamer, Sam showered and put on some old sweats of mine. Then we showered while dinner cooked itself. I put on sweats to, and Jill pulled on a big flannelette pullover nightie that came right to the floor and she felt secure and warm in. I guess we would have been a pretty motley crew around the table to a stranger. But we were at home, the food was good, and we even had some wine. We weren’t teetotallers, we just didn’t like making it part of our lives. Jill was funny about a man in her kitchen, so Sam and I were chased out while she loaded the dishwasher. We had a basketball game on by the time she joined us, and she had to sit between us on the sectional if she wanted to watch.

It was a nice arrangement. The game was dull, or we were all thinking of something else, because the TV became background noise as we talked and sipped the last of the wine. Jill had leaned her back against me so she didn’t have to watch the screen, and her feet were gathered under her. This was okay until her foot cramped and she had to straightened her legs. Then Sam seized the opportunity to grab her feet and massage them. After the shock of being touched by Sam, Jill relaxed and enjoyed the attention of me rubbing her neck and temples and Sam working on her feet and ankles.

“Ummm, you guys are good,” Jill said dreamily after a few minutes of this, “You sure know how to take care of a girl.” “This isn’t right,” I said, “Judy asked you to take care of Sam, not the other way around.” “Did she?’ joked Sam, “Isn’t she an angel? Did you say you would, Jill?” Jill fidgeted, trying for an answer that wouldn’t sound like a put down. “What are your needs, Sam?’ Sam shrugged, “Oh nothing special,,,,Nothing that Judy wouldn’t do for me.” I laughed, “Is there anything Judy wouldn’t do for you?” Sam grimaced wryly, “Weeeelll, no.” and lifted Jill’s foot to bite her toes.

Jill could only giggle, “You guys, you watch yourself. Your both playing with fire. Besides, I might be like stale potatoes after Judy.” Jill had raised her arms over her head to grasp my ears, and I thought, what the heck, lets have some fun. I reached down and pulled Jill’s cavernous nightie over her face, exposing her breasts to Sam. It was over my face too, but by the time Jill pushed it back down I was rewarded with a frank look of awe on Sam’s face “Wow, Jill, do you ever have a body! Why don’t you wear spandex? You’re cheating the world of being a happier place.” If Jill was upset with me, she forgot it under the barrage of admiration from Sam. She had only managed to get the hem back to her knees, and her calves crossed and writhed in her pleased embarrassment. “The sort of body that shouldn’t be hidden?” I teased. “Exactly the kind of body that should not be hidden, “ Sam said soberly, then with a sly smile, “At least not from me.”

Jill met his gaze, her tongue nervously playing between her lips. She felt me slowly drawing up her hem again, and made no move to stop me until most of her thighs were exposed, then she started and gasped, “Mike, I forgot. I never put panties on.”I sucked in breath, “Oooh, Sam, you really got flashed, didn’t you?” Sam grinned, “Yes, thank you both, I sure did. But only once?” I nuzzled Jill’s ear, “Judy did ask you to take car of Sam for her. We seem to have found one of his needs.”

Jill turned her face to look at me, and I smiled at her, gave her a little kiss. She smiled nervously, and kissed me again, only deeper, and made no resistance as I drew her nighty up over breasts again. When we broke, she let me lift it over her head and she sat naked between us. Sam’s hands hadn’t got higher than her knees, but his eyes were hungry as he stared at her body. Jill soaked it up for a minute, then pointed out that she was the only naked one. With guilty starts we both jumped up and quickly peeled off. Sam was a bit bashful about his boner, and tried to get back to his seat quickly, but Jill playfully pulled him back to his feet and held both his hands while she looked him over thoroughly.

“Now we’re on a level playing field, “ she said at length. “Nice legs,” “Nice tummy, “said Sam. “Yours is really ripped, very nice.” “Gorgeous tits, can I call them tits?” “Very, very nice penis. Can I call him a cock?” “May I touch them?”“May I touch him?” They stood like this exploring each others’ bodies for minutes, while I watched ascinated. I didn’t want to rush things at all, but at the same time I didn’t want the moment to be lost. I finally cleared my throat, “It might be appropriate if you kissed.”

Sam was eager to comply, but Jill looked levelly at me, “Right now we’re just two good friends looking at each other’s bods. If we kiss, it could be construed as intention to carry it further” I grinned, “Just so there is no misunderstanding then, before you kiss him, you should ask Sam if he would like to fuck you.” “Would you like to fuck me, Sam?”

Sam was suddenly bashful with the question, and could only nod..”You may kiss your conquest. What Mike hath joined together, let only a cum split asunder.” They kissed then, but only for a minute, then Jill pulled Sam back to the couch and me. She was very excited, as was Sam, but she wanted to include me. She took time to kiss me, then turned her full attention to Sam, grinding her body into his, kissing up and down his body as he did the same to her. They were both panting by now, and Jill’s eyes were glazed. At one point Jill put his cock in her mouth and Sam could only smile over at me. Then Jill suddenly decided she need to fuck. She had decided that the way she wanted it was sitting on my lap, spread out over my legs, as if I were presenting her cunt to Sam. It was very symbolic, but not really workable. So she knelt in front of me, took my cock in her mouth, and presented her bum to Sam. Then, before he could move into position, she changed her mind, and grabbed Sam to run down the hall with him.

“Sorry, Mike, I wanted you to be part of it, but I want this first time to be perfect, and I want to see Sam when his cock goes in me. Are you okay with just watching? Just be close enough to touch.” She had sprawled on our bed, her legs spread wide, arms and legs eaching for Sam imploringly.

“Fuck me , Sam. Let me take care of you, but take care of me too. Fuck me, Sam…..Saaam..”“ Her voice became ragged as Sam started fucking into her. He still supported his weight on his elbows, and her back was off the bed as she lifted against him. Then she was being pressed into the mattress and her voice was muffled into moans and whines as Sam’s tongue filled her mouth. He too was grunting as his thrusts became harder and harder, and it was plain this first union was going to be short and very, very sweet. Jill had levelled after her first cum, but was still frantic for more. Sam was trying to regulate himself, but the feelings were too great to let go. Suddenly, he lifted to look Jill in the eyes again. As her wide eyes focussed, I could hear him ask Jill if he could cum in her.

“OH, god, Sam, cum in me, fill me, fuck me full!!” Jill was cumming again as Sam stiffened. Every muscle on both bodies stood out in sharp relief as Sam raised himself on his hands and arched back as he pumped his cum into Jill. Jill threw her arms over her head and flailed her face side to side as the orgasm continued. She could feel the juices being pumped into her, and she wrapped her legs over Sam’s back to pull him even deeper into her. Her legs were still wrapped when Sam could fuck no more. As his breath into her neck became less ragged, she slowly let her legs down. She looked fondly over at me and stretched legs and arms out luxuriously

“God, Mike, when you said I might like to fuck a strange man, you never said it would be this good.” Sam raised his head at this, “We had some friends who wanted to get us in bed, and I would have, but he had a beer gut, and Judy just wasn’t turned on. Didn’t really blame her. The girl would have been nice, though” Jill and I exchanged a thoughtful glance.

Then Jill whispered something softly to Sam, and he nodded quickly and lifted off her. “Quick, Mike. I want you right now. I still have a cum or two left, and I want them from you. Think of it,” she whispered as I shlupped in, “ as re-establishing your territory.”

“I’m in your territory with your permission, just like Sam was. But god, honey, you’re hot. And I’m hot. That was the horniest thing I ever saw. I might not last a whole long time. Can your cunt hold more cum?” I had already lost control as the tickles built, then various nerves fired, not always in synch, then they were in synch. And Jill was in synch with me as she felt my cum, and she laughed out loud at what she could do to men and how much she loved doing it, and loved her more than ever for being such a woman, her woman, not my woman. Oh, okay, my woman most of the time, but her woman all the time. “Are you taken care of, Sam?” I asked after a while. Jill was sprawled between us, a leg thrown over each. I could see a tuft of tissue over her pussy. It was too late to make a dash to the bathroom meaningful.

Sam grunted something that sounded affirmative from his torpor, then half rolled to face us, “Was this in the works when I came over tonight?” Jill looked archly at me. I shook my head. “It was better than I could have set it up. How about you, Jill? Did you engineer it? You with the no panties?” “No, really, I just didn’t see the need for them, honest” She looked from one to the other. “You believe me , don’t you?” Sam smiled, “ I believe anything you could say. I believe I’m hard again. Would you like to sit on something hard?” “Why yes, thank you sir, that would be lovely,”

Then I was watching as her bum hovered over Sam’s new boner. As she spread wide to straddle him, a bit more cum trickled from her pussy, then more as her lips opened to let his cock slip in. AS she began riding it up and down, I put a hand on her bum, pretending to help her stroke him, and she looked back at me with an impish smile. This was even better this time. Both had lots of time to really feel the newness of the other without being under the cornice of an orgasm waiting to engulf them. Both contributed to the action, and the strokes were measured and meaningful. Sometimes Jill would go down to kiss him, and the kiss would be tender and gentle and loving, then she might tease him with her tits, and he would strain up to catch a nipple, or suck a whole tit into his mouth. Sometimes Jill would reach for me, and I would have to give up my watch station and go up to kiss her and tell her what a woman she was.

Then as she was kissing Sam, she tightened, and Sam responded by quickening the pace and strength of his thrusts, then Jill was sitting straight up, grinding down on Sam, not bouncing, jus t frantically rocking her pelvis, her hands clawing his chest muscles. She relaxed, and I thought she was coming down, then she began again, and held on to another climax. As she slumped forward onto Sam, he picked up the stroke again, and now I could see his cock as it pounded into her. He was dripping with cum, and even as I watched more made its way by his ram, and he was telling Jill how much he loved fucking her and what a wonderful cunt she had and how high she took him. When Jill finally slumped forward onto his chest, the cock that slid out was only at half-mast.

Jill, after just a moment’s breather, smiled invitingly back at me, and lifted her bum a bit. She was still spread over Sam, and with a nudge he obligingly brought his legs together to I also could straddle them and stick my cock into Jill. Jill crooned to her men as I warmed slowly to my pleasure. Her cunt was very wet, but still elastic, and I could feel her wonderful muscles working on my cock. She told us of how she had thought of times like this when I had made improper suggestions to her in the past. But never dreamed that reality could match the fantasy. “You know what?”, she had her face buried in Sam.’s neck. “What?” Sam and I said together.

“I want to fuck Sam with Mike fucking Judy right beside us. I want to hear Mike cumming in Judy and Judy begging for more and I want Sam to hear it with me. So there.”
“Oh, do it, guys. You’d love Judy’s pussy, Mike. She cums just as hard as Jill, well, almost anyway, and she’s really hot, and oh so soft in all the right places. And she’s shaved, Mike…..”and I didn’t hear much more as my imagination and Jill’s cunt took me over and I thought of cumming in Judy, and I realized Jill was cumming on my cock as she kissed Sam and then I thought nothing as I rode the wave. Then I was spent, as we all were.

Sam came to dinner as scheduled the following evening. I would like to say we fucked, but we didn’t. Its not we were shy, or remorseful. We were a bit tired yet, at least not with our tongues hanging out, but I think we had the mind set to save round two for when Judy got back. Never happened, of course. She was going to be gone as much as a couple weeks, and the very next day as we worked out together, we exchanged looks and knew our workout might be a bit short. Half an hour later we were fucking again, even without showering. I fucked Jill from behind while she sucked Sam sitting on the couch, then we traded places, and traded again. We made Jill stretch her wonderful legs to ears and guess which cock was sliding in. Couldn’t fool her, but she loved us trying. Sam suggested shaving Jill, but she had tried it once, and any stubble that was missed really snagged in her running shorts and took the romance out. Sorry, guys.

So it went. Then two days later when I came home from work, Jill was already there, and she had Judy with her. Judy had been melting down at her mother’s, and the old dear was clever enough to see that she could cope alone better than Judy could cope without Sam. Sam was out of town for the day, so Jill had got the call to pick her up at the airport, and a message had been left at her house for Sam to dome here. Judy I think wanted to be at home for Sam, but she felt she owed us. I guess.

Sam came in expectantly. He hadn’t known if we wanted to fuck tonight or not, and it was Jill who had recorded the message. So he was totally blown away to be met at the door by a tearful Judy. They had talked just last night and she still didn’t know how long she might be, but it was after that she had melted down and her mother had shipped her off on the first flight. ‘You took good car of the boy?” Judy asked me, after things had settled and we were talking rationally. “Well, no,” I admitted, “ But Jill did.” Judy snorted coffee, then smirked at me, “Yeah, right. If I thought Jill would….you know, take care of Sam,,,,I still would have come home. So tell me Jill, just how did you take care of Sam?” “I checked his socks every day.” “Oh” “That’s all you asked me to do.” “That’s true. Its just the way Mike said that, that I thought….well…you know”

Jill said brightly, “ The boys played a new game with me. Would you like to play it?” Judy studied Jill’s face, “Are you leading me on? Are you teasing me? I’m on melt-down mode, remember.” “For real, promise” Jill took her hands and locked eyes with her., “I played it, and it was the most fun I ever had. It would be even more fun if you played it with us. Will you? We promise you’ll love it.” Trudy still looked suspicious, “You’re going to play too? How do we start?” “You sit naked on the edge of the couch with your legs really wide and eyes closed, and guess whose cock is in you.”

Judy’s eyes had grown wider and wider as Jill talked, but she was smiling as she asked softly, “And whose cock was it?” With her best smug smile, “Which time?” Judy sucked in her breath, “Wow, that’s a good game.” She looked at her husband as he came to her and circled her waist from behind, cupping her breasts, “ When does it start?” I sandwiched her between me and Sam, and traced my finger around her scoop neck, over her ample mounds, “How much clothes have you got on?” Her breath was quick, “How are you with snaps?” I kissed her then, and the others put the game on hold while we did, and when we looked they were kissing too, so we did again, this time more thoroughly. “But I still want to play.” Judy said softly, “Okay?”

So we did. We all got naked right there. I helped with a snap or two, but mainly I was too slow, and I had to hustle with my own clothes. I had a glimpse of a nice pink body with no pussy hair, then I had to quickly find a couple pillow slips for the girls’ heads. Judy wasn’t as racing fit as Jill, but she was super flexible, and both girls had an end of the couch with legs open and back to their ears. Both had slips over their heads, one had a bare pussy, both pussy’s glistened with moister and anticipation. “Don’t be too long,” one said, and the other giggled. So the first time I touched Judy was to put my cock to her cunt and work it slowly in. Sam was in Jill too, and Jill asked Judy who she thought she had. Judy was breathing very heavy, and asked for a couple strokes to help her decide, and I thought that was fair. “So which one, girl?” coaxed Jill. “If I guess, do I get to keep it in?” Judy panted, “I don’t want it out, not even for a minute.”

And then she was beyond guessing. She was cumming, and I imagine she heard Sam chuckle at Jill’s hectoring, so she knew where he was, and she knew where I was, and it was just where she wanted me, and I was getting happier every stroke to be there and it was so neat hearing my angel cumming on a strange cock while I fucked this wild vixen. The slip came off both girls and Judy watched Sam lift little Jill and lay on the floor with her sitting on him. She could see his cock in her, and when I pushed her so she was laying on the couch and I was on her, she still held that sight as she bucked while I fucked, and then she was cumming again, and Jill heard and came, and then both us guys could hold our no longer.

There was a long quiet. Someone said, “Welcome home.” I think it was me. Sometime later Judy said, “ thank you”. Then, “I knew it was going to be you, you know. I wasn’t born yesterday.” A bit later, “I could feel the difference anyway. How did Jill do? How did you get her to play, anyway?

The story got pieced together. There was no need to gloss over anything, was there? Sam took Judy home soon after. They still had some private fucking to do, and we celebrated with a quiet fuck of our own. I don’t know if Jill really wanted two guys to herself for the full two weeks. This was much better. We only have a group fuck a couple times a month now. Okay, a bit more as the mood hits, but we only schedule it a couple times a month. Works out to be on the average, twice every nine days, but nominally twice a month. Whenever we fucking feel like it, which is often.

Two couples in the summer cottage

It was the beginning of the second week at the cabin that belonged to Sheila’s family. It was in June, and Sheila and Don had scored the use of it for the whole month and had invited Jill and myself to share it with them. Both broods of kids were still in school, so the slightly cooler days of June were the price we paid for having the place to ourselves. We had three more weeks to go, free except for the simple food we ate, and the beer. The lake was a bit nippy, the water was still high, but it was bearable. All four kids were good at going to sleep by seven, eight at the very latest, and our evenings were almost as much fun as our days.

Sheila and I had been an item briefly in high school, but it was a horribly platonic affair, just two nerdy kids going together because that’s what girls and boys did. Sheila was really quite cute, and I wasn’t hard to look at, but we were both, for want of a better term, dumb. Nursing school for Sheila had mercifully parted us, and the next I saw of her was when her new husband was transferred back to town. I had in the meantime married Jill, and now we each had two kids at three and five years.

Sheila and Jill had actually met at a post natal fitness class, and were good friends before they uncovered my connection with Sheila. They still went to classes, and it showed, and Don and I both appreciated it very much. We all loved skiing and running, so we spent a lot of time together, but not that much of it talking, just chucking the shit, so to speak. This month at the cabin had already changed that, and we were far from talked out. The fire had gone out in the cookstove, but the evening was warm, the mozzies had got lost, and we were sitting in the dark looking at the moon on the water. “We went for a skinny dip after you were asleep last night, “Sheila offered, “If was great, chilly but so pretty out on the raft. We even dived in to come in” I had a picture of Sheila’s nude body covered in goose bumps, and her nipples standing at attention under the moon.

“The best part was the sex. Have you ever had sex in cold water, just hanging on to a ladder?” Don added dreamily. “Don, that’s more information than they need,” chided Sheila, “You guys don’t listen to him.” “Isn’t it true? Didn’t we?” countered Don. “Its okay, we’re married, remember?” I sucked in my breath, “We’ve never done that. Doesn’t the cold make you, you know, a bit shrivelled up? And how about slippery? It can’t be slippery?” Jill giggled, “Mike, you’re asking them how they fucked. That’s their business, not ours.” “But if we want to try it, we should know these things. It can’t be easy.” “Its not that cold when you’re worked up,” continued Don..”Go and try it. It’s a warm night again. What have you got to lose? Its fun.”

I looked at Jill, and she had an impish look on her face, and I felt my cock twitch. It wasn’t just trying a new way, it was our friends knowing we were doing it. I stood up and held a hand out to my wife, who after only a moments hesitation stood up too. Don and Sheila bade us goodbye, said they would be waiting up, so don’t be late. We took our towels and bravely walked down to the beach. We stood with our feet in the water, and I think Jill had second thoughts, but when I slipped out of my shorts she did the same and hand in hand we marched in. The water was high, and the raft had to be swum to, but we were full of adventure as Jill hooked her elbows into the ladder and I moved between her knees. My cock stood the cold, as Don had said. I was hard enough to push it home, but there was no lube. I did penetrate, but it hurt Jill, and we didn’t see a way around it. We said bugger it and swam to shore. “Fifteen minutes, “ observed Don, “Bit of a quicky”

We were bundled in extra towels. We had managed our shorts and tees, but underwear was too much work to get back on. After a minute, I admitted that we hadn’t been able to pull it off and Don guffawed, “Okay, so it isn’t the best, but just having the old boy somewhere warm is a win, isn’t it? By the way, nice white bum, Jill.” We weren’t put out, if anything we were glad it wasn’t our fault we had failed. You read of sex in the surf, but I think its mainly science fiction, or involves a guy who doesn’t mind if he hurts his lady. That’s not me, and I’m glad its not Don. But the episode set the tone for further talk. I told of shagging Jill in a corn field last summer, not in the corn, but in our hatchback. We had a bed waiting at home, but the field was there, and there was a foamy in the back, and we seized the moment.. It was a first for both of us in a car.

“Surely you must have nailed Sheila in your car. You went together quite a while, didn’t you?” Don said teasingly. I had to admit that I had in fact not nailed Sheila anywhere, being too stupid and backward. “That wasn’t it , at all,” protested Sheila, “I was a nice girl, and I wouldn’t have done it.” “You mean if I wasn’t clumsy and stupid, you still wouldn’t have fucked me? I had no hope at all , even if I was smooth as greased glass?” “Maybe if it was greased glass, but I was still a nice girl, and I would have made you work.” Sheila giggled, “It was just as well you never tried your luck.” “Oh, kid, if you knew of the times I had to help myself to sleep with your body in my mind. You were certainly fucked in absentia. You were good, too.”

Jill broke in after listening thoughtfully to the exchange, “You know, I had always ssumed you two had screwed as kids. Sheila told me Don wasn’t the first, and I know I wasn’t the first for you, so I thought you must have got Sheila. My apologies to you both.”

“No, no, angel, I’m flattered beyond words that you thought I was that kind of mover. Nice girl or not, I think I could get into her pants now, but not then. But thank you.” I had never actually claimed any scores to Jill, I just hadn’t denied having a few. The fact is, she was my first, just as I was hers, but that wasn’t a cool thing for a guy to tell a girl. She just assumed I had lots of experience, and I was cool with that. If she wasn’t a virgin herself, she probably would have known I was. “So your wild oats came after Sheila.?”

I was skating on thin ice. I would lie if I had to, but I preferred not to. “And her wild oats came after me.” Don gave Jill a wide grin, “By the way, in your mind were these two good together?” Jill reddened, “I had always thought they would have been, yes.” I caught and held Sheila’s eye. “The real heartbreaker is, Jill is right and we would have been good together, nez pas?” Sheila threw a pillow at me, “How can a dumb dork and a nice girl be good together?” “But consider, if we had been fucking, I wouldn’t have been dumb and you wouldn’t have been nice. A win-win situation. And now I’m smooth as greased glass and you’re not a nice girl anymore, but we’re married to other people. Oh, the vagaries of life.”

Sheila laughed, “You’re not that smooth and I am so a nice girl. Otherwise we could find a way around the married thing.” “You know,” mused Don, “Its not the sort of thing you grill you new wife on, but I had always assumed you two had go it on too…Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I didn’t think Sheila would want to talk about it, not after we got to know you again.”

We called it a night shortly after that. We spent a lot of time outdoors, were up early with the kids, and our long evenings weren’t really that long. “No swim tonight?” I asked with a stretch, When Sheila grimaced and shook her head, I added, “Maybe Don could go with Jill and show her the trick.” I got a cuff, but only a friendly one. Jill and I went quickly to sleep, but it was only a cabin, and sounds of sex soon roused us. We listened quietly, the juices rising in both of us, but neither was willing to miss any part of the game being played out. They weren’t being noisy, but the night was quiet. The frogs had gone to bed, and our ears were straining. Their bed springs were squeaking in a controlled, slow tempo. Don’s voice came through the walls in a stage whisper, “Are you thinking of Mike?”

After a pause for a couple more squeaks of the springs there was a breathless, “Yeah”, then, “Good, a couple mumbled words and, “Jill”. Then the springs picked up their chorus and we could hear no more. My cock had jumped when the episode had started and a boner was now pressing against Jill’s ass as I hugged her bum into me. She was as horny now as me, and she lifted her leg to let me explore her pussy. We were still listening to the love making across the house as we got ready to fuck ourselves, and now Sheila was cumming, muffling her moans into something, but the effect was to make the sounds even more frantic. The squeaks changed tempo, slower but harder, sometimes missing a beat ltogether, and it was easy to imagine Don rigid as he filled his wife with his cum. It was even more sensuous having the idea that he was doing it in my stead.

As the sounds died, Jill crawled onto me, and lowered her pussy over my cock. She sat up tall, and the moon through the screen showed a goddess perched on my manhood, taking her pleasure from me. The futon made no sound effects, but soon squeaky sound began escaping from Jill’s throat, and there was the sound of gentle slaps from our thighs, much like waves on a gravel beach, but faster. I could hear no other sound from the house, and wondered if the other couple was now listening to us. They couldn’t have failed to hear Jill’s vocals, and now she was rocking her pelvis madly. The voice had died, but the futon was being moved on the board floor with her energy, making little scraping sounds. Then she was still, and clung to me as I lifted her over onto her back, then there was the sound of my balls slapping her bum, and the futon did give up a sort of distant drumming sound.

The cabin was quiet now, as we lay semi-comatose. A few crickets chirped, but they just made the gaps quieter. There was a giggle from the other room, and a “Wow” and we both giggled to think that the ‘Wow’ might have been for us.

The kids were up early, but they were happy, and it was easy to coax them through breakfast. They wanted to be outside, except our little Marnie, so the adults never got a chance to let the sparks from last night strike again. But soon the other toddler missed her, and joined her inside, so I found myself outside with the big ones and Don, who was splitting firewood. We talked, but without the girls, the subjects were dull, baseball, engines, the weather. Lunch came and went. The two little ones went down for a nap quickly and quietly. Even in the cabin the air had that effect on everyone here. There was the threat of a late afternoon thunder storm showing over the lake, and the big kids were excited over that. Presently Don offered to take them for a walk down the road a see if they could see distant lightning and hear the thunder. Jill was restless, so when he looked for a volunteer to go with them, she jumped up, and they were gone.

The cabin was quiet without them. One of the kids made little murmurs in her sleep, we could hear a dog barking, and from the other direction, maybe a mile away, a squirrel scolding. That’s how still it was. There was still no sound of thunder, but the air was getting close and sticky. Sheila put down her book and gave me a sly smile. “You guys had quite a romp last night. We thought you might take the floor out.” I feigned indignation, “It was you that got us going. We were asleep when you started up. No body could not get horny listening to you” Her eyes opened wide, “Did you hear us? I thought we were so quiet. Was it the bed?” I wanted to tell her about hearing her say ‘yeah’ to Don’s question, but that would have been using a weak moment against her So we just laughed it off, and went on, but the atmosphere between us was cosier now, like we had learned to trust each other.

“The guys have been gone longer than I thought they would be. I didn’t think the kids would last more than a half hour, and its been double that. The little ones will be awake soon.” I noticed that as Sheila stretched her tit was unrestrained against the thin knit of her shirt, and I was sure she didn’t normally go without a bra. “Maybe they wanted to give us time if we had mischief on our minds,” I cocked an eyebrow at her. She tried to give me a severe look of reproof, and failed. “I learned early never to get into sex with sleeping kids in the house. There is nothing more frustrating aa coitus interruptus.” She had turned a pretty shade. “So if we were alone, I would have had a chance?” My cock was stirring with the subject matter, and I shifted to hide it. I wanted to tell of her of hearing her “yeah”, but knew the moment had passed. She hadn’t answered my last thrust, and I decided to push on further.

“When Jill was sitting on me last night, and I asked her if she would like to sit on Don, do you know what she said?” Sheila examined hy face, looking for a clue that I might be referring to Don’s question, but saw only an open smile. “What did she say?” she asked finally.’ “She said,’Ohhh , that would be fun’, then she screwed the ass off me”

Sheila shivered, and was rescued by a peep from the kids room, and we both hustled as the other stirred in response. Both were dry, which was nice, and after they were nibbling on cookies and milk, she suddenly smiled back at me. “You know how we were talking just now, like we were just about to have an affair. Can you imagine what Jill and Dan might have been talking about while the kids were looking at beetles?” “Do you think they have any idea what we might have talked about?”

“Can I sleep with John?,” Mary asked as I carried John into the two tents the kids had erected in the corner of the main room. Her eyes were sleepy, and she was holding John’s limp hand. There were surprised grins all around, then Sheila fished her bag out of her tent and placed it beside John, who was already curled up in his. But Mary had other plans, and slithered in beside John. We gaze lovingly at the two cherubs, relishing the stories that would circle around this moment when they were teenagers. And just as suddenly as the day had started, the cabin was quiet, just the odd clink of a beer can as we sipped out on the deck. The night was still a bit blustery, and a drizzle had settled in. “No skinny dipping tonight,” I eventually ventured.

There was a prolonged silence as the other three mulled which way to take the talk. I had done my part, it was someone else’s turn. Finally from Sheila, “So, what did you and the kids see that was interesting, besides storms.?” Jill said nothing, but I could see a wicked smirk on her face. “We talked about what we thought you guys might be talking about.” Dan said, “And do you know what Jill tried to tell me? That Mike had a bigger cock than me. I might have showed her if the kids weren’t there.” Sheila was grinning now. “He really is quite huge, girl. Mike could be a good man and still not match Don.” Jill grinned just as wide. “I mean really big, too. If Dan was bigger than Mike you wouldn’t be able to hold him.”

The two locked daring grins, finally Sheila proposed, “Show and Tell?” Jill reached for my belt while Sheila did the same for Don. They had actually opened both us up before I put in my oar. “Whoa, now, this is stud pride you’re talking here. Nobody sees me till I’m primed for show time.” I knew I would be bigger than Don, because I had over eight inches, and I was thick besides. I had no doubt he was more than adequate, but if I was going to be put on show, I wanted the blow their socks off. I turned my back to Sheila and Don and stripped right off, and Jill stroked my cock as if I were her prize bull about to be judged. I glanced over my shoulder to see if our friends were ready, and Sheila was doing the same for Don.

I turned slowly, and Sheila did the same to Don, and then we both just stared. All four of us, actually. Don too had never dreamed I could match him, but I did, with nothing to spare. Sheila looked from one to the other I silence. Jill had gone, then we heard a match strike, and she came back out with a kerosene lamp. It cast big shadows on our bellies from our boners, and the overall effect was very nice. “Wow, Sheila,” whispered Jill, “My complements to the chef” “Thank you,” said Sheila, “I had no idea about Mike, except now I know why you’re so happy all the time. I’m so glad I never tried that as a kid. He would have killed me.” I traded looks with Don, “You’re not going to blow on your thumb and get another inch, are you? Can we call it an honourable draw?” “This is all I have, kid. I had no idea you could match me, but now I’m glad you did.” He cast a laughing look at the girls still staring at us. “There is an imbalance here. We put on our show, now its your turn. Mike, I think the strippers are here.” And he sat on the futon and picked up his forgotten beer.

Sheila’s jaw dropped open, “What do you mean? We have nothing to prove. You know what we look like.” Don stood on open book in front of the dim lamp, putting the girls in deeper shadow, and sat back and waited. Jill giggled nervously and glanced at Sheila appealingly. “Its only fair, really,” she whispered, “If they know what we look like, what harm can be done. Just adds to the ambiance, in the end. I’ll go first” She started to lift her shirt, and Sheila stopped her, “I can’t show Mike my body,” she wailed, “I’m shaved.”

I laughed out loud. When I could, I gasped out that women generally shaved to look good for their men, and I could have no objection to her looking good. She might even talk Jill into shaving. I went to her, standing in her confusion, and took her hands. Her downcast eyes were on my cock and I make it jump for her, which got a giggle. Then I lifted her tee until her tits were open to me, my eyes poured out their approval, and she hesitantly raised her arms to let me peel off her shirt. Don had quickly moved to do the same with Jill, who let him have his way easily. Together we opened the waistbands and let shorts fall to the floor. Then I kneeled in front of Sheila and gently eased her panties down, fighting with her pinched thighs, as she stood rigid with closed eyes.

“Wow, Sheila, its gorgeous,” Her eyes came open at this, and she looked down at my face inches from her pussy, “You didn’t want me to see this? Don’t you like me? Were you afraid I might think you’re not a nice girl?” I put pressure on one hip and she had to step open to keep her balance. I wanted to lean in and kiss her labia, but I thought better. If things kept going, I would be soon enough, and better not to spoil anything. But as I stood up I let my cock rub her tummy.

“You guys?” Jill had a quaver in her voice. “Hmmm?” answered Don, rubbing her neck “Where is this going, just so a girl can know? I don’t want to look like a bitch.” Sheila mused, “In the end, there is only one place it can go, isn’t there?” “Yes,” said Jill, “I think we’ve been wanting it all week, haven’t we.?”

Sheila snorted, “You know, I was afraid if I let Dan fuck you it might wreck things for Mike.. What a ninny I am. Were you afraid Mike might make it tough for Don?”
Jill didn’t answer. Don’s hand was in her bush and they were kissing while she fondled his cock, already glistening on the head. I took Sheila’s hand and led her to the futon, and as we passed Jill began to cum. Don was pumping a finger into her in response, and now had a nipple in his mouth. I laid Sheila on the futon so I could kneel on the boards between her thighs, and I took her pussy in my mouth. At my first touch she was moaning wildly, only keeping from screaming from her training with young kids. Her strong thighs squeezed my ears, drowning out all sounds but my own heart, or was it hers. She held the orgasm for minutes, then a hand slapped my back “Come on , guys. Jill wants to fuck, and she thinks we should all start together.” I crawled up Sheila’s body and found her lips. “How do you want it? What’s your favourite way?” She simpered, “How did you fuck Jill last night. That’s how I want it.” I lay on my back and held my cock vertical invitingly, making sure the others had enough room. Sheila mounted then, and strained up to get the end between her legs, then slowly engulfed me, not stopping until her bare pussy rested solidly on my pube. She rested, milking me with her pussy muscles. “God, Jill, I think he’s actually bigger than Don.” she breathed.

“Funny, I thought Don felt bigger” Jill’s breathing was getting rough again already as Dan fucked into her. I always avoided fucking her missionary, because I tended to cum too quick, but Don wasn’t really in control, and neither was Jill. Even as Sheila did her dance on me, holding her screams to throaty whistles, they orgasmed together, and the futon did its dance across the floor in obedience to physics. Then they rested and watched as I turned Sheila over and pressed her to the sheet and began to fuck her in the same way. Sheila locked her eyes to mine as she searched for my secret ways to get perfect pleasure. She found it in the eyes without knowing it. She could see in my eyes as I got close to the edge, and this intensified her feelings, so that she when I began to grunt meaningless syllables she also came again, and nothing makes me higher than cumming in Jill, pumping her full of my juice, knowing she is going crazy on my cock too. But now it wasn’t Jill I was sharing the joy with, although I thought in my delirium I could hear her sex sounds. Ever so gradually the tickle spasms that were convulsing me ebbed, and I was able to focus on the drained but smiling face beaming up at me. She nodded over to Jill, and I saw another beaming face.

Jill was on her side, almost in a fetal position, with Don curled around her bum, humping her from behind., but slowly and languidly. Jill’s sex noises could only have been in empathy for Sheila and me. “Your lady is a nice girl, Don” The nice girl answered, “I am a nice girl. I only fuck guys I really like. I just didn’t understand nice before.” I nuzzled the hollow over her collarbone, “I think a nice girl is one who is better in my bed than in my fantasy.” “No,” Jill teased, “ That’s a good girl”

We dozed, and the storm came back to wake us with wild thunder. The kids woke up scared and we had to quickly find Pjs so they could cuddle into bed with us, and the magic show was over for the evening. Morning was sunny and fresh, but the kids hadn’t slept enough, and it was plain the adults wouldn’t have too much time alone this day. The up side was that the big ones were willing to nap in the afternoon, but nothing could happen in the cabin. Five years olds were amazingly observant, and all grandparents lived close by. Jill and Don managed to slip away ‘to make the house quiet’ and came back in half a hour flushed and happy. They thought we should get out in the air too, but we were willing to sip beer on the deck and wait for dark and peace. Or was that an end to peace? Or just a piece? We waited. Sometimes she would flash a tit at me and I would let her see the swelling in my sweat pants. Just you wait, girl.

Sheila and I slept together that night. So did Jill and Don. For that matter so did Mary and John. The four of us were naked when the last young eye closed and the sex was completely unabashed. We all coached each other on the likes of our partners as well as the few things that were taboo. Really short list, that. Then Don led Jill into the squeaky springs. The frogs were noisy after the storm and we heard only the loudest thumps along with one or two screams that got away. Don was a fast learner and didn’t Jill love it. I, too, had listened closely, but I had a few things not on Don’s list that I showed Sheila and she loved. I know they will find their way quickly to Don’s list, and I knew Jill was picking up a few trick too.

We had to shuffle beds before the kids woke, and the sex levelled a bit after that. We were young and healthy, but nobody can fuck for three weeks like we did those two nights. But we had adventure. Don fucked Jill in our hatchback in a local field. Once when we were swimming I caught Sheila on the raft ladder and we managed to get our bottoms off without losing them in the deep water and we made the connection. Then John yelled from shore, “Look, daddy’s hugging Aunty Sheila!” It wasn’t going any further anyway, but it was wonderful to feel how warm she was compared to the lake.

One night Jill shyly brought out a basin of water she had warmed on the stove and asked if she could have a haircut. So we lit the gas lantern for bright light. I cut the excess hair with some scissors that worked better on paper, then Don trimmed her shorter with the mustache trimmer on his shaver, then Sheila brought out the foam and her special razor and we watched rapt as her lips emerged from the foggy thicket. Sheila held a small mirror for Jill to examine herself, and as she looked I dropped my tongue onto her clit, then after a moment I backed off to let Don do the same, and after some minutes Sheila too leaned in for just a chaste kiss. I was a bit nervous that the girls might take it in their heads that we could be shaved too, and I wasn’t too keen on taking bare balls into the gang shower at the rink back home. But nobody mentioned it. Nice girls!

Citizens of the world, Unite

“Would you and your lovely lady like to fuck with us?” the man on the next chaise asked my husband amiably.

My eyes were closed at the time, but by the time the F word was out, they were wide open. We were on our honeymoon, and we had chosen this adult only resort because we really didn’t want screaming kids sharing our paradise. It had a certain reputation that it was a place a guy could take his secretary and no questions would be asked, but this was a question at least I was unprepared for. My husband laughed and explained that we were on our honeymoon, thinking that would be all that was needed.

“Fantastic, so are we. We have been married two weeks now, and two days. We love it here, everyone is so free and friendly.” The man had sat up, and his enthusiasm seemed genuine. I had closed my eyes again, hoping to stay out of the conversation. I could feel my ears burning, and I wished I could cover my breasts, which couldn’t help but add fire to the man’s ardour. My husband said we had been married only two days, hoping the newness might put him off, but he countered by saying they had fucked on their third day, and loved it. He was a European, maybe Belgian by his precise diction, and he was a very nice looking man. At least I thought so until he asked the question. He was probably almost forty, double what I was, but he was lean and fit, and I wondered at first if he was nobility or some other form of idle rich. Maybe even a movie star.

Paul didn’t want to offend the man. We both knew our mid-west attitudes were not those of the world, and I think Paul was pleased that the man liked what he saw in me. But even if he was willing to share me, he knew that I wouldn’t go along with it. “Can you give us a few more days by ourselves?, he begged, “We really hadn’t planned on doing anything with anybody else.”

The man accepted this graciously, and he was so nice that I actually opened my eyes and smiled at him as he made his goodbye to go meet his wife who was just getting off the golf course. We watched him walk away, and look at each other, and broke down laughing. “Do you think we will ever be able to tell anybody about this?” I choked out, “If someone else told you, would you believe it?” “I felt a bit pushy saying no for you. He was a good looking man. I shouldn’t start our marriage by dominating you, should I? Maybe he might give you a good time.”Paul had my knuckles in his ribs even as he said this and we had another nervous laugh.

“They fucked around on the third day of their honeymoon? I can only guess they had been fucking a long time before they got married.” I stopped talking at that, remembering Paul and I had been fucking quite a while too. But we weren’t bored, and variety wasn’t what brought us here. We chuckled again and went back to sun worship.

As we walked back to the hotel, me with a cover back on, we were approached by a beautiful young Asian lady who peered closely into our faces, then passed on. We exchanged another glance, wondering if the day could hold another shock for us. We showered and dressed for dinner, then stripped again and fucked, then dressed yet again for dinner. This time we made it to our table and were enjoying a very nice steak when I noticed the Asian lady watching us from across the dining room. She was dressed to kill, and was really a knockout in white silk. I thought if money were personified she could well be it. Paul hadn’t noticed her, and I didn’t draw his attention. Actually, she was gone when we finished, and I half forgot her as we talked about what we should do in the next hour or so. Then she was there, smiling brightly.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t speak earlier. I wasn’t sure if it was you. Andre said you had a little rose tattoo on your breast and I couldn’t see it under your wrap. I’m so glad it is you, you’re so nice looking. Andre tells me we are going to fuck you in a couple days. I’m so glad. I’m sure we will have a wonderful time together. You especially will really love Andre. He is very virile and inventive. And I know I will love you, dear. You have a very nice body with a big lump where a big lump should be.” Then she was gone, flitting amongst the other guests, taking time to speak quickly to a few. Paul looked at me wide-eyed. “Wow! Is this for real? Do we really have two citizens of the world wanting to jump into bed with us?”

I sucked in breath, aware that I might have stopped breathing ,”And are they just about the most beautiful people you have ever seen outside people magazine?” Paul said, “I’m aware that they are the sort of people most other people would fall into bed with, yes.”He added quickly, “ At least she is. You can make up your own mind about him” We decided to go to our room. We were not up to one more shock like the two we had got already. Trouble is, a thing like that is not something a girl forgets quickly. The guy told his wife that he was going to fuck me in a couple days, so I gathered he believed he was. I remembered how Paul had tried to put him off, and could see that he might have taken it as a tryst. And his wife was so beautiful and she wanted to fuck Paul. I’m not insecure, but I wondered how this man could want me when he had that at his side.

We talked of this for quite some time in our room. We got to the point that the morrow would make this just a memory to laugh at, the scene couldn’t happen again in our lifetime. Then the door knocker sounded. We looked at each other with dread in our eyes. I wondered if we would be able to fend off a frontal attack by those two together. Tomorrow morning would find us raped by charm, charmed out of our virtue. But we had to respond, and it was only room service. He had a magnum of champagne in a bucket of ice. It was the best, the kind daddy had put on our table at the reception, and far better than we would have bought for ourselves. There was a card attached, BTW, my name is Noriko. Just that.
“What do we do with it?” I asked, “Does drinking it make it a contract? Should we send it back?”

Paul shook his head, “Can’t do that. We don’t know what the norms are for these kind of people. And they already think they have a contract anyway. May I offer you a drink?” As he lifted the towel draping the bottle, he uncovered two glassed nestled in the ice. They were etched, Sue and Paul, inside a heart, for goodness sakes. Noriko must have acted quickly, or she had people who jumped when she made a request. I don’t think Noriko would bark, she wouldn’t have to.

Anyway, we had a drink, and it was nectar. I love champagne, even not so good ones, and this was ambrosial A good part of the magnum had gone when we realized we had got a bit drunk. I love a champagne high. Its not drunk, really, just euphoric. I wanted to walk in the evening air and Paul was eager as well. We put on beach gear again, and wandered out to where moonlight met wavelet. We soaked up the romance for quite a while, loving the feeling, wishing we had brought the bottle with us. By magic it appeared from Paul’s little pack. He hadn’t brought the glasses, but he had a stack of little plastic tumblers, and we toasted the moon and all in her dominion. Then a band could be heard playing Straus. I love Straus, and so does Paul. We might be common as muck, but we had grown up dancing, and loved ballroom. At one time we even considered competing, but we had a real life already. and we were having more fun.

We floated to the terrace where some couples were dancing, suddenly aware we were not dressed properly, then said bugger it and stepped onto the floor. It was heavenly, dancing under the stars in bare feet to a live ensemble playing our favourite music. We forgot how we might look as we circled the floor, and I could tell that glances our way were admiring, not disapproving. Another couple whirled by, both in white silk, dancing beautifully as well. Then a hand touched Paul’s shoulder, and I was dancing with Andre, and Paul was dancing with Noriko. Andre wasn’t a better dancer than Paul, but he was as good, and we must have cut quite a figure, him in his silk and me in my flowered wrap. Paul in his khaki clam diggers looked equally odd with the flowing gown of Noriko.

“I am so glad you are able to be so easy with your dress. We knew we would like you when you first came to the beach”, Andre was talking in my ear, and I was startled that I was thinking of him as Andre, not just that man. “And we are doubly happy now that you will fuck with us. You are so lovely, your skin is so pure and smooth, your legs are so fine and strong, your breasts so firm and your nipples so brown and perky. Look, I’m getting hard just talking with you.”

I didn’t look. No way. But I looked at his face, at the little wrinkles around his eyes as he smiled back. I had to admit he was a turn on. His age he wore like a crown. “Noriko is so beautiful. How do you let her be with another man? She is far prettier than me.”’

“Ah,”, said Andre, “ I let other men fuck Noriko because it makes them happy and it makes her happy, and so makes me happy. Paul will make very sweet music with her, and we will watch, then you will make me very happy, and that is a good bonus for me, who is already happy. And,” he added almost as an afterthought.” I will make you happy too. You will see.” The music had ended, and the new set didn’t appeal to either of us, so we strolled around the floor, holding hands, as we looked for Paul and Noriko. I thought it a bit incongruous that I be holding this man’s hand, but we were on the dance floor, and this was the form. If I were in a gown I could have taken his arm, but I was in a wrap.

We eventually found them off the patio. She was standing on a step and had her arms around Paul’s neck, and they were both smiling. As we watched she reached forward and kissed him, and his hands found her hips. I had stopped when I saw this, and didn’t resist when Andre turned me to face him. In my confusion I let him raise my chin and claim my lips, and they were so warm and soft and insistent that I was unable to keep from returning the kiss.

As we broke, Andre held me eye, and I couldn’t tear away, or didn’t want to, though I knew I should, “We will make a beautiful fuck, won’t we?” I heard my voice say, “yes” then my eyes closed as I realized what I had done. As I stood there in shock, Andre took my lips again. My lips reacted on their own. When you’re kissed , you kiss back, on the grounds the person you’re kissing is one you want to kiss. Simple reflex. I heard Noriko”s excited voice, “Oh there they are now. Aren’t they a beautiful couple?” and I thought of Paul’s reaction, and wondered after a all this time with Noriko he was capable of reaction. I was quite numb, myself.

Paul looked a bit bashful as he and the vision approached us, like he had something to say but no way of saying it. Andre bailed him out. “You have made us very happy tonight. What can we do to make this night the night we fuck? I am so hungry for little Sue.” Paul looked at me in a panic, “Well, ah, we, you see, how do you feel, Sue?” I bit my finger in a look that I knew Paul loved, from a Hepburn character. “I take it that’s a yes?”

Musical tents

It all started when Brad shaved his beard off. He’d grown it about the time he was able to grow a full beard. This was not until he was almost twenty four, so he was justly proud of the growth. Carrie, his new bride, loved the look, and their two children didn’t know him without it. His buddy Gord did, but Gord’s wife didn’t, so neither did their son. So when the day came when Brad looked in the mirror and saw somebody that wasn’t him anymore, the removal caused quite a stir. The youngest was Okay, the voice was still Daddy, the oldest took a bit more convincing.

Gord’s wife Sarah was the most flabbergasted of all. “My god, you look just like Gord. No wonder you grew it, so people could tell you apart. You’re not related, are you?” They were in fact remarkably similar. They had played the same sports and worked at the same jobs all their lives, and similar frames now carried identical physiques. Oh, the eyes were a different colour, and so was the shade of blonde, but it was close.

They were going on the annual camping trip the following day. It was a vacation that young budgets would stand, and young bodies would endure. Not that it was rugged with air beds with built in pumps that recharged on the car’s lighter. But Brad remembered how his face felt after two weeks of cold water washing, and the memory took what romance was left in the beard.

Around the first campfire, when the kids were quiet and the scene was perfect, the new camp chairs felt like lazy boys, Sarah again looked at Brad across the fire,, “My god, in this light you could be twins.” Brad was getting just a bit tired of the theme, but forced a grin that he shared with Gord, “If we have to go to the can at the same time tonight, the girls won’t know for sure if they’re getting the right guy back.” Sarah threatened him with fizzed beer, “But you would know.” I jumped in, “Yeah, but would we tell you, before it was too late?”

Carrie was the only one who looked a bit worried, maybe because she had heard talk like this before when the guys were in a few beer, and she wasn’t sure about Sarah sometimes. She scolded herself sometimes that her fears were based on her being able to see the possibilities that the others could just laugh off. She felt at these times that it was her, not them, who had her mind in the gutter. She also felt she might be called on to protect the others from themselves in their innocense.

“They wouldn’t do that, would they?” Carrie asked Sarah, in a time when the guys had wandered into the shadows to pee. “How would you tell?”, teased Sarah, “I mean, if a man you thought was your husband crawled in with you and he had a boner, how would you tell it was the right boner?” Carrie thought stubbornly, “Whoever crawls in with me with a boner isn’t going to get fucked, that’s all.” Sarah continued to goad her friend, “What if you heard me fucking in the next tent? Would that make it all right?” “Sure, that would mean we have the right guys and it was safe.” Sarah giggled, “But just suppose that I was fooled? It could happen with me as easy as with you.”

The guys were back now, and wondering at the slightly annoyed air of Carrie. She stayed out of most of the banter, not all her normal self and Brad noticed it most. It got late, the fire was low, and it seemed wrong to put more wood on, so they turned in. In their bed, Carrie cuddled Brad and he relaxed. He had been worried by Carrie’s mood and didn’t know what had triggered it, so a warm hug felt doubly nice.

“Brad,” Carrie suddenly asked, “Would you guys really do that, switch beds, I mean” Brad almost choked on the guffaw he tried to suppress. “ Is that what’s been on your mind, angel? That Gord and I would try to pull that on you? Why would we?” Carrie snuffled into his neck that she just had to hear him say it, then gave him a kiss to say sorry, which turned into a fuck to say everything’s okay. She was still annoyed with herself for her misgivings, because they were still there, in the back of her mind.

In the other tent, Gord pulled Sarah’s pj’s down and slapped her with his boner, “Guess who.” “Oh, Brad!, I’ve waited so long to fuck you. Give it to me now and give it to me hard.” Sarah managed to get it all out before collapsing into a giggle fit. Gord got into it as he stripped her bare, “Gord has been wanting Carrie too. I hope they have as much fun as we’re going to have.” Later, as the fires ebbed, Gord was a bit more sober, “We shouldn’t joke about it, maybe. I think Carrie is a bit uneasy.” A wicked thought crossed his mind, “You don’t think she thinks it could happen do you?” “I think that Carrie thinks that you two could get up to anything you thought you could get away with.”

Gord was thoughtful, “Getting away with it includes having a family afterwards. The only way that would happen is if it was cool with you girls, then its not just us guys getting away with it.” “If it was okay with me, you would fuck Carrie?” Sarah was thoughtful now “Think,” insisted Gord, “It wouldn’t be okay with you unless you wanted to fuck Brad, and it wouldn’t be okay with you unless you knew it was okay with Carrie. With that many okay’s, who am I to say no?” “Just the same, I can understand why Carrie might be a bit worried. She’s just thinking like a man. Now go to sleep, you toad, don’t bother me with any more fantasies.” Sarah was smiling to herself as she turned over, as few fantasies in her own head, but no thought to bring them out.

It was a drizzly morning next day. Both families were congregated in the bigger tent, watching the sky lighten into the promise of a decent day again. Brad poked at Gord’s and Sarah’s air mattress. “I like it a bit firmer like this. It was really nice last night. How did you like our’s, Gord?” Brad kept a poker face, like he really wanted to know.
“I was only there for a couple hours, and I was more interested in Carrie than the mattress, but yeah, you might try jumping it up.” He knew Brad and Carrie had fucked, because he had run into Brad at a pit stop and been awake to hear them go at it. He had also heard Brad leave the tent later. He too kept a straight face, trying not to notice the look on Carrie’s face.

“You guys are going to get burned, you keep playing with fire,” Carrie was smiling. She wasn’t fooled, she knew who she had made love to. She looked at Sarah for confirmation, and her blank look sobered her. “You’re not sure?” Sarah rounded on the two grinning guys, “You didn’t, did you?” Sarah knew the answer, but this was fun. The kids were playing nicely, the older amusing both toddlers, the morning was dreary, and this was good diversion. Gord leered, “I guess if you don’t know, no harm was done, and from all accounts, everybody had a good time. Sounds like a win-win.”

Carrie looked from face to face. She still thought she knew who had fucked her, but these two grinning goons were playing with her, and the way Sarah had reacted made her doubt just a little bit. She tried to piece together the sequence of events, and Brad had left the tent just when Gord said he had. She was only half awake for the second going, but ….hadn’t Brad pulled on his shorts to go, and when he came back didn’t he have boxers on that he left on? Now she wasn’t sure, either of her recollection or who had fucked her. The sex itself was it bit different anyway, the way it had to be in a tent with two little kids. Hard as she thought, there was nothing in the lovemaking that pinned it for sure on Brad. And now as she looked at Gord, she had to wonder if she had harboured his cock just hours before. Still, she wasn’t about to admit it. Whoever it was, it was a nice cock.

Block party

As Don talked with Donna, they both watched the dancers on the floor. It was a block party and as such wasn’t going to get very wild, but it was still fun getting a chance to get a bit closer and even touch a neighbour you might have been watching over the months. This was true of both sexes, and it amused both of them to see unlikely pairs dancing very close, or making moves that could only entice. Even as they watched, Karen, Don’s young wife, was escorted out the door to the carport. Donna raised an eyebrow at Don, who smiled wryly and motioned that they should follow, but discretely. So after half a minute they quietly immerged into the gloom, careful to seem interested only in each other. At first they seemed to be alone, but as their senses adapted to the dark and quiet, they could hear people sounds and see shadows. Lyn, the hostess, was locked in a kiss with some guy not from the neighbourhood. Karen was nowhere to be seen.

“Lost them, I guess. Who was she with?” Don whispered into Donna’s hair. They were embracing, mainly to not attract attention, which was amusing in its own right. They moved into deeper shadow, and as another couple came off the street past them, they kissed. Donna was a bit surprised, but Don was ever an opportunist, and Donna soon returned the kiss with change. She was relieved that Don obviously wasn’t too worried about Karen’s virtue, and besides, she had a few randy inclinations of her own. Most of her current fantasies centred around Paul from next door, but Don was an amusing sidelight. Neither of them were going to fuck on the hood of a car, so it was just play, and they knew it.

When they reentered the house, Don found Karen looking for him. She looked flushed, and happy in an excited way. Full of news, and bursting to get him home and alone to tell him. That was just another thing Don loved about Karen. She was very young of course, so if she seemed like a child at times, it was because she was. Don was ten years older, while she had just left her teens behind. Don hoped she would always be a child in her outlook. It made it easy to embrace new ideas and ways of thinking, and she was already adapting nicely to her new life.

Don had married Karen half a year ago after a very quick courtship. Actually, he proposed on their first real date. They were in his bed, he had no ring, but he had seen and felt in Karen what he had been looking for, and he always had been an impulse buyer. So she had said yes, they had bought the ring together, and married as soon as the paperwork said they could. She had moved into the house Don had first seduced her in and the neighbourhood had welcomed her Now she was a fixture when anyone got together.

Karen was very much in love with Don. She always reminded herself of that, when her eye caught a buff body and she had to rein her thoughts in. She knew she was a flirt and never forgot she had fucked Don on their first date, when he had proposed, but she had determined she would look no further and be a faithful wife and, in time, mother. So when Don had chided her gently for being too vocal in her vows of fidelity, she was a bit confused.

“You don’t want somebody else making love to me, do you?” She had asked, wide-eyed.
Don had considered, making her wait and squirm as he seemed to deliberate. He knew he had been the first. He had been surprised to find this, Karen being so willing to go to his bed. What nineteen year old that cute could be a virgin? But tactful questions arising from her staid attitudes about some of the variation of the sex act bought out her admission that her prior experience had been with a dildo. And he treasured the pedestal she had put him on, so had to be careful not to shock her faith in him.

“When we first fucked”, he said, “I thought you had fucked before, and I still wanted to marry you” He used street language at times like this, trying to erase some ideas by habituation. “If it had turned out you were the town pump, and had even fucked the Dallas Cowboys, you would have had the same sweet little cunt and body, and you would have felt the same to me. So if you fuck one of our friends now, it won’t change you either. And it will sure make that friend happy.” It had been a big idea to get her head around, but Karen knew she would have some catching up to do when she married an older guy. Talking with the more experienced ladies relaxed her views, and soon she was able to talk to the local guys without minding that they looked more at her body than her eyes when talking to her. And she even got some pleasure knowing someone had stopped what he was doing to watch her bum tending her tulips.

“Do you know what Stan did?” She whispered on the way home. Don had to say he in fact didn’t. “We kissed, because that’s why we went outside. He was going to kiss me right on the dance floor, and I couldn’t do that, because I had stopped Rich from doing it, and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings if he was watching. But we really kissed, and when we were doing it he put his hands through my arm holes,” she indicated the holes that were designed to show flashes of tit as she moved, “and he played with my breasts, and when I let him, he put one hand down inside my dress, right under my panties and tickled my cunt!” She choked a bit on the C word, but came through.

“I stopped him there, but I felt so wicked, and it felt so good, I might not have if we weren’t outside. We never even stopped kissing, and when he brought me back in, he asked if he could call me. What should I have said? Did I do OK?” She looked up at me eagerly. “Do you think Stan would like you with a shaved cunt?” Don was feeling a surge of hope, because he had been lusting for Stan’s wife Dotty, and he could see a possibility opening up. “HUH?” Karen had stopped and gaped at him, without a clue to what he was getting at. “Well, it just that one of the guys told me that I had a perfect wife, the only way to make her better might be to shave her pussy, if its not already.” Karen gulped, “Somebody said that? To you?” Nobody in fact had, but Don wanted Karen even more randy, and it seemed to work. “In just a few days, Stan and Dotty are coming over, and Stan is going to fuck you and I am going to fuck Dotty. OK?Karen could only gasp, “Wow! And they said OK?” “We’re just waiting to hear you say OK. OK?” “OK….Wow!!”

Don had been in the yard very early Sunday morning, the morning after that party. He didn’t want to miss Stan, and he knew Stan liked to tinker with his old car early so he could have the rest of the day with Dotty. Dotty was an exquisite little VietNamese who had only gotten tinier after the birth of their daughter. Don had envied Stan and watched her every move for as long as he had lived there. They lived across the back lane, and it was easy to watch their yard without being seen. Before Karen, he had even wanked off watching her weed the garden in her little bib-overall shorts. When the door opened and Stan came out, he was almost disappointed it wasn’t Dotty. “Hi Stan,” Don greeted him after a pause to show he hadn’t been waiting for him, “Glorious morning,”

Stan hesitated, not knowing how much Don might know about last night, but came and leaned on the fence. “That was fun last night. Good bunch.” “It was good fun. Karen had a great time. She’s hoping you call soon.” Stan grinned guiltily, “I wondered if she would tell you. You OK with it, I take it?” “Not all fun and games should happen at parties. Too many eyes and not enough beds, Nez pas? Besides, you can’t have a date with Karen and still watch Dotty, can you? What was she doing while you were with Karen last night?” Don was enjoying this. Besides telling Stan he could fuck Karen, he was trying to recruit Stan’s help in bringing Dotty to bed. He was glad to have the board fence hiding his boner.

Stan laughed, relieved, “So you were feeling up my wife while I was feeling yours You dog.” “I wish. I dream about her, you know. She’s so cute, I get tongue-tied when I try to say something sexy to her. But I did get a feel of her left tit, and she did giggle. You’re ahead of me, though.” “I see Karen really told you the whole story.” Stan was a bit anxious. “Relax, it’s a nice story, I wouldn’t change it,” Don reassured him “ I just wish I had your moves with the girls.” This was only a leader from Don. He had all the confidence in the world in his own moves. “Dotty isn’t exactly a prude, you know.” Stan offered, “You don’t have to be afraid of scaring her or offending.” “I can’t be thin-skinned, living with this toad,” said Dotty, who had gone out the front door and come around back unnoticed, “Do you really think I’m sexy? I have stretch marks on my tummy.” We guys could only choke on our own words and gape at her.

“Girls like a bit of fun too. I’m glad you like my body, Don. I know you sometimes watch me and I like it. I might be like stale potatoes after you sweet little Karen, though.” Don choked again at the implication of what she was saying, then grinned and stepped through the gate into the lane, exposing the bulge in his sweat pants, “You could never be stale potatoes in any crowd” Dotty’s eyes narrowed as she surveyed the bulge, liked what she saw, “The baby is asleep and I can’t leave her long. What is Karen doing? Why not bring her over?” “She’s still asleep. Maybe Stan should go wake her up…in any way he can. We can babysit for however long it takes him” Stan was already through Don’s gate, “glad you got me before I got greasy.” He said more but Don and Dotty were already hurrying the other way.

So it was that Karen felt her man climb back into bed on a Sunday morning, something that had never happened. She thought sleepily that he must have remembered her pussy that he had shaved after getting home after the party, and now he wanted another feel. OK, she thought, as the hand stroked her bum, “I can let him do that,” and she rolled toward him, feigning sleep. The hand slipped around her middle as she rolled, slid down her tummy, over the now smooth pube, and a finger slipped between the lips. “You weren’t shaved last night, were you?” whispered Stan, pleasantly surprised.
Karen’s eyes came open..She felt the hand slip further down and felt the delicious touch on her clit. As she turned to Stan he captured her lips, and kept them until she relaxed and returned the kiss. She didn’t know if it was alright or not, but she had dreamed Stan all night since the talk on the way home, and even now her ragged breathing was giving the lie to any objection she might voice. Her hand that was pinned between then she groped with and found a boner, which she held onto.

Stan abruptly switched ends. Without ceremony he traced his tongue down her tummy, down her crack, and, as she lifted her bum and spread her legs, over her clit and into her hole, before coming back to the clit. Karen had a face full of cock, not at all like Don’s, but more like her good old dildo, only bigger. Don had a huge head, and kept the same girth for the full seven inches. Stan’s was smaller and pointy at first, but swelled to huge at the base. She had been glad of the small head on the dildo, it had made easing it into her virgin cunt easier and almost pain free. Now, as she contemplated the Stan the Man, she chuckled to think how much easier this might be to suck than Don. She felt herself slipping over the edge as Stan munched her very expertly, and managed to get her lips over the head, but then she was gone, and could only writhe and moan and thrash and love and gasp and tickle and explode as a strange man took her home.

She remembered her duties as she drifted down, but even as she reached to reclaim the stallion, Stan’s lips were back on hers, and she felt him settle between her legs, and wrapped her heels behind his knees to say “Welcome”. A momentary pause to savour the time, then a shift of weight and position, and she felt him push into her, his upturned head rubbing her swollen G spot and causing another wave of pleasure. He pushed on with successive strokes, and she could feel the full girth of him spreading her open, had a quick doubt about being able to take it, and then feeling in fact that she had it all and oh god, it was feeling good again and this time it was her whole pelvis area that was convulsing.

Stan could feel his cock being grasped by the eager pussy, and revelled that he was able to carry this delightful creature to these heights, loving the feel of her ample, hard tits against him knowing he had made those nipples hard. She was cumming again, bucking so hard he had to stop his strokes and just hold on, pushing his full size into her, then she was calming, and as he took up the stroke he could feel the old feeling building and knew the little angel could see the wild look in his eyes and was as pleased with herself as he had been with himself, and for a while it got jumbled as he blew up inside her, and kept blowing up, and never wanted to come down and it seemed he never would, then, just when it seemed like too much, it started to ease, and now he regretted it, but not much, because already he was too mellow to mind anything.

Karen giggled and snuggled in the afterglow. Her savoured the feeling of her spent cunt, remembering the feeling of taking Stan over the top. His cum still kept her wet, and she knew when she sat up she would leave a wet spot, but she just couldn’t hurry. Stan was watching her fondly, liking that she was holding his defeated cock gently, not trying to coax it back before it was time. He took time to hope the baby had let Dotty and Don have a good fuck as well, promising that next time he and Karen would be the child minders.

Across the lane, Dotty was sitting on Don’s cock. He was feeling her tiny breasts, feeling the hard nipples rub over his palms. Her stretch marks seemed to him to be more let medals than scars. She was spread to her max to straddle him, her knees barely reaching the bed. This was the second time. The first time they were too impetuous, both wanting to fuck before the moment could be stolen. His cock had been a bit too much at first, and she had closed her legs and been almost hidden under him, but then she had squeezed him against her clit, and the orgasm had come to both at once. After, he had held himself in her, had rolled her over to be on top, and they rested. As he started to grow again, she had straddled him, feeling him slowly filling her. Now she found she could take him all, and was giving him a show of the body he was so much in praise of.

By raising to her full height and pushing a bit on his hips, she could lift til his head just appeared to his eyes between her labia. Then she would slowly take him in again and he would watch his shaft push into her. Dotty’s pube had only the sparsest of wispy hair, and that only the mound. Don wanted to feel that smooth silk with his lips, but not at the expense of giving up this moment. He knew there would be another time. He wondered how Karen had got on, thought He might have liked to have watched the first time, but knew he would another time. But now Dotty was making whimpering noises, and laying back down on him, humping all the while, so he rolled her over, this time staying between her slender legs and this time when he pounded into her she begged for more, and that was good because he was getting more too, and again she could feel his juice spurt against the bottom of her cunt, and she gave thanks to the inventor of the pill.

Sharing My Wife

After my first divorce, I married a very sexy and slutty woman named Isabel. She was (and still is) an extremely horny woman. When we married she had fucked over thirteen other men since she was fourteen, she was divorced, had one son and had been unfaithful to her husband with more than one man. She used to tell me about her escapades and that would make very jealous but very horny at the same time. After some time, I got so hooked that I would ask her to tell me about her adventures while I licked her pussy and afterwards we would fuck like rabbits.

After she took a trip to her best friend’s wedding (where she fucked the best man and when she returned home told me all about it) we ended up having a whole week of fucking and sucking with a visiting friend of mine, named Humbert. We even double penetrated her pussy and both came at the same time in her. Both got to eat her creampies and got together many other times. I also shared Isabel with other guys for I truly love the feeling of penetrating a sweet wet pussy after other man has come in her.

Isabel and I parted ways for reasons that had nothing to do with our sexual practices. About a year later, I met this beautiful, petite, well endowed woman much younger than I. As it happened, she had this special attraction for older men and I did fall for her, so after eight months after we met we got married. Lucia (not her real name, of course), made me wait almost six month before she allowed me to have full sex with her. To my surprise, she turned about to be a virgin and kind of conservative and inexperienced in terms of sex, just the opposite of Isabel. Nevertheless we have been married for 10 years and I hope we will until death do us part.

For a few years I forgot all about my degenerate desires and dedicated myself to my wife and family. After some five years, when horniness got the best of me I got in contact with Isabel (still a gorgeous woman) and would travel to the city where she was living and enjoy some threesomes and cream pies with her. Of course, I made sure Lucia never found out about this for she would have divorced me.

After some years we have a couple of kids and dedicated ourselves to our home, our jobs and our marriages. Our sex life, not being out of the ordinary, it was OK. Lucia has no problem whatsoever to reach orgasm, and I always make sure she gets one for feeling her coming is what usually triggers mine. After some time in our marriage I brought some sex toys (like vibrators and dildoes of different sizes and shapes) which she eventually accepted to use as part of our love making.

Still, more than one time I would find myself fantasizing on how it would be to make love to her after she fucked some one else. Some how I wanted to see her fuck while I just watched. Some times, during our love making I would conjure these thoughts and come in a matter of seconds.

At the beginning I did not say anything to her, but after a few years I brought the subject. It seems that I was not very tactful for she became very hurt and cried her eyes out. She simply though that I did not love her any more and that my suggesting was a trick for me either to dump her or to be free to fuck other women.

I had to ask for her forgiveness and assure her that it was just a harmless fantasy and the subject was dropped for a very long time. That did not mean that I gave up on my fantasy. I had taped a couple of videos of Isabel and Humbert fucking and her showing her cum filled pussy and I would frequently jerk off watching them. I would also rent porno flicks of women being fucked by more that one man, preferably those with the men coming inside the woman and would imagine it was my Lucia.

A real breakthrough came one night when we were alone watching a romantic movie about this tragic romance which had some semi explicit love making scenes. When we went to bed, Lucia asked me to make love to her and I noticed that she was quite wet. She told me that the love making scene in the movie made her horny. From then on I began to watch erotic movies with her. The very first were very romantic, but slowly I began to bring more explicit ones until one night I put a very explicit one. At the beginning she didn’t like the movie and was not very enthusiastic but as I began to stroke and caress her while we watched it she eventually got excited and ended up watching it with me. I made sure we had good sex that night.

After that, I began to combine the use of our toys with the movies. Once a week I would bring a nice porno flick, and while we watched it I would masturbate her with some of the dildos. I began search for movies showing the same woman have sex with one different man in every different scene. At the beginning she would question how a woman could fuck different men and not feel bad about it, but eventually ended up having a very nice orgasm.

The next movies I brought were of one woman having sex with two or more men in the same scene. I would masturbate her and tell her to imagine that it was she the one enjoying those studs. At first she gave me this strange look and asked me if that was what I wanted. As I felt that she was not ready for it I told her that it was just a fantasy to be enjoyed by both of us in the privacy of our bed. With that she let her guard down and we had a very nice love session.

From then on, once a week we would watch a porno movie, (I would make sure that it was of a woman having sex with more than one man) and as we watched it I would lie on her side and while masturbating her with one of the big dildos, I would whisper to her to imagine that it was some stud like the one in the movie doing to her what it was being done to the slut he was fucking and that I was waiting my turn to make love to her right after. She would become very aroused and would come very fast and very strong. After coming with the dildo she would ask me to please fuck her and I would immediately penetrate her and tell her how good her pussy felt wet and open just like if she had been fucked by some one else. As I came she would come again. At last I was getting near to what I wanted.

After some months of doing that I bought a thinner and softer dildo and began to double penetrate her pussy with it and my own dick. That she found to be extremely pleasurable and she would come very strong, so I began to use a thicker one each time we fucked until she was able to accommodate both my cock and a fairly thick dildo with any discomfort whatsoever. While double penetrating her I would ask her to close her eyes and to imagine it was me and some other guy doing her at the same time. She would have very strong orgasms but afterwards she would remind me that it was “just a fantasy”

Even though she would insist that it was only a fantasy, I knew better because she would get extremely horny during those occasions, so she was just one or two steps away from accepting a threesome as a possibility. That happened a few days later when I came home and she told me she had fucked someone else. I became very horny and asked her to give me all the details and then she became very serious and told me: “So it’s true, you really want me to do it”. I said: “yes, I love you and it would make me extremely horny to watch you have sex with some guy. I would lick your pussy for weeks just thinking that you have been nicely fucked by some one else”. “Why?” she asked me. I explained to her that my wish had nothing to do with any sexual inadequacy (I have e nice “seven incher” and I am not submissive in any manner), that before I met her I had sex with other women but she had never the chance to do the same with some guy; that I really loved her and it would excite me very much to share her beautiful pussy and then make love to her for a very long time. It turned out that she had not fucked with any one; she just wanted to find out if I really wanted her to do it. That conversation led us to a very hot lovemaking session and for me it was the final step before actually doing it. Finally, my conservative, demure, faithful wife was really considering the possibility of fucking some other guy.

I began to plan for a special vacation just for the two of us in some nice resort where we would not be known and where you can usually find a nice looking guy willing to be part of a threesome and fuck your wife in your presence. I didn’t tell Lucia of my plans but told her that we should take a short honeymoon trip just the two of us. I arranged with my sister to take care of our two kids for a week and of we went to a nice Caribbean island named Puerto Rico.

We spent the first three days on the beaches, exploring the city and its old Spanish forts and took a couple of nice trips to the mountains. Meanwhile, I began to search in the local newspapers and found an ad which read: “Sensuous massage to male, female and/or couples by good looking guy and7or girl. Hotel service”.

I called the phone number in the ad and spoke to a very well mannered guy whom I met later in the day. I told him that I wanted to give a special present to my wife and wanted some good looking guy to giver her a very sensuous massage and – if things went ok, to have sex with her. I made clear that it depended entirely on her and at the very moment she or me ask, he had to leave. I also wanted to be absolutely sure that he had no sexual transmittable disease (especially AIDS) and he immediately showed me his recent medical certificates to assure me that he was a completely healthy and drug free. For me that was extremely important for my dear wife in on the pill and, if everything went all right I hoped he would ejaculate in her pussy so both she and I could enjoy a nice creampie.

The night before our last in the island, I woke her up with a scissor and shaving equipment in hand. I told her that I wanted to shave her pussy early in the morning for I wanted to go down on her in the night. After she was all shaved, I gave her a good licking while thinking that maybe in the night I would get to lick her again, but this time after she had been nicely fucked.

We spent the day in the hotel’s pool, had a nice romantic dinner and I made sure to make her drink a couple of glasses of wine, not to maker her drunk but for her to relax and lose her inhibitions. I asked her to take a bubble bath while sipping another glass of wine. As she was in the bathroom, I called my guy and told him to be in y room in 45 minutes.

After she came from the tub, I dried her and gave her a very revealing and sexy negligee I bought for the occasion. I took her to bed and began to caress her. As she was already hot and bothered, I told her that I as a gift for her a professional masseur was coming to give her a massage and afterwards we would have a long love making session. She got kind of scared, but I told her that I would be with her at all times and if she felt uncomfortable at some time, she only had to say and he would stop and leave.

Sweet Catherine 2

Len stood looking at his wife braced back against the front door. Her breathing was ragged and her tits were bare and shuddering. The cum the neighbor had shot all over her face was dripping from her chin and he watched her scoop some of it with her fingers and suck them into her mouth. He had spent two hours staring out the window while she had been with the neighbor. He’d spent two hours staring at the gap in the trees where the light shone from the old widower’s front door. What had started as a playful game of teasing and flashing a week earlier had escalated to the point he’d sent his young wife for after dinner drinks with the express purpose of inviting the older man to touch her. He stepped forward and felt under the front of the little dress she had clutched at her waist. He felt how wet and open she was and knew immediately that she had been fucked.

Len freed his aching erection and shoved it up her. She whimpered. He fucked her hard there against the door and unloaded inside of her. He then carried her upstairs, showered her, and took her to bed.

He nursed her to sleep with his mind easing over the cold realization that another man had been between her legs. She was laying on her back with her pretty head resting in the crook of his arm. He’d been stroking her hair and he smoothed over her breast and gently placed his hand upon her belly. He slipped his hand beneath the front of her nightie and felt her warm skin. He wondered whether the older man had cum in her, whether another man’s seed was inside of her. The cold realization that she’d been serviced was suddenly white hot and he wondered if he could get her to spread her legs for some of the guys from work. He sat up and looked at her pussy. In the dim moonlight it looked puffy. He kissed the tiny thatch of hair above her clit and she moaned softly. He thought of her on her knees with some guys cock in her mouth as he moved her leg aside and licked her slit.


Next morning was Saturday and Catherine woke to find her husband smiling down at her with her fruit salad and coffee on a tray. She sat up, pinning the sheet beneath her arms, and thanked him. “What are you grinning about?” she had to ask.

“I don’t know – nothing special.” He took his own coffee and settled on the end of the bed to watch her eat.

The fruit salad was good and Catherine was hungry. She ate while tugging her sheet back into place when necessary and occasionally glancing up at her husband. He sat there grinning like the wind had changed and magically set his face in stone. “What?” she finally implored of him.

“I can’t believe what happened last night… I can’t believe we did that.” Catherine felt the heat rise in her cheeks but she also felt a warm little tingle at her husband’s reference to it being something they did together. “I can’t believe it either…” she offered softly. “It wasn’t supposed to go that far.”

“Yeah I know. But I wasn’t surprised. When I was waiting for you to come home I knew he was… umm… you know – fucking you. I just knew it.” “It wasn’t like he took me to bed or anything,” Catherine went on softly. She couldn’t find her voice. “He didn’t make love to me. It was just sex.”

“I know sweetheart. And I don’t blame him for it either. It was my idea to make you flash for him and I sent you over there in the first place… And anyway – I’m feeling good about it. How about you?”

“Me? Well I feel… extremely well laid.” “Oh! Better than me was he?” Len was chuckling. “No… I don’t mean that… I mean he was huge! Oh my God – you should have seen the size of it!” “No, I’ll pass on the voyeur stuff thanks sweetheart. Just knowing you were with him was intense enough.”

“He took photos,” Catherine declared aloud, as thought of posing for the neighbor suddenly flashed to mind. “He said he’s going to show them to the other men around here. He says he knows all of them and that they’ve been talking about me since we moved in.”

Len sipped his coffee. He held Catherine’s gaze, still smiling lightly, although she recognized the pondering look in his eyes. He measured his next question. “Would you like me to tell him not to show them around? I’m guessing they were pretty raunchy…”

“Yes they were. He made me spread my legs for some of them.”

Len pondered another moment while toying with Catherine’s toes. He seemed as if he was about to speak several times before he finally did. “I wouldn’t mind if he showed them around a bit…” Then his smile returned and his eyes flashed as he added, “Might even ask him to send a copy to that young real estate guy who sold us the house. He’s calling in today.” “Today? I thought that was Monday. I’ll have to tidy up. What time is he coming?”

“He called when I was getting breakfast. He said he’d be here before lunch but he’s only dropping off some paperwork. We don’t have to invite him in.” “It would be rude not to invite him inside. I’ll just tidy up the lounge and kitchen. What did you do with my nightie?”

“What do you want that for?” Len was chuckling. He’d stripped her nightie and tossed it somewhere during the night. It was probably tangled up in the bedspread which was in a bundle on the floor. Catherine gave him her breakfast tray and got up with the sheet serving as protection for the sudden burst of modesty she was feeling. “You have to wait with everyone else,” she teased as she slipped past him and hurried for the bathroom.

Len took the tray down to the kitchen and collected his morning paper. He took it out onto the back deck in the sun. He’d been sitting for only a few minutes when the neighbor, old Karl Logan, started up his lawn mower. As soon as Karl came into view he looked over and Len acknowledged him with a subdued wave. It was subdued by the fact that there was a knot in his stomach and his heart was pounding. The older man seemed at ease, and after a while he stopped his mower and started chatting over his back fence with a big guy with a shaved head and a goatee. That guy immediately looked over and as they chatted he kept glancing across. Len had no doubt they were talking about his wife and he thought about strolling down to the fence to say hello but Karl suddenly went back to mowing and the big guy returned to his garage.

Len thumbed his newspaper but he couldn’t get past the thought that the guy pushing that mower had fucked his wife. In his mind he could see her bent over the guy’s sofa with him riding her. He could see Catherine wriggling back against him. He could see him groping her tits and humping her. He suddenly thought of her panties. She had worn panties when she went over but she had none when she came home. Where were they? Did Karl have them under his pillow, or did he have them pinned up on a trophy wall or something? No, that’s ridiculous, Len argued with himself. He knew the old guy was a widower and hadn’t been with a woman in years. Catherine’s panties were probably lost between the cushions on his sofa or something, Len decided, and he turned to the sport section but he couldn’t get into that either.

He went back inside and switched on the tv. Catherine breezed down the stairs shortly after. She had on a pretty little floral dress that Len had seen a thousand times but suddenly he noticed how the hem was barely two inches below her crotch and that in the sunlight he could see right through it. He could clearly see the silhouette of her pussy and when she bent to plug in the vacuum cleaner he saw her lacy red panties. “Are they for the real estate guy?” he asked but she only blushed in reply and went about vacuuming the floor.

The real estate guy arrived intent on business and it seemed he was in a hurry. Len invited him into the lounge and Catherine approached plucking at her dress. Her face was bright red as she bent over to straighten some magazines and make a place for the guy to lay his paperwork out on the coffee table. Her little dress gaped and revealed her bare tits. Len could see clearly through to her panties. He excused himself to get the insurance papers.

“You’ve done a wonderful job with it,” the guy was saying and Catherine thanked him and stayed chatting about her choice of curtains and the like. Len watched from the kitchen as the guy absently sorted his papers and looked his wife over. She stood fiddling with her hem and smiling down at him. “Do you have enough room there…” she said nervously and she bent again and gathered the magazines.

Len saw the guy’s head deliberately lift that time, and Catherine bent further and straightened things on the shelf below the table to make room for the magazines. Her nipples were firm and her tits swayed nicely. Her dress hung well clear of them but she soon stood again, blushing. “Would you like a coffee or a lemonade?” she asked sweetly.

Len caught his wife as she passed and he stole a kiss and a bit of a feel but she wriggled away and went to make coffee. When she brought it in she offered the young guy another look at her tits and Len met his glance with shrug and a nod. Catherine then went about her cleaning. She did some dusting and Len and his guest got a few flashes of red lace when she reached up to straighten the curtains and again when she was bent over dusting around the tv.

When the guy left Len cornered his wife and managed to get fingers into her but as wet as she was she still wriggled away, protesting that she was sore from last night.

Catherine hurried upstairs and locked herself in the bathroom. She slipped her hand down her panties and felt into the heat that was oozing from her pussy. My God, what am I doing? She pleaded with herself. She arched her middle finger and focused on her clit, rubbing and vibrating a mild orgasm from her aching belly. She was sore but it was not from her husband – it was deeper than that. It was a kind of dull ache from being penetrated to a depth she hadn’t imagined possible by the old neighbor. But was it an ache from bruising or from wanting? She asked herself that question in the mirror then splashed her face to cool off a bit before returning to her husband.

From the top of the stairs she heard the low laugh of Karl Logan. It caused her to stop and tremble. “These are for Catherine. I hope you don’t mind,” he said. “No, come in. She’s upstairs.”

“I wasn’t sure whether you would want to punch me or not so I thought I’d come over and take my medicine.” “No. Nothing like that.” Len’s voice was a little strained but Catherine thought he sounded more surprised than anything else. “I’m glad you stopped by – getting things out in the open is best…”

“Is she ok… are you ok?” Karl’s voice was easier but not as natural as Catherine remembered it. “It was what you guys wanted wasn’t it?” “Sit down… We didn’t really know what we wanted. Things just took their course I guess. But we’re ok with it.”

Catherine was pressed to the wall. She could see Karl’s knees and between them he loosely held a bunch of flowers. He cleared his throat and expelled a deep breath. “Well for what it’s worth, I’m incredibly grateful. It had been three years since my wife and I’d forgotten what it felt like to be with a woman. And fuck she was something! You’re a lucky man my friend.”

“Thanks. She’s something all right… I’ve got a feeling this has only just begun too… I’ve got a feeling you might get lucky if you wanted to try to fuck her again sometime.”

My grown up bride

My little wife is such a big girl now. She wasn’t a couple weeks ago. We have been married two years, almost, with her just out of highschool. There was a bit of flack from her family, most old aunts thinking I must have knocked her up, but that had died down now with no baby and both of us still happy with each other. Besides, we had moved to another town and had little contact with the family. I was almost ten years older and when the ages are 18 and 28, thats quite a spread, not so much in the years themselves, but in life experiences. Grizzled old vereran and virginal young debutante.

A lot of the little town attitudes went with us to the city. Karen was the romantic who very much liked the idea of being ‘in love’ and while I did too, I found it actually cramped our personal life. To illustrate, Karen didn’t like to call it fuck, we made love. Pussy was OK, but not cunt. That sort of thing. Not a big thing, and I could live with it, but it just indicated a rigidity of upbringing that I found a bit stifling. I really did love her, but I had been around a bit and didn’t want to be strangled.

Another little point between us was our social life. I had had a raucous young life but now was focused on building my business. I had little time to think about leisure, thinking it was now my sole chore to provide a secure future for my bride. She cared less about that and wanted the partying that I had wanted at the same age. I took her out often enough, but it wasn’t with the crowd that I had hung out with in younger years. I couldn’t see straight-laced little Karen at one of those parties. Besides, those friends had all been left behind, along with the life. And then I found that the life was everywhere.

We belonged to a tennis club because we both played well enough, and besides it seemed a good networking place for my business. Quite a few more influencial types belonged there and I couldn’t see it hurting. Aside from those were a core of real players who also liked to party hard and it was to these that Karen was attracted. Some were no more than her age but most with a lot more experience. No problem, I rather enjoyed the life too, and I could see exposure could only help Karen grow. It was just good fun that hadn’t harmed me, right? So it was that we were invited to a party after a tourament one weekend. It was at the home of a thirty-some couple who hung with the young crowd, and these parties were often talked about long after the event. More sly whispers than talk, actually. So I knew that Karen might be a bit over her head, but how else do you learn to swim?

So here we were, laughing, dancing, drinking with these beautiflul people. Karen was having the time of her life, having lots of attention poured her way. Attitudes were easy, a lot of fondling, a stolen kiss or two, close dancing, a few ribald jokes,a good party. Karen at one point indicated with a nod a couple kissing in a corner. More that kissing, really, openly necking, and seeming to be getting more urgent as they went. AS we watched they quietly slipped arounnd a corner and out of sight. It was our hostess, but not with our host but the winner of the day’s tournament. When Karen angled me over to peek around the corner where they had ducked, we saw only a hall and some doors.

“Still game for a grown-up party?” I teased. She thought a bit, and nodded. “Its so fun. I know sometimes this happens because I hear the girls talk about it. But don’t worry, I won’t do it to you” “Don’t be to sure, munchkin. I happen to know Stan is ogling you and he is your type. I bet if he got his hooks into you he would have you making love within minutes.”

Karen’s eyebrows shot up in a classic innocent stare. “I wouldn’t let anyone else make love to me. You’re the only man I’ve been with and its going to stay that way”
“Well, sweetheart, lets make a deal then. Only with me do you make love. If anyone else scores, they only get fucked..Deal?” I got a poke in the ribs for that, and we went to watch a group trying to limbo. We both noticed the crowd was a biit thinner than it had been, but the ones remaining were having a good time. I nudged Karen to indicate Stan, our host, watching us. Stan was over thirty, but had the Omar Sharif look that has no age, and I knew Karen loved Omar. When he saw he had been caught, he came over and handed Karen a new drink to replace the empty glass she was carrying. In the course of chatting, I remarked about his Omar look and how hot Karen was for Omar. Karen blushed red, but Stan laughed out loud and told her how he had had plastic surgery just to attract young , gorgeous girls like her.

“Do you remember the scene where Omar Sharif seduces the plantation owner’s wife?” He asked Karen, holding her hands and gazing into her eyes. She nodded mutely, seeming to be hypnotized by this polished gentleman paying court to her. He circled her waist the way Omar had done, bent her back and planted a kiss on her lips. It was a minute before he released her enough for her to give me a panicy glance, but all she got from me was an approving smile.

“The scene isn’t over, my pet”, he crooned in his best Omar. He kissed and nibbled her ears, down her neck, and was working close to her cleavage. When Karen looked to me for help, she found me gone. It was maybe a mean thing to do, but I couldn’t see any harm coming from it. Besides, I had been making eye contact with another girl who had been watching the performance, and now we had moved into a slow dance so we could watch Karen and Stan without cramping Stan’s style. Sue knew Karen, and knew Stan’s reputation with girls, so she knew the turmoil Karen was feeling, but she wasn’t about to bale her out. Instead, she kissed me so that Karen could see. By this time, Stan had finished the scene as far as he could take it and was dancing with Karen to avoid letting her go. He was holding her close, almost nose to nose, and the flush was less panic and more , well, just flush.. We moved close, and when we were sure we werein her sight, we kissed again, but this time wide open, grinding lips and body together. When we moved on, we could see that the other couple were also kissing, if somewhat more chastely.

“You have a very lovely little wife”, Stan said behind me. I was still holding Sue, but Karen had gone. “Karen has gone to the bathroom, and I am left alone. Do you mind when she comes back if I monopolize her a bit? I see you have your hands full.”

I promised him I would not mind a bit. As He wandered away, Karen found my elbow. “Are you OK with things? Stan is getting a bit friendly, but so are you. Do you think things are getting out of hand?” I smiled gently and pulled her into a circle with Sue and I. I told her that the party was going the way parties go and welcomed her to the land of grownups.
“The only thing is, pet, that you must not make love to Stan. You can only fuck him, and I promise to only fuck Sue. Making love is for you and me. Are you OK with that?”

Karen nodded, then opened her eyes wide as it sunk in that she had just given her husband permission to fuck Sue. She had also consented to fuck Stan, and as that thought hit her, she gave a quick glance around to find him and was a bit relieved not to see him. “I don’t know if I can stop him if he tries. He’s very sexy, and I get so hot, “she giggled nervously, “I just had to duck out to the toilet to cool things down a bit and think. Do you know where he is? Maybe he’s found another girl to fuck. Are you two really going to fuck? Its really a nice word, when you say it like that.” She started when she felt hands sliding under her arms from behind, through her arm holes and capturing her breasts. “My thoughts excactly. Its just not right that a honey like you only fucks one man in her life. The more men you fuck, the happier the world will be, starting with me.”

Karen sagged into him, feeling him rouse her nipples while her husband and friend watched. “Wish me luck, darling”, she murmured as Stan led her away, around the same corner his wife had gone an hour before. We followed a disret distance behind. We both wanted to witness the union, but not be part of it. This was for Karen alone. Well, OK, Stan too, but for Karen it was a coming out. For Stan it was just a cumming in. We saw them check a couple rooms before ducking into a third and swinging the door closed behind them. Luckily, the door didn’t close and swung open enough for us to silently slide in. It was the massive master bedroom and we found a little love seat facing away from the bed we could peek over and watch the festivities. We could have been a cheering section, I don’t think the couple would have noticed us. Stan took Karen’s hem and slowly pulled her little dress over her head. Finally she had to raise her arms in total surrender to let it slip free, and she was standing stark naked, her arms still in the air, in front of a man she had only met and who she was going to fuck. It was really a very triumphant pose, and I think her mood was just that, triumphant over herself. Stan begged her to hold the pose while he ripped off his own clothes, the dropped to his knees before her to kiss her all over her body, tummy, thighes, up to the breasts again, a flick of tongue into the bush, finally standing to pull her full length against his nakedness and fittling his boner between her legs, feeling the heat of her pussy and she feeling the hardness of his cock. She came then, just standing there rubbing on his cock. I think she was on the verge of cumming since the first kiss.

“I don’t think foreplay is the order of the day, my little sexpot..” Stan smacked her bottom. “I think we both need a bit of penetration, and that quickly.” He pushed her to the bed and as her knees folded and as she sat, he gathered her legs and hugged them to his body. The bed was so high he only had to bend his knees a bit to bring a very nice cock to pussy..”One thing I do insist on, though.” he whispered, ” I want you to guide me into you. I want to know you really want my cock in you and are willling to show me the way…ok?’” Two hand appeared between her legs and cradled his cock and did as they were bid. As the head entered we heard a little yelp as another orgasm ripped through her. Our view point was perfect to watch his cock slam into her, and we forgot our own lust as we watched the encounter build .

“OH, god , I love to fuck!! Oh, I want you to cum. …..Can the reader fill the rest? At this point I’m too busy helping Sue straddle me so she could ride my cock, facing me to watch the match on the bed. As Karen and then Stan’s voices became even more urgent we found the left over evergy contagious, but we stayed in check until the main event shuddered to a standstill. Then Sue began cumming and I flipped her onto her back to properly pound into her. I got a bit of carpet burn on knees fighting for traction, but what a cum. Sue was a talented girl, and with the conquest of Karen still fresh and knowing she must now be aware of us, well , what can you say beyond, WOW1

When we could move we joined Karen and Stan on the huge bed and noticed other people filtering in as well. Karen was sprawled on a towel that had saved the bed from the cum, her legs still spread in total abandon, her heroic little pussy still pouty as if asking for more. She gave us a languid smile and reached out to pull my lips to hers.
“I kept my promise, darlling, but my god, fucking is almost like making love. Do you want to fuck me now? I’m so totally shameless, but I can’t care right now. Hey, you know who I want to fuck? Gerry who won the tennis today. We saw him leaving with Stan’s wife. I would love to fuck him right after her.” “Thats easily done,” said a voice up at the headboard end. “I’ve been hoping for a turn. Nat always likes to watch Stan fuck a new girl, so she had me here before you got here even.”

Gerry mover over her and would have gone down, but Karen grabbed his head and pulled him up. “Just not ready to do oral with all these puys watching,” she whispered, “Just fuck me, I need more cock and you’ve been turning me on all day. My pussy is ready now, we can do foreplay another time when we’re alone.” And with that he was in her. It was neat, being right there close and seeing her lips part and this new cock make its way into her, all the way, then slowly withdraw as those same lips clung to it like they didn’t want it to go. No fear there, as it plunged in again. The two fucked like that for many minutes, clutched tight, waiting as the feeling grew. Karen came first, then Gerry quickly after. In the afterglow, Karen was heard to whisper,”You know, you havent’ even kissed me yet. Have you heard the one about the Ozark lovers? She says, ‘kiss me, charlie, kiss me’, and he says, ‘hell no, you’re my sister, I shouldn’t even be fucking you.’”

That about wrapped up the evening. Most were pretty spent. I didn’t bother describing all the action. didn’t even notice most of it. Actually, a lot of people never took part in the orgy that Karen sparked. It seems that its a tradition that Nat fucks the winner, so it was unremarkable when she disappeared with Gerry. Its well known that Stan rarely goes without, so when folks saw him making a play for Karen, they knew he would do okay, and so would she.

Screw My Wife

“Come on, baby. Give me that cum. I want that fucking cum,” said the six-foot blonde.

She was one of the sexiest women that Dave had ever seen in his 50 years of life. Decades ago, he would’ve never been able to get a woman this attractive. It’s amazing what success can do for a man.

Dave had made a career of the military. He mostly served in infantry. He joined when he was eighteen years old and lasted thirty years. Now in his second year of retirement, he just wanted to have as much fun as humanly possible. Crystal was one of the many ways of accomplishing that. She towered over him at six feet tall. He was only 5-foot-8, but he loved taller women, and he especially loved young women.

Crystal was a high-priced prostitute, but Dave had acquired a gift during his last ten years in the military. He left the physically demanding role of infantryman to become a recruiter. He had the gift of gab. He could talk anyone into doing anything he wanted.

Crystal wanted $1,000 for the night. Dave charmed her for two hours while intoxicating her with glasses of expensive Courvoisier Cognac until she was tipsy and horny like a Spring break tramp, so horny that she was willing to settle for $50.

They arrived at his condo about twenty minutes later. Crystal was sucking his dick the whole ride home. They went to the bedroom as soon as they got in the house. She pushed him on the bed and started ripping his clothes off. She rode him like a bronco while clawing at his chest with her long, painted nails.

Dave’s cock was hard as a brick, but then, without warming, it started to go limp while Crystal was riding him. No, not again, thought Dave. His cock popped right out. She put it back in and it popped out again as soon as she started moving.

She managed to get him hard again after sucking his cock. She lay on her back and Dave rammed her shaven cunt with aggression. He was so hard his cock was throbbing inside of her. Crystal screamed as she wrapped her legs around this older gentleman, surprised at the amount of energy he had.

The bed was rocking and banging against the wall. Her twat was oozing pussy juice all over Dave’s hard cock. She felt his balls smacking hard against her ass. She had a powerful orgasm as Dave’s muscular frame continued to pound on her tender pussy hole.

She felt his cock start to go limp again inside of her. She smiled and asked, “Did ya cum, sweetie?” “No,” said Dave, disappointment obvious in his voice. She rolled them over so she could be on top. She kissed his belly, bit his thigh, and started sucking on Dave’s limp cock. “Come on, baby. Give me that cum. I want that fucking cum,” she said.

She even licked his balls but old Dave’s cock didn’t seem to be responding. “Oh, please, baby. Give it to me; I need it. You know I need it. ” He was limp so she was able to swallow the whole cock and both balls in one gulp. A minute went by, then another minute and another minute—still the same floppy cock.

Dave pushed her head away and started to get dressed. Crystal could see that his pride was hurt. She tried to make him feel better. She said, “It’s okay, sweetie. It’s bound to happen to all men once in a while.”

“That’s the problem. It doesn’t happen once in a while. It happens every time.” She gasped, said, “Get out of here. You mean you’ve never been able to cum?” “Just get dressed.”

Dave dug a 50-dollar bill out of his wallet and tossed it on the bed. Crystal stuffed it into her bra when she was fully dressed. Dave led her to the door and opened it for her. She said, “Maybe next time, huh?” “There won’t be a next time,” said Dave as he shut the door in her face and locked it.

Straight to the liquor cabinet is where he went next. He poured himself a double shot of Vodka, downed half of it in one gulp and staggered back to the bed. He watched the ceiling become fuzzy as the alcohol took effect. He yawned and reached into his pants.

Visions of his army days started replaying in his mind. His fondest memories were of Germany. That was a man-in-uniform’s dream cum true. German women were eazy when it came to US soldiers. Their husbands didn’t get jealous either. Once, a man in a pub had paid him $20 to have sex with his wife while he watched because he was too drunk to fuck her himself. Germany was a splendid place, in deed.

Dave massaged his hard cock. The thought of fucking that man’s tanned wife had brought the life back into it. He thought of how shocked he was when the man had made the offer. They usually only made these kinds of offers to black men.

He stroked his cock vigorously as he replayed the events in his mind’s eye. He thought of the look on the woman’s face when her husband walked through the door with him and said, “I’m too drunk tonight. He is fucking you; I will watch.” Her face was blank and she nodded her head as if this was something they did all time.

He started humping his hand as he thought of the way she laid back and lifted her panties up and off her body, revealing a hairy, wet pussy. They didn’t shave back then like they do now. All women had hairy muffs back then. He felt an orgasm brewing inside as he thought of the way he fucked her horny cunt with gusto as her husband ran around the house naked cheering him on.

A load of hot spunk shot into the air. Most of it landed on his stomach and hands. He reached for the box of tissue that he kept next to his bed for this purpose and wiped it away. Why? Dave thought as he finished the remainder of his drink. Why can’t I have ever have an orgasm unless I’m masturbating? I’ve been like this since I started watching porn two years ago after I retired.

As he drifted off into a drunken sleep, the answer suddenly surfaced in his head. Watching so much pornography had made him an incurable voyeur. He was so in love with watching other people fuck that he couldn’t have an orgasm any other way.

Dave was a happy man as he drifted off to sleep. He’d finally figured out a way to get his kicks and he was going to get started on it first thing tomorrow morning.

Dave woke up and headed straight for his computer. He set up an account at a dating web site. His profile read like this: I am looking for married men who want to experience the joy of watching their wives having sex on film. This is not a joke. Serious replies only.

He didn’t get that many responses. Most of the people who did respond were assholes who just wanted to know if he was really serious even though he already said he was in the ad.

The other responses were just people who wanted to know why anyone would need him to do that. They could go out and find somebody to fuck their wives easily.

It was true. They didn’t need him, but he quickly thought of a way to make them need him. He re-wrote the ad. It read: Husbands, if watching your wife’s pussy getting reamed by another man turns you on, how about watching her get fucked by a male porn star?! I have the connections. All you have to do to make it happen is ask.

It was a joke. He wasn’t expecting people to take him seriously, but he had more than a dozen replies within the first two hours. He went to sleep and woke up the next day with more than fifty.

He started to end the joke right there, but he was curious as to how many people would reply, so he left it up. He put the account on hold after a week because he was getting too many responses to keep up with. He had reached triple digits.

That’s when another idea came to him. Instead of buying porn, why not start selling it?
It took weeks, but he made the connections that he needed to start making amateur movies. The porn stars were real, but he could only afford the unknowns because the big names came with big price tags.

He gave about a dozen of the people who replied a telephone interview. He mainly wanted people who were swingers or at least open-minded about sex. He didn’t want a jealous husband ruining the project. After all, he had to pay the porn star regardless of what happened and Dave hated wasting his money.

He finally decided on pretty, but odd looking couple. Their names were Candy and Jerrock.

Candy was a blonde wearing a velvety shirt and black pants with pumps on her feet. She seemed like an undercover slut from the moment he met her—the kind who seems like a respectable woman at first, but turns into a dirty freak when no one’s around.

Jerrock, on the other hand, seemed like the biggest geek you could ever meet. He looked Asian but he might’ve had some Caucasian blood mix in. He was wearing a blue, button down shirt and tan pants. He seemed like the quiet, geeky type who was really good in school and never did anything wrong.

How these two got together was beyond Dave’s belief. She was a stunning woman and he was just your everyday nerd. Dave started wondering if he let her have sex with other men because he couldn’t satisfy her himself.

They went to a hotel in California with a cameraman that Dave had found in the classifieds. He sat on a brown wrap-around couch and talked to Candy and Jerrock while the cameraman got his camera and lights set up.

He put one light in front, one to the side, and one on the other side, but slightly to the rear. That was to get rid of any shadows during filming. He gave them the thumbs-up signal and Dave began to speak.

“So you guys have been married about two years now?” “Yes, about two years,” replied Candy. “Do you swing at all?” They didn’t but Jerrock’s eyes lit up when he mentioned it.

“You want her to?” said Dave. Jerrock started nodding quickly and his smile broadened. He was really shy. Again, Dave wondered how in the world he got with Candy.

To Candy, he said, “Has it been more your fantasy or Jerrock’s fantasy that you screw a porn star?” “Both of ours,” said Candy. “He likes to watch.”

“Yeah, I like to watch,” said the dweeb with his Asian accent. It sounded Chinese. “Now I gotta ask you the question. You said you wanted him to fuck you in the ass too. Does Jerrock fuck you in the ass a lot?”

They nodded yes. Anal sex captivated Dave because he didn’t know very many people who did it. “The porn star I got for you is named John Strong. He’s been in a lot of porn. He’s a real gentleman. I think you’re gonna like him.”

“I’m real excited.” Dave said, “Good. Why don’t you stand up so we can get a good look at this body one last time before John…holy mackerel.” Candy had stood up with him. Her clothes fit loosely, but he could see a plump chest behind that shirt and her ass was looking good too. Dave’s cock started getting hard.
“If you were taking your clothes off, how would you take the top off?” Candy grinned, grabbed her shirt by the bottom and lifted it over her head. Two ripe tits jumped out in his face, which surprised him because her tits were so firm in the shirt that he thought for sure she must’ve had a bra on.

“Whoa!” Dave barked excitedly, and his boner stiffened a little more. He complimented the tattoo on her left tit and her beautiful skin tone. He took the shirt and asked if she wasn’t wearing underwear either. “I am,” she said. “Well, when you take those off, I get them.”

She chuckled and turned around so they’d get a shot of her unzipping her pants. She was wearing a black thong that fit nicely up the crack of her juicy ass. Dave felt that too, and said, “We’ll get you ready for John so when he comes in here you guys can get a bond going right away.”

She dropped her pants and sat down. She tried to get them off her ankles, but they got tied up somehow, so Jerrock helped out. He couldn’t get them off either. Everybody was all nerves. “I think you’re husband’s excited too. He’s fumbling around down there too,” Dave said.

They got them off and Dave picked them up and tossed them aside. Candy was gorgeous right down to her toes. He started giving her a foot massage and asked Jerrock one more time if he was okay with it.

“Oh yeah,” said Jerrock sounding more eager than anyone else. “Well I guess I better get John Strong in here. JOHN.”

True Motherly love

Rahul is only 21. He has just graduated from IIT, Dilhi and got admitted at a very good university in USA. Rahul is the only child of wealthy modern couple at Calcutta. Anil chatarji, Rahul’s father is a renouned businessman at Calcutta and very rich too. His wife Ruposhi is the headmistress of the biggest girls college at Calcutta. Ruposhi or Rupu is only 40 now. She is a modern up-to-date free lady, regularly goes to clubs in rich areas of Calcutta and ia a very active social worker. She even worked with famous faminist and film actress Aparna Sen for the poors of Calcutta slums. Rupu likes to dress very conservatively, never very revealing.

Since she is the teacher of a girls college, she likes to set examples rather than preach it. But in her deep heart, she is not prudish. She understands the modern concept of sex and likes it better. Her husband Anil is busy most of the times with his busuness, can not give much time to his wife. Rupu is not unhappy, but her sexual life is far from what she desires. As a conservative bengali mother of a grown up son, Rupu hardly let her uncontent sexual urge to surface. She maintains a regular happy mother, happy wife kind of air around her all the time. Only thing that keep Rupu from thinking about her failed sex life is her only son Rahul. Rahul is a very good looking young boy and a great student. He was among the few Bengali student to get admitted in IIT. He has graduated as the first boy in Computer Engineering from IIT this year. Both Rupu and Anil are very proud for their
son. Rahul also plays cricket and is very athletic. When Rupu watch her son play at the cricket field, run like a bull and through the bowl in huge pace, Rupu could not hold back her tears from joy. She could not bilieve that this handsome boy once was her little
son who suckled on her breast. Rupu loves Rahul more than anything in this world. So when the day come for Rahul to leave for USA, Rupu was very depressed. She can not imagine her life without her son around. Although Rahul spent last four years in Delhi, but that was at least in India.

He could visit his family every other holidays. But once in US, Rahul would hardly visit his momther in years. Besides, there are so many bad attractions in US which can easily spoil a young boy like Rahul. Rupu is very worried too for his son. Today is specially hard for her as Anil had to go to Bombay for an urgent business trip, leaving her alone in saying good bye to her beloved son. Rupu is a strong monded lady, she never showed emotions before Rahul. She decided not to show it today to Rahul at his last day home. She reamined the ever caring ever composed mother as she always has been to Rahul. To make things easy, she decided to dress a little openly today. She wears a semi-transparent shimphon saree. The saree was greenish, but more like raw Banana leaf color. The blouse is also made of same see-trough materials. Finally a black bra made of fine silk with laces
underneath the blouse. When she finished having kajol at her big eyes, red moist lipstick on her full lips, a long pendant golden earings which her mother gave her at her wedding, an intricate necklace of pure gold with expensive gems and a couple of dozens of
glass bengals (churia or kankan) on both of her fair hands, she looked divinely beautiful. When she looked at the mirror how she looks, she realised that long forty years have done little damage to her stunning serene beauty. She can still pass as a young lady at
her thirties.

Rahul wakes up from his sleep hearing his mom calling him from downstairs. He checked his watch. It is 8 o’clock. His flight is at 11 o’clock. So he decide to freshen up quickly. He is also little depressed to leave his loving and beautiful mom here. But he is a bit
excited too. Anyway, when he gets down to have his breakfast and sees his momther Rupu in her rather unusual look, he is very surprised. Rahul always knew that his mom is very attractive lady, sometimes his friends gave hints to him that his mom is very sexy
too, but Rahul never thought his mom as a sexy lady or a woman to desire. But seeing his mom this morning in such a nice saree and all these jwellary, Rahul for the first time felt something in him which is not eaxctly motherly love. It is a form of desire. He somehow desires to hold his mom close and kiss her. He tried to drive away this thought from his mind and decide to eat his breakfast quitly. Rupu does not say anything to his son. She is too depressed to talk. She has already let the maid to take a leave and decided to treat her son by herself alone this morning. Rupu just watches her son eating. Too many emotions are coming to her mind right now. She can not choose from the flood of emotions. Oh god, she finally thinks,”I love my son”.

Rahul is trying to concentrate to her eating, but he can not avoid thinking about how beautiful his mom is looking today. When Rupu went to the kitchen to get the tea for him, he can not refrain his eyes devouring the wiggling motions of his mom’s great big round ass. Rupu has a specially big ass. She got it from her mother. Although Rupu tries to exercise everyday, keep herself from being too fat, her ass would not shrink a shread of flesh. Finally she gave up. Its genetic. Bedises. big asses are not that bad. Anyway, Rahul tries his best not to think about his mom’s great ass at least this morning, but it’s no use. To make things worse, he developes a hard on. Now Rahul has a humongous cock, a full 10 inch and very thick. He once saw his father’s cock when he was peeing keeping the door open. But Anil’s cock was by no means big. It was hardly 4 inch. Rahul sometimes wonders where he inherited this huge cock from. Certainly not from his father’s family. Now, whenever he has an hardon, it is usually very difficult to hid since he has a big big
cock. Once he was watching an Hindy movey with his friends. Sexy heroin Madhury was showing her very erotic dances in the movie. Rahul had a big hardon that day too. It was hard to keep his friends noticing it. Eventually they did notice and rediculed him
about it ever since. Rahul is really worried if his mom takes a notice of his hardon, then what will happen? How will he explain things?

But when Rupu gives the cup of tea to his son, Rahul sees no unusual sings at her eyes. He is releaved. When Rupu is giving her the cup, her saree’s pallu (or anchol) fell from her breast, revealing the big mounds of her pair of tits to her son. Rupu instantly gathered
the saree to its right place, but the glimps was enough for Rahul to guess how big his mom’s tits really are. Even under the blouse and tight nylon bra, they are trying to come out of the confinement. Rahul hardon just intensified at this. He can not think anthing now other than how sexy it would be to see those big tits of his mom. Rahul decides to finish his breakfast as fast as he can and go to the bathroom to pee. He knows there is no time for him to masterbate now. He has to go to the airport soon. But peeing hardly helps his cause. The huge cock is as still as it was before. He has to fight hard to tuck it under his pants. When he got out of the bathroom, he finds his mom sitting on the dinning table with a very sad look.

Tears are falling from her eyes. Rahul can not resist anymore. He goes to his mom and say, “Dear mom, why are you crying? You promised me you would not cry today. I am not going for ever.” But his words only makes Rupu burst into tears. She gets up and grabs Rahul and begins to hug her only son forcibly. Rahul is not ready for this. His mom’s huge tits are pasted on his chaste and his own bulging cock is touching mom’s bare belly. But Rupu is unaware of all these. She keeps on crying. Rahul tries to comfort his mom. but Rupu is not listening. Rupu’s tits feels so good on his chest that Rahul decides to let this embrace go as long mom wants. His cock is trying to grow even bigger. Rupu can feel that his young son’s bulging cock is poking her bare belly. But it is no time to think that. After freeing herself from her embrace, Rupu wiped her eyes and said, “let’s go to airport son. I’ll miss you very much.” “I’ll miss you too ammu” At the airport, Rahul gets busy with his immigration and bookings. Rupu is standing before a glass window looking at the planes, thinking about her son. Suddenly she remembers that her son seemed to have a hardon while they were hugging this morning. Rupu smiled thinking that it must be some girl Rahul was thinking about. But she could not avoid thinking that Rahu’s cock must be very big to make such a big bulge out of his jeans. Atleast his cock is not like his father’s. He must have inherited it from her family. She knows that both her brothers and father have big cocks.

She finds solace in thinking that Rahul’s wife will not suffer as she has. She
is kind of surprised to find that she is getting excited imagining his own son’s cock. She smiles to herself. Shew never realised before that she has such a horny desire. But Rupu does not try to resist the natural feelings. She lets it come. actually she is loving thinking about his son’s cock. She tries to guess how big it can be, 7 inch, may be 8 inch. Wow that is big. She has never been fucked by anyman other than her husband and another man she likes not to remember. She used to love that man. He had a big cock too. a full 7 and 1/2 inch. She liked every momemts of their fucking. She liked the feeling of a big cock on her pussy walls. Those were crazy days. She loved that man very much. But it was not possible to marry that man. That is another story. Finally she had to marry Anil.
After such long time, she remembers her first lover. She gets excited imagining her lover’s cock inside her cunt. She decides to masterbate herself after a long time when she returns home. When everything is ready, Rahul comes to know that the plane has some mechanical problem, so his flight has been cancelled.

The next flight is not before tomorrow night. Rahul is glad to hear this, He does not want to leave his mom so soon. He is elated to find the opportunity to stay close to Rupu for almost two more days, especially now. They way Rupu has dressed herself, Rahul can vividly imagine how sexy it would be to see his sexy mom in revealing saree. He decides to masterbate very good upon returning home. So he gets out of the immigration lounge and starts looking for his mom. He finally finds his mom standing alone before a window looking outside. Rahul decided to give mom a big surprise. So he tip-toes towards Rupu without making any noise. When He is only 3 ft away from Rupu’s fair back and round ass, he takes a good look at his mom’s back. Rupu is wearing a very low necked blouse exposing most of her back and shoulder. Her fair skins is smooth like butter. Rahul longs to lick his mom’s bare shoulder and back. He can even make out the outline of her bra from her blouse. Rupu’s back is so sexy that Rahul’s hardon comes back with renewed vigor. He can not think straight. Somehow it occured to him that this is golden chance for him to show his love for Rupu. Mom is vulnerable and dad is not home. So Rahul grabs Rupu from Behind saying, “mommy”. Rupu is stratled at this. She is a little shy since she was thinking about the big cock of her first lover. Rahul is hugging Rupu veru strongly, pressing his huge hardon onto mom’s soft ass flesh. He even gives Rupu a wild kiss at her shoulder. He does not give time Rupu to react and says, ” Mommy, plane is late. I am not going before tomorrow night.” Rupu is so excited to hear this that she hugs Rahul back with joy. She
again feels her son’s bulge at her belly. But she only says, “let’s go home son.”

Since this two days are bonus. Rupu decides to enjoy them as nuch as she can with her son. Rahul also likes the idea. So first, Rahul takes his mom a hindy movie. He never found Rupu so happy and relaxed in his life. Rupu is cutting jokes with his son, laughing like
a little girl, singing while driving etc. Rupu looks even more sexy in her new mood. Rahul buys his mom some chips and cold drink and enters the movie hall like two lovers. The movie is ‘Kuch Kuch hota hae’. Rupu likes the movie very much. When they come out,
Rupu asks, “Isn’t Kajol very pretty, Rahul? I like to find a girl like her to marry you.” Rahul smiles and says, ” Mamuni, Kajol is pretty alright. But she is not as beautiful as you are.

I like to marry a girl like you.” Rupu is very happy to hear her son say that. “You
think I am beautiful, son? Thank you. I’ll search for girl like me from now on” At this point they both laugh clamorously. Rahul then takes his mom to the Calcutta Saree Bazar and buys his mom two sarees like the sarees Kajol wears at the movie. The sarees are
also called ‘kuch kuch hota hae’. They are very transparent simphon saree. He then buys Rupu matching blouses. One of the blouse is sleeveless. Rupu first opposes the idea of wearing sleeveless blouse at her age. But Rahul insists saying that, “mom, you will look
very beautiful in them. Just wear them for my sake.” Rupu can not say no. When they go the bra shop, the sopkepper asks for Rupu’s size. Rupu blushes at this, her cheek becomes red in embarrasement. She only manages to say, “I am not sure. You have to measure.” The shopkepper brings his tape and measure Rupu’s chest size. Rahul is surprised to find that his mom’s breast size is 42, even under her blouse and bra. The shop does not even have any bra for that size. The keeper says, “Sister, we do not keep such big size bras in our shop since hardly any bengali lady wears so big sizes. You have to go to the New market where they have a shop which keeps bras imported from USA.” Rupu is visibly embarrased at this talk. She is diying in shame. Rahul rescues her from going down under ground by saying, “let’s go to New market mom. This shop is not good anyway.” At new market, they find the shop and buy a nulon cupped bra of size 42DD. It is almost evening now. They decides to go home, dress themselves up for a party at a rich club that night which they plan to attend. It is a party for very rich people of Calcutta. Rupu has never been there, even though Anil asked her to go several times. Till now, she thought those party are too vulgar for her taste. But today, she wants to enjoy the party with her son. Nobody will recognize her there and they will go there as partners.

Rahul wears a silk shalwar kurta with pointy traditional shoes for the party. He looks like an Indian prince. Rupu wears the transparent ‘kuch kuch hota hae’ saree with almost transparent blouse and the newly bought bra underneath. She makes a big khopa
with her long black hair, wears very deep pink lipstick and a 4 inch high heel. Rupu is not short for a Indian lady, 5 ft 6 inch. With the high heels she is almost as tall as Rahul who is exactly 6 ft. Rupu looks so sexy in her see-through saree and heavy make-up and high heels that Rahul says, “Mommy, if you begins to look this beautiful fron now on, you will have hard time findind a girl like you to marry me.” Rupu blashes and says, “Okay, stop now. You look very handsome yourself too, son.” At this point Rupu again notices that Rahul’s big bulge at the groin has not disappear. Rather it is more prominent now. She just smiles herself. She suddenly feels a wild sexual desire for her son’s cock inside her right now right there. She decides to seduce her own son. Rupu asks Rahul, ” Rahul, can I ask you somethimg personal?” “Sure mom, you can ask me anything.” “Now, it is very sensitive and a bit bad too. Think first before answering.” “Okay mom, what is it?” ” son, why do you like to marry a girl like me?” “Mom, that’s easy. You are very
beautiful and pretty.” “Am I only pretty? Not a little bit sexy so that you want your wife to be sexy like me?” Rahul never imagined his mom will bring this on. He somehow restrain himself and says, “Mom, look. Since you and I have been so free and frank today. I
will not lie to you. Mom, you are very sexy.

Beautiful and sexy. Perhaps too sexy for a mom” Rupu is relieved to hear this from Rahul. She says, ” Thank you son. But I guess you are saying this thing only to make me happy.
Because, if that is true how come your father never looks at me anymore.” Tears again starts to fall from Rupu’s eyes. Rahul wipes the tears from Rupu’s cheek and says, “Mom, I do not know about dad. But for me, you are dam sexy. Sexier than any Bollywood
actresses. Now look what effect you have on your son, in case you didn’t notice.” Rahul shows his big hardon by raising his kurta. Rupu is now crying with joy. Her own son is having a hardon seeing her body. It is the best feeling she has ever had. so Rupu only
manages to say, “Thank you son for being so honest with me.” Rahul can not let this chance go by. So he says, “mom, I know it is not possible, but if it were somehow possible to love you like you have never been loved before mom, I would surely oblige.” Rupu
understands what Rahul wants. But she is doubtful, “But, son I am your mom. We are not meant to be lovers.” “Why not mom.

I love you more than anything in this world. If lovers can make love, why can not we?” At this point Rupu thinks to come out of her inhibition and says, ” Okay son, I shall let to love your mom as the best lovers do. No limtations, no bindings. We shall forget we are
mother and son. We will be just lovers.” Rupu finally stops crying and extends her hand to her son and says, “Come baba, come to

Rahul just jumps to his mom’s embrace and puts his lips on his dear mom’s. Rupu takes her son,s eager lips in more passion and they kissed like two hungry tigers. Rupu puts on of her hand on Rahul’s big cock over his pajama and starts to run her fingers over his
bulge. She takes one of Rahul’s hand and rests in in her tits. She says haskily, “Caress mommi’s tits son.” Rahul is in heaven now. He grabs his mom’s tits vigorously and starts to knead then hard. Rupu lets go Rahul and says softly, “Now son that’s not the way to
touch mom’s tits. Be gentle son. But first, let me undress my self so you can see what mommi has for you inside.” Rupu asks Rahul to sit on the sofa while she is undressing. First she puts off all her jwellary. Then she lets her hair loose. Next, the removes her saree from her body slowly. Then comes the petticoat. After that the blouse and lastly the bra. Rupu is completely naked before her son now except the high heel. Rahul is dumbfounded by this.

He has never imagined his mommy to be so stunningly sexy. Her tits are far bigger than what he thought even after today’s insident at the bra store. They are big like two round cocoanuts, a little sagged from age, but still very firm and round. Her nipples are big too, a sultry borwn in color. Her cunt has very little hair. It seems Rupu shaves her cunt regularly. but She has a thin line of hair at her armpit. It makes her more sexy. Rupu now says, “Don’t keep mommy waiting son. Bring out your cock for mom.” Rahul just let the
pajama fall on the floor and his 10 inch huge cock is fully visible. It is standing like a pole with some moister at the head. Rupu has never imagined Rahul’s cock to be so big and fat. She can not resist herself anymore. She just touches her son’s huge dick with her
soft fingers. Her bangles made rini-jhini sound with it. Rahul’s cock seem to grow even bigger at Rupu’s touch. Rupu says, “Rahul, my dear. Do you want mom to kiss your cock for you?” “Mom, please, suck my cock.” Rupu smiled at Rahul’s eagerness and brings
her tounge to the red head of his cock. She first licks the head, then takes only the head inside her mouth. The cock fills her mouth completely. Rupu now is sucking her son’s like like she used to suck the stick candies in her high school days. She takes more than
half the cock inside her mouth and gives the best blowjob in Rahul’s life. Rahul simply can not say anything, but comes with strong force in his mom’s mouth. Rupu swallows all the cum Rahul has to offer.

Now, Rupu stands up and asks Rahul to treat her tits like they deserve. Rahul first touches mom’s tits with her hands. Then he starts to press them slowly. Rupu likes her son’s hand over her tits. She asks Rahul to lick the nipples if he likes. Rahul is in no mood to argue, so he starts to lick Rupu’s erect nipples. Not only that he now is licking all over mommi’s tits and pressing them at the same time. Rupu is very wet in her cunt right now, so she decides to fuck her son. She asks Rahul to sit on the sofa with his cock erect like a spear. She just pierced her cunt with the cock of her loving son. The whole 10 inch gets inside her wet cunt in a flush. She never thought that she could take such a monster cock inside her. Anyway, Rupu gives her tits to Rahul’s eager toung again and started to fuck her son by riding him like a horse herself. Within minutes Rupu strats coming. She comes more than thrice before Rahul says that he is coming. Right at the last moment, Rupu takes out her cunt from Rahul’s cock and puts the cock in her mouth again. Rahul comes with more cums than before on his mom’s mouth. Rupu eats all the cums.
That is the beginning. That night sexy mother and son fucks at least ten times before they fall sleep in shere tiredness. When Rahul gets up next morning, it is about noon and Rupu is not with him. He goes downstairs to look for his sexy mom and finds that Rupu is
cooking food for lunch wearing only the ‘kuch kuch hota hae’ saree, nothing else. Her fair and humongous ass is fully visible through the transparent saree. Rahul puts off his pajama and brings out his erect cock. He then grabs Rupu from behind and begins to poke
mommi’s ass with his big pole. His hands are busy pressing his mom’s big tits and his lips kissing Rupu’s back. Rupu laughs at her son’s wildness and says, “Son, you are horny for mommi again? I thought you have all the fucking you can handle in your life time.”
“Mommi it is just the beginning. I shall keep on fucking you till I die.” At this point, Rahul raise the Saree from Rupu’s ass and asks Rupu to bend. Rupu bends on the kitchen counter exposing her ample ass to her son’s full view. Rahul first kisses the fair flesh all
round the ass, then he puts his toung to the ass cheek. Rupu tries to restrain her son from it. But by this time Rahul is licking her hole so good that she gives up. Nobody has ever licks her assholes before. It feels so good. Rahul tries to insert his toung as deep it goes inside Rupu’s ass and lick it.

Rupu is now cummimg like a whore. She has heard that some people even have their ass fucked, but she always thought that it is unclean and probably harts. But right now, she feels that if Rahul wants to fuck her in the ass she would give it a try. To her utter
surprise, Rahul says, “mom, I don’t know how to put it. But would you let me insert my finger to your asshole. I kind of like it.” Rupu is a free lady now. She says, ’son, why would you insert only the finger in my asshole, I want your huge cock inside my ass.” “Okay, mom you are such a sexy mom.” Rupu brings some cocoanut oil from the bathroom and rubs it all over Rahul’s cock. Rahul then puts some oil on mom’s ass too. He then insert his index finger in Rupu’s virgin ass. It goes pretty easily. He next puts two of his
fingers, then three, then four. Rupu likes Rahul’s fingers in her ass so much that she asks Rahul to fuck her ass right now. Rahul sets the head of the cock at the ass cheek and with a big stroke insert the whole head in Rupu’s asshole. The tight asshole grips the cock head very strongly. Rahul could not move it any more. To Rupu it feels like her asshole will burst. But Rahul startes to strok his cock slowly and gently. Rupu begins to like it.

After 5 minute or so, Rupu’s eager ass completely welcomes his son’s cock inside. Rupu ask Rahul to increase his speed. Rahul obliges. Rupu likes every seconds of it. She says in tears of joy, “Rahul, my son. Insert the whole cock inside mommi’s asshole.” At
this Rahul pushes his cock with such a force that the whole 10 inch gets inside Rupu’s asshole. Rahul is mad with pleasure now. He fucks his mom like a lion fucks a lonely lioness. After 10 minutes of vigorous ass fucking, Rahul comes in floods inside Rupu’s ass. Rupu is completely exhausted ny now. So is Rahul. When Rahul brings out his cock from mom’s strong grip of ass muscle, his cock is glittering with some gooey juice from mom’s ass. When Rupu sees this she laughs and says, “You literally takes the shit out of
mommi’s ass.” “I guess I have. But now I have to pee.” Rupu remembers now that she has to pee too. So she says, “Son, Mommi has to pee too. Why bothering go to the bathroom. Lets pee on the kitchen floor.”

Rahul likes the idea. He can not hold back his pee any longer and strats to pee on the floor. Rupu first put one of her hands to the stream of yellowish pee. She likes the wormness and the smell of the fresh pee. She asks Rahul, “Son. lets not waste anything that comes from you. Pee on my body.” Rahul is a bit surprised, but only says, “Are you sure mom?” “Yes, I am, son.” Rahul now directs the his pee strem to his mom’s naked body. It first lands on Rupu’s tits, then her belly. Rupu almost baths in her son’s pee. Rahul has lot to pee. So Rupu takes a glass and collects some pee in the glass. When Rahul stops finally, Rupu takes the glass full of piss near Rahuls still erect cock. She then dips the cock in the glass full of piss .

Rahul’s cock now is glistening like pearls with piss and some scat from his mom’s ass. Rupu brings out her toung to the cock head ,and taste the piss first. She likes the salty taste. She then takes the whole cock with piss and some scat on it. With some long and
strong wipes she cleans Rahul’s cock. She then smiles, “Your cock not only looks sexy, it tastes good too son.” “Oh, mom I never thought that you love me so much to taste even my piss.” “Oh, son I love you more than that.” “Okay mom, I love you no less. So
why don’t you piss on my mouth and I shall drink it from your cunt.” Rupu waits no more. She positions her pussy right before Rahul’s mouth and starts pissing right into his mouth. Rahul drinks his mom’s piss like elixir from heaven.

Younger married man fucking 45 year old neighbour

I am now a 31 year old male, who had an experience with a woman 15 years older than me. Soon after my 14th birthday, we had new neighbours moving in next to us. They were a young couple both in their late 20′s. They had one son only, who was only 3 years old. They had a second child a year later.

But, the husband was a wild guy. Enjoyed partying with his buddies and going out every weekend. She on the other hand was a more homely type. She was’nt the most polite of people, but greeted when needed. One day, soon after having her second child, I peeped over the wall to get my soccer ball. First looking to see if the way was clear, I jumped over. I grabbed the ball and then looked into the window. She was standing there in sexy black see through lingerie. Damm I got an instant hard-on. She was unaware that I was screening her up and down.

Years went on and I forgot about the whole incident. Approx 6 years later, one Saturday night they had a party. My folks were invited over only. I went out with a few friends, and went over next door to fetch the house key from my father. I knocked on the door, and she opened the door. Now, she’s a woman that hardly drinks. But she was stanign there in a tight white cream top, a lovely tight white jeans and a pair of black high heeled shoes. My God, the jeans was so tight it kissed the curves of her butt perfectly. She has a bit of a wide butt, but fuck I was turned on. Ever since that day, I used to fantacize fucking this women. I used to wank myself at least 3 times a day off just thinking and dreaming about her.

She used to travel by train every morning. I made sure that I left the house a minute after her, to walk to the train station. I enjoyed watching her walk, and how her firm butt was in place. I even used to walk down the subway behind her, and touch her butt before greeting her. Almost as if it’s by accident. I used to peek through the dining room curtain, which looked into their kitchen and watch her all the time. If she was wearing something tight, I would whip by cock out and start playing with it.

So all in all this went on for 8 years. I was finished studying and working for a succesful company. Then one January holiday, she was at home alone. Husband at work and the kids had just started the new school year. I thought, let me see if I can try something. It was a hot day and they have a swimming pool.

I saw she went over to the pool and was suntanning. Wearing a one piece high cut silver bather, she began cleaning the dried leaves out of the pool. She was busy and I was looking over the wall. She was bending over, and her ass was staring me in the face. She put the filter down and went to sit in the tanning chair. While sitting there, I greeted her. She was a bit surprised, and we started chatting. She said she still had 4 working days leave left. I then asked if I could come over for a dip and she said YES. I immediately fetched my trunks and then jumped over the wall. I swam for about 20 minutes and we were chattign in-between. She then asked me, whether I was going out for the rest of the day and I asked her why. She said she needed somebody to rub suntan lotion onto her. I then obliged and started at the shoulders. Slow strokes intially, I then started firming my hands. Further down the chest I went, and she let the straps down of her bathing costume. I saw her nipples clearly, and started rubbing further down. She then asked me: “Do you like what you see?”. I said yes and she put her hand on my cock. Immediate hard on, she asked if she could see my cock. I said YES and she pulled my trunks off with her teeth. She rubbed it first, and then proceeded to put it in her mouth. Fuckin hell, I enjoyed it.

She then said: “Let’s go into the bedroom and fuck!” We went inside and she locked the back door. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She pulled me over to the wardrobe and pressed herself against me. I kissed her slowly – she loved slow tongue work.

She then asked me to take her bather off and to spread her legs. I did so, and proceeded to lick her inner thigh. She had a massive piece of merchandise. Clean shaven and wet I licked every corner of it. Even her clit was sweet and she forced my head againest her pussy. Meanwhile, my cock was ready to burst through my trunks. I took it off while licking her clean. She then wanted to suck me off more, so we went 69 for about 10 miuntes.

After that, she said she wanted me to enter her pussy. Just before that, the doorbell rang. She put on her toweling gown and went to the door It was a female friend of hers. She called the girl inside and they came to the bedroom. I was laying naked on the bed, and she said to her friend:” I’m busy fucking my neighbour, do you want to join in?” The friend said yes and she proceeded to get a taste of my cock first. She was also a bit well built, but not as juicy as my neighbour. While her friend was sucking me hard, my neighbour decided to lick my balls from behind. Fuck it was a good feeling.

She then laid on the bed, and begged me to fuck her. I entered here with my hard broom. She moaned and got highly excited. Her friend proceeded to put her pussy on my neighbours mouth. Fuck she having a ball (excuse the pun).

She then went on her knees, and begged me to fuck her up the ass. I fucked her 3 times up the ass, as it was a major turn on for me and I did’nt mind. Her friend licked her pussy everytime. I then took her into the kitchen, where I fucked her on the table. She loved it.

As time went by, I never got the opportunity again…… until last year.

She was selling beauty products. I was married and moved away from my folks. I then asked her if she would come and see me one evening at home. She said yes – coincidentally, my wife was’nt home.

One Thursday evening, she came around. We stayed on a third floor flat. I said she must ring me on my mobile, once she arrives so that I can open the security gate. She rocked up and got out of the car. But hell, she looked good. Wearing a tight black jeans with high heels. She come upstairs and knocked on the door.

I kissed her hello and we were speaking. She asked where my wife was, and said that she would’nt be home for another 3 hours. Then she asked for a tour of my flat. I took her all around, and then finally to my bedroom. She pulled in there, and began tongueing me. I stripped naked in 2 minutes and we began fucking. This was in 2003 – I was 30 and she was 45. But fuck what a piece of meat.

Hellooooo nurse

Just to start off my name is Justin, I’m 22 years old and live in LA. I’ve always had the fantasy of a naughty nurse. Well one day my fantasy became reality. I was 20 at the time and had been sick for about a week when I decided to go to the doctor. After giving me and examination he told me the reason I was sick was my tonsils. They had to be removed.

So we made an appointment with the local hospital and I would go in for the surgery on Tuesday. The surgery went well and they took me to recovery where I’d have to stay for a few days until the swelling went down. When I woke up after the surgery there was a beautiful young woman standing over me. As I opened my eyes she smiled at me and said good morning. From what I could tell she had shoulder length light brown hair and blue eyes. She asked if I was hungry and I nodded, my throat to sore to speak, so she raised the head of my bed so that I was in a reclined position.

Now I could see the rest of her. She stood at about 5’8″ and was thin with long legs. She wore a tight pair of white pants that you could kind of see through and when she turned around I could see she was wearing a dark colored thong. Her blouse was a printed button down top which wasn’t very revealing like her pants. Her ass was nice and round with just the perfect amount of bubble. With the top she had on I couldn’t quite make out the size of her breasts but the looked to be around a 34c.

She was now making generalized conversation with me despite the fact I couldn’t talk I just nodded or shook my head no. As our conversation went on she started to talk about her personal life more and how she had just broken up and moved into a new apartment, etc. She gave me a note book so that I could give “real” answers. She asked where I was from, what I did for a living, and other typical questions for small talk.

After about a half an hour of her talking to me and helping me out of bed so that she could change my sheets, she told me it was time for me to shower. This was fine and I wrote down that I was heading in there. She then looked at me and told me shed be in there in a minute to help. I wrote that I would be fine but she disagreed because I was still a little trippy from being put under for the surgery and she didn’t want me to fall asleep or fall and hurt myself. So I just shrugged and grabbed my towel and underwear and went into the bathroom.

I was running the water and testing the temp with my hand when she walked in. When I turned around I saw that she had taken the printed top off and she now was only wearing a wife beater and the tight pants. She said she didn’t want anything on the shirt. She told me to go ahead and drop my towel and hop in, now at this point I was starting to get hard under my towel so I was hesitant to lose the towel but did anyways. I believe she noticed my increasingly hardening wood because she said wow when the towel dropped to the floor.

After I stepped in the shower she grabbed the wash cloth from the counter and got it wet as I stood there hard on and all in the hot steamy shower. She lathered soap on to the cloth and started to rub me down. She started with my face and neck being very gentle. She then moved to my shoulders massaging them as she went, she then moved on to my back taking long enough strokes just to touch the top of my ass cheeks. My eyes still closed I felt her stop, but why, she couldn’t I was enjoying this way too much for her to stop now. Then I heard something hit the floor. I rinsed the soap from my face and looked over just in time to see her sliding out of her thong and step into the shower behind me. From there she reached around to the front of me pressing her large firm breasts against me and started to rub my chest and abs. I then saw her grab the soap in her bare hands and lather them up. After she set the soap back down she started to rub my cock with the soap. She started slowly at the bottom of my shaft and worked her way up to the head and then back down again. After doing this for several minutes she stepped in front of me and kissed me. She told me she knew she wanted me from the moment she saw me coming down the hall. After the kiss she turned around and told me she wanted my thick 7″ cock in her pussy. She put both hands on the wall in front of us and spread her legs open.

I then grabbed a hold of my cock and put my head right on her lips but not pushing in yet. Instead I rubbed my wet throbbing cock head against her swollen pussy lips until she reached around and grabbed one of my ass cheeks and pulled me in. I started out slow at first, taking long strokes trying to get the full length of my shaft in her tight wet pussy. She then started to push back against me when I’d push into her. She asked me to do it harder and faster. As I went faster and harder she started to moan more and louder. Then she told me to go even faster so I went as fast I could which meant it wasn’t going to last long because I was about to blow my was anyways. After about ten minutes of the fast hard action I finished and she turned around and swallowed my entire cock on the first try sucking me dry of any juices that were left.

Lesley’s fuck away from home part 7

Lesley’s fuck away from home part 7

Hi every one sorry it’s been so long but a lot of things have happen since I last wrote!
I think I will start where we left off after Pablo left to go back home thing got back to normal , well as normal as could be with Richard at work and me staying at home being the pregnant wife trying to keep the place in order.

About two weeks after Pablo left Karen came over to help me with some shopping and a chat!
Karen was telling me how her and John were having more sex since watching the video’s and how John has started asking if she would like to have two cocks at the same time, I asked her what she had said to him.

“I asked if that’s what he would like to see Me with other guys, to which he replied it was a fantasy of his but he didn’t know if he would like it in real life” said Karen
“What did you say to that” I replied “Well I asked if he would like it if I told him about sexual encounters I have had in the past or make some up and tell him all the sexy details while having sex” she replied “Well did you” I asked “Yes and he gets so turned on by it, I started off with a couple of tame stories but he wanted to hear more and more, so I have started making up ones about two guys making love to me now and John’s gets so turned on I can’t believe it” she replied “And you, is it turning you on as well” I asked “Yes the more I think a bout it the more I would like it to happen” Karen replied.

As I was in the middle of my next sentence I noticed I was getting a wet patch coming through my shirt from my breasts which were oozing out milk, “God sorry you will have to excuse me? I am oozing milk how embarrassing” I said getting up and running up stairs to the toilet, I knew I should of milked my breasts before Karen had come over as Richard has been milking me every day so I would produce more and more milk as the months pass by and I have been having to milk them during the morning or by the afternoon they are over flowing, I removed my shirt and started to milk them into a glass for Richard as he loves the taste, trying hard not to spill any as I concentrated on this I suddenly felt a hand cupping my right breast from behind me and Karen whispering in my ear. “Let me do that for you” as she kissed my neck.

I let go of my breast and she slowing started milking my right breast into the glass that I was holding, Karen took hold of the glass and turned me around as my legs started to shake and pushed me up against the vanity unit and resumed milking my right breast as she took my left nipple into her mouth and teased my nipple with her tongue.

“I better do what this says” as she read my tattoo, I started to sigh with pleasure, Karen lifted her head and kissed me on the lips and I responded letting my tongue explore her mouth.

Karen was still milking me as are lips parted and lowered her head to my right breast and sucking my nipple as I ran my hands threw her hair “God that feels wonderful” I moaned as Karen started to kiss me once again, but this time she pasted some of my milk into my mouth I swallowed it as Karen wanted.

Karen put the glass down and took my left breast in her left hand while slowly stroking my swollen tummy with her other hand telling me how horny I looked milk oozing over her hand and down over my tummy.

Karen slowly moved her hand down my leg and up under my skirt slowing rubbing my thigh and kissing my neck, I was soaking longing for her to slide her fingers into my knickers and into my slit “Do you want me to stop now” she whispered as she bit on my neck “God don’t you fucking dare” I hissed “Why honey you get more worked up than John does” as she pushed her hand in to my knickers “God dame it Lesley you so fucking wet honey!” “GOD your Pierced down there as well! You are one horny bitch aren’t you?” “Yes God Yes I’m a horny bitch who loves sex” I replied “I bet you have had more than one guy at any one time haven’t you?” she asked If only she knew “Maybe” as I undid my skirt letting it drop to the floor Karen pulled down my knickers revealing my other tattoo and my pierced pussy
“God you are a horny bitch aren’t you, so you like being a slut then”

“Yes I do, I love it and so does Richard” I replied as she lowered her self to her knees still milking my left breasted slowing and opening up my pussy lips with her other hand and licking my pierced clit with her tongue, as I held hear head between my legs so I could get the full benefit of her tongue on my clit. It wasn’t long before I started to orgasm over Karen’s face squirting all over her as she tried lapping up as much as she could “God Lesley you’ve soaked me you horny bitch……….. I have heard of squirter but never thought it was for real” she said rubbing her face over my pussy “Well you better believe it, as that was only a small one” I replied laughing.

“You’ve joking right” “No Karen I’m not! Now stop talking and lick me some more” as I force her head back to my soaking wet pussy. She carried on licking my clit as she pushed three fingers in to my wet cunt and worked them in and out fucking me as hard as she could for about four minutes until I started to cum again but this time she didn’t stop fucking me with her fingers which sent me over the top “Yes….Yes God Yes I’mmmm cummm ing Yessssssss” as I squirted as hard as ever soaking Karen’s hair and front “Look what you’ve dun you horny bitch! I’m soaking” Karen remarked as she pulled her fingers out of me then pushed four back in “Well do you think you can take my whole hand you dirty bitch”

“Yes I think so” I replied “Good lets see if you are a real slut then” she hissed as she push her hand slowly as hard as she could, lifting me on to tip toes then suddenly I felt my pussy stretch so wide and my feet fell back to the floor her hand was inside meIt wasn’t long before I exploded squirting all over her again as my legs started to give way and slid slowly to the floor, Karen slowly pulled her hand out of me with a sloppy plopping noise then she wiped her hand off on my face say.

“Well Lesley you are such a lucky bitch being able to cum like this aren’t you! Bet the guys love it, I know John would, if I could cum like that!” “I am sure you could if you could find your G spot” I replied “Maybe you could help me you sexy bitch” as she kissed me on the mouth pushing her tongue in to my mouth “ Mmmmmm well I think you better get out of those soaking wet clothes and you can wear some of mine home any way” as I started to get up and headed to the bedroom with Karen following behind me, as she started to get undressed I pushed her back on to the bed and went down on her lick at her clit, she tasted so nice and sweet, I started to slip three fingers into her as she was moaning and started to work my fingers around in side her towards the front wall of her pussy.

“God that’s good” she cried as I work my fingers faster and faster in and out of her still licking at her clit all the time, it wasn’t long before I got her to the point of Cumming when I stopped and teased her some more before starting to build her up to orgasm point again. “Fucking hell you fucking tease” she snapped as she grabbed my hair pulling my head back and looking deep into my eye with lust “You love it don’t you? Bet you would love to have a large hard cock to suck on right now, wouldn’t you” I remarked “God yes I would love it” she answered

“And another one ready to enter your hot pussy which I am making ready for it” I said as I started to speed up finger fucking her“Yes yes oh yes two fucking cocks I would love it”
“What would you like nice young studs to use your wet horny pussy” I asked “Yes nice young hard cocks as they would fuck me all day long” Karen replied as she nearly reached point of orgasm “Bet you would you little slut! Bet you would like it if one was black as well, hung like a horse to stretch your pussy wide open and fill you with his spunk” “Yesss oh yessssssssss fuck yes” as she reached her first orgasm, I carried on not letting her have a break taking her from one orgasm to another she was begging me to stop but I wasn’t about to until I was exhausted my self and had got her to talk so dirty about what she would do to them and finally as she started her last orgasm I asked

“I bet you would let a whole rugby team fuck and use every hole right now wouldn’t you! you fucking slut” “Yes” “What I couldn’t hear my horny slut” I said “YES I would fuckkkkkkkk” as the orgasm hit her and she had her first squirting orgasm, it was only I small squirt but it was one “There see I told you could do it” I whispered in her ear as I cuddled in to her.

We lay there for about 15mins not saying a thing, until Karen asked if she could use the shower as she would have to be going soon as she had to get John’s supper ready.

Karen showered and I gave her some clothes to go home in and she left with a quick kiss on the cheek and a hug good bye. Karen has been over a few time since but nothing has happened but I know it with soon again as she keeps telling me she only wants to do something with me when we have all day together alone.

Three weeks before I gave birth, Richards dad past away leaving us with quite a lot of money which Richard wanted to put it into buying a bigger house, so Richard started looking, as I looked after our new baby boy (Jake) he was eight pounds seven and I had a very easy going birth which was wonderful experience.

Our sex life was as strong as ever, I was lucky I never got turned off by sex while pregnant like a lot of women do thank God Richard says. Richard still wouldn’t cum in side my pussy as he says that’s for Pablo to do when he comes over to fill my belly with another baby as promised but at the moment he is doing exams so I am going to have to wait for a few months (which is killing me, as I am getting so frustrated) We have moved in to are new house which has a out building with three rooms which Richard has had done out to are play rooms as he calls it, one is a bedroom with a double king side bed specially made for group sex (not use yet), room two is a shower room completely tiled out for water sports and the third room is his favourite room a play room with bondage equipment and doctors examination table with leg straps and a large TV screen which is linked to cameras in every room as well as to Richards new video camera.

Richard has kept Pablo up to date with every thing that has been going on and has been sending tapes of the rooms and us; Pablo has been mailing me stories of what he is going to do to me and what he wants to see as soon as he comes over in the next few months (lucky me!) these stories have been a real turn on to the point that I have even begged Richard to set up some sort of night feast of sex for me as I am getting so horny lately, but he says my pussy is out of bounds for cock as he wouldn’t want me to fall pregnant and I suppose he’s right as he and I know I wouldn’t be able to help my self and want the guys to cum inside me.

But one night after a e-mail from Pablo telling me how he wanted to see me get a spanking then a spunk bath by a group of guys Richard said he would set it up as long as there wasn’t any pussy fucking to which I agreed as he knows how much I love the taste of hot spunk.

Richard got Jake left with his mum’s for the evening around 4 o’clock as he told her I needed a few hours out with him and he would pick Jake back up around 10o’clock, I was told to take a shower and put on a black mini skirt and small see-through top that tied around my middle and stocking and suspenders but no underwear

Richard got home and took me out to the play room and turned on the TV and put a video on, of a gang bang and told me to watch it but I wasn’t aloud to touch my self or him, as I watched the film I was getting wetter and wetter then the gate bell rang and Richard push the button to open the gate as my heart missed a beat with excitement not knowing who was coming or how many Richard had got for me.

Richard went out to meet them and brought them through I only recognise one of them as he was a young lad who had fucked me before with a group of lads, I looked around and was introduced as their cum slut by Richard, there was eight of them all between the ages of 17 and 22 years of age and God two of them were real hunks as women would say Guys to die for, Richard kissed me and whispered “No cocks in your slutty wet cunt you hear me my sexy bitch” I replied “yes honey any thing you say”

“Good I’m glad you understand” as he slid his hand up my skirt and pushed a couple of fingers into my sloppy wet pussy “Well guys your sluts is soaking wet and waiting for your hard cocks to suck! Aren’t you my horny bitch?” “Yes I am, I want cock so bad to cum in my mouth and over my face” I replied trying to ride Richards’s fingers to make my self cum “You know the rules guys her pussy to out for your cocks but any thing else is ok!” with that Richard pulled away and smacked my ass leaving a red mark and my ass tingling, he told me “go suck cock my sexy slut”

I walked forward as two guys had already got naked, I knelt down and took hold of their cocks and started to suck them off moving from one to the other, I felt someone lift my ass up so I was bent over then my skirt removed and one guy say “Is it true can she take that much up the ass” as he read the tattoo on my ass “She has but she did pass out with the pain” Richard replied “Fuck I bet she did”

Suddenly I felt sting on my ass from some ones hand as they slapped me again then another, I wiggled my ass with pleasure “The slut like a slapping then” as my head was pulled back by my hair and someone looked into my face “Yes fuck boy slap me hard then ride my horny ass as hard as you wish” as I smiled at him, then he pushed my head back on to his friends cock and was told to deep throat him,

as his cock slid down the back of my throat I felt another slap on the ass but this time I knew want it was as the stinging ripped threw my body it was a riding crop and I started to gag on the cock but I couldn’t pull away as they held my head ,then the seconded crack of the crop hit my ass, pain ripped threw me again than as I choked my head was pulled back off the cock with saliva purring out of my mouth and tears rolling down my face one guy said “Well slut hard enough for you”

“Hay guys she’s milking she’s full of it” with in seconds I had two guys sucking on my swollen breasts and one fucking my ass and two cocks in front of me which I was deep throating, with that the guy who I knew said “Wait till the slut cums she’s like a fountain” as he started to rub my clit with his fingers, this sent me straight into a orgasm squirting over his hand and the guys feet who was giving my ass a good seeing to, which made him cum deep in my ass

“Fucking hell she’s a real squirting slut guys” one guy remark as the guy in my ass pull out and was replaced with another young hard cock this went on for about a hour until each guy had fuck me in the ass and had sucked my milk dry, then they pushed a tube into my ass and one of them pulled my head back by my hair and said “Now slut you say you love the taste of cum don’t you” “Yes I love it …I’m a cum slut” I replied

“Then you better suck it all out of your ass for us” as he pushed the other end of the tube into my mouth and slapped my ass I didn’t want to disappoint them so I started to suck on the tube, sucking all eight guys cum out of my own ass with great delight from my on lookers as they slowly wanked them self’s, after I had sucked and swallowed as much cum as possible out of my ass, Richard made me get up and walked me into the shower area where he told me to get down on my knees as he wanked him self off over my face as I licked the tip of his cock with my tongue, each lad in turn did the same covering my face completely with their hot spunk then as the last lad came forward to cum on me Richard took hold of my head and got the lad to deep throat me saying

“I want my slut of a wife to choke on you hard cock” I opened my willing mouth as he pushed his cock deep down the back of my throat and Richard move by head back and forth fucking this lads cock with my mouth, I started to gag and tried to pull away but Richard held my head strong and wouldn’t stop, by now I was choking and spit was coming out, as this lads cock was coming up into my mouth then back down my throat, I had tears running down my face and spunk running off my chin on to my breast. I was to the point of puking when the lad pulled out and shot his load in my eyes, I brought up some of the cum I had drunk out of my ass as I coughed as I refilled my lungs with air.

One lad wiped his finger over my eyes mixing my mascara with the spunk then wrote SLUT on my forehead, as I regained my senses I was told I wasn’t aloud to wipe any spunk off me, Richard put my top back on me and then put me on a chair and tide me to it telling me that if I was a good slut I mite be aloud a wash off, the lads retired to the play room for a couple of beers each, as I sat there every now and again a lad would come though and would put their dick in my mouth for me to suck or they would play with my pussy and clit bar and make me cum then they would leave again until Richard came in and told me it was time for my shower as he untied me, all the lads returned and formed a circle around me and then one by one they started my golden shower over my face, was in piss heaven.

When they finished Richard told me to put my skirt back on and showed the lads out, once they had all left, Richard asked if I had enjoyed my self? “That’s a silly question honey didn’t it look like it” I replied “Yes you looked like a whore on heat”

“I have been for age’s all I need is a good fucking in by pussy with a big load of cum for good measure” I replied “You’ll have to wait for that! You knew that!” he replied “but I think your ass has been well looked after tonight, in fact I think that we should stretch in open with a butt plug, you know Pablo wants to see Pete fuck your ass again and it would be better if you didn’t past out this time” he went on to say Richard took hold of my hands and led me over to an exercise bench and had me bend over it and tied my hands to the other end. “We wouldn’t want you to back out would we my little slut”

“What do you mean by that? You use butt plugs on me a lot of times and I don’t mind in fact you know it turns me on” I replied questioning the way he had remarked “Well I brought a new one to try like to see” with a big grin on his face “What do you mean a new one what one did you buy” I asked  “Well you know those glass ones we were looking at on the net, one of them” he laughed “You mean a larger one than we’ve got” “Well maybe a little” smirking “How much is a little” I asked as he was fingering my ass gently “A little honey” as he pull his finger out and started to pour a little baby oil over my ass hole “Don’t fucking Honey me now how much bigger” I demanded I knew it must be more that a little bigger the way he was talking He then put it down in front of my face on the table; my eye nearly popped out it was fucking huge

“Oh no you don’t its twice the size I’m use to it must be at least 6 inches around there’s no way I can take that even after all that fucking I had” “Honey you and inches don’t go well it 5inches” “5 inches where” I remarked “Around the ummm the base” he replied
“The fucking base how fucking big is the widest part then” I replied starting to wonder if I could take it up my ass, I thought it would be quite a horny experience if I could as you can tell I do like a bit of pain “About 7inches I think honey I would stop if it is too much for you” he remarked very sheepish “Here we go again this honey thing again what happen to the slut or the fucking whore of yours then” “Well you are a slut and a fucking whore and you love it don’t you” Richard replied “I know I am and so do you and you know what I meant” “Well can I try then my fucking slut?” “Well I couldn’t do much about it could I”

“Good! Thanks!” he replied smiling as he picked it up knowing I wasn’t going to say no anyway he knows I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. Richard started very slowly toying the tip of the butt plug in and out of my ass entrance, then slowly pushing a little more every time it felt wonderful for the first few minutes until he tried pushing past my rectum then the pain started as it stretched it wide open, I bit my lip and tried not to scream but I started to shake with the pain until I couldn’t bare it any longer “STOP no more please” I begged as Richard held it still telling me to relax he wouldn’t push any more. The pain started to ease and the shaking slowed down and my breathing returned to a better rate“Do you want me to pull in out honey or do you want me to carry on it’s nearly passed the rectum honey” “Ok! but you stop if I say” I replied knowing once in it wouldn’t hurt so much, with that Richard kissed the back of my neck and whispered “well my sexy slut you will take it, if not I will have to get Pete to open your ass up with his black meat” with that he pushed and the pain hit again so bad “stop please!…. STOP PLEASE! I scream at the top of my lungs but Richard gave one last push and it was in, my rectum closed over the base of the plug “Fuck Richard my ass feels so stretched it fucking hurts so much” I whimpered

“Shall I pull it out or should I wait” he replied “Wait a while for the pain to go” I replied in tears and sweat breaking out all over.

Maria and Guadalupe Stay Virgins-Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Well, I begin my story in southern New Mexico. Since I own my own business and time is precious, I needed to hire a maid and a cook as I really am not inclined to do those chores and I like good food and a clean home.

In NM illegal immigrants from Mexico fill most domestic positions. In response to my newspaper ad, I interviewed many prospective women. But, the one that I will share with you is the most interesting.

Sonia and Guadalupe (Lupe) arrived together at 7:30AM. Both were 18 a yrs old. They had beautiful smooth light brown skin; dark black hair pulled back into bun, deep black pupils, and well proportioned bodies (Maria being more buxom and bovine and Guadalupe more lean and fiery.) Neither one of them spoke English well but they understood and spoke enough to get through the interview. They were cousins and wanted me to consider them for both jobs. I explained that I was well off financially and that quality of work was of the utmost importance. They had just arrived in the US a month ago and were staying with Maria’s mother who had been here for 2 years as an illegal herself.

Maria’s mother had told them both that they had to get a job in order to send money back to her husband in Mexico as their farm was suffering from a drought. The girls, dressed in peasant blouses and long skirts, were very nervous. After listening to their story, I told them not to be nervous. I then described the chores that I wanted them to do. I asked them if they had cleaned other people’s homes before and both said they had in Mexico. I gave them a tour of my home and showed them where the cleaning supplies and food were. Maria said she liked to cook and Guadalupe would clean. On a hunch, I told them we would give it a one-week trial and see how it goes. I asked them to clean the house, fix lunch for me with the food in the fridge and I would check back around 1PM.

On my return, the house was immaculate. The laundry was being folded and a salad was on the table for lunch. I told them to grab some food from the fridge and take a one-hour siesta. They could use the back area of the house as a large sofa was on the deck. After finishing my lunch, I took a shower and a short nap.

At 1PM, I heard them return to the kitchen and start cleaning up. I decided to make my move at this time, as they were relaxed and talkative with each other. I still had on my sarong from my siesta and no shirt. I explained that I would pay them double the going rate if they would be willing to be more ‘friendly’ toward me. Their eyes showed misunderstanding. I told Maria that I would talk to her alone at first while Guadalupe finished with the dishes and then I would talk with Lupe.

Maria looked at Lupe who nodded for her to go ahead. We went into the den and I asked her to sit on an ottoman while I sat on the couch. I told her that I was too busy to find a wife and wanted her to help me out with my ‘personal’ needs. I also told her that she and her cousin wouldn’t be alone with me and that they were not to be afraid. She nodded her head and moved her eyes to sort of say OK.

I asked her if she would be willing to stand up so that I could see her better. She stood with her hands behind her back. I asked her to turn very slowly and I noticed her bare feet were very sexy. When her back was toward me, I asked her to put her hands behind her head and to stand straight. I then asked her to back up toward me. I rested my hands on her hips when she reached the couch. I could feel the tension and uncertainty in her body. I told her to relax, as I was never, never going to do anything ‘bad’ to her. I felt her muscles relax and heard her lips part into a smile. I moved my hands over the sides of her hips and spoke slowly telling her that I just wanted to feel what kind of body she had. She was reassured that I was doing this with her clothes on and only on the sides of her hips.

I told her that she had very nice hips. They were soft, just enough plump to the touch and nicely rounded from her waist to her thighs. She seemed pleased that I liked her. I asked her to turn around and face me. She started to drop her arms and I told her to keep them behind her head. I smiled into her eyes and explained that I could see her shape much better this way.

She blushed a little as she saw my eyes gaze over her breasts. I gently tugged her blouse out of her skirt and let it fall down. I moved my hand under her blouse and over her stomach in circles up toward her breasts and down to her waistline. My fingers just brushed the bottom of her bra. I smiled into her eyes (now shyly closing and blinking and nervous). I once again calmed her fears with reassuring words that she was lovely and her skin was very smooth. I then asked her to release her hair and to let it fall but to keep her hands behind her head. I also reminded her to keep her back straight. I stood up and put my hands on both sides of her face, feeling the sides of her neck, her ears, her shoulders and over her up stretched arms toward her hands. Then I moved my hands down her arms and over her underarms, letting the bottom of my palms feel the sides of her plump, heavy C-cup breasts. All the time, I was staring into her eyes watching and reassuring her as her breathing became audible and heavier.

Moving back up from her waist up to her arms, I did this several times, moving just a little more boldly each time, gently pressing the sides of her breasts and watching her blouse expand. I asked her if she was OK and she nodded even though I could see that she was becoming both excited and anxious. As I reached the bottom of her waist one more time, I moved under her blouse and moved up her bare skin sides to her underarms. Watching her eyes I moved over her bra straps on her back and gently unhooked her bra in back. She let out a huge breath but kept looking into my eyes. I then moved my hands up her back and tugged at her bra straps pulling them down her back until I could feel her breasts fall out and the straps became loose. Another huge breath was expelled. With her breasts now only covered with her thin peasant blouse, I moved my hands back around in front making circles over her stomach and moving my gaze from her eyes down to watch the swell of her chest. My circle strokes grew larger, brushing the underside of her unsupported breasts.

I then moved my right hand up between her breast and out of at the neck of her blouse rubbing her throat and the sides of her neck. My left hand moved around and gently stroked the bottom of her spine. Her knees were becoming wobbly. I asked her if she was still OK or if she would like to sit down. She breathed very heavily and her peasant blouse was now stretched taut, revealing aroused nipples. She said she wanted to sit down. I put my hands on her hips and guided her to the ottoman. I sat back on the couch and told her everything was OK. I told her to lower her arms and relax so we could talk. I told her that she was very beautiful and I was very lucky to have met her and hoped she would like the job. I walked away toward the bookshelf and continued reassuring her. After a few minutes, I returned to the couch and faced her. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said that one of the reasons her father had helped her to get over the border was that some young rowdy boys were bothering both she and Lupe and he wanted them to be chaste until they found someone they would marry.

Upon hearing this, I moved and knelt in front of the ottoman, moved closer, gently nudging her legs apart a little so I could get close and looked into her eyes. I asked her to put her hands behind her head again. I moved my hands to her hips again and moved my hands under her blouse. Pulling the sides of her blouse up, I pulled it up over her breasts and rested the material over her head onto her dangling arms. I then moved her red bra up over her arms as well. She was now naked from the waist up. Her chest was heaving and I looked into her eyes. I told her she was being very brave. I let my eyes move down to her breasts and my hands followed my gaze.

With both hands gently hefting her breasts, I returned my gaze directly into her eyes. Gently squeezing her breasts and tweaking her nipples, I watched her head tilt back and her eyes close. I continued to squeeze her ample breasts for 2 full minutes. Her breathing became very heavy and I felt her legs involuntarily tighten around my hips. I stood and told her to raise her arms and I lifted the blouse and bra up and off. I told her to lower her arms and stand up. I guided her to turn around. With her back to me, I moved her arms behind her butt, palms open to the back. My hands returned to her breasts and I told her to touch me with her hands. She moved her hands back into my crotch, just holding them there, touching the front of my pants. I was rock hard and my cock was pushing my sarong out, twitching as her hands tried to remain uninterested. I asked her to open my sarong and to let it drop to the floor. Her hands went up to my waist and I felt her pull the material apart.

With my hands still massaging and squeezing her breasts, underarms, throat and stomach, I then told her to touch me again. Her hands returned and found my cock, now so filled with blood, it was pressing into her buttocks. Her hands were a little dry so I asked her to put her hands in front and spit into them getting them wet and to take hold of me again. She did this with more excitement this time and gently began stroking my cock. I asked her how she was feeling now and she sighed, muy bien, muy bien. I guided her to turn around again and I told her that this was enough for now. I kissed her on the lips and thanked her for being so brave. I then instructed her to get dressed and go to the back of the house and rest for a few minutes before going back to her duties. I watched as she started to put her red bra back on. She was shyly lowering her head and eyes as I watched her dress.

Maria and Guadalupe Stay Virgins-Chapter 4-Final

Despite the nice playful shower we all enjoyed after yesterday’s threesome, I could sense that Lupe was not entirely happy with Maria. Maria had held her down and licked her pussy while I had rammed my cock deep into her rectum. And Maria had done it gleefully, despite Lupe’s embarrassment and anger. Even though Lupe eventually erupted into a huge orgasm, she did not like the feeling of being trapped and humiliated, especially by her cousin. So I knew that, eventually, Lupe would ask me to help her give Maria some payback. When I returned for my siesta and lunch, Maria was folding clothes in the laundry room and Lupe was fixing the lunches. Both were singing softly and the house felt happy.

As I was putting my things down on the table in the den, Lupe came in smiling and said she wanted to talk. I told her to have a seat. She sat down gingerly. I asked her how she felt after yesterday and she said she was still a little sore. I asked her if she had any bleeding and she said no. I then told her to come over to my chair and let me have a look. She went over and closed the door first and then came over to my chair. I turned her around so her back was toward me and I put the ottoman in front of her. Then, I told her to put her knees and hands on the corners of the ottoman. She did this with no complaints at all. I first began to massage her thighs and slowly lifted her skirt up over her back and rested it on top of her back.

While doing this, I asked her what she had on her mind that she wanted to talk to me about. She said that even though she enjoyed working here and was OK with our ‘sex’ games, she wasn’t happy that she had been held down. In fact, she was very embarrassed that Maria had done this to her. She said that ever since she was a little girl, she had been afraid of being held down. Her older male cousins had held her down repeatedly and tickled her when she was 4 years old and she still gets really scared when she can’t move. She wanted me to promise that I’d never hold her down again. I told her I would. I was gently massaging her ass through her panties and then I stuck my finger under the waistband and began to spread the material out and down over her cheeks, stopping when the panties were just below the swell of her bottom.

She took a deep breath. I then asked her to rest her head down on the ottoman and to reach around with her hands and spread her ass cheeks open so I could look at her little asshole. While she was spreading her cheeks open, I asked her if I could do something that would make her feel better about yesterday and she said she wanted to watch me fuck Maria in her ass so that Maria might get a dose of her own medicine and feel how scary it was. Then, I instructed her to spread her cheeks open wider and I began to lick around her little assbud, very gently, caressing the redness with my tongue. Expanding my tongue-circles, I was licking her whole ass crack. I heard a soft moan and her knees wobbled once and I noticed her weight shifted to her head resting on the ottoman. I sat down and continued to medicate her red little sore assbud with my tongue. In between licks, I asked her how we might get Maria to let this happen. She told me that Maria always wanted to be a model and maybe I could offer to take some photos and gradually work her into a position where she might be vulnerable. She thought that Maria would be most vulnerable if we both pretended it was nothing more that taking some photos.

So, I agreed that we could try it after they finished their afternoon work. I asked her if her asshole felt better and she said it did but still hurt a little. And so, I reached over and grabbed a small bottle of aloe cream and spread it over her crack. Then, I probed the skin around the hole and gently pushed my index finger inside, pushing some of the aloe cream inside. Slowly moving back and forth only as far as the first knuckle, I kissed her ass cheeks and leaned down so I could taste the juices that had started to appear on her pussy hairs. Her moans got louder and her hips adjusted to my finger movements. I decided that it was time to quit. I wanted her hungry and frustrated for later when we would seduce Maria’s little assbud.

At 4:30, my two little sex toys, finished work and took a shower. Lupe had primed Maria with courage to ask me if I thought she was pretty enough to be a model and would I help her get someone to do some photos so she could send them to a model agency she had seen in the newspaper. I began my spiel.

I asked her to come over and stand in front of me. I stood up. When she was face to face with me, I held both sides of her face and stared intently describing her bone structure, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, lashes, etc. In summary, I told her that any agency would be lucky to have her work for them. I also added that posing for photos was not easy and that maybe we could practice so that when she went to a real photographer, she wouldn’t be nervous. I told her that some photographers would want her to pose for sexy photos. She smiled and said that was OK. She said she knew very well how to play at being sexy. So, I took my camera out of my desk drawer and asked Lupe to bring the lamp over closer in front of Maria to get more light on our excited subject. I told Maria to pretend she was trying to seduce the camera.

She turned different ways, tousled her hair, used her eyes coyly and smiled through about 20 shots. I told her that I liked what she was doing, but the real photographers would want her to show them a little more of her body. She opened the top two buttons and began to go through some more flirty poses. I told her that she needed to be a lot braver than that. I told Lupe to show her how. Lupe moved in front of the light and moved like a snake, undulating slowly while her buttons came undone and slowly exposed her bra. Slithering down to the floor, she rested her head flat and looked into the lens. With her eyes intently on the lens, she reached around and pulled her skirt up over her naked ass. I yelled, STOP. GREAT. Then I went over to the closet and got out all my bondage paraphernalia. I turned to Maria and told her to let Lupe help her put on the leather panties and bra. Actually, the panties were really nothing more than a garter belt with a pull-away diaper that served as the panty material. I explained that this would be just the thing to get the attention of any model agency.

So, I dimmed the lighting and put some soft music on to help Maria get into the mood. I got a bottle of wine out of the small fridge in the den and gave Maria and Lupe a large glass. Maria was now dressed in leather. I then gave Lupe leather bands for Maria’s wrists, knees, ankles and neck. I explained that these would all make the photos more ‘real’. I then told Maria that I was going to put an eye-mask on her and wanted her to just let go, not to worry about us in the room, to just let herself ‘feel’ sexy. With the eye-mask in place, I spoke very softly, asking her to keep moving her hips and to rub her hands over her breasts to get herself feeling ‘sexy’. She was gradually warming up. Then, I pulled the rug on the floor away, revealing strategically placed hooks built into the floor. Maria could not see the hooks.

I then asked Maria to kneel down on the floor while Lupe would attach a chain link from her hands and feet into the hooks on the floor. I took several shots of Maria in this pose. Lupe was clearly smiling and excited now that Maria was becoming more and more immovable. Then, I told Lupe to help Maria spread her knees wider and to put a chain from her leather kneepads to another set of hooks in the floor. I then went around to the back of Maria and pulled the panty-diaper snaps quickly which revealed Maria’s naked ass; spread open very wide for Lupe’s and my eyes. Maria was now angry and embarrassed. I told her to relax and I snapped several pictures of her little assbud.

With no movement in her knees and ankles, she was really unable to clench her ass cheeks closed. Then I went around and took off her eye-mask and snapped several shots of an angry and clearly struggling face. I leaned over and unhooked her bra and it fell to the floor. Maria’s full pert tits were now hanging down and vulnerable. I shot several more photos. Then, I lifted one leg over her back and reached around and felt the heft of her fleshy globes, pinching her nipples while Maria yelled NOOOOOOOO and screamed for us to stop. I then reached around while pressing her head down and hooked her leather neck-collar into the floor hook so that she now had no movement with her head either.

Instructing Lupe to stand over Maria with her back toward the front end of Maria, I told her to gently rub some oil into Maria’s crack and to soften up her little assbud with small short strokes inside her rectum only down to her first and then second joint of her finger. Lupe worked very slowly while Maria bellowed in extremely loud and angry moans. I continued to shoot several photos. I could tell that Lupe’s finger was sliding in and out with ease now. I told Lupe to remove all of her clothes. She stepped off of Maria and shed every stitch of clothing.

I then gave her a ‘beginner’s’ butt plug. Lupe’s eyes glistened and I told her to move around and kneel in between Maria’s legs and, very gently, insert the butt plug in slowly until it was locked in place. Lupe loved this more than anything. Maria continued to wail and low moans from way down in her gut, came out of her mouth. Her hips rocked only slightly trying to get away from the butt plug being inserted into her rectum. I went to the side of Maria so that she could see me and I dropped my pants and began stroking my cock with oil. Maria watched as it got bigger and bigger. Her wails got louder and louder and she was yelling, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I WON’T BE ABLE TO TAKE IT. IT’LL REALLY REALLY HURT, PLEASE MR. DANTLEY, PLEASE…….

Lupe had the plug in place and I moved around and knelt in between Maria’s legs. Her screams grew louder and louder. I told Lupe to stand on the side, kneel down and rest her head sideways on top of Maria’s ass cheeks, so that her mouth was just above Maria’s asshole. I then, pushed my cock into Lupe’s mouth and my balls pushed the butt plug inside Maria’s asshole at the same time as I felt the back of Lupe’s throat. I kept this up for several minutes staying in the back of Lupe’s throat longer with each stroke. I told her to breathe through her nose and to let her throat convulse against my cockhead. When Maria’s wails quieted a little, I gently pulled the butt plug out and set the head of my cock against her assbud. Lupe was ecstatic now. I let Lupe watch as I made my first probes; opening Maria’s asshole just enough until the head of my cock was inside.

Maria’s moans and yells to stop were very loud and her hips were moving as fast as they could to get away. But, she was only able to move inches with her knees spread out very far. She was truly defenseless. Then, I told Lupe to go around and spread my cheeks open and lick my asshole while I was fucking Maria’s ass. I told her to lick my whole ass crack with passion and I wanted her to push her face completely into my crack. I said that this would help me to fuck Maria good and hard. When I felt Lupe’s tongue licking up and down my crack, my passion began to take over and I became more forceful and rapid with moving my cock in and out of Maria’s asshole. Maria was screaming and bellowing deep low moans. I stopped when my cock was about three-fourths of the way in and allowed Maria to take a deep breath in between her screams.

When I heard the full exhale, I pushed the full length of my cock inside as Lupe was pushing me forward with her face fully pushed into my asscrack; her tongue about 1 inch inside my rectum. I stayed inside Maria; leaned over her back and held her tits and squeezed her nipples; all the time while Lupe was rapidly flicking her tongue in and out of my asshole and licking my crack. Finally after a full minute, my cock exploded its semen deep into Maria and my quakes and spasms took a full minute to settle down. I lay on top of Maria’s back and Lupe was still softly licking away on my asshole. I reached back and indicated to Lupe to stop and I rolled off, pulling out of Maria with a ‘pop’. Lupe then began to slowly massage Maria’s asshole with her tongue, telling her that she wanted to make it feel better.

Epilogue: My sessions with Maria and Lupe went on for another 6 months. Maria had found a boyfriend during that time and, with my coaching, she had kept his advances at bay until he finally asked her to get married. On her wedding night, Maria had played the innocent naïve newly wed virgin. But, when her new young macho husband (from Oaxaca) had fallen asleep, she had tied him to the corner posts of the bed on his stomach. When he awoke, he was ranting angry and wondered what in the hell Maria was doing. She went to the door and let Lupe in. Now, he was really embarrassed. His manhood started to get hard and his new wife and her cousin were in control of him. He knew they could see his cock getting hard. He was very embarrassed. Lupe loosened the ropes just enough and prodded him up on his hands and knees.

She laid down underneath him and began to suck his cock. Maria put on a strap-on 8” cock around her waist, went to the side of the bed so he could see her (he was now both full of rage toward Maria and his cock was fully engorged inside Lupe’s mouth). Then Maria moved around and knelt in between his legs. He was still not sure if Maria was going to fuck Lupe or what the hell she was doing with that huge strap-on cock. Maria then began to oil up his crack and pushed her finger into his rectum. He was now struggling violently to get away from Maria’s finger. Finally, Maria was able to push her plastic cock inside, inch by inch. He came in seconds and Lupe sucked every drop of sperm out of him. Neither Maria nor Lupe let up. Staying inside him, Maria started again and slowly his cock once again was hard. Lupe sucked him dry once more. This happened 4 times before he was finally spent.

Henry’s Punishment

I entered through the heavy wooden doors and was blinded by the contrast of the gloomy drinking lounge, which was emphasized by the neon lights of beer signs and jukebox in the corner. Terry was sitting at the small table in the back of the lounge, with a clear view of the front door. As soon as he saw me, he got up, threw a couple of banknotes on the table and walked towards me.

“You’re fucking late, Evie!” he hissed, catching me off guard for a moment. He grabbed my forearm and pulled me towards the exit.  “Hey!” I almost yelled. “What’s your problem?”

Without an answer, he continued towards the door, pulling me after him.  “I wanted a drink first,” I said, hoping to figure out what wrong before we got to the car. “No drinking right now.” he said as we stepped out of the pub. “Henry has been waiting for over an hour now and you are FUCKING late!”

“So?” I cringed. “He always waits for me, it’s a part of the appeal.” I said sulkily. “One of these days he’ll get sick and tired of your shit, lovey. I don’t know what he sees in you in the first place.” He measured me with his watery blue eyes. “Why do you always have to look like a bleedin’ slob, anyway?”

I couldn’t remember the last time I’ve seen him this pissed off before. Sure, all of my clothes were one or two sizes too big, but I didn’t want to restrain my body after it was aching after an hour or two of heavy physical strain. With Henry I always earned my money fair and square, you put a lot into it and you get a heck of a lot out of it. Money, that is.

We reached Terry’s car and ever so gentleman-like he opened the door for me first. As we pulled off onto the Mile End Street I took a closer look of his face. He was unshaven, his eyes bloodshot and there were dark bags under his eyes.

“What’s wrong, Terry?” I asked reproachfully.  “Gina is gone.” He sighed heavily. “And Nicole.”  Okay, now I could understand somewhat. The best two are gone. The two who didn’t mind taking anything and everything up their cunts, arses and mouths. The two who didn’t mind being taken to the self-made emergency room after being flogged half to death by sick old perverts who had no other means of venting.

“What happened?” I asked.  “Don’t worry about that right now, alright?” he said and looked at me. The old Terry smile crept on his face. “I still have you, and all is right with the world.”

I shrugged. “Why is he calling me today? He is the weekend guy, like a clockwork.”  “He’s not alone this time.” That was a shock. “He’s got his wife with him.”

I gasped. “I don’t do that, Terry! You know I don’t.” Terry ignored my protests. Sometimes I just wished he had a good old wank like all the normal people.” I said and Terry brought the car to a screeching halt. Luckily, we stopped right in front of the red light.

He looked at me thoughtfully. “I didn’t hear that, Evie. And I’d better never hear it again!” “Yeah, alright,” I agreed. Of course it was stupid to wish it or even say it out loud. The amount of money that I made from one ‘session’ with Henry beat my mother’s 3-month income as a cashier at the local corner shop. I had nothing to complain about.

“He didn’t explain in great detail, but I think he wants you to work on her. He wants YOU, Evie. Besides,” he shifted on the driver’s seat, “You ARE the only one I can entrust this to.” We were turning into the atrium parking lot of the bookstore that served as a front for Terry’s illegal business.

He stopped the car and turned to me. There was this charming smile dancing on his ugly face: “Alright?”  “Yeah,” I replied.

He bent towards me and his broad smile forced the smile on mine. “Yes, Terrence, al-bloody-right!” “There’s a good girl,” he said and jumped out of a car.

We walked through the bookstore to the back, slipped through the curtains, down the claustrophobically narrow corridor to the staircase, entering the almost invisible gray metal door on the other side, usually unnoticed by the people who were not aware it was actually there. We entered into another corridor, this one wider with white washed walls, dotted by a string of metal doors painted electric blue.

“Go change, he can’t see you like this.” He said and I continued down the corridor to the last door on the right. When I entered, the changing room was almost empty. Hillary was there, a bird I never got along with, who envied my capability of never having to do things that she had to. Another girl was there that I had never seen before, looking too young to be allowed in a place like Terry’s little love dungeon.

Hillary was a tall, very pretty brunette, who made all the customers want to push things insider her meaty, puckered mouth. Dressed in a schoolgirl’s uniform was practically an oxymoron, as she could barely read and was stupid as a doorknob. The gray plaid mini skirt was so short that any movement clearly exposed the snow-white knickers, which were undoubtedly someone’s request.

She rolled her eyes. “You’re late,” she said and tsk-ed.  “Piss off Hillary,” I said and she tsk-ed again.

“He almost had me do her, I think.” She said and rolling her eyes dramatically. I guess that eye rolling business must have been appealing to men, too. I decided I didn’t need the aggro and ignored her. “Hi, I’m Evie,” I turned towards the new girl.

“Oh, this is Tania, she’ll be with Henry while you’re doing his missus.” She said with an ugly grin. Nobody was ever with Henry but me. She was well aware of that. I knew, that as much as she was enjoyed the fact that he finally picked someone over me, she wanted to be that one. It was still a loss to her.

“Alright, Tania?” I said, ignoring Hillary and walking over to the new girl, gently squeezing her shoulder. Tania was a short and skinny girl. Dirty blond hair was cut into a bob, big green eyes bulging out of her mouse-like face. She was also dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, with gray mini skirt, white shirt, wine red tie and matching red jacket. Her small feet rested in knee-high gray stockings and sturdy black flat shoes. With her though, I couldn’t tell whether she actually just came here straight from school or whether it was the customer’s wishes.

“Yeah,” she said. “I don’t know what to do all that well yet.”  I could understand that, I would be horrified if someone told me what Henry was used to if it was one my first times. Just as I was about to offer her some advice Terry walked into the changing room and closed the door.

‘I told you to bleedin’ change, Evie!” he said, looking at all three of us in rapid succession. “What are you waiting for Hill? Yours is waiting for you, too.”  Hillary sniffed and demonstratively walked out, running her fingers through her hair. “Here comes Mama!” she turned at the door and grinned at us, and then she was gone.

“EVIE!” hollered Terry and I hurriedly pulled off my jacket.  “Alright, then. Alright,” I said and unzipped my jeans.

Munts To The Rescue

Jake was in a wheelchair. The doctors told him after his car accident that his chances of walking again were pretty good if he followed a course of intensive physical rehab.

For the next year his pretty young wife Lola accompanied him to the best rehab center in the area. Every other day an ambulette was sent to pick them up and drive the 45 miles to the center. The firm payed for everything even a private driver. Munts was his name and from the first day Jake could feel the chemistry between Munts and Lola. Munts was a big farmboy from Iowa maybe 26 with a shock of closely cropped blond hair that made him look like a Norewegian Army recruit.

Once when Lola wore a short silk dress her tanned legs rubbed together as she crossed them in the back seat Jake caught Munts eyefucking her in the rear view mirror. As he helped her get out Jake noticed Munts’ brawny arm brush against Lola’s heart shaped ass. At that moment he was seized by the strangest desire. He almost got an erection.This was amazing to him because after the accident,going on a year now,he hadn’t had even the hint of an erection.The doctors always said it would come but it never did.They were sure that there was no physical reason for it and that it must be psychological.Each time they tried Lola became more frustrated.She was a woman of strong desire and little inhibition.A full year without cock was driving her crazy.

That night he listened as she masturbated next to him.In the darkness the sopping sounds of her playing with her wet pussy made him feel small and worthless.Suddenly his own voice startled him -”I want to watch you fuck Munts”-it seemed to say.

Immediately the sounds of her masturbation stopped. Jake couldn’t believe what had come from his mouth.They both giggled it was as if a huge weight had been taken off of them.It’s what they both wanted. Lola said she had been thinking about that all day.

Jake arranged for Munts to come by for dinner. Lola wore a chiffon robe that was practically see through.Munts seemed hynotized by the way her breasts swayed under the fabric. After a few glasses of wine Jake saw Munts’ face flush lecherously as his eyes followed Lola.

He wasn’t even trying to hide that he was ogling her now.For her part Lola teased him like a pro,brushing against him as she poured the wine and wriggling her sexy little body as she danced to a song on the radio.After dinner Jake excused himself for bed and Lola took him in.

Once in the room she wheeled him into a walkthrough closet that opened into an adjacent room and a full view of the guest bed.She left the door ajar so that Jake had a perfect view. He waited there in silence as he heard their murmering voices.Then the sound of soul kissing. It sounded like he was kissing her all over.The door of the adjacent room swung open and Jake could make out the 2 groping shadows locked in a soulful kiss.

As they entered Lola wrapped her legs around him and he pushed her robe up over her hips. Jake was shocked at the passion they had for each other.He was getting jealous but he was getting turned on too. He didn’t want them to stop.Jake could see his wife was on fire now and only Munts could quench that fire.Munts groaned as he lifted her up, she slung her legs over his shoulders and and sat there as he ate her pussy standing up. He walked around the room with her on his powerful shoulders face buried deeply between her legs.She squirmed in ecstacy holding the back of his blonde head and exhorting him to suck,suck,suck.

As they got next to the bed he dumped her down and pulled off her robe.She lay on her back completely naked now.”Are ya sure he’s sleep” Munts asked in a hoarse whisper.”The medicine knocks him out” she replied reassuringly “we’ve got all night”. Jake gasped as Munts rolled her to one side of the bed and pulled out his cock. It was as stiff and as long as a crowbar.Lola was soon pulling on it,rubbing it across her face and mouth,the head was slimy with fluids,it looked as thick as her forearm.”God” she exclaimed enraptured “what are you gonna do with that thing”. Jake saw a sardonic smile flit across Munts’ heavy features “Im gonna bury it deep inside of you”.

Jake saw his wife shudder with desire as Munts brushed the head against her hot wet cunt. He pushed her knees to her chest and her pussy lips engulfed the throbbing log of muscle.He stopped about halfway and Jake could feel his own erection as the veins in Munts member seemed to bulge. Lola squealed as he sunk the whole shaft into her. She clawed his back as he humped her like a wild animal. After each stroke Jake could see more and more of the milky residue of Lola’s juices coat his rampaging cock. Jake had a full erection for the first time since the accident as he watched the heavy slapping of Munts’ balls against his wifes ass. With each thrust Lola came closer and closer to orgasm.The months of sexual frustration dissolved as deep inside her a mushroom cloud of an orgasm spread shockwaves of ecstacy over her whole body. She gained release as Munts plowed deeper and deeper. Jake saw the spasmodic contractions of his wife’s cunt as his own orgasm rushed forth spontaneously.

Munts flipped her onto her knees and continued to drive into her, pounding her pussy doggystyle. He came with a war whoop that seemed to tear through his whole body. They collapsed together onto the bed. Spent…

I Could never do that!

It was July, and that meant it was time for the annual camping trip. My friends and I had been doing this since we were teenagers. Now, most of them are married, and we don’t spend much time together anymore, so we really look forward to this trip. Me probably more than the others.

While my friends have been busy getting married, I have focused my efforts on my career and it has paid off. I am a 29 year old guy with a six figure income and with a nice muscular body, good hair and a killer smile, I am very confident and an unstoppable flirt.

We all arrived at the campground on Friday night. I was the same old gang, except we had someone new this year. The reason I was looking forward to this weekend this year more than in recent years. My friend Mike brought his sister Rachel this year. Mike has been at as many of these camping trips as I have. He and his wife Jenny talked Rachel into coming this year. Rachel had been married for 2 years and just recently got divorced. I always thought Rachel was hot. She had long blond hair, weighed about 100 pounds and had a cute face with a smile that was so inviting.

From the time we were teenagers, Mike had made it perfectly clear that he didn’t want me anywhere near his sister, so out of respect, I never went out with her. Of course, I’ve always flirted with her and she always flirted back. There was a definite attraction between us but neither of us ever acted on it. Of course I’d be lying if I said that she never played a starring role in my fantasies. When we were teenagers, I had a picture of her in a bikini which I had masturbated to more times than I can count.

Rachel had only gotten sexier over the years, and so, as soon as Mike, Jenny and Rachel arrived at this camping trip, the flirting between Rachel and I had begun. So as to not be obvious, I flirted with Jenny a little as well. Mike was used to me flirting with his wife. It was always harmless. Mike did pull me aside and told me that Rachel was still upset about her divorce and he asked me not to make his sister uncomfortable by flirting with her. I told Mike that I would respect his wish and I would keep my distance.

Soon after that, we all started drinking. Even though we were no longer kids, we would forget that on our camping trips and always drank too much. Unlike when we were younger, and the beverage of choice was cheap beer, we were grown up and were now sharing drinks like martinis, appletinis and such. It didn’t take long before we were all pretty drunk. Rachel was no exception. We were all standing around the fire when Rachel walked past me and tripped. I caught her as she was falling, but I was pretty drunk too, so I didn’t pay much attention to how I caught her and I quickly found my hand cupping her perfect breast. I probably should have moved my hand quicker, but the look in her eye told me it wasn’t a problem. She then quickly gave me a hug. My penis quickly responded and was fully erect within seconds. I looked over at Mike and he was passed out in his chair, so I felt a little more at ease.

Rachel and I spent the next hour or so talking. Well, she was talking and I was picturing in my head what she looked like naked. When she asked me to escort her to the restroom, I did not hesitate. She was stumbling a little on the way, so I put my arm around her and said it looks like you need some help staying up. She laughed and then grabbed my still hard erection through my pants and said “it doesn’t look like you need any help staying up.” I quickly responded by saying that I had all the help I needed just looking at her. She smiled and quickly kissed me. Her hand, still resting on my rock hard boner then began to slowly work it’s way up and down through my pants. She quickly stopped and said that if she didn’t get to the bathroom quickly, she was going to pee her pants.

I told Rachel to just go in the woods. She agreed, and I turned my back. A few seconds later, I heard her fall. I turned around and saw that she had fallen as she tried to squat. She was trying to stand up, her shorts and panties were down to her knees. I grabbed her hand and helped her maintain her balance as she finished peeing. She stood up and without pulling her pants up, began to kiss me again. She was now fumbling around with my belt, trying to undo my pants. It wasn’t long before she had my hard cock out of my pants. I unhooked her bra and she lifted my shirt over my head, before long, the two of us were standing in the dark woods, completely naked.

We had no blanket or anything to lay on the ground, so I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around me. My cock quickly found it’s way into her hot wet pussy. And then, being drunk, I lost my balance and we fell down. Neither one of us wanted to do this in the dirt, so I suggested that we go to the showers. It was now 3 o’clock in the morning, so there was little chance that we would be disturbed.

We were at the shower building within minutes, and I wasted no time getting her clothes off once again. She undid my pants and got down to her knees. She began by slowly kissing my hard-on, and her fingers gently carressed my balls. I was so excited by this time that I knew if she didn’t stop, I was going to cum very quickly and I knew that that pussy is what I really wanted. I coaxed her back on her feet and then took a seat on the bench. She knew what to do, as she sat on my lap facing me and quickly lowered her soaking wet pussy down on my cock. It felt so good to be inside of her. At that exact moment, we heard a voice calling Rachel’s name. It was Jenny, Mike’s wife. We both quickly put our clothes on and responded.

Jenny asked us what we were doing, but looking at us like she knew. I said we were talking. Rachel was not so discreet. She said that we were trying to fuck each others brains out. Jenny was pissed off. She told Rachel that I was just using her for sex. Rachel said “that’s fine with me, because that’s all I want too.” Jenny, as drunk as the rest of us, said “I want to fuck too, but my husband is passed out drunk, he’s pissed in his pants and if I’m not getting fucked, why should you guys get to fuck?” “I’m not leaving without you guys.” Rachel told Jenny that if she stayed, she would just have to watch us fuck. Jenny said that she wasn’t leaving, so just go ahead.

I figured that it was over and I was ready to go, but Rachel began to undo my pants and quickly had my cock in her mouth once again. I looked at Jenny and she seemed very disturbed, but she was sticking to her word and didn’t leave. I’ve always thought that Mike was lucky to have Jenny. She was a hot little brunette with a smoking hot body.

Just having Jenny watching as Rachel began to suck on my cock was so hot. Once again, I had to stop myself from cumming. I pulled Rachel’s pants off, and quickly had her back on the bench. Rachel began to slowly raise and lower herself onto my cock. I watched Jenny turn her head away and then quickly look back at us. I whispered to Rachel that Jenny was still watching. Rachel asked Jenny if she wanted to join in. Jenny had a disgusted look on her face at first but at the same time she was allready pulling off her pants. She pushed me down on the bench and as Rachel repositioned herself over my cock, Jenny positioned herself over my face, facing Rachel. I quickly shot my tongue into Jenny’s dripping wet pussy. Jenny was loving it. Rachel pulled Jenny’s shirt off and they embraced. With one of the hottest pieces of ass I’ve ever known fucking me and the next hottest piece of ass I’ve known sitting on my face, As both of them began to orgasm, it was more than I could handle. I had reached the point of no return. My penis was convulsing and a felt my load shooting out into Rachel’s pussy. I was spent.

I was starting to put my underpants back on when Rachel told Jenny she needed to switch places with her. Jenny grabbed my now soft penis with two fingers and said “I think he’s done.” Of course, having Jenny touch my penis is all it took to get it to show signs of new life. Jenny stroked it a few times and that was all it took to return it to all it’s rock hard glory. Rachel wasted no time pushing me back onto the bench. My cum was still dripping from her pussy when she sat down on my face. Somehow, this didn’t matter so much at the time and my tongue went right to work. Jenny was a little more reluctant, but Rachel coaxed her onto my cock. Jenny lowered her self onto me, allowing my cock to slowly enter her, she was slow to start, but it was obvious that she was enjoying it because she quickly developed a rythym. Rachel was the first to orgasm and I felt her pussy tighten up around my tongue. Jenny was definitely enjoying this experience and she began to orgasm for what seemed like several minutes. She then got off of me and put her mouth around my cock. As soon as my her mouth was full of my cock, I began to feel my self, starting to cum. I remembered that Mike told me that Jenny would not let him cum in her mouth, so I quickly pulled away. Jenny chased my cock with her mouth and put her mouth around my shaft just as I began to shoot my cum. She kept my dick in her mouth until I had unloaded every last drop.

We all got dressed and headed back to our campsite. When we returned, Mike was awake. He asked where we had gone. Jenny said that Rachel and I were going to the bathroom, and she went with us to keep an eye on us. Jenny then looked at Rachel and I and said thanks for letting me cum with you.

Drunk wife cheats!

I have been married to the same woman for twenty-three years. Never cheated on her, sure I thought of it a time or two. But I never did it. I just couldn’t face myself if I cheated on her. I wish that were true of her though. No, I never thought she would cheat on me. Then again, in all the years we have been together I never saw her drunk either. All that changed last summer.

We had been having some difficulties. She was going through a mid-life crisis and everyone was paying for it. She went from being a kind and loving wife and mother to a self-centered bitch in a period of three months. During that time she had struck up a friendship with a mutual friend of my daughter-in-law. His name was Rodney and at 34 years old he thought he was hot shit. Problem was to me, he was just a young punk. My wife was 43 years old and I was 54.

I have always had a strong sex drive and my wife seemed to enjoy out love making. During this time she started acting like sex was a bother and soon had me limited to once or twice a month. I was trying everything I could think of to win back her interest in me and sex. I showered everyday and shaved. I sent her flowers, cards, and little gifts to no awail. Finally one evening I got the idea to take her to a resturant that she had said she really wanted to go too. I was going to take her alone but she insisted that I bring my three teenage daughters along.

The next night I had to work late so we agreed to meet at the resturant. I drove over and met her and the girls. We had a great time. It was like the old days with us joking, talking and laughing. Then when it was time to leave two of my daughters rode home with their mom and the other rode home with me. I had to stop and get gas so I was late getting home.

When I got there I noticed that my wifes car was not in the driveway. So I parked and went inside with my daughter. As I entered I called out like I usually do “Daddy’s home!” In the past that where ignite a response from everyone in the house. It was a silly tradation that we started when the kids were little and we just kept it up. This time only one daughter called out “I am in the den Daddy!” So I walked back to the den and my youngest daughter was sitting on the couch, alone. “Where is your mom” I asked. She looked at me and said “I don’t know dad. She got a call on her cell phone as we were driving home. She then dropped sis off at her girlfriends house and then she dropped me off out front. She said she had a errand to run and she drove off.”

I said okay and I turned and walked back to the kitchen. She had not mentioned anything to me about having to go anywhere. She had not called me either and that was unsual. Where was she? Well for the next forty-eight hours I got to worry about it. For the first twenty-four hours I was just with the girls. The second twenty-four I was with local law enforcement officers as an area wide search was begun.

It was two days later that the local sheriff, a family friend, called me to tell me that she had been found. My first response was “Is she okay?” He assured me that she was and that deputies were bring her and a man in to headquarters for questioning. At that point I was blocked out. He would tell me nothing more and he ordered me to stay away from headquarters. I felt like a ton had been lifted off my shoulders when he said she was okay. But now I started having questions about where she had been, with who, and what had she been doing.

The next morning she had still not come home but I had to go to work or risk loosing my job. I had already missed two days but my boss understood. I tried to work but the situation was on my mind all day. Finally, quitting time came and I headed home. When I pulled into the driveway my daughters came running out. They had been crying! They told me that mom had come home, packed some clothes and left again without saying anything to them. This was not like my wife at all. I called the sheriff at home.

He explained that there was nothing that he could do and he could not tell me anything. All he could say was that she was fine, that she had gone willingly and that he was sorry. That was not good enough for me. I needed to know what was happening. That is when my training from the Army came in handy for once.

I waited until it was dark and I then drove down to the Sheriff’s Department. I knew the building, I had been there many times to see the Sheriff. I waited to see if the way was clear and when it was I broke into the offices where the investigators were. The only people in the building were on the duty desk and the dispatch. No alarms, who was going to break in a police station, right!

I started looking around and I found the case log book on the lieutenants deck. I opened it and soon found her name listed and the case file number. I went to the file cabinet but the damn thing was locked! I was getting ready to pry it open when I saw the case file on the desk where I had just picked up a letter opener. I was going to use it to pry the cabinet open. Now I opened the file!

There were only the missing persons report and some investigative notes in it. But there was a tape cassette in the file and it had the same case number on it. I stuck it in my pocket and I put everything back like I found it. I then slipped out the same way I came in. The drive home seemed to take forever yet is was only a few miles. When I got home I quietly went into my study. The girls were all downstairs listening to music so loud that the windows shook. They never realized I was there!

I found my cassette recorder and I started listening to it. It was my wife telling the investigator what had been going on. She said that her friend Rodney called her when she was driving home and begged her to come see him. He was thinking about killing himself! She said she went and she turned off her cell phone because she did not want to explain to me where she had gone. At first I thought it was all harmless and I even got ready to turn it off. But something kept telling me to listen some more.

Then she said that they started drinking wine and bitching about was scum some woman and men were. She said that she knew she was drinking more than she should. Finally, she said that she had decided that she wanted to see what Rodney would do if he thought she would be easy. So she pretended to pass out on the couch. It must have been all Rodney needed to act. I fast forwarded on the tape and when I started it again it was Rodney talking to the same investigator.

I backed the tape up until I found the beginning of him telling what he had done. He said that when she had passed out he decided that since on one was round he would have some fun. He got his digital camera and then he went over to her on the couch and checked to see if she would wake up. When he shook her she did not move. So then he reached down and fondled her ample breasts. She still did not move! Now his confidence was up. So he proceeded to unbutton her blouse and take pictures as he did! He would pose her like she was involved in it. Then he said that he finally had her blouse open and he saw that she had a bra that opened in the front.

He said he thought it was his lucky day! He unclipped her bra and exposed her beautiful tits to the world. He said that he took numerous pictures of her breast, and him sucking and licking them. Now he told the investigator that he was so horny for her that he got undressed and proceeded to rub his dick on her tits and then on her face! I was so angry I could have killed him then. But I kept listening, needing to know more.

He said that he then slowly shoved his dick into her mouth and started fucking her face. The investigator asked if he was afraid that she would wake up? Rodney said at first he was then when she didn’t he figured that she was so drunk she wouldn’t. So he continued with his photo documentary of the assault. Rodney then decided to slid her slacks down. As he did he realized that if she didn’t wake up he might as well take them off. So he did! She slid her pants off and her underpants too.

Rodney said that he took more pictures of her now naked. He then decided to eat her pussy and take pictures doing it. Finally he said that he had decided that no matter what he was going to fuck her. So he put the camera down on the table and set it to run as a video camera. He said she never moved as he pulled her legs up and he entered her wet, hot pussy. Rodney told the investigator that he was so hot and horny that he pounded her deep and hard for a long time. Then he said it was so good that he could not stop he fucked her until he blew his load deep in her.

Then Rodney said that unlike most times, when he had been with other woman, his hard on stayed hard! He said it was “rock hard” and ready for more. The investigator asked him what he did next. Rodney said that he could not waste it and he had always said that my wife had a fantastic ass. Which I have to admit she diffenently did. So he rolled her over on the couch and he proceeded to spread her ass apart and he shoved his dick into that tight round hole.

Rodney said he fucked her for a full forty minutes before he finally came a second time. The then told the investigator that he was ready to go to jail because it was the best fuck he had ever had in his life. The investigator ended his interview with Rodney. Then I heard the click of it starting again before I could turn off the recorder. It was my wife’s voice again talking to the same investigator.

My wife, my love of all these years was telling the investigator that she had faked being passed out. She “wanted Rodney to fuck her all over”, that was her words. There was no crime committed because she was aware of what happened and allowed it. She did not go into the details that Rodney had, but she confirmed everything. So the investigator said that they would let them both go.

So there you have it Sheriff that is when I decided to strike back. I went to Rodney’s apartment. Her car was out front and the place was dark so using my training I broke in. They were asleep in the bedroom, naked together. I jumped him before he woke up and had his hands tied before he knew what had happened. She did not wake up until I pulled her hands behind her and tied them too. I then got my payback.

She would never suck my dick and she never, ever let me even touch her ass! So I fucked her face until I came all over her face. Then I made him lick it off her. When I could get my dick hard again, thanks to Cialis, I rolled her over and made her suck his dick while I fucked her in the ass! I mean I fucked her long and hard too. Then I came deep inside her and I made her shove her ass up into my dick so that I was a deep as I could get.

Finally, the punk, who had wrecked my family, my marriage needed to be paid back too! So I made him eat my wife’s pussy until she was good and hot. Then I made her suck his dick until it was hard again. I then forced him on top of her and start fucking her. I then greased up my dick with Vasoline and I rammed it into his ass. Then every stroke I took matched every stroke he took in her. He kept begging me to stop that it hurt him so bad. I would just fuck him harder until I finally came again.

Sin City

As I step out of the shower in our hotel bathroom I’m not surprised by the outfit you laid out for me. Nor am I surprised that you’re not to be found. I assume you are out on the balcony waiting for me to get dressed. I see the white stripper heels first. They are taller than I want but I am doing this for you. They tan pantyhose are laid across my silk black teddy and robe. The elbow length gloves will cover my hot pink nails I had done for you. You have all week to see them and feel them dig into your back on our getaway. The look of them as I give you a hand job as I talk about how I just had another man in our room with me bring dressed as a slut.

I have all week to get you off with you staring at them. The pink lipstick that will match them perfectly is next to the dangling pearl earrings, necklace and bracelet for me to wear. There is a glass of wine on the dresser with my black mask leaning against it. I read the note. It is the order for me as to my dress and to drink up as I get ready for my evening.

As I sip my Pinot I think about the ten days we will be spending in Sin City on an all expenses paid trip. And here it is the first night and I will be putting on a show for room service. I know you hope for a guy for me to tease, maybe show too much leg to. I have to admit I do too. I play it down as I am doing it for you but I do like to be looked at that way. I could always brush up against him when I tip him for his delivery. Maybe his hand will brush against my silk covered body or his hand might touch my nylon covered leg. I know that’s what you want to see.

I won’t mind if any of that happens either. You won the trip and I promised that I would do what you want, wear what you want. You packed my outfits, my heels and hose, jewelry and make-up. This is Vegas after all and short skirts and high heels are the norm. This trip is about you having me act out your fantasies. Not all of them I reminded you. I expect to be seen in different states on dress by many men but always as your tease. Maybe go to the bar for a drink and a conversation alone as a dick tease until you come in and whisk me away. I am already past tipsy from our afternoon and don’t need the wine, but it goes down smoothly.

As I slowly pull the pantyhose on my legs I realize that they are crotch less and that makes me think that I will cum tonight while wearing them. Another one of your fantasies will be coming true. I take another sip of wine and see that I am to put on the heels as per your note. As I slip my foot into them I gain 4 inches in height and I already feel like a vixen. I tighten the strap and put on the other shoe. I stand up and walk over to the bed to pick up the teddy and slowly place it over my head and feel the silk caress my body.

I take another sip of wine as I put on the robe and tie it to my waist. I start to apply my makeup while sitting in front of the vanity with my legs off to the side to be seen as requested. I’m not sure where you are but I’m doing what you want me to do. I apply my eye shadow and mascara, a little blush, and my appearance start to change to trashy. I don’t mind the look as it reminds me of when I was younger dressing up for someone I haven’t met yet but would be fucking in a few hours. I know it turns you on to have your wife looking trashy for someone else. I slip on the earrings and the long pearl necklace. I reach for the gloves.

They go up to my elbows and I get turned on by how the silk rubs against my body, thinking it is you pressing up against me. I slip the pearl bracelet over my right hand and onto my wrist. I pick at my hair as I sip more of the wine. I am happy with how it looks and finish the wine. I apply the pink lipstick and put it in my robe pocket as per you instructions. I call out to you but there is no answer. I drink more wines while I wait for you. I call your phone to let you know I am ready but it goes to voice mail. I check the balcony but your not there. I get a text from you telling me to pour some more wine and drink it. I comply with you wishes.

The next text tells me to sit on the bed, facing the door with the blindfold on and wait. Soon I hear a key in the door and I position myself so you can see me better. I put my right hand on the bed as I stroke my thigh with my left. The door closes and I get turned on by the smell of your cologne. It is drifting in to my nostrils and mixing with the smell of wine on my breath and the lipstick on my lips. I hear you breathing in front of me as your right hand slowly caresses by left calf and up my leg, under my robe and over my teddy.

The bed depressed as you sit to my right. Your left arm goes behind me as you stroke my legs with your right hand. You move in and we start to kiss gently and I fall back onto the bed and slide my left leg over you. As I taste the scotch on your breath I start to think that the tongue wrestling my tongue in my mouth as our lips are pressed together isn’t yours. “It couldn’t be” I think and let it happen some more. I tense up as I feel the tongue moving around more and more as his right hand moves up to my breast as he starts to feel me up over my teddy. It’s not you! He positions himself more on top and kisses me more aggressively.

I realize that it isn’t you I’m on the bed with. The wave of guilt washing over me is fighting with the amount of wine I have had to drink, the taste of his tongue and the memories of my college days as I get turned on. He pulls his tongue out of my mouth and starts to kiss the nape of my neck. He licks my neck, breathes into my ear. I start to moan as the stranger is turning me on. The whole time his hand is stroking my leg and squeezing my ass. He sits up and asks me to stand up as he wants to see the whole package. Amazed that this is happening to me, I try to stand up but stumble back on the bed. He pulls me to my feet and I stand there as a sec object for a man I don’t know to look at me. I know I should be upset but have to admit I am turned on.

He kisses my neck again and whispers that he can’t wait to fuck me as he hopes the whore in front of him fucks as well as she look. Startled with what I hear I ask what he wants. I can’t believe I just said that to him. He guides me to the couch and I sit down in the same pose as when he entered the room to see his date for the night. I hear him pouring a glass of wine and he hands it to me to drink.

I have a sip as he slips his left arm behind me and on the back of the couch. His right hand rests on my knee. He takes the almost empty wine glass from me, has a sip, and presses his lips against mine. As my mouth opens for his tongue his sip of wine enters my mouth and I drink from his lips. As his arm drops from off the back of the couch he pulls my head into his and we start to make out more. His hand caresses my legs under my robe and up to my teddy as it moves up to my thigh. I start to realize that this is going to happen and I start to pull away. He asks me if I don’t like to kiss and I say “I do but I shouldn’t”. I guess I could have stopped him at this point but I don’t. As I reach to take off my mask he stops me and says not to.

This is his fantasy and it is what he is paying for! I can’t believe my ears. This stranger I have unknowingly dressed up for, got felt up by and made out with has paid you to fuck me. He stands up, asks me to do the same. I slowly rise to my feet and can feel the effects of all the alcohol I have been drinking. As I sway from the fact that I’m past drunk, he leads me to other end of couch and asks me to kneel on it. As he guides me down upon the leather cushion and sits down.

He pulls me to lie across him and kisses me as I come across his body. I end up resting across his body with pussy lining up with the erection I can feel through his pants. I put my hands on the arms of the couch and my elbows on the cushion and ask “Is this OK?” Without a word he strokes my left leg, reaching between my nylon covered legs above my knee and brushes up to my now wet pussy. I shutter. I am yearning for the man I haven’t seen yet. I am looking forward to feeling him inside me, stroking his hard cock in and out of me. The thought of him ravaging my body makes me reach between my legs and I start to masturbate. His stroking of my leg continues and he starts to rub my ass.

Without warning I get a spank! And than another! As my body is trembling I ask “why?” “Did you ask to masturbate?” “No.” I mutter. Then another smack comes against my ass. I stop rubbing my pussy to brace myself for the force of his hand on my tingling ass. Smack! Smack! “Did I tell you to stop?” Smack! I start to masturbate again. My nylon gloved finger feels good against my pussy. Smack! “I didn’t say to start again” I continue to pleasure myself and the spanking continues. “From here on in I am in charge of your body and what gets done to it” “OK” I mumble as my body heaves as my fingers circle my clit bringing me into such bliss. “Stop now.” I do as told even though I can be cumming in another minute if he lets me. As my body heaves slow down he puts his left hand to my face and guides my mouth to his. We make out as I balance myself on the couch with my right hand and accept his tongue in my mouth.

Date Night Out

On my way home from a rough week of work, I stopped and picked up some steaks, shrimp and drinks in hopes that my wife would agree to one of our very special date nights that we enjoy together. As I came in Jackie greeted me and I showed her the catch of the day and asked her if she would like for me to do the cooking tonight. She smiled and responded that she was thinking the same thing earlier in the day.

I brought out the one hitter and the best smoke on the market. One hit two hits three hits and mellow is the mood to start off our night. Jackie headed back to the bath and bedroom for some serious primping time while I headed off to the grill and kitchen.

After a martini served bath and primping, Jackie emerged from the bedroom looking as if she had stepped out of a fashion magazine. Her blond hair, nails and makeup were done to perfection. She had chosen my favorite look in clothes. A white silk blouse and beneath that a cupless black bra that let her hard nipples brush and push out against. She complemented that look with a black form fitting skirt with slit up the front and black stockings and stiletto high heels. I could not wait to see what lingerie was under that beautiful skirt.

As Jackie came into the kitchen she gave me a long kiss and told me how appreciative was that I took the initiative for the night. It was all I could do to restrain myself from taking her right then. As she sat down and crossed her legs her skirt fell away and I could now see that she there was a black garter belt attached to the tops of the stockings. My cock was now rock hard in anticipation of finding out what was covering her beautiful pussy.

Jackie saw what effect she was having on me. I asked her if she was as horny as I was. She said let me see and then ran her fingers up her stockings and inserted her fingers into her hot pussy then took it out and showed me her wetness. I gladly took her finger into my mouth and sucked the juices off tasting her love.

We enjoyed the candle lit dinner and finished off a bottle of fine wine. It was then off to the living room to enjoy more wine, smoke and music. As we danced I could feel her warmth and as she rubbed against me my cock became hard with an ache for release. With that feeling Jackie pushed me down on the couch then stood in front of me and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor revealing a pair of black crotchless panties enveloping her perfectly trimmed pussy. I could no longer stand it as I grabbed her ass cheeks and brought that pussy to my waiting tongue. As I licked her, Jackie unbuttoned her blouse and tweaked her hard nipples and moaned with obvious delight.

She then backed away and reached down and released my hardness. My cock sprang to attention and Jackie licked the length. She then proceeds to straddle me and insert my cock into her wet pussy. She then rode me hard while squeezing her breasts. Commanding me to come I shot my load into her and felt her pulsating with me. We both fell spent.

After a few minutes Jackie got up and redressed. Asking me if I wanted to go to the club for some more drink and dance I refused to her protests. I was just to mellow to go out. She asked me if I minded if she went out. I told her to go and have fun. Jackie went to the bedroom to readjust herself and put a jacket over top her blouse. Coming into the room she asked if she was over dressed to go out and I responded that she would be the most beautiful woman the club. With that she was out.

It was a little after 4 am when I heard our car pull into the driveway. I got up to go out and greet her. As she came in the door, I could tell that she was more intoxicated than when she left earlier and a lot more mussed up. I asked if she had fun and she told me that she had a great time meeting and making new friends dancing and drinking. I asked why so late coming in, she told me to sit down and she would explain.

Jackie told me that she had been dancing with a guy from out of town that she really liked. At closing, he invited her out to smoke and she accepted. The guy was staying at a local Inn and suggested that they go to his room. Once they got to the room he poured some drinks for them and prepared the smoke. As they sat there Jackie crossed her legs and her skirt fell away exposing her garter belt and stockings. The guy commented how beautiful that sight was and proceeded to kiss her. She said that she then took off her jacket and the guy was completely in shock an awe telling her that this was always a fantasy of his. A beautiful woman would be dressed like this and be a chance meeting. I really couldn’t blame him.

Jackie tells me that she now became the aggressor on unbuttoned his shirt and started licking his nipples and unzipping his pants searching for his cock. She unbuttoned her blouse and let him see her now hard breasts. He started sucking and kissing her tits. Jackie then said she went down on him and sucked until he came in her mouth and she drank all his cum. She said that she was so turned on that she continued to suck him until he became hard again. Now she wanted fucked.

At this point my cock is hard just listening to her encounter and I reached over and slid my fingers into her freshly fucked pussy. Jackie tells me that they took turns fucking each other and he ate her pussy until she came. As I continued to listen I unbuttoned Jackie’s blouse and saw that her nipples were hard. I then proceeded to remove her skirt only to find out that her panties we missing. Asking where they were, she told me that she had left them behind for here fantasy guy. We both laughed at that and then made love until sunup. My wife came so many times that I lost count and I’m sure to this day she still thinks about making someone’s fantasy come true.

The Next Morning

When I awoke it was a beautiful morning about 10 am. I looked over at my beautiful sleeping bride and reflected of the night. I wanted to make love to her but knew that she would need all her rest to cure the hangover. With that I thought I’d quietly sneak out and enjoy my second love golf.

Getting to the course, I asked the Pro to get me out as a single and he let me right on. 1st hole birdie and this weekend is couldn’t be any better. As I played on, well may I add, I caught up to the pairing in front of me with no problem. I joined up with these guys and continued to have a great round. In conversation I found that they were from out of town staying at the local Inn, as a matter of fact, the same Inn that my wife got laid at last night.

These guys were a little younger than me and both very athletic and good looking. As our conversation continued the one guy Brad said that this has been one of the best trips he had ever taken, good golf and great women in this city. I asked about the great women of the city? He didn’t go into any great detail about any woman only to say that “he met a woman that made all his dreams come true”. I’m starting to think, could this be the guy?? One more check. As the drink cart came by I bought the round and asked if they would be interested in to smoking up one. Brad’s buddy was not interested but Brad definitely was had his game on. So we did. Funny thing about this was now I have a guy in front of me that gets high and is staying at the same Inn that my wife got laid and he had his dream met. My mind racing, I just had to confirm my suspicions.

Coming into the clubhouse we had a couple drinks and I collected my winnings from the course. I asked Brad and his buddy if they’d want to join me for dinner at a great restaurant this evening. They accepted and I told them if my wife was up to it she’d come along. I’d confirm later.

Back at home Jackie was just getting around when I got back. Of course her concern was how I was doing with everything that went on last light. I told her that I was good and that I’d never seen her that turned on. She felt so guilty about what she had done that she could not hold that inside without telling me. I asked if there were any feelings about this guy. She told me that it was strictly sex. Not like us, that we make love. She also told me that she told the guy that she was happily married and she would not see him again. It was great but she would not risk her marriage. I told her that I loved her and that I was actually happy that she had great sex a good time and came home to me. The only thing I was disappointed about was her leaving her black panties behind. With that I asked if we might go out and celebrate a new chapter in our lives over a great dinner tonight. She agreed and told me that she need time to rally herself and get ready. With that she headed off and I called Brad to confirm our plans. The trap had now been set.

Around 8 pm as Jackie was getting ready to go out I asked her to wear something sexy and she told me that she already planning that. Getting ready I smoked a couple and served Jackie with some as she bathed. She said she was feeling much better as the bubbles framed her gorgeous tits peaked thru. I told her that I knew she was still turned on thinking about last night. She said she was. At this I asked her to masturbate for me.

She closed her eyes and slowly started to move her hand under the soapy bubbles. As she pleasured herself I began to ask her questions. What did he do? Did you like the way he licked your breasts? Yes, she replied. Did he lick your clit? Yes she replied. He licked me from top to bottom, slowly at first and then faster until he made me come. Did he then put his fingers into your pussy? Yes she replied. He put his fingers in me and licked me at the same time. Did you come for him? Yes she said. Then I could not wait to get cock in my mouth. Did you take his cock in your mouth? Yes, she said. I took him all the way into my mouth and let him fuck my mouth as deep as I could take it. And then you made him come on your mouth? Yes, oh yes, she said. I told her, now come for me baby and she started rocking with as her body quivered. She then came 3 more times for me and opened her eyes to look at me. She asked me if this turned me on. I explained to her that I was not jealous and it did turn me on. She said that she was amazed at this new revelation. Jackie then asked me to fuck her. I declined stating I’m saving myself for later. Let’s go out.

Tonight Jackie emerged from the bedroom again looking beautiful. Not the same as she would dress for our nights at home but sexy for going out. She wore black dress with leather trim black stockings. Again I wanted to find out what was under that dress but refrained for later. I told her that we may meet up with a couple guys I had played golf with earlier. She said great, more the merrier she always enjoy meeting new people. Jackie then handed me a remote control device. I asked what that was for. She then explained that she had gone to the toy store and bought a pair of panties that had a vibrator that activated with this control. We had talked about this before but she surprised me by actually getting it. With that I activated the on control and she instantly acknowledged that that felt extra good and powerful enough to give her organism. I just said, Oh my god, happy birthday to me. Laughing, we were out.

Arriving at the restaurant, I once again tripped the vibrator to assure it was working. It startled Jackie but then she said it really felt good. I shut it off to her dismay and said let’s eat and we went into one our favorite places. Coming in, the hostess whom I know told me that my guests had arrived and escorted us back into the dining room. When we got to the table Jackie and Brad both had that deer in the headlights look. I took notice and then introduced Brad and his buddy to Jackie. She was of course graceful in her introduction.

Erotic massage for my wife on Istanbul holiday

We are a married couple from Czech Republic both at 39. Last summer we have been in istanbul, Turkey for our holiday. After fantasizing for a long time, we have decided to do something new for our sex life. I’ve found few erotik massage services and started to call them until I found one who supplied male massage therapist too. Name is “ Massage For Wife”

I send email from one and in half an hour there was a knock on our hotel room’s door. We were both very excited.

I opened the door and saw a young normal looking Turkish guy. He was very polite and after saluting each other he asked me what we wanted. I told him that my wife needed an erotic massage.

He asked my wife to lie on the French bed as he walked in the bathroom to wash his hands.
My wife took off her dress and lied on her front with her thick adn normal size bra and black string on.

He came out of the bath and asked my permission to take off his cloths except for his boxers to perform comfortably and not to get lubricant stains on his cloths. We said yes and he undressed until he was left only with his black boxers.

Then he poured massage lubricant on his hands and started to rub her back. After he massaged her shoulders he again asked my permission to take off her bra to rub her back. I said it is all ok as far as this was a massage. He was surprised to see a Czech married couple doing this, and this was why he kept asking my permission every time.He opened my wife’s large bra straps, and slid the bra down over her shoulders, she helped and took the bra completely out.

He massaged all her back and then switched to her feet. After he massaged her pedicured feet he moved up through her long beautiful legs. Then he started to rub her large soft ass cheeks while her small string was still on. He was apparently hesitant to take her string off. My wife’s large, soft, cellulite ass cheeks were jiggling like jelly as he rubbed them with the lubricant.

I was also staring at his boxers from time to time and saw that he was developing a hard on.

Then he asked my wife to turn around. This was a moment of the greatest excitement in my life as she was going to show her large tits to a stranger (other than her doc)for the first time.

As she did, her large, soft, natural tits fell down to both sides but her nipples poking up in the air in the middle of her large brown areole(it was 6 months after her second birth and her tits were soft, saggy, and her areole were dark brown compared to her normal dark pink).

He immediately started with her tits, oiling them and holding them from sides to bring both tits toward her chest and letting them fall back again during the tit massage.

After playing with the big naturals he slowly shifted to her belly which still had a very small bump left from the birth on her shapely body (she was 53 kg at that time and 166 cm tall).

Then he rubbed her front legs, and my wife was resting her beautiful feet on the guy’s legs. This was too much for me and I put off my cloths until I was left with my slip.

As he approached to her crotch, he wanted to try his chance and made a polite attempt to slide the thin straps of her string. My wife responded to this attempt as if she was expecting this and moved her hips a little up to let him make her nice pussy exposed.

He saw a Czech pussy for the first time, which was recently waxed, and completely bald.

He massaged my wife’s pussy for a very long time and started fingering her pussy. Then asked my permission to continue his massage with his tongue. I approved him and as he started to lick and suck her large soft tits, I ate her pussy.

She had the wildest orgasm in her life in the shortest time. He asked me whether there was another service he could give. I knew what he meant, but that was too much for us. I offered him to jerk of together with me on my wife and handed him a condom.

He took off his boxers, wore the condom on his cock which was larger than mine, and jerked off together with me, looking at my wife and fingering her pussy with his left hand. I did the same of course.

Just for a friend’s promotion

I and my husband’s younger brother started off really good. The first time he saw me naked was 3 weeks after my marriage when my husband travelled out on a tour.

Before that I had given him a few chances to see a lot of cleavage while I served drinks to him (even when my hubby was there). The desperation to have sex with my husband’s brother, Vipin, was so much that I could do anything to have a fuck from him. During daytime, as soon as my hubby used to go to work, I used to immediately get ready and go to Vipin’s house. Sometimes, I used to go to his office also and have a quickie in his cabin. A few times, we met at malls of New Delhi and had sex in the parking lot or I gave him blowjobs while watching a movie. He realized that I am addicted to his body and his dick. He realized that I had to make him ejaculate at least once in a dayeither in my mouth or my pussy, preferably both. Hahaha!!!

Because of this desperation, he made me have sex with a few friends of his as well. There was this friend of his, called Shilad. Me and Shilad hit off really well and we  tarted meeting regularly to have sex…..sometimes without Vipin also. Most of the times, I used to have threesomes with me, Vipin and Shilad. All this while my husband thought that I am a loving, caring and faithful wife. Hahaha!!!

Vipin was very happy that I am getting along well with Shilad. And I was very happy because Shilad used to satisfy me like crazy. He was an expert. And Vipin and Shilad are colleagues in the same company and best of friends. Though Vipin is a bit senior to him but they report to the same boss. Anyway, Vipin and Shilad used me and my body for their office.

He made me fuck with his boss because he wanted a promotion. One evening, it was me and Shilad only in his house. Vipin was busy with someone else in his house. My husband was travelling out of India. And my in-laws and I don’t meet very often. We respect each other’s privacies very well.

It was me and Shilad only. We went out for dinner date. I wore very sexy clothes and he was looking very handsome too. We had sex in the car outside the restaurant as while having drinks I had started feeling him up and he was also fingering me. Then we went for dinner and came back to Shilad’s house in Noida. On the drive back, I stripped naked. When we parked the car in the parking lot, I walked out naked only. It was almost 11pm. Nobody was around. I walked naked from the car to the elevator (only my high heels) with Shilad laughing and squeezing my tits, sucking them and squeezing my hips. He was scared but I was not. Hahahaha!! Luckily no one saw me.

At Shilad’s house, we had a couple of more drinks. Then I talked to my hubby and told him lies as usual. I told him that I was at home and was about to sleep. But I was in Shilad’s apartment.I was naked.I was lying down on a thick carpet, I was fingering my pussy and I had another naked man in front of me. And I was telling my hubby that I love him and I am taking care of myself and I will not betray him. Hahaha!!!

Then I kept down the phone. And concentrated on what I wanted to do. I was lying down sideways and was sucking Shilad’s cock. And Shilad was lying sideways too and was ingering my pussy. I had already cum twice. We were talking and flirting and I was taking it very slow. I was sucking his cock. I was kissing it. Licking the top. We carried on for a lot of time. That’s the time he said ‘Babes, I wanna introduce you to someone. I want you to be really nice to him.’

I said ‘Who? What do you mean by nice?’ He said ‘My boss. Nice means that you should make him happy.’ I understood and I said ‘What the fuck are you saying, Shilad? Are you pimping me out?’He laughed and said ‘Yes. I need to give my boss something so that he gives me a promotion. What’s better than a sexy woman’s body.your body.your pussy?’ I said ‘No, Shilad. I am not a whore you know.’ He said ‘You are a whore. You fuck with so many men. The only difference is that you don’t take money.’

I said ‘No. I will not do such a thing.’ He said ‘Okay. I will call up your hubby right now. Or maybe I should call up his parents.’ I got scared and I said ‘This is ridiculous. Who is this guy? How does he look like? When?’ He laughed and changed positions and slowly started fucking me. ‘He is my boss. His name is Deepak. He is okay looking. I don’t know the size of his dick. You can find out the size and the taste of it.’ And he laughed very cruelly. Then we fucked. He made me cum and then I sucked and licked his dick clean and we slept.  In the morning, as usual, I gave him a blowjob. Actually, I didn’t want to do it, but he made me give him a blowjob and I swallowed huge amounts of his cum. We slept again.

Then I had a bath and Shilad then fucked me like crazy on bed. And before leaving for work asked me to come over to his house at 9pm. I said okay. I went to my house from Shilad’s house. Vipin came over around 11:00am and while giving him a blow, I told him what Shilad wanted. He laughed and said that I better do it nicely with his boss. After Vipin left, I slept as I had to fresh in the evening. I had a massage also.

Then in the evening, I went to Shilad’s house. He was waiting there with some nice clothes for me. We made love first. It was amazing. Then we had a bath together. Then he gave those clothes. A short sexy skirt and a nice cleavage showing top. I wore my high heels with those.

I was not wearing any panties as I don’t like to wear panties with skirts. He licked my pussy for some time and then gave me very sexy thongs to wear. But he didn’t let me wear a bra. I got dressed and I did some make-up. And I was looking hot.

He then said that we will go to a wonderful diner and his boss is going to join us there.
He has told his boss that he will bring a friend along who he is going to really like as she is amazingly sexy and hot. I said ‘Does he know that he will fuck my pussy tonight or am I supposed to seduce him?’ He said ‘No, babes. He doesn’t know that you are a fucking slut. You will seduce him but not initially. Just go slow. Let him talk to you and then dance with you. Tempt him to seduce you.’ I said okay and then we went to Taj Man Singh hotel near Khan Market.

I was introduced to his boss. His name was Deepak. A tall guy, not handsome or anything but looked rich. Then we sat down on couches and I was sitting opposite his boss. I was sitting properly like a proper lady with legs crossed. But I deliberately sneakily showed him my thongs during drinks. I could see that he was eyeing my sexy legs and thighs and as soon as I used to move a bit, he used to stare at my legs waiting for a chance to see under the skirt. Hahaha!!! We laughed and we talked. Then he asked me to dance. I said okay. We danced close.slow dance. He was gently pressing my breasts with his chest. After sometime, I rested my head on his shoulder and he gave me a soft kiss on my cheek. I knew that moment that he wanted me. We kept on dancing for some time. Then we went back to the couches and he was holding my hand. We saw that Shilad was not there. So, he asked me to sit with him. I did and I deliberately sat very close to him. We talked and he started lightly flirting with me. I also flirted with him. He again kissed me on the cheek. The Shilad came back and he said that he would like to leave if it is okay. He asked would I like to come with him as he can drop me. I looked at his boss. He said ‘No Shilad. You can carry on. Kareen, would you mind if I drop you?’ I said ‘No problem, Deepak.’

Then Shilad left and before leaving Shilad and his boss talked for sometime but a bit far away from me. Shilad later on told me that he was asking whether she likes to fuck and all. Shilad had said that she can if she likes you and said that me not going back with Shilad means that she wants to spend the night with you. He came back and then kissed me again. After some more drinks he kissed me again but closer to the lips. I went ahead and kissed his lips.`Then we again danced a bit and on the dance floor, we French kissed passionately. And he started squeezing my hips lightly. I could feel his hard-on.

Then he asked me ‘Kareen, would you like to have coffee in my room upstairs before I drop you home?’ I said ‘I would love to. Coffee will be nice.’And I gave him a wonderful French kiss and I put my entire tongue in his mouth. Then I picked up my bag and he signed the bill. I smsed my husband that I am out for a party. He said to take care and all. I told him that I love him. Then I went towards his room with Deepak.

As soon as the elevator door closed, we started French kissing. He went ahead and started feeling my pussy from top of my thongs. I also started feeling his dick from top of his pants. When we stopped kissing, I said smilingly and teasingly ‘I guess its gonna be a long coffee break.’ And we laughed and started kissing again. Then we reached his floor and we started walking and he had his arms around my waist. The corridor was totally empty.

Suddenly, he stopped and started kissing me crazily, passionately..he put his whole tongue in my mouth. He also started squeezing my breasts. I loved it. I also contributed to the kissing and I felt his dick from top of his pants. He was constantly fondling my breasts. He tried to get his hand inside my shirt but stopped. Maybe he was afraid. Since I had got turned on and I wanted to get over fucking with this man, I took charge. I unzipped his pants and reached for his dick while kissing him. He moaned. I took it out and started pumping it. His dick was wet from top. He then reached for my boobs.he put his hand inside my shirt and started squeezing my tits.

I loved it and I kissed him even more. He pushed me back towards the wall and pulled up my shirt to expose my tits. I smiled shyly and I pulled him towards my tits. He started sucking my tits wonderfully. Then I went aggressive and I turned around and pushed him towards the wall. I opened up his pants and pulled them and his underwear down to the knees and I started pumping his dick feverishly. I loved his dick. It was good. He again turned me around and started sucking my tits again. I was moaning. Then he reached for my thongs and tried to pull them.. I moaned again. He slid off the thongs down and I kicked them away He came up and started kissing me and then felt my pussy. I spread my legs slightly wider.

He immediately pushed his finger in and it went inside so smoothly..I was so wet. I moaned wonderfully and I was being finger humped wonderfully. Then he opened my shirt. I let him..I also opened the buttons of his shirt. He immediately took off my shirt.It was dangerous but it made me horny. I immediately made him come against the wall and I went down and immediately took his dick in my mouth.

The taste was weird. I didn’t like at all but I didn’t have a choice. I started sucking his dick. He was moaning big time. I was sucking it and pumping in my mouth. After some time, he made me get up and then made me stand against the wall. He went down and made me spread my legs and started licking my pussy. I loved it.

Then he came up and we kissed so passionately. I held his dick and tried to guide it towards my pussy. He immediately moaned and pushed his dick inside my pussy. He lifted one of my legs higher and started humping me. It was lovely. There was a huge mirror in front and I was seeing myself and Deepak in it. I was in a luxury hotel. in a corridor on the 6th floor. .I was toplessmy sexy boobs were exposed. .I was wearing a short skirt..and it was also pushed up .my thon s were lying far away I was wearing my high heels. .I was wearing my make-up and jewels and I was fucking with a man in a standing position .he had his huge dick inside my wet pussy. .he was constantly sucking my boobsor kissing me.or licking my neck. All this with a man I had met 2 hours before. And my husband thought that I am at a party. The thought made me have a blasting orgasm.

We kept on having sex like that. I was crazily kissing him and I was so wet. I came twice.
He felt it and humped me more. He moaned loudly when he was about to cum. I started umping him more and made him ejaculate loads of his cum inside my pussy. Once done, he wanted to take his dick out. I stopped him and we kept on rocking in a standing position.
Then he took his dick out.

I thought of sucking and licking it, but I didn’t do it. It would have been too much to do on the first fuck. So, I kept on standing there, I covered my tits with my hands. He pulled up his underwear and pants. I kept on standing against the wall. I was topless but I was covering my tits with my hands. My skirt was still pulled up a lil and my pubic hair were visible. I was wearing my high heels and make-up and jewels.

Then he came to me and picked up my shirt and kissed me and made me wear it but didn’t close the buttons. I also didn’t. He said smilingly’Let’s have coffee now, darling.’I smiled and kissed him back.

Then he opened the door immediately next to where we were. I said ‘What? This is your room. We could have gone inside, Deepak. I thought it was a long way off so that’s why I didn’t control myself or you. I laughed and picked up my thongs. Then he hugged me and took me inside and said ‘I just couldn’t control myself. You are so beautiful and so sexy.’ And we kissed passionately.

Then he asked me sit down on the couch. He kissed me again. I kept on sitting there while he made coffee for us. There was a huge mirror that I could see myself in. I was sitting on the couch wearing my short skirt and high heels. I had kept my thongs in my bag. But I was sitting cross legged. My legs were looking nice. I was wearing my shirt but I had not closed the buttons. It was open. My boobs and nipples were not visible but my chest and tummy was. I was looking amazingly seductive. Any man would get turned on like a rock on seeing me that time.

He brought coffee for us and sat down next to me. He kept the coffee on the table in front of me and came close to me and kissed me passionately. We talked for some time. I could see that he was trying to look under my skirt through the mirror. I asked if I can pour coffee for him. He said yes. I got up and while I was getting up, my pussy was clearly visible and I saw him looking in the mirror at my pussy. I smiled and I knelt down near the table. I poured coffee for him and me.

I picked up the cup and I got up to give it to him. When I did that my shirt got totally open and my breasts were visible to him. Then I bent down to the table and I saw in the mirror that he was looking at my naked ass. I am sure my pussy was also visible. I spent about 20 seconds bending over at the table while putting sugar and milk in the coffee cup. All this while, Deepak was staring at my hips and pussy. Then I got up and sat down beside him. We had our coffee sitting there. And we chatted. While having coffee, I deliberately crossed and uncrossed my legs a few times so that he can see my pussy.

We spent about an hour chatting and having more coffee. I smoked also. We kissed a lot also. We French kissed. In that one hour, I made him see my pussy a few times. I made him see my boobs as I had not closed the buttons and the shirt kept on sliding away to expose my sexy tits. We chatted about our lives.

He told me that he was married but was not satisfied with his sex life. I told him that I am also married and since my hubby is busy most of the time, my sex life is also empty. He asked me how do I know Shilad? I told him that we know each other through a common friend. He asked me if I had dated Shilad and he winked suggesting if I had sex with him also I laughed and said ‘Yes, we did have some really nice time once.’ And I winked back and then I added ‘But it was a long time back. Now we are just friends.’

Then we started kissing again, French kissing. He started fondling my boobs. I said ‘Deepak, I think I should go now.’ He said ‘Wait for some more time, darling.’

And he started taking off my shirt. I let him. He got me topless. Then he stood up and asked me to stand up too. While standing I took off his shirt and we kissed passionately.. He kicked off his shoes and I did the same. Then slowly, while kissing each other, we went to the bed. There he came on top of me and we started making out. I was still wearing my short skirt but my pussy was totally exposed. He took off his pants and underwear and got totally naked. He pulled up the sheets and we got under the sheets. He dimmed the lights also.
We started heavily making out.

He went down to suck to my boobs and started fingering my pussy. Then he started licking my pussy and I was moaning. I also adjusted and took his huge dick in my mouth. He was oozing his cum. I hated the taste of his cum but I kept on sucking and licking his cock nevertheless. He was licking and fingering my pussy very nicely and I had an orgasm. He laughed as I went so wet, and licked my cum. Then we changed positions and he came on top of me and pushed his dick inside my wet pussy. We made love.

It was nothing like what I have with Shilad or vipin when I am being abused like a whore.
It was more like what I have with my husband. But with hubby, it’s much better. He was on top of me and I raised my legs higher to make him push his dick deeper inside my pussy. He fucked me and we were continuously kissing each other and moaning. He made me cum again and he climaxed inside my pussy. He filled my wet pussy with his cum.Then we kept on lying like that for some time and we were kissing passionately.
Then he got up to clean himself.

I also got up and went to the bathroom. I cleaned my pussy and went to pee.
I was washing my face when he entered the bathroom. I was facing the wash basin and I was topless and still wearing my short skirt. That’s it. He came and hugged me from behind. He was totally naked. I wiped my face. He said ‘Babes, I think you need to clean your skirt.’ I was surprised and looked and saw that it had stains of his cum and my pussy juice also. I said ‘Shoot!!! What do I do now? I can’t go out like that.’

He kissed me and said ‘You don’t have to, darling. I will send it for laundry and it will be back in the orning. And please, stay with me.’ And he kissed me very passionately. I said okay. He left the bathroom. I got completely naked and I looked around and saw a bathrobe. I wanted to sleep naked, as always, but I didn’t want to do it myself. I wanted him to get me naked in bed. I wore that bathrobe. It was very short. My legs were totally visible and so was my cleavage. I could have worn it and covered my cleavage. But I wore it and tied it in such a way that my cleavage was visible.

I came out of the bathroom and he was waiting. He was wearing a towel around his waist. He saw me and came to me and French kissed me very lovingly. I contributed a lot to the kissing. Then he took my skirt from me and called up laundry services. They said that it was too late but he exerted some influence and they agreed. We sat down on the couches. He again came close to me and kissed me passionately and started feeling my thighs.

My bathrobe got pushed up a bit. Then there was a door bell and he got up and then gave my skirt to the man who had come with the instructions that they have to be ready by the morning. He then locked the door and too me to bed and lied down with me and kissed me and said ‘You have no idea how beautiful and sexy you are. Thanks for spending the night with me, baby.’ I laughed and kissed him passionately. I put my whole tongue inside his mouth.

Computer Setup

As I walked in the computer shop, off the hot August, street, I could see I was the only one in the place. There wasn’t even anyone to wait on me. So I looked around at the different computers set up as I made my way to the back of the shop. I seen a small hallway at the back of the room where it seemed that there was a door half open with a light on. So I went on back to see if anybody was there that might wait on me.

When I got to the door I started to say is anyone here. When I looked around the corner of the doorway I heard a moan and what I seen took me by complete surprise. I saw a guy sitting in a chair in front of a computer screen. He was almost completely naked except for a pair of cut off jeans open and pulled down. He had is cock out and was stroking it at a fast pace. He was a young well built guy with broad shoulders and a very tanned and muscular body. He was watching a porno clip on the screen of two guys sucking each others cocks in a 69 position. I must have froze there for at least 10 seconds watching him jerk on his big cock, that had to be at least 8 inches long and 2 inches thick or more.

When I came to my senses I quickly stepped back and turned around and started for the front door of the shop. Just as I was about half way to the door it opened and in stepped a guy looking like he was in a hurry. The door closed hard behind him and he looked at me and said, hi is there anybody here? As I started to answer, the guy from the room in back stepped out and said can I help you guys as he looked at the clock with a puzzled look on his face. I told the other guy I was in no hurry to go ahead. He said I’m looking for some of those expense photo type floppies. The fellow said well I have them but we close at 5. I looked at the clock and seen it was about 20 minutes after 5 O’clock. He said I must have forgotten to lock the door. Then he said as long as you’re here I will sell them to you that’s what I’m in business for. So the guy got his floppies and out the door he went.

I looked at the fellow I had just a few minutes earlier watched stroking his big cock and said, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were closed and said I will come back another time. He said with a smile, that’s ok I need to do some business anyway, as he stepped to the door and locked it. What can I help you with?

I told him I need a computer, since my wife took mine in the divorce. I was interested in one that was fast to download things, with a lot of memory. He told me he had one that was on sale that sounded like just what I was looking for. He pointed at one and told me to sit down and give it a try. So I sat down at it and tried it out. He stood very close behind me with his face close to mine so he could see the screen too while he showed me several of it’s features. He was so close to me I couldn’t help noticing the wonderful smell of this guy’s strong muscular body. Of course there was no mistaking the smell of the hot sex he had been having with himself a few minutes earlier. It was driving me crazy and I could feel my own cock begin to get hard. I turned to look at him and ask him how much the computer sold for. When I looked at his face he was staring at the growing bulge in my own cut off jeans. He stood up straight and that put his huge cock only a couple of inches away from my face.

He put his hand on my shoulder and said I can let you have this machine for a song. We negotiated the price and I said I would take it. I told him I didn’t know much about setting up a computer and that I had no idea how to use all the new programs on this one. He said that’s no problem. If I wanted him to, he would bring the computer over and set it up and show me how to use the new programs for no charge. I said that would be great and we set a time for the next day that we both agreed on for him to set it up at my place.

Now I have never had sex with a man, but I have to admit this guy really had me hot. I guess the fact that I just hadn’t had any pussy since, my now ex-wife divorced me. I was not ready to date again and the only sex I have had since then was with my hand. It seemed to be enough to keep me from going crazy till I was ready for dating again. Now I suddenly had a wild exciting feeling about seeing this hot stud with the huge cock stroking it like he could have cum any second.

Louise- the following Saturday

We left the hotel around 9PM and drove her home. I dropped her off about a block from her house. She was a little cock hound too! After all the time we spent in that hotel room fucking and sucking, she played with my cock all the way home. When she got out of the car she gave it a squeeze and told me she’ll see my next Saturday, if not sooner. She kissed me and walked up the street. All that week I couldn’t get the picture of her tight young body bouncing up and down on my cock crying out as she orgasm. God I would get hard in seconds thinking about her tight little bald pussy! I was worried she would tell Sue, my daughter, or someone else or hell everyone. But as time went on I realized I had to have her at least one more time.

On Thursday, she came over the house with my Sue. She flirted with me from the time she came in until she left! She even showed me her pink thong before she left. I was in the living room and she came around the corner and yelled: “Goodbye Mr. XX!” I turned and she lifted her short cheer leading skirt in the front showing me her pink tight thing she was wearing. “I’ll see you on Saturday! Bye Mr. XX!” And she wiggled her little ass out the door. My daughter came running down stairs and went outside with her. I heard her say: “OK Then I’ll see you around 7:30PM Saturday after the game.” She came in and I asked: “So you guys going to spend the night here Saturday?” She told me: “Yep, after the game, Louise has to cheer and then she’ll be over.” I smiled and told her ok! What should I get for you ladies?” My daughter told me, chips, and junk food and soda. So for the next couple of days all I could think about was Louise in a cheerleader’s outfit. OMG I was hard!

Saturday came and the girls came home around 8PM. Sue was dressed in jeans and a blouse and Louise was wearing her cheerleading outfit and she looked hot! Her outfit was red and white with a very short skirt and tight top! With her body she filled out the top, in fact she stretched it as her full hard breasts pushed hard against the material. Since it was cool outside her nipples were pointing out of the material like bullets! Her legs seemed to go on forever under that short pleated skirt. She had on tennis shoes as she stood in the doorway of the family room giving me a good view of her body. I had a big fire going in the fireplace and she walked pass me and saying: “Oh good a fire! I freezing to death in this little outfit!” She stood in front of the fire getting warm and I watched her move her body feeling the heat! ! She turned her back to the fire and lifted her skirt a little in the back so she could get her ass and back legs warm.

She saw me watching her and smiled! Sue had gone into the kitchen and as she passed us Louise raised the front of her skirt, showing me a white thong she had on now. She rubbed her hand over her pussy and told me: “I want you to warm this for me tonight Mr. XX. OK?” I looked at her fingers rubbing her snatch and told her: “If we get a chance I’ll warm it with my tongue!” She pulled the cloth to the side showing me her shinning pussy! I moaned and she smiled! As Sue came walking back Louise dropped her skirt and sat on the rug with her back to the fire. Sue handed her a cup of tea and they broke open the snacks I brought for them. About a ½ hour later they told me Louise is going to change and they were going out for a while. I told them that would give me a chance to watch the video I got. Since all the women in my life were out tonight, I got a really good guy flick.

Sue asked me when mom would be home and I told her late Sunday night, she was over her mother’s house. Louise smiled when she heard that and told Sue: “Maybe we should spend the evening with your dad. Poor guy is al alone! He’s lonely!” Sure told her: “Yea, he loves it when we all leave. He watches those dirty porn movies!” Louise smiled and said: “Oh I have never seen one of them. Maybe we could all watch it together!” Sue told her: ” Well I’m going out! I don’t want to watch one of those with my father!” I smiled and told them: “Well why don’t you go out and then when you get home, Louise can watch it! I don’t care if I see it twice.” Sue told me: “That’s disgusting! We don’t want to watch a porn movie with my father!” Louise told her: “Well he’s not my father.

And, I can’t watch them at home. OK Mr. XX I’ll watch it with you when we get back!” I smiled and told them: Deal!! See you when you get back. Sue if you chance your mind I’ll let you watch it too1″ They left and I was hard as a rock thinking about Louise watching a porn movie with me! God I wondered if my daughter would just leave the room and us alone! I wanted to jerk off bad, I was hurt I was so hard! About midnight the girls came home and I was watching the end of a movie. Not a porn movie but a good action flick1 they came in and I told them: “I’m going to watch the porn movie next if anyone was interested.” Louise yelled back: “Yes!! I’ll be right in. She had a bag of chips, some dip and a soda! My daughter told me she was going upstairs and take a shower. When we Louise was finished she should come up. Sue’s footsteps hadn’t even faded before I had the porn movie! mmediately, Louise sat in front of me on the floor and I pressed play on the CD player! We heard the water start and as the movie played we watched a guy open a woman’s legs and put his huge cock into her pussy as another woman walked over and sat on the girl’s face.

They started to go at it when I felt Louse’s hand rubbing my leg. I looked down and saw her blouse open and her breasts standing up. She opened her legs and took her hand and began to stroke her pussy under her short skit. She looked up at me and told me: “I wish someone was eating my pussy like that woman in the movie” I smiled and told her: “Well stand up and come her baby!” She jumped u and moved her body to the chair I was sitting in I moved to the edge of the chair and as she lifted her skirt, I pulled her throng to the side. Her musk was overcoming and I buried my face into her pussy. I began to lick away and she reacted by pushing it into me. I had my hands around her body holding her as tight and sucking her pussy as she moaned and began to pump it into me, About a minute went by and she bent back and climaxed into my mouth! I stood up and she wrapped her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around me squeezing me tight. I had my hands under her ass holding me up and she was grinding it into me. She short her tongue into my mouth and kissed me hard. When we broke she told me: “I want you big cock in my pussy baby! Fuck me now! Fuck me in front of the fire!” I told her: “Oh god baby! I wish I could but I’m afraid Sue will come down and see us. Why don’t we wait until she is asleep to be sure?” Louise pushed back and told me: ” I told her about how big you were! I also told her how you sucked my pussy!” I dropped my hands from under her ass and she stood up.

I asked;’ “You told her about us? Why the fuck did you do that babe! If the old lady finds out about us we’ll both have hell to pay” She smiled and told me: “it’s OK! Sue is cool! She always wondered what we did in the bathroom that night you were unplugging the bathtub and plugging me with your tongue! She was curious about it all and I told her!” I asked her: “Everything? About then hotel room and all we did? Everything?” She smiled and told me: “It’s OK! Honest! No I didn’t tell her everything only the part about how big you were! Oh yes, and about how it feels to have your pussy sucked and licked by someone who really knows how!” I moaned again and told her: “And, what did she say?” Louise smiled again and told me: “Well, you’ll be surprised! She asked me to lick and suck her pussy! I told her no! I don’t do girl, yet anyway! But I bet her you would if I asked you!” “WHAT!” I asked! She smiled and told me again: “It’s cool Mr.

XX all she wants is to find out how it feels We both have fucked a guy or two but she has never had her pussy licked She just wonders how it feels that’s all! And, hey, better she find out from the expert. Right?” I groaned and told her: “OMG I can’t do that to my daughter it wouldn’t be right!” Louise looked me in the eye and said: “Well she plans to come down and sneak into the room as we’re doing it or something sexy and catch us in the act. Then she is going to tell you that if you don’t she will tell your wife!” I told her: “Holy shit you two have a worked up a plan? You are unbelievable!” She smiled and told me: “Well we were sure you wouldn’t be willing to do it unless we made you” I asked her: “Ok how and when? She smiled and slid off her thong laid back on the rug in front of the fire and told me: “I don’t know for sure baby! She told me she would just walk in on us as were doing it. Like that other girl did in the porno movie! And then act all upset! She will tell you have to do her like you do me that’s all I know.

Oh she wants to see that big hard cock of yours too! Speaking of cock come on over here and put that big cock in my pussy! It’s a wet and ready for you!” And, she smiled as she opened her legs wide so I could se her in the firelight! She held out her hand and when I took it she tried to pull me down to her. I stopped and stood up, undid my slacks and they dropped to the floor. Since I was planning to jerk off before they came back home, I didn’t have on any underwear. I dropped on my knees and moved down on top of her smooth silky young body! She wrapped her legs around me and took hold of my cock as she guided it to her open pussy. She whispered in my ear: “You know you might as well relax and you might even enjoy it! How many times does a guy your age get to have two young women like us? ”

The more my brain through about it, the more I tended to agree with what she was saying to me. I figured Sue only wants me to show her how it was done and then she would stop bothering with me. It might be good that she learned about oral sex! Louise was the one who couldn’t get enough of my cock and wanted to fuck me day and night! Sue only wanted her pussy sucked and hell I could do that and get her off in minutes! Especially since she had never had it done before! ! Then she would watch me fuck her best friend and that would be it! I smiled to myself and positioned the head of my cock at Louise’s open pussy. When she felt my cock at her door she elevated her hips and ass up and my cock had went in about ½ way! We worked for about 2 minutes to get it all the way into her hole. Once it popped in I started to push the rest of my 10 inch cock into her tight bald pussy, She arched her back and raised her body up off the ground and began to pump up into me with suck force It lifted us both up off the rug! She was going wild as she thrust her body time after time up into me. My cock was deep into her body and we had locked our bodies together and were fucking the hell out of each other. The firelight bathed us in warmth as we went at it for 15 or 20 minutes. It was fantastic, and wild!

This beautiful young woman had me locked in her body and was fucking my body like some wild animal. I held back for as long as I could stand it and then slammed down into her as I moaned out: “I’m cumming! Oh fuck!! I’m cumming! Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!! Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” And I pumped a truckload of white-hot juice into her tight body! She was ramming her pussy up and down on my cock fucking it like a machine when she felt the heat of my cum fly deep into her young body! The feeling was about all she needed and she began to orgasm now! Again and again she cried out: “Oh MR. XX OH God Mr. XX!! I’m cumming! Oh god it’s so good baby! Fuck me! Harder!! Oh yes!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” And she climaxed so hard I was afraid she would break something or my cock inside her! Her young body was up in the air hanging there as she tried to keep my as deep in her pussy as she could to maintain that orgasm feeling to the very end.

I was straining as hard as I could to keep my cock cumming to the very last drop! Together our lower bodies hung in the air for an unknown period of time holding the final ending of our intercourse! Finally her ass fell back on the rug as our cum mixed together and as I lifted up and began to pull out, it ran out of her pussy on to the rug. I sat up and she sat between my legs. She took my cum covered cock and held it in her little hand feeling the heat and slippery wetness of It.! She smiled and told me:” My god baby I would never believe it, but that was better than any w have had before You are unbelievable So good and so big! God I love this cock!” Se pumped the slippery shaft and kissed me as I cupped each of her breasts with my hands. I could feel her nipples hard, thick and long in my hand. I pulled and rolled them around ion my fingers as her tongue was ½ way down my throat!

We both heard s voice saying: “Well that was really disgusting! What are you doing to my best friend and what are you doing to my father? GOD! You two are unbelievable!” It was Sue! (She told us alter that she watched the entire thing and it made her so wet she rubbed herself into an orgasm as she watched us fuck!) she was standing there in a long tee shirt with her hands on her hips looking very made. She finally told us: “Louise told me about this but I didn’t believe her.

You two are in big trouble when I tell mom!! She’ll go crazy!” Louise stopped her and told her: “We’ll both tell her you’re lying and that you are just a crazy bitch who ha5tes her father!” I stopped them both and asked: “Wait!! Isn’t there someway we can resolve this w/o getting your mother involved?” Louise smiled when she heard me say that because she knew I was playing along. Sue stood there for a minute and told me: “I don’t think so dam it! You are really a SOB you know that? Louise told me what you did to her and how you tricked her into bed!” I said: “Wait a fucking minute I didn’t trick anyone! She wanted me to do what I did with her. Isn’t that right Lou?” Louie looked at Sue and told her: “That’s right Sue. I told you he was wonderful! He ate my pussy! Oh god did he eat my pussy! I fucked him as payment for doing it! I bet if you tried it, you would forget all about this! Come over here and try it Come on Sue. I’m telling you he is unbelievable! Come over here and sit with us.” Sue stood there and just looked at us.

Laverne, you have been a BERRIE Bed agent

“Laverne, I gotta gooo, soo bad let me up ,Fast! I watched her jump from the bed without bouncing a boobie. Damn ,she was young, and so hot with Sexual knowladge, she was dangerous to her self. ” ooowee! that stings, What did you do to me up in there?” I chuckeled back form HER pillow over my first cigarette with a nasty cup of Comp. coffee,Motel warm.” I think it may have been the bratwurst it took us ten minuets to get back out of you,I told you stick to veggies.” she started the shower ,while calling my name “LAaVEeRNEha?, Can you come wash my back for me?” I stubbed the butt and gulped the coffee bitters into my parched throat. “only, if you promise not to fist fuck me when I pick up your soap.” She threw the small bar of parfumed lard into the steamy stall with a grin on her impish dimples.

I made a move to slide behind her without touching my nipples on her arm or shoulder blades, But that was impossible with our goal being to climax our selves off 20 pounds each by monday morning. “MISSY? are you going to ever tell me why we are here together at this time and place. Iknow you have to be the reason I am here and not an actual work assignment.” She ask more,”Do you trust me enough yat to tell me what you do for the Government?” I knew better than to discuss my work twenty years of grilling as an electronics,CKOpdi/14 , I was the one responsible for “not” letting others divulge anything to anyone. At about this girs age I had to make my first “SIX SECOND DECISION” to termineate a phone call from thr penta/complex to south yeman, the termination of the call was to place a “quadpac” 22CAL. bullet in his head at 75 yards. The quadpac was a stainless steel/soft copper slug 1.33 inches long with a lethal diocionide mini dram of poison in it. the slug disapated into needles and sheets of copper foil on impact, carrying the poison thru out the body so fast a Cobra would be proud to shoot it. That termination was to stop the caller from delivering a series of numbers to our ICBM control panels.

I heard it being made in my boxoffice two stories up and lots of offices away. I couldn’t get to him fast enough to stop it physically. So I raised the electronic sited foot of tubeing to my crooked elbow and gazed into the screen for it to tell me when to detoneate the weapons discharge signal.I never felt a twinge of discontent, He was an enemy of the Freeworld. Eight times in the next ten years I was the person who keyed (pulled)the trigger mechanism ,for an Informational Termination, without reguard for personal safety. The last one, caused the agency to turn me lose, into the Commercial world ,with a virtual ocean of knowladge. they held THAT very close to their corperate heartS. Strings were pulled, I became the FIRST EVER FEMALE CHEIF of SECURITY, for a major contractour Of weapons to the US goverment. Granted they were just board games now but in time of need our company would make seventy million a day of full conflict, with one division. I never thought my partner was the brightest crayon in the box. He was close to being fullblown Alky, lots time spent with boys in tight pants. but that wasn’t his down fall. It was lack of deductive reasoning. He should have Known the Vice president of Intra services was not a trustworthy.

I did, He just took one wrong order from him.,To Steal my home PC, to see if I was heating with another agency like our own. No i wasn’t but when I found my floppy discs in a pocket of his jacket one morning and the PC gone the next,Education expaneded. I went to his wife and ask her to make a copy of some work related papers. She told me to fax them over and she’d do it her self. I sent it with a bug that would wipe out My’puter if he ever contacted it from this unit.

The back washing was a love fest under the pressure of a water thumper shower head. We were again totally engrosed with our lovemaking oblivious to the world. “HEY MISSY! heres your change of clothes” it was her father standing next to the shower door witha Wal-Mart bag stuffed with jeans an a tee shirt. “Thank you Daddy wait a minuet we,ll be done here” She returned to my needs with her braced teeth raking over my clit in a musical humming. My mind was back to her administrations so fast my knees bent to put me on the floor with her. face to face we were locking lips and holding for the final shudders to allow us to rise and laugh about lighting an after sex smoke in the shower. “We’re done daddy I’ll be right out.” she didn’t even put on a towel just wiped her hair back as she stepped thru the doorway. “Missy , we have to go to a Family thing to night will you be going with us or staying with Laverne?” They made remarks about not wanting to visit with the group more than fifty minuets.

I was just as nude as she was ,he seem to be ok with it. Missy kissed him good bye at the door and his erection quickly pointed his burmuda shorts into her tummy. she reached down and moved it upwards. They spoke of her being home monday morning for the Conference call to her new school. I turned away to get into my clothing pile on the dresser.I looked into the mirror and watched her open her self to his wandering hand, I felt a pang of jeleousy race thru my lungs.

But I would not mention it, this was just a weekend not a marriage. I stepped into the commode side of the bath cube and looked into the huge mirror behind the sinks as I took my constitutional for the morning. Her dads hand was holding her against the wall and kissing her nips, her hand was jerking at him wildly then she turned in a snap to bend over the recliner and brace her knees on the seat. I could not belive his ease of talking about family matters and eating out later today, as she opened her rectum with both hands,he stroked into her vagina first full deep made five long strokes ,on each one he pushed his thumb into her moving brown spot rather roughly it looked like from where I sat. He went in and drove three fingers into her butt. I could hear her groan most painfully. A new move was added as Missy dipped her knees to pullaway from the fingers. When she stood again, his penis drove ,into that outlet and I felt a telepathic tingle, in my own as a bowel movement was leaving my anus*** she was reciving a blood relative, masterfull pleasure , and It looked like another orgasm in the open front doorway. I was fist deep in a nice long cum my self. This was some Southern family. but then I wished I had followed thru on my near miss with my grandfather.I was home on a sabatical from my studies, Gnpa was staying fulltime at my folks. He had my old room. When I came home I used the couch in the living room or a recliner in the den. This night I chose a dark corner snuggled in a warm blanket.

At one oclock mom came in checked around then started to leave. Grampa showed up with a book of pictures to sort out. they got involved quickly in the old b/w pictures of the sixties.”member, this, the day John Died in Dallas,we were in Galvaston out on the beach” mom ask to him ” Sure, everyone knows where they were that day, besides, if I want an erection, all I have to do is bring that day into focus, SHAZAM there it is.” mom nudged him on a shoulder “It couldn’t have been that great to cause that much activity” Grpa nodded and pointed. “With that for a suit and your thirteen year old body going on, FUCK YES I was hot and still get WACKING every time.! mom looked into the chair and nodded an approving grin then reached down into the shadow,”SHITFIRE, OLD MAN thats just peachy still yet.” He shrugged a shoulder.” your fault girl.

same as it was then” He snickered up to her and she kissed him. Not a father daughter one either.”I sat out to get well laid that summer” she smacked a lip to him again,lightly “How was I to guess it would be that fucking wonderfullldouble damn double” he taunted her more “thats the Teenlanguage you kids were talking then” mom filled in for him,”NO it was jazz hip cat chat,talking Scat,man like the Cruthers band.MOMS first last and forever Night club tourch singer jig.Four to midnight waitress, singer, barhop, carhop, jazz impressionist.

Blackmail Sex

My name is Koomal, I am 20 yrs old, one of my deepest desire was to have sex with my aunt (wife of my father’s brother) neelima, she is about 10 yrs elder to me. I had been working for a while and had shifted out of my family house to a rented place far from neelima’s place. I used to visit their place usually on holidays and meet them and sometimes dine along with them. They had one daughter about 6 yrs and I used to often play with her during my visit to their house, Neelima became more friendly to me and we started talking to each other more about ourselves such as our likes and dislikes. In my conversations with her I disclosed to her my fantasies of a female fitting her description without implying her. As time went by she appeared more fitting my views and I presented myself to her matching her views.

After a few months I had bought a PC and had it connected to the Internet. I downloaded quite a bit of porno stuff from the net, then I pasted neelima’s face (which I had got scanned from her album photo) over some good nude bodies.

One day I thought of playing a harmless prank over neelima. I got one of this photo with her face pasted over a nude body resembling her proportional stats,I took a professional laser print from a dtp source and snail mail addressed it to her with the day, time and phone no mentioned at the back hoping to see her reaction. She did call me that day, she never knew the phone no was mine as I had not told anyone my tel no, as whenever I would be home I was always on the net blocking all incoming calls. She spoke to me very harshly and said how I had managed to get her photograph and demanded I return the negative. Little did she knew I had so many original photos of her. I told her to meet to discuss the possible return of the negatives. She agreed and came by to my place not knowing still the culprit was me.

When I opened the door she was shocked to see me. She was very aggressive and asked me to return the original and was very insistent about it, now she probably knew my fantasies were real. Initially I wanted at this point to show her all her doctored photos on my pc and see her reaction. Maybe she could have passed it off as a young person’s desire maybe not. If it was passed off by her I would have placed myself more closer to her and if she would have taken critical of it I would have lost her altogether, which was a risk I was playing with this prank.

Since she was very adamant on the return of the negatives I modified my original prank and asked her to spend half a day with me, she asked me time to think over, she said she will call the next day and give me the reply and she left. She called the next day and said she was willing for my condition and not to inform anyone or use her photo for any wrong purpose, she confirmed the return of her photo.

The following day I had bunked and stayed back expecting her, she came about 10:00 am , I thanked her for coming, she proclaimed that she can spend time with me till 12:30 am and will leave instantly with the photo negatives original et all, I agreed.

We were in the bedroom and I had in advance arranged for a video camera, which I had camouflaged near the bed for committing the act on tape. Not weary of this, she stood facing me in front of the bed. I asked her to disrobe her sari which she did after a bit of delay. I asked her to show me her boobs, she opened her blouse and bra exposing her firm boobs with thick light brown nipples. I pulled her with her hand in front of me and clenched her with my legs around her legs and started sucking her nipples. She co-operated with me very naturally. Then I spread her legs apart and put my hands under her ghagra fingering her pussy. She was getting hot by this time. I pulled her ghagra up and licked her pussy with my tongue. I removed my garments and exposed my hungry cock to her. We had prior to this never shared a fantasy for the opposite sex in such a way but now our sexual fantasies were coming to pass.

I disrobed her ghagra, she stood naked in front of me, legs stretched and I continued to lick her pussy till she was hot and started licking my cork. She showed a lot of maturity as a woman and I let her drive me further to ecstasy. By her prolific sucking my cork had grown a thick long 6-½ inch, she sat over my cock, forcing it into her pussy and I laid back over the bed. She was gyrating, moving up and down giving us a lot of pleasure, i held her waist and followed her movements, she was smooth. I gradually laid her down with a huge pillow below her arse so her bottom was higher than the rest of her body, I forced the thick head of my cock into her pussy. She purred and encouraged me to drive her harder and I banged the senses out of her fucking her till I reached the peak of my orgasm and cum into her. We relaxed a bit in silence thereafter, it was about 12:15 am and she asked me for the negatives. I switched the pc on and showed her only the photo copy that I had blackmailed her with and deleted the same. Satisfied that I could no longer play with her with so called original photos she made here exit telling me to stay away from her and not to ever see her again.

Tommy Caught Peeping

It had been a long day. My wife and I had just finished cleaning the dinner dishes and as usual Sheryl went to the bedroom to get ready for bed and I had a drink to unwind. Normally I would watch the news but it was such a nice summer night I decided to have my drink outside under the stars. When I opened the side door I noticed the gate to the backyard was open. That was odd because it was closed an hour earlier when I took the trash out. I quietly walked into the backyard to see what was going on. There was no moon and it was nearly pitch black. Our bedroom is at the back of the house and in the glow coming from through the curtains. I could see a figure peeking in. My first thought was to yell out, but I decided to get a little closer to see what was going on. I walked out into the yard and came up behind the figure.

From there I could see my wife through the opening in the curtains. She was sitting nude in front of the dresser mirror brushing her long red hair. I moved in closer I recognized the figure as my next door neighbor’s eighteen-year-old son, Tommy. He was wearing a tank top and his shorts were down around his ankles. He had his cock in his hand stroking it slowly. By now my anger had turned to amusement. After all, what sixteen year old wouldn’t want to see my wife nude. At thirty, she was beautiful. She had milky white skin, small but very perky breasts, a gorgeous ass, and nicely trimmed bush. She was thin but had nicely rounded curves. Watching this young stud beating off while watching my naked wife was a bit of a turn-on and I could feel myself getting hard.

I could have just watch and let Tommy finish and go on his way, but that wouldn’t be any fun. So, I came up behind him and grabbed him by the shoulders. He almost jumped out of his skin and let out a yelp. “What are you doing Tommy?” I asked. He didn’t know what to say, first saying something like he was looking for his cat then apologizing all over him self. It was funny to see that after all that he still had a hard-on, sticking straight out. “Well, Tommy,” I said. “I guess we need to go talk to your parents.” “No, no! Please don’t tell my parents.” He pleaded. “I’ll never do it again I promise. I’ll do anything, just don’t tell my parents.” Of course, I had no plan to tell his parents but I thought I might use his fear of them finding out to my advantage.

“Okay, Thomas, maybe we won’t have to tell your parents.” I said, “But we can’t just ignore this. The first thing is for you to do is go inside and apologize to Sheryl.” He agreed and started to pull up his shorts. “No way!” I stopped him. “I want her to see you just like this.” Poor Tommy was shaking with fear and embarrassment and his dick was starting to go limp. I led him inside and straight to the bedroom. Sheryl was in bed by now reading a book. The look on her face was priceless when I came in holding a half naked teenaged boy by the arm. “Look who I found peeking in the window at you.” At first Sheryl looked shocked, followed by embarrassed. “Where are your pants?” she asked. I told her, He pulled them down so he could masturbate while watching you.” She tried to act angry but a little smile on her face betrayed her flattery. Tommy, you were trespassing and invading our privacy.” Poor Tommy tried to apologize but was so nervous he was barely able to stammer “sorry.”

Having a little more fun I asked Tommy, “Do you like looking at my wife’s tits?” “Yes, I mean n-no, I don’t know.” Sheryl caught on to what I was doing and jumped right in. “Do you want to see me naked again, Tommy.” He knew there was no right answer. He couldn’t take any more and sat on the bed, starting to cry. Sheryl got up from under the covers, still naked, and sat next to Tommy with her arm around him. Trying to calm him she told him that she wasn’t angry and that she was actually flattered that a good looking young man like he would be turned-on by her body.

By now I was as hard as a rock, watching my wife, completely naked, with her arms around this kid, who by now was growing hard again. Seeing that Tommy was growing a little more comfortable, I explained to him that there was nothing wrong with looking at naked women or masturbating, but that peeking in someone’s window without their permission, was wrong and he would have to be punished. He understood, he said, but pleaded that we not tell his parents. “I’ll do ANYTHING you tell me.” Sheryl and I have never had hang-ups about sex and had talked about having a threesome. One look at each other and we knew we were thinking the same thing.

I could see Tommy was trying to hide his now raging hard-on with his hands. “Tommy,” I said, “you shouldn’t be embarrassed about having an erection.” With that, I dropped my shorts revealing my engorged member. Tommy looked shocked and couldn’t move his eyes. He was transfixed on my cock. “An erection,” I continued, “is a perfectly natural thing. And since you are the cause of mine, I think a fitting punishment would be for you to help me take care of it.” “Then,” Sheryl interjected, “you can work on me because I’m getting pretty horny myself.” Tommy gave a uncertain “okay” but said he didn’t know what to do. “have you ever given anyone a blowjob?” I asked. “No,” he answered, “I never even seen someone’s dick this close before and I never even been with a girl either.” “Don’t worry, Sheryl said, “we’ll teach you.” Then Sheryl demonstrated on me how to start by licking the shaft from top to bottom, not forgetting about the balls. Then she showed him how to suck on it.

After showing and telling him what to do, she took his right hand and placed it around the base of my cock. I could feel his hand trembling as he put his lips to the head and licked the pre-cum. Then he ran his tongue down the shaft to my balls, sucking on them gently. I could tell Tommy was really getting into it because he was starting to moan and was stroking his own dick. After giving my member a good washing he wrapped his lips around the head and started to suck moving his lips up and down my shaft. Meanwhile, I was kissing and sucking on Sheryl’s supple tits as she fingered herself. After a few minutes I couldn’t hold back anymore. As I started to spasm and spurted my load deep into Tommy’s virgin mouth. “Suck it all up.” I ordered him. He tried his best, sucking my tool was dry. Sheryl helped him clean up, there tongues working together to get every last drop of semen.

Sheryl gave Tommy a long wet kiss sharing the taste of my jism. “It’s my turn now,” she whispered and lay on her back pulling the teenager on top of her. He was so excited he was stabbing everywhere with his cock, unable to find his target. With a little help from me he was finally able to find the warm crevice of my wife. Humping away, it took about twenty seconds for him to blow his load, crying out with each spasm. Sheryl, hotter than ever now, pushed his face down to her pussy and demanded that she eat her. Tommy seemed to enjoy lapping up his own semen. Sheryl directed his tongue like an expert teacher. Seeing my wife being fucked and liked by this young stud was such a turn on that my cock was harder than I had ever seen it.

Tommy was very muscular had very little hair on his body. He was on his elbows and knees licking Sheryl’s pussy with his hard cock swinging underneath him and his inviting ass sticking up in the air. I grabbed some K-Y and started to give him a hand job while at the same time lubing his ass. He hesitated for a moment but his moans told me he didn’t want me to stop. Grabbing his hips I put the head of my swollen cock to his awaiting bung hole. Slowly, I pushed, moving my dick in and out a centimeter at a time. He ass was so tight I wasn’t sure I was going to get it in. After a minute or so my head was in, then another inch until my pubic hairs was pressed against his young ass. Then, at slowly first, I pumped my cock in and out gradually increasing my momentum. As his asshole loosened up I pounded harder and harder. He grunted in pleasure with each down stroke as he stroked his own cock, all the while continuing to lap at Sheryl’s pussy.

After several minutes Sheryl couldn’t hold back her screams as she orgasmed , grabbing Tommy’s head and driving his face into pussy. Then it was my turn. With a grunt I drove my cock deep into Tommy’s ass, shooting my load deep within him. Exhausted, we all collapsed on the bed. Tommy was still stroking his cock. He had been a good sport, taking his punishment so well. Now it was his turn to lie back and be pleasured. I took his cock into my mouth and started swirling my tongue around the head, savoring the taste of his pre-cum. I had never had a cock in my mouth. The velvety texture, the smell and taste of his cum mixed with my wife’s juices was intoxicating. I kneaded his balls while sucking his shaft, moving my head up and down in rhythm. The thought of his semen shooting all over my tongue was exhilarating. I occasionally caught a glimpse of Sheryl masturbating as she watched her cock sucking man. Just when I thought that Tommy had shot his last load he started gyrating his hips and moaning. Then it came like an eruption, spurt after glorious spurt of salty spunk.

I’m not sure who was happiest that I caught Tommy the boy, whacking off while he peeped in our window, but Tommy the man had an open invitation to come back anytime. Tommy visited often after that night. Sometimes it was all three of us, other times with either me or Sheryl. Most of the time it started with Tommy peeping in the window so he could take his punishment.

Dominant wife

“Harold, get in here right now, I haven’t got all day,” Miranda Davis snapped as she sat in front of her dressing table while preparing to go out for the evening with several of her female friends, “do you hear me, you insignificant piece of crap, I said get your ass in here!!!” Harold Davis hurriedly put down the load of dirty clothes he was carrying to the laundry room and entered his wife’s dressing room with his head hung low and a worried look on his face as his wife of twenty two years asked acidly, “Where have you been, bitch, are you purposely trying to piss me off!?!” “Uh no, ma’am,” he stammered with real fear in his voice, “I was just getting ready to do the laundry, I’m sorry if I took so long to get here!!!” Miranda began tapping her foot impatiently while listening to her husband’s worthless drivel, and out of the blue, and with cat like quickness, her left hand rocketed out and caught her husband flush on the cheek, sending him reeling across the room until he slumped against the wall in stunned silence!!! “Now, worm,” she said evenly get your ass over here and suck my cunt, and you’d better do a good job on it, got it!?!” While rubbing his burning cheek, Harold quickly took up residence between his wife’s full thighs, and after taking a deep breath of her overwhelming aroma, he dropped his mouth forward and engulfed her drooling vagina!!! From the time that they had met when they were in college, Harold had been submitting willingly to his domineering wife, and when she threatened him with physical violence, it was something to be taken very seriously in that she out weighed him be a good seventy pounds!!! While Harold Davis stood about five feet seven inches and was slim of build, Miranda was a touch over six feet tall with enormous breasts and an ass to match!!! Her weekly workouts at the gym only made her even look more imposing with her thickly muscled thighs and powerfully built biceps, so if she so desired, she could easily take her pussy whipped husband apart without even breaking a sweat!!! Fortunately for him, however, at that very moment Miranda had more important work for him to do!!!

“That’s a good boy,” she sighed while grabbing him by the back of the neck and forcing his tongue into her hot gaping crack with one hand while cupping one of her huge tits in the other and twisting her hard nipple, “suck mama’s clitty, mmmmmmmm yes, right there, that’s it, do it, do it, suck me off you miserable piece of shit!!!” For Harold, most of his day was spent doing the mundane house chores that offered little if any enjoyment, so even though he was being sexually abused by his dominant wife, the opportunity to suck on her hot pussy was something to be savored, so as any good little cunt lapper would do he worked feverishly to bring his wife to a stunning climax!!! He flicked his tongue madly over her distended organ, and just before her climax over took her, she thrust her hips forward, urgently forcing her incredibly engorged pussy into his open mouth as her orgasm raced through her groin, leaving her shuddering in ecstasy as all the strength ebbed from her body!!! After taking a moment to regain her senses, she shoved her husband away from her pussy, and after giving him a kick in the ass ordered him out of the room so she could continue getting dressed in peace!!! She lolled back in her chair and caressed her huge breasts, even going so far as to pull a hard nipple to her mouth and sucking and nipping it gently!!! She closed her eyes and savored the fury growing again in her pussy, and when she could stand it no more she buried three fingers into her huge cunt and frigged herself to another powerful orgasm!!!

Miranda stood in front of her full length mirror admiring every curve of the hour glass figure that was certainly dominated by her massive breasts and full ass, and after adjusting her belt, she headed down stairs just as the front doorbell rang!!! “Answer the door, bitch,” she yelled to her husband, “and don’t keep my friends waiting, do you here me!?!” From out in the kitchen she could hear her husband hurrying to the door, and after opening it, he stood there silently while a tall incredibly handsome young man stepped into the foyer and asked, “Is Miranda ready, I’m supposed to pick her up at three!?!” Harold’s heart fluttered when he realized that his wife wasn’t going out with the girls at all, but with this young stud who looked more like a professional athlete with his trim build and flashing good looks!!! “So, you two have met,” Miranda asked while coming up behind her husband and shoving him out of the way, “don’t wait up for us, bitch, I might not be coming home tonight!!!” “W-where will you be staying,” Harold asked softly!?! Miranda whirled around at the insolent question, and for the second time that day she cracked her husband in the face with her hand while snapping, “Don’t you ever talk to me in that tone of voice again, you little puke, cuz if you do I’ll beat you to within and inch of your life!!!”

The young man laughed at Harold’s predicament, and after whispering into Miranda’s ear she smiled and offered, “Tommy has what I think is a wonderful plan, he thinks that it would be a good idea to let you watch him fuck me just so you could think about what he was going to be doing to me all night long!!!” Tears began welling up in Harold’s eyes, but knowing his wife’s temper, he just stood there silently as the young man pulled up her skirt and shoved down her panties exposing her shaved fat lipped cunt and large tight thighs to his sad eyes, and then after pulling out what must have been the biggest cock he had ever seen, watched in agony as the young man leaned her over the back of a chair and drove his meat into his wife’s smooth saturated pussy!!! “O-oh god, Tommy,” she gasped as her 44DD breasts jiggled uncontrollably in her low cut bra, “you’re so fucking huge, oh god do you fill me up, oh yessssssssss, fuck me harder, show the worm how it’s done!!!” Tommy grabbed Miranda by her huge ass, and with brutal efficiency tore into her demanding pussy like a jack hammer attacks old concrete!!! Harold hated himself for his feelings, but watching his wife being ravaged by such a huge bone made his own little penis turn into and absolute woody, and while it certainly couldn’t compare in the size category, he was hard as a piece of blue steel!!! Miranda leaned over the back of a chair while Tommy jammed his pecker in and out of her, and as a huge orgasm built up in her pussy, she asked Tommy in a broken voice, “D-do you wanna see something funny!?!” “What,” he gasped as his nut sack tightened in a precursor to his ejaculation, “what’s so funny, show me!!!” “Harold,” she ordered, “drop your pants and show us your “big” wee wee, show us what a big man you are!!!” Harold’s face immediately turned a bright shade of red, but by now he was so turned on he didn’t care if they were making fun of him, so with out a moment’s hesitation he slid off his pants and panties(his wife made him wear frilly white or pink pretties all the time!!!) in one shove, exposing his tiny little hardon for one and all to see!!!

Even though Tommy was on an express train to “Climax City”, the sight of Harold’s hard little cock literally made him burst out laughing, and much to his consternation and embarrassment, his eighteen daughter Winnie appeared in the open doorway just in time to see his tiny little prick alongside the massive member that was plunging in and out of her mother’s hot cunt!!! “Oh, my goodness,” Winnie gasped while staring at the huge hammer that was attacking her mother’s pussy, “I seem to have interrupted something haven’t I!?!” Miranda rolled her head to the side to get a better look at her daughter, and with a little line of drool running out of the corner of her mouth and her hard nipples showing prominently through her sheer blouse gasped, “N-no, dear, you aren’t interrupting us at all, in fact I want to you to come in and meet Tommy, he has the kind of cock that makes a girl feel like a real woman!!!” “How do you do, Tommy,” Winnie said softly, “my, my, I do believe we’re hung like horse, aren’t we!?!” Tommy was too gone to reply, but in a strained voice her mother ordered, “Harold, stop acting like such a prick and take care of your daughter’s pussy!!!”

“Y-yes, ma’am,” he stammered, “w-with my penis!?!” “Of course not, bitch,” she snapped, “your prick wouldn’t satisfy a hamster, use your mouth, it’s the only way you could even come close to taking care of a hot pussy!!!” By now Winnie had plopped her cute plump bottom into an easy chair, and like she had done hundreds of times before, slid off her white cotton panties and offered her smoothly shaved teenage labia to her father’s insistent mouth!!! Even though she was only eighteen Winnie was still built like a mature woman with large hanging breasts and an big plump bottom that just begged to be kissed and licked!!! As she maneuvered herself on the chair she sighed deeply and moaned, “Ohhhhhhhhh, mother, daddy has such a nice mouth, I think he was born to suck pussy!!!” Mirnada always loved watching her husband service their daughter’s pretty fat cunt, and coupled with the incredible reaming she was getting from Tommy, her own overheated organ convulsed wildly around his massive erection as he pumped a fire hose gusher of cum into her helpless quim!!! Winnie had of course seen her mother getting fucked by many hung men, but never had she seen such a large penis ravage her mother’s fat pussy, so as her father’s tongue bored in on her distended clitoris, she was blind sided by one of the most intense orgasms she had ever experienced, leaving her panting and gasping for breath along with her mother and Tommy!!!

All three of them luxuriated in the post coital afterglow that could only come from truly vicious orgasms, leaving only poor Harold standing there with a super hard boner waiting to see if his wife would let him cum!!! Ten minutes later when she was fully recovered Miranda kissed Tommy deeply and whispered, “Should I let him cum or suffer!?!” Tommy looked at the hopeful naked man for a moment and replied tersely, “Suffer!!!” Miranda looked at her husband with exaggerated sorrow and offered, “I’m so sorry, Harold, you know how it is, put your “big” wee wee away and leave us alone, we’re finished with you now, so beat it!!!” With his head hung down, Harold walked slowly out of the room, but as he turned around to get one last look, he saw his daughter spreading her legs while demanding Tommy, “Okay, stud boy, let’s see what you’ve got!!!”

Winnie grimaced a little as the head of Tommy’s cock slipped into her slit, but her mother quickly calmed her down by offering one of her huge breasts for her to nurse on!!! As she took a hard nipple into her warm mouth, Tommy slowly pressed his hips forward, driving his massive spike into the scalding cunt, inducing any untold number of climaxes on just the first stroke alone!!! Miranda sighed softly as her daughter wildly bucked her hips to meet each of Tommy’s hard thrusts, and as the fury again brewed in her own pussy, she welled up with pride at how well her daughter had turned out!!! Full bodied just like she was, and of course with the ability to dominate and control just about any male with the use of her pussy and sharp mind!!! Even Tommy was no match for the two vixens, because at any moment they could turn on him and use him just as they used Winnie’s father, like dog meat, but luckily for him he the had the kind of cock they both loved and desired, so they tolerated him, but only as far as he could satisfy their incredibly need pussies!!!

Even though Tommy considered himself quite the stud, he was no match sexually for the mother-daughter duo, so after he had exploded in another vicious cum in Winnie’s tight pussy, his legs wobbled unsteadily and he slipped to the floor panting and gasping for breath!!! “I think he’s done, mother,” Winnie cooed after letting her mother’s big nipple pop out her mouth, “I’m still a little horny, how about you!?!” “”Mmmmmmmm, yes,” Miranda replied after kissing Winnie on the cheek, “what did you have in mind, dear!?!” Winnie pulled her sweatshirt over her head, and since she wasn’t wearing a bra, her huge boobs shook back and forth on her chest as she suggested, “How about we just lay together and rub our tits together and finger each other!?!” “Oh my,” Miranda replied while scrambling out of her clothing, “I swear that every time I see them your boobs are bigger than the time before, what size are they anyway!?!” “I usually don’t wear a bra,” Winnie giggled, “but when I do I wear a 40D-cup, not quite as big as yours though!!!” “Don’t worry,” her mother replied softly while slipping off her huge pair of crotchless panties, “when I was your age I was only D-cup, you’ve got plenty of time to grow up!!!”

Miranda pulled Winnie to her feet and crushed her gigantic boobs into those of her daughter, and as the two women kissed deeply, they let their hands slide down between them to find the others hot wet slit!!! Tommy’s eyes were now practically bugging out of his head as he grabbed his rapidly rising pecker while watching the two big assed women squishing their incredible chests together!!! He made a move to make it a threesome but a sharp rebuke from Miranda was all it took to keep him in his place, this was a mother- daughter thing and they didn’t need any extraneous pricks fucking it up for them!!! Winnie loved feeling her mother’s huge chest against her own, and when finally they positioned themselves nipple to nipple, her pussy began convulsing hard as her mother fingered her with total abandon!!! What a perfect daughter she had raised, pretty, smart, and responsive, and just as Winnie’s pussy collapsed around her finger, her own cunt wrenched violently as her own orgasm blew through her loins like a freight train flying down a hill with no brakes!!!

Diary of a housemother: part two

October 13 Dear Diary, A truly incredible thing happened to me the other day, so mush so that I’m still a little shaken when I think back on it!!! It was early Saturday morning when my door bell rang and standing outside my door was Bonnie Jenkins and a girl I had never seen before! Bonnie asked if they could come in for a few minutes, and even though I was still in my bathrobe I said “sure” and invited them inside. It was then that I really got to give the other girl the once over, and to say that she was stunningly beautiful would be and understatement!!! As it turned out, she was the daughter of an American father and a Japanese mother, a combination that gave her a very exotic look to be sure!!! She had a petite stature from her Asia heritage, but it was her huge chest American size chest that I couldn’t keep from staring at!!! Anyway, and much to my stunned delight, Bonnie said the reason that they dropped in was so that Akira, that was her name, could get her tits sucked!!! Diary, my pussy literally creamed just thinking about her taking off her top and exposing her ripe chest, and as I stared in what must have been gaped jawed wonder, the little Asian-American shyly slipped off her tee shirt and thrust her huge bra encased chest right into my face!!!

I was a blithering fool I’m sure, but to see such a monumental pair of tits on such a small frame was like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, just breath taking!!! Anyway, Bonnie unhooked her bra, and with a little shrug of her shoulders off it came, releasing the two most beautiful breasts I have ever seen in my life!!! Her nipples were already hard, diary, and it was so easy just to open my mouth and let one slip right in!!! Immediately I could see why she wanted a good tit sucking, the little bitch was orgasmic from oral breast play alone!!! Within a matter of only a few minutes or so, I had her cumming in buckets while I gently nibbled and sucked on her incredibly sensitive nipples!!! Bonnie was so transfixed by what was happening, that she had plopped down on the floor and began brazenly masturbating right in front of both of us!!! Akira was so turned on by what was happening to her, that she pulled her nipple away from my mouth, and in what was just a stunning development, dropped to her knees in front of me, pulled apart my robe, and with a sweet look on her angelic face buried her mouth directly into my burning slit!!! Talk about an instant an climax, diary, I had at least three in the first minute and a half alone, and what’s more, that little slut Bonnie put on a show of her own as she buried three fingers deep into her over heated snatch!!! Well anyway, diary, it was a good way to have east-west relations!!! Signing off for now, bye!!!

October 24 Dear Diary, The parents of one of the boys in the fraternity stopped in yesterday to see how their son was doing! I told them that he was doing well as far as I could tell, but if they were worried about his academic progress they’d have to see the Dean! It was then that the wife interrupted me and said the it was Bob’s social life they were concerned about and that they were worried that he wasn’t getting his share of dates! I tried to assure them that he was doing just fine, when out of the blue she broke down in tears and explained that Bob had a need for a lot of pussy just like his father, and if he didn’t have at least two orgasms a day he’d start to go crazy!!! I was a little taken aback at what she had just said, but what happened next was even wilder than that, because just as casually as you’d open a can of soda, she reached over and unzipped her husband’s pants and pulled out one of the largest erections I had ever seen in my life!!!

She then went on to explain that Bob had the same problem as his father, and if it was all right with me, she’d have to suck her husband off right then and their, just to relieve the incredible tension building up in his nut sack and hard pecker!!! Naturally I didn’t want to make them feel uneasy or unwelcome, so I said “sure, go ahead”, and just as if I wasn’t even there, she dropped her head into his lap and calmly sucked him all the way to completion!!! After she sat up and wiped a few drops of wayward drops of jis from her lips, she opened up her legs and begged me to orally satisfy her!!! Her pussy was shaved smooth as a baby’s, and as if drawn by a magnet, I slid over to her, and after taking in a deep breath of her aroma, pressed my face into her steaming cunt, and after few minutes of teasing, viciously flicked my tongue over her distended clitoris until she was moaning like a eighteen year old having her first orgasm!!! Afterwards she thanked me profusely while kissing me all over my face with gentle little nibbles, and as if her hubby were reading my mind, he asked softly if I would care to ride his big boner!!!

With his wife a disheveled mess on the sofa, her husband lay back on the floor with his murderous hardon sticking straight up in the air begging me to mount and fuck him while his wife looked on!!! I slipped of my giant size bikini panties, and after lining the monster up, I slowly lowered myself down over its massive head until all nine and a half inches were buried deep inside of me!!! I now understood why they were so worried about Bob, because if was anything like his father he’d be needing a whole lot of fucking and sucking to keep himself satisfied!!! Anyway, diary, the feeling of being so filled up was absolutely heavenly and I rode that pecker like there was no tomorrow!!! From the background I could barely hear his wife urging him to fuck me harder, and as I glanced over my shoulder at her, I could see that she was furiously frigging her clitty for all she was worth!! Let me tellya, diary, this is one super charged family, a real bunch of fucking machines!!! I didn’t think I had even one orgasm left in me, but when hubby rolled over and took me hard from the top with a series of unbelievably brutal thrusts, my mind went totally blank as another climax tore through my defenseless pussy like a freight train on the loose!!! All three of us must’ve cum with in seconds of each other, cuz we were all moaning and groaning in unison while our sex organs were twisted out of shape by our incredible climaxes!!! Good grief I have a meeting with one of the boys, gotta go now, bye!!!

November 2 Dear Diary, I was wandering through the dormitory part of the building the other day just to make sure that everything was okay! I usually check the boys’ rooms once or twice a month, but this time I saw something that made me shove my hand into my panties and finger my hot pussy then and there!!! Through a small crack in the door, I saw two of my boys jerking each other’s hard penises!!! Good lord was it exciting!!! I never realized how large a cock little Jimmy had, that is until I saw Freddie jerking it and then leaning over and putting into his obviously hungry mouth!!! Both of these two boys are built on the slight side, diary, so their cocks looked super huge sticking up from their blonde haired crotches, and while I frigged my pussy like a maniac, they calmly got into position an began doing a very nice job of sixty nine!!! Holy smokes did it look nice, two young men with big erections in each others mouth, and from the looks of things, this wasn’t the first time that they had done this with each other, because when they were about to shoot their loads of young spunk, neither of them pulled off, instead they sucked even hard until the other one had deposited a load of cum deep into his hot ready throat!!! I had to bury my mouth into my shoulder to keep from screaming out when I came, diary, but I managed to get back to my room whereupon I grabbed my ten inch black dildo and buried it balls deep into my squishy quim!!! What a day that was, but now, it’s time for bed, see you later diary, bye!!!

I’m Pissed and He’ll Pay

“Lori honey, could you get me another beer?” We were watching a television movie, Lori was sitting beside me on the sofa, she got up and brought me a Becks. I like my beer from a glass not a bottle. The glass I’d used was on the cocktail table. “Ah Jeez Lori, I need a fresh glass,” I like a frosty mug, they’re in the freezer. Lori went back to the kitchen and fetched a glass.

I guess I could have gotten my own beer; I was as close as she was but that’s not how things work in our household. Like my father before me, I expect to be catered to by my woman. Dad got home at six and expected dinner to be waiting on the table. After dinner he’d go to his recliner, he’d read the evening paper then call to one of the females to turn on the TV for him.

“Would you turn on the news for me,” he’d ask then fill in the blank, whoever was closest; Lucy, my mom, or Linda my sixteen year old sister, or Lauren my fifteen year old sister or Lureen, his fourteen year old. He never asked me, I was male, I wasn’t expected to step and fetch.

He took earned the money and took care of the lawn, all chores indoors were woman’s work, so mom and my sisters cleaned, cooked, ironed and answered his beck and call.

And that’s exactly what I expected, expected hell, I demanded in my home. I expected breakfast, a hot breakfast before Lori left for work, I expected her to prepare dinner when she got home and, of course Saturdays she needed to vacuum, dust and do the laundry.

Of course mom had three daughters to help her and was a stay at home housewife but I didn’t consider that, Lori did the woman’s work and that was that. She was the convention manager for a large chain hotel. She was expected to look sharp and be sharp, conventions are a big revenue producer and she’s integral in bringing in the business.

And look sharp she does. Lori’s a big girl, five feet ten inches and she carries her one hundred and fifty pounds in a dynamite package. She’s blonde, long blonde hair that she normally wears in a pony tail has icy blue eyes, voluptuous 38D breasts, wide hips and a high, tight behind. When she’s in her high heels, a pants suit or skirt and blouse she reminds of the Valkyrie of Norse lore.

She’s sharp of mind, too. Lori has her degree in hotel management; she’d been on the job for six years. She started as a management trainee and now she’s convention manager. She gives a lot to the company but the company reciprocates; she’s well paid, has excellent benefits and some perks like free rooms in other company hotels.

She has to hustle, to get bathed, make up applied, dressed and have breakfast on meant she was up at five. She often didn’t get in until seven or later, meetings, event planning and the supervision of her staff all had to be taken care of. Occasionally she was much later; client dinners and entertainment also fell under her purview.

If she was going to be particularly late I expected her to fix something that I could microwave, I mean, I would do that. One evening, several months ago she got home around seven-thirty; I gave her a kiss then asked, “What’s for dinner?”

“Hal I’m whipped, can we order some Chinese or something; I’m just not up to cooking.”
“Lori, that’s not how we do things,” I replied. “Hal, I know, I know, but just tonight, please, I’ll pay for it.” “Well, ok, just for you, go ahead and call in the order; I want moo goo gai pan and hot and sour soup.”

After the food was delivered and we’d eaten she cleaned up and went upstairs. I went in to watch a little TV. Lori took off her jacket, blouse, shoes, and slacks; she just let them fall to the floor. She pulled on her nightie and fell between the sheets, exhausted she was asleep in seconds.

After I’d turned off the TV I fired up my computer and prowled some porn sites so by the time I went up to bed I was aroused. My beautiful Lori was sleeping but she had her conjugal obligations. I crawled in beside her, she was on her side, I was behind. I raised her nightie.

God she had a desirable body, I rolled the back of her panties down over her bottom and was working them over hips when she awakened.

“Hal, please not tonight,” she asked. I paid her no never mind, I pulled her panties over her feet and rolled her onto her back. Her eyes pleaded with me but when I put my knee between her legs she spread her thighs.

She’d be dry, I knew that but I was pretty small, only five inches and rather thin, I wouldn’t hurt her, I was sure, I’d done this quite a few times in the four years we’d been married. I thrust into her; she gave a little moan as I parted her dry flesh. It didn’t take long, thirty or forty seconds at most and I had my relief. I rolled over and was asleep in seconds.

But Lori didn’t, she lay on her back staring at the ceiling and seethed. I’m just about at my wits end, she thought. I cook, I clean, I do the laundry and what thanks do I get for it, nothing. I even had to beg to be able to buy dinner tonight. My God with my work schedule along with all the household tasks, I’m lucky to get five hours sleep a night

Damn it, he tele-commutes on his job, he’s here all day. He could at least put in a load of laundry now and then. The little twerp she thought, and he was a little guy, only five six and around one hundred twenty-five pounds, the short dick little twerp. He won’t perform oral on me and he’s good for about ten or twelve strokes when he has sex with me; I can’t remember the last time he’s given me an orgasm.

Something’s gotta change around here, I won’t divorce him but something’s gotta give.
He hadn’t given her an orgasm but that didn’t mean she hadn’t had some. She got out of bed, went to the bathroom and got her toy from where she kept it hidden. Sitting on the toilet with her legs spread she started the buzz. That was her little secret, her vibrator, with a sigh, she brought herself release.

She rinsed her butterfly, stowed it and went back to bed, at last, blessed relief, an orgasm and sleep. I didn’t know about Lori’s little secret, at least not then; had I found out I’d have been amazed at her brazenness, I screwed her a couple of times a week, what more could she want?

I had my little secret, too. I’d grown up in a household with four females. I’d seen tits, pubic areas, pantied bottoms, breast filled brassieres from the time I could remember. I was the baby; they didn’t give a thought to their immodesty. If dad wasn’t home they’d all parade around in their underwear, even mom.

I can’t count the times I’ve witnessed a naked body going or coming from the shower or that a bathroom or bedroom door was left ajar, female flesh lots of female flesh for little Hal’s viewing pleasure, even if I got caught all any of them would say was, “Hal, get out of here.”

My favorite was when the bathroom door wasn’t closed; I’d peek and listen, their tinkle sound and their panties pooled around their feet, that’s how I felt my first arousal, I was twelve, it was Lauren and I got stiff.

As soon as she left I went in, locked the door and dug in the clothes hamper. Lauren’s panties, the ones she’d just taken off were on top. I picked then and brought them to my nose, they were damp in the crotch and still fragrant, I didn’t know it then but it was a mixture of young girl and urine, I inhaled then touched my tongue to the gusset, tasting Lauren.

I dug a little further; there was a pair of mom’s. They had a more powerful scent. I wrapped Lauren’s around my throbbing cock, held mom’s to my nose and masturbated, I’d never felt anything that felt better than that first cum. I buried the panties at the bottom of the hamper and went to my room.

Over the next six years I became a panty connoisseur, I didn’t even have to look, I could just sniff, I knew whether they were Lucy’s, Linda’s Lauren or Lureen’s, they all had a slight nuance in aroma and taste. I could always tell when mom and dad had sex; there’d be a white residue in her panties.

When I was thirteen, it was a Saturday and I was alone it the house, I wanted to try something a little different, I had several pairs that I’d taken to my room, I was naked, sniffing and the idea came to me. I pulled Linda’s panties on. Hers were the sexiest and the feel of the nylon against my bare cock was fantastic. I pulled them down, masturbated then pulled them back up. I wore them the rest of that day and every time I got the chance, I had panties on under my jeans.

I equated panties with pussy and pussy with pleasure; I had a major panty fetish, still do. I revel in the fact that I work from home, I often walk around in nothing but a pair of Lori’s panties, dirty ones, ones that smell like a woman not laundry detergent. For a real treat I slip into one of her camisoles or chemises, they’re both comfortable and arousing.

When I masturbate and I masturbate frequently I like to lie on the bed, pull up my top garment, lower my panties to my knees, put a pair of panties over my head so my nose is buried in the gusset and jerk off with another pair. I’ve been doing this for as long as Lori and I have been married and she’s none the wiser.

Then several weeks ago I screwed the pooch, big time. I had all day and a big chunk of the evening, Lori had a client dinner and had told me not to expect her ‘til about eleven. She’d fixed me up with a microwavable pasta dish for dinner.

I’d finished my work by noon, now it was Hal’s party time; I was already dressed for fun. Lori had several sets of baby doll lingerie with matching panties, the outfit I had on was apricot in color. After a several hours surfing porno sites on the net I was about as aroused as I was going to get, I got two pairs of her soiled panties, put one over my face and began to prepare. Slowly I raised the top, my hands caressed my stomach, my abdomen was clenching in anticipation, I rolled my panties down to my knees and massaged my upper thighs, I was hard as a steel rod, all five inches of me was sticking straight up, I wrapped myself with the other pair and stroked, slowly, slowly, drawing it out, I’d bring myself to the brink then stop. The crotch of the panties over my head was in my mouth, I was sucking them, tasting Lori, smelling my wife, finally I was ready, my hand was flying, it was coming, it was coming, I bucked my hips, I came. I caught most of it in the panty but several drops hit my stomach. I deflated.

Wow, I thought, that was great; maybe I’d have time for another after I ate dinner. I lay back on the pillow and relaxed. I still had my head in the panties; my panties were still around my knees. I dropped the cum filled ones on the floor beside the bed and daydreamed.

Then it became more that a daydream; I dozed off. Lori had dressed to impress, the man she was having dinner with was a convention planner, he could steer a lot of business her way. She towered over six feet tall in her four inch spike heels, she was wearing a black pencil skirt and matching belted jacket, they were from Donna Karan, there was a little bit of stretch in the fabric, it fit her like a glove.

Chitra, My Servent Girl

This was happened during the period that my wife was delivering her second baby. Some complications were aroused then she had to stay at the hospital for special medical attention. This caused big difficulties to the day to day work at home because we have another child at the age of two years to look after carefully. And I had to go my office which was 5 to 6 km away from my house, every day. As a solution to this problem we had decided to find a servant. We had hard time to find a suitable servant, fortunately at last we could find out a Tamil girl from upcountry.

Most of the Tamils in up country were employed as house servants in the main cities of the country. They were keen to do any difficult jobs that assigned to them. The girl we found was brought by wife’s brother through the contact of one of his friends. However she came two months before the hospitalization of my wife. Her name was Chitra, at the age of 21 years. She was dark but looks good. She had long dark hair up to his waist. And I guessed that she had average bust and slim body with round curved butt.

It was obvious that she was very shy girl and especially very scared to speak with me. She didn’t talk with me one or two ward unless it was necessary. Wife was also didn’t tell anything to her do behalf of me. Wife did every thing what I wanted when it was necessary such as ironing my dresses and preparing meals bring to the office. Anyway I noted that Chitra purposely refrained from affairs. But my thoughts admired her behaviors and appearance. She always wore long skirts and blouses. Most of the time there was a small silver colour chain around her right ankle. When she was walking it made sound of chime.

One day when I came back from the office and I went to up stair where the master bed room was. I just opened the window shutter to get fresh air before I changed the cloths. Then I heard water running sound on the ground of backyard of the house. I just peeped through the gap of window frame and shutter. It was delightful scene. It was unexpected; Chitra was having a bath using the shower fixed out of the house close to parapet wall. Chitra didn’t go to bathrooms in side of the house, because she thought that it was not good to use the bathroom of her master’s. So normally I didn’t see that she was bathing because she did those personnel things before I came back from the office. This unexpected scene was caught because of my early arrivals to home. I wanted to observe this incident clearly. So I started to look at her to get better view of her figure not knowing her that I was there.

The aerial view of the scene made good look of her figure. The running water from head to down the cloth got wet and it projected her sexy figure keenly. She had worn a plain cloth putting a knot to keep over her boobs. She started apply soap along the upper part of body with holding the loosen cloth by one hand. It showed her beautiful round firm boobs very well. Her nipples were erected. When she applied soap on boobs they jumped here and there nicely. My dick was got bulged. I squeezed my tool with my left hand looking at this live show. After that Chitra started apply soap on her thighs by holding loosen cloth. The bubbles ran down along the thighs. Round thighs were beautiful and very sexy. Once, the cloth unveiled showing her bush through the slit. I anticipated seeing her secret. It was thick dark bush. My dick tried to come out from my pants Again she applied soap on her bum. How lucky I was to see her round booties. She ran her fingers between the cleavage of ass cheeks to apply soap on her asshole area. Finally she applied soap on her pelvis area. All along the way when she moved, the chime of the jewelry around her ankle made accordingly.

I remembered several time when I was carrying my child, she came and took the child as it was her duty of looking after our baby. All the time when I gave the child to her, I kept my palm on her bum and pressed purposely. She excited all the time when I did that but she didn’t tell utter a word as well as no complained to the wife. The clue was that no harm from her if I moved forward.

As I told when my wife was in the hospital, one day I came home from the office early to prepare the stuff to bring to the hospital during the visitor’s time of 5 to 6 evening. When I came to home, I saw that Chitra was keeping the baby on her lap letting her get to sleep on the sofa in the visiting room. I went direct into the master bed room on the up stair. And I changed the cloths and had a wash from the attached bathroom and came down wearing a red colour T-shirt and three quarter trouser. Normally, I didn’t wear underpants when I was at home to make comfortable myself.

When I came to the visiting room, Chitra and baby were not there. Then I called “ Chitra….Chitra “ with the intention of making a cup of tea for getting refreshment. “Sir…I am coming…….” Her voice came from up stair through the baby’s room.

Then I went and stopped at the doorstep of the room. She was keeping the baby on the bed and to make her comfortable she arranged the pillows around her. When I shouted Chitra’s name again, baby had opened her eyes. Therefore, she beat on to the pillow with her palm softly to sleep the baby again. I observed her from the entrance of the room. She was bending over the bed. Her round ass projected towards door side. She was wearing a orange colour T-shirt and ankle length long, small flowers printed green colour skirt. I could see the hem of her panty embossed over the skirt. I felt uncomfortable and it was little hesitation how she would react if I went to touch her.

Anyway I got courage and reached behind her. Similarly I bent over her and put my right hand around her over her bending body. I too started to beat the pillows with my hand. She got very excited with this unexpected incident. She was unable to shout because of sleeping baby. I realized that she was very uncomfortable with sudden invasion of me. I noticed that she tried to refrain from touching of my body. At the moment baby got to sleep well again.

Chitra cried.” Sir…please…..!!!! “Shhhhhh …” I stopped her. “Don’t make sound, baby will wake up “

She had no choice. She tried to creep back to get rid from me. I didn’t allow her to escape. I put my right leg crossing her back. She was helpless at the moment. Again she pleaded.

“Sir…please let me go…” I just pushed my knee between her legs. She gasped with excitement. “Sir…..please….if Madam gets to know this….She will kill me…..Therefore, let me go Sir ….please.” She pleaded. I thought that only problem of her was that wife would get to know this. Otherwise she was willing to do so.

I explained her “Don’t worry Chitra…she will not get to know…you don’t scared about that” I pushed my knee further between her legs. She just responded by spreading her legs bit. Her breathing was heavy. I touch her small boobs over the T-shirt She shivered with the fear and ecstasy. I fondled her boobs massaging with passionate manner. The first time I heard her cry with pleasure “ah..ah..ah…”

I asked from her “ Chira ..Shall we go to other room?.”

She didn’t tell anything. Without telling any word she raised up her body. I too had to standup with her same position just behind her. I didn’t keep away my hands from her boobs. I started to caress her earlobes and behind the neck by my lips.

“OH….uh….uh…aha…” Chitra moaned with pleasure.

Her height was up to my shoulders. Therefore, I can play with her easily. When I was kissing her neck she leaned against my body and arched her head on to my left shoulder. Then I kissed her cheeks and neck softly. I could hear her heavy breathing and she raised her right hand and put around my head and pulled toward her mouth.

I went out from the room pushing her leading to out master bed room with same position. We stood in front of the huge dressing table facing the mirror. She was very shy to look at the images on the mirror. She was gazing her eyes towards the floor. I stated to fondle her boobs looking at the images on the mirror. She raised her face with closed eyes. Then I kissed her lips roughly and parted her sexy lips and put my tongue into her mouth. She started to play with my tongue with her one. Same time, I squeezed her boobs playfully. I felt that hers well round booty was pressing against my groin area. My dick had come to maximum strength of it. I put my both hands under the T-shirt that she was wearing. And found firm boobs. She had worn a bra. I cupped my hands on them and fondled. Still my lips were on her mouth. I rolled up her T-shirt and her responded stretching her hands up. I removed her top. She was wearing black cotton bra. I squished her boobs over the material and I saw that she opened her eyes to see this very captivate move of her.

I just asked from her. ”Chitra ….are you happy…?” Her reply was only nodding her head and closed her eyes again with pleasure morning. “ohoooo yeaaaah….”

Then I pulled down her printed long skirt. And she stepped out kicking off the skirt away. I found that she had worn underskirt too. It was transferring material. Therefore, her panty was visible through the skirt. I hurried enough to remove her underskirt. Then she was only with bra and pink colour panty. She had very sexy figure and very young age. Her round thighs were pressing together. I could see the wetness of pussy had absorbed by the panty. I just kept my hand over her pussy while my left hand was on her boobs. I parted her thighs to examine how power of her wetness. Wonderful, the cotton panty had got soaked just like a little child had put pee on his panty. I applied her pussy juice on my fingers and kept close to nuzzles of me, to feel aroma of most delicious fluid in the world. It gave very sweet smell. I held fingers very close to her mouth and touched her lips; finally I put my fingers into her mouth letting her to taste her own pussy juice.

Next, I unhooked her bra behind. Then she slid off the straps over the shoulders letting the bra drop on the floor. I had been waited quite long period impatiently to see these round firm nice boobs. Her dark nipples had hardened and stiffed tits were extended more than half inches in length. It was fine to suck and play. Actually I was lucky to play with those natural boobs. I put the hands surrounding her and started to play with her boobs. Still we were standing position in front of the mirror. She was crying with pleasure and fantasy of sex playing. I pulled her nipples and twisted them with forefinger and thumb.

“Oooooh …so….gooood sir….” She murmured. I shook her boobs by pulling nipples forward.. Oh……God…….ohohohoh…..uuummmm..” “Chitra” I called her name very lustful way. See how beautiful your boobs and see how lucky there are in my hands.” Her nipples were well erected towards the mirror. “Chitra just open your eyes and see”

She opened eyes bit. The eyes were looked crazy with fantasy. I just took her hands which were around my head. And slowly I kept palms of her both hands on her boobs. I started to fondle her boobs keeping my hands over her hands. I guided her to get fun by playing with her own boobs.

And I asked her” Chitra… Girly…. enjoy yourself with your boobs.” Still her eyes were closed. I slowly took my hands off from her boobs. My hand teased down to her naval. “Oh” it was wonderful to see that she started to play with her beautiful boobs by touching and pulling the nipples. It was really fascinating even to see the image through the mirror. I just reached to her pussy covered with cotton pink panty. It had been got wet with dripping down pussy juice of her. Then I put my right hand into her pelvis area and found her well grown thick bush. I teased here and there with my fingers. She moaned with sudden pleasure of lower part of her body. “Ohhhh …ahhhhh…mummmmm…”

She arched her waist and pushed her bums against my crotch. My dick was at maximum erection point. She rotated her back pressing on my dick over my three quarter trouser. I slipped down her panty up to her knee.

“Oh No….Sir…please… don’t” She held my hand to stop go further. I realized that she was afraid that I would destroy her virginity.

I explained her softly. “Chitra I told you … that I don’t want to make problem to you….don’t worry girly…if I do a wrong thing, it will be a problem to me as well as you. So please believe me… I don’t want to make problems…..” She released her grip on my hand.

Then I rolled her panty down to her ankle. She came out of the panty letting it on the floor. She was fully naked in front of the mirror. Her beautiful sexy figure delighted me. She again started to play with her boobs; meanwhile I began to touch her pussy from behind of her. I ran my fingers over her outer lips and inner lips then came to her clit. It was projected. At very first touch, she started to moan.
” Oh…myyy..God….shshshs….mmmmm..ah…” her mouth had opened with this sensation.
Her pussy juice had become to pour down. It was really wet area. I just slid into her pussy hole with my middle finger. “Oh no Sir…” She tightened her thighs together.
“ Chitra ….. I told you as I promised …I don’t do anything wrong….” I promised her again. I just wanted to taste her sweetness on my fingers. It was really sweet fluid. Again and again I did so.

I turned her around to face to face position. I rolled up my T-shirt and removed over the head. She could see the hair on my chest. Without any invitation she started to stroke my chest and ran her fingers through my hair on chest. She kissed my chest and nipples and started to suck nipples like a slut. I just lowered my body and started to lick her well firm boobs and tip of the tongue ran over her bud on the boobs and moved tongue circling the tit.

Finally, I took her nipples into mouth and sucked very gently. Both tits got harden and erected. She cried with pleasure again. “Oh …..Sir….suck…me….it is really Goooood…….I like …..It. Ooooooooh… suck me….hard…Sir…oh.. Oh… ah…” I sucked hardly and nibbled her huge buds. “Oh… really good sir…you are killing….me…” She got breath heavily.

Then I took her boobs each into my mouth just like vacuum machine works. Half of her delicate globe went into my mouth. This pressure made her mad. She ran her fingers over my head and hugged me tightly. We embraced together little while. I rested my hand behind her on her booty and started to squeeze her bums. She ran her hands down to the waistband of my trouser. Her hands crept into touch my dick and pushed down the short on to the floor. Now, we were both naked. My six inches tool was erected and pulsed with glittering header. Chitra’s eyes were delighted by looking at my dick. I closed to her and we hugged together tightly to feel our hot rampage of sex. It was really hot feelings.

To get closer I put my dick between her thighs. She wrapped my dick with her luscious thighs. I kissed her lips and played with her tongue. After that I took her hand kept over my dick, she started to stroke my dick with her both hand. Dick got real comfort between her tender palms. I pushed her down on her knees. She was really playing with my throbbing dick and balls. She caressed and kissed my prick delicately. Still she didn’t take my dick in to her mouth. I kept my hand on her head and pulled towards the prick. Puzzle was on her face to do next.

“Chitra, suck me and enjoy” She opened her lips little, I pushed dick into this narrow entrance. Big header entered ruthlessly. Her mouth was filled with this throbbing tool. And it went to maximum point. She was uncomfortable to breath and took out and started move her head back and forward along the dick. This blowjob made me mad. She was very keen of doing that. Oh …Chitra …you are so…good…suck… me ….suck me…baby…” I could see all the moments lively through the mirror image. Oh it was wonderful; this black beauty knelt down at my feet and sucking her master’s dick. It was delightful posture to see.

After little while, I let her to stand and again we hugged together and kissed passionately. I pushed her backward to the bed and she sat beside on the bed. She took my dick into mouth, to suck again. She dried the juice had come out of my dick. I let her to lie down in the bed on her back. And, legs were raised into air. The chime of the chain around her ankle made sound whenever she moved her position. Now it was easy access to her pussy. I knelt down on the floor and opened her legs. She responded spreading her thighs to either side. Her pussy had puffed and greatly got wet for next encounter. I started to kiss her both thighs, feelings were like run over velvet.

Thereafter, I started eat her cute pussy, fondling with my tongue. I departed her pussy lips and licked her hot spot tenderly. She started to cry and raising and moving her back. “Ohhhhhhh…..Mmmmmu Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…..Sooooooo…..good…………….Sir…oh …oh…oh… I can’t…..I can’t….” She shrank the bed sheet and hit on the mattress with her fist. I came on to her clit. I gave her wonderful tongue treatment as I know every woman have no turn from this point. She came to maximum when I was licking her pussy and nibbling her clit. She screamed. “Ohhhhh….I can’t ……Sir…..Ohhhhhhh..Iam cummmmming…oh…oh…” She exploded her sweet juices; those came out of her hole. I tasted some fluid and let drain that slippery saliva up to her asshole. I applied that fluid with my middle finger and insert into her asshole. She raised her head to see this unexpected invasion and she had never got this kind of experience. She surprised by her thoughts that her master was poking her asshole with finger. Actually it brought her more and more pleasure. I moved finger in and out along the passage. Again she started to cry with pleasure. She thought, this would be end of sexy act happened today with her master. I felt that wall of the anus getting relaxed and tight entrance got relaxed. I entered one more finger and another. She screamed loudly with pleasure. “Ooooooohh……ooooohhhhhh….” She responded widening her thighs and rising up her booty. “Chitra” I called her softly.

“Sir…..” she looked at me hesitation. “You know, that your asshole is ready for entering my dick” I said that with not sure of her will. She astonished and pleaded. “No…it will hurt me Sir…It is too big sir… please and you know that I am going to marry very soon. So I have to concern about my virginity too…Sir we will stop now…please… ” No…Chitra …It doesn’t hurt you…..I will apply some cream if you are scared….and do you know? I don’t like to hurt you……” I explained her again and again
She nodded her head to give her permission but her eyes showed her fear ness. While she was lying on the bed, I reached to the dressing table and took a tube of baby cream which was among the verity of cosmetics belonged to my wife. I squished baby cream onto my palm and looked at her. Her eyes were closed but her hands were playing with boobs and nipples. I knelt down again near by her. “Chitra,” I called her. “Sir…” She murmured like that she was in a dream. “Raise your legs up…” She followed and let me to do what I wanted. I applied enough cream in and out of her asshole. Naturally, head of my dick was bigger. I applied some cream on my dick. It looked gorgeous and signing. Holding her legs up, I put tip of the dick at the entrance of her asshole. She cried again. ” Sir… please… Don’t hurt me… Do it slowly sir….” I said.” Chitra… Don’t worry about …. I know how to that… will be more happy than we did so far…” I just pushed slightly to expand her asshole entrance. It entered little bit. Chitra shouted with little pain but she didn’t refuse to do so.

Instead of that she put her both hands on bums and expanded for easy access. “Oh…good girly…” I admired her co-assistance. I slowly entered one inch inside and let her to relax muscle. According my experience I knew that asshole fucking couldn’t be done hurry. Then I second push did again It went half of the length inside. Hotness of her asshole walls felt me to get pleasure of it. Her wetness and muscles wrapped around the dick. Final push went to maximum point of her hole.

She shouted. “Oh …my god……sir …ohhhhhhhh…it soooooo good…. I never thought this …kind of …pleasure sir…it makes me really good…Oh…you are killing…me …sir…..I want…more…“ All six inches disappeared in the tight little asshole of her.

It was really good, the throbbing tool made me wild. I started to fuck her initially in very slow manner. Then hardly, she got extreme pleasure and cried loudly. “Oohhhhh…….mmmmm…sooooooo ….goooood sir…. Meanwhile I posed fucking her for a while, I bent over her body and touched her boobs. I took her tits into mouth and sucked till those getting hardened again. She really enjoyed and put her around me hugged me very tightly like the most valuable thing in the world and kissed my cheeks like there was no way to respect her master in front of the sex.. “ You are great in giving happiness to me…sir. It is tremendous…sir” Her drowsy eyes urged more pleasure. I rubbed her clit while I was fucking again. Pussy juice was draining from her cleavage. She looked like unconscious with this sexy play. She breathed heavily and cried dreamingly. I moved dick in and out along her asshole furiously.

“Oooooooh….oh…kill…me..sir” She grabbed the bed sheet by her hands to control herself with pleasure and pain ran all over her body.
I stopped at the maximum and took out my dick. She was shivering with this encounter.

“Chitra” I raised my voice. “Am I pleasing you?” “Yes, Sir …you are so good. I had never thought about this kind of happiness. I owe you…I don’t want to go away from this… I want more… sir…” Her voice faded with nagging pleasure of her body.

I turned her on to the four, doggy position. Her round dark bums were fleshy. I stroked gently her booty and teased fingers along her cleavage up to her pussy which was wet greatly. Spreading her thighs little bit apart, again I entered into her asshole. She didn’t do any resistance this time. She welcomed my tool. I started to fuck her with hard thrusting. My crotch clapped with her bums when every stroke went inside her. She shouted again “Oooooohhhh….mmmmmmm…” One time while I was pushing, I pulled back her hip holding with both hands, letting to go maximum point along asshole. She responded to each stroke with pushing her back towards me. And I bent over her body and fondled her boobs. I accelerated pumping up. She screamed with pleasure. “Oh…Oh…Oh…I am coming sir….oh.oh…” “Oh Chitra I too…oh…..” I shouted too. “Oh..Oh..Sammy…” (tamil word for call to God). She exploded of her load and juice ran alone her thighs. I was close to release cum too.

I took out dick from her hole and turned her to lie down in the bed on her back. I stood between her legs and released whole load on to her body. “Oh…..oh” My voice came out without any effort. Semen had dropped on her naval, boobs and on her face. She applied juice over her boobs tasted putting her finger into mouth. Her eyes were closed but her secret smile implied the fully satisfaction of sex act.

After little while she opened her eyes. She saw that I was looking at her. She felt shy about the incident. She got down from the bed hurry and collected her cloths and ran out of the room, telling me. “Naughty Sir…..I will tell your wife……..!!!!!!!!!!!! It made me laugh in my lips…..

Joining the line

He was feeling up my wife’s body, and everyone saw it! He was rude, he treated her like a slut from some third rate pub. His big wet hands were roaming over her gorgeous body, fondling her curves. I was stuck dumb, I was so shocked I couldn’t even move. I was watching him squeeze her bouncy round buttocks with his big fingers, his knee slid up her hip raising her dress rim and exposing her panties. He was sucking on her neck, and she… she didn’t do anything to stop him! She didn’t push him away, she didn’t tell him to piss off, she didn’t slap him across the face! Her hands were resting on his shoulders, she was obedient to his lustful attempts to fuck her. She didn’t care her dress was raised up, her boobs were about to fall out of her bra, her nipples were rubbing against his tie. Her dress straps were hanging off her shoulders. She didn’t care.

Dancing couples made room for them in the center of the hall, everyone was silent. I heard Madonna sing and saw them dance. It was a crazy dance of passion, lust, and sex. And my wife was a part of that dance!

I was still dumb and motionless. I couldn’t take my eyes off his hands pulling off her panties. His own knee didn’t let him take the panties off, so he just moved it aside and I saw a big wet spot on his trousers. Her panties fell on the floor and everyone saw her big, swollen pink pussy! I loved her pussy, I loved to explore it, I loved to finger it…

He pulled her frontward and she almost stumbled over her own lingerie item. She had to bend over, and, oh god, I saw a big drop of her juices flow down her hips. Everyone was curiously staring at me as if asking what I was gonna do next. What could I actually do? What could I do after seeing my wife desperately want HIM!? I tried to look in her eyes, but I only saw her half shut eyes, lusty smile on her face, and her gushing snatch!

Her friend was the first to do something. She ran up to my wife and tried to take her to me. She called her a drunk and stupid bitch. My wife didn’t give a shit about her friend, not really showing any desire to stop that crazy dance or at least cover her snatch with the dress.

He didn’t like my wife’s friend’s interruption, so he just pushed her to fall. Then he threw off my wife’s dress, she was absolutely naked. He embraced her gently and carefully. His actions made everyone relax. Actually, everyone was totally perplexed, just imagine, a well dressed guy in a suit was holding his friend’s naked wife who was literally gushing to have sex with him.

I finally took control over my body and emotions. I was ready to go and hit Him hard, but all of a sudden He led her to my seat. He helped her sit on the chair, and sat down in front of me and looked straight in my eyes:

“You have a very beautiful and vehement wife. Look at her.”

I did, she was looking innocent and relaxed. But for her bare tits pressing against the table I would have thought that dance was just a trick of my own imagination. He went on:

“You’re not gonna revenge on her, are you? You don’t have a reason to do that. Has she cheated on you? No.”

I looked at him distrustfully.

“I wasn’t fucking her, everyone saw it, and you saw it too.” He added firmly. “Haven’t you ever been flirty with other women after getting married? Didn’t you like feeling up their hot bodies? But you’ve never considered it to be infidelity, right? Why can’t she do the same then too?” He uttered seeing my reaction to his words.

“If I touch her wonderful tit now it won’t be considered infidelity”.

He did hold his hands round her waist and started fondling her nipples and pinching them.

“See how much she likes it!”

My wife tossed her head backwards and moaned.

“Has she ever been so passionate to you? No, no, it’s not about me, she doesn’t care who’s fondling her now, try yourself.”

He took my hand and put it on her boob. My wife sighed and trembled.

“Look she’s gonna cum on your touch! And it’s you, not me who’s gonna make her cum. What cheating are you talking about, man?”

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I started feeling up her tities. Felt like it was my very first time I saw her fantastic body and had full access to it. My wife arched her back and moaned.

“Are there only tits you’re interested in?” He asked me playfully. “Listen to her body and it will tell you what she really wants.”

I felt like a boy having his first sex. I put my shivering hand on her stomach and felt her wild desire. My hand slipped down to her crotch. He helped me out by spreading her legs to sides. My hand got in her wet and hot snatch. My hand was almost drowning in her juices. I’d never thought my wife could be so vehement, I didn’t even know one could ever be so vehement like she was those moments.

I caught myself at thinking I repeated His words about my wife, like he got in my head and read my thoughts…He raised my wife’s feet on the table and I sucked on her burning hot slit. I didn’t see or hear anything anymore. I was totally absorbed in my sweet sensations. It was bliss, real bliss.

Anyway I saw all guests get round us. Guys said my wife was really brave. Their wives and girlfriends didn’t support them and instead felt really sorry for me though they were rubbing their buttocks against their men’s groins. My wife’s friend who finally stood up from the floor got her hand in His pants.

Smell of my wife’s hot pussy was filling the air. It was like alcohol, we all were drunk. I was licking her lips all over, I was sucking her clit, fucking her vagina with my tongue, licking her anus. My face was wet with her juices. And my wife was arching her back more and more, squeezing her hips tighter.

I didn’t see her help her friend with His cock. She helped her unzip the fly and take his huge dick out. Her friend sucked on it lustfully, while my wife was caressing his testicles. Then her friend gave her his cock and she sucked on it too, cumming. Her body shivered lightly, then the shiver became more intensive, she bucked and then relaxed.
I lifted my eyes and saw my wife’s wide open mouth and His shaft ramming it. I didn’t even have time to think whether I was jealous or not as I saw a swollen pussy right in front of my face, and it wasn’t my wife’s one. It was her friend’s!

Her hands were holding my head. I faced another gushing twat. She was sitting on my wife’s lap and pushing my head in her bosom. I didn’t see His shaft in my wife’s mouth any more, I could only hear her lips smack. My head was squeezed between the hips. The friend was climaxing.

I got on my feet and saw a very lovely picture: my wife’s mouth, nose, and cheeks were covered by His semen. He never stopped cumming, his sperm hit her eyes, her ears, her forehead. It was flowing down her neck, her breasts. She was licking it off her chin, off her body. She was so hungry for his cum, she was swallowing it non-stop! She liked the taste, she tried to get everything in her mouth. She sucked on his dick and milked it, not willing to lose even a single drop of his cream.

It wasn’t fair! I was betrayed, at least that’s exactly what I felt. I threw her friend off her lap, stood up and looked in His eyes.

“I’m not fucking her!” He cried. “She’s sucking me! I didn’t lift a finger to make her do it!”

Yeah, I know. I saw it. No collusion, but we took her in our arms and put her on the table. Her head and feet were hanging down. My wife didn’t even let his dick go during our manipulations! I had to walk round the table. I took her legs in hands and raised her feet. I saw her wet twat. I undid the fly and took out my pecker. I stuffed her slit with it. The dick got inside her vagina at its full length, even my balls seemed to be about to get in too. I was fucking her hard and frantically like a really hot young stud. My thrusts were getting harder and harder, her body was shaking on the table, her head was shaking too, she could hardly keep His dick in her mouth.

The picture was so hot that I came really soon. I ejaculated on her pubis, her hips, and her stomach. He came too. He was cumming on her face trying to hit her mouth but mostly hitting her neck and breasts. I felt like going crazy.

Somebody pushed me aside. Nude men were pushing me farther and farther from the table. A dick replaced a dick in her snatch, she always had a new cock in her mouth for sucking. My wife didn’t even have to do anything, guys were doing everything instead of her. Sperm covered all of her body and there seemed to be more of it to come.

They turned her on the stomach. Big hands were squeezing her butt, somebody’s hands spread her butt cheeks and poked a dick inside, they failed to fuck her anally so they just got a finger in her ass and started fondling her that way. The table was wet with cum. Semen was streaming off her mouth on the floor.

I joined the line, I was the last. I was standing in the line to fuck my wife! Oh, man! My cock was rocky hard again. And finally I was standing in front of my sluttish wife. Her body was wet and sticky because of their cum. I grasped her hair trying to ram her mouth. I didn’t feel I was her husband I was just another fuck buddy, a male who was gonna fuck her throat.

I was poking my dickhead at her face, her nose, eyes, and forehead. I opened her mouth and entered it deep. She choked. I let her take a breath and then continued till I erupted a load in her throat. She held me close helplessly.

I realized it was enough for her. She wanted me to help her; she wanted her beloved hobby to help her! I took her in my arms off the table. Guys didn’t like it, they hadn’t had enough of my wife’s body. I shouted they could shag their own wives and girls and had to leave my wife alone. I took her sticky body in my arms, pressing her close to my body, whispering something in her ear. She was hugging me too.

My New Hobby

I was bored, horny and lets face it, when you have a hubby that sleeps half his life away like mine you get that way sometimes. I sat in the living room and as predicted he fell asleep on the sofa again. I am still young and pretty and need love to keep me that way. My breasts are a nice 34 C and still firm while my waist is a nice 24 and my ghetto booty gets a lot of men flirting with me but I always remember that I am married and never cheat.

I headed up the stairs leaving a trail of cloths leading to the bathroom and as I closed the door I started my hot bath. I went to the bathroom as usual to see how bright the stars were and noticed a man shaving his face in the house across the way so I watched him for a few seconds. I saw him totally naked and he wasn’t half bad. I saw everything from his head down to his head. He must have been at least a eight incher and I knew if he caught me looking he would close his window so I shut the light off and continued to watch his every move.

I subconsciously started to tickle, squeeze and rub my nipples and when I caught myself I stopped for a few minutes but only to find myself doing it over and over again. The man started touching his self not knowing I was watching and I started to think how greatly sexually heightened I was getting and my hands moved to my pussy and that’s when the real fun began. In and out my fingers slid in my now wet cunt as I watched him masturbate. If he did it faster so did I. Harder then faster my fingers went. First one finger went in then two then even three at a time. My fingers slid in and out watching him as I helped myself to my own juices. I was so stimulated from my hands touching my hot pussy and new stopping was out of the question this point but what really got me there was the watching from the corner and between the thrill of getting caught and my handy work I was almost there.

My eyes were shut as my ecstasy continued but I would peek for a slight look at his rock hard cock. I would shut my eyes once again then slowly continue my clit massage. I wanted to cum but didn’t dare because I loved to scream out when I did climax but by now I said fuck it and started the Cumming process again and again having small orgasms one right after another. First a whimper then a cry as my pleasure heightened. I grabbed a towel and bite it as I tried to hold in the screams of passion but in my mind the whole neighborhood heard me. One last peek at the man next door and I saw him explode into his sink and that was the end of me. I hammered my pussy with my hand in a fist and with each stroke the feeling of sexual awareness became so immense that it hurt. I will love to tell you about the time I took a peek at his wife but that’s another story.

Watching his big cock cum

I decided to search for Mr. B’s e-mail address. I looked on a few search engines and found it!! I sent him a note telling him the following. Hi BD = big cock! I call you that because I have seen your cock and I know it’s huge and I’m betting it’s super hard too. I guess you are wondering who the hell I am and how do I know you have a big purple cock head about 4 inches thick along with a cock shaft of around 12 inches. You trim your cock hair very close! It looked like you have almost no hair around your cock! That’s very hot baby! I told him how he did it too! Slowly jerking off and then slowly down and then speeding up teasing himself. I also told him that he milked the last bit of cum out of his cock as it deflated. Then I told him, so now I bet you’re wondering who the hell I am. I’ll tell you this much until we meet! I’m 5’11″ weight about 117 with real long straight blonde hair and have green eyes. I have great legs, long and shapely since I run a lot. I’m over 18 but under 30 so you don’t have to worry about the age thing. My ass is nice and will I promise to fuck you crazy with it. My tits are the least sex thing about me. I’m small around my top because I keep in shape and don’t have much body fat! I can tell you that I watched you more than one night, stroking your big cock as you sat by your PC watching sweet young things sucking or fucking on big cock.

You watch those porn movies and jerk off. You are a dirty old man but I love watching you great big cock jump all around. I want it and I will have it you hear me big guy! So if you don’t want me to send a little note to your sweet wife or kids telling them what you do when they are all in bed or out of the house, you’ll answer this e-mail and tell me when and where you’ll meet me. I tell you what. You meet me and if you don’t want to fuck me or have me suck your cock we’ll just walk away from each other after we meet. But, know this, I’m a dam good lay and you won’t be disappointed baby! You’ll want me when you see me as much or more than I want you right now. You know as I write you, I’m working hard pumping my wet pussy with 3 fingers thinking about your cock fucking me. Before I finish, I’ll cum hard! I have to tell you BD ever since I saw your cock the first time, I can’t get it out of my brain! I want it! I want it so bad baby! I’m wet all the time. So, now that I introduced myself to you, how about the two of us hooking up one night. Maybe we could spend a night at the Stay Inn, which I know, is close to both of us. We could have a fantastic night of sex baby. I’m telling you I can’t wait to stroke your big cock making it grow hard. You know, I bet you’re getting hard right now reading this e-mail! I know I’m hot writing it!! I bet you would love my soft lips wrapped around your big cock head sucking my brains out as you fuck my mouth with all you got! If you’re good to me, I’ll even let you cum in my mouth. But before we do anything, I want you to cum in my little pussy as you fuck me into orgasm after orgasm. Write me back and let me know when and where we’ll meet. I can’t wait. Love WTH!

Well it was 3 days before I got a response from BD. He told me he wanted to meet me first before we spent any time alone! He wanted to be sure I wasn’t some crazy asshole who would shoot him and rob him or worst. But, he also told me that if I was telling him the truth about how I looked and what I wanted, he would be happy to do me in the mouth and pussy! Hell he even offered to fuck my ass until I screamed. He told me he was stroking his cock as he wrote me back thinking about a sweet little pussy with all of his “14″ inches inside it! God he was bigger than a ruler, bigger than I ever imagined. He told me to meet him at the NE mall around 8PM on this Thursday night in front of the big men shoe store. That’s where he buys his size 13 shoes. Guess the old wives tale about telling the size of the man’s cock by the size of his fee is true. At least in this case it is. He told me if everything was good, he would let me play with his cock and suck him off in his car that night. That way, I could see what I was getting if he fucked me. He said some women just couldn’t handle his cock in their pussy it’s just to dam big! I was wondering myself if he was too big for me. I haven’t had many guys bigger than 7 or 8 inches and none anywhere near as thick as this man was! But then I would think about him jerking off and how wet I got and how hard I climaxed when I watched him that decided I would take a chance. He also told me he would lick my little pussy and make me cum a few times Thursday night if I looked as good as I sounded.

Happy Friday

Jenny would not come home until 9 pm and Claudia, her daughter had a sleep-over at her friends place. I was home alone, tired after a hard weeks work and decided to use every minute of it. After a hot, relaxing shower I positioned myself in front of our computer and dedicated myself to some serious one arm surfing. I really enjoyed the quiet moments, when I could watch some porn on the Net. My dick was rock hard looking at the beautiful young bodies and their inviting spread pussies. We had a domestic on Monday and five days without sex was clearly showing in a form of a bone hard erection sticking out of my shorts. From time to time I would give it a gentle massage, stopping just short of having an orgasm. I wanted to save it all for Jenny.

When she finally came home I was into my third Bourbon and Coke, with the emphasis on Bourbon. She walked in to my study finding me fully concentrated on some real estate page which I found and saved earlier for just such an occasion. Jenny gave me a kiss showing me her full breasts in process. My hand went up her thigh resting on her damp pussy.
“I missed you”-she said. “I missed you to”-I responded showing her the full length of my erected penis. She smiled and dropped to her knees taking it in her warm mouth. “Stop it right there, unless you are very hungry, it’s been five days so please be careful.”-I almost came in her mouth within seconds. “Go and have a shower. I have big plans for you tonight.”

I could hear the water running in the bathroom as I went to her wardrobe and laid out some special items on our bed. Her eyes were full of surprise when she walked inside. A pair of pearl self supporting stockings, a white see trough blouse with just four buttons at the front, black high heels and a black coat.

“Where is the rest” she asked me with a mischievous smile. Only then I noticed her pussy was completely shaven. The swollen lips opened up looking like a fresh mussel.  “Don’t ask any questions please and get dressed. Oh and don’t forget to put this on” I said handling her a bottle of Fendi, my favourite perfumes. She stepped out of our bedroom, as I was finishing my next drink, smoking a cigarette. Jenny looked stunning. Without a word we went to a train station to make our way to the City.

I could see the looks on the faces the men and some women as we walked down the street towards a well known bar. Once inside I ordered us some drinks and for the next two hours I was giving Jenny some encouragement in a form of some very potent cocktails and drinks. By ten o’clock she was ready. I could tell by the seam of her coat which by now was hanging down exposing her beautiful legs, just stopping short from her naked pussy.

It was the time to proceed with step two. We went for a walk mixing with the happy Friday night crowd making our way towards the train station. I could sense she was little bit disappointed to be taken home so early. But to her surprise I guided her into a narrow alley lit with red neon signs indicating some extreme sexual activities. I could feel the grip of her hand tightening on my as we stepped inside. Some men were walking in and out of peeping booths, some were waiting at the entrance of the cinema. Heads started turning, they were all staring at us, or rather at Jenny as we disappeared behind a black velvet curtain. The atmosphere inside the cinema was hot and stuffy. It was so dark I could not tell how many people were there. We made our way towards the front and found our seats.

Jenny was absolutely stunned . Within minutes she has completely forgotten about the surroundings. My eyes adjusted to the lighting conditions inside the room. Looking around I noticed building consternation and curiosity on the faces of the all male movie goers. Jenny’s eyes were glued to the screen. I undid the two top buttons of her blouse letting her full breasts free and squizzing them in process. She just sat there mesmerised with one hand between her legs, moving around under the folds of her coat, which didn’t leave much for imagination. I had to split my attention between the hard core sex in front of us and a few men changing their seating arrangements to get a better view of my wife. It didn’t take long for a man in his forties to sit next to Jenny. Nothing happened at first, but soon his hand started moving up and down his erected shaft while he was staring at her exposed breasts. Only after a couple of minutes Jenny whispered in my ear:
“There is a guy masturbating next to me”

John’s Wife, Angie Lee…..Chap 4

Angie Lee was due in from the states to join her husband John at his overseas assignment.  Although John was glad about seeing his wife after a few months without her, he was a bit apprehensive about her arrival. He had been involved with my wife’s best friend Goody. Actually, he had been involved with my wife and her best friend Goody.

Angie and John married when they were both in their mid thirties. She had a succession of affairs during her motherless teenage years. Her mother abandoned Angie, her dad and a younger sister. Later at twenty-something she was engaged to be married. The groom-to-be disappeared one day. Though she tried, she didn’t think she would ever find her “Prince Charming”. All of the good men were married, which didn’t seen to matter to her. She became easily attracted to men. In other words, she was horny almost all the time and she rather enjoyed fucking other women’s husbands. She was single and a government employee at a military installation which gave her a wide assortment of available, and unavailable men.

Before she married John, Angie had been involved in numerous affairs with married men. She was no bimbo, but she was a cunt. She would become acquainted with the wives of her paramours, then reveal their husband’s indiscretions. Somewhere in her deluded mind this might have given her some dark secret pleasure because she thought she was “saving” the marriage by doing so……….but it also caused a stinking uproar every time. This effectively shed her of one adulterous liaison in order to search for the next. Still, while intelligent and deep, she had conflicted feelings about her sexuality and her religious beliefs. She would revert to her beliefs when unattached. She considered herself a good Christian, but when it came to sex, her weakness as she called it, she could not help herself. Sometimes, she said, she got so horny she could fuck a tree.

Angie Lee looked forward to joining her husband John overseas. He was in the military and by necessity left her behind till he was settled and had adequate quarters assigned. Sometimes this took months. However, she had traveled to Europe in her younger days and remembered again the brief but passionate affairs. They were both mature enough to understand each other’s sexual needs and found common ground concerning their expected separations.

Angie attracted men easily because she was quite direct in her approach….she hit on them in a shy and coy sort of way. Not romantically inclined, she just wanted to fuck something new. She was no beauty, quite plain even, but she had a wonderful body perfected with rigorous daily exercise.  She was light-skinned and purposely avoided sunlight to keep it that way. Her features were gypsy-like, dark-haired and light-eyes, of average height.

After an five month wait, she joined John and quickly met his military friends and their wives.  They were a friendly, close knit group of people. They worked hard and they played hard, together. John seemed to gravitate to a younger group of special friends in their twenties. His best friend was a young man named Ted. His wife Dot was a local girl, outgoing and a lot of fun to be around. Dot was also very beautiful. She was blonde, slim and tall, green-eyed, and long-legged. Although Dot was somewhat bohemian, Angie liked her immediately.

John and Angie’s free time were spent sight-seeing and shopping for souvenirs. John showed her  all the places he had been to before she got there. Weekend evenings were spent mostly gathering with friends, dining and dancing. One of John’s favorite places was a small gasthaus near their housing area. It was run by an American ex-serviceman. Everyone called it Gene’s Place. It was very popular with the American military crowd. Angie never smoked cigarettes or drank caffeine or alcoholic beverages. Her considered her body the temple of her soul.  Secretly, she kept a bottle of Morgan David blackberry wine in the kitchen cabinet. To settle her nerves, she told herself. At Gene’s Place she would occasionally sip wine from her husband’s glass. This led to many refills for John. It got to be a source of humor with their friends. Angie and John drank wine from one glass.

Angie looked forward to their evenings out. They would dine out and bar hop and dance with his friends till the wee hours. The wine curbed her inhibitions and she enjoyed the new scene immensely. She knew that European women had a different perspective about life. For instance, they did not wait to be asked to dance by the men and took to the dance floor with each other without hesitation. She noticed that Ted’s wife Dot danced with a lot of the women, especially with Rod’s girlfriend, Goody.

Angie learned that Goody was Dot’s best friend. Rod was one of the young servicemen in the their unit. He was a big, good looking farm boy. He was shy, soft spoken and well mannered. One particular evening when she had just come off the dance floor sweaty and very tipsy, she sat on  her husband’s lap. John ignored her while he talked with someone else at the table. With one arm draped around John’s neck she watched Dot and Goody enjoying themselves on the dance floor.  Then it dawned on her. Why didn’t Dot dance with her? Seems Dot had danced with everyone in the place but never with her. Angie herself had never danced with any of the other women, there were plenty of willing male partners, mostly John, Ted and Rod. But Dot had never pulled her to the dance floor like she did Goody.

When the music stopped, Angie watched Dot and Goody make their way from the dance floor to the lady’s room. She decided to join them. They were having so much fun. She walked into the lady’s room as several other women were going out. She could hear Dot and Goody laughing and talking with each other in the stalls. She glanced in the mirror and unsteadily poked at her hair and make-up in the mirror. She was about to say something to the girls when she realized that they were in the same stall together. She froze at the mention of her name. They didn’t know she was there.

“I haven’t seen you dance with Angie yet.” She heard Goody say to Dot. “No, but I’d like to get her out there and give her gorgeous ass a good squeeze. I don’t think she’d go for it though. She’s not the type.” Although Angie was plain, she was narcissistic about her wonderful figure and indeed possessed a gorgeous pear-shaped ass.

“You mean she wouldn’t like it if you did this to her?” Angie heard Dot catch her breath. “No…..I mean, yes, that. Do that……..mmmmmmmm! Hurry Goody……..a quickie!”

The Ministers Wife

Sally green was beautiful; infact she stood out in a crowd and you could not help but notice her. She was a slim blue eyed blonde, vivacious, with a ringing laugh, and her long hair hung down her slender back crowning her like a golden halo. She also dressed to perfection, her dresses seemed to cling to her shapely form and accentuate her wonderful figure. You would not know her age until you got close and noticed the slightest crinkles at the corners of her sparkling eyes. She walked with an exuberant lively swing– poetry in motion–which made her stand out in the crowd. Sally was not only beautiful she was clever and talented with fluent speech and a quick wit. Her personality was magnetic, men admired and desired her, and women wished they were like her.

She was married to the Reverend Ernest Green and had two school aged children. They had been in their present incumberance five years and were spinning merrily along with a thriving congregation in middle class England. Sally fitted into all the church activities and was a great organiser, she was the perfect ministers wife, a real helpmate who adored her husband. There were womens groups, bible study groups and a youth group to provide fellowship and entertainment for the teenagers in the comuntity. Sally helped with everything, and when the young couple who ran the youth group were away she would take it over for a couple of friday evenings.

Now Sally was used to handling pushy men who often tried it on with her. If they were married she would repremand them and tell them it was no way for a married man to behave, and if they were single she would politely remind them that she was a married woman herself. Naturally the men noticed her and when she read the lesson they would be admiring her figure and paying little or no attention to the reading. The sex instinct is far stronger than the religious veneer that merely coats the character, or the gold band that surrounds a finger, it can wreck marriages, destroy lives and is not to be handled lightly.

The youth group was really just a meeting place in the church hall where there was a snooker table some music with drinks and coffee available. Alcohol was banned but often the teenagers would dance, and horse-play would occasionally occur, as it does with lively young people. It was confined mainly to those whose parents attended the church but friends were sometimes brought in from time to time, but to gain entry you had to have membership or be invited by a member. Members also had to be over sixteen and under twenty five but the place was monitored by at least one adult who was incharge and kept an eye on what went on. The hall opened at 7pm and closed at 10pm.

It was a hot sultry friday evening in July and Sally was incharge, she enjoyed chatting to the younger people and kept all the doors and windows open to let in the night air. The music rolled out into the night with the billows of young laughter. Sally noticed a new youngman who had just entered with a girl whose mother she knew well. She looked twice at the newcomer she felt sure she had seen him somewhere before. He was a tall dark longlimbed boy very handsome and well dressed, who moved with an easy cat like exuberance as if he walked on springs; he flashed a white toothed smile at Sally holding her gaze with passonate eyes.

“This is Lenny,” said his female companion smiling,” he has just moved in next door to us.”

Lenny seemed to linger as he held Sallys outstreched hand and she felt a sort of electricity flow between them: again Sally felt as if she knew the boy, but from where and when she trawled her memory with no definite result. When these evenings finished it the hall had to cleared and tidied, and whoever was incharge had the job of supervising the clearup and locking up for the night. Lots of the youth quickly went off and a few dedicated thoughtful ones were left to finish off.

Everyone had left and Sally was just locking the kitchen when she looked around to see Lenny standing close behind her. She felt herself stiffen Lenny smiled and slowly came nearer to her,”Your very beautiful Mrs Green please don’t be nervous I just wanted to tell you how lovely you are,” and he slipped his arm around her waist pulling her gently towards him, he kissed her passionately on the lips.This was the first time Sally had ever responded willingly to such advances since she was a 19year old girl and the memories of that first love affair came flooding back.

Reader we need to digress and paint in a little of Sallys background. Aged nineteen and very attractive she had met a man who she did not know was married. He was an experienced and forward lover who often cheated on his wife and he had two young children. Infact the man was a heartless romeo and he took advantage of a young girl who was longing for love and fullfillment. This man took her virginity and promised to marry her, she absolutely believed him and was head over heels in love with him. After a while she began to realise something was wrong and she followed him home one dreadful night after a loving tryst and discovered he had a wife and family. Sally was devastated: the tears flowed copiously but she did not give him up she hoped he would divorce his wife and marry her. Love often makes us stupid and always blinds us to a true assessment of the love object, but love lives in hope and believes in reform.

It took another crisis to open Sallys eyes and bring her to her senses, meanwhile her honey-lipped lover kept using her and making alsorts of promises that he knew he never intended to keep. Telling her how he loved her and how he would soon break with his wife, who he had no feelings at all for. His lovemaking was skillful and passionate and he carried her to new orgasmic heights often making her surprize herself by her actions breaking taboo’s allowing him great freedom with her beautiful body. During these months Sally had seen his wife and she was startled how plain she looked and it gave her confidence to break up the marriage and have this man for herself.

Then the second bombshell struck she saw her lover out with yet another woman. She felt suicidal locked herself away and refused to see him inspite of the fact he called many times. She was tempted but knew in her heart he was no good and she sunk into a weary apathy. This was when she met Ernest Green who had just left theological college. Ernest knew she was depressed and he was very kind and understanding; so Sally ended up becoming Mrs Green on the rebound. She thought a kind loving man was all she needed and she threw herself into the marriage. Ernest was not a passionate man infact he found passion difficult he was a good man but not a sexy one. Naturally his christian persuasion did not help in this and he gave Sally the impression that it was his duty to love her, and her life of passion became a life of duty. This suited Sally at first for she had felt the sad result of passion, it had made her desperately unhappy and she wished to avoid a recurrance of this period of her life. Alas we cannot run away from out natures and mistake often leads to further mistake until we are able to accept ourselves and insist that the world accepts us as well.

When Lenny kissed her it was as if she was thrown back in an instant into the world of passion and she did not resist athough she knew she should push him away. His strong arms held her as she drank from her lips and he placed his open hands on her bottom pulling her hips into his own thrusting his aroused manhood towards her womanhood.

Now he was kissing her neck and she could feel his hot breath as his hands made towards her fine breasts kneading them whispering,” You adorable creature your so lovely I must have you I need you I want every bit of your body.”Sally could feel herself responding as she never had done for twenty years and she could not stop. Lenny was working his way down her body he was obsessed with this beautiful mature woman and he wanted to pleasure her with his tongue. He was soon under her skirt and she was raptured as he planted kiss after kiss on her thighs and upper legs she had not know such passion for years and it sent thrills through her body like pulses of electricity.

It was too late now for her to resist she was absorbed in the act and allowed her body to be enjoyed by this sexy young male who was also taken up in the suddeness of the act. They were engulfed in each other, the outside world was eclipsed, only the coming storm mattered now. Sally’s fluids flowed profusely and Lenny drank them like nectar, her soft wetness became his world down there as he felt her rising climaxes ebb and flow.

His cock was like a rock and throbbed in his trousers then he heard her moan and say,” Give it me I need to be filled please fill me darling fill me.”He felt it slide into her as her well prepared sheath drew him in up to the hilt. He paused with his full length locked in her grasping fanny he could feel himself throbbing inside her no need to move, the joy of being there fully inserted and wrapped in her vagina was enough, he needed to savour the sensation, and her legs wrapped around his back held him and she moaned a long low song that wavered almost cat like in its intensity. Lenny had no need of friction he knew that when she was ready she would rock the boat and then and only then would he discharge the complete contents of his brimful sack. He drew her face uptowards his and locked his lips and tongue onto hers. They were connected inseparable and the final crisis hit them tearing at their senses, fusing there identities into one being in that supreme moment when time stops and cares are lifted, and nothing else matters.

Aterwards came the guilt and sorrow and Sallys vow to herself never to do it again. The great trouble with convention is that it gets in the way of enjoyment, as it tries to dictate our behaviour. It hardly ever suceeds, the heart always puts pleasure first and so it did with Sally, a pastors wife, yet she continued to consort with this youth from the church club. It came as a shock when she learnt his name and realised he was the son of the married man who had led her such a dance before she married.

She knew then ‘Like father like son’ and she knew why she had given in to this womaniser. What would become of her? she dreaded discovery but loved every passionate session more and more, and as he pressed his advantage he lusted more an more after this gorgeous woman. Lenny like many young men seemed to get a thrill out of the fact that Sally was an older married woman, but he new he must be careful and he picked his moments. Everytime he saw her his loins leapt and his young dark eyes gleamed with passionate lustful pleasure for he knew that wonderful body he had conquered it and possessed it, and adored it.

As is usual with these things fate took another twist and the situation was charged with the danger of discovery. Sally knew she had no excuse, if all was revealed she would be to blame and the fingers would point and judge her as a shameless hussy. Lenny had taken to visiting the vicarage on monday mornings after the children were at school and Rev Green was attending to parish duties. So as not to be seen he would slip into the back door through the garden and when he had satisfied himself slip out the same way.
Now his older brother Jack had become suspicious and knew that something was going on; the suspicion had turned into determination to find out what Lenny was up to, so he followed him on this particular monday. Seeing him slip into the vicarage garden made Jack very curious and throwing caution to the wind he followed his brother and saw him enter the downstairs back kitchen.

Jack was puzzled and he waited behind the garden shed to see if Lenny would come out. After awhile he knew he must be up to no good so he crept into the kitchen; all was silent the ground floor seemed to be totally empty. Jack went to the bottom of the stairs and then he thought he heard noises coming from one of the rooms. He ascended slowly his ears pricked, a door in the passage was ajar and he could now clearly hear a rocking sound and gentle low moans. Carefully like a stealthy cat he crept along and peeped through the door. Sally was on the bed her rump in the air and mounted on her was Lenny. Jack watched in shock as his brother who was stark naked slowly sunk his cock into that mature pussy gripping her shoulders and clearly absorbed in fucking the vicars wife. She for her part appeared to be enjoying every minute and he heard her say,”Oh yes please deeper.”

Now the immediate effect of this unexpected discovery on Jack was sexual arousal. His penis stood to attention like a sentry and he was jealous of his younger brothers luck. He had seen Mrs Green and had mentally fucked her many times but like others believed she was a strait-laced vicars wife and would not respond favourably to an approach. Jack quietly removed his trousers and watching the pair he held his throbbing rod longing for his oppotunity to mount that lovely woman and empty his aching balls.The lovers were too wrapt in there own enjoyment to notice him and the naked couple continued to work towards completion.

“I just love fucking that cunt of yours you sexy bitch I’m goint to fill you right up with my hot spunk,” and he plunged into her again as Jack watched cock in hand ogling the wonderful sight.

“Ohhhhh,” she cried in ecstasy and the storm burst as Lenny clung to her spasming his jets into her buried to the hilt of his cock ejaculating jet after jet of white seed into her vagina. Jack dashed to the bed now stark naked and pulling his exhusted brother off mounted and entered before Sally or Lenny knew what had happened. Lenny was too shocked to speak as his rampant brother plunged his cock home like a maniac Sally just groaned as she felt the fresh hard long cock penitrate and she soon found herself rising again to have a further orgasm.

Thus it was that the two randy young brothers began to enjoy threesomes with the local vicars wife each stimulating the other to fresh debauchery between them they began to use her when ever the oppotunity arose and she enjoyed the attention of these two dirty fuckers. Sally knew it could not go on how could she be the dutiful vicars wife prim and proper, looked up to by all the church community and at the same time enjoy such filthy sessions with two young men. She kept saying to herself she must stop, but as you know dear reader active sexual enjoyment is not easy to lay aside, after all she had never known such orgasms and she was shocked at her own depravity.

Here again fate solved the problem. Those readers who consider fate to be malevolent are wrong it has no bias whatsoever but sometimes by luck saves us from self distruction. Within two weeks of this gross indecency Rev Green told his wife that sadly they must leave the parish and move on as he had a letter from the Bishop saying it was time for them to make a move.

” I know how upset you will be my dear we have made such good friends but it is the Church of Englands policy, I know its silly but they don,t like ministers to get too pally with their congregations.”

First time she cheated on me

My wife is very shy but she is a sexual animal. She won’t let me take pics or vids of her with me or other men(sometimes other women). She is a very conservative christian mother and wife and teacher. She is afraid of being found out. The first time she cheated was when she was 35 and was 36. We were at a party at a friends farm. There were about 300 people attending. Allot of them cowboys. As the night progressed we mingled and split up many times. We were both drinking from the time we arrived. I noticed that a young man had taken a shine to my wife. He was about 25 and descent looking. It turns out he was one of my buddies ranch hands. My wife and I had discussed the idea of her being with another man many times. Actually I discussed it she just listened and laughed it off. At one point we met up and I mentioned that the guy was keen on her hot body. She almost spit out her drink when I said that. She said “don’t get any ideas”. About an hour later I noticed her walking towards one of the out buildings with the young guy. My wife loves horses so I thought nothing of it, he is probably showing her some of the horses. I was curious so I followed but stayed back until they went into one of the stables.

I made sure they did not see me come in behind them. He was showing her some of the horses in their stalls. As he was showing her them he kept on complimenting her on her looks and telling her what a lucky guy I was to have such a sexy wife. He kept getting closer to her and talking her up. At one point while she was petting the nose of one of the horses he reach out and rubbed her ass saying “I love the way your ass looks in this dress” I thought for sure she was going to smack his face. I was shocked when she placed her hand on his and helped him rub it more. Then she took his hand and put it on her left tit and said “what about my tits do they look good too’. Now all the talk that I did about wanting to see her with another man was happening but I was not sure at that moment if I really wanted it to happen. I was confused; do I jump up and say something or do I let it happen.

Before I could do anything my wife said to him “my husband has been bugging me for years to mess around with someone, maybe your the one.” He did not hesitate. He leaned in and kissed her passionately. She responded eagerly. They kissed for about 2 or 3 minutes before he broke off the kiss looked at her and commanded her to “take of your dress’. My wife did not even think about for a second. She stepped out of it and stood in front of him with nothing on but her bra and panties and a pair of very unsexy pumps on and a drink in her hand.
I was thrilled and scared at the same time.

He was only about 25 but he was very dominate. He told her to rub her tits she did it. He told her to rub her pussy she did. He removed he bra and told her to pour the rest of her drink over her tits and she did. He started to suck on her tit like they were his first. She loves having them sucked it makes her pussy get wet. While he was sucking her tits he reached down to her panties and with one pull ripped them right of her body. She almost fell over and yelled at him “suck my pussy’.

He put her on a table near one of stalls and buried his face in her bush(I mean BUSH, she only trims not shaves). She was orgasming in not time. At least to or three of them before he pulled her up and said “its time for you to suck my dick you city bitch I know you want a cowboy cock” I thought she was going to tear his clothes off.

She pushed him up against the wall and got his pants off. He was as hard as rock but not that impressive in size maybe 5 inches but he was thick. My wife had trouble getting it in her mouth because he was so thick. She sucked on him while he kept say “thats it city bitch suck a real cowboy cock suck it suck it.” I don’t know how long she sucked him but I was freaking out in my head. I wanted to bust him in the head but I was the one who wanted this. There in front of me is my wife the one I wanted this to happen to sucking this thick dick like it was candy.

The cowboy at some point, while I was in a daze, lifted my wife up onto the table and said ” do you want my cowboy cock say it, say it.” She actually begged him saying ‘fuck me with that cowboy cock I wanted it in my pussy’ I had never heard her talk like that before. He drilled her pussy, he pounded her hard for 30 minutes or more in every possible position. He was a “stud”. She was begging him the whole time. When he was about to come he said,”do you want my cowboy cum in you bitch” She moaned, “yes, yes, yes in me.” He let it go. His body started to vibrate and he literally collapsed on her.

Just as he finished annother ranch hand came into the stable and saw them. He started laughing and said “it looks like you got you one of those horny city bitches again. If I didn’t have to get the rest of the horses in I’d finisher for you ha ha”. The young stud laughed at his buddy and said I’ll help you and looked and my wife and said,”thanks for the fuck bitch, now go home to your pussy husband”and he grabbed his clothes and walked out. She lay on the table for a minute with her eyes closed trying to recover. I snuck out from my hiding spot and while her eyes were closed I stuck my tongue into her pussy. She was surprised at first because her eyes were closed but I heard her say “Hey stud did you come back to do me again?” Then she opened her eyes and realized it was me.

She jumped of the table and was terrified until I said I saw and heard the whole thing. I assured her it was ok. She jumped at me and said “then finishes eating my pussy” I did and it was great. We fucked on the same table and she let me fuck her ass for the first time. While I had my dick buried in her ass the young guy walked back into the stable saw us and started to laugh. He asked if I was her husband. I said yes. He laughed even more saying,”I hope I loosened her up for you man. She’s a great fuck.”

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I always considered myself just a slut, but my girl friends always called me a whore since I began a practice of swallowing cum of a cock I sucked: by that time 18 years old. By the time I was 19, all the boys knew that I was free to give them a blow job, I would drop on my knees, lick my lips lasciviously, to pull out their cocks and push their organs deep throat! I loved being a cock sucker, I liked the attention I received from the boys, I loved having a fat dick stuck in my mouth and I really liked when they came in my mouth. The first time I got fucked was when I was 18 and I had a boyfriend, he wasn’t satisfied with getting blow jobs, so he bent me over his dad’s car in their garage, and gave me my first cock in my pussy. In fact, my boyfriend had an older brother and it soon afterwards they were both fucking me, usually one in my pussy and one in my mouth at the same time. Actually, I never minded having 2 cocks in both of my holes. We used to go to their room and they would strip me naked and fuck my brains out. One day their younger sister walked into the room when they were banging me, and the older brother told her I would eat her pussy if she didn’t say anything and keep it a secret. They took turns fucking me one by one, while I ate my first pussy and when she came in my mouth, I knew it wasn’t my last pussy to devour. After a while, the brothers shared me with some friends of theirs, they wanted them to see me eat pussy and fuck me. Then they started fucking the sister too. They would put us on the bed and make us kiss, while they fucked us both at the same time and the sister and I a sluttish tame in the block. One time, the sister and I got fucked by the whole football team in the boy’s locker room, we were both covered in cum when they finished with us. As the result, these bastards made us lick each other clean, though I really didn’t mind.

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We rested for a bit, and then Robert stood up on the bed and made me get on my knees and suck him off. Actually, I had never tried sucking a cock like that before. It was real nice kneeling on the bed sucking cock, my knees didn’t hurt and I really got into it. He was holding my head and was fucking my mouth, I relaxed my throat and was able to take almost all of his magnificent rod. After that he started fucking my mouth like it was my pussy and I loved it, but it started to hurt my jaw after a while. He fucked until I began to gag. This guy could last a long time and when it hit the back of my throat his cock started swelling up in my mouth. What a feeling that was, I thought he was going to break my jaw but I did like it. Then he started cumming, cumming so much that I swallowed it, it was still running out of my mouth. Of course Robert made me lick up all the cum, like a good cunt should and then, he ate my pussy and he was so good! I was screaming his name out when I came for the forth time. When we were finished fucking for the night, I was so tired, I didn’t even remember the time I went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with Robert’s cock buried in my pussy and he was fucking me real slow. It took me about a minute to have my first orgasm, we were still fucking when the motel service brought breakfast in. Robert didn’t even slow down, we were naked on top of the bed, with my legs wrapped around him. Robert fucked me for almost 30 minutes straight until he came. When he was about to cum, he cried out he was ready, then I jumped up, grabbed a cake from the breakfast tray and put it to his cock. He stroked his dick vehemently for a while, and then, with a loud moan dropped a load of thick cum all over the cake and her palm. I think he released 8 massive spurts of semen covering all of the cake entirely. When he was done he said that the reason he came was that we needed to eat. I laughed and I sat up to eat, I inhaled the cake, covered with his white cum and then ate it all savoring every single piece of it. I think I had never ever been so hot in my whole life.

We ate, fucked some more, I gave him another blow job, only this time my head was hanging off the bed between his legs, he was standing over me and fucked my face, filling me with so much cum that I choked badly. We showered, he tried putting his cock in my ass, but it was just too big for me, so I sucked him off again. When we were drying off, there appeared my future husband and Pamela. We saluted each other merrily, after the greetings, my honey told Robert that Pamela wanted to fuck me, and Pamela said:

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Bus slut!

When I learnt that my boyfriend had cheated on me with my classmate – I was shocked. I was angry, I felt hurt and it was very disappointing to me. When I told what the hell he was doing to me, we started a quarrel and from then we have fallen out. After having a shoot out with my boyfriend I left him with my face bathed in tears and went to the bust stop. I had no a clear idea where I was going, pain and offence were gripping me, I just wanted to get o the bus and get out of here as far as possible.

I had no plan or direction of where I was going to go, I just wanted to see where it would take me. I got on the first bus that came my way. The driver appeared to be a middle aged man. He told me to hurry up and find a seat. My eyes found the first seat and I settled down. I still couldn’t believe my boyfriend cheated on me again. I had to do something with that, but didn’t know what exactly. I wanted him to feel the same, to suffer as I did, but I couldn’t find a way to solve this puzzle.

I looked in the back of the bus and saw 2 young guys, they appeared to be having a good time. One of them winked at me and smiled. At this moment I realized that that would be my revenge. For one night I was going to be a total slut. If my boyfriend did it to me and fuck someone I didn’t even like, well, why the hell not to have fun tonight and show this bastard what he had lost in me. I got up from my seat and walked to the back and asked them if I could suck their cocks. They looked shocked and all of a sudden they could not get their pants down fast enough. I got down on my knees and grabbed a cock in each hand, slowly stroking them. I then started sucking one while stroking the other. It did not take me long to realize how wonderful those strangers cock tasted. I then sucked the other cock while stroking the first one that just left my mouth. Oh, God, it tasted so good! Yeas, I had given blow job to my boyfriend for many times before, but this was something quite different.

By now, while I was sucking on such a good cock, these guys started their comments on how good I looked with that cock in my mouth and another one if my hand. Well, I continued to give head to perfect strangers. These 2 guys were moaning with each suck and stroke. I didn’t even know their names, and it didn’t matter. The thing was that they had such wonderful organs and I liked the suck very much! The guy I was stroking got up and came around behind me forcing my shorts and panties down. He spread my legs apart and then the cheeks of my ass. Next he bent over my ass and began licking back and forth from my wet pussy to my ass hole. I was already turned on; I came instantly when his tongue entered my wet pussy, shooting my juice all over his mouth and chin. I could feel his warm tongue penetrating my cunt and working on there carefully: it felt so damn hot!

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“You, slut, turn to me, and suck me off and I don’t want you to miss a drop when I shoot my load into your mouth.”

By now I could hear the bus stopped somewhere, the driver shut the bus off and started walking towards the back of the bus. I heard his footsteps approaching.

I continued to suck the cock in my mouth and suddenly it swelled and shot its hot sticky juice down my throat. He came so much I could barely swallow it all. It seemed his cum never stops. With that corner of my eyes I noticed the driver and a strange woman approaching. They were both fixing their eyes on me.

Then I heard the driver said:

“I see you slut are having fun over here on my bus! This is my bus and my wife is with me! So, now you are gonna take my cock!”

I began to panic and his wife began to stroke my breast and kiss my neck. I didn’t want to part in a gang bang but this guy seemed to be having other plans. She then sat on the seat in front of me rubbing her clit, I could see she was already dripping wet. I told him I did not want to do this, but then suddenly the 2 guys grabbed me and held me face down and I yelled out when the driver forced his cock into my ass. The pain was instant and tears burst up in my eyes! He began to groan and thrust into my ass with force.

His wife started wiping away my tears, telling me to relax and enjoy. The both guys were telling what a good slut I was, driver’s wife got down underneath me and began to lick and fuck my pussy with her tongue. Suddenly, everything started to change when a wave of pleasure started to devour my body from deep inside. The pain son subsided down disappeared and the excitement was taking over. His cock kept pounding my ass hole harder and harder. I began to ache for more with every lick and thrust of this horny couple. It did not take long for me to feel my orgasm build and I soon exploded all over his wife’s face, in her turn this mature lady licked every drop.

She then got back up on the seat in front of me and spread her legs to give me good access to her wet pussy. I began licking the juices from her pussy lips and she parted them with her hands to give me better access to the cores of her vagina. I ran my tongue up and down between that neatly shaved cunt and stopped to suck on her clit lightly. My efforts were just enough to make this slut quiver and then I would slide my tongue down and shove it deep into her wet dripping hole! I was trying to savor every drop of her juice. I never knew pussy tasted so good. She began to moan and move her hips forward rubbing her crotch to my mouth.

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Oh, God! It felt so good! Being a bus slut was such a turn on. I wonder I this fool, my boyfriend, knew how great it felt!

A stage party!

I met the owner of one factory that my company was dealing business with. He was an older guy, in his early 50s and I think we got real friendly, so he invited my girlfriend and me out to dinner with him and his wife. I know he liked my girlfriend because he would give her those looks of a hungry beast when he thought no one was watching! She is s a hot blonde with nice tits. He came to see me at work one day and told me his friend was having a private party at his estate, he asked me if I would like to bring my girlfriend to the party. He told me I could make a lot of good business contacts there and that he had already talked to a few of his partners about me. How could I say no, so called my girlfriend to get her OK with the invitation and then told him we would happy to attend the party.

He sent me the directions to the estate and when Saturday came, my girlfriend and I were both looking forward to this party. The estate was huge, it was fenced by a high brick fence all around the property. There was a guard on the gates. The guard checked us in, told us to follow the paved road to the front of the mansion and there would be someone to escort us into the house. That was really something: large grebe grass plots, trees and shrubs clipped carefully, a small pond with ducks and some birds on just a few hundred feet away. The attendant who met us at the mansion was in a uniform, different from the gate guards. He escorted us into the house, which was so big, it looked like a government building. My business friend saw us, came over and took us to meet our host and hostess, who greeted us like old friends! A waiter came over with 2 drinks for us, the host told us to make ourselves at home and my friend took us around to meet some people. There were waiters and waitresses walking around with full trays and whenever our drinks were empty, a waiter appeared with fresh ones! That was the chic and the luster of the bohemia! People really lived, not existed!

After a few drinks time seemed to have stopped and everything seemed to merge together! Then I realized my girlfriend was not with me. I asked my friend if he had seen her, and he told me not to worry, she was in good hands and I would see her in a few minutes. A bell rang, my friend took my arm, told me it was time and we followed everybody into a basement. It was a really large room with elevated rows of seats that went all the way around the room. There was a small stage down there, it looked like some nice arena. A voice of a woman welcomed us and declared the show was about to begin and that tonight there was a new participant for our viewing pleasure! So we sat back to enjoy the show. The lights went off, the stage was lit up and the next thing I knew, my girlfriend was standing there with a big smile and 3 young studs were near her. One of the guys waved to the crowd, turned to my girlfriend and told her it was time for her to be undressed so everybody could see how beautiful she was! She just stood there smiling while they undressed her and in a few seconds she was absolutely naked, letting the guys touch her all over.

You know my first instinct should have been to run away from there! Down there and get her out of there, But I was mesmerized by what was happening. All 3 of the guys were hard and they were now rubbing their cocks all over my girlfriend. Then 2 of the guys started sucking on her nipples while the 3rd was rubbing her pussy and my girlfriend just stood there smiling. Again instead of going to her rescue, I was sitting there with a hard-on, kind of anticipating what was going to happen next. The guys pushed my girlfriend down on the floor and one got between her legs, burying his face in her pussy, while the other 2 were rubbing their cocks over her face! When that guy between her legs started licking her pussy, she started moaning like a bad whore. When she opened her mouth, one of the guys stuck his cock in it and she started sucking it like it was a gift from heaven.

The guy that was eating her pussy then turned her over, got under her and put his cock into her pussy, making her moan again! The other one put his cock back in her mouth. Then the 3rd guy pushed her down, spread her ass cheeks and slid his cock into her asshole! Damn, this slut had never let me fuck her in the ass before! Even with a mouthful of cock, she was moaning like a porn star and moving her ass up and down, trying to get more cock in her ass and pussy! The 3 guys fucked her hard for a few minutes, the one with the cock in her mouth was using her mouth like it was a pussy! Since his cock was not big I could tell my girl was really enjoying what was happening to her, even if she wasn’t quite aware of what was really happening! Perhaps she was kind of drunk or used some drug. Then the guy that was using her mouth like a pussy, stopped moving, buried his cock in her mouth and his whole body twitched when he emptied his cock into my girl’s mouth and she swallowed every bit of his cum! Young slut! Then the guy that was fucking her ass, slammed into her ass, stiffened up and emptied his cock into her asshole and when he pulled out there was his cum dribbling out of her sweet ass! The 3rd guy fucked her for a minute or so more, then gave out a loud moan as he came in her pussy, pulled out of her, turned her over and spread her legs so that we could see his cum leaking out of her pussy.

She lay there with her legs spread and a smile on her face, not even attempting to close her legs or cover herself! Then a young lady made an appearance, leading 2 studs by their dicks, looking like the cat watching the mouse. She let go those cocks, bent down to my girl, told her she did a very good job with the guys and told her it was time for the big guys now! The girl got on the floor with her legs spread, the guys picked my girl up and put her between the girls legs, so her mouth was right at the girls cunt. Then one of them got between my girl’s legs, lifted her ass up and drove his cock all the way into my girl’s pussy! This made my girl push her ass back into the new cock. These cocks were big, really big, much bigger than previous ones! The other guy got down so he could play with my girl’s clit. While playing my girl’s clit, he told her that the other girl needed some relief and it was time for my girl to eat her pussy. He pushed her face into the other girl’s cunt and to my total amazement; my girlfriend started licking the other girl’s pussy. My girl seemed to be really enjoying getting fucked and eating pussy at the same time! Even with her mouth buried in that pussy, I could hear my girl moaning and she was moving her ass around like she was in some porno movie.

It didn’t take long before the second girl started moaning like a porn star and then she grabbed my girl by the hair, pushed her pussy into my girl’s mouth and we could see cum gushing out of her pussy! My girl couldn’t swallow all that cum fast enough so it was running down her chin and onto the mat! The 2 guys turned my girl back over, the other girl licked my girl’s face clean and then the guy who was playing with my girl’s clit buried his cock into my girl’s pussy and he had a real big cock, bigger than mine! With that her ass lowered to the mat to meet another huge cock! The guy who was fucking her now put his cock in my girl’s mouth and she started sucking on it like she was born to suck! Then those 2 cocks began a rhythmic fucking of her 2 fuck holes! Soon enough my girlfriend stiffened hard and her ass twitched on the mat and she came. She was turned over again so the guy with the big cock could get under her and put his cock back in her pussy, the other one put his cock back in her mouth! At this moment a 3rd guy came out to the scene, put his cock at her asshole and pushed it right into her waiting backdoors! She took that cock in her ass without even flinching and then all 3 cocks were fucking her fuck holes at the same time! Jesus Christ! The cock in her mouth slipped out and she actually moaned out to put it back! When the cock in her pussy slipped out she screamed the same thing. All 3 guys came in her fuck holes about the same time and when they pulled out she went nuts, begging for more cock.

3 more studs appeared and immediately filled her waiting fuck holes and she went back to sucking and fucking mess once again! I was totally amazed she could handle all that sex but it got even better! After those 3 new studs emptied their cum into my girl’s fuck holes, the announcer asked for volunteers from the audience to fuck my girl. There were dozen of men in the stands and twelve women! They all got up to take a turn with my girl, leaving me sitting with my host who kept me from rising. I sat there as the men and women all undressed, including one man who looked to be in his 70ths (fucking old pervert!) and he still had an impressive hard on! My girl was still on all fours, in doggie, so one man got under her, put his cock in her pussy while another fucked her asshole and one of the women got on the mat and put her pussy at my girl’s mouth! My girl ate that pussy like she had been doing it forever while her ass and pussy got banged vehemently! It didn’t take long before the men and women would cum and I could see that male sperm was pouring out of her pussy and asshole! This young slut took on so many cocks and cunts! As soon as one of them came, he or she was replaced with another cock or cunt! I was truly amazed to see my girl was taking this kind of prolonged fucking, but she seemed to be really enjoying all the action!

I have no idea how long this went on, but it was for quite long, longer than I could expect! Most of those men and women came back. As for that old fart, he showed massive and staggering potency for his age and came as much as all of those previous 3 guys when my girl was sucking him off! When they finally finished using her, the girl that she ate at the beginning appeared, helped my girl to get up so everybody could see the cum running out of her ass and pussy! The audience clapped hands and tempestuous applauses ensued! I was sitting there with the biggest hard on I ever had and the host told me it was my turn now! He led me down to the stage. There were actually puddles of cum around my girl and the other girl pushed my girl down into them and spread my girls legs for me! So I got between her legs and drove my cock into her pussy! My girl had her eyes closed, moaned loud, and opened her eyes! The she smiled at me and said:

“Hi honey, is it your turn to fuck me now! Fuck me hard! I want to feel you cum.” Here she was after taking all that cock, still wanting more, covered in other guys cum, lying in cum and wanting more! Thus, I obliged and, as soon as I was hard as hell, it didn’t take me long to cum! I pulled out and splashed all of my hot sperm all over her face!

That girl then led us away to a shower room, give my girl a shower. I watched and to my amazement, she got on her knees between my girls legs and ate my girl’s pussy and made my girl cum twice for her! After that my girl was exhausted and fell asleep when I brought her to the car. The host came out to see us off, he told me we had put on a great show, and that I deserved to get several very promising contracts. He also said that they were doing another show in 2 weeks and he wanted my girl to be one of the ladies they were going to use for the show! My cock got hard thinking about it, so I told him she would be there. I don’t know what they gave my girl but the only thing she really remembered was seeing my face while I fucked her! She didn’t even remember all those cocks and cunts she had fucked!

It’s a long story!

It’s a long story as to how it came to be that I, a straight male, willingly took a fat cock in my mouth and sucked the head while rolling my tongue on the tip moments before it shot load after load of cum down my throat. I just finished sucking all the cum out and was savoring its flavor when another cock slapped my face and shot a spurt of hot, hot cum on my cheek. As I turned to take it in my mouth another spurt shot, it went right up my nose. I liked the feeling of its warmth on my face but was upset I didn’t get it my mouth. I tried to suck the rest but the majority was on my face. I used my fingers to slide it in my mouth, but it was not the same as taking it right out of a throbbing cock.

I may be getting ahead of myself here. Let me explain how it came to be, me being a cum loving straight guy that likes it right from the dick.

I’m not going to lie, I love a great blow job. To be honest I love a good blow job. Well, any blow job is fine with me. If I’m getting my dick sucked, I’m happy. My ex wife used to suck me all the time, she would let me cum in her mouth whenever I wanted. She would swallow and we’d go on about our business. I never thought of those poor bastards that didn’t have a wife or girl friend that would take a load without question or at least without bitching about it.

My wife and I went our separate ways after 7 years. I found dating to be hard, in the sense of getting comfortable sexually or getting comfortable asking for something, like ‘suck my cock and swallow my load’ I never had to think about it or ask for it. I have been dating this Girl, this young girl she’s almost half my age. She’s a little slutty, I started dating her to piss off my ex wife. Well anyway she’s young, 23, slutty and loves to fuck. We would fuck all the time in the beginning, now it’s slowed to 2 or 3 times a week. I’m fine with that. I never get head though. I would ask her to and she would always say “I bet you do” I think she’s had my dick in her mouth twice. Up until last month. I didn’t say anything, I guess I was just used to not saying anything, I blew a load in her mouth and she freaked! Slapped me and everything, left my house and didn’t answer my calls for a few days.

We talked about it. I told her I was used to doing that ( that made her mad by the way) I didn’t see the big deal. She said she would never suck my dick again. Well I contemplated breaking up with her, because like I said I love a good blow job. I didn’t though, I guess I was going to stick with it till I found someone else. It was the next weekend we went out got shitfaced drunk and we went home. We were fucking around and I jokingly said come on suck my cock a little. I expected her to get pissed and roll over and go to bed. She didn’t, she started laughing and saying are you going to cum in my mouth again. I said no I promise. She says, what if I want you too. Of course I reply, Awesome lets go. I start pulling at my shorts. She says only if you know what it’s like? What? I can’t suck my own dick. She started laughing and said if you want to cum in my mouth I get to spit it in yours so you can see how nasty it is. I was like, whatever. No way is she going to do that. I said lets go, calling her bluff. She got right on it, I mean this girl was into it. Using her hands and tongue. I never thought she could suck dick like this. I let her go for a while, then I dumped a big load. Seeing as how it had been over week since we fucked I came a lot. I just laid there I could hear her moan a little. Stroking my softening cock. After about a minute or two she climbed up to lay next to me she moved in to kiss me. She grabbed my jaw and squeezed. I obviously opened my mouth automatically from the pain of her thumb and finger digging in my jaw. And then it happened. Thewp, is the only way I can describe it. She did it, she spit my own cum back in my mouth. To be honest I thought she might but after the way she just laid there I figured she just gave in a swallowed.

She spit it in my mouth, then took her other hand and pushed down on my head and up with one she used to pry my mouth open with. She said “Swallow!” I was dumbfounded, I had cum in my mouth. I could feel it sliding on my tongue. I could sense it slowly draining in the back of my throat. I gagged a little bit, just from the shock, I didn’t expect to have cum spat in my mouth. Again she said “SWALLOW!” she said it a little meaner this time. As I swallowed, as I felt my throat contract, as I felt is sliding down I finally tasted it. I have to be honest, it was unbelievable, salty, thick, still warm. Like warm pudding just off the stove. Pungent, rich with a unique flavor like nothing else. As all this was going through my head it must have shown on my face as well. Tiff, that’s her name, Tiff said in complete surprise, you liked it! You liked it, oh my god! I just played it off as if I was just in shock and bla, bla, bla.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I came home from work that next Monday and jerked off, used a glass to catch my cum. I looked at, smelt it, I drank it! I couldn’t believe I was standing there in my kitchen, pants at my ankles holding a glass that just had my sperm in, that I just finished drinking. I usually get soft right after I cum. I realized that I was rock hard still. I went into the bedroom threw in a porno and jerked off again. I put my other hand out to catch it. This time it was not as thick, it was thinner more translucent. I licked my hand clean. I thought about it all night. All the next day I couldn’t wait to get home, I couldn’t wait to jerk off and eat my own cum.

This went on all week, twice, three times a day I was eating my cum. I would try and find different ways, like roll on my back and shoulders and try to cum in my own mouth. This doesn’t work that well most of it misses and goes in your hair or on your chest, a waste if you ask me. I’ve tried it with food but quickly learned if you want to taste it, take it straight. Both times my girlfriend came over we fucked I went into the bathroom and sucked my spunk out of the condom. I was always afraid she’d smell my cum breath when I came back. One time I held it in my mouth, came back to bed and laid there with it in my mouth. For at least 5 minutes, Tiff asked me a question and I had to swallow it, I wanted to fall asleep with it in my mouth. I have no idea why!?!

My cum eating was getting out of control I think. I was jerking off in the morning, I would go for rides at lunch and do it in the park. Then all night long. I started doing it at work, go in the bathroom right before a meeting, I’d think of a coworker jerk off in my coffee cup. Go to the meeting and as one of the girls in meeting was talking I’d take a drink of my “coffee” I would get so hard and have to go jerk off again after the meeting. If these women ever knew I was drinking my own cum while looking right at them not hearing a word they said, I wonder what they would say.

Moving on, I asked Tiff to suck my dick again. And as I hoped she said only if… I acted a little miffed and said fine, whatever. I must not have acted so nonchalant after, she just stared at me. I came out of my cum drinking stupor and said, what? She quickly said, holy fuck, you really do like that! What do you mean, I asked. She proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t get my mouth open fast enough and that I made all these sounds. She told me I was in a daze, I moved my mouth as if I were in a wine tasting. As I swallowed I closed my eyes and made a sighing sound. I was so into eating my cum I must have just thought it was like one of the other hundred times I’ve swallowed my cum. I looked at her after she said that, I was freaked out, what was she going to do, or say. I thought fuck it. I told her, yea, I kind of liked it. She replied with I can tell, my god! If you like it we can keep doing it, it was hot watching you enjoy it, enjoying yourself. Wow, never saw this coming. She sucked me again that night. This time she sat above me and let it slide out of her mouth into mine from about 12 inches away. I liked seeing it drip down.

That was our thing, we’d fuck once in a while but I’d always pull out come in her mouth and she spit it in mine. I continued to jerk off at home alone and at work. It got to be routine. We talked about how it was just a fix now. The raw excitement was gone. She said she’d spice it up for me. We would be at dinner and her hands would go under the table, I’d blow in her hand and she’d scoop it up with a spoon and feed it to me, one time I think an older couple knew and just watched us, they both turned red when I looked at them just as she put the spoon in my mouth. We were fucking one time and she could tell I was positioning myself to get up and move so I could cum in her mouth she quickly said, no. Cum inside me, cum inside me. I thought what the hell I can’t eat it every time, she has needs too. I dumped a big load inside her. It was an awesome orgasm, just as I thought about how good it was I realized I never came inside her before. I pulled out and was going to lay next to her when she said. What are you doing? Did you forget something? I looked at her in confusion. She said don’t leave that hot cum inside me, get down there and eat me clean. I think I had my mouth on her pussy in three seconds flat. I sucked that cunt so hard, I buried my tongue as deep as I could. I use a few fingers to get the stuff way up there as it came out I would put my whole mouth around her hole and suck. She has always said she never cums, well she did this time.

That was our new thing, as you can imagine. She said the way I go crazy eating her pussy trying to get every drop of cum out drives her nuts. She says I’m like an animal that hasn’t eaten in weeks, devouring her pussy, she loves it, she cums every time now. Now I still jerk off a couple times a day to get my cum fix, mostly still during work, my thing now is to hold it in my mouth and go talk to people and swallow just before I say something.

I told Tiff that I eat my own jerk soup for lunch all the time she just laughed. She watched me do it a couple times at home too. I told her about the time I had a mouthful of my cum and was walking back to my desk and found my boss in my office and got startled because I didn’t see him right away and spit some out, I just played off like I coughed up some flem. LOL. We were at a work party and she asked me who was my boss, the one I spit my cum at. I pointed him out. He is a little older than me 47 I’d guess, tall, well groomed, he’s fit, a tennis player. She looked at him, I mean looked at him up and down and said hmm, I’d let him cum in my mouth too. Now I think most guys would have said Ok, lets go! And leave pissed off. I looked at her and said do it. What she said never taking her eyes off him. She really didn’t hear me, I said again, do it. Go suck his dick and let him cum in your mouth. I want to see was someone elses cum tastes like. She heard me that time. She looked at me I expected her to say I’m crazy or something. She simply said go wait in the car and got up from the table.

I’m sitting in her car, freaking out, thinking what is she doing, what is she saying. After twenty minutes I started thinking maybe she’s pulling this off I started to get hard, I wanted to rub one out right there and put in my mouth, I couldn’t wait. I pulled my cock out and started yanking away thinking I’m going to taste new cum. The door opened she grabbed my face and spit the largest wad of cum I’ve seen in my mouth. Not only did she spit it in she continued to kiss me with his cum in my mouth. I got so hot I started to cum my self, she went down and sucked, finished me off and came back up and we kissed again with what was left of his massive load and my fresh hot cum. I swallowed it all. I was in heaven, his cum was so different yet so familiar. I never asked her how she got him to let her blow him, but then again who doesn’t want a blow job from a 23 year old.

Once again we had a new thing, she would meet my boss for quickies during lunch or after work. I would always be waiting around the corner. To take it, to take it in my mouth and swallow it down. I loved it, my boss could cum massive amounts, much more than I can. This went on for several weeks, she would meet him, get in his car suck him off, leave without saying a word and find me around the corner or on the other side of the parking garage and spit his cum in my mouth. We would kiss, she would suck me off and do it again. I was sitting in my truck in the parking structure for the Shopping mall, jerking my cock waiting for her. She was two rows over getting a load of boss sperm for me. I like to jerk off while I’m waiting for her. I get so excited I have to jerk off. I also like that right after she spits his cum in my mouth she immediately starts to suck me, I try to blow right away so I can taste it right away, I like the little differences. Any way I’m jerking and waiting. I start to worry because she would always return within 15 minutes with a mouthful, sometime less than 5 minutes. We are going 25 minutes now, then 30. I start to think maybe they got caught. I decided to go try and get a look, I would just hide behind cars and just if anything was going on. I started to put my cock back in my pants and I opened my truck door. That’s when I heard her voice, she said hi sorry it took so long. My first thought was shit if she is talking she has no cum for me. Something must have happened. She had a big smile on her face, she looked around quick and said lay down. I said what? Again she pointed to the concrete and said lay down. I did, my pants still unbuttoned, as I was laying down she started to come over me. She lifted her skirt a little and just as she started to sit I could see. I see her pussy was just fucked, wet with sex. I could see the cum start to drip. I grabbed her waist and pulled her down the rest of the way. My cock was so hard and half hagging out of my pants she leaned over and took it in her mouth.

There I was, laying on the ground of a parking garage 69ing my girlfriend, just after she fucked my boss. I sucked her cunt so hard, I sucked and sucked. I didn’t want to stop. I didn’t even realize I had cum in her mouth. She told me after she tried to get up so she could spit my cum too, but I kept holding her waist and sucking my bosses cum.

I told that night, that she has to fuck him again! I loved sucking her cum filled cunt. She just said I thought you would like that. I invited him over tomorrow night. You can wait in the laundry room. After he cums in me I’ll come right in. And that’s how it went for a while. Every couple days she would have him over after work and I would lay naked in the laundry room waiting for my cum delivery. Sometimes just a mouthful most times a cunt full! I loved it. I still jerked off by myself and eat it but it was more habit then anything. I was in love with my bosses cum. I would jerk at work a couple times in the morning into my coffee cup. I would get a kick out of my boss walking by every morning and say hello, how was your night. I wish I could just say it was great, you had a massive load last night. But I cant say that, he walks by and say good morning. I raise my hand and finger as if to motion him to wait. He does, I then drink my cum from my cup as he waits for me to swallow. I say something trivial about work he leaves I smile and go jerk off again.

Fantasy Come True

When I was 20 I meet a guy named James through my aunt and uncle that were building a house in his neighbor hood. James was 34 at the time and married with three younger sons, 2 or which lived at home still. He was about 6 feet tall with a shaved head, piercing blue eyes, and of an athletic build. He drove a semi for a living but was home every night. Over a few weeks period of time James and I grew very close. He kind of became a father figure in my life. I visited him and his family every weekend, because they always had block parties at their house, and sometimes during the week days. I would often stay over because I got drunk and couldn’t drive home. While I always thought James was a fine older man, I never once made a move on him because he was married and didn’t want to cause marital problems for him, nor was I out about my sexuality. On the night James called me at 3:00 a.m. and asked if I could meet him on a back road with two girls that lived in his neighbor hood. I did although I was drunk and have to drive 45 minutes from a reception party. I thought to myself maybe this will be my lucky night . I knew the two girls he was with were not attractive and he simply used them as a ride to go get some food. However his dilemma was he left his house at 10 p.m. and had not returned home and didn’t want this wife to think anything about him being gone with 2 gilrs for 5 hours.

So I met him and the girls on the back road and talked for a while. Then we got ready to leave he got in my truck and made our way to his house. On the way we made up a lie to tell his wife about why we were out till 4 a.m. After we got home James got ready for bed and I settled in on the couch. I had learned through the few weeks that James slept naked and he had no shame of his 8 inch cock. That was a lot to learn in a few weeks time through just small talk. More then most straight guys would disclose of themselves I though. So after we settled in I couldn’t sleep because I was drinking red bull earlier that night and it had me rather pumped up, but I still managed to just lay on the couch the whole time secretly wishing James would come out his room and fuck me right on his couch. Well my wishes halfway came true that night. As I laid there pretending to sleep he walked out his room and went to the kitchen to get some water.

When I peeped my eyes open I could see that he was naked. He has a smooth body with out a bit of hair on it from the looks, and a nice limp cock with a nice set of balls. All I could think was damn I wish he would come fuck me. As he made his was around the kitchen I just laid there and admired his body. Well he saw that my eyes were open at some point and asked if I needed anything to drink. I replied with I could take some water. He acted like everything was cool and got me some water and brought to me while i laid on the couch. His cock just swayed in my face as he stood there handing me my glass of water. It took everything I had in me not to reach out and start to suck him off. He stood there and talked for a minute like it was nothing to be standing there naked. He finally asked me if I liked what I saw and of course with me not being out I replied “it’s a dick, it’s not like I don’t have my own to look at”. I secretly thought to myself hell yes I want to suck you dry.

Well as the summer passed on we grew apart and I moved away for a year and lost contact. Then I moved back and a few more years passed by and through another mutual friend we regained contact. We picked up right where we left off. I actually think our relationship is stronger. Before I knew it I was hanging out with him and his family almost everyday again. And if I didn’t see him we at least talked on the phone. Our conversations on the phone always got kind of weird I thought but I liked them. I was telling him one night about a party me and some friends were going to and he said that he wished he could come. I told him it was a clothes optional party joking around, because of course I knew he liked the whole nude thing. He replied that’s my kind of party, I could sure use some strange. I then replied what’s wrong the wife cut you off? And he replied, “my boys are swollen to the size of baseballs its been so long”. I told him he could come to the party and I’m sure we could get that taken care of . He said yeah I’m sure but I’m stuck at home, guess I’m going to have to find me a jack off buddy. Of course I then told him I was available anytime, that I could always help a brother in need out.

Well a few weeks went by and through chats and talked he would complain about how his boys need relief and how his hands were getting old and burnt up like used matches. He said he could sure use some strange from somewhere so once again I told him he was depressing me and that I would help him out. One day while I was in town I was texting him and he started again so I told him I was going to buy him something to use. He asked what and I told him some lube lol. He said it was all the same and not needed that his pre cum was all the lube I would need to jack him off, but if I wanted the favor returned I might need it. I said well I wont make you return the favor but I’m gone to get it for you anyway. Later that night I went to his house and asked him if he wanted his gift now or later figuring he could use to jack off with in the shower that night. Of course his wife has no clue we even talk to each other this way, or that I know she isn’t giving it up in the bed. He said no that he had all he needed, I replied ok, well I have it when your ready. A few weeks went by with our little dirty talks to each other and I figured out his wife’s work schedule so I started planning.

There was one night a week that she didn’t get home till 7 and he always got home around 4. Although his children were home from school by time he got home on this certain night they always ate out, and he would send the children into town to get carry out. Well one certain night I went to his house and I knew he had a stressful day at work and that he would be sending the children to town to get dinner. When I arrived he was in the bathroom and both children that were upstairs in the game room. I played everything out and went upstairs and got the children to decided they wanted to go get some dinner from the next town over that was 35 minutes away. I told them wanted to get food from that restaurant they would have to ride together and they agreed. I was thinking to myself yes this is gone to work. As always James finally asked them what they wanted to eat and they both said the same restaurant.

He didn’t want them to go but said only if you all ride together. I thought yes this is working, I was finally going to get to at least jack him off. He gave them his debit card and off they went . He complained that he was tired, and I made the remark that if his wife didn’t keep him up all night he wouldn’t be. He rolled his eyes and said yeah right, you mean my hand? I asked if she had gave it up lately and he replied “you already know its been about 3 months”. I said damn and he said yeah. I asked if he was ready for his present and he looked at me and said whenever your ready. To my surprise he dropped his pants and said if you like what you see then get to work. I looked for a second and said whoa, I wasn’t expecting that. I was trying to play it off. He said what happened between us stays between us and I could sure use it. I then said well come here and let me start. His cock began to get hard. I could see it growing as he got closer and closer to me. I had 20 million thoughts going through my head.

Next thing I knew he was there. Right in front of me. He started taking his shirt off and slapping his dick on my leg as I sat on the bar stool. I reached down and grabbed his hard 8 inch cock with my hand and began stroking it. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back. He was right he already had pre cum dripping out his cock. I used it as lube. He started telling me to squeeze big daddy’s cock harder and jack it off like I knew what I was doing. He started to put some hip action into it and started fucking my hand. I asked if he liked it and he said he never felt something so good in his life. To be honest I hadn’t either. This wasn’t the first time I ever felt another mans cock but this one was unbelievable. I was still sitting in my bar stool turned facing him with his cock rubbing mine under my jeans still with every pump. He told me to get naked with him, which I had no problem with. This was the fantasy I’ve been waiting on for 6 years now. As I got naked he grabbed my cock and told me I was going to be big daddy’s bitch tonight. I told him whatever he wanted to do to me I was game. He grabbed my cock and started to jack me off. My cock had never felt so hard in it’s life, I couldn’t believe what I was feeling.

As were standing in the middle of the kitchen jacking each other off he forces me down on my knees and tells me to suck his dick. I look up at him and slowly take the head of his massive cock in my nice wet warm mouth. He placed his hands on the back of my head and gently forces his cock further into my mouth. Much to my surprise my gag reflexes are awesome, almost like I was a natural born cock sucker. I’ve sucked one cock before but it was no where near as big as this one. Before I know it I could feel his balls hitting my chin. I was in heaven as was he. I had all 8 inches of his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I could feel the pre cum dripping from his cock down my throat. He then began to fuck my face thrusting his hips in and out making me take his cock like the bitch he wanted me to be. I have short hair but its still enough to grab and he wrapped his fingers in it and started moving my head with the motion of his hips making every move send pleasure through his body. I was so happy to be making him happy. I didn’t care what he did to me as long as he was enjoying it.

After a few minutes we stopped and he told me to go get his gift out my truck which was some lube and to meet him back in his bedroom. I ran outside and got it and came right back in. When I walked in the room he was sprawled out on the bed and told me to give him the lube and start sucking his cock again. So I did. I couldn’t believe I was actually living a fantasy. As I was sucking his cock he told me to get up and get on all fours pn the mattress and put my ass on the edge of the bed. Well I knew what that meant. He got up and put some lube on his cock and then on my ass and slowly put one finger in. That was easy enough I thought then came the second, which was a lot tighter. He said o yeah you have a nice tight hole, I haven’t had one of those in 20 years. Then a third and it hurt. I though o my god, ill never be able to take his cock in my ass. Then he took all his fingers out and asked if I was ready to be fucked. I said fuck me big daddy, cause that’s what he likes to be called and it turns him on. I could feel the pressure of his cock head against my hole and damn it felt good, It was pain but a good pain. He slowly poured some more lube on my ass and on his cock trying to make it go in easier. While his head was trying to penetrate my ass he was stroking his cock and slowly working his cock in me. Then he said alright little bitch I’m ready to fuck your brains out and with that he shoved the head of his cock in me ass. Damn did that hurt.

I felt like I had been ripped from my neck all the way to my nut sack. I’m pretty sure I screamed and bit down on the bed comforter as my ass was it the air and I was on all fours on the mattress and he was standing behind me. He left his cock there for a few minutes and told me to get use to it, that this was just the beginning. He slowly fucked my ass one inch at a time in and out, with each stroke going deeper and deeper in my ass. I was in pure ecstasy after a few minutes. His cock felt so good in my ass. I couldn’t believe I had a married man fucking me in the bed he shared with his wife. It felt so wrong but so right. I told him there was no way I would be able to take all 8 inches of his cock in my ass , but little did I know he was already balls deep. Before I knew it he was pounding my ass like there was no tomorrow. I could hear the skin of his hips slapping against my ass cheeks. From time to time he would smack my ass and tell me how nice and tight my ass was. All I could do is moan with pleasure. He then took my arms and pulled them behind my back lifting my face up off the mattress and arching my back up. Then taking his hands he started to feel on my chest and by this time I was on my knees and he was fucking me like I was standing up. I have no idea where all 8 inches went to but it felt so good inside me. He pulled his cock out and told me told roll over on my back so I did. He got up on the bed with me put my legs up over my head and started fucking me again. God this felt awesome is all I could think. His sweat was dripping off him onto my body and in my mouth. It tasted salty but anything coming off his body tasted so good. I really wanted to taste his cum, but I also wanted him to plant his seed in me.

I could feel his cock pulsating in my ass and he told me he was about to cum. He asked me where I wanted it and I told him to cum in me. He didn’t want to but I told him it would save us from having to clean a mess up besides what we already had. With that said he took a few more thrust, let out a few maons and with one last hard thrust he blew his load into my ass. His whole body started to quiver all over and another load of cum shot into my ass. Damn it felt so warm. He must of unloaded a gallon of cum in me. He laid on top of me with his slowly softening cock slowly making its way out of me, and said damn, if I knew you were this much fun I would have started fucking you 6 years ago. I said I wish I would have known you would have done this 6 years ago. After a few minutes we got up and went and the bathroom and washed up. While we were cleaning up his sons pulled back up and we had to run and get our clothes out the kithen floor on and act like nothing ever happened. Damn we timed that perfect we said to each other. I couldn’t believe we fucked for an hour and a half. .

Fantasy Reality

Steve was used to the drive down through Wales. He lived in Lancashire, his parents in Carmarthenshire; it was not only the obvious route down in terms of speed and cost, but was much more interesting than sticking to motorways. And it avoided the toll on the Severn Bridge. This was a quick, practical trip down over the weekend; his wife was still at home, getting up to who-knows-what, but probably just watching telly. Lovely as she was, she was also trustable. Safe. It was times like these that his mind wandered to life before marriage. Freedom, not that he had been too bad. And, because of the stop ahead, to his bi-curious days.

It was probably due to an ex who used to be turned on by the idea, but he was open to the idea of some male-male fun, though in most fantasies, and all realities, it had been in the presence of a female. Not necessarily her; there had been one or two others. That was what used to get him turned on the most, the idea that it was turning her on. Or was that just his excuse at the time?

Back then though he had sucked cock in front of her several times. And been sucked off by a guy and her at the same time. Had even gone so far as to mount one guy, a friend he knew well, while he was licking her out. And that had been a different girl. Woman. Hardly a girl. She was married with a child. That had changed when he had settled down though. A loving relationship that had been pretty much faithful.
But he couldn’t stop the thoughts though. And it depended upon his mood as to the sex or sexes of the other or others involved.

He knew the stop was coming up. He’d done this trip several times, but of most importance was that he was desperate for the toilet and this was one of the few toilets in the cross-country stretch, short of parking in town centres, which he never bothered with. There would be a sign before; not just the usual ‘P’, but indicating a picnic site and toilets also. Toilets!

There would be a small junction, leading to a car park just slightly off the road, with a picnic table and a toilet block. Was it because he was planning on stopping because he was so desperate for the toilet, or because monogamy was driving him stir-crazy? A distraction or a fantasy? Either way he started thinking.

He would park up and go in the gents section. Another car already parked there, he would glance at the empty vehicle before locking his car and going in.
He would get his cock out and start peeing. A man would appear to his side at the urinal. It was a trough-type urinal with one single area, he could remember that. Made of metal. Well, stainless steel probably, but that wasn’t here not there. A sink to the near side, next to the door. Two cubicles to the far side. He’d used the place before, but only for genuine purposes. And his wife had been present too sometimes.

The man would just stand there, alongside. Not getting his own cock out, but standing there. And looking. I’d be aware of that, even without looking round.
“Do you mind if I watch,” he asks. “If you like,” I reply calmly. “Do you mind?” he repeats. “Not at all.” “But do you enjoy it?” “I guess so.”

In the car, I’m starting to get hard. What does he look like? Do I mind? Possibly not, possibly better just thinking of him as just there. “You’re going to have to touch me after though,” I add. “I’d like to do more than that,” he tells me. “Oh yes?” “I want to get my mouth around you.”

I almost wanted to piss in his mouth in my keenness. A stranger sucking me off. In a remote rest-stop. “Watch me, then we’ll go in the cubicle.” I glanced to the side without seeing his face and saw his hand stroking hard against the outside of his trousers over his crotch.

Very briefly I shut my eyes while driving along the road. The smile on my face said it all. I was leading the way into the cubicle. Not in the taking-control-of-the-situation sort of leading the way. More a nervous, but excited, sort of way.
I laughed at having put my cock back in my trousers, but then laughed again because I hadn’t done up the zip.I laughed because I was excited,; I laughed because I was scared.

“Cum in my mouth if you want,” he told me as he shut the cubicle door behind him. “I’ll swallow.” I reached down and pushed my jeans and boxers down in one move, revealing my already hardening cock.

I saw the turning into the stop and started braking quickly. There was no car behind to worry about. The desperation for the toilet took over from my fantasy, so by the time I got out the car, my erection ahd gone to completely hidden levels. In practical terms, I was more relieved due to ease of pissing than any embarrassment. In fact I was at the urinal pissing before I even reconsidered my fantasy. No one around. Except now I heard footsteps outside.

I finished quickly. Possibly too quickly, with just one shake and stuffing my cock back in my jeans. No water came out as I pushed down on the tap, so I left just the slightest glance at the man going in. Already I felt a little disappointed. Yes., he looked like he might be a bit dodgy. By the time I got to the car, I was convinced he was gay and there purely for sex. By the time I drove off I was kicked myself, metaphorically of course, for not having held my cool and stayed.

What came into my head first? The fantasy or the memory of the failed fantasy?
I had once or twice fantasised before about stopping. Don’t think I even had those times. But on the way down I had come so close. And then chickened out.

I only vaguely needed the toilet, but it was enough of an excuse to stop. I could have continued, but wanted to stop. Just in case something happened. Okay, in reality, I knew it wouldn’t. I knew the guy who had walked in last time on the way down had just been a regular guy needing the toilet. He had a wife and wasn’t interested in men. I had a wife too. I was interested though. Maybe he had been too.

I parked up and walked into the building, then to the urinal. I could hear someone inside one of the two cubicles. There was no questioning it, I just walked into the other cubicle. Two things to note; it was not a respectable type of building, so there were holes in both the doors of the cubicles and the walls in between, and also they were too engrossed to notice me. “Oh yes,” I heard gasped as I went into the cubicle. “Yes, lick me. Ahhh. Oh yes! Suck me.”

It wasn’t shouted to the neighborhood, but it also wasn’t quiet. They didn’t know I was there. I looked around the cubicle and saw the spy-hole in the partition. There was no way I could resist looking through that. I was expecting like you might see on a porno DVD I guess. But it was too close for that. I couldn’t see one guy’s face, but got an unbelievable close up of the other one, moving fast over the first one’s cock. The cock was so hard, the guy’s expression so serious but passionate. I was hypnotized by it.

A hand rested on my side, followed by a body close behind. Well, the fingers reached around my side and the palm on my bum cheek. The body pressed up against my back, just slightly to the left. And by back I mean backside also, since I felt his cock against my crack, no mistaking. “Got a good view?” he murmured into my ear. Fantasies are one thing, reality is another; I couldn’t think of a thing to say. I couldn’t have said a thing even then.

I had just walked into the cubicle and got caught up in happenings, not shutting the door behind me. Someone else had followed me in. Or been around. I don’t know. I had a body up behind me. “You’re definitely interested in them,” he added, the hand moving forward, so the palm was now on my side. And the fingers in front. On my erection. Was it the best thing or the worst thing that it felt so good? This was what I wanted in my fantasies though. Wasn’t it? “Yes,” I whispered back. “What are they up to?” he asked.

They had now stopped, but it was only afterwards I realised they had finally known I was there and were listening. I later wondered if they fully stopped or just continued silently, listening to us, getting off more on us. “One is sucking the other’s cock,” I told him. “Yes?” The hand moved slightly but significantly against my own cock. “He’s so hard but the other has got him fully in his mouth. He’s moving so fast sucking him off.” “Would you have started wanking over them?” “Yes.” There was no hesitation. And this was reality now I reminded myself. But I would have done. “Go on then.”

I unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock; I might as well have been in a trance it was so automatic. My hand was gently but firmly moving back and forth on my cock, my eye still fixed to the hole in the cubicle wall. A tongue licked against the tip of my cock. I breathed in deep but didn’t pull back, continuing to look, continuing to wank. “You don’t mind.” It wasn’t a question. “No,” I breathed, carrying on.

He managed to balance his tongue on the end of my cock despite the movement, before suddenly seeming to breathe in, engulfing me in his mouth. At that point I turned away from the hole towards him.

A bald but young head was bobbing back and forth on me, tongue working furiously. The pair next door were forgotten. I even grasped onto the frame of the cubicle to keep my balance. I looked up, saw the frame almost vibrating in my vision, then looked down at him again. Everything overtook me and I almost fainted as I came in his mouth. I couldn’t have warned him if I tried.He pulled back at that point and made a point of licking his lips before swallowing gratuitously. I came a bit more, looking down at my cock to see it dribble more white liquid. He caught it in his open palm, and in one smooth motion, lick it up. “Shit!” was the unceremonious exclamation I gave, still grasping the open door.

New Year Celebration. Part 1

It was our tradition to meet at my friend’s apartment on the 30th of December. Of course, the main reason for that was Alexia’s birthday. And we’ve became really close friends since our graduation 15 years ago and thus on this day we have always organized a small party for three, it was something like a college friends’ reunion.

We used to recall our college years, share the news about work and personal life and discuss the fact we became a year older again. By midnight we would be tipsy and crying, swearing that we’d be friends until the rest of our lives. We finished by going to bed at Alexia’s flat.

This year it was going to be the same but at the last moment everything changed. Victoria was the first to call and tell us she wouldn’t join the party. She’d picked up a well-off man and they were going to the restaurant on the 30th of December to celebrate the New Year. Taking into consideration the fact the man was married Victoria couldn’t refuse the invitation as she was going to snatch the man from his old wife and marry him. Being aware of our friend’s purposefulness we knew she would succeed in that. We didn’t want to prevent her from that, so we gave our consent and made her promise she would be with us the next year.

The next person to break the tradition was Becca whose husband fell ill and she had to stay at home with him. The old friends’ reunion was ruined and we decided to celebrate Alexia’s birthday with our spouses.

The party was so-so. Alexia’s husband turned to be an ordinary man who was difficult to call handsome. I didn’t understand why she’d married him, nothing notable really. Our husbands got drunk soon and went to bed and we remained alone recollecting our college years.

By 2p.m. Alexia was very tipsy and I made up my mind to ask her about her hubby.

- Listen, Alex, I just can’t understand what you’ve found in Bobby that you decided to marry him.

My friend smiled mysteriously, poured some cognac into our glasses and drank it instantly. Then she came up slowly, put her arm around my waist and her head on my shoulder. She said:

- I’ve told nobody about that but I know I can tell you. Bobby is not handsome at all and you know that I’ve got plenty of handsome men around me. And he hasn’t got much money and again you know it’s not difficult to find a wealthy man for me…

At this moment she stammered and hiccupped.

- But he’s got something that no other men I met before had.

She stopped again and smiled. I was getting impatient.

- Common, tell me what he’s got?

Alexia stretched her right arm and put the side of her left hand across her arm in elbow place and exclaimed:

- He’s got a dick of this very size! Of course, you won’t believe me but his cock is right the same size as my arm! I’m not exaggerating.

I knew cock preferences of my friend and had no doubts that she was telling the truth. Meantime Alexia went to her bedroom saying:

- Good night!

I remained alone. Having cleaned the table and washed the dishes I still didn’t want to sleep. I went to my husband and realized he was sleeping and then I heard some rustling sounds from my friend’s bedroom. Alexia was mumbling something and I thought her insatiable husband would have to do without sex tonight as she was too drunk.

I returned to the kitchen and opening the curtains stood near the window. I felt clearly that I wanted a man. I don’t know what had affected me so much: coffee, the cigarette, Alexia’s story about her hubby’s cock or sex with my young colleague at work.

Sucks… not a very good desire at 2 a.m. in the morning in my friend’s flat…

I couldn’t hope that my hubby might want to fuck me after that huge bottle of cognac he and Alexia’s spouse had drunk. I suddenly recalled my young colleague from the credit department who I had fucked today in my office during the New Year celebration. He is certainly a promising worker and I might go on that affair we’d started with him; but on the other hand he’s so naive, he thinks he’s so cool that he had had an opportunity to fuck his female boss. However, he’s obviously mistaken. It’s not he who had fucked me, it’s me who had chosen him.

Reflecting this way I even didn’t notice my index finger slid into the wet slit and the thumb began caressing the clit. It wasn’t my first time fondling myself but I liked to do that at home in the bath or on the bed. However, this time the situation was so unusual that it even intensified my sensations and soon my crotch was moist with juices, the bottom of my belly made me feel ecstatic. A few more minutes and I exploded with a huge orgasm. When the last wave of the climax consumed me I relaxed. I pulled my hand out of the panties and straightened the dress.
Taking a cigarette out of my clutch, I lit it and opened the window. The sensation of the climax was still with me and my knees were weak though I remained near the window as the view of the night winter sky was terrific. I bent a bit and leaned my elbows against the window sill.

Suddenly I had a strange feeling as if someone was looking at me. I looked back being really frightened for some reason and was amazed to see Bobby standing at the doorway watching me.

Oh, god! He’d seen everything!!! He had a huge lump in his pants. It was obvious he’d been observing me from the beginning. I didn’t know where to put myself but noted that Alexia was right about her husband’s penis. It was at least 10 inches.

I was still standing with my eyes fixed on him when he decided to take the initiative. He approached to me from the rear, pulled up my dress, and his boxers down. Then he put his hands on my waist and pressed me to him.

- Why are you satisfying yourself, bitch??? I can help you…

I tried to think of a reason to explain it was wrong but the situation was too extreme. I was standing with my dress pulled up and my best friend’s husband was going to fuck me in a doggy style in his own kitchen! At first I wanted to say something and push Bobby away but his hot cock pressed to me stopped me and I decided to see what he wanted to do next. To show him I wanted to continue I arched my back sticking my butt out towards him. Bobby understood me and stroking my ass, divided the halves and moved my thongs aside. He directed his big-sized phallus at my anus.

- A bit lower, Bobby.
- No, bitch, I know what I’m doing.

I was taken aback. I can’t say anal pleasures were new to me, I liked them. But my ass needed special preparation and lubrication. When it usually happened I mounted my man and pretty soon I climaxed. Men loved that about me ‘cause only a few women can have orgasm from anal sex.

Now I wasn’t ready for anal actually. Sharp push made me realize Bobby wasn’t joking. Sharp pain went through me. I could barely restrain myself to prevent screaming.

- Shut up, slut!

He thrust again and it was no less painful. I bit my lip and gripped the window sill tightly. After 5 or 6 attempts Bobby still couldn’t enter my little hole. I was on the point of fainting and asked my torturer to lube up the ass first. He gave his consent and I took the lubricant from my handbag. Squeezing some of it onto my palm I spread it over my butt cheeks and the hole itself. While doing that I looked at the monster that was going to penetrate me. Oh, it was really enormous!!! Both long and fat! I hadn’t seen anything like that in my far from civil life! At that moment I thought that this giant dick would have difficulty getting even in my worked-up pussy… I put one finger into my butt trying to develop it a bit but Bobby pushed it away without ceremony.

- No, it’s too easy for you. I’ll develop your hole with my cock!

A new thrust… I bit my lip, tears filled in my eyes.

“What a fool I am! I can’t scream for I won’t be able to explain Alexia the fact I am standing in her kitchen with her hubby’s cock in my butt.”

I couldn’t bear it any more. One more thrust and at last he entered my butt and up to the balls immediately. The pain I felt while he was trying to penetrate me was nothing compared to the one I felt when he entered me. My anus was burning literally; it seemed to me he’d torn it. I fainted for a moment.

When I came to myself the pain was weaker but it blushed again when Bobby started pulling his phallus out. I put up with my fate and leaned against the sill. I stopped my mouth not to scream and got prepared for the worst.

Meantime Bobby was fucking me with his huge dick building the tempo. Gradually the pain was disappearing and I even started enjoying the process. It seemed to me incredible!!!

The shaft was moving in me fast. As the hole was too little for it I could feel every vein, every small nub on Bobby’s cock with my anus walls. I felt the taste of blood in my mouth – it was my lip that was bleeding. I bit it too much when Bobby entered me.

A couple of minutes later Bobby was thrusting into my ass furiously. My butt and thighs slapped at his muscular body in a mad tempo. And then having impaled me very deep he stopped still and let out a long quiet moan. I felt his monster exploded inside me with a huge hot spurt, then again and again. The man squeezed my boobs tightly and made an attempt to enter me deeper but it was just impossible. His body was shuddering in convulsions, each time a new portion of semen splashed at the walls of my ass.

Oh, God he had so much cum that it seemed to me this geyser wasn’t ever going to stop. But at last Bobby calmed down, released my breasts and pulled out his cock reluctantly. The dick was already becoming limp. When it was leaving my butt I heard a squelching sound and felt something warm and wet started flowing out of the anus and over my crotch and then legs.

My wife kelly and the builder

I had just watched my wife kelly have sex with my freind ray it was arranged by us and we enjoyed it very much. Ray was away so we havent had time to arrange it again so my wife suggested calling a builder around while i hid somewhere so i could watch them. The first builder we called was nice but kelly never liked him so we called another one out but the same thing happened. we were about to give up when there was some road works being done outside our house. the guys were all typical rough and ready types and kelly liked one of them. so when she had the chance i hid in the hallway and kelly asked if the guy (john) wanted a drink he said yes and she invited him in. he washed his hands and they chatted for a while about the weather and other silly stuff. i could see kelly really trying to flirt with him she kept brushing dust off his shoulders he made a comment about how nice she looked then she kissed him. he groped her tits while kissing her and she slipped her hand onto his cock. she asked him if he would like to go upstairs and i ran up there fast and hid in the guest room. she led him into our bedroom and he lifted he top off and sucked her tits.

she pulled her jeans off and he stripped completely. i had a very good veiw through the gap in the door. he layed her down and started to fuck her then he turned around and she climbed on top of him. he was feeling her tits while she was bouncing on him then she leand down and kissed him. she screamed she was coming and at that point he came as well. they layed there for a while just chatting then he got up and left. i asked kelly if she enjoyed it and she said that she enjoyed the thrill of trying to get him to fuck her as she really loves to flirt. we had great sex that evening. the next day i was off work and there was a knock at the door. i looked and saw it was john and he had a young guy with him. i told kelly to answer it she wasnt sure at first but i hid and she answered it. john said hi and kelly let them in. john had brought his freind who was about 18ish an they both looked at kelly.john introduced his freind. i knew wot was going to happen. kelly kissed john, and his freind (paul) went behind her and kissed her neck she turned around and kissed paul. john pulled off kellys shirt and bra and they both sucked her nipples. i was hard and wanking at this point. after they stripped kelly completley they pulled there cocks out and kelly went on her knees and sucked them both off.

paul went behind her and fucked her doggie style and john came in her mouth. then she layed down and paul entered her and fucked her hard she was screaming with delight then she came.paul pulled out his cock and came over her belly. at this point i came too just seeing my wife fucked by two rough guys turned me on so much i wanted to join them but i didnt want to scare them off. after a while they had drunk there coffee she made them and they just chatted. then as they left they both kissed her and groped her and then said goodbye. when i came in i was hard again so i fucked my wife on the floor. about two weeks had past and i had just finished work early and i found my wife having sex with john and paul again they both looked shocked and got up and left i said to kelly that she should have told me about it then i would have let them carry on but i think they got a bit worried. anyway my wife has agreed that i could have sex with another women while she watched and then joined in. so hopefully when ray gets back we can try to ask if he and his girlfreind wants to stay the night. we will tell you about that if it ever happens.

A husband’s just desserts

I am still amazed by what I saw from my bedroom window last year. I live in a large community of cookie cutter houses that are packed together like sardines in a can. This really sucks for the most part. I can’t get out in the yard and play catch with my kids or keep a pet, but it does have a few perks.

I noticed early on that my neighbors to the south of us had a house built similar to ours. The location of their house allowed me a view of their living room. I am a lifelong voyeur and i caught myself hanging around my bedroom window as I watched their lives unfold. To be honest I was disappointed by Doris, the wife. I never saw her naked in the living room. She is a very attractive woman, about 35, 5’4″ 120lbs. She was a frosted blonde with big tits and a narrow ass. I had seen her a few times in her bra and panties through the window and I had even had the opportunity to see her fuck her husband Jim once. However it was dark in the room and I couldn’t see enough to satisfy my curiosity. The fun came from her husband. Jim was a former highschool football star who works out regularly to keep that athletic look. He also works out hard to keep up with his sexual appetite. Jim was an unfaithful husband. There were several occasions where I was able to watch Jim with numerous women from around our community. He fucked them all, short, tall, thin or large it didn’t matter. Jim just loved to fuck.

I was home alone about a year ago when I noticed Doris and Jim talking in the living room. I had heard that she was filing for divorce after she had caught him sleeping around. I set on the edge of the bed with my binoculars prepared to enjoy a good fight. As they talked Doris seemed rather calm and even pleasant to her unfaithful husband. As they talked she stepped close to him and kissed him. They kissed for several minutes as their hands roamed over oneanother’s bodies. I thought that maybe I would finally get to see her naked as they began to undress.

She undressed Jim and kissed him from head to toe. She stopped long enough at his stiff dick to swallow it for just a moment and continued down to his feet. She sat him in a chair that she had retreived from the kitchen and began to tie him to the chair with some of her stockings. After Jim was secured Doris began to strip herself. Finally I was able to bask in the glory of her tan, firm body. Her breasts were huge, I would have to guess at least a 36D. She had fairly small nipples that pointed up and out as they hardened. She sat at his feet and teased the head of his dick with her tongue and stroked the inside of his thigh. Just as she was about to swallow his cock she stood up and left the room. I took the opportunity to move to the window just as she returned with a coat on. I could see him asking her something as she turned to the door and left in her car. I watched in bewilderment as he struggled with his restraints until she returned a few minutes later.

A second car pulled into the driveway behind her. The driver was a young man who was at least 6’2″ and very handsome. I sat down as the two of them entered the living room. I could Jim was furious as he yelled at her and the boy turned to leave. Doris took him by the hand as she dropped to her knees in front of him. She removed his pants and started stroking his young dick. He quickly reached a usable status as she wrapped her lips around the head of his rather large dick. She sucked him deep and hard as she massaged his balls with her left hand. She was busy pleasing herself with her right hand. She had her ass pointed towards her husband who was now in tears as he watched his wife suck another man’s dick. She worked on the boy for about ten minutes as she continued with her blowjob she would suck his cock and then lick his hairy balls. She popped one into her mouth and then both of them. She stroked his dick as she sucked his balls. Just as he was about to cum she spit his balls out and filled her mouth with his throbbing dick. He grabbed her head with both hands as he began to fill her throat with his cum. She gulped it all down without losing a drop. She then turned to her husband and showed him the other man’s cum in her mouth before she swallowed it.

Doris said something to the young man who then reached into his jacket and pulled out a cell phone. He spent a few minutes making calls and then sat down to watch Doris fuck herself with a dildo. In a matter of minutes there was another car in the driveway. 2 more young men got out and entered the house. they arrived just intime to see Doris cum with the aid of her dildo. The first one in was a blonde who was about 6′ and an average build. The second was a big redheaded kid. The blonde quickly undressed without even taking notice of the man tied to the chair in the middle of the room. He stepped towards Doris and placed his dick in her mouth. She began to pay his dick as much attention as she did the first young man. She brought him to full erection and then laid on her back and placed her legs under the armrests of her husband’s chair. The blonde quickly moved between her outspread legs and entered her. He fucked her with a reckless abandon that resulted in a quick orgasm. The first guy was hard again and stepped between her legs and started to fuck her also. He took his time and motioned to the redhead to get undressed. He just grinned as he dropped his pants and revealed a monster dick. I must have been at least 10 inches long and was almost as big around as my wrist. Doris’ eyes bulged as she grabbed for this mountain of a man’s member. She stroked it with both hands as she sucked on the head of this massive cock. The first guy finally came in her pussy and moved to make room for the red head.

He moved into position and slowly entered her sloppy pussy. It was probably a good thing that she had been fucked twice before. He needed to lubrication to get that monster in. It took several slow deliberate strokes to get it all in but he finally did and began to fuck her. She was in extasy. Her head was laid back and I could only imagine the moans that were resulting from that monster fuck. He picked up the pace after he felt comfortable with her pussy and began to slam that monster meat into her hard. She bounced against her husband’s legs as she was fucked silly by this manbeast. As he began to cum he leaned back and drove his dick in one last time. He filled her full and left a huge gaping hole as he removed his dick from her destroyed cunt. Doris licked his dick clean before he got dressed. She then turned to her husband and stuck her cum-dripping pussy in her husband’s face and rubbed his nose into it. The boys laughed at him as the all got dresed and left. She then sat in her husband’s lap and fucked him until he came also.

I still watch their window every chance I get. Jim still fucks other women, but now I get to watch Doris on a regular basis as she also fucks to her hearts delite. I haven’t seen a repeat performance of that nite, but I keep watching and hoping that Jim will have to be punished again.

Christmas Present

My wife, Lara, and I had completely renewed our sex life by each spending one night as a slave to the other. On those two nights, both of us had broken the boundaries that our inhibitions had set for the previous 12 years. Those nights involved sex with another person by the “slave,” while the “master” watched. I learned my gorgeous but straitlaced wife had desires and fantasies that could be unleashed with the proper coaxing. And it wasn’t only our sex life that improved, but nearly every part of our relationship. We weren’t just going through the motions anymore – we really looked forward to time together.

Our sex was charged for several months. We had gone from once every two weeks, to two or three times each week on weekdays, and usually five or six times every weekend. And Lara was performing things she would never try before. Just a few sentences from either of us about something that turned us on during our two “submission” nights, and we’d be hot all over again.

But inevitably, after a few months, I could feel things begin to slow down. That big change in our life had started when we both took some risks to carry out fantasies. When I felt things slow down, I started to think of a new plan to recharge us again.

One evening in early December, we were relaxing over dinner at home. Lara had just finished telling me the day’s events at the pharmaceutical laboratory where she works as a technician. Then I started recounting my day at the public relations firm where I was a subdivision P.R. officer. “How are you getting along with Phil?” Lara asked.

Phil was my boss, the subdivision manager. At 28, he’s seven years younger than me, but I can’t say I have any hard feelings about working for a younger boss, because Phil knows how to get the job done. When our last manager let the department get lax and sloppy because he was going through a divorce, top management brought in Phil from outside to turn things around. Phil had an Ivy League education, and although only a few years’ experience in P.R., he was clearly a go-getter. In just six months, he had everyone in the subdivision working at full steam, and new customers were slowly coming in. Best of all, Phil encouraged each of us to explore any new idea, no matter how crazy it sounded. He didn’t approve them all, but every idea got a hearing. But Phil also had set us up to compete against each other. By transferring out a 10-year veteran who was turning in the same old stale work, Phil sent the message to everyone: “perform or step aside.”

As subdivision manager, Phil was pulling down some good bucks. Still single, he tended towards expensive suits and fine cologne, which together with his athletic frame were turning several heads of the women in the office, as well as Mike, the only gay man in our subdivision.

“So far, so good,” I replied to Lara. “Today he laid out a new plan for our biggest client totally on the fly, in the middle of a meeting, and everyone knew he hit the nail right on the head. Our client went for it, and said they have another project they’ll bring to us. What do you think of Phil?”

Lara had met Phil twice. Once at an evening cocktail party to welcome him in, and once when she dropped by my office for lunch.

Lara glanced at me, but I just kept my eyes on my plate. “Well, he certainly looks great, if that’s what you mean,” she said. “But to be so consumed with work at his age, I wonder if he won’t burn out young.” Our conversation went onto other things, and we wrapped up dinner soon after.

That night, we both were ready for a midweek session. Lara looked great in a black see-through nightie. I came up behind her as she was brushing her hair in the mirror, and started rubbing her breasts, pulling at her nipples. After a few minutes, she turned to me, dropped to her knees and maneuvered my cock out of my boxers. By now, she had really mastered how to such my dick until I exploded, but tonight I stopped her short and got her on the bed on all fours, entering her wet pussy from behind. When we were both ready to cum, I turned her over so we could finish while looking into each other’s eyes. It was another great session. Afterwards, we lay together, stroking each other.

“Are you sorry about anything we did the night you were my slave?” I asked.

“Are you kidding?” Lara answered. “It still turns me on just thinking about it.”

“It’s been three months since I was your slave. What would you think of doing something else?” I said.

Lara hesitated and looked away. But I could feel her nipples harden in my fingers. “It would depend on what you have in mind,” she answered, almost too softly for me to hear. “Are you thinking of something.”

“Well, I did have a thought cross my mind, but I’m not sure how you’d feel about this one.” We both lay there silent for a moment, but my prick started to stiffen in her hand, and I could smell her pussy start to get wet.

“Are you going to tell me?” Lara asked. “Just go ahead and say it.”

“Well, okay. But you’ll probably think I’m crazy.” “Just tell me. What is it?” Lara said. “Okay. Well, you know how much it turned me on to watch you with another man. I’d like to do it again.” “Well, I’d have to think about it. It was a turn-on for me too. I’m not against it,” Lara said.

“But I’m thinking of someone in particular. I’d like to watch you fuck Phil.”

Lara’s eyes suddenly got large, and she sat up a bit so I had to stop rubbing her tits. “You must be kidding,” she said. “Fuck your boss? I couldn’t do that. You’d have to work with him everyday. No I just couldn’t do that.”

“Well, in addition to turning us on, we could both enjoy some nice benefits if he goes for it,” I said. “Now I’m really against it,” Lara said, with a little anger in her voice. “We did some things that turned us on, but I’m not going to be a prostitute. No way.” “Okay. I said you would think I was crazy. I was just telling you a fantasy. Let’s just drop it.” For the next few weeks, we didn’t discuss any fantasies, and even our sex had an edge of tension. I was beginning to regret ever mentioning my idea.

In the second week of December, my office held its annual holiday party. The top brass rented out a popular local disco for our exclusive use, including a live band that specialized in Motown. Everyone generally used this occasion to bring out the heavy attraction weaponry, dressing in the finest new clothes, which made the party something to really look forward to each year. Lara was no exception. She looked fantastic in a burgundy velvet dress with black collars and cuffs. Keeping with her prudish character, it had a high neckline, and came down to the middle of her knees, but nothing could hide those perfect breasts, and her perfectly shaped lower calves in black stockings made me think of getting her home early for a fuck.

Soon after arriving, we were in a group with two other couples, drinks in hand, when Phil came in. As he went around the group shaking hands, he stopped a little longer at Lara. I guessed he was trying to check her out, but attempting not to be caught by her husband or the others. The band started playing, and the party warmed up. Lara and I split up so she could talk with some of the other women, and I hit the buffet with a few colleagues. Soon people were shifting from the dinner tables to the dance floor to the bar. I danced with Lara to “My Girl,” and then she said she wanted to eat. As we walked off the floor, the band started a slow classic, and Phil intercepted us coming off the floor. “Mind if I dance with your beautiful wife?” he said. I looked at Lara waiting for her answer. “Sure,” she said. “Why not.” I moved across the room, but kept my eye on them. Phil was playing it straight, keeping his right hand high on her back. They talked throughout, and a few times Lara let out good laughs.

After the dance, Lara went to the buffet, but as the night went on, I saw Phil come back to Lara several times, spending a few minutes here and there talking with her. Each time, she seemed to be entertained by his humor. When the band started another slow dance, I saw Phil grab Lara’s hand and head her to the dance floor, with Lara appearing happy to comply. This time, Phil pulled Lara close, and instead of talking face to face, he talked in her ear, with his cheek to the side of her head. His hand slowly moved down to her waist, and then a little lower. When they turned, I could see Lara had her eyes closed, and Phil was definitely pulling her into his crotch. At the end of the song, they separated for a second and I could see Lara was flushed, but then the band hit up a fast song and they started dancing apart which overcame the awkward moment.

I was making my own rounds, trying to be discreet about checking out the best looking women with their plunging necklines and hemlines slit high up the thigh. About 12:30, the party was just beginning to thin out. I saw Phil come up to Lara again, and after a few minutes of talk, he grabbed her hand and led her to the entry hall. I stayed behind a pillar where they wouldn’t see me. A sprig of mistletoe was hung from the chandelier in the entry hall, and throughout the evening couples were catching a holiday kiss underneath. I watched as Phil gave Lara a short peck on the lips. They pulled back with smiles, but then the smiles melted off their faces as they looked each other in the eyes, and after a brief hesitation, they pulled back together, with Lara pushing her hands around Phil’s neck, and they met in a passionate kiss that lasted about 15 seconds. When they parted, I guess they both realized anyone could walk up, so they came back into the main hall and quickly separated.

That night in bed I was nearly asleep from exhaustion and too much gin and tonic when Lara said, “Remember the fantasy you told me a few weeks ago?” “Yes,” I said, quickly pulling out of my drowse.  “Well, if you figure out how, I’ll do it.”  I kissed Lara on the lips, my cock beginning to harden, and said, “We’ll talk about it tomorrow night.”

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I invited Phil over for dinner. Lara and I both prepared a fine meal of lamb chops and several side dishes. I picked out Lara’s clothes for the evening, a silky black top that pulled tight to her breasts, and this time with a neckline that showed her fantastic cleavage. A green cotton skirt looked in line with the holidays, but was slit in front high on her left thigh. I made sure she was in thigh high stockings instead of every man’s biggest turn off: pantyhose. The conversation at dinner was fun, with Phil telling us a few humorous stories about people at his last job. Several times, I saw him catching glances at Lara’s boobs or legs, and she was responding by making sure the skirt was riding high up her thighs. Just as we finished the main course, I stepped into the kitchen to clear some plates, took out my cell phone, and changed the ring setting so the phone would ring. Pretending to answer a call, I had a conversation loud enough for Phil to hear. When I hung up, I said, “You’re not going to believe this, but Jim says he just finished the proofs for the Lindsay account. He says I have to pick them up to edit them tonight, because he meets with the Lindsay account manager tomorrow at 8:30. His kid is sick, so he can’t bring them over. I have to go over there.”

“Why don’t I head out with you,” Phil said.

“Nonsense. There’s still dessert, and there’s no need to rush off. I’m sure Lara would like you to stay awhile. Besides, I can be there and back in 45 minutes, one hour tops. I’ll be back for a nightcap with you and then you can still get home at a reasonable time.”

Phil looked at Lara. “Please stay,” she said with an innocent smile. We have chocolate mousse and I don’t want to eat your portion too.”

“Okay,” Phil said.

I picked up my coat, pecked Lara on the cheek, and headed out. I then drove a block away, and returned on foot to our back yard. I had left the curtain on the dining room window open enough to see the whole room, and knew that without lights on in the yard, I couldn’t be seen from inside.

Phil and Lara where laughing about something, and Lara refilled his wine glass. Phil was doing the talking, sitting close to Lara, and at a point when they both let out a good laugh, he put his hand on her knee. It looked innocent at first, but he didn’t take it away. Slowly, the look on their faces became more serious, and as he talked, Phil moved his hand above Lara’s knee to her thigh. Lara’s nipples were clearly erect, and Phil must have commented about them, because Lara blushed, but then she looked up and gave Phil a soft kiss on the lips. He responded by kissing her back, but much more passionately. Because they were awkward sitting in the dining room chairs, they stood up, and kissed in a hard embrace, their tongues pushing in and out of the other’s mouth. Lara said something, and Phil reached down below her skirt and quickly ran his hands up her thighs. He took hold of her panties on each hip, and Lara helped him pull them down. Phil took Lara by the shoulders, face to face, and backed her against the wall between the dining room and the kitchen, and kissed her hard again. He said something, and she began unbuckling his pants.

Quickly they fell to the floor, and I watched as she pulled his boxers down on top of the pants. Phil lifted Lara’s skirt to her waist, took her thighs, and lifted her up. Very skillfully, he lowered her onto his hard-on, and Lara wrapped her legs around his waist. They talked at several points, but Lara was clearly weak from the sexual energy running through her body. Since I said I would only be gone 45 minutes, Phil was obviously moving things quickly so he wouldn’t get caught, not knowing I had my cock out in the cold night air, as I watched them. Phil started pushing into Lara, and with each thrust, her back hit the wall. As he got faster and harder, I could hear both of them moan loudly each time he pounded into her. Their pace got faster as he locked his lips over hers, and managed to squeeze her breasts with one hand while supporting her bottom with the other.

Here it was again: my wife being pounded away by another man. And instead of any jealousy, all I felt was excitement. After the pounding became feverish, I saw Lara’s face tense, and she came in a huge orgasm, practically screaming in ecstasy. Phil followed just after, shooting his cum into her while jerking his hips, banging her even harder into the wall. A glass fell off the countertop next to them and broke. I shot my load soon after into the hedges. They kissed for several minutes, staying in the same position, with Lara’s legs wrapped around Phil, his bare ass mooning me.

I headed back to the car, since I figured I should return in about the amount of time I said. I pulled up in front, and took out the proofs Jim had actually given me earlier that day at the office to edit. When I entered the front door, Phil was straightening his pants in his seat at the dinner table. Lara was out of the room. “I think she had to use the bathroom,” Phil said, looking away so he wouldn’t have to look me in the eyes. “Sorry, I knocked a glass off the cabinet here and it broke.”

That night, after Phil went home, Lara and I fucked as hard as ever. She loved for me to describe what I saw from the window, and when I told her how I watched the two of them reach climax, she couldn’t hold it in, and started bucking in another massive orgasm.

I planned the next step. It was something I thought about to get hard on several nights, and I decided to go through with it, even though I wouldn’t be able to watch. Just Lara’s description later that night got me off like a rocket.

The day after dinner, Lara came by the office around 3:00. She went directly to Phil’s office on the 12th floor, and told Phil’s secretary, Tanya, she wanted to peek in just to say hello. Phil hired Tanya directly from a modeling agency, literally. Don’t get me wrong, she had the typing skills, and managed Phil’s calendar deftly, but she was also luscious. She had come to the US from Russia in 1990, and learned perfect English since then. She also tended toward low cut blouses and short skirts, which Phil didn’t object to. He told me at lunch once that people judge a P.R. firm a lot by looks, and he wanted a great impression on anyone waiting in his outer office to see him, so nobody above him objected when he went to the modeling agency for a secretarial reference.

Tanya buzzed Phil on the phone and said, “Mrs. Strand would like to say hello.” “Send her in,” Phil answered.

According to Lara, she walked in, and closed the door behind her, but didn’t lock it. She quickly walked to Phil’s desk, moving around the back and he stood up to meet her with a hard kiss on the mouth. Behind Phil’s desk was a floor to ceiling window, looking out over a slightly shorter building, but Lara guessed people on the top floors had a pretty good view of Phil’s office, if they were looking.

Lara quickly unzipped Phil’s pants, and unbuckled his belt, pulling out his already hard cock. Phil was worried, but couldn’t stop her because he wanted what followed. Lara then pushed him back into his chair, and dropped to her knees. With her giving a blow job she had perfected on me for the past few months, Phil’s head dropped back and his eyes closed as he began to moan. Lara learned perfectly how to gently massage my balls with one hand and massage the base of my cock with the other, while she moved up and down on me with her mouth, and she said she used the same technique on Phil. She could feel his scrotum tense up in preparation for orgasm, when out of the corner of her eye, she saw Tanya staring at them with a stunned look. Lara just kept going, and she wasn’t sure if Phil even saw Tanya come in because he was in total oblivion. Tanya then backed out quietly, while Lara brought Phil to orgasm, taking his load in her mouth and swallowing as I taught her.

She said they both straightened their clothes, and Phil said he was glad she came by to say hello, to which they both laughed. Lara didn’t mention anything to Phil about Tanya.

Lara actually thought up the final act. Her office had a lab for experiments that required a very controlled environment. The lab had a large window into the next room so others could watch experiments carried out. Lara told Phil to come pick her up at work late one Friday evening, and they would go out for a quick drink. She could be home before I was suspicious, she told him. When he showed up at the door, Lara told him to come into her office while she shut down her computer. Nobody else was left at work, having gotten out for the weekend. Lara’s plan worked perfectly with me already sitting in the dark room next to the special lab. After closing everything down, Lara grabbed Phil’s shirt and gave him a deep kiss. He asked, “Is this okay?” “Everybody’s gone. I checked,” she answered. After some kissing, Phil started massaging her tits. Again she wore a silky blouse that showed off her perfect breasts. “Come into this other room,” she told him, leading him to the special lab.

Inside, Lara unbuttoned Phil’s shirt and pants, and soon had him completely naked in front of her. He then pulled her blouse over her head to reveal a black lace bra that her nipples showed through perfectly. As he turned her around to unzip her skirt, the door to the room I was in opened, and in walked a young guy with a broom and dustpan. I figured he must have been doing some temporary work between semesters at the university. Very quickly, he saw me, and looked at the two in the lab. I put a finger to my lips, and motioned him to come over near me where he couldn’t be seen. I looked into the lab, and neither Phil nor Lara had heard the intruder. The young janitor looked at me and we both half smiled.By now, Lara’s skirt was off and Phil unhooked the bra, letting it drop to the floor. She was wearing only stockings and shoes.

Her pubic triangle looked perfect and when she sat back on a tabletop, her pussy lips were clearly full and engorged. This time, Phil got down and started running his tongue through her cunt. I could tell Lara was going wild. Finally, he pulled her off the table, turned her around, and after Lara said, “Please fuck me,” he entered her from behind. My voyeur friend and I watched as my boss pounded his dick into my wife. “Man, she is a real brick shithouse,” the janitor whispered. I could see he had his dick out in his hands and was starting to pump away. After several minutes of bringing her close to orgasm from behind, Phil pulled out and again turned Lara around. He lifted her on the table, laying her back, and climbing on top. He pulled her legs above his shoulders, pulling her cunt tighter around his cock, and giving the two of us a better view each time he plunged in. Their pace got faster and faster, and I’m not sure if Phil, Lara, or the janitor came first, but soon all three were exploding in hot orgasms. I was glad the janitor had the sense to remain perfectly quiet.

Phil and Lara kissed for several minutes before getting dressed and leaving. Lara had arranged for me to lock the door, but the janitor took care of that anyway.

Lara and I spent weeks of fantastic sex talking about Phil fucking her. She told me Phil really turned her on, and she liked getting it from a younger man, but I knew I had nothing to worry about because our relationship only became more intense. Lara spent a three-day weekend with Phil at his beach house, and she said they fucked at least 16 times, and he brought her to orgasm with his hand in a nice restaurant one evening. They’ve gotten together twice besides that in the 4 months since.

At work, Tanya comes by my office often, and has made a few mild passes. She made a sly comment about the fact that married men should get what they can, because they don’t always know what their wives might be up to. I’m thinking up a plan for Lara and I to use Tanya in one of our future fantasies.

Shower time

Dell hated working on holidays, away from home, all alone, and bored stiff, not a very pleasant way to spend Christmas day, and worse yet, the surroundings really sucked, seeing as he was a deputy sheriff of Hall County, and had jail duty for the day. Someone had to man the phones and watch the prisoners, well that should be “prisoner” as there was only one inmate being held in the county jail, and she was doing six months for writing bad checks. “Not a bad lookin’ dame,” thought Dell, “with a body like that, you would figure she would get some rich guy to take care of her!” At exactly twelve noon the front door opened and in came Donna Winston, the wife of Sheriff Winston, with two full plates of Christmas dinner, one for Dell and one for the prisoner. “Thanks a bunch Mrs. W,” gushed Dell, as he took a deep whiff of the turkey, gravy, and sweet potatoes, “I can see why Bill married you, he knew he’d never go hungry!” Donna just laughed, and in an instant was out the door and on her way back home.

Dell unwrapped one of the plates and carried it back to the cell block, where Lila Thomas was lying on her bed while reading an old People magazine. “Got some home made dinner for ya, Lila,” Dell said, as he unlocked the cell and placed the steaming plate on the small dining table. “Thanks, Dell,” she replied in a grateful voice, “at least I can have a good meal on Christmas, even if I am all alone and in jail!” “Yeah,” he said, “if ya need anything just give me a holler, I’ll be right out front.” Dell then went back to his desk where he sat down to eat his dinner.

It was 10:00pm when Dell was roused from his nap with ringing of the prisoner call buzzer, and after taking a few seconds to get his bearings, Dell ambled to the rear of the jail to see what Lila needed, “Probably had to use the can,” he thought. When he got there, she was standing by the cell door with a towel in her hands. “Deputy,” she asked, “would it be okay if I took a shower, I know that I’m not due for one until tomorrow, but I feel really grimy, and it’s Christmas, and I kinda hoped you could make an exception.” Dell knew the prisoners weren’t suppose to be in the shower unless there were at least two officers in the facility at the same time, but well, this was Christmas, and he hadn’t gotten one call all day, so what harm could it do? Unlocking the cell door, he replied, “Yeah, I guess that would be all right, it’s pretty slow out here anyway!” He led the way to the communal shower room and waited outside while she went in by herself.

Pretty soon her heard the spray of water and the feeling of dampness permeate the air as steam poured out of the warm shower room into the cool hallway. Lila called out, “Thanks for letting me clean up deputy, I really appreciate it!” Before he could reply, he heard a loud thud and a low groan come from the shower room. He ran into the steam filled room yelling, “Are you all right, did you fall!?!” When he found her, she was lying on her back, and holding her ankle. Dell turned off the water and helped Lila to her feet. This was the first time he had ever seen her naked, and to say she was a stunner would have been an understatement! Her full chest had large prominent nipples, and her fully exposed pussy had a thick growth of black pubic hair that tried in vain to hide her full cunt lips. She put her arm around his shoulder and hobbled over to a bench that was up against the far wall. After sitting down she rubbed her leg and asked Dell to see if he thought it was broken.

Having lifted her injured leg up onto the bench, Lila’s pussy was wide open and slightly agape, and while Dell nervously checked her swollen ankle for any sign of a break, Lila casually dropped her hand to her pussy and calmly began fingering herself! Dell stood up and started to leave, mumbling something about getting her a towel, but she grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back to her while saying in a husky voice, “Not so fast deputy, it’s been three months since I’ve had a cock, and I can’t think of a better Christmas present than this!” At that moment Dell couldn’t really tell who was in charge, because his hard prick was buried in the throat of the hot little cocksucker! While she sucked on it, she looked up at him with that pretty face, looking all the world like an angel, but totally obscene with his thick dick in her mouth! Through clenched teeth he groaned and said, “I’m gonna shoot it in your mouth baby, I can’t hold back in longer!!!” Upon hearing how turned on he was, Lila took his balls in her hand and gently squeezed them, as if trying to force his cum into her waiting mouth. She didn’t have to wait long, because seconds later her mouth and throat were flooded with what seemed like gallons of hot sticky cum! Greedily she tried to swallow every drop of the precious liquid, taking care to make sure got every drop!

After blowing his load, Dell’s first inclination was to get the hell out of there!!! If he got caught doing the “nasty” with an inmate, well, let me tell you that he would have about as much chance keeping his job, as a candle staying lit in a hurricane! But of course, he didn’t leave, because as is the case with most men, Dell included, they think with their dicks, not with their brains, so when Lila spread her legs and flashed her gorgeous snatch, Dell did the thing any red blooded American male would do, he got down on his knees and ate her pussy for all he was worth! He had always wondered what kind of body Lila had hidden under her prison issue, and now that he had a chance to partake of its many wonderful features, he couldn’t pull himself away from it! He just about had Lila on the verge of a hard climax when from doorway came words that cut him like a bull whip! “What the fuck is going on here,” an obviously agitated Donna Winston exclaimed!?! Fumbling with his zipper, Dell leaped to his feet and cried, “Jesus, Mrs. W, well, I was just, I mean, well…….” “I think I can see exactly what you were doing,” retorted Donna acidly, now the question is, what are we going to do about it!?!”

Dell, turning a bright shade of crimson, tried to hide his embarrassment, but to no avail! Donna walked over to the still seated Lila and spat, “And you, you little tramp, I suppose you’re going to tell me that you didn’t have anything to do with this!!!” Before Lila could respond, Donna Winston took her finger and savagely jammed it into Lila’s wet cunt. She probably expected her to act hurt, but was surprised, as was Dell, when instead her head rolled from side to side and a guttural moan escaped her lips! “Jesus H Christ,” Lila exclaimed, “the little slut’s ready to blow her cookies!!!” Now grinding her finger hard into Lila’s dripping vagina, Donna Winston berated the young prisoner with a vicious tongue lashing! Sweat had popped out from Donna’s forehead and Dell was getting the sneaking suspicion that she was getting sexually aroused! It was clear that Lila was now in the onset of a huge orgasm, and the verbal abuse coupled with Donna’s fingering were taking its toll! When her clit finally reached its climax, Lila screamed in wild delirium as her cunt muscles contracted around Donna’s finger! Forgetting who was watching, Donna put her juice cover fingers to her lips and licked them clean.

Seeing this was all the cue that Lila needed, so she reached out and put her hand up Donna’s skirt and headed straight for her pussy! Donna teetered unsteadily, squirming from side to side while Lila worked her fingers inside of Donna’s panties. Lila hadn’t said a word since Donna had come into the shower room, but when her finger encountered and absolutely drenched pussy, she said, “Call me a tramp, you hot pussied bitch, you’re so wet you could put out a forest fire with it!!!” Lila then looked at Dell, who had since retreated to the corner to watch the lezzie fuckfest, and ordered, “Take off her clothes, I think she needs a good fucking!!!” Dell started to protest, but Lila cut him off and threatened to tell the sheriff about their little escapade if he didn’t do as he was told. Donna, through clenched teeth, said it was all right, and to go ahead and do it, so Dell shrugged his shoulders, and proceeded to strip the sheriff’s wife of every last stitch of her clothing!!!

Donna Winston was about forty five years old, but she still had a pretty nice body for someone her age, and while her big tits sagged a bit, after all she had give birth to three children, so that was to be expected. Lila continued fingering Donna’s cunt, and told Dell to have a feel.

“Not as tight as mine, but not bad,” she said laughing, while taking Dell’s hand and shoving it into Donna’s dripping slit. Lila looked up at Donna and asked her, “Well bitch, what’s it gonna be, my mouth, or his cock, take your pick!!!” Donna could barely speak due to the fact that Dell was doing a number on her hard little clit, but she did manage to mouth the word “cock”, between her moaning and groaning. “Its the cock,” announced Lila, “take off those pants so Donna can get her meat! With his pants and shorts around his ankles, Lila had him sit down on the bench next to her so that his hard cock stood straight up, all seven inches hard and ready to go. Donna straddled his hips and slowly lowered her juicy cunt onto his hard erection, and ss each inch disappeared inside of her, her cunt had a series of extremely vicious orgasms, one after the other, each one more powerful than the one just before! When his cock was fully engulfed by her womanhood, his dick erupted its cum, filling the big cunt with a ton of his spunk! Lila was sucking one of Donna’s big tits, while using her finger on her clit, to bring herself to another climax! The mixture of sweat, steam, and cum made for an interesting aroma in the shower room!!!

Black Mail

I didn’t intend to set up my video camera to spy on our babysitter. But after watching a news report on child abuse by care takers, I wanted to make sure my wife and I were leaving our only child in good hands. Sue was a nice, polite, innocent looking 15 year old girl who was recommended by many people in the neighborhood. Her long red hair and shy attitude gave me the impression that she didn’t have much of a social life, so I didn’t worry about her throwing wild parties while we were out. She had baby sat for us once before, without incident, but after seeing the news special, I had to reassure myself that Sue as responsible as she appeared.

As my wife took Sue home, I removed my camera from its hiding space and connected it to the TV. I knew I only had a half hour or so to scan the tape before my wife returned. I did not tell her what I was up to because she would have never agreed to letting me secretly tape our sitter. The first hour or so of the tape was pretty typical. Sue sat on the floor, playing with our young son, feeding him his bottle and singing to him as he began to fall asleep. Then she took him upstairs and put him down. After returning to the family room and taking a seat on the couch, the door bell could be heard in the background. Sue got up and left the scene, only to return with a young man.

At first, I tried to think nothing of it, maybe it was a friend of hers, maybe they were going to study. All of those thoughts were erased from my mind as the two teens began making out on our couch. Sue and her friend were locked in a passionate embrace as they began caressing each other. Sue then began unzipping her partner’s pants and positioned herself on the couch with her head above his crotch. Slowly, she removed his cock from his pants and she started licking his shaft from tip to balls. Sue then slid his skinny cock into her mouth as she wrapped her lips around him tightly and began sucking himgood. The young man leaned his head back, closed his eyes and held Sue’s head as she continued to fuck him with her mouth. She proceeded to suck him for a good 5minutesbefore they were interrupted by the sound of our son crying upstairs.

Sue broke free from his bulging cock and raced upstairs while the young man sat there stroking his cock. Sue reappeared on screen a few minutes later and straddled the lad on the couch. With her back to the camera, I watched as the two of them began kissingagain. Sue grinded her hips on his naked cock while he helped her out of her blouse. Sue then reached behind her, unhooked her bra and tossed it off camera. With his hands holding her, Sue leaned back and he began sucking each tit. I began to get turned on as I never realized what a nice body Sue had. Her firm round tits stood straight up as she arched her back, her arms draped over his shoulders. Then Sue stood up and began removing her pants. As they slid down her legs, a matching thong was revealed between her thick pale buns.

The young man pulled her close and began kissing her stomach, working his hands around to her ass and eventually grabbing hold of her thong and yanking it down. Sue then bent over in front of the camera giving me a shocking view of her ass and bush as she helped him remove his pants. Once they were both naked, Sue turned around to face the camera and backed up to him. She sat down on his lap as he began cupping and caressing her tits from behind. Her nipples were big and round, her bush neatly trimmed to a thin line. As he spread his legs, Sue legs parted and revealed her tiny cunt. With one hand on her tits, his other hand descended to her pussy. Sue moaned as he played with her clit, rubbing it until she was good and wet. Slowly he inserted a finger, than another into her tight cunt as she began grinding him again.

After several minutes of foreplay, Sue raised her hips and helped him guide his cock into her twat. Her tits bounced as the two of them tried to match motions. Sue leaned forward, then back and from side to side as he buried his cock deeper intoher.ventually, the two of them switched positions and Sue took a seat on the couch. With her legsspread far and wide, he repositioned himself and began fucking her while kneeling on the ground in front of the couch. Just then, I heard my wife’s car pull into the drive way and I quickly shut off the TV and ran my video camera up to my office.

A week later, I suggested to my wife that we go out for dinner and we asked Sue to baby sit again. Sue was dropped off at our house around 7 and our son was already asleep. I knew Sue had something planned, because she was dressed more provocative. My wife said she looked cute, but I knew better. She was wearing a knee length skirt , a wool sweater and her hair was done up more so than usual.

When my wife and I returned home around 10pm, I offered to take Sue home. As we headed off in my car, I began asking Sue how the evening went? Good. Did our son wake up at all? Once. Did she have to change his diaper? No. Did you orgasm tonight? Sue began to answer before she stopped and thought about what I asked. “Excuse me?” she turned and said. “You heard me,” I replied, “Did you have an orgasm tonight?” I could tell she was nervous and she tried to play it off by ignoring me.

“I know what you have been up to Sue,” I said while focusing my attention on her. “Do your parents know that you are sexually active?” “What!?” she quickly responded as she began to sweat. “Did that skinny blonde boy come over again tonight for a piece of you?” “I don’t know what you are talking about,” she replied, “and I don’t like you talking to me like that.” “Im sorry Sue,” I said sarcastically, “But I don’t appreciate you having boys over and sucking their cocks on my couch while you are suppose to be watching my son.” Sue’s eye grew big as she realized she had been caught.

“How did you know about that?” she asked. “Lets just say I have a tape that your parents may be interested in seeing,” I replied. “Please, please,” Sue begged, “Whatever you do, don’t tell me parents. They will never let me out of the house again.” Sue then began to cry and covered her face with her hands. “Don’t worry Sue,” I said as I reached over and rubbed her back. “I like you as a baby sitter and I haven’t seen you do anything wrong with my son and that is my main concern.” “But I think we need to make a deal with each other.” “What do you mean?” she asked as she raised her head from her hands. “I promise not to tell your parents,” I said as I grabbed her hand and placed it on my crotch, “If you do something for me.”

Sue knew exactly what I meant and she began caressing my crotch. “This is blackmail you know?” Sue said as she wiped away her tears. “Call it what you want Sue,” I replied, “you can either pleasure me and your boyfriends, or I can tell your parents what you are up to and you will never see the light of day again.” Sue immediately leaned over and began removing my semi hard cock from my pants. I continued driving as she began sucking my cock. “You like that Sue?” I said while looking down at her bobbing head. “How does a real cock feel inside your mouth?” Sue could only moan as she took in as much of my cock as possible.

To my surprise, as she continued sucking my rod, she lifted one of her legs up onto the seat and began rubbing between her legs. I watched as her fingers disappeared underneath her panties and into her tight cunt. As we approached her house, I drove right by and continued on to a church parking lot at the end of her block. I knew I was going to blow my load soon and wanted to park so I could fully enjoy my orgasm. As soon as I shut the car off, I began spewing my hot cum into her mouth. Sue held my cock tight in her mouth as it pulsated and plunged more cum down her throat.

When she finished, she looked up at me and we immediately embraced in a steamy kiss. With her legs still spread, I reached down and began caressing her crotch over her panties. “I want your cock in me,” sue said as we stopped kissing. “I thought I was doing the black mailing,” I replied with a smile. “You can do whatever you want to me as long as you don’t tell my parents,” said Sue while she began stroking my cock again, “But I want to feel you inside of me right now.”

Realizing my tiny car did not provide us enough room, I asked Sue to step out of the car. We were parked in a dark corner of the parking lot where only the light of the moon reached. Sue stepped in front of the car and we embraced again. I instantly ran my hands up under her skirt and yanked down her tiny panties as she lifted her sweater over her head. She was not wearing a bra and her tits looked even more tantalizing in real life. As I squeezed and sucked on her sweet nipples, she used both hands to stroke my cock. Then I forced her to turn around and bend over the hood as I spread her legs with my feet.

Slowly I inserted my cock into her tight pussy as she tried not to yell to load. “Oh my god, oh my god,” Sue muttered as I reached maximum penetration. “You like that?” I asked, “Do you like my big cock deep inside or you?” “Yes, yes,” Sue replied, “Fuck me good.” With her hands on the hood, I began ramming her from behind as the car rocked back and forth. My hands explored her body as fucked, caressing her tits, squeezing her big ass. Then I reached in front and began playing with her swollen clit as my cock pushed further into her. About 10 minutes later I was ready to cum again and I warned her. She advised me that she was on the pill and it was ok for me to dump another load into her cunt.

Move episode!

This is a short story of mine, about my swinging experience. I married the most beautiful woman in the world, and everything seemed to be so promising and good. We were making plans towards our future, and things were fine. We fucked almost every day, and believed that we would proceed like that for many years. But soon things changed, I think the routine has made its job. We had been swinging permanently for about 6 of those 9 years which we had been married. We tried threesomes first, but then we even tried foursomes but they were not satisfying to me at all, because I couldn’t get to watch her as much as I wanted. We then settled in on 2 guys and one woman, who was my wife, and thus order, I should say, was of good compliance to me and to our partners. My wife loved it as well. Sometimes we tried 2 girls and one man, but these wee rare occasions. That went along a couple of years until one interesting episode occurred.

We moved from St Petersburg to Moscow and heard about open air cinemas. You know, you go there on your ride and then sit in front of the big screen and watch some movie, while sitting in your car with your girl. It is kind of romantic. Summer night shined and sparkled with stars, good sound and quality, absolute darkness. But there was something about these theaters. There were some days when you could see a real adult stuff on this screens. Although they were expensive, this business never suffered from lack of clients. Well, one Saturday night we decided to go over and watch some movie. We arrived about 10 pm and brought 6 beers on the back seat of the car. She was a bit relaxed. She was wearing a black short mini skirt which more revealed that shadowed, and stockings. I had already talked her get rid of her panties playing with her on the way from our home to the place. We drove inside and started looking around.

We could hear a lot of sex sounds but weren’t sure if they were coming from the movie or where. There were a few cars inside the area, and lots of benches with small roofs on around the pace. The benches were fixed under trees, in pitch darkness and you could only guess what people over there could do by now. We could glimpse bare legs of women and some shuffled noises. Once our eyes had adjusted to the dark we noticed all of they guys looking towards the back of the theater. As we looked back, we got mixed into the crowd. Soon there were about 8 guys crowded up against my wife rubbing and touching her. I slipped my arm around her and lifted up the back of her skirt. It revealed her backwards. Suddenly they could see her pretty ass, it was plain as day and it was bare. No underwear!

She some kind of started a bit and whispered to me that someone was touching her bare ass. I slipped a hand down towards her freshly shaved pussy and found 2 hands there. These nasty men’s palms were kneading her wet lips. Hands came from everywhere and began rubbing her breasts, ass, pussy! Damn, soon there were no free spots of skin for me to touch my wife! She came twice standing up and her knees buckled. Approximately 5 guys touching her helped her undo that skirt and set her down on the bench. A young guy knelt between her knees and started eating her. Two guys, one on each side of her head, presented their big cocks to her and she began to suck one and then the other. The guy eating her brought her to another orgasm, which made her to moan and began unbuttoning his pants.

I pulled out a condom and handed it to him. He put it on and started fucking her. One of the guys she was sucking came and another took his place. They came in her mouth one by one and she swallowed every last drop of hot cum. This action continued for over an hour. Every now and then, there you could see someone between her legs and eating her pussy, and after that he would be replaced by another hard cock fucking her brains out. All of the cocks were wrapped in condoms. After about an hour she said she needed to rest. We went out to the side and had a cigarette and some beers. She started talking to an older guy who said that he hadn’t been fucking good since his wife got a serious disease and she couldn’t satisfy him as well. Looking at his face I could say that his was old fart who needed young pussy for his old limp cock. He said that he came over to the area with a few younger friends of his and expected to meet some pussy. well, now, she was ready to help him. After he came around with his friends, she finished her rest and got down to sucking on that old cock, bringing it back to life. That started a new round of heavy gang bang fuck and before it was over, she had sucked 5 cocks with blowjobs and more than a dozen of cocks fucking.

She said she had lost count on how many orgasms she reached for tonight and her knees were really weak and she wanted to get back home. She said that she wouldn’t be able to walk tomorrow. I did ass eh asked me, and the next weekend she wanted to go again. Now this continues for over 3 months and all of the guys are looking forward with anticipation to meet this hot babe again, every last week of the month! She loves their attention and always leaves them with drained balls, including that old fart, who now looks much younger than before :-) !

Fabiola a timid wife!

My name is Alex, my wife is Fabiola. This story is how we made our sexual life more intense, exciting and, in some case, saved our marriage. We had been married almost 7 years now and our sex life was dull and boring. Fabiola was not very open about sex and sometimes she even acted as if it was something dirty and disgusting. When I tried to talk about it and give her ideas, willing to make her open up, she would get nervous, angry and accuse me of not loving her the way she wanted.

One day she was shopping at the big store and she saw a young woman being followed by several young men. She noticed her standing at the parking lot, with a group of young horny guys touching and feeling her up from all around. The girl saw her and smiled back. My wife got a bit confused, and then went to the shop’s small café to drink something cold and calm nerves. When she was about to finish her juice, that girl approached the table and seated next to Fabiola. She said that she noticed my wife looking at her. Being a bit scared and confused, Fabiola asked her what the reason for such behavior was. The young girl said that she really loved the guys’ attention. Then my wife replied that it was shameless to make out with someone watching them. The young girl replied:

“That is the main idea.” Fabiola was astonished and asked:

“What do you mean?” The girl responded:

“It makes me really hot when someone is watching me while I make out.”

Fabiola was not a kinky or slutty woman, and she couldn’t understand what the appeal for being watched was. But as she kept thinking about it she felt her pussy starting to get wet and it began to throb. Trying to calm herself down again my wife ordered another round of cold juice. Fabiola was a very attractive woman in her middle 30s. She was a tall stunning brunette with high large breast, long slender legs, without a piece of fat on and around ass to kill for. Her curves were large and shapely. Her only problem was she was so conservative about the sex. In the long end, she found no way to sort it out, so she decided to leave and go home.

Luckily for me I was home when she arrived. No sooner had she threw her packs on the floor as she came up to me and commanded:

“I want you to fuck me right now” and she led me to the bedroom.

She did not have to ask me twice, though I could never expect this form her, because, this was out of her character. But I was not going to argue or refuse. I walked into the bedroom and she was already naked, then she grabbed me by the belt and pulled me to the bed. She undid my pants and threw them to the floor. She grabbed my hard cock, with eager force, and shoved it in her mouth!

I could not believe her sucking on my cock, but I liked it, it was so exciting I could not hold back and exploded into her mouth. She sucked every last drop from my cock. That was the first time she blew me off, because Fabiola hated sucking a cock she always said it would make her vomit. She then grabbed my head and shoved it between her legs and began fucking my face with her wet pussy. I had never seen her so wet. Within a few minutes of my tongue licking up and down her dripping wet slit, she shot her sweet juices into my waiting mouth! We lay panting heavily for a few minutes and I asked her what had gotten to her. She sat up and asked me if I knew what a fetish was. I said to her that I did know the answer but why she was asking me. Fabiola told me what happened at the shop and how horny and wet it made her.
Well, I told her everything I knew about fetish and exhibitionists, to me they were all a bit crazy, but it didn’t matter. We were lying on our backs and I continued telling her about fetish and all fans of Leather community, about pain and bdsm, etc. as I went on narrating, I saw her fingers rubbing her clit. She must have been doing this for awhile, because I noticed cum dripping off her fingers. Her eyes were closed and her soft hand was moving furiously. Watching her had made my dick very hard! She just kept rubbing her wet pussy with more and more intense and paid no attention at me. I got so turned on watching her that I started stroking my hard cock as well. So there we were, lying on the bed, and both masturbating hard! She turned her head and saw and saw me stroking my hard shaft.

In one fast motion, she started straddling my cock with her dripping wet pussy. She drove my cock into her waiting hole as deep as possible! Her pussy was so wet that she fucked my cock for all her worth. Her pussy made slurping noises as it slammed to my balls. She squeezed her cunt muscles while she fucked my cock and that sent over the edge: I shot my hot cum deep into her throbbing pussy.

She stayed sitting on my cock for a while, I had to ask what the hell happened to her. Fabiola said:

“This feeling turned me on so much, I have never felt so hot before.” Then I asked her if she really loved someone watching her.

“Well, I think, yeas, but what do you mean?”

I told her that I had been thinking of it for a long time, but never allowed myself start the topic. I said that I would really love to see my lovely wife being kneaded and loved by someone else. I said that it would be a real turn on for us both. S he was listening to me very carefully, not missing every word, but when I asked her if she wanted to try something new, Fabiola said that it was too early to change life. So, I didn’t come to this topic again.

So, next months our sex life changed. She would go to shopping or for a walk alone and the she would come home excited as hell, telling me how horny she got by all the men checking her out on the streets. This went on for several months. Our sex life was getting so hot! So, one evening I decided to spy upon her. She didn’t see me because I was fading behind the cars and trees. I found Fabiola coming into some night bar. I thought she would be back soon, but after 15 minutes had passed, she didn’t appear. I walked into the bar but did not see her. I thought that maybe she went to the ladies room. I walked down the dark hallway and stood outside the ladies room for a few minutes. She did not come out. Not knowing why, I headed to the men’s room.

I walked into the men’s room, and almost immediately I heard a moaning sound coming from one cab. It was closed but the door was reaching the floor and there was enough distance between them to see what was going inside. I looked down and saw several pairs of feet, all with pants around their ankles. I just had to see what was going on. I looked through the crack in the door and was in instant shock to what came to my view! There were four men with their jeans down and 2 of these guys had their hard cocks in their hands. One was having his cock sucked by my wife and the other was ramming his thick cock into her pussy because she was bent over the toilet. At first, my whole body froze and I could not move a step! It was shocking to see Fabiola doing this, because my conservative wife was always timid in the bedroom. At first I felt angry but when I saw the 100% not simulated pleasure on her face, excitement came over me and my dick started getting very hard.

I watched the thick cock, sliding in and out of her wet pussy, covered with her cum whereas her mouth sucked on the cock in front of her. Other 2 cocks were waiting and getting stroked while they watched her beautiful body being fucked from both holes. My cock started to throb and got harder than ever before. I loved her so much and it was exciting to see all the pleasure she was having. I knew that it was not cheating, that was just fun for my beloved wife and these cocks were just toys!

The cock in her mouth started moving and fucking faster and faster, until he shot his load of hot sticky cum deep into her throat! Fabiola swallowed every drop and then she licked her lips clean of sperm. As he pulled away from her mouth one of the other cocks, that had been stroking, quickly filled her waiting hungry mouth. The thick cock in her pussy began to swell and she felt it’s hot cum shot into her waiting cunt. This sent Fabiola into a wild orgasm! She started to shake and thrust like a fish! As soon as he pulled away, the 4th cock was shoved into her throbbing wet hole all the way! This cock was almost ready to explode as soon as it entered her tight wet pussy. He slammed into her harder and harder, making her moan in pure ecstasy. Again, another huge organ filled her hot cunt with his thick juice.

That was too much for the cock in her mouth. Fabiola could feel it swelling and then with a hard thrust into her throat made that cock explode into her swallowing mouth! When she felt the load of cum filling her throat, she reached a long hard orgasm! This intense climax caused her to squirt her sweet pussy juice all over the cock behind her! Fabiola’s hungry mouth swallowed every last drop of cum from that huge cock! Then all the guys left, my wife just stayed in position, licking the cum off her lips. She then said:

“Open the door, honey, I know you are there, I saw your feet outside the door the whole time! Come in, I want you to get in here and suck my clit, until I am done cumming on your face. Then you can fuck my pussy with your hard cock”

Well, she didn’t have to call me twice, I came in and started licking and sucking on her hard clit, finger fucking her at the same time. She finally started to shake and waves of pleasure began hitting her body, making my own cock beg for her sweet cunt! Her orgasm was long, intense, hard and devastating! I quickly shoved my cock into her throbbing pussy as I was about to explode. I shot the biggest load of cum into my wife’s dripping cunt, it poured out when I withdrew it.

That was just a beginning of our new life. Since then, my wife Fabiola turned into a really aggressive kinky sex craved slut who always hunted after a new cock.

Has she done anything wrong?

My boss’s wife, Lily, works as his secretary. She is a strict woman but he is rather mild… She can say something offensive to him but he doesn’t reply… Of course it is not our business but I think man should be the head of the family.

Lily is a very beautiful woman and looks much younger than her real age is. So, I can understand Thomas a bit. And generally he is a first-class guy and such trifles are not so important for the employees.

We respected Thomas a lot that’s why we didn’t see a woman in Lily. To be precise we saw how attractive she was but she was our boss’s spouse and it automatically meant there could be nothing between us. To tell you the truth I was even afraid of her a bit.

Our men staff was going to a sauna that day. We would often go there, sometimes with girls. I dislike strong drinks but visiting a sauna is something I always ready to do; and I like girls of course…

That day our business partner arrived to check how our business was going. By dinnertime Thomas gave my colleague, Oliver, the task to take this partner, his name was Alex, to office. Oliver drove away to the hotel and we kept on working.

Thomas worked in his office and his wife was everywhere except with her husband. It meant they had had a row in the morning. Usually they never quarrel at work in our presence.

Then Alex arrived. He was a 50-year-old man, with a beer tummy and scarce grey hair… He obviously liked power and respect. As soon as he appeared he went straight into our boss’s room. Some time later me and my colleague went to have a cigarette. Personally I don’t smoke but when I have someone who smokes, I do too…

At this moment Lily rushed out of her husband’s room. Her face was red and angry… Just in case I stopped her and asked what had happened. If I had allowed her to pass by, Thomas would have cooled down a bit and nothing would probably happen… But I called for her and she stopped and wanted to say something…

And here Thomas went out of the room. There were four of us in the corridor: Oliver, Jack, Lily and I.

- Bitch! What have you done? – He shouted.

- Instead of shouting you should better think about me, you’re my husband! – She replied.

- Husband? When you’re at work I’m your boss. Do you… understand what you have done? – Thomas went on shouting.

- So, do you think I must behave like a whore? – It was Lily shouting now.

The situation got too strained. Oliver and Jack were standing being afraid even to move.

- You’ll be a whore if I tell you to be… is that clear for you, bitch?

- Fuck you! – Lily shouted.
- Today… you’ll go to the sauna with us and you’ll suck cocks if I tell you to, do you hear me? – We were really surprised.

- Ok, but this will worsen YOUR position not MINE… – Lily said quietly.

He ran to the yard, got into the car and rushed home. Lily turned round and returned to her husband’s room. What happened to that Alex I don’t know. He’d disappeared. As for Lily, she spent the whole day in the office sitting at her table and answering the calls. In the evening she left the office and drove away.

Before leaving the work we discussed the situation with my men colleagues. We all liked how Thomas brought his wife down a peg. Then we went to the sauna.

We took a steam bath, relaxed, drank a little and I offered to order some prostitutes. Thomas suddenly told we didn’t need to order girls. We were surprised and asked him what idea he had. He said nothing, just smiled… At this moment I understood what he was going to do… Thomas hadn’t been joking… He was going to bring his wife to the sauna…

When I realized what was going to happen I didn’t feel happy anymore… If we fucked Lily here Thomas would fire each of us after that… Of course he might divorce his wife but that was unlikely.

I had an idea to leave this place as soon as possible because I couldn’t save Lily and didn’t want to be fired. And did I really have the right to save someone’s wife?.. I could probably leave if Alex didn’t talk to me all the time. He was amazed by the fact I didn’t want to drink anything. So, I didn’t leave, just didn’t have a chance to do that…

A bit later Thomas arrived, not alone… When Lily entered wearing just a bathrobe on her bare body my cock immediately got rigid… Everybody except Oliver were silent…

- Wow! – Olivier exclaimed.

- Thomas, you should have told me it’s your wife, – Alex pronounced.

- Sit down at the table, let’s continue our wonderful evening, – Thomas said smiling.

I started realizing that Alex had told something to Lily and she replied impolitely – that was the reason why Thomas got nervous so much. He took his wife by the hand and led to the table. Someone stood up to make room for Lily to sit. The woman didn’t say a word.

Alex poured whiskey to every glass. This time I drank whiskey too, instead of orange juice.

- And what will you drink, Lily? – He asked.

- Nothing. I want to be sober to be able to remember everything in details so that I could tell that to my hubby later, – she spoke maliciously.

It was clear Lily wasn’t eager to be fucked by our company. In ten minutes three bottles of whiskey were finished trying to fill the awkward silence. While others were drinking I analyzed the events quickly. My drunken mind compiled the following picture to me.

Tipsy and now courageous Thomas would say something like:
“That will do with drinking! Let’s fuck my slut wife!”

Then he tore the bathrobe from his wife, turn the woman round a few times to demonstrate how hot and inviting she was and then we would impale her on our cocks one after the other.

She wouldn’t’ look the same after all this, as even such a babe fucked by 7 men would change and I think she wound have bruises not only on her body but on her soul as well.

And then Thomas would fuck her mouth cynically making her almost choke. And I saw Thomas drank only to have enough strength and courage to allow all this to take place. When Lily finished the blow job for her husband she would continue with Alex and so on and on.

I felt compassion to her. If she wasn’t good at fellatio she would probably torture her lips a lot. Though her lips could be lubed up with saliva… Her crotch would be hurt much more because only professional hookers could be able to lube up their cunts for so many men to drill into them. But again she would be splashed with semen all over soon and she would have enough lubricant of this kind.

By the way, I’ve always wondered why cum on woman’s face looks so exciting… Some men consider it is not semen that looks exciting but the women covered in it become sexier. I envisioned Lily…

She couldn’t open her eyes well as sperm covered her eyelids and a drop of it was hanging down from her nose. Her mouth was half-open and semen mixed with saliva was flowing out. Her hair was disheveled and some dirty spots were seen on the woman’s neck. I was near my climax from these thoughts.

When she had enough of her mouth fucked, other holes would be screwed the same way. But for our new guest everything would be limited to a classic variant. Before our boss had arrived he told us how he had been pumping his secretary’s ass. And judging by his comments Lily’s butt was in danger.

I had plenty of seductive pictures in mind. What can be more pleasant than fucking your boss’s wife like the last whore?

And I wondered whether Lily and Thomas would divorce after this or not. They had few responsibilities to each other and thus could separate easily, though the family would be ruined…

I couldn’t have expected this from Thomas… Was he just too angry or wanted to get more money from Alex using his wife? If he was doing all that just for money and position Lily would better divorce him. And I would quit this job as I despise those who sell their honor and conscience for money.

So, what could I do now?
1) Do what others would do, have enough of fuck and then quit the job.
2) Leave right now and quit the job as neither I nor my colleagues would understand those half actions.
3) Save Lily. I don’t how about others but I always ask people whether they want to be saved or not. And how could I understand that about Lily?.. If she was going to be fucked in a minute or two… Mmm…

- Lily, do you really refuse drinking? – Alex asked.

- If she doesn’t want to drink, let her work, – I said in a drunken voice.

Everything happened in the way I had expected. Thomas suddenly rose and tore the bathrobe off Lily. Her breast was perfect… The woman didn’t resist, just looked at all of us contemptuously. This made me upset even more.

Thomas took off his robe and pushed his fat cock into Lily’s mouth cruelly. Each of us gave a sigh. Nobody except me seemed to have expected this….

The boss tried to thrust as deep as possible, up to his balls. Lily didn’t make attempts to move away. Her boobs were swaying in tempo with the thrusts. I understood that nothing would be changed if I didn’t do something. I wanted to keep my conscience.

- Thomas, are you crazy? What has she done wrong? – I asked rising from my place.

Without interrupting the fucking Thomas spoke hoarsely:

- This bitch deserved this. For beating my guest on the face…

Now everything was clear. Our dear guest had slapped Lily across her ass and she responded by a slap on his face. I didn’t think my boss could be such a bastard. I would even hit that guest myself, or at least said something. And what he was doing? I looked at others and stood up the way I could see everyone.

Meantime the boss kept on drilling into his wife’s mouth. Before he climaxed he’d took out his cock and splashed his semen over her face. Then he made a step back and looked at his spouse. Lily turned crimson, the mascara flowed and she had uneven breathing.

- Oh, man, she’s great! And you’re a really nice partner, – Alex rose as he understood he was the next.

At that moment I shouted: “Sit down!” and Alex obeyed. I decided to use the pause:

- Men are you crazy?.. or stupid? Thomas has gone mad but what are you doing? – While saying that I took a bottle in my hand.

Men wanted to fuck much but some still felt conscience. Men kept silence. Alex was a coward and as soon as he felt I could hit him he stopped and now wasn’t saying anything.

Thomas looked at me and said:

- Fuck you, shitass! Let’s… – I don’t know what he wanted to say next as I hit him on the head with the empty bottle.

The bottle smashed but didn’t scratch Thomas’s face. My boss didn’t fall down as in movies all men do in such situations. He attacked me commenting my action with all filthy words possible.

I knew that if I made a step back all the others would beat me, if I made a step forward I had chances. So, I stepped forward and turned the table over. All the men stood up.
I rushed to Thomas and hit him on the abdominal brain. Then I gripped Lily’s hand and pushed her to the door saying:

“Wash your face and get dressed!”

After that I turned to my colleagues and said:

“Calm Thomas down, guys!”

I came into the room where Lily’s clothes were in and saw her sitting on the chair and crying. I helped her to get dressed. We left the sauna quickly. I took a taxi for her and then went home.

On Monday I arrived at 10 am to work. I’d written my resignation at home. On entering Thomas’s room I said hello but didn’t shake his hand. He took my resignation, signed it, paid me for the days I’d worked and gave all my documents. I left my job, the job I loved so much…

Lily didn’t call me. It sometimes happens that you are no awarded for good actions, maybe because you do them not for someone but for yourself.

By the way, Thomas fired everyone who’d been to the sauna that day within a month…

The Sex Unbelievable Secret Sex life of Mrs. Diane Erebus.

As usual we have to say this is fiction, so alright, to be published yeah.

The facts are presented in the manner prepared by investigative reporters;

Husband Mr.Eric Erebus:

That night Diane was combing her hair facing the mirror in the dresser with her back towards me. She was naked from her waist up with a towel wrap around her hips. She just came out of the shower. She hadn’t change much since we got married some 7 years ago. I can see from the mirror the outline of her gorgeous body and her perfect round tits with a cone shape tip leading to her two erect pink nipples. The curb in her body even from the back view was perfect and the towel followed the nice outline of her butt. Diane is half Korean half white who grew up in Hawaii. Her hair was up to her neck and she looks like she is in her early 20′s though she is 29 at that time. She is a trophy wife for me. We were planning to have kids but we put it off so I can pursue a career opportunity to work as a chemist in a petroleum company in Iraq. But I got blown up in my second month in the job. After 6 months of coma and 18 months of rehab I finally got home with Diane. It has been over two years since I touched her.

The last two years had been so tough with me. The loneliness and boredom of being alone almost consumed me but I tried to stay faithful with my husband. That night he came home he was lying in bed embarrassed about his disabled state. His legs were amputated above the knees and his left hand was cut off as well. He wear prosthetic limbs but refuse to learn to walk with them. His thighs and tummy were scard so badly and the part were there used to be his nicely figured strong dick was a tangle of made up tissues and connecting hoses and tube for his urine catheter. “Come on Diane, let me see you”. I turned around, I was naked from my waist up. “You haven’t change Diane, your body has remained firm and perfect, what a shame to leave you here alone for 2 years”. I move closer to him and I stroke his hair with my hands. The doctor told me he has lost all sexual ability and sensation. “Diane you are a young healthy woman, when you were alone here had there been nightmares at night?” I didn’t quite follow what he meant and I just shook my head. He was in pain and he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Yes there were opportunistic men who tried to take advantage of my vulnerable state during my loneliness while Eric was in the rehab. A lot of young men from the office invited me for disco, party or just dinner but I all turned them down not wanting to be seduced to cheating on my husband.

One Friday night as usual during end of the month I stayed late till 8:00 pm to beat the deadline. I have always been late in my work tasks since Eric had been hospitalized. I was working on my computer when I felt a hand touching my shoulders. At that moment it had been rough, just the 9th month since Eric was injured. Part of me want to instinctively react but I stood still feeling the hand that started to massage my shoulder. I slowly looked up and it was Jim, our 24 yrs. old Janitor, maintenance guy at our floor level. Jim is a black guy who had been previously convicted of a rape attempt and we were alone in the second floor after everyone left at 5:00 p.m. I heard him whisper in my ear “Diane I know you needed some touch of care, you’ve been alone for long, I’m an expert on that, I’ve been seducing women since I was 17″. I was scared but on the other hand I must admit that I was sexually aroused. My husband Eric and I had been to the wildest of sex in our younger years in college and he made me feel the utmost pleasures on sexuality. I was longing for that kind of pleasure again. Jim continued massaging my shoulders and part of me wanted to stop him but for some reason I allowed him to continue.

Jim slowly unbutton the first two top button of my blazer and started massaging my front neck and chest. He inserted his hand underneath my blazer and then his fingers started going inside my bra. I started breathing heavily. “Diane I know how you feel, it’s guilty pleasure, don’t be afraid, no one has to know, we are all alone here” I was getting very very nervous but I was also aroused and I started to feel wet inside of me. His finger started playing with my nipple while his other hand was massaging my shoulder. He started running his tongue on my ears. My eyes wondered up to the ceiling and then back to my disk. When I saw Eric and my picture I come to my senses. I stood up and stepped back. “No Jim I can’t do this” he attempted to put his arms around me hoping he could put me back to a seductive trance but I pushed him and I firmly told him to back off. He apologized afraid of his records to be brought up and he left me. That night when I got back to the house I took a shower and started touching my self. But I’m probably one of the few women who don’t know how to touch themselves and I didn’t enjoy it so I just went to bury my sexual desire with comedy movies till morning. I haven’t cheated on Eric that night.

Husband Eric Erebus:

Two months after that night I came home and it was already spring. Diane and I were going to her company party. Since it was my first time to go out of the house we brought my nurse. After dinner and VIP speeches it started to get boring as the dancing started. Diane sat by my side just watching her colleagues dancing on the floor. A young colleague from another department in the lower floor came to us and after introduction asked me if she could dance with Diane. It was quiet awkward and I was a bit jealous but I couldn’t say no without sounding pathetic. Diane refused, but I prodded her to go and dance with the young man. The music turned from fast beat to slow and I was watching them dance with that young man’s arms around Diane feeling the soft skin in her back. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped gown that was wide open in her back. She looked so graceful dancing with the music.

That night when we arrived Diane and my nurse helped me bath and placed me in bed. Afterward Diane came out of the shower too, ready for bed. I watched her as she took off her towel and put on her negligee. From the lights behind I could see her figure, she is so gorgeous, healthy and young. Her face is that of a goddess, oval shaped, thin red lips and brunette hair, soft eyes, all that men and boys could only dream of. How lucky I am to have her in my bed and yet I can’t do anything. She came to lay beside me in bed and I looked at her, she is so beautiful but since I’ve been home I never attempted to touch her for I know it will just be frustrating for her and for me. I didn’t have any sexual sensation, she has just become like an object of beautiful art for me. Whatever remains of what used to be my dick couldn’t even feel the urine that involuntarily come out of my body.

I asked her if she enjoyed dancing with the young man. She said not so much though I can sense that she longed to be touched and maybe to be fucked by him or by any strong male. I was sorry for her. I started kissing her in the check and she kissed me back. “Eric I missed you so much” she said in a low sad voice and I tried my best to kiss her in the lips. We were french kissing and she just felt so hot and alive. I was in pain but I tried not to show it as Diane was carried by her passion locking our mouths in intense lips to lips action. I shove my cut off left hands down and used my good right hand to touch her neck and shoulders and then her breasts which feels so good underneath her thin delicate negligee. I felt the softness and the smoothness but there was no sexual sensation at all, I totally lost any sexual feeling. I tried to go along to please her as she started to accelerate her breathing and she reacted to my every touch and move. I then started running my fingers in her tummy and then to her thighs and then slowly inserting it to her pussy. I felt the well arranged hair inside her and I run my fingers in the way I remember running it when I was a complete man.

Diane’s breathing became so intense. She put her arms tightly around me and her body was vibrating in pleasure, it had been over two years since she was touched like that. She unintentionally squeezed me so hard and her fingers dig deep grasping into my skin..”yeah Eric come push it some more, fuck me hard Eric, please come inside me” she was asking for more as she seems to be reaching orgasm “more Eric… more…come on honey pump me hard” she was imagining that I was pumping my penis inside her as we used to do. But then I was so exhausted and in pain, my fingers were stiff and couldn’t move any more.”Please Eric don’t stop, more Eric more please..”she begged. I couldn’t do anything, my arms were locked and stiff and my whole body was in pain. The unremoved tiny shrapnel feels like needles pricking all over my body.”Please Eric don’t stop, please fuck me… fuck me Eric..” I just couldn’t do it and I got angry, I shouted at her “bullshit Diane, you know I couldn’t do this!!!” I collapse on my back and she stood to a sitting position in the bedside and she cried with her shoulder clearly sobbing, her soft and smooth skin glowed nicely in the dim light. “I’m sorry Diane” I managed to murmur as I was trying to ease my pains.

Diane Erebus:

I couldn’t leave Eric, he is my soul mate. I haven’t known any other men. We started dating in high school and married right after college. It’s clear I can’t be with other men, Eric is my husband and no one can take his place in me. But how long I can resist the temptation of my sexual needs and my desires. We never attempted to kiss or touch each other again after that painful attempt. Sometimes when I’m talking with some friends whose husbands were assigned overseas they told me that they had been having secret affairs and it wouldn’t hurt if it wouldn’t be known. But the consequences of getting caught were grave resulting to divorces and even physical confrontation. I know Eric couldn’t bare it if I will have an affair.

Witness I lousy Pimp:

I’ve been arranging male prostitutes with sex starved client. But I never had any normal young beautiful lady for a client. Most of them were gays like me or super fat, ugly undesirable loveless outcast women who just happened to have some little money. My boys are mostly street wanderers who are also physically undesirable and uneducated. I don’t even have sex with them. I don’t monitor them and don’t guarantee that they are safe both by health or by crime record.

One day I was in the park and I noticed a man in a wheel chair reading a book. Beside her sitting in a beach towel is a very beautiful woman wearing bikini tops and brown shorts. Though I’m gay I always get attracted to beauty and so I observed her. She was intensely looking at the same boys I was watching. A group of highschooler playing volleyball most of them naked from the waist up. The woman I would know later as Diane was locked on a masculine white handsome young boy as he demonstrated his muscle with each stroke of the volley ball. It was clear to me now that the woman was horny for sex. On my way out of the park I passed by them and I handed a scratch paper to the woman unnoticed by her disabled company. I wrote, “For discrete sex with young boys call this number”.

Diane Erebus:

Two weeks after a gayman handed me some phone numbers I was feeling so empty. Eric had been lying in his bed losing his will to live. We exchange the usual I love you honey but there was no physical relationship, he is so traumatized of what happened when he tried to use his finger on me. Eric didn’t want to go out and I was so bored and lonely watching countless movies and even rated R ones. My sexual needs had so intensified. I got solicited for secret dates by unscrupulous office mates who know of my vulnerability. I must admit a couple of times I almost decided to try going out with some of them. But I’m concerned that these kind of guys can’t help not bragging about their conquest fucking a lonely woman. I don’t want to hurt Eric. It was already 1:00 a.m. on a Friday and I still couldn’t sleep. I zipped some red wine and then I saw the scratched paper again, and for unknown reason I tried calling, a young voice replied, “hello ma’am…I’m available at this you want some pleasure?” I couldn’t speak for a few seconds.

Investigator’s note:

Diane’s first sexual encounter was with a shy 18 years old immigrant from Ghana. It’s only his second time and his first was a Gayman. Boy no.1 is darker than night, malnourished African kid growing in the city streets sustained only by craps of surplus side walk burgers. Mrs. Diane Erebus was his first woman customer and a very beautiful and gorgeous woman at that and he got paid well.

Boy No.1.

I was nervous, the deal was concluded on the phone and though she sound like a soft spoken young woman I didn’t know for sure what she is. I gave my price of $20 but she said she could pay more. We agreed that she will pick me up at a designated street. My last experience was horrendous and I couldn’t get an erection. The fat white gayman was furious but I demanded to collect my $20.00 anyway after kissing his disgusting mouth.

A very nice BMW pulled over and I approached the window. I couldn’t believe my eyes, a very beautiful woman driving asked me nervously if I was the designated name Zack. I nodded and she opened the door. She drove around and asked me where we should go. I told her that we have to avoid bigger hotels because I am a minor and could get noticed so we went looking for a smaller motel. I stayed at her car waiting for her to get a room. Then she went in and I followed. She told me to lock the door and she started undressing. I was in awe, I never saw such beautiful body. I had sex with some black slut before but I didn’t enjoy them. For the first time I was shaking and trembling. “What’s the matter Zack? are you alright?” she said half smiling. I could only managed to nod while I choked on my saliva. “You’re suppose to be the professional, aren’t you going to pleasure me?” she said half jokingly.

Diane Erebus:

I was uncertain of what I was doing. I can’t imagine myself there, alone with a 18 years old boy prostitute in a motel room. It’s not in my character as a descent wife. I expected to find a professional strong bodied handsome man to walk me through my sexual frustration with my husband, but I got this skinny innocent shy ugly black boy who was equally uncertain of what we are going to do. I was standing there wearing only my bra and panty. I told him that it’s his turn to strip. He took off all of his clothing. Though he was young and ugly I got excited to see his very erect penis. It had been two years since I saw my husband’s dick. I miss the feeling of toying with it and then sucking it in my mouth. My husband Erik trained me well to suck his dick during our younger days.

I approached Zack and he started to shake. “Don’t worry Zack I wouldn’t harm you”. “It’s not that, I’m not worried ma’am, just this is my first time to feel this way…you are so beautiful..” I silenced his mouth with my finger and I started running my hand on his black body. Normally I wouldn’t get aroused with skinny ugly boys but I was so sex starved for years that Zack looked sexy to me. I run my tongue on his neck and then to his chest and small nipple. “Do this same thing on me Zack” I whispered on her ears. I stood straight and unhooked my bra. Zack started licking my neck and then run his tongue into my chest just as I did with him, then he started fondling my breast with his hands and started sucking the other with his mouth and soon he was like a hungry lion fiesting on my breast.

I told him to stop and then I slowly run my tongue to his abdomen and to his thigh bypassing his very erect dick, then I came back and toyed with his penis first with my hands and then I shove them to my mouth just like what I used to do with my husband Erik. He was panting, breathing hard I could see his chest and abdomen pumping air as he felt utmost pleasure while I suck his dick inwards and outwards from my mouth. Everything just came back to my mind as if I was doing this with my husband Eric. When he seems to be about to burst I instinctively do what I always did with Eric and I squeezed the head of Zack’s penis making him recoil and setting his dick ready for sexual intercourse.

I laid down in bed. He immediately jumped on top of me. He slide his dick deep inside me and I never felt so penetrated, not even with Eric. As he started pumping me I just remembered he didn’t put on any condom but it was too late as I was building up orgasm, my mind was that of my husband on top of me. “Come on Erik pump me harder, and harder..” He was breathing hard and he was really shoving his little cock deep in me, I could feel his every thrust as it gets faster and faster. Finally I felt my body vibrating, at that point he ask if I was ready because he was about to burst too. We exploded almost at the same time and we were both shaking, just in time I was able to kick his hips so his cock was out spraying his cum on my thigh and in the bed sheets. He collapsed beside me exhausted. “I never felt like this before ma’am…” While we lie in bed we had a brief chat, I told him I was just lonely because my husband is sick. He told me his sad story in the street. He wants to do it again offering me free services when I’m horny. But I said I don’t want to stick with one partner because it could get serious and I don’t want to hurt my husband. I gave him $200. before I drove him to the street where I picked him up.

Old lady – sex Queen!

My neighbor down the street, who is 70years old, very sweet, and still has a halfway decent body, called me up to help her do some things at her house.  I’ve always offered to help, since her husband died 9years ago.

We’ve become friends, and I always told her:If you need me for anything, call me! Well, I went to her house, and when I got there, she was dressed in her usual house dress, wearing no bra, (her tits got to be 38b’s, at least), and I could tell, she wasn’t wearing panties either.  I was in my sweat shorts, t-shirt, and sandals.  Now I’m 40, 6’4 ” , 215lbs, and I have a nice, 8 ” inch cock, which I masturbate alot with, when I can, when my family isn’t home. She had me move some furniture, and put some boxes, away, in some closets.  I had to stand on a footstool, to put boxes on shelves, and she (accidently! ), kept brushing her hand on my thigh, near my cock , handing me the boxes.  Making small talk, she said she was amazed at how fit and trim I was, and my wife was a lucky girl.

By the 4th box, my cock was getting hard, and seeing those big tits swaying, made me think about titty fucking them.  I know it was wrong, but I was always horny, and my wife doesn’t like sex much anymore.  We moved to the next closet, and this time, while standing right in front of me, she brushed my cock again.  It now was about half erect, and when she turned her back, I let my cock, slip out of my shorts, to see what she’d do.

She went to hand me another box, saw my cock, and said: ” Oh my goodness, whats that? ” I said: ” I can’t help it, but I had to let it out of my shorts, your driving me crazy when you touched it, and looking at your big tits, makes me get so hard!  “  She said:  ” I’ve never seen one that big, can I touch it? ” Still standing on the footstool, my cock grew harder, as she touched it. While stroking it,  she remarked: ” Thats really nice, do you have sex much? “  I said: ” No I don’t, but I jack off alot!  “  At that moment, she asked if she could suck it. I said: ” Could you take off that housedress, so I can see those big tits? ” She dropped the dress, and they were nice!  I grabbed them to feel them, which now made my cock, rock hard.  She said: ” Have you ever had a gum job? ” I said: ” No, but I heard its good.  “  She had me sit on her couch, pulled off my clothes, my cock sticking straight up, and she took out her teeth!  She said: ” Let me know how you like it.  ”

As she slowly began to suck, it was incredible! It felt like a young, tight, pussy, and really wet.  She had me screaming in pleasure, in minutes.  Finally, after about 15 minutes, I was getting ready to blow my load.  She stuck her head up, and asked: ” Would you put it between my tits? ” I couldn’t wait!  She put those big tits around my cock, and I started pumping like wild.  It felt so good.  She kept telling me: ” What a big cock, I love your cock, do you like my tits? “  This made me totally, rock hard.  I was just about to shoot it off, when she stood up, and asked: ” Do you want anything else? ” I said: ” I know your pussy is nice, but I love anal sex, can I put it in your little, round butt? ” She said: ” I’ve never done that in my life, but if you want, I’ll let you.  ” She bent over the couch, and that old ass looked great! I spread her cheeks, and said: ” Here it comes baby!  “  Slowly I pushed it in, and it was so fucking tight.  She said it hurt a little, but I said it would be fine.

Seducing Mrs. Smith

Once during my winter vacation I and my friend stayed at the ski resort. We got a room in a small house. Our only neighbors lived the next door. A married couple in their mid forty’s. Sometimes we would meet each other for a drink at the bar. Just saying hi and talking about the slopes and stuff, you know.

My friend left in a week. He had to go back to the campus and prepare for exams. I stayed alone. The first evening I went to the bar for a drink and met some cool chicks. We hung out together, played pool, and that was going all right. I also met that lady from the next door. It turned out she was left alone as well. Her husband had to go back to town for the weekend.

I got drunk with those girls and went to my bungalow with one of them. We got wild and had nice dirty shag with that girl. I was drunk and forgot that I had neighbors so I didn’t let that lady sleep for the whole night. We were loud, especially my girlfriend’s moans!

The next morning, to be exact the next afternoon I woke up hung-over and ran into my neighbor on the way out to the pool. I stopped for a second and thought of how loud and crazy I acted last night and wanted to apologize but she said:

- “You had fun last night! Didn’t you?”

She gave me a smile with a wink.

I didn’t pay much attention and went my way.

In the evening I was sitting in my room playing the guitar. My neighbor came up to my door and started listening to my music. I told her she could come in and take a sit. She came in sat next to me and said:

- “You can call me Kate; you don’t need to call me Mrs. Smith.”

I smelled the alcohol. She looked tipsy. She started a conversation about her husband that he doesn’t give her any attention anymore. That the best thing she gets is a kiss before going to bed and that she needed more, because she’s young and pretty. I told her she was absolutely right and she should talk to him about it, perhaps he’ll change his cold attitude.

I agreed again that she’s attractive. Well she is! She’s a pretty lady, very elegant, got a classical face, a natural blondie with delicious body. A candy! It was strange she complained about the lack of attention from her man.

It turned out she was a housewife and spends most of her time at home and that her husband is extremely jealous of her. She started crying and I hugged her.

I kissed her on a cheek and said that everything will be fine when he gets back, that she needs to cheer up and get herself busy with something else.

I was wiping off her tears from the cheeks and by accident I touched her lips. She pulled me and her wet velvet lips kissed mine. I drowned in that kiss. She gave out all of her sensuality in it. She leaned back and I went down on her neck. She seemed like she got lost the sense of time and reality.

The only thing she needed was me…my lips, my hot breath on her neck…than her breasts. Her nipples felt so good in my mouth.

My hand was all over her tights as she opened them up for me…I continued sucking and licking her nipples as I put her down on my bed. Her body was shivering, she was moaning a bit. She was going crazy from the shame and the desire she had kept for so long.

My hand was inside her tights and I got to her panties. I felt they were completely wet and I moved them away a bit. She took a breath and said:

- “No, no, don’t…”

But than relaxed again with the same shiver and let me finger her again.

Inside it was much wetter than her panties. It was hot in there. I stuck two fingers inside her vagina and with one of them I started playing with her clitoris. In a minute she moaned for good. I took my fingers out from her crotch and gave all my attention to her clitoris. She got strained. Her body was curving. And she screamed.

- “I want you.”

I said. And started taking my clothes off. She watched me taking my clothes off with that crazy look. When she saw my dick she whispered:

- “Don’t…you shouldn’t!”

But it was late. I wouldn’t be able to stop even if I really wanted to.

This beautiful woman was lying in front of me with her hard nipples sticking up on her magnificent breasts…the swelling lips of her pussy were welcoming me in more than any other pussy I had before. It was hard to believe this woman was almost as twice older than me and could easily be my mother!

I got inside her. She closed her eyes and there was nothing else in this world except me inside her. She didn’t care anymore. I moved her around the bed as I wanted. She didn’t give a fuck. She cum during the doggy style, with her legs up on my neck, on top of me, in the missionary position…She would do anything I wanted for the pleasure she had been lacking for so many years.

She had multiple orgasms. She was cumming again and again and again…

For the first time in my life I watched a woman in multiple orgasms. She was beating in the constant ecstasy.

I enjoyed it! It turned out this well-mannered madam could give outstanding blow-jobs. She would suck out all of my sperm till the last drop.

She was the best I’ve ever had on top. She also liked a bit of violence. She enjoyed me the most when I was behind her squeezing her from the back, pressing hardly, pulling her hair. I would call her my petite lecherous slot with a big wet lusty pussy and she would moan louder.

Oh, how I loved her body: gorgeous soft tits with huge hard nipples on them, long slim legs, magnificent wide chunky hips, delicious round ass, a blonde beaver on her pussy and her hungry lips inside it that would take my dick inside whenever I wanted and as much as I wanted.

I recovered closer to 10 pm and that girl from last night came over and knocked the door. At that moment Mrs. Smith, I mean Kate was tea bagging me. She licked my balls and was playing with my stud. I couldn’t open the door so I had to tell her to go away without giving her a reason. I didn’t even open the door.

Another hour and a half we had been shagging and my neighbor sobered up completely. I made up a rhyme in my head “it’s never late to fuck Kate”. After another breathtaking orgasm she started crying and put her face on my dick.

- “Oh, my God! What have I done? I’m such a slut!”

I started convincing the opposite. I told her how beautiful, feminine and sexy she is and that she needed to realize herself outside her house and change her life style. I told her that having sex is an amazing experience and it’s absolutely natural. I said sex is a very important part of a healthy life style and to consider a sexy woman a whore is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! It took me a while but I finally convinced her.

My persuasion continued in tender petting of her breasts and smoothly took me to licking her pussy. When she started moaning again my dick plunged inside the wet flesh of her vagina.

The next day I woke up late afternoon…again! I skipped skiing for two days now! But the way I woke up was worth it! It felt so pleasing…I woke up from her tongue playing on my dick. She saw me waking up and took her head away just to say “Good Morning!” and went back to sucking me. I came fast.

It seemed she sucked out a liter of sperm out of my body since last night. She said she was taking birth controls but didn’t want me to cum inside her pussy. She told me from the beginning to cum inside her mouth instead. I think she loved it!

After we had lunch I asked Kate if she ever tried to shave her pussy completely. She got really embarrassed and turned red as if we didn’t have anything in between us at all. I had to explain her that there was nothing shameful or embarrassing in shaving it. That it actually makes women much sexier and nicer for men to lick them. In the end I said I would shave her pussy myself.

I did a pretty good job. Her lips got absolutely naked like young girls’. I left a tiny line on top and made it look like a narrow which points to the delight.

She looked at my piece of art and got embarrassed again. And wouldn’t let me slide her legs a part for a while. But I got her turned on and that desire made her do what I said. She lifted her legs high up and split them for me. She demonstrated her shaved pussy…it was a “sumptuous impropriety”. So her big pussy got wet again…her swelling shaved lips moved apart and opened up an entrance to the flowing juicy amorous vagina… and a bit further I could see a tiny star of her anus.

“I’m a bit younger than her youngest son!” – I thought to myself. The thought turned me on for good. And I took her by a double force.

I had a feeling that I got into a porn movie and woman who is my mother’s age was acting in bed better than any of my teen girlfriends. She was longing to give herself to me, all of her completely, to enjoy sex in advance for some vague time.

Suddenly in the middle of the doggy style shag my dick jumped out from her vagina and pierced her anus so hard. Kate was so relaxed from the sex-marathon we’ve been having my dick easily went inside her butt.

- “Oh, no! It hurts!”

Kate screamed. But I wasn’t going to stop. My dick was going deeper and deeper inside her magnificent virgin butt. “I am taking her virginity!” – I thought to myself and got so horny. Her butt hole was so tiny it gave me a huge pleasure and in a few seconds I came and took my dick out. I watched a flow of my sperm coming out from her slowly closing anus.

- “You shoved my ass!”

She complained.

- “Well, I liked that! So you have to get used to it!”

I replied with a dirty smile on my face.

I went to the bathroom to wash my dick and we started making out again. In like fifteen minutes my dick was back inside that tight ass of my amazing lover. It made her moan from pain but soon her masochistic tendency worked on it. Around midnight she cum for the first time from anal sex although I actively tickled her clitoris.

The next morning wasn’t much different from the last one. I woke up from an experienced lusty mouth of that slot. It was much earlier though like 9 am. I wanted to go back to sleep as soon as Kate would get me to cum and sweetly would swallow my sperm and lick my dick clean. But that dirty whore said:

- “Surprise!”

She got on top of me. I felt she was totally wet and her clean shaved lips were shining from her juice. So there she took my dick and slowly started sticking it inside her ass. “She’s keen on it!” I thought to myself with pleasure.

In a few minutes we switched. I put her down and started hardly pushing my dick inside her ass. In ten minutes we came at the same time.

While I collapsed on the bed in absolute pleasure she crept up to my dick and licked it and sucked it. She was all shaking from the lewd excitation.

For the whole day except when we had lunch we were having sex. I can’t let myself call this sex “love making”. No, we had sex, pure sex, we shagged, we fucked as nasty as it gets. I could never tell that this well mannered, quite, mature lady had so much lust and carnality. She wanted me to fuck her any way and any where: on the bed, on the table, on the floor, in the shower, when I was brushing my teeth. And as I fucked her in the ass she gave her preference to anal sex. I surely didn’t mind at all.

The next day I had to leave. My vacation was over. Mrs. Smith thoroughly worked her bum and mouth by taking turns in advance. When we were saying good-bye we exchanged phone numbers and she frankly told me that I have brought her back to life. If before she dreamed about making love now she started dreaming wider…to give herself to two or three guys at the same time.
That was the last time I saw her.

Teen love

I made a lap to reach home. It was hard work day, and I was happy to get back home earlier. My husband, Bob was away from city (his business trip again). As the day wore on I could relax and have rest. On my way I saw Kan walking over his dog. He was about 20; we had grown up in the same yard together. He was going for bodybuilding and his muscles were very strong. He looked tired. Kan was wearing old jeans and white T shirt. Dropping a stack to the dog he watched his pet ran after it.

I went into the house and made some wine glass. Having filled my bath with warm water I slipped inside. Relaxed. Applying foam onto my neck and breast my hands reached down to my nipples which got perky at once. Putting rubber onto the bath’s edge I got down to massaging my tits. My fancies ran away. I had been dreaming of having sex with someone else except my Bobby for a long. We got married when I was 22, at this time I was still a virgin. Wine soon made me feel pretty hot. My palms slipped down there to fondle my pussy.

On finishing taking bath I went out, put on my lovely white strings and bra. Suddenly the door bell rang. I wondered who it was; opened the door. There was Kan.

- Hi! Come in!
- Hi, Barbara! It’s time to sleep?
- Juts finished my bath! Wanna drink?
- Sounds good!
- Come inside!

I filled 2 glasses and gave one to Kan. He settled into the armchair opposite me. When I was sitting my robes laps opened and revealed some inches of my panties to Kan’s eyes. I was sure he saw it. I closed my legs quickly but it was too late. I tried to hide my shyness and perplexity. His muscles looked very strong and massive like steel! He put his legs crossed and I could see holes in his hole-ridden jeans. I caught a glimpse of his genitals down there! I could see his balls and a cock right there! This guy didn’t have any underwear! I was trying to overwhelm my excitement, and kept my eyes from his jeans. I rose to take a lighter form the low coffee table, when I bent down I noticed his eyes fixed on my robe, he seemed to be watching my boobs. I thanked God to make me put on my bar tonight. By that I helped myself from enticing one more man. At least I hoped so! When I noticed his eyes fixed on my breast I juts held still for some second, and then drew myself up. I was thinking of Kan, my Bob’s old friend. Their moms were very friendly.

- I haven’t seen you for ages, Kan! Where have you been?
- I have a girlfriend, we spend more time together
- Who is she?
- You don’t know her! My parents made a stranger of her!
- What’s wrong with her?
- She is older than me.
- How old?
- 9 years older!
- Oh my God! She is just three years younger than me!
- Yeahh, you know I have got a problem!
- So, I listen to you (Kan used to share his teen’s problems with me when he was at school: things he could say to his mom)
- You know: his face turned red: I don’t know who to dance slow drags!!
- Slow dance?
- Yes!
- You want me to help you?
- I appreciate…
- Now?
- As you wish.

While asking Kan to help move the table aside I made my robe reveal my treasures again. I could not do anything; I was embarrassed by fact that I let this guy see it again. So, after that I turned my CD on and told Kan to relax:

- You would never be able to dance well if you didn’t relax and stay strained!

I felt ill at ease on making this guy turn right way. I could not imagine how tall he might be, and now I got evidence that his muscles were very massive! After several rounds Kan took up dancing pretty well. Not graciously but rather nice. H learnt very fast. We took seat for a while, emptied glasses of wine and filled them again. But I lost control of my les. May be I looked exhausted, absolutely all in!

- One more dance! And I will leave! He begged
- All right!

Now he pressed me tight to his young strong body. I felt shy when my hands appeared close to his body. It was rather strange. I could feel his muscles run under his skin, I couldn’t resist this guy. To my surprise now he was dancing like he had been dancing doing it for ages. Suddenly he embraced me tight, and pressed his body to mine. I tried not to resist. Sentimental music made the atmosphere more romantic. I put my head onto his shoulder, closed my eyes, and for several seconds it made me forget what I was doing. He gave me hot hug for a moment; my left hand began to caress his neck. My nipples became perky: that meant I started exciting. I had to stop now! Recoiling back and removing his hands I tried to step aside, gut his hand kept clutching me tight. He just turned my head to his face and looked straight in my eyes. Then e felt his hot breath and he kissed me. I couldn’t believe he was doing it to me. I had known this guy since he was 7, he was like my junior! And this guy was kissing me!

- Kan what are you doing

He didn’t answer. Instead, he clutched me tighter and pressed my lips to his. I was so surprised that my lips opened and his tongue entered my mouth.

- Nooo no! I was trying to resist but he held me tight.
- Kan, please do not do it to me! my voice trembled
- Barbara? Do you like me, honey?

He kept advancing me. Of course I had already dreamt of having sex with some one else, but could not realize it would be Kan.

- Kan, stop it! Stop! I resisted unsuccessfully. I felt his muscles play under his skin. His palm appeared under my robe and he started fondling my nipple. He did it very well to me. Though it was wrong, I felt so good. Nevertheless I was not a woman of easy chastity; I hadn’t had sex with some one except my husband. So I resisted. And didn’t leave hope to escape.
- No, please, Kan, no!

He removed my robe and now his eyes were fixed on my breast. He removed my bra aside and clung into my tits with his lips. His fingers kept caressing my nipples. Seeing my efforts don’t have any effect on him I tried to relax. At once, after my muscles became flabby a wave of excitement ran across my body. I was accessible! How could I do this? From now I couldn’t consider myself as a loyal woman to my Bob. I was cheating on my husband, but what was more interesting: I enjoyed it! When he finally removed my bra he started licking my tits, one after one. He moved them aside, squeezed the, close, hanged them and stroked, in short: did everything what his mind was about to conceive. Then he uttered:

- When I was young, we had been playing with your Bob here around. We found some home pics of yours here!

I knew what he meant. Those pics were from Bob’s Polaroid he used to shoot from me many years ago. I was convinced these pics were out of somebody’s eye.

- Since that day I was longing for playing with your tits! He continued: I knew they were so nice and sexy.

He removed his hand from my boob and looked at it fixedly. Then his hand made its way down there, where my pussy was. Slipped in.

- No, Kan! Stop, don’t do it!

I began to breathe heavily. My knees shuddered. I had never been under control of another man; this frightened and excited me both. I couldn’t escape this guy.
His hand slipped down and I felt his finger enter my wet hot flesh. His second finger rubbed my clit. My knob reacted immediately, a moan escaped my lips.

- Please, don’t touch me there! You may touch my tits, my lips, face, but not there!

I was almost crying. I would be rather happy if he touched my nipples and play with them. But he didn’t even think of removing his hand from there. I tried to squeeze my legs but he managed to shove his one between them to prevent it. I felt my pussy was leaking. It was so wet under there! Unexpectedly for myself, my mouth uttered a moan:

- Come on, Kan! Do it to me! Play with my breast! Play with my tits, don’t stop, and play with them!

After these words his strokes became more aggressive! He was about to make me cum! It was wonderful!

- Oooooo! Don’t stop! Feels so good.
- Wanna see me go on?
- Yeahah! Don’t stop…

Then 3 fingers of his entered my pussy. It was reacting with contracts and a shiver down my legs. He filled my flesh with his own. Having examined my hole enough he took up flicking my clit.

- Ooooooo, feels so good!

I though my heart would jump out of my breast.

- Oooo, Kan, I feel so good! This is great!
- You don’t know how long I have been dreaming of masturbating your pussy! This is nice! When I saw you in cloth I was fancying your pussy lips!

I looked deep in his blue eyes. Then took his head and approached my lips: we joined our lips in a kiss. Kan let my hands free. Without stopping our kiss I gave him hug with one hand while another began to rub his knob down there. There I found his erect cock and stared rubbing it. His cock seemed to be like 8 inches length and could suit any horny bitch’s hole. I was stroking his swollen cock head.

Kan got down on his knees facing my pussy. Slowly, inch by inch he removed my lingerie. I wanted to take his cock right new, immediately; my mind told me this was not right thing to do but my body was saying it all right and asking for more. I told him:

- I want to suck on your penis! I know it’s not good, but I want to do it! You enjoy?
- This is the best thing I could dram of, honey

Standing on my knees before this guy I unzipped his jeans. Standing this way I admired his penis, so strong and massive with fat veins all over. Opened my mouth and set to sucking it slowly. Tasting his cock I started rubbing his balls at the same time. Starting from head I moved down along its length. I sucked him off as well as I could. In a while he shot a load in my mouth. His sperm filled my mouth totally. I could spit it on the floor apprehensive of staining our new carpet. That’s why I had to swallow it all. I forgot that a young man could cum faster than an elder one. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that everything finished so fast.

When it was over I started thinking of what happened. I did wrong. I had just sucked one young man’s cock. What would happen if Bob finds out! I couldn’t look at Kan. What if rumors spread around and everybody knew that bob’s wife have him blowjob! Then, any Tom, Dick or Hurry would tomorrow stand before my doors waiting for me suck them off too?

Kan was not gonna leave. He put me on the sofa, removed my panties, spread my legs aside and started rubbing hi tongue over my pussy. I remained still. His tongue penetrated my pussy, he examined my cunt everywhere, he worked my lips out very softly, it was feeling so good! Putting my hands on his head I directed him the way I wanted. Not a sing of shyness left in my mind, from now I just wanted this guy would make me please.

- Ooo, Kan, honey! He sucked my clit very well

My hips started and moved towards his face trying to impale my pussy onto his tongue.

- Ooo, suck me! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming!
Something exploded inside me! After several seconds of orgasm my body became flabby totally. Kan settled onto me, I gave him hug and threw my hands around his neck, with my lying wide on sides; I was lying like some cheap back street slut, who was eager for getting her holes drilled. Then I felt his cock was trying to enter me. I knew that young men were very fast on hard on, so I begged:

- Fuck me, Kan! Fuck my pussy right now!

And he did. I opened my legs wider as far as possible, then took his cock and made it come in there. My dripping wet cunt welcomed it with a load of love juice seeping out. With a tumultuous jerk he pulled in, and my eyes closed. In, out, in, out – he kept on banging me with his young massive hard meat and I was very happy. I was in the seventh heaven and all the time I was trying to hold him inside of me as longer a possible. His hard meat moved inside me rhythmically, it lasted about half an hour when I finally thrashed like a fish in the net coming and he shot a load onto my belly.

Kan was still lying onto me, but his dick remained inside of me. He kissed me at lips, then once again, again and again. We started kissing vehemently, his tongue was wondering about in my mouth. In a while I sensed his cock started erecting back again! My pussy was getting swollen as well. I wanted this guy so much! I wanted him to fuck me and cum all over my face. When he was already cock stand again, he told me to lie on my belly and poke my as up! It was very nice to feel warmth of the carpet on my skin, after he settled onto me I felt his shaft entering my asshole. My backdoors was ready for his meat, setting my chin over my elbows lying on the floor: he was drilling my butthole and slapped my buttocks. Sweat poured down my body, I was totally wet. I was like one of those porn stars, like Liza Ann or Gina Lynn who were famed for their porn skills. I wanted to cum, but moreover I was longing for his sperm all over my face. When it finally came to make a shot and his balls burned with a boiling juice, he turned me around, settled onto my breast, and began to jerk off right above my face. Then he started, moaned and a hot load erupted out and sweet white drops fell on my face. It covered my face totally; some drops trickled down my throat.

We were lying for some time together, and then he rose and kissed me.

- Thanks, Barbara! You are the best one! I’m going home for my mom wouldn’t worry.
- Thank you, Kan! You are an awesome horny stud! You won me! I enjoyed it a lot! But I hope you don’t tell anybody what happened here today! If not, I’ll have lots of troubles!
- You are so beautiful, Barbara! Let’s keep it a secret!

Damn, Maria!

The summer vacation started off drastically. We shouldn’t have gone at all with our ridiculous income, but we really wanted to go to the sea. So, we decided to go to Mexico.

We started fighting on the way there. My wife spends money like a cheap whore, and I had to be convincing her to wait until we got to the shopping spots. But she would still buy any piece of shit that she liked. Money was melting right on my eyes. By the time we’ve arrived we fought so much that we stopped talking to each other. We even went to the different beaches.

There was one just one hour south of Cancun Airport, the Hidden Beach Resort that she picked to go to “spectacular vistas of the Mexican Caribbean sea…” Yeah, right! But the main thing it is a nude beach! I preferred to stay at the normal beach where people wear bikinis and shorts. So she would go off to that nude beach and I stayed at our civilized one.

I was in a terrible mood and got sick of just lying on my belly drinking pina-colladas. I decided to hang out at the local market and went walking around the shops. Suddenly I heard such a familiar voice…my wife’s prattling voice. I turned around and saw her. She was talking to the young Mexican who was telling her all kinds of compliments and at the same time was convincing her to buy something.

- “Mam, you are the most beautiful white woman I have ever seen in my life. Now, I have to go visit the United States for sure. I must give you the best deal on your purchase!”

He was telling her stuff like this and she seemed to be flattered. I could tell she was buying that shit! It’s not that I got mad, but I got surprised. She never liked Mexicans; she would even say bad things about those Mexican playboys. But look at her! She was so into that young boy! She was so flattered from his compliments.

He dropped a pine apple and got out from the counter to pick it up. He put the fruit back on a shelf. In such a sassy way he slightly touched Mary’s ass. She squealed but that wasn’t a burst of indignation. Since we’ve been married for ten years I’ve learned to recognize her different tones of voice. And trust me she was getting turned on!

My heart started beating fast! She wasn’t flirting with him… but it was something different. But for sure there was something naughty. She paid for her stuff and decided to hold on with buying the fruits. The guy told her it would be better if she would come in the evening for the freshest fish and fruits in town.

- “Lady, please come back in the evening! Especially, for such a beauty like you I will get the best fruits and flowers of Mexico!”

She was walking out and turned her head like a movie girl:

- “Oh, yeah? I’ll see if I feel like coming back…but thank you…you are very nice and generous!”

- “It’s my pleasure! But if you want to thank me than come by this evening…”

He shouted as she was crossing the road. She passed me by and had that satisfied face. Oh, I was so mad! I had a reason to be mad! She was flirting with that young macho, he was like twenty and she just turned 34. Oh, I thought to my self I would give her a hard time that evening.

But I didn’t say anything…I caught myself on the thought that it would be stupid to tell her I watched her flirting with that boy who touched her ass. That it would be stupid to complain that her “oh, god, what are you doing, young man?!” was fake… she would probably make fun of me and say something like “so, you were just standing there and watching some Mexican lad lay a hand on your wife?” …

And she would probably bring up the old shit that happened three years ago in NY. Late at night we ended up for some reason in Brooklyn and some drunken teenagers started a fight with us. I tried to fight with them, but the first fist knocked me down. While I was coming to my senses they grabbed Mary and put her against the wall. They grabbed her tits, pulled up her skirt and took off her panties… fortunately, the police came on time and arrested those damn, fuckers.

They ran away and didn’t get caught. I and my wife didn’t talk for like three weeks. So, I am not a super-man. I’m not good in fist fighting; I just don’t respect physical force. And this time I didn’t know what to do. I had nothing to complain about to my wife…I kept silent and kept on thinking a plan.

Mary dropped by the bar to tell me she was going to go for a walk downtown. I didn’t react. I had another shot and again in my head there was a picture of that sales-boy’s dirty hand on my wife’s ass… I got up like there was a spring on the chair and ran to catch a cab.

The streets were empty. Everyone was at the beach-party. Something like the full-moon party or whatever, I didn’t care; all I could think about was Mary.

I arrived to that guy’s shop and stood outside by the phone-box. I was watching. That macho was all over my wife, getting her drinks and feeding her fruits. His hands were going on her thighs, her waist, her hips and a couple of times he managed to put his hand on her bust.

She was laughing at his words; he was whispering them in her ear. She was pretending to push him away a few times, saying she was a married woman. But, hell no, she didn’t care! She was enjoying that bustard. She loved his touching and was excited! I know her.

He offered her to help him close down the shop, but that first they had to try the fish he cooked. He asked her to follow him to the kitchen:

- “Maria, please follow me, I will feed you the fish you have never tried in your life! One day, I will become famous for it!”

They started laughing, and he grabbed her hand to take her somewhere in the back.

I was following them quietly. It was dark in there. I slowly went through the corridor and heard their voices and music. There were candles on the table and it seemed like a real date.

At first, I didn’t believe my ears, but it was clear what I heard was exactly what I thought. That young Mexican boy was fucking my wife! I carefully came up to the half-open door.

They were down on the hammock and he was kissing her legs! My wife, my wife! She was breathing hard and saying his name! They were making out for a while and than he picked her up and pushed her against the wall. He tore down her dress and shoved his dick inside her. She was moaning like she had already gotten an orgasm…

Than he put her on the couch in the doggy style and shoved her from the back as hard as he could. His dick was going in and out Mary’s pussy. The Mexican was roaring in pleasure. And she was moaning…she was lovesick from his powerful pushes. To be honest, I have never heard such passion in her voice.

I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe the fact that this young sucker could get that woman so much pleasure. But I had to admit it. She didn’t stop moaning for a second. I saw she was getting love stoned. She was giving all of her sex fantasies to the hands of the young macho.

He started cuming and took out his dick from her wide open pussy. I dropped my jaws! His dick was much thicker and longer than mine. And he was so fit…the rhythm of his moves was much harder as well… His sperm was going down Mary’s ass and she was lying there waiting for him to continue.

In a minute he straddled my wife. It started all over again. He was slapping her ass from time to time and she was saying he had the best and the strongest hands in the world. Than he asked her:

- “How would you like me to do you? Do you have a favorite position?”

- “Oh, don’t worry! I don’t care…just fuck me the way you like!”

Her voice was so passionate. He laughed, took out his dick and came up to her head. He grabbed her hair and took her face to his dick.

Mary’s lips opened automatically and his dick went inside her mouth. She was sucking his dick and took it all the way down to his Mexican balls. She did it herself! He didn’t make her do it! I was shocked and kept on watching his huge dick disappear in her throat.

“How can she breathe?” I was thinking to myself…and felt that weird turn on. I felt my dick got really hard and my hand was going to my pants. In a minute I was already jerking my feeble dick watching the Mexican macho fucking my wife.

I even started desiring to see his dick fucking her as hard as he could. Her every passionate moan reflected a sweet self-humiliation in my brain.

“Cum inside her mouth! Fuck her! Make her swallow all of it! Make her cum! Please her! Fuck out my wife! Take her the way you want it!” – I was begging inside my head and jerked my cock.

He was having her again and again as if he could hear my calls. She just sucked the lavish fountain of sperm he shot in her mouth and her face… and he turned her around to fuck her in the ass.

She had a big round ass, but even my average size dick had difficulties going inside her anal…And his dick was probably ripping her off. But extremely turned on horny Maria, as he called her, heroically underwent the active penetration of the Latin dick deep inside her anal…

The Arabian nights

Last year I and my wife went to Egypt for the first time. The tour operator advised us the five-star hotel in the city called Charm el Sheikh. For the first few days we did nothing but enjoyed the beautiful waters of the Red sea.

It was incredible how my wife looked like one of the Egyptian TV stars. She was singing and dancing on the TV screen 24/7. Well, my wife is a pretty woman. She’s 6 foot tall burning brunette with deep green eyes. She’s got D-cup size boobs, thin waist and a delicious ass.

Her name turned out to be symbolical to the Egyptians. Natasha- just like in Turkey they call all the Russian girls… so I tried not to call her by her name. I called her darling, honey and all that.

After we got enough of sunbathing, swimming and making love we decided to go down to the Old City for shopping. There is a huge market to buy all kinds of spices, souvenirs and clothes of course. That day, my wife was wearing a long skirt with a huge cut on the side, kind of conservative but actually calling, to be honest. And on top she had a long-sleeve see-through blouse…

Down at the market Natasha created a furor…Those bold and annoying sales-men were smiling to us, telling me I had a beautiful wife and was a lucky man. They were telling her a bunch of compliments, even in Russian, offering us to go in to the every shop that was there.

I took a camera like any other tourist and using the opportunity of my “popular” wife we took lots of fun pictures. I would dress as a bedouin, than Natasha would try on some local dress. Those locals would also ask to take a picture with my wife on their cameras, saying she really did look like that celebrity.

When I was taking pictures of those guys with my wife I noticed they put their dirty hands on her. As if they were joking they would sneak in their nasty hands on her ass or her tits. At first, my wife was getting pissed off, but we both understood that this was how the local guys were. They don’t know how to behave themselves around women like my Natasha. They were hungry and horny.

In one of the shops Nat liked one Arabian dress, which reminded the fairy tale “The thousand and One nights”. Such a caring sales man pulled the dress on my wife above her clothes. Oh, he was so nice, he didn’t forget to check out my wife and put his dirty lil hands on her.

The dress looked weird on top of her clothes. It bristled and we weren’t sure if it fitted her or not. As soon as Nat said she would probably prefer to take off her clothes to make sure it fits her, the sales-man closed down his counter so that no one embarrasses her.

In a minute his assistant came out from the backdoor and offered me to follow him in the waiting room. He brought me cold tea and hookah. It tasted nice and soon I felt chilled in the desert atmosphere… I didn’t notice, but when I looked on my watch, I realized, it had been 15-20 minutes since Nat was changing.

My head started spinning around and I felt a bit high. Natasha came out… in a shamelessly tight belly dancer’s dress. It was at least two sizes smaller than she needed. The sales-man bewailed to give her a different size. My wife was pissed off…

- “I’m fuckin sick of ‘em! I put on like fifty different dresses! I don’t like any of them! I didn’t even want to try them on!”

Those guys understood we were getting really annoyed and asked me to take a picture of them with my wife. They promised to give her a really nice present afterwards.

To finish up their stupidity I took like three photos of them with my wife. They put their arms around my Natasha like she was the only woman they’ve ever seen in their lives. On one of the photos the guy even put Nat sitting on his lap and his hands were on her hips…

After the “photo-session” she put on her blouse and was about to put on her skirt but the sales-man came out with bunch of jeans-shorts.

- “And here is your present, mam, as I promised…”

And this is when her eyes lit up…

- “Are you sure, you want this present, or do you prefer a carpet?”

- “No, no I’ll take the shorts! …We should have started with those!”

My wife started rummaging in the pile of shorts. She said they were really cool.

- “Ok, mam, take all the ones you like and follow me… follow me to the corner, there’s a mirror…”

The sales-man and my wife disappeared behind the curtain. I could see her legs…she was bringing them up and down. The rest was done by the sales-man… he put the shorts on, and took them off; he zipped them up and held the mirror.

It started all over again and I took out a cigarette. By chance, I noticed the big mirror in front of my wife. In the reflection I saw clearly the sales-man. He moved my wife’s panties… he stuck his finger inside her puss and started finger-fucking her… and Nat didn’t even resist…instead…she slowly moved her ass in time with his finger. She put her hands on her knees and bent over.

I felt lost and lit up a second cigarette. I couldn’t handle that anymore and yelled:

- “Are you coming out?”

- “Yeah, just a sec!”

She pushed him away, fixed her panties, put on her clothes and came out with those fuckin shorts in her hands.

Natasha didn’t say anything, and I decided to wait and see if she had enough balls to tell me. I was tired and didn’t want to get in a fight with her.

We went to some tiny restaurant, had some food, got booze and smocked apple hookah…I don’t know why, but in Egypt I always feel kinda high…that everlasting smell of hookah, the lounge settings give me the feeling of intoxication and fancifulness.

In the restaurant I started getting turned on. I was thinking over and over again about the shit that happened in that shop…some cheap shop. That dirty sales-man was grabbing my wife and in fact finger-fucked her right on my eyes…

I would never expect such a thing from my wife. She is very well mannered and sophisticated woman…she would never do such a thing back in Russia, nor in the US. But here, in Egypt everything felt different…

It was getting dark and I thought we were done with shopping, but it turned out the market worked until midnight! Although, both of us got pretty tired, Nat convinced me to go by two or three more shops so she finishes up with the souvenirs for our friends.

The first shop we went to was closed, but the lights were on. As soon as we started walking away the guy, the owner of the shop called us back and offered to go in for the evening sale. We went in…

We understood why the shop was closed…There were four guys sitting on the sofa and one girl…A very young girl; I presume she was about 19. She was naked and got really embarrassed when we came in. Her eyes looked drunk…she said:

- “Ok, I gotta go. You took enough pictures of me. Give me back my clothes…”

- “Shut up. Stay where you are!” said one of the arabs.

They were grabbing the girl and kissing her body parts. We got freaked out and started leaving. I turned my head for the last time and she was forced to stand on her fours. The guy locked the door after us.

I was shocked by what I saw! But my wife had that lustful smile…she said:

- “Well, well, well… this city is the city of contrasts!”

The next entrance to the market was leading to three different directions. I went to the right for the souvenir shops and Natasha went to the left to the spice market. She wanted to buy that famous saffron.

I bought the stuff that I liked and went looking for my wife. I saw her in one of the shops flirting with the sales-man. Again! What happened to her? It was a tall black guy who was showing her the spices and taking his fingers to her nose for her to smell them.

I decided it would be better if she didn’t know I was watching. I wanted to get her caught! The African whispered something in her ear and they disappeared inside the counter. As I found out later on they sat down on the pillows and smoked opium.

I came closer but she didn’t pay attention at me…she was totally into the conversation with the guy. He got her tea and sweets. I heard her telling him she was waiting for me-her husband. He said, he would love to meet the lucky man and that made her flattered.

Whilst, he was feeding my wife fruits and sweets. He was putting the delight on her lips with his fingers. She seemed to like it a lot. One more time and he put his finger inside her mouth…

She started licking and sucking his fingers. One by one. She said they tasted nice. Bitch! The guy told her to hold on, he closed the door and turned the doorplate from “open” to “closed”…

Oh, I didn’t know what to feel! I took out the video camera and started filming them through the glass window.

I don’t know why but for the first time in my life I felt that crazy turn on. I desired to see my wife getting screwed by that African! In a minute or two I quit filming and decided to go back to the first shop, where we saw the young girl.

I wanted to get revenge, the sweet revenge and picked up that drunken girl when she was walking out from the shop. I took her to our hotel room and took advantage of her…all I wanted was my wife to come in and see me with that girl…

I and my wife are going to Egypt again for the summer vacation. We fell in love with those Arabian nights…

Trapped by Sister-in-law (By SK)

Hi friends am SK, I have been reading the Indian stories for quite some time and I am great fan of it. Today am going to tell you a real story. Well am working at Ahmedabad in Gujarat, am married for last 15 years and enjoying my married life. I am 6 feet tall and athletic built; my wife is also very good looking and fit. In fact I was so happy with my wife that thought of another woman never came to my mind, till this happened. My younger brother who is a businessman got married one year back, his wife name is Suman.

As I am in service I always have lots of free time even in the evenings and also on weekends but my brother being in pharmacy business has to open his shop even on Sundays and public holidays. Suman started this comparison that even after 15 years of marriage, am spending more time with my wife and she is not getting time and attention from her husband even though they are young and newly married. Secondly my younger brother is shorter than me 5’7” and very fat. This comparison by her slowly got converted into attraction towards me. In fact being my younger
brother’s wife I never gave a serious look to her.

One day my wife went to kitty party and I was at home bcoz I had come from tour only that morning. In the afternoon when I came to dinning hall to have my lunch after taking some rest, Suman came to serve me that day I saw her for the first time…she was wearing a sari but she had left her pallu totally loose there by exposing her huge boobs, and she was walking swinging her huge and firm bums. She is only 23 years, 5’2” 36D-28-38 size not very fair but having a very sexy and mischievous smile. Every time she served she would bend and give me a full view of her deep valley. As ours is a two bedroom flat with a small dinning and living hall. She with the pretext of taking some item from the shelf behind my chair came very close and deliberately fell on me at this time I accidentally touched her boobs and waist. She gave me a smile and went away.

As my wife was not to going to come till evening I again went to my room to take some rest. At home normally am in a lungi and t shirt only. The events in the dinning hall had disturbed me and I was horny, my cock was half erect. When I was just thinking about what all happened during lunch even without knocking the door uman entered my room in a transparent nightie and asked whether I wanted anything. I was shocked hesitantly I said no…She looked at the half tent in my lungi gave a smile and said Pl call me if you want anything and she left.

Here onwards she was trying to show me her assets whenever there was a chance, she would also not miss any opportunity to touch me anywhere. Initially, I was not interested in her but slowly I was falling in the trap. Finally she succeeded…

It was summer vacation my wife with our son had gone to her mothers place – Delhi, three of us were staying at home, it Saturday holiday for me after the daily routine and after the maid servant has left Suman came to my room and told me that can she also take rest in my room as it will save electricity of running two air conditioners in two rooms. Even though I said no she said why you are so formal with me, then she went to her room changed to nightie and came back. She was wearing her sexy transparent nightie without Bra. She pleaded that anyway her husband doesn’t have time for her now that am free today with my wife also not there I can give her some pleasant moments. Saying this she came close stood in front of me seeing her body in that transparent nightie I couldn’t control myself and took her in my arms and squeezed her. My god she was really sex goddess. As she was very young compared to my wife I enjoyed her touch and slowly started kissing her opened her hairs and laid her on the bed.

She was waiting for this moment for long time she simply closed her eyes and surrendered totally to me. Then I increased the intensity of kissing she also started participating in the kissing, this went on for sometime, then I slowly unbuttoned her nightie and started slowly caressing her big boobs they were really very soft but firm, then I started kissing her left boob slowly while gently massaging her right boob. This made me horny and my penis was now erect, I untied my lungi and took her left hand and gave my blown penis in her hand, she gently rubbed my penis which made it more hard before holding it …the moment she held my penis she whispered in my ears that my penis was larger and thicker than her husband. We kept on kissing rubbing for some time.

Then I totally removed her nightie and panty, she had shaved her pussy which was pink and already wet, I started rubbing her pussy externally then rubbed her clitoris and slowly inserted one finger into her love hole. It was very tight, she was right her husband was not fucking her. Then I asked her whether she has kissed penis, she said no … then I asked her to take my penis in her mouth she refused but when I insisted and told that it will be very good she agreed, originally she was doing only to satisfy me then slowly she started to enjoy and started sucking like a lollipop, she kept on complaining that it is not coming in her mouth… then I told her that I would like to kiss and lick her pussy, she got offensive and said no its dirty you should not lick it I said don’t worry it will be good and you will enjoy…with great persuasion she agreed I made come in 69 position I came on her giving my penis in her mouth and I started licking her pussy…boy I will tell you! she has got the sweetest pussy I have licking my wife pussy for so many years but hers was really very sweet… I opened her vaginal lips with my two fingers and inserted my tongue to lick her G spot, she went crazy and started making noises and said she cant hold anymore and wanted me to enter her… after some more licking I came on her spread her legs to give me full view and position to insert my penis into her.

First I slowly started rubbing my penis on the external lips, then inserted only the tip and rubbed then slowly inserted into her love hole, it was very tight so I slowly 2 applied pressure and made my way she was shouting yours is too big its paining but once I got it totally inside I started moving it to – fro after sometime she also started enjoying and started giving company by her pelvic movements… the room was full of noises aah ooh and the sound to two bodies touching each other … we kept on for some time before we both cummed. After the sex we both laid naked for some time in each others arms… this was the beginning. Her hole was so tight that I felt pain in my penis after sex. It was really great fucking experience.

Then after some time I again started kissing her big boobs and rubbing her pussy… she also started kissing my penis and made it hard we had another round of sex this time in doggy style and finished by having her on the table. She gave me good Non veg food in lunch, she said you are having this treat bcoz you have given me best fuck of my life. After we finished our lunch we continued our session till evening and had sex six times.

We had regular sex daily till my wife returned from her mother’s place. Now days we have sex whenever we get chance.


My Bhabie Meri Jaaneman

This is true incident between me I was 21 at that time and my bhabhi Anita. What a Bomb shell a blonde and women worth to die for. I had a real crush on her from the time she came to my house mine elder brother Chetan is away from home most time. It happened one day when I was coming back from college I heard some thing Anita was moaning in her bed as mine next-door neighbor pushed his lund in and out of her beautiful choot. She was urging him to do so. She was in so much heat and in a wanton state for his lund.

His huge lund was going deep in her choot..

Anita was 32 years old and was married for 8 years. She was living with her family in a good house and enjoyed a very comfortable life. Her next-door neighbor, Ashok was a 40 year old having his own family with a son and wife. Anita’s husband Chetan was gone on a tour and she was free of any fear of being caught by any one. So she invited her boyfriend to have a hot fuck. Now she was enjoying his lund in her pussy. She was having a very beautiful body with shapely legs and big boobs. ” Oh! Ashok fuck my choot with your hot and big lund I am in need of it. Please give it to me deep.” She moaned. And Ashok pushed his lund deep inside her womb. I, entered the home with mine set of keys. I heard the moans of her and smiled at that. “Chetan is always crazy about that hot bitch.” I thought. I moved to his own room and then heard. “Oh Ashok you are so deep in my choot? oh I want it hard and deep.” I was stunned to hear that name. I knew that he was his next-door neighbor. I moved to her room and looked through the open door, as it was not closed. Ashok was lying on top of my bhabhi and his lund was deep in her pussy and he was fucking her.

I was aghast to see that. I thought something and smiled. Then I opened the door abruptly and both were surprised to see me. Anita was not expecting me so early. Ashok pulled his lund out of her pussy and she gave it up with a moan and both stood up. Anita pulled a sheet on her naked body and Ashok picked his clothes and ran by me standing near the door. Anita was still naked under the sheet not able to see into her father in law’s eyes. I came near her and said, “What was that bhabhi?” she mumbled ” I am sorry Vaibhav.” I ignored her apology and asked, ” for how long has this been going on?” she was unable to say any thing. I smiled ” Bhai will really be shocked by this when I will tell him about you. That her wife is fucking another man. He might leave you or may kill you. What do you think Anita?” “No please you will not say anything to Chetan. It will ruin my life. Please vaibhav. I promise you that I will never do such a thing again.” She looked at me and found me looking at her body curves and nude shoulders and upper parts of her boobs. My eyes were shining. “Yes Anita there can be a deal between us.” I said. “What type of deal?” she looked at me with surprise. “It depends on you what you can do for an young man of 20 like me.” I said while rubbing mine crotch. She was frightened. She looked at mine hand on my growing bulge and understood mine demand. “No you cant do that. It’s impossible. I will not do anything for you. No. No. Not such a bad thing.” I smiled and said, “Ok I am going to my room. And will wait for both you and Bhai and will see who comes to me first. Now it depends on you to save your life and marriage.

Otherwise your husband will hate you and you cannot blame me dear. Is it ok?” I smiled and moved out of her room. Now Anita was alone in her room. She was thinking about what had happened so suddenly. She could not afford to leave the home and her family. On the other hand it was also difficult to accept mine offer. Her husband’s brother was going to black mail her. She knew that she had no other choice and she would have to kneel in front of me to save her home. She hated me but could not do any thing but to have sex with me. She decided to save her family life at any cost. So she got up to go to mine room.

She did not try to put on her clothes, as she knew that she would have to get them off again. She wrapped the sheet around her naked body and knotted it in between her breasts and moved out of her room towards mine room. Next moment she was knocking on mine door. “Come in my dear. Its open for you.” I called. She entered and saw that I was sitting on his bed. I was naked and holding mine lund in my hand. She was shocked to see mine lund. It was bigger and thicker than her husband and her lover. The sight of such a big dick mesmerized her. An itching started in her pussy and she felt it wetting. I was masturbating. I smiled and said, ” It’s good Anita you have taken a wise decision. Now come here, on the bed.” She could not hear anything. Her eyes were locked onto mine erect cock. She slowly moved to the bed while looking at mine lund and as she was going to sit on the bed I said, ” leave that sheet away from bed. Strip it off.” Her hands moved to remove the sheet and now her beautiful body was naked in front of her brother in law. Her beautiful breasts were protruding out and her nipples were jetting out towards me asking to be sucked.

Her bush at the mound of her pussy was smoothly trimmed and her pussy was dripping which was only known by her. “Beautiful, you really have a gorgeous body.” I said. She sat on the bed near me while looking at mine erect lund. I smiled evilly and said, ” Go ahead bhabhi. Suck me off. You know you want to and you are going to my dear.” Her hand moved to mine lund and she took it into her soft hand and began to rub it. Her hand pumped mine thick organ up and down. I think She had never really seen or handled a lund that size before and it thrilled her instead of being frightened.. “Well girl what are you waiting for? Suck it baby.” I taunted. In need of no further encouragement, Anita moved into a kneeling position bringing her face near the swollen prick jutting up between mine legs. Her lips moved down and kissed the tip of the lund. Her lips ovaled and stretched wide and encircled mine lund head hungrily with her warm lips, trying to capture its entire length in her eagerly salivating mouth. “Mmmmmm” she purred, ” Mmmmmmm! Mmmmm” Suddenly she forgot that she was blackmailed to do this.

Anita sucked deeply into her hot, saliva filled cavern that it nearly choked her, but she twisted her head enough to catch her breath, then began feverishly running her tongue up and down the soft underside of mine lund and felt it throb and pulse to her touch. She tasted the pungent tang of the seeping lubricating fluid oozing from the split of its tip. She cupped mine big balls affectionately in the soft palms of her hands while tiny explosions of lust burst insanely in her brain, and she moved her head up and down, up and down, in and out of her face in a lewd and lustful delight. I placed mine hand on her soft hair and moved her head up and down on mine lund. She forgot that she was being blackmailed. She started to like her submissive and overpowered status by masculine dominance of her brother in law. This drove her to unexpectedly wicked thoughts, whorish thoughts. “Suck it bitch. You know you want to suck it and you like to suck it. Yes you are really a randi.” I said while pulling her head by her hair. “You are a randi. My randi.

My personal rakhel.” mine rough language and rough handling thrilled her. Her choot was afire with the licking flames of lust and passion consuming her. And then suddenly she felt her lewd young brother in law reach down and slide her firm smooth ass towards me. mine rough hand moved on her smooth and creamy ass and then I began to work mine finger at the tiny puckered ring of her anus. Her breath quickened excitedly and she forgot everything as abruptly as I pushed mine thick finger into her tight virginal asshole to the palm of mine big extended hand. “Ooooooohhhhh” she gurgled delightedly around the stalk of flesh in her mouth, “I love it! Yaaaaa I love it.” Her lips were encircling mine now fully erect lund. She swirled her tongue in a clockwise manner about the throbbing head wanting to suck that lund dry. She sucked mine lund to please me and… to please herself too. She tried to take it deep until the swollen head of mine lund met with the resistance of her gullet. She moaned deliciously once again when I pushed mine fat thumb into her wetting pussy and began to work it in unison with mine beefy long finger in her ass hole. Now I began to undulate mine massive pelvis slipping mine huge lust maddened prick in and out of her lips. Never quite withdrawing but leaving the hot swollen head a half inch inside her hot wet oral cavern.

I began to pump mine lund in and out keeping the pace with the fingers fucking into her dual passages from behind. I smiled with the realization that she was taking more and more of mine penis between her tender clasping lips as she became accustomed to its fleshy presence. She sucked furiously to bring me to climax as she felt her own choot ready to cum. Suddenly her orgasm burst and she groaned around the thrusting lund in her mouth, her orgasm flooding in wild sensual waves of cum around the thrusting finger in her choot. It was indescribable rapture and the whole of her crotch felt wet and excited beyond belief.

subconscious joy rolled from her eyes. Simultaneously she felt m push mine hips upward against her face and I groaned a soul-searching grunt as suddenly I flooded her mouth with mine hot thick cum spurting wildly down her throat in vast gushes. She gulped automatically swallowing the slightly pungent liquid in her efforts to satiate the still abandoned feelings of degradation continuing to overwhelm her. There was nothing else in the world except the steaming throb of her wet passage and the squirting lund in her mouth. At last she swallowed all the cum of mine. Then it was all over and she still lay above me and I was caressing the round smooth mounds of her buttocks and stroking her thighs affectionately. Anita shivered with excitement as I smiled down at her. It stemmed from the lubricious gleam in mine dark eyes and the still stiff flesh that jutted from mine groin. She trembled and whimpered. The aroused thrills increased as I leaned over and pulled her to mine chest. Without speaking, I pulled her naked body to myself, crushing her supple form. She came without hesitation, the stiff nipples of her melon-like breasts stabbing at mine chest. There was absolutely no protest as mine tongue darted from mine mouth. Her lips opened and accepted the oral probe that filled the emptiness left by mine withdrawn lund. Her own tongue playfully dueled around the flicking invader, then pushed its way into mine mouth. Carefully, she wedged a thigh between mine legs and rubbed it over the exposed length of mine manhood, still hard and powerful feeling. I moaned around the mouthful of tongue that speared toward the back of mine throat.

She pressed tightly to me, relishing in the inciting sensation of her tit mounds flattening against mine chest, and t hen slowly swaying her hips so that the globes rolled deliciously over me. She forgot that she was blackmailed to do all this. Now she was doing this all because of her own lust. Her hand slid down mine back, anchoring into the taut boulders of mine ass and pulled mine crotch to hers. Simultaneously, mine hands followed hers, dipping her buttocks. Her little wiggle movements increased to a provocative dance as mine hands covered the perky, rounded curves of her bottom. I squeezed down. Mine fingers firmly dug into the fleshy globes. For several minutes we clung to each other, our tongues darting and exploring the now familiar interiors of ours mouths. Our hands squeezed and urged. Our bodies pressed together with a sensual nearness.

Reluctantly, they separated, gazing at one another for a silent second or two. Then mine hands withdrew from her ass and moved to the front of her breasts, her own fingers occupied themselves with the imposing shaft that was touching wantonly from mine crotch to her pussy. With loving tenderness, her fingertips glided up and down the still moist spike of flesh; still damp with the traces of her saliva and mine spunk. It jerked and jumped under her teasing. Its red glans glistened from the fresh sexual oils that oozed from mine balls. She wrapped her arms round mine neck and playfully nibbled at my ear. Then I turned her and laid her down on mine bed. I smiled down at the willing young woman. Lowering myself beside her in mine bed, I once more scooped her up in mine arms. Her inciting fingers were back at mine lund, as I slid one of mine hands between her silk-textured thighs. She whimpered with arousal as mine palm closed around the fleshy mound of her pubis. I squeezed, roughly molding the vulnerable knoll of her sex.

Her hips twitched eagerly, hunching their willingness into mine fingers. I could feel the moisture of her anticipation welling from between the outer lips of her labia. There was no need for further foreplay, but that was exactly what made the things I did to her so enjoyable. Wiggling a finger into the thick, quivering lips of her choot, I sluiced into the juice-filled channel of her vagina, twisting and twirling the intimate digit. The soft folds of her tunnel of desire responded, squeezing around the probe that had invaded her body. Mine pelvis moved up and down, working itself on me as if it were feeding on the thickness of a lund, rather than a single finger. Mine nakedness only made the wonderfully firm mounds of her breasts that much more enjoyable.

Heavy and round, they pressed against mine chest, rolling and spearing the stiffness of their erect nipples into mine skin. Her hands slid up and down on mine prick, neither demanding nor urgent, but letting me know she was more than ready to have its thickness buried within the tight sheath of her belly. But I still waited, gliding another finger into her heated hole of passion, while yet another fingertip tapped at her clit, taunting it out from under the thin membrane of its hood. It was as if I teased her body to quell forever whatever traces of “BLACKMAIL” still remained in her body. She whimpered, writhing against mine body, as big fingers expertly manipulated dual digits into the enveloping socket of sex, while mine third finger flicked and fondled a prodigious series of thrills through her body. She felt me move beside her and mine free hand rolled her to her back. I edged up a little and mine mouth kissed at her neck working downward until it captured one of the high-perched cherries of flesh topping a warm, pink-colored tit. Mine tongue moistly caressed the stiffened bud as mine lips sucked. She groaned. The double stimulation of her body was fantastic. Her lips twisted with the mounting desires that trembled through her. Her body writhed, swishing over the bed.

Her hips rose and fell in time with the steady in out pumping of mine fingers. Her hands clamped tightly around my lund shaft, squeezing and sliding along its pulsating length. I was controlling her once again. I knew the sexual needs of a woman and even more important, I cared about fulfilling them. Only one man had had that type of control over her body until now – her husband, Chetan. Now she had found another me. Now the maid came for evening work and we had to stop. Anita was up early in the morning and she looked at her husband still sleeping on the bed. She smiled and came out of the bed and wore the gown and came down into the kitchen. She made tea and started to think about what she had started to do. She was a wife and slave of her own brother in law. I had ordered her not to wear any panties under her dress so that I could have easy access to her choot any time.

She was not allowed to wear any panties even when she was going out. It was thrilling for her and always made her choot wet throughout the time she was out. “Good morning bhabhi!” She heard mine voice and saw me in the doorway in mine pajama and robe. “Mind if I join you?” Anita smiled at me and lover and said, “Sure Devarji!” I sat near her on the stool and started to sip mine tea. I placed mine hairy hand on the warm and naked flesh of her lower thigh. She gasped with mine touch but made no effort to remove it. “You are a piece of ass and a born lund sucker. “Thank you Devarji for your sweet comments.” She became hot and blushed at mine comments. I moved mine beefy fingers in the hair on the back of her head and turned her face to mine for a brutal tongue-probing kiss. She did not resist and started to suck mine tongue. Our mouths locked. Mine hand had reached up her bare choot and started to massage it. She was getting wet with mine touch as always! With the other hand I took her hand and placed it on mine erecting lund. “What do you think about a morning blow job for an young man baby?” I said.

She smiled at mine question and slowly slipped down from her stool and pulled mine pajama down. She was going to love mine hard and big lund. She took it in her hand and kissed the purple head and started to lick it while looking into mine eyes. She placed his hand on her head and pulled her. Mine cock was in her mouth. She started to suck it. I was still sitting on the stool. I moved mine big toe to her choot and she placed it on her pussy hole and mine big fat toe entered her cunt. She was so hot. When I was about cum, I pulled my lund out and took it in mine own hand and started to masturbate. She saw me quickly take a bread slice and made me cum all over it. I splashed mine cum all over the bread slice and then tucked my lund inside mine pajama. I placed another bread slice on that and made a sandwich, A cum sandwich! I gave it to her, “Have a sandwich” she smiled and took it from me and took a bite. A long thread of cum got attached to her lips as she took the bite. “Its tasty Devarji” she smiled and took another bite of the sandwich. Now they both have left for the US and I am all alone in Delhi.


Wife in Public

Malavika is 34 and i am 36, but some friends say we look Much younger. I get very stimulated watching men of all ages staring At her and trying to get a good look. I don’t need to think hard, to Guess what these boys and men imagine while eyeing my wife. Sometimes In a place like a shop or park i will opt to stand at a distance and To try to see how men look at malavika.

My heart races each time i see Someone looking specifically at my wife’s body or when they try to get Near her in the crowd. The part of my wife’s body that gets most of The attention is her breast and next will be her buttocks. During our earlier days malavika was unaware of what happens, but Nowadays she will try to cooperate as much as possible. When wearing a Saree she will let her blouse-covered breast exposed and act as if she Is unaware. Once daringly, on my insistence she wore no bra under the Blouse and we were at a garment shop buying clothes for me. Then as Planned, she ‘accidentally’ let her saree slide and exposed her left Side. What happened subsequently, left us both shaken and very Stimulated. I suppose she got more attention than we had bargained For. We soon found too many customers near us and i clearly remember How some of them were shamelessly piercing malavika with their eyes. I Soon got a jolt myself as i noticed that on her exposed left side her Fleshy breast was bulging through her tight blouse and her nipple was More shamelessly erect and protruding under the fabric. People Standing close must have noticed her areola’s dark colour beneath her Cream coloured semi-transparent blouse.

I was instantly hard and believe the same happened to those guys that Day. We soon returned to the car and once inside i told malavika that Seeing her erect nipples had caused me to have a huge hard-on. She Immediately complained that it was my idea and that she was more Affected by the incident than me. When i asked her how she could say That she changed her position on the car seat and without warning Lifted her saree above her knee level and spread her legs and said to Me ” vishy it was your stupid idea. You sound very concerned about my Erect nipples, but look at this you idiot.”- i looked around the car First to make sure no one is watching this silly impulsive act by my Horny wife. Then i ran my eyes between her thighs but it was too dark For me to even see her panty properly. So it was my turn to be Impulsive and told her “hey malviks show it to me properly, i can Hardly see anything. Please spread it wider”. She looked wide eyed, Hornily running her tongue on her lips and did what i asked.

Her saree and the skirt inside were fully crumpled to her hips and Malavika placed her left foot on the car dashboard. I remember saying ‘Bitch’ to myself as i noticed that her white panty was completely Soaken wet and stuck to her labial folds. In fact her thighs were wet On both sides due to the obvious reason that she had been drooling her Juices in the excitement so far. Her cotton panty was so wet that it Was out of position over her fleshy vulva. Most of her hair around her Cunt was peeping on both sides and her dark left labia had fallen out. I have seen a few female genitals but malavika’s is definitely the Fleshiest and probably the darkest of all. I wanted to touch and lick Her cunt then and there, but controlled myself to avoid problems. I was on the driving seat and my wife was beside me. Our car was Parked at the very end of the parking lot and there was a large tree Providing cover on one side. The car glass was tinted but from nearer The car the inside was clearly visible. I looked around again and There was a middle aged couple standing close to the car on the left Side. My wife begged me to do something and i took the risk of bending Down briefly, inhaled her pungent genital smell and ran my tongue on Her crotch. The bitch slid her panties to one side to fully expose her Very hairy, smelly and puffy vulval folds. After a brief licking i got Up due to fear and then let my hand do the exploring. She was so horny That she removed her panty completely to make things easier and moved Her hips a little closer to me. Carefully i separated her bushy hairs To take a good look at her labia which were very dark in contrast to Her fair skinned thighs. She was so wet that it was all sloppy and my Fingers were struggling to separate her thick cunt lips.

I was then in for a bigger shock when i realized that the couple were Not in view and looked around. I realized a shadow behind my side and Saw the man from the couple-pair leaning against the next car and Directly looking at us. The lady was nowhere in view. I realized that From her position my wife also had noticed this. I was literally Shaking but my horny slut of a wife said to me in a low voice “vishy, I like this vishy. Please let him look. I love it. My gawd do Something please”- and she started to slide back to her old position And spread her thighs as before. In spite of my shaky feeling i felt My cock spring back to a huge hard-on again. I too started to love it. I was letting another man see my lovely wife’s genitals. “vishy ask Him to come in and get a closer look please” malavika whispered. I Gestured to the man to come close and asked him ” do you like to get Inside the car?” i noticed that although older than me, he looked more Nervous and embarrassed. He declined to come in saying it won’t look Good. I even remember blurting out something like “don’t worry sir, we Are a decent and clean husband and wife”. I could not believe it but Malavika was actually begging me to get him inside. He was surely Interested as he will not get to see a really beautiful girl in this Situation again. But the man was very frightened that his wife will return soon and Agreed to watch from behind me outside the car and promised to keep a Watch out for other people. I noticed that his pant front was tented And he was trying to press it against the car. I simply turned around And conveyed this to malavika only to realize that it made her more Wild. She spread her legs wider, put her fingers to her labia and Separating them said “then why the fuck is he not coming in.

I will Let him rub it against this” and saying so peeled her lips apart. In Between her utterly dark cunt lips her cleavage opened up revealing Its shiny pink entrance and her small bud-like clitoris which was half Dark and half pink. I did not want to let her down. I turned around And told the man ” why don’t you come in, i will keep guard outside. Please”.i pleaded. Somehow he nervously agreed and we swapped positions. I stood outside The car with my hard tool pressing and rubbing against the car and Watched the stranger fumbling to position himself properly on the car Seat. My wife had all of a sudden covered her face with her saree, Closed her thighs together and lay still . I leaned inside and prodded The man to go ahead and said malavika will cooperate fully with him. Hesitantly he touched her legs and caressed it. He leaned towards her And ran his hands on her belly and upwards to her chest. He ran his Hands over her breasts for a while and waited for her to react. Malavika in her heat quickly unhooked her blouse to free her Mammaries, then held his hands and placed it to either boob. The man Was starting to get a bit rough and massaged her breasts intensely and Also squeezed her erect nipples with his fingers. My wife was Breathing hard and moaning constantly.

She pulled his face to her breast and said something which i could not Hear clearly. But for the next few minutes he was suckling noisily on Her nipples like a baby and my wifes hisses and moans only increased. I had to interrupt them briefly as some people passed close by. As Soon as the signal was clear the heated session took off from where it Was halted. Any sex activity with malavika is very stormy and heated And she usually leads the way. But i did not expect to see what she Did to the stranger. She suddenly asked him for his name to which he Replied “sanjay”. Then without a warning she turned around, went on Her hands and knees in a doggie position and loudly whispered “sanjay Please do anything you want to me. Just don’t make me wait. Please”- Saying so she lifted her saree right over her buttocks. The man was Stunned but attended to her sincerely. It was the most intense public Experience for me as i was extremely stimulated and on the verge of Leaking my fluid. Sanjay admired my wife’s liberal fleshy butt for a Brief period and then lay his hands on it. In the beginning he was Really gentle and slow.

He revealed his crooked side by suddenly Reaching out to the back car seat to pick up malavika’s discarded Panties, pointed it near her face and asked her “is this what you wear Madam? Can i smell it?” malavika said something i could not Understand, but i could see that she was letting her juices flow Again. It was clearly visible as her hairy cunt lips were protruding Between her buttocks in that doggie posture. I could swear i smelled Her sex from where i stood. Sanjay could not hold on any longer. He separated her buttocks cheeks Apart and looked at my wife’s dark wrinkled anus and the surrounding Hair. I remember him mumbling “madam, you are a very hairy woman. Can I smell you?”. Malavika showed frustration, ” you bastard what are you Wating for? Don’t ask me anything , just do it.” sanjay dived in and Stated to sniff like a dog around her anus. I had to reposition myself To see him run his tongue directly on her anus. I and of course my Wife, loved the way he was cleaning her brown stained hole. Then like An idiot he asked her again, ” madam will you permit me to insert my Tongue in and taste the dirt inside?” malavika blurted, ” dirt? What Dirt? My gawd, why do you waste so much time. Its all yours.

Stick your mouth in and dig out my dirty shit if you want, but don’t Keep talking”. Here there was no escape for me- i had shot my load Uncontrollably rubbing my member against the car. Still i continued to Watch the sexual activity inside the car and within a few minutes i Was getting hard again. I could see the spasm of my wife’s anus as Sanjay tried to insert his tongue in. There was some struggle before Her lubricated anus opened wide to accommodate nearly half his tongue. He was going in and out and i watched in awe as the anal hole gaped Open between the insertions revealing her inner passage which from the Distance looked a bit ‘dirty’. Sanjay sincerely cleaned her out, all The while saying how beautiful she was. I was embarrassed, she was Not! I never licked my wife’s cunt after licking her anus as i read Somewhere that it was unhygienic for the woman. But i did not mind the Stranger sticking his tongue into her vagina after he had vigorously Lapped at her s- -t hole. I am not sure how it all works, but when you Are actually doing a dirty job on a very beautiful girl like my wife, I think you tend to ignore all the taboo involved. Actually when i am Having passionate sex with malavika, all her genital and anal odours Sometimes feel heavenly.

Sanjay very skilfully rotated my wife’s thick clitoris with his tongue And inserted it between the folds. It went in quite easily and Malavika was starting to gyrate her hips which meant she was going to Orgasm. Sanjay probably understood and pulled his thick long penis out Of his pants. It was risky but he looked decent and for the first time We let a stranger do it without a condom. The man tired to insert his Rod between her butt cheeks into her vagina, but the ackward posture Made things difficult. Malavika turned around and picked his hard cock Between her fingers and placed it in her slit. She was so damn wet That sanjay’s penis, despite its enormous size slipped into her Easily. Then he started to be rough and humped and pumped into her Vagina. I ejaculated for the second time as soon as i saw his penis Penetrate my wife’s cunt. Malavika’s also attained her orgasm within Minutes of taking the stranger’s cock into her cunt. Sanjay, to our Surprise continued to screw my wife for another 10 minutes before Ejaculating into her and in the process gave her another orgasm. She Grasped sanjay tightly against her body and allowed him to lay on top Of her for some time before releasing him.

It’s hard to describe the eroticism experienced by us in this Particular incident. We were so stimulated that after reaching home, i fucked malavika twice that day. It is today repulsive to think that Another man had felt my wife’s private parts with his, and that i fucked her vagina that was filled with his seminal fluid. But we both Will not deny that it was thoroughly enjoyable for us. Right or wrong We cherish such encounters all the time praying and hoping that all Encounters are safe.

Sister in law Swap

Before proceeding on official tour, I had left my car in parking lot of house where my sis in law stayed. I had left the keys with sis in law’s husband. It was a short trip. When I landed at airport, I thought of picking up the car and then to home. Just after leaving airport, I called Neha (sis in law) and asked whether she was at home. I informed her that I would pick up the car and then go home. She was available.

On reaching the flat where this couple stayed, I rang door bell. Neha opened the door. I asked her to give the keys so that I can immediately proceed for home. She urged me to have a cup of tea. It was already 12 noon and was the time for tea. I resisted, but she insisted. I went inside and sat on sofa, relaxed. She went inside, possibly to prepare tea. But it took longer. So I called for her. She replied that she would be there in five more minutes.

She turned up after five minutes – in changed clothes. She was wearing jeans with cotton top, which was tightly fitting on her. I thought, she was going to accompany me to my residence to meet my wife. I asked had about tea. She said that it was not really the time for tea. So I suggested that both of us should proceed to my house, assuming she was coming with me. She told me that she was not anywhere. She suggested me to have a beer, instead. I reluctantly agreed. She fetched a bottle of ice cold beer and two glasses. She filled up the glasses. We said cheers and started sipping beer. She then went inside and brought some snacks. I observed that she had opened the top three / four buttons of her cotton top, halfway exposing her boobs. It was obvious that she had done so deliberately, with a purpose. I got the message.

“You are looking sexy, Neha!” I said. She said, “Not looking, I am. How do you like it?” I said, “What bullshit? What will Rekha (my wife) do if she comes to know what is on your mind?” Neha replied, “Don’t worry. She will understand. May be, at some other time, Atul (Neha’s husband) will be with Rekha ! How do like this idea?” I was excited. It would be great swapping wives. “I am all game for it. Where is Atul?”, I asked her. She informed that he was in office and he also had this idea.

“What we are waiting for?” I asked Neha. Instead of answering, she came near me and offered her shapely lips for a kiss. I took her in my arms and kissed her on her lips. It was a deep kiss. Her mouth was sweet and warm. She sucked on my tongue. It was great. She was still in my arms. My hands were freely moving on her back and her hips. Her hands were caressing my neck, my earlobes. We were slowly getting heated. I suggested that we should now go to bedroom. Nestled together, we went to the bedroom. The bedroom was large and comfortable.

After we reached the bedroom, I pulled off my shirt and stood bear chest. “Fantastic. What physique you have. Only bones and muscles” said Neha. “Atul is not bad too” I suggested. She said that he was OK. I approached her removed her cotton top. She wore nothing beneath her top. Her young, round, mid sized and firm milky boobs were all exposed to me. I bent started moving my tongue around one boob, while with my hand, I cupped the other boob and pressed it slightly. She groaned. I kept on licking her one boon, while my hand freely moved around the other boob. With tongue and mouth, I started encircling her one nipple while my hand pinched her other nipple. She was really enjoying it. With one hand, she kept my mouth firmly against her breast and pressed my hand hard on her other boob. She was letting out funny sounds.

After five minutes or so, I slightly pulled myself away and looked at her face. She was red. I said, “Our movements would be freer, if we are un-clothed, I feel.” Without a word, she un-zipped her jeans and pulled them down. Without hesitation, she removed her panties as well. Fully naked, she was really beautiful, delicate and shapely. I saw that her pussy was cleanly shaved, with healthy pink color. Neha said, “Amit, this is not fair. You still have your trousers on. Just get rid of them.” I teasing said, “Look, I am lazy sort of. Why don’t you do it for me?” She came closer, unzipped my trousers and pushed them down. I stepped out with my shorts on. She touched my shorts to pull them down. I held her hand. “What now, Amit?” I said, “Sit down and remove them.” She smiled and sat on her knees. Very delicately, she slowly started pulling my shorts down. In a jiffy, my dick was freed, pointing straight towards her mouth. She was staring at my dick. She gasped and said, “God! What a massive Amit Jr.!!! It seem you also clean off regularly. Ummm, I like it.” Holding my dick in her soft palm, she said, “Atul is nothing. Neither long, nor thick. You are simply great.” She was moving her hand back and forth all over my dick. With her other hand, she started massaging my balls. Her movements were extremely delicate. I was feeling great. “Ahhhh! You are very soft”, I said. She looked up at my face and said mischievously, “My mouth and tongue are softer. Should I try?” I said, “Its all yours. You are free to treat my little Amit the way you want. He is now very hungry, starving.”

She licker head of my dick with tip of her tongue and removed the pre-cum. She pushed the dick up and slowly, delicately started licking my balls. I held her head firmly over my dick and balls, pushing back her intruding hair. After sufficiently wetting my balls, she pulled my dick and started taking it in her mouth. Her movements were deliberately slow and delicate. Little by little, she took my dick in her mouth entirely. She must have been a great sucker. From the way she was playing, I was sure that she knew her job (blow?) well. Now I started groaning. The sounds she was making while sucking me were exciting me more and more. I said, “Neha, Atul is lucky. He must be getting a great treat every day. I wish Rekha liked this.” Slowly, she removed my dick from her mouth, took in her hand, stood up and said, “Atul does not really like this. He is a straight guy. As you said, Rekha also does not like this. Good. Atul and Rekha will enjoy, since both seem to be straight.”

Saying this, still holding my dick in her hand, the other hand around my neck, she kissed me deeply. We were kissing each other for almost five minutes. Kissing her was a great pleasure. Her mouth was delicate and sweet. Neha said, “Amit, I now really turned on. Please take me on a joy ride. I am unable to wait any longer.” I said, “Sure. But my tongue is hungry now. Let me satisfy its hunger.” I looked around and found a massive table adjacent to the wall. I lead her near the table, lifted her up and made her sit on the table. I lifter her legs and told her to hold them in position, so that I could eat her out. She held her legs, wide apart. Her pussy was inviting me now. I slowly bent down and moved my tongue over her pussy lips, sucking them once a while. She was not groaning loudly. I could make out her excitement. I parted her lips and moved my tongue freely up and down inside. Her juices were already streaming out.

“Good taste. You taste wonderful”, I said. She said, “Enough, Amit. Please, please take me now. I cannot hold on.” I got up and positioned my dick near her pussy. Slowly I entered her all the way and stood still, with my entire dick in her. I started moving back and forth, giving her mild strokes. She started parting her legs more and more and pushing her hips towards me. I was giving slow strokes deliberately. She was enjoying every bit of my fuck. I moved a step forward and kissed her. With my mouth on hers, I increased the speed. She was humming. Leaving her lips I said, “Are you enjoying?” She said, “Don’t ask silly questions. Just keep on fucking and kissing”. I obliged her. I once again placed my mouth on hers and fucked her hard and proper. Her delicate pussy was holding my dick firmly inside. I was now sweating. “Should I let go, honey?” I said. She said, “All the way. Fill me up.” After a few massive strokes, I let go. My cum was literally gushing out and filling her up. I was empty within moments.

“It was great, Neha. I have no words. Just remarkable, fantastic, great, splendid”, I said. Neha smile sweetly and said, “The same here. I have really enjoyed the fuck for the first time I believe. It will remain in my memory for ever. When Atul fucks me, I will keep on dreaming about you and may be, I will get the same satisfaction. Now you must be tired. Please have a glass of beer, while I warm up some food. Have lunch and then go.”
I went inside the bathroom, cleaned put a towel around my waist and stepped out, only to be shocked. Rekha was standing right in front of me. I felt a jolt and extremely nervous. She was staring at me seriously which made me more nervous. I could not look at her. I turned my face down about to apologize. Suddenly she laughed. “Come on hubby, don’t get nervous. It was all planned. I knew that you will be here for colleting the car. In fact, Neha and me had planned for it. You had your game and I am going to have mine now.” This was the ultimate shock for me. I wanted to speak something, but I could not. My mouth was wide open. Rekha was still laughing heartily. She said, “OK, Amit. It’s alright. Some change in routine is always good. Now I need a change. I will take on Atul. I am sure, you won’t mind,eh?”

I said, “Go ahead. You are perfectly correct. I will sit in the drawing room and send Atul here. Let me have some beer.” Rekha said, “No. I want you to watch us while we fuck. It will be a great experience – having watched, while getting fucked.” She called for Atul, “Atul, please come inside. I am ready and so is Amit. Neha will join after she is finished with her kitchen. Atul entered the room and gave me a hug. He said, “Hi buddy how was it all? I am sure it was great. I can make out from your face. I am happy that you have made my dear Neha happy. I love her too much and want to ensure that she gets what she desires. Thank you so much.”

I said, “Leave that crap and get on with the job. Rekha is eagerly waiting, isn’t it Rekha?” When I looked at Rekha, I saw that she had already removed her T shirt and jeans and was standing half naked in front of us. Atul immediately removed his upper clothing and approached Rekha. I sat on the easy chair in the room and called Neha for a beer.

Atul took Rekha in his hands and embraced her and so did Rekha. Both were moving their hands over their bodies. Atul kissed Rekha deeply on her mouth and Rekha reciprocated. They kept on kissing for a while. Now Neha entered the room with bottle and glass of beer and sat on the hand rest of the easy chair where I was sitting. To my surprise, she was stilled naked. Since we had finished just a while ago, we were not excited at all. Sipping beer, I was watching my wife being enjoyed by someone else. Atul un-hooked Rekha’s bra and dropped it. Slowly, he took her breasts in both his hand and started massaging them. Rekha removed Atul’s undergarment and held his dick in her hands, slowly massaging it. Atul also pulled down Rekha’s panties. Both were stark naked now.

I was getting excited now. I looked at Neha and pulled her closer. Neha said, “No, Amit. Let us first watch them. Then we can have fun. I have watched blue films quite a lot. But this is different – it’s live. Let us first enjoy the show.” I gave in and started watching Rekha and Atul. They were still kissing and embracing each other, delicately playing with each other. They did not seem to feel our presence at all. After a short while, Rekha said, “Atul, shall we? I am really feeling horny and wet.” Without a word, he led Rekha to the bed. Rakha lied on the bed and spread her legs. Atul pushed a pillow under her hips to raise the level of her cunt. He positioned in front of her cunt and slowly entered her. Rekhs threw her hands up and pulled Atul down. She pressed him firmly against her body. I was great to watch my wife getting fucked.

Their momentum increased and in matter of minutes, Atul emptied in Rekha. Both got up. Neha said, “Let’s have some food now. Amit, I believe you are through with your beer”. I showed her the empty bottle. We started dressing. Surprisingly, Rekha objected. She said, “No. Let us have food just like that – all naked”. We went into the dining room and finished our lunch in haste. Rekha said, ‘You have had your live show. Now I must have mine. I cannot join you.” I knew that once fucked, Rekha gets exhausted for the night. She pushed me and Neha to the bed and said, “Come on, now I will feast my eyes”.

This time, I went down on Neha first, once again sucking her all the way. She was already getting excited. I was also growing. I continued sucking for five minutes or so. “It’s your turn, Neha” I said. She said, “Come on. Just hand over your dick to me while I lye down. I got up and placed my knees on both the sides and she swallowed my dick immediately. I just turned my face to see what Rekha and Atul were up to. Rekha was watching us intently, while Atul was once again getting hard on. I turned again to Neka and winked at her. With my dick still in her mouth, she looked at her hubby having a good hard on. She removed my dick from her mouth and said, “Atul, why don’t you join us. You are already hard. I know you never liked blow jobs. But I do love it. Let me have a double treat today. Come on, engage me on both sides”.

Atul came and stood near the bed. Neha asked, “Atul, will you try doggy style today? I am sure, you will enjoy. Let us try this out.” Saying so, she pushed me aside and got up. She went on her knees and hands and gave an arch to her hips and buttocks. She said, “Come, my darling, enter me from the rare. And yes, Amit, bend on you knees so that I can suck you.” She immediately took me in her mouth, delicately sucking me. Atul positioned himself behind Neha, but was finding it difficult to penetrate her. Neha guided him inside her. Atul held her hips and started fucking her from the rear. His pushes gave a momentum to Neha to suck me. I also moved my hips to collaborate with their rhythm. Now I saw that Atul was wild and enjoying the new experiment.

When we were in full speed, both of us could not hold on. My cum filled Neha’s mouth while Atul filled her cunt. Rekha shouted, “Neha, please retain that milk in your mouth and cunt. Hold it on. I will taste it from you.” I was aghast. I had never expected this from my wife. She has been too conservative. But it was surely a pleasurable change. Rekha came near and first kissed Neha and took my cum from her mouth. She virtually swallowed all my cum. Immediately she went behind Neha and started opening up her cunt. Atul’s semen was already coming out of her cunt. Rekha sipped it all. She exclaimed, “It really tastes good. Sorry Amit. I should have tried this earlier – you had urged so many times, but kept on refusing. It seems everything happens when the time comes. I assure you, Amit, you will have it your way, any time, whenever you want. I love you and want to see you happy.”

I said, “Then this fun and exchange is now over. Both the couples go their own way. Fine.” Rekha said, “No, Amit. I have never said this. We will continue our fun. May be some time, Atul would come to terms with Neha.” Atul said, “I already have. But as you say, we must continue all this. Its great. I change in routine is always good.”

From then on both of our families have been enjoying a hell lot of sex and also orgies, like we had today.

Driver’s Virgin wife seduced

This happened in the 3rd week of Jan this year. My old driver had asked his nephew (Raja) from his hometown in UP to replace him while he was on his annual vacation for 2 months. Raja had a regular job and used to drive for a Honda City for transpoter in UP. But, 2 days before he had to join duty, he had got married and had agreed to the 2 month replacement job, as he wanted to ‘honeymoon’ in Mumbai with his just-married wife. Besides the money I was offering was almost double than what he earned in UP.

Raja and his newly married wife arrived at our house early on a Saturday morning and after a brief introduction by his uncle to take over, my regular driver left for the station. I noticed that Raja was about 24 – 26 years old and looked childish. His newly married wife wore a burka and a viel covered her face. When my wife asked her somehting she would either nod or shake her head. She was obviously brought up in an orthodox ****** family and seemed shy. I was told later by my wife that her name is Nasreen. She seemed to be about 5 ft tall and thin as a wisp. The only exposed part of her body which I got a glimpse of were her mehendi covered hands. Her skin was so white that it looked pale.

My driver had told me that Raja had been driving on the highway and in cities for over 7 years and was a good driver and that’s why he was confortable leaving him with me. My wife and I had planned to go to our Panchgani hill-station house for 2 weeks on a vacation. I asked Raja to start loading the car with our luggage and his wife started helping my wife to get together our stuff and taking it to the car.

In an hour after their arrival we started out 4 – 5 hour drive from Mumbai to Panchgani. Raja and his wife were in the front seats while my wife and me sat behind. I noticed that though Raja was unfamiliar with the roads, he had good control of the car and adjusted quickly to my car and its controls. On the expressway he nudged the car to 140 kmph with my permission. My wife told Raja to tell his wife that she could get comfortable by removing her burka if she liked. Raja coaxed his wife, but, she wouldn’t listen and kept both burka and head gear on.

We reached Panchgani without incident by 3 pm and opened out small villa and started making ourselves comfortable. we had a small out-house for the help and I showed Raja the place where he and his wife would stay. He seemed happy with the small, but, neat digs. After stashing their belongings. Both Raj and his wife came to the main house to us clean-up and get things started. My wife got Nasreen to help in the kitchen and I got Raja to help me take – off the cloth covers from the furniture and also to unpack everything.

I went to the kitchen for a glass of water and noticed that Nasreen was washing some utensils and she had taken off her head gear and had lifted her burka so that her face and forearms could be seen. It was a huge surprise. I had somewhere in my mind imagined that she would look like a plain-faced small town / village girl. However, I was completely wrong. Nasreen’s face was simply put – Angelic. She had a white translucent skin, a straight-small and sharp nose with a small gold nose-ring, her lips were light pink, she had big round almond shaped light eyes (I couldn’t figure out the colour). She was not pretty, she was just beautiful. I saw all this in about 3-4 seconds. As soon as she saw me in the kitchen, she hurriedly pulled her head gear over her face. My wife and I smiled at each other seeing her struggle. My wife mildly scolded her saying that she was not in her village or infront of her father-in-law. It was ok for her remove her brka otherwise she would find it tough to work. As I left the kitchen, Raja came in and spoke to her.

An hour later, my wife got a call on her cell from her mother. Apparently, her mother’s younger sister had slipped in the bathroom and had injured herself badly. Somehow she had managed to crack 3 ribs, fractured her elbow and was thorowing up blood. She had been very close to my wife and had been asking for her. My MIL wanted my wife to come immediately to the hospital as it looked pretty serious. We discussed and it was decided that Raja would drive my wife to mumbai immediately, even tough it was almost 7 pm.

Raja had taken Nasreen to the out house. Probably to placate her as she must have shown her discomfort. My wife also went and explained to her that they would be back the next day. I too joined them and told Raja in front of Nasreen that in case she doesn’t want to work in the house till he came back, she can stay in the out house food etc can be ordered from the market. After almost 30 minutes of discussiong, convincing and a bit of crying, Nasreen finally agreed and my wife and Raja left.

As soon as Nasreen saw the car leaving she went to the outhouse and closed the door. I went into the villa and poured myself a stiff vodka-tonic. I called one of the local restraunts who knew us and ordered 2 thalis for home delivery and pack of chocolate ice cream.

I then started to dream about Nasreen. Her face was haunting me. Her virginal lips were so….so…..inviting. Her skin was maddeningly alluring. What I wouldn’t give to touch her, kiss her, feel her, hold her… her. While me mind was telling me ‘Gosh you’re mad, she’s just got married a day back’, my dick was yelling out aloud saying ‘Go for her….seduce her….Go for her’.

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With these evil thoughts, I sipped my drink thinking of a plan to seduce Nasreen. I had not got a chance to check-out her figure as she was always covered with that black loose burka. However, the burka could not completely hide her tits. I had noticed that when she stood straight there was a slight protrusion which meant she did have a nice pair of lovely boobs. God, how I wanted to see those milky – white tits !! I was going mad for sure. I started wondering if Raja had actually deflowered her…….She must surely be a virgin.

I finished by second vodka and changed into a pair of my briefest shorts and a T-shirt. I purposely wore the shorts as they barely covered my dick and balls when I sat down. If I got an erection, my dick would surely pop out. I then made a cocktail of orange juice, with about 120 ml of vodka topped with a sugar and some mint leaves and ice. I also, took out a strip of my wife’s sleeping pills and crushed 2 pills finely into a powder and mixed it into the vodka cocktail.

Then I took the cocktail to the outhouse and knocked on the door, calling her name. She opened the door. She was still wearing the burka and the face cover and was looking down waiting for me to say something. So I told her that memsahib has said that you must be tired and thirsty and had asked me to bring you some orange juice. She took the glass from my hand and was about to close the door. I told her to wait and said that I had ordered 2 thalis for dinner from the hotel and that after she finishes her juice she can come to the kitchen and lay my food and eat dinner herself. She just nodded. I left.

Now on my 3rd vodka, just thinking about her, I was getting a hard-on. I was restless and couldn’t help taking a peek from the window at the outhouse. When was she going to come, I wondered impatiently. Then I heard a 2-wheeler coming up to the gate. I took out some money form my wallet and went out to take the dinner parcel and the ice cream.

I kept the several paper bags which contained the 2 thalis on the kitchen table and shoved the ice cream in the fridge. It had been almost 30 minutes since I had given Nasreen the cocktail. Had she drunk it or thrown it?? I went to the window again to see if the outhouse light was on. Just then, as if on cue, she opened the door and came out. She still wore the entire black cover and the empty glass was in her hand. I noticed that she was having trouble closing the outhouse door. I watched discreetly as she managed to close the door and then noticed a slight wobble in her walk as she walked up to the main house. I picked up a magazine and sat down on a sofa with my legs up, partially showing my exposed balls and thighs and legs, which would be in full view as Nasreen would enter the house. Since I was pretending to read the magazine, I had held it up in a manner so that she would not be able to see my face nor me hers. I was looking from below the magazine to see her movements when she came in. I saw that as she came through the door, she leaned on the doorway with her free hand trying to steady herself. I was sure now that she had drunk the entire cocktail which was quite potent. Not being used to alcohol, it must have hit her quickly. Nasreen was definitely intoxicated. I saw the lower part of her body hesitate for about 30 seconds at the dooray and then moving towards the kitchen. She probably must have been shocked to see me in my shorts with my legs, thighs and balls exposed. Then I heard the kitchen tap being opened and the sound of water flowing. I got up and went to the kitchen entrance and peered inside.

Nasreen was stading at the kitchen sink. She had pulled up her face cover and was splashing water on her lovely face. She noticed that I was in the kitchen and looked at me for a second and then looked down. I wanted to break the ice firmly with her and told her in a firm and slightly stern tone in hindi.

See, Nasreen, you don’t have to weat that burka when you are in the house. You may burn or hurt yourself while working. Also, please open your mouth and speak when someone is talking to you, ok. She simply nodded her head and kept looking down. I asked her then that she looked pale and whether she was ok. She had put both her hands on the kitchen table and I could see that she was making an effort to keep standing. She was drunk. Her face was still wet, so I took out a napkin and went across and gave it to her. She took it and started wiping her face. God, she was petite and lovely. My dick was stirring and I knew that I would not be bale to control it. I knew that I had to be a bit bold. So I pulled out a chair from the table and caught her shoulder and told her firmly to sit down, saying that she looked tired. She shook her head in protest but with my hand pushing her shoulder down she sat down. I told her that she does not look well and that she should eat something. I could see sweat on her and felt her forehead and told her that she has a slight fever and that she must take off her burka. She shook her head. I just went to her and started pulling her burka saying that she will fall ill and she should be silly. She tried to protest a bit and finally the words ‘no….no’ came out of her mouth. I made her stand and kept attempting to remove her burka. She realized that I will not listen to her, so rather than me take it off, she said….sahab, I will do it’. Then she turned her back to me and on unsteady feet took a few minutes and removed her burka while I started opening the paper bags which had dinner.

When she had removed her burka, I was taken aback to see Nasreen. She was even more beautiful than I had imagined………. She was wearing a white colout salwar kameez with some sort of golden work on the neck, arms and edges. The white material was pitifully thin and her white bra could be seen. She had henna designs all over her hands, forearms and feets. The henna was dark and looked like tattoos on her smooth skin. Her breasts were abnormally large in comparison to her thin and lithe body. Her neck was also abnormally long and her face was simply angelic. She had a small mouth with a thick lower lip, a pert straight nose and big dark black eyes. She had worn a dark lipstick and small gold earrings hung from her ears. Her hair was jet black, thick and reached till her waist. Her waist was so thin I reckon it couldn’t have been more than 22 – 23 inches, from where her wide hips flared out to her firm buttocks. Her slim white legs could almost be seen through the thin, see-through salwar material. I could clearly see her white panty. It seemed to me that she had probably dressed for her maiden night (suhaag raat) !!

She had her back to me and was trying to tie her long hair into a bun, clumsily. She could hardly stand and was swaying badly. I went behind her and got a whiff of Indian scent (attar). It was intoxicating. How I wished I could tear her clothes off and just fuck her hard and fast. How I wished I could open her virginal legs apart and lick her pussy and suck out all her pussy juices !! Oh mama !!!

I asked her if she was thirsty and she nodded her head. I again took her by her hand and made her sit down on the chair. Then I poured another orange juice with a about 60 ml vodka and some ice and mint leaves and gave it to her. Meanwhile, she had kept her head down on the table and had almost dozed off. I shook her and asked her if she was ok. She nodded and took the glass from my hand and drank half of it in one gulp. I told her to take it easy and put my hand on her forehead as if to feel her temperature. While doing this I was standing directly in front of her seated form and I knew that her eyes were at almost the same level as my dick. By now, my dick was semi-erect and had reached a length of about 6 inches and about one inch was popping out from below my shorts. I was sure that my dick smell was hitting her nostrils and she was probably getting a good view too. She muttered ‘Sahab…mein theek hun…’ and then drained the rest of her cocktail. Poor girl, little did she know that now she would be really zapped. I asked her if she was hungry and she said no.

Again she put her head down on the kitchen table. So I went and stood behind the chair and told her that she must be tired from the journey and that is why she was feeling ill. I told her not to worry and to relax as I will give her a little massage. She lifted her hand in protest and managed to say ‘sahab…nahin….humko paap lagega’. Nahin sahib, hum theek hai…’

I wasn’t in the mood for listening. I just made her sit up and started slowly pressing her head. She was trying to remove my fingers from her head meekly in protest saying ‘nahin sahib….nahin sahab’. I kept pressing her head mildly and then gradually came to her neck and back of the neck. As I started pressing her neck, her protests stopped and she closed her eyes and her head hung forward and her shoulders went loose and slumped. I knew that she was almost asleep. I started pressing her shoulders. She was so delicate that I thought if used a little more pressure her bones would break. Her skin on my hands was like electric. The skin was soft and texture amazing. I had a raging hard on now. My dick was fully erect and had found its way out of my shorts and was sticking out a good 3 inches. As I kept massaging her neck and shoulders, I pressed against her and allowed my dick to press against her back lightly. Then I slowly and carefully, to gauge her level of intoxication, lightly brushed my fingers across her breast. Her tits were real firm and tight. She didn’t react and her eyes were still closed. The neckline of her kameez design had a small slit on the top. I opened the neckline wide and was able to see her bra-encased milky white breast…so full….so firm and ripe as 2 large pears. I slowly slipped one hand into the front of her salwar and carefully cupped one breast … Oh my…oh my …. Oh my, it felt like heaven. I looked for a reaction…..none. Nasreen was obviously drunk and in a deep stupor. Now I knew I could do anything with her. The approx. 180 ml vodka and the juice had done its works on her virginal and unpolluted system.

Now I was real hot ! My lund was oozing precum. I lifted Nasreen off the chiar and took her to the bedroom and laid her out on the bed. Then I went and closed the front door and drew all the curtains. I came back to the bedroom and aw that Nasreen was lying exactly how I had left her. I made myself another vodka and sipped it looking at Nasreen lying completely helpless out there and completely at my mercy. Her breasts were heaving up and down with her breathing. I went to her and turned her on her side and unzipped her kameez exposing her back till her panty. Her skin was amazingly smooth. I licked her back, it tasted a bit salty, I just loved it. I quickly managed to get her arms out of the kammez and without much effort took it off. My God, she looked so petite, so hot, so yammy, that I could eat her. I opened the knot of her salwar and eased it off her. She must have weighed not more than 45 kgs. Her smooth white slim legs seemed to have been waxed recently. Then I took off her panty and saw the most lovely, most sexy pussy, I’ve ever seen. She was clean shaven, not even a stubble. Her pussy was closed and small and seemed to positioned slightly lower than normal. As soon as I spread her legs a little and her pussy opened a bit, I got a whiff of her pussy smell….Oh so heavenly !! It was light pink on the outside and dark pink inside. I had to control myself from mounting her and roghly shoving my dick in her. My lund was screaming for action. I took of my shorts and freed my lund. It was so hard now that it was hurting. I then took off her bra and out came those fabulous, untouched, firm and hard breasts. While admiring them, I saw that her small light brown nipples were contracting and then started standing up and out. Maybe the cold air acted naturally on them. It site was un-imaginable and I could not resist.

I cupped one breast and covered the other slowly with my lips………oooooh my my, the salty taste and the hard nipple on her firm breast was making me drunk. I could keep sucking her forever, her nipples were incredible. She stirred a bit and I released her nipple. She suddenly sucked in a deep breadth and then slumped again in stupor, letting her body go loose. My dick kept rearing itself up and down, as if telling me that it wanted action. So I thought why not see is I can insert my dick n her lovely mouth. I turned her on her side facing me and gently moved her face near the edge of the bed. I then slowly tried to insert my thumb in her mouth to prise it open. I could see her pearly whites and her mouth was opened to accommodate my thumb but not my dick. I tried again slowly and carefully, but no matter how much I tried, I knew that her mouth opening was too small for me to insert my lund into it. I tried an idea. I gently pinced and shut her nostrils with my thumb and forefinger and voila, automatically, her mouth opened a little more and I quickly managed to keep it wide with three fingers. Then I slowly brought my lund to her lips, keeping one finger on her lower teeth and rubbed my lund against her lips. I couldn’t wait any longer and tried to shove my dick inside. Looking at her mouth half open and the head of my lund almost inside her small mouth was real erotic. Her teeth were hurting my lund. So I once again pinched her nostrils and her mouth opened a bit and I shoved in my lund head inside. I could feel her tongue moving slightly and knew that she may awaken, so I took out my lund.

I then made her lie flat on her back and parted her legs, opening her pussy. I took my time smelling her pussy and then started licking her clit. In less than a minute, her clit was standing up proudly and sticking out almost a centimeter … WOW !! This was unexpected. I parted her cunt lips and peered closely and clearly saw her hymen. Shit !! She was a virgin. This was a complication. Her cunt looked so inviting. I went back to sucking her pussy and pushed by tongue as far as I could till her hymen. I sucked for more than 10 minutes till my heart’s content. All this while my lund was getting impatient. I thought, let me try and see till where I can penetrate her. So I put a pillow under her slim ass and parted her legs and positioned myself sitting on my haunches with my dick at her pussy opening. I parted her pussy walls and pushed my lund inside. It went in less than half an inch and then stopped. Her hymen was not allowing my lund to go further. I wondered why God had given a hymen to women, it was such an inconvenience. I also knew that if I had forcibly broken her hymen, she could bleed and both she, Raja and everyone else would know what may have happened. So I started so lightly rub my lund against her pussy and clit in a fucking motion. I was so aroused for the last hour or so, that I had a massive orgasm in less than a minute of rubbing against her virgin cunt. My cum was all over her pussy and lower stomach. She was stirring again. I let her calm down and then cleaned her up with wet tissues from head to toe.

Then I took out my wife’s insulin pen and the spirit drenched cotton wool. I sensitized her upper arm and poked Nasreen with the needle of the insulin pen, thereby making a small and visible puncture on her arm. Then I put a small sticker tape on the needle puncture. Before covering her with a blanket I took a few shots of her naked body, breasts & pussy close-ups (for insurance, in case she or her husband made any major fuss). I covered her with a blanket, switched-off the lights and went to the guest bedroom to sleep. I picked up all her clothes and under garments and kept them folded neatly on the bed.

At 5-30 the next morning, I got a call from my wife saying that they had reached safely and were at the hospital. She had not been to see her aunt as she had been operated and was in the ICU. Wife reckoned that she would have to stay for at least 2 days and only then would she be able to consider coming back. I told her not to worry and then told her that Nasreen had taken ill the previous night and had developed a high fever. I said now she was sleeping and that I had gone and got a lady doctor from the town at night who had attended to her and had given her a shot. I told my wife not to tell Raja as he would then be worried and want to come back. My wife asked me to take good care of her and we signed off.

I went to see how Nasreen was doing and saw that she was fast asleep, lying on her side. The blanket had come open and her lovely ass was exposed and I could see part of her pussy between her ass-cheeks. It was a heavenly sight. I let her sleep and went to make breakfast. At 7-30 after having breakfast I went to check on her again and found that she turned again and now lying on her side facing the bedroom door. I knew that by now the effects of the alcohol and pills must have worn off and I could wake her up. So I shut the bedroom door and then knocked on it sharply from the outside, calling her name and asking if she was ok. Then I heard a loud scream. I opened the door and barged into the room and saw Nasreen standing near the bed, her back to me, with one hand holding the blanket trying to cover herself frantically. What must have happened is that with my loud knocking she must have got up and found herself naked and that too in a strange room and bed. She probably freaked and jumped off the bed with a shriek and then hearing the door open, she tried to cover herself quickly. As she was trying to cover herself I saw her stumble and trip on the blanket and fell on the carpeted floor. As she fell trying to break her fall with her hands, the blanket came off and she was flat on the ground lying stark naked in front of me. Her legs were apart and her pussy was exposed. She looked a real exquisite sight. She realized her state and quickly shouting ‘oooh maaaa’ took the blanket to cover herself. As I neared her she kept saying ‘sahab….sahab….kya hua’. Then she fainted. I got worried and picked her up and put her back on the bed. I took some water in my hand and splashed it on her face. She revived in few seconds and opened her eyes and once again the scream. I put a hand lightly on her mouth and firmly told her to stop screaming. Her eyes were wide open looking at me with fear.

I told her quickly that last evening she was not well when she came to have dinner. She had fever and then she had fainted. So I made her sleep in the bedroom and gone on the cycle to the market and brought a lady doctor to check her. The lady doctor had undressed her and put ice towels all over her body and her fever was very high and had given her an injection in her arm. I showed her the tape on her arm, which she looked at with disbelief, trying to cover her arm. Then I told her that if she’s better, she should put on her clothes and come and have something to eat and drink and as she had not eaten since last night. Then I turned and left her alone to think and wear her clothes and come out.

After about 15 minutes, Nasreen came out of the bedroom and went to the kitchen. I had kept a cup of tea, a glass of water and 4 slices of bread and some cheese, tomato and cucumber slices, on the kitchen table. I said to her loudly from the living room, that she should drink some water and then have some naashta as the doctor had advised. I heard some noise of a plate, etc. After pretending to read the magazine again. I waited 10 minutes and went to the kitchen. She was standing at the table and seemed to have eaten almost everything. She was just finishing the tea. When she saw me, she picked up the plates and went to the sink and started washing them. I went and sat on a chair at the table and asked her how she was feeling. She just nodded her head not looking at me. I knew that this was the chance to break the ice properly with her and that it could only be done if I told her something shocking.

In a firm and authoritative voice I said in Hindi -

Look Nasreen, you don’t have to be shy of me. Last night you were very sick and by chance I was able to find a lady doctor who came here and with my help she was able to bring your fever down from 105. But, we were very worried. The doctor could not handle you alone and needed my help. I had to help her take off your clothes so that she could put ice towels all over your body to reduce your fever. You don’t have to be embarrassed or worried, I will not tell your husband that I have seen you naked. It will be our secret. Don’t worry. I spoke to my wife this morning and Raj and she will be bale to come back in 2 days. The doctor says that you have an infection in the place from where you pass urine. This infection has probably happened when someone must have shaved you down there. The doctor says that you must be very careful when shaving in that part, if the blade is bad or the finger dirty, you can get an infection easily.

As I was saying all this Nasreen was looking down and her face had gone scarlet red. She had never expected that her husband’s boss would have ever been able to look at her naked body. If Raja ever came to know, knowing how things are in their community and how easily men divorce their wives, he would surely leave her.

Then I told her,

You should take rest and the doctor will come again in the evening to see you. There are some medicines that I have to go and buy for you. I cannot keep coming to the outhouse to see you, so you go to the guest bedroom there and take rest. I will also get some things to eat for you. I am going now and will be back in an hour. In case you become ill again and need me, here is a spare mobile phone on which my number is opened, all you have to do is press the green button and it will dial me and you can call me. Should I go now? She nodded.

I left on the cycle and went to the market. As I returned, I saw the outhouse door had a padlock on it and the guest room was door shut. In the kitchen everything had been cleaned and was in order. SO was everything properly cleaned up in the living room and my bedroom. She had taken out new sheets and made the bed. Nasreen had been busy while I was away. I knocked on the guest room door and she uttered ‘haa sahab’. This was the first time she had actually communicated with me and it was a positive sign. I went in and saw that she had put on a new colourful salwar suit, her hair was tied up neatly and she was standing near the bed. I went near her and felt her forehead. She winced a little and I said to her that she seems ok, but, better have your medicines. I took hold of her wrist and kept a finger on her pulse and checked her pulse with my watch. She asked me ‘aap doctor hain?’ I laughed and said ‘nahin, leking agar tum aise hi bihar rahi to mujhe doctor banna padega, tumhe theek karne ke liye’. She smiled for the first time since we had met. I saw that she was much more comfortable with me now.

I told her that I had got some lunch and that she can go and lay the table and we will eat. She said she will serve me lunch but she will eat in the outhouse. I told her sternly that she may fall ill again so she will have to eat with me, no arguments. She quietly went to the kitchen and laid the plates and table in a crude but neat way for me. I noticed that her plate was kept on the kitchen slab. So I picked up her plate and kept it next to mine and made her sit next to me and told her to eat, again firmly. I was beginning to understand her mind now. One had to be a little firm with and she would listen. Basically she was scared and wary of me. However, she was gaining in confidence slowly and I had a feeling that in character she would actually be quite bold. She knew that I had seen her fully nude last night and she knew that I must have helped the doctor putting wet towels on her body. For an Indian, girl just married, a virgin and that too from a small town, this was probably her worst nightmare. But, she seemed to have got over it. We had a pleasant lunch and I put her at ease with a few jokes and funny anecdotes. After lunch, she cleaned and washed up. I then poured the rest of the powdered sleeping pills from the pervious night into a glass of water and told her that this medicine was given by the doctor for her to get well and rest. Without any hesitation she drank it all. I told her that the doctor had said that she should clean her private part 3 times a day with soap and water and that if she doesn’t mind me saying so, the doctor had also said that she should try and put some antiseptic cream (which I had given her) on her finger and insert it into her urine passage as the infection had reached there. Immediately she looked down and her face went red. I told her there nothing to feel shy about as the doctor had already done it once last night. I asked her if she felt any pain there. She said no. Then I told her that she must try and put the medicine now.

Nasreen went to the bedroom and shut the door. I knew that the sleeping pills would take about 15 – 20 minutes to act on her. Meanwhile, I assumed that she would be trying to insert the antiseptic cream in her cunt and may just break her hymen in the bargain. I sat down to read the news paper I had bought this morning and just then my wife called and first asked about Nasreen. I told her that she fine now, taking the docs medicine and that she was eating and working too. Wife then told me that her aunt’s condition has again taken a turn for the worse and that she will be operated again the next day so it looked like it will be a few days before she could look at coming back. I told her not to worry and to take her time. I also told her to tell Raja that he should speak with his wife tomorrow afternoon by calling her on my 2nd cell no.

After about 10 minutes I heard the bedroom door being unlatched. I went to the door and knocked and asked Nasreen if she was ok. She said ‘haa sahib sab theek hai’. I asked her if I can come in and she said yes. I went in and saw her as usual standing near the bed. I went to her and felt her forehead and then her pulse. She smiled. I told her then to get on the bed and sleep. She said hesitantly ‘sahab, humko dard ho raha hai’ (sir its hurting me). When I asked her where its hurting, she said ‘neeche’ (down there). She was extremely embarrassed and was again red in the face. It must have taken a lot of courage for her to talk me about her problem. I asked her if she had put the medicine and she said that when she put her finger with the medicine inside it started paining her very bad. I asked her if it was bleeding and she said no. I told her that I will call the doctor and ask her what to do and that meanwhile she should lie down. I could see that she was getting drowsy. I went out of the room and pretended to dial the doctor. Then I started talking in a loud voice as if I was talking to the doctor……’Hello doctor Jayshree, this is PTM, Nasreen just put the antiseptic cream inside and it is hurting her very badly, can you come here and check her please. …….. yes, yes, the pain is bad………doctor please come the pain is bad………ok, then what should we do till tomorrow…………but madam how can I ? ……………… no, no I cannot do that she is a married girl and we both will be embarrassed………yes, yes, I know what happened yesterday and Nasreen also knows, but still………………….ok madam, I will ask her, but, you try and come as soon as you can, thanks, bye bye.

Nasreen was on the bed now and lying down and had droopy eyes. She looked at me when I entered the room and asked me ‘sahab doctor ne kya bola’. I told her that the doc cannot come till tomorrow morning as she has gone to Poona. She wants me to check something but I told her I cannot do it. She says she can give treatment for the pain just now itself if I can check you for something. She asked me why can you not check and tell her. So I said that the doc wanted me to check the condition of your private part and I just cannot do it, sorry. Then I walked out of the room. After 5 minutes Nasreen came out of the room and told me that the pain was quite bad and that if the doctor can’t till tomorrow then it will be better to check it now and get medicines as its paining very bad. I acted like I was very embarrassed. Then she said ‘sahab, aap ne doctor ke saath kal humko dekha hai to ab kya sharam hai’ (you have already seen me naked yesterday with the doctor so now its ok) So I agreed and we both went into the bedroom and I closed the door. I told her to take off her salwar and lie on the bed. She obeyed. I told her to close her eyes and spread her legs, she shut her eyes tight and spread her legs. I had an instant hard on.

I lifted her Kameez up and looked at her fabulous pussy. Wow, what a pussy she had, I couldn’t stop admiring it. I told her to bend her knees and spread her legs more. Her pussy was now wide open, clit showing and pink pussy hole open. I was licking my lips. I put my head under her kameez and brought my eyes close to her pussy, then my fingers opened her pussy walls more. I could see that she had damaged her hymen and that there were traces of blood. I told her that there was little blood and that we will need cotton wool. So I went and got some cotton wool and a desensitizing cream (xylo-gel). I applied some of this cream on some cotton wool and said told her that she will feel little wet. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy. Oh boy that felt good. She made a small ‘uuh’ like sound. I knew that she must be feeling my hot breath on her pussy, so I put the cotton wool on her pussy once and cleaned it. She said ‘aaahh’. I said please be brave and you will be ok. I took some more cotton and cleaned her again and then licked her again. Then I took a good helping of the desensitizing cream and applied it with my finger near her hymen. She shrieked and I told her to relax. I kept shoving my finger asfar in as it would go and take it out and flick her clit. Everytime I touched her clit she would squirm and bit. I was making good progress and noticed that my finger was managing to go deeper in her pussy and she was having less pain. The desensitizing cream must have started working. I then asked her how she felt and she said that the pain was better. I told her to sleep and that after half an hour I would come and check if there was any more bleeding and if more cream was required and that she should not wear her kameez. I covered her with blanket and went out.

After half an hour of painful waiting and again getting back into my brief shorts and stroking my lund for while, I returned to the room to find her fast asleep. I roughly removed the blanket to check if she was in deep sleep. She didn’t wake up. I spread her legs and looked at her pussy. I put some cream on my finger and inserted it quite sharply into her pussy, it went in about 3 inches. This meant that now most of her hymen was already torn and her pussy was ready. I quickly pulled down my briefs and out came my lund, full 7 inches and thick as my wrist. I took the bottom of her Kammez and covered her face with it, then kneeled between her tender virginal legs and placed my lund at her virginal cunt entrance and gave a small push. I went in about 2 inches. I waited for a half a minute and gave another small push and went in another inch. Gosh, her cunt grip on my lund was like a vice. It felt sooooo good. Again after half a minute I pushed and another inch or so went in. Now she stirred a bit and I froze. My lund was throbbing inside her tight cunt and I thought it must be paining her so she’ll wake up. She didn’t. I thought it best to try and withdraw now, so I started slowly pulling out my lund from he cunt. Then I used my saliva and coated my lund with it and pushed again into her cunt. This time it was better and about 4 inches went inside. It was such a freaked out feeling that I thought I would cum. I really wanted to start pumping her. I took all my weight on my hands and knees and started a slow in and out movement. Mostly using my lund head I started fucking her. There was a slight squish…squish sound coming. I concentrated on my orgasm and in about 2 more minutes I was ready to cum. Right at the last minute, I withdrew and holding my lund stroked it cumming into my shorts in spurts after heavenly spurts. I handn’t had an orgasm ike this in many many years. I quickly cleaned up her pussy and covered her again and left the room.

I went to my bedroom and slept with just my t-shirt on and nothing else. I had just closed the door without latching it. Maybe it was the pleasure of fucking Nasreen or maybe I was tired, I don’t know what had happened, but, I slept for almost 4 hours. As I was coming to my senses, the first thing that hit me was the aroma of Nasreen’s attar (Indian perfume). Even before I opened my eyes I knew that Nasreen was close by somewhere. Then I remembered that I was nude from waist down and had only a thin sheet partially covering me. I assessed my position and figured that my right leg was outside the sheet and exposed till my groin. My lund and left leg were under the sheet. I slightly opened my eyes a slit and saw Nasreen sitting on the edge of the bed near my legs. She seemed nervous and kept shifting her gaze from my exposed leg to my face. Looking at Nasreen I remembered the fucking a few hours back and her tight pussy and that immediately stirred my lund.

I wanted to see if Nasreen would notice the bulge developing and started imagining Nasreen holding my lund and giving me a blow-job. Now my lund was growing fast and hard. I saw through the slit in my eyes that Nasreen’s eyes were riveted to the bulge growing under the sheet. As my lund reached full erection, I saw fear on her face and she had one hand on her mouth. Then she got off the bed and stood about 3-4 feet away from the bed, still looking at the bulge. I pretended to snore and that seemed to put her at ease a bit. Her eyes were now fully concentrating on the bulge area. I slowly started pulling the sheet to my left with my left hand, which she could not see. The sheet then moved a little exposing my lund to her in its full and throbbing glory. Again her hand went to her mouth and she moved back a few feet more and was almost standing now near the room door, still looking hard at my lund. I continued pretending to snore. After a few minutes of standing at the door, she approached the bed gingerly, stepping very softly. She stood about 3-4 feet from the bed and bent down to have a close look at my now now fully hard lund which had some precum leaking. She then came and stood at the side of the bed which was about 2 feet from my lund and kept looking at my lund and face in turns. I noticed that she was sweating a bit. She bent forward and while looking closely at my lund she must have got the smell. She wrinkled her nose and at that moment I knew that she would leave, so I opened my eyes full, grabbed her hand and pulled her to me.

She shrieked…’aiyyeee maa…’. I told her ‘Nasreen, tum kya delh rahi thee?’ She was now encased in my arms and I was holding her tight only 6 inches from my face. Her tits were crushed on my chest. She said in panic ‘sahab, mujhe chodo na, sahab, mujhe chodo na, pleeez sahab, maaf karo sahab, mujhe jaane do….. I told her to be quiet. She had tears in her eyes and was real scared now. In fact she started sobbing and struggling hard to get out of my grip. I sat up and holding only her arm I released her body and again told her to stop crying. She calmed down a bit. I waited a few minutes till her sobbing stopped and then asked her how she felt down there (meaning her pussy). She wiped her tears and said it was better since I had put the cream. Then I asked her if Raja and she had had their suhaag raat. She didn’t answer immediately and on prodding she answered ‘nahin’. I asked her why had she come to my room and was looking at my lund. She started crying again. I told her sternly to stop crying. This was the time I had to act. So I took her hand and swiftly put it on my lund and asked her ‘ tum ko mera lund dekhna than a? Ab lo pakad lo aur dekho kaise lagta hai’. The moment her hand felt my lund she struggled to move it away but I kept her hand pressed to my lund hard. Then I told her to stop struggling and let this be an experience for her and she will be more comfortable when Raja does it with her on their first night.

I told her if she struggles and didn’t listen to me I would tell Raja what she had done just now and also that I had applied cream in her pussy. She stopped struggling a bit. Then I told her to hold my lund. Very lightly her thin fingers encircled my lund. She was looking away and breathing hard, with tears still rolling down her eyes. With her hand holding my lund and my hand covering her hand we both stood up and I told her that I will teach her what a man likes so she will be able to make Raja very happy and he will never leave her. I continued saying that like me seeing her nude and applying cream to her pussy was a secret, this will also remain our secret. I explained to her that when she had put cream by herself inside her pussy the first time, she had broken her ‘seal’ and I had seen blood there and cleaned it this afternoon. I told her that usually husbands suspect their wives of having had sex before marriage if they don’t bleed during the first intercourse, but, I will tell her how she can explain this to Raja before he fucks her so that he will not suspect anything. Finally she seemed to relax and stopped her tears, but, still seemed nervous. I didn’t blame her. In the last 2 days she had been through a lot. Now she was standing next to her husband’s boss, holding his lund !!!!! Madness !!!!

I too relaxed and made her sit on the bed so that my lund was hovering about 6 inches below and in front of her face. She was looking nervously at me while I spoke to her. I told her that the best way to please a man was to take his lund in the mouth and suck it. I asked her if she had ever seen such a thing and to be truthful to me. Hesitatingly, she said that she had seen her mother do that with her father in their village home at night. She added that once while visiting her married sister she had seen her also do the sme thing with her husband. This was a relief to me as now I knew that she wouldn’t hesitate too much. I told her to take my lund in her mouth and try it. She looked at my lund and said ‘ nahin sahab, ye bahut mota hai, mera muh mein nahin jayega’ (its too fat it will not go in my mouth). I told her to try only the front part and be careful not to hurt me with her teeth. She opened her mouth slowly took the head of my now badly throbbing lund in her mouth. How I just wanted to shove my lund down her throat and fuck her mouth. I told her to hold my balls with one hand and stroke my lund with the other while sucking it. I couldn’t believe that this just married beautiful virgin girl whom I had met 2 days back was sucking me !! In about 2-3 minutes, with some more directions, she was getting the hang of it and I was able to get about 3 inches in her mouth. She was making some serious slurping sounds and saliva was dripping down her chin. Every now and then she would take my lund out of her mouth and wipe herself with her dupatta and then resume with great sincerity and youthful vigour. This was so erotic that I had to get to the next step soon. I told her to stop and she looked at me as if she had made a mistake. I told her that she must also learn how a woman gets pleasure.I went to my bedroom and slept with just my t-shirt on and nothing else. I had just closed the door without latching it. Maybe it was the pleasure of fucking Nasreen or maybe I was tired, I don’t know what had happened, but, I slept for almost 4 hours. As I was coming to my senses, the first thing that hit me was the aroma of Nasreen’s attar (Indian perfume). Even before I opened my eyes I knew that Nasreen was close by somewhere. Then I remembered that I was nude from waist down and had only a thin sheet partially covering me. I assessed my position and figured that my right leg was outside the sheet and exposed till my groin.

My lund and left leg were under the sheet. I slightly opened my eyes a slit and saw Nasreen sitting on the edge of the bed near my legs. She seemed nervous and kept shifting her gaze from my exposed leg to my face. Looking at Nasreen I remembered the fucking a few hours back and her tight pussy and that immediately stirred my lund. I wanted to see if Nasreen would notice the bulge developing and started imagining Nasreen holding my lund and giving me a blow-job. Now my lund was growing fast and hard. I saw through the slit in my eyes that Nasreen’s eyes were riveted to the bulge growing under the sheet. As my lund reached full erection, I saw fear on her face and she had one hand on her mouth. Then she got off the bed and stood about 3-4 feet away from the bed, still looking at the bulge. I pretended to snore and that seemed to put her at ease a bit. Her eyes were now fully concentrating on the bulge area. I slowly started pulling the sheet to my left with my left hand, which she could not see. The sheet then moved a little exposing my lund to her in its full and throbbing glory. Again her hand went to her mouth and she moved back a few feet more and was almost standing now near the room door, still looking hard at my lund. I continued pretending to snore. After a few minutes of standing at the door, she approached the bed gingerly, stepping very softly. She stood about 3-4 feet from the bed and bent down to have a close look at my now now fully hard lund which had some precum leaking. She then came and stood at the side of the bed which was about 2 feet from my lund and kept looking at my lund and face in turns. I noticed that she was sweating a bit. She bent forward and while looking closely at my lund she must have got the smell. She wrinkled her nose and at that moment I knew that she would leave, so I opened my eyes full, grabbed her hand and pulled her to me.

She shrieked…’aiyyeee maa…’. I told her ‘Nasreen, tum kya delh rahi thee?’ She was now encased in my arms and I was holding her tight only 6 inches from my face. Her tits were crushed on my chest. She said in panic ‘sahab, mujhe chodo na, sahab, mujhe chodo na, pleeez sahab, maaf karo sahab, mujhe jaane do….. I told her to be quiet. She had tears in her eyes and was real scared now. In fact she started sobbing and struggling hard to get out of my grip. I sat up and holding only her arm I released her body and again told her to stop crying. She calmed down a bit. I waited a few minutes till her sobbing stopped and then asked her how she felt down there (meaning her pussy). She wiped her tears and said it was better since I had put the cream. Then I asked her if Raja and she had had their suhaag raat. She didn’t answer immediately and on prodding she answered ‘nahin’.

I asked her why had she come to my room and was looking at my lund. She started crying again. I told her sternly to stop crying. This was the time I had to act. So I took her hand and swiftly put it on my lund and asked her ‘ tum ko mera lund dekhna than a? Ab lo pakad lo aur dekho kaise lagta hai’. The moment her hand felt my lund she struggled to move it away but I kept her hand pressed to my lund hard. Then I told her to stop struggling and let this be an experience for her and she will be more comfortable when Raja does it with her on their first night. I told her if she struggles and didn’t listen to me I would tell Raja what she had done just now and also that I had applied cream in her pussy. She stopped struggling a bit. Then I told her to hold my lund. Very lightly her thin fingers encircled my lund. She was looking away and breathing hard, with tears still rolling down her eyes. With her hand holding my lund and my hand covering her hand we both stood up and I told her that I will teach her what a man likes so she will be able to make Raja very happy and he will never leave her. I continued saying that like me seeing her nude and applying cream to her pussy was a secret, this will also remain our secret. I explained to her that when she had put cream by herself inside her pussy the first time, she had broken her ‘seal’ and I had seen blood there and cleaned it this afternoon. I told her that usually husbands suspect their wives of having had sex before marriage if they don’t bleed during the first intercourse, but, I will tell her how she can explain this to Raja before he fucks her so that he will not suspect anything. Finally she seemed to relax and stopped her tears, but, still seemed nervous. I didn’t blame her. In the last 2 days she had been through a lot. Now she was standing next to her husband’s boss, holding his lund !!!!! Madness !!!!

I too relaxed and made her sit on the bed so that my lund was hovering about 6 inches below and in front of her face. She was looking nervously at me while I spoke to her. I told her that the best way to please a man was to take his lund in the mouth and suck it. I asked her if she had ever seen such a thing and to be truthful to me. Hesitatingly, she said that she had seen her mother do that with her father in their village home at night. She added that once while visiting her married sister she had seen her also do the sme thing with her husband. This was a relief to me as now I knew that she wouldn’t hesitate too much. I told her to take my lund in her mouth and try it. She looked at my lund and said ‘ nahin sahab, ye bahut mota hai, mera muh mein nahin jayega’ (its too fat it will not go in my mouth). I told her to try only the front part and be careful not to hurt me with her teeth. She opened her mouth slowly took the head of my now badly throbbing lund in her mouth. How I just wanted to shove my lund down her throat and fuck her mouth. I told her to hold my balls with one hand and stroke my lund with the other while sucking it. I couldn’t believe that this just married beautiful virgin girl whom I had met 2 days back was sucking me !! In about 2-3 minutes, with some more directions, she was getting the hang of it and I was able to get about 3 inches in her mouth. She was making some serious slurping sounds and saliva was dripping down her chin. Every now and then she would take my lund out of her mouth and wipe herself with her dupatta and then resume with great sincerity and youthful vigour. This was so erotic that I had to get to the next step soon. I told her to stop and she looked at me as if she had made a mistake. I told her that she must also learn how a woman gets pleasure.

SO I made her stand up and told her to relax and that I will be undressing her. She turned her back to me and put a hand on her mouth and said she was feeling shy. I reminded her that I had already seen her nude 2 times and also put my finger in her cunt. Anyway, I didn’t wait and started undressing her slowly. She wriggled a bit and made some fuss, but, in less than 2-3 minutes I had made her nude and I too had taken off my t-shirt. I turned her around and hugged her tight and told her to feel my body with her own, to hold me tight. She held me lightly at first and then when coaxed she held me with surprising strength. It was an unimaginable feeling being held tight by this warm innocent girl. Her hard breasts on my lower chest, my legs between her clean shaved pussy, my hands massaging her lovely bums, kissing her long slender neck…… Then I held her face and said that I will teach her how to kiss. She was a little wary. I started by brushing my lips against hers, getting the feel of her oh so soft lips. Then I fixed my mouth fully on hers and prised open her mouth with my tongue, then sucked her sweet tongue into my mouth.

I started massaging her clit slowly and she winced as I touched her. I was quite desperate now to start fucking her and gently pushed her down on the bed so that she was lying flat on her back. Then I opened her legs and told her to relax and enjoy. She was reluctant to spread her legs and it took some effort to get her to open her legs. She was real embarrassed when she figured out that I want to lick her cunt and made a lot of noise, saying I should not do that, etc. However, I was beyond control now and started licking her cunt in long strokes with my tongue. Occaisionally I would try and shove my tongue as deep as I could in her hole. She was wet and unconsciously had started holding my head. She was making some super sounds now like – uuunhh…..aaannhhh and had started moving her hips up and down. Her cunt juices were flowing, probably for the first time and it was like honey. I couldn’t get enough of it. I was sucking her cunt so madly that I could have sucked her ovaries out !! She was over the top and lost in lust and pleasure. Now there was no barrier. No shyness, no feeling that she’s getting fucked by her husband’s boss or even the fact that a much older man was screwing her. This 19 something virgin girl was lost in ecstasy. I kept on licking and sucking and her gyrations were getting wilder and wilder. Was she experiencing her first orgasm ?? Maybe yes.

A minute more of sucking and tonguing and licking and she began to thrash about madly. She held my head between her thighs, pulled my hair and pushed her pelvis up into my face. I knew she was having an orgasm and shoved my tongue violently into her cunt hole. She screamed so loudly in a guttural sort of way, that I thought for a moment something bad had happened or she was hurting. She was now sitting up and pushing my head into her pussy with one hand and had scratched the back of my neck and back with her nails. Shit she was crazy. Her grunts were unbelievable. I had sucked and fucked many girls and women to orgasms, but never had anyone so far reacted in this forceful manner. She again went flat on her back and continued to buck like a skittish mare. It took me some effort to keep my mouth on her pussy. I was now sweating with the exertion. She must have cummed for about 2 minutes and then suddenly went limp. I stopped sucking her and sat on my knees looking at her. She was shamelessly lying in front of me, legs apart on both my sides, pussy glistening with her juices and my saliva, pink and beautiful, her fab breasts were heaving up and down as she was breathing hard, eyes closed and head turned to one side, her jet black hair totally ruffled and spread out and sweating like me. Wow !! that was some orgasm she had.

I kept looking at her waiting for her to revive and look at me. After a couple of minutes she pulled up her legs, turned on her side and curled up into a ball, bringing her knees to her chest. I asked her if she was ok. She just nodded her head. I told her that it looked like she just had her first ‘water release’. In the villages that’s how women usually call their orgasms (paani choot gaya). Then I told her that my paani was yet left. She opened her eyes and looked at me and then looked down and saw that my lund was still up and throbbing. She looked at me quizzically as if to say, what’s to be done. So I just pulled her legs down back and on either side of me and told her that now I’ll teach her how men get maximum satisfaction and that she will enjoy it like she had just done again. She looked worried again and I again told her to just relax. I put a pillow under her ass as she was so slim. I knew that her cunt would still be wet. I held my lund at the entrance of her pussy and she tensed and said ‘ sahab aap who mere andar daloge?’ I said yes. She said ‘nahin sahab mera itna patla hai, yeh mere andar kaise jayega, mere ko dard hoga’ I told her that when a baby can come out of this hole then why worry about a lund. Then without waiting I slowly started pushing inside her, she shut her eyes tight and held her breath.

Nasreen’s cunt was really small and tight and it was difficult to penetrate. Luckily she was quite wet and it helped. With a little effort I was about 4 – 5 inches in her and I couldn’t believe the feeling. Her cunt was holding my lund like a vice. I had never experienced anything like this. She was still tense and was shaking her head from side to side buy now saying anything or complaining. Nasreen was biting her lips and her hands were holding the bed sheet in a ball. I bent over her and started licking her breasts and sucking her nipples which had become erect and taught. I also started kissing her lips and murmuring to her that its ok and she should relax. I kept myself like this for a few minutes and she started to ease her muscles. I asked her to open her eyes and look at me. She slowly opened her eyes. I told her that I am fully inside her. She looked down and saw my lund in her. I gave her a pillow to put behind her head so that she could rest her head upwards a little and watch herself getting fucked for the first time. I told her ‘ Nasreen, ab main dheere se tum ko chodoonga, agar tum ko dard hua to mere ko batana’ She nodded.

Slowly I withdrew my lund till the head and then in a slow and easy manner started fucking Nasreen. She was watching keenly and my lund went in and came out. With every stroke I was trying to get a little more to enter her. Going deep into her was difficult. I spat on my fingers and asked her also to spit on my fingers. I used the mixed saliva to wet her clit which was sticking out about one centimeter. She had such a nice big clit. I started flicking her clit and it was then that she started enjoying the fucking. I realized that she was a ‘clit girl’. I had known girls who got orgasms from stimulation of their g-spots and there were others whose orgasm was triggered by clit stimulation. So while I gradually increased the tempo of fucking, enjoying myself after a very long time, I kept massaging her clit. She had closed her eyes and was making those familiar throaty sounds. My lund was now freely going in and out at a good pace and I was now ramming my full 7 inches into her. With every inside stroke my balls were hitting her tight ass and a nice squishing sound was like music to my ears. Nasreen started bucking now and had held my upper arms. She then broke into a series of jerking motions and I knew she was cumming. I felt her nails dig into my arm muscles. She has wrapped her legs around my lower back and was pushing my ass with her heels, shamelessly, as I fucked her harder and harder. I stopped fingering her clit and went on top of her and put my arms underneath her arms and under head head. I pulled her up a little and kissed her hard as I cummed and cummed and cummed, releasing myself deep inside her cunt. I just couldn’t stop myself from fucking her…..I kept banging her even after I had finished my orgasm. Nasreen was obviously enjoying herself and I kept fucking her till my lund started to shrink. I just couldn’t get over the feel of her cunt around my lund. It was a unforgettable feeling….an unforgettable fuck……this girl was special.

Now to cut a long story short, her husband and my wife came back after 3 more days. In those 3 days I realized how insatiable young girls can be and how older men like myself cannot keep up with their pace. I must have lost 2-3 kgs fucking her morning, afternoon and night. In the morning I she would get up earlier than me and make breakfast and then before we ate, she would give me a blow-job as desired by me. After breakfast and quick visit to the market for food and supplies and a few gifts for her, then we would come back and suck and fuck each other crazy, sometimes twice. Then a cocktail and lunch and then sleep naked for a few hours. Wake up in evening with a hard on and she would laugh and point to my lund and grab it without hesitation. She had learnt fast. Nasreen had become completely open and free with me. I had insisted that she walk around the house in only her panty and topless. The first day she had worn her bra and panty and had felt shy, until I had come into the kitchen (totally nude) from behind and grabbed her, put her on the kitchen table, ripped off her bra and panty and sucked and fucked the shit out of her.

I asked her if I could fuck her in the ass and she said innocently if it will hurt. On the last day of our ‘honeymoon’ I had tried to fuck her ass using castor oil, but, could only manage to insert my lund head. It hurt her so much that I gave up. There was no point hurting her when we could get pleasure out of her tight, tight, cunt. Her skills at sucking were also better and she could take in 3-4 inches now. She had never seen Raja’s lund and remarked that she hoped Raja would please her like I did. I had warned her that village boys like Raja only knew how to bonk women and were usually done in 3 – 5 minutes and had no love making skills. So she would have to slowly nurture and maybe teach him how to please her, now that she had had experience. I found that Nasreen was very bindas and very very sexual. I made her ride me on top once. While fucking in this manner she had maneuvered herself in such a way that she was able to gyrate her clit against my lund, but, it didn’t satisfy her. So she had released my lund and and come up astride me and without any fear pointed out that she wanted me to suck her cunt. It was amazing. I thought to myself that I may have unleashed a sexual monster here.

Before we went back to Mumbai, she told me that Raja and she had consummated their marriage in the outhouse on the 1st night he came back. Raja had got drunk on the whiskey bottle that I had given him and had then unceremoniously stripped her and without any delay or foreplay, had proceeded to fuck her. As soon as he had cum, he got off her, turned and went off sleep, snoring loudly. She had laughed and told me that as per my instructions, she had thrown a few drops of tomato ketchup on the bed sheet and then had washed it. Next day she had shown Raja shyly the stains saying that this is what had happened the previous night. So now Raja was happy that he had fucked a virgin. (Not that he even remembered fucking her). In Mumbai, I made Nasreen take birth control pills making her understand how and what to do. we had the opportunity to fuck a few times when both Raj and my wife were busy at the same time and we enjoyed it. Nasreen openly admitted that she enjoyed fucking me. She confided in me that Raja had fucked her twice in the ass, which, despite all the oil greasing had been very painful. Raja like to fuck her ass when he got drunk. He told her that his friends used to do that with their wives so he too wanted to do it to her. Great logic !!

Revenge on wife

This is a true story about my sexy and beautiful sex starved wife Sandhya. I was married in the year 1999, our sex life was OK till 2000. In early 2000 my wife joined a call center where many young good looking guys were her colleagues. I started noticing a very drastic change in the behaviour and attitude of my wife towards me. During sex she was more like a dead partner, I could easily make out she was no more interested in having sex with me.

To cut the story short, after a rigorous investigation from my side it was established that she had been having sex sessions with one of her junior colleagues Mohit, a 21 years old boy staying in Gurgaon , she had many a times visited his flat where he was staying alone. I felt hurt and let down and I made a plan to take revenge on her by getting her fucked by another man in a manner that she will never ever think of cheating me. A distant cousin of mine Rishi, tall and good looking also sex starved (he has not even spared his two sister-in laws) was taken into confidence by me for this job.

This year on the day of Holi, as planned he came to my flat fully drunk straightaway he entered the bed-room the door was left open for me to enter as per the plan, arrangements were made through a small window for me to peep into the bed room. Rishi was trying to kiss sandhya on the lips but she was very strongly resisting, she was threatening of screaming, but a strong slap on her face quietned her. Tu Mohit se chudthi hai aur mujhse nakhare karti hai, Sandhya was shocked to learn how come Rishi came to know about Mohit affair.

Her tops were forcibly removed and he was squeezing her nipples. I was really enjoying the sight of her being raped by Rishi. He was just pressing her boobs, her mini skirt was pulled down and blue coloured panties removed. It seemed now even Sandhya was also getting pleasure from this strong 6ft 4 inches hunk. Rishi took out his almost 8 inches cock and ordered Sandhya to take the full thing inside her mouth. She was sucking the whole thing and even taking the balls also inside her mouth. Rishi was on his knees giving support to Sandhya’s head to take the full cock inside. He was on cloud9 with pleasure Sandhya was also squeezing his ass cheeks indicating she was fully aroused.

After almost 20 minutes of oral pleasure Rishi turned sandhya with her buttocks up, Vaseline used on his cock and her asshole. In doggie style I can see almost half his cock inside sandhya’s anal. She was enjoying the pain. His hard strokes were giving pleasure to her. Some spray for a long play was applied on his cock and now it was the turn of her pussy.Sandhya’s raised knees were almost touching her ears.

The strokes were very hard and fast and she was enjoying each and every stroke of his. With hands pressing her shapely huge boobs. After a long session when he was about to come, the entire cock was put in her mouth, semen was overflowing on her cheeks and chin. Rishi also threatned her not to ever visit Mohit After Rishi’s departure I again entered house and repeated all his actions with Sandhya.

Slut Wife – The Beginning

I hate being on the road for work because it means leaving my beautiful wife Ellen at home alone. I also love being on the road for work because it means leaving my beautiful wife Ellen at home alone! Confused? Maybe I should explain…

The reason I hate to go is because at 36, Ellen is drop dead gorgeous. Standing 5’7″ with an awsome figure and blonde hair she has nice perky tits that just sit there with not a hint of sag. The reason I love to go is because Ellen is a total slut and has let several anonymous strangers use that killer body of hers before telling me about it once i get home!!

The first time this happened is still my favorite. I’d just got home from Brisbane after a sales conference and it was obvious from the minute i walked through the door that something had happened whilst I was away… Ellen waited till we went to bed before saying anything and it was killing me… i wanted to know what she’d been up to?

No sooner had we hit the sack than her hand was inside my pants. She began to stroke my rapidly hardening cock and whispered in my ear that she’d “been a naughty girl”… I gave her a look that said “Oh?” and she giggled…

She told me that the day I left she’d gone shopping for a new swimsuit at the local surfshop. Whilst she was looking through the racks of bikinis she noticed one of the young studs that worked there eyeing her off. Enjoying the attention, she decided to “play” a little bit. She’d always been a bit of a flirt so she “accidently” dropped a swimsuit to the floor and made a show of bending over in her short mini skirt to pick it up. This gave the young stud a good look at her arse and she said his eyes nearly popped out of his head when the skirt rose over her bum cheeks to reveal her brightly coloured thong. Smiling, she made her selection and headed for the change rooms. The young stud followed cautiously behind her and tried to look busy when she turned towards him.

Ellen entered the small booth but feeling naughty, decided not to completely close the door. Little did she know that this decision would change her life forever!! By not closing the door, she allowed her young admirer to sneak a look at her as she got changed. First she slipped off her tanktop exposing her bra-less body, then she dropped her skirt to the floor leaving only her thong. She trurned to face away from him and seductively pulled the bikini bottoms up over her hips. Next she wrapped the skimpy top around her body and tied up the straps when she was startled by the door to the booth swinging open. The young stud quickly entered and locked the door. Turning to face my wife he just stood there staring at her in total lust, undressing her with his eyes. She said that her intentions up till that point had been to simply tease the young guy but having him there in the booth with her made her question what was going to happen? He told her that the bikini really suited her but had looked the best when she’d been topless. He just laughed as she playfully scolded him for being cheeky but continued to stare at her chest.

I asked her if she took it off for him but she said she didn’t get the chance, he just reached out and jerked the material up over her breasts!! Her natural reflex action was to cover herself up but he began to plead with her to move her hands away. He complimented her on how beautiful her tits and figure were and as he did so it made her less self conscious. His words relaxed her so much that she subconsciously dropped her hands and when he reached out and cupped a hand over one of her breasts, she just closed her eyes and let him stroke her.

My cock was fit to bust at this point and as she stroked me I asked her if she gave in to him? Unsure whether to say anything or not, she looked at me to gauge my reaction before nodding her head. That was it, my cock exploded and cum spewed out all over her hand. She licked and sucked her fingers as she sexily cleaned up the mess with her tounge before continuing with her story.

Ellen said that she didn’t put up a fight when he leaned her back against the wall and was powerless to resist as he licked and sucked at her nipples. This made her so hot that the sexy little minx arched her hips forward to help him as he slid first the bikini bottom, then her thong down her smooth legs, before turning her around to face the floor length mirror. She said it felt strange seeing a much younger guy standing behind her as he fumbled with his jeans to release his cock. She got the surprise of her life though when he started to feed it into her. She’d just assumed his cock would be about the same size as mine, but instead she said it was huge and he made her cum just by sliding that monster inside her!! In fact our young stud enjoyed making her cum several more times before shooting his load into her hairless little cunt. This revelation was like a jolt of electricity that made my cock hard as a a rock in an instant… Ellen was not on the pill and he wasn’t using a condom!!

Ellen then surprisingly seemed a little embarrased when she related how he had spun her around and sat her down on the seat to suck his cock back to life. She said she could taste her own juices on it and that he had a smug smile on his face as she gagged a little, struggling with it’s girth. He then swapped places with her and made her mount him in a reverse cowboy position. His massive cock was pressing up against her cervix as he roughly mauled her tits and pulled on her nipples. He started hammering away below her and she responded by rocking her hips back and forward to allow him maximum penetration. A few minutes of this was all he could take and with a grunt he shoved his cock deeper as he emptied his second load into her unprotected little box…

That did it, I announced I was about to cum again and she lowered her mouth onto my aching cock. I exploded into her, spurt after spurt blasting down her throat…. She looked up at me after i finished spasming and licked her lips seductively.

That turned out to be the first of several times that young 18 year old stud got to fuck my slut of a wife that week. She’d given him our number before leaving the store and when he called her the next day, she invited him over to our house to fuck her silly!! The slut got more than she bargained for though because he turned up with two of his mates!! The three of them then spent the rest of the time i was away taking turns to fuck her all over my house. They fucked her in the mouth, the pussy and also took her anal virginity when they treated her to a triple penetration fuck!! She said at no time did any of them wear a rubber and that they each dropped several loads inside her during their stay. She said the thought of one of them getting her pregnant kept her cumming over and over again…

My conference over, they finally left about an hour before my plane landed. She was still so hot that she lay on our bed and masturbated like crazy, smearing their cum over her tits and diddling her clit until just before my taxi pulled up. She didn’t get pregnant and she’s now she’s on the pill.

Please fuck my wife

My wife is very sexy. She always thinks about sex. I always dream that she should be fucked by tall , handsome and hard guy.

I told my wife to flirt stranger in front of me and he should not know that. also told that i will like to see her with a young chap. initially she refused but finally agreed. we went to a college adn i separated from her to give her some space. she wore low cut and sleeve less dress. She tries to show her undearms very often.

A young boy approached her and told ye yur arms are very nice , can i have a chane to lick them. she smiled at him and said you need to come my home. She gave an adress to young tall and rough chap and asked him to come tonight. As he rang the bell i went behind the curtain to watch them. We decided only to flirt with a boy and no hardcore sex. He came. my wife wore only lingere and as she open the door the boy kept looking to her for a while. she showed her underarm and the boy started licking them.

Meanwhile my wife opened a zip and took out 8 ” hard cock. now she bend on her knees and started sucking such a big cock. i was turned on and looking a fantastic scene of that boys hard cock n my wifes mouth. I cant forget that scene. In a while boy removed a bra and started aressing my wifes bobs. she is crying loudly an saying please fuck me dear. she forgot that we never agreed to do this.

But i was also turned on looking my wife is being fucked by such gr8 cock. Now the boy pulled her pushed his big cock in her pussy. i came out and went to my wife. she immediately started sucking my cock, i neve felt so excited. Now the boy has ready to put his cum on wifes face. i started fuckung her. she was enjoying so i too. finally izigzagged for 2 minutes and then i too put my cum on her face.

Summer Screwing Never Felt So Right

It was a hot day. A very hot 100 degree day and me and my gorgeous boyfriend Peter were outside playing basketball. I loved to look at him. God damn was he completely beautiful. He had the most wonderful light blue eyes, soft pink lips, dimples, he was tall, and he died his hair black. That made me unhappy because I for one LOVE BLONDES. He WAS a blonde, but he always had to make ways for me to be upset with him. But that’s fine. Cause naughty boys get punished right? I would sometimes ask myself why I was so lucky. I don’t think I’m all that good looking… but he thought so. You know the normal brown hair, brown eyes, tall, and skinny. Nothing special. Actually I think I know why he was so quick to get my shirt off. I got my navel pierced when I was 18. I regretted that shit for like a year… but Peter thought it was sexy so you know I kept it. I always wanted to make him happy.

“I’m winning Peter… and it’s too hot… next shot wins okay?” I asked, sliding the back of my hand across my forehead to wipe the sweat off. “Deal” He dribbled the ball up to me, faked me out, spun around me, and if it was possible he jumped 10 feet and made a slam dunk. I hate tall people. God damn 6’2 hottie that you were Peter!

“I so totally win Joey” He said tossing the ball at me. I caught it and sighed. “Yea, I guess you did. You want to go inside for drinks?”

“Yea! I’ll beat you” I shook my head. So immature Peter… maybe it’s because you were a few years younger then me and you’d never understand the value of being 23. Well I guess you do now…

He gulped down the rest of his coke and threw his glass in the sink. I can’t remember if he broke it or not. Probably did.
He took his black wife beater off, letting me see his sexy 6 pack.

“Teasing me are you Peter?” He looked down at his toned body. “With this fat piece of belly? No…” “Don’t even joke like that, you’re far from fat” ” Well then let me see YOUR belly” He smirked at me. Like I said… he was always so quick to see me shirtless. I lifted my equally as black t-shirt off over my head and threw it by the basketball. “Now that’s teasing, Joey” ” It doesn’t have to be…” “Hinting something are we?” “Maybe?” I taunted. “Yes, you are. Don’t beat around the bush… Just tell me you want to fuck me” I instantly felt my cock push against the fabric of my boxers. “I will admit to nothing” “Oh Joey… I sense a bet” “No you don’t” ” Yes… I do. You think you can resist me? Well you cant. And I’ll prove that”
“No I take it back! I take it back! I want to fuck you so badly Peter!”

“You always find the right words to say. To get me horny, that is. I want you, right here, right now. And you’re not stopping me. Got it?” I took a step back. He took a step forward. Step back. Step forward. Pretty soon he was leading me backwards up the stairs. He pushed me back onto my bed and jumped on top of me, being careful not to hurt me. Last time… just ow. He jumped on me and I couldn’t breathe for like… five minutes. Great way to ruin the moment.

He slammed his lips against mine and his hands wandered down my sides. He teased my bottom lip with his tongue and I opened up my mouth to let him explore. I giggled inside his mouth as he played with my navel ring. Yes, I was very ticklish on my stomach. He thought it was cute. So he didn’t stop. “You seriously need to stop this teasing and let me fuck the hell out of you” ” Oh really now? I beg to differ” He kissed down my jaw line and down to my neck. He bit down hard, marking me as his own, and licked the wound. I gasped for air at the feeling and moaned softly. He stroked his hands down my body, making me beg for him. I hated how he made me beg. Especially because I wasn’t the one getting fucked. It was use me and abuse me or nothing at all for him. But that was surely NOT a problem with me.

“Oh Peter… please, stop teasing. I can’t take it anymore!” He pulled down my shorts and boxers at the same time, leaving my body fully exposed. “But your so beautiful Joey” He grasped my cock in his hand and began to pump me hard and fast. “No…” I panted. “No?” He asked, but he didn’t stop. “No foreplay… No” A smile spread across his face. He brought his mouth to my ear and licked the inside of it. He whispered so I could barley hear him. “Fuck me Joey. Fuck me so I scream your name so loud everyone will hear me”

I bit down on my lower lip to stop myself from whimpering over his words. “I will if you fucking let me” ” Oh, so feisty” He said, finally releasing my throbbing erection.

I was on top. I loved feeling so dominant. “Fuck me…” he whined. Yea… now who’s whining and begging. That’s right, he was. I made sex horrible for him first. So then he’d like it better after I gave him what I made him beg for. “Joey… please not this time. Don’t make me wait…” I shook my head and teased his entrance with the tips of my fingers. “Okay…” he started.”… What do I have to do this time?” I paused for a moment to think. “Touch yourself” I instructed. He sighed and closed his eyes. He gripped his cock in his hands and pumped himself. “Faster” I said. He obeyed. “Joey…” He whined. “I didn’t tell you to stop now did I?”

“No…” As he stroked himself I kept lining my fingers up to his hole, half-sliding them in and then removing them. I heard him whine and whimper. “Peter Panda stop whining” Yes, Peter Panda was his pet name that I called him. Cute wasn’t it? I had finally decided that I was going too far this time, as I had him almost CRYING for me to be inside him. I coated my cock with the lube I had on my dresser. I moaned at the feeling of my hands touching myself. I had a touching fetish back then… yea I don’t know. I still think it’s sexy.

I slid the head of my cock in his tight hole, and he moaned in ecstasy. I slid the rest of my 7 inches in and started moving. “Oh… fuck Joey. You’re going too slow” He said.” I’m fully aware of that babe” “Fuck you” he was getting nasty now. I liked it.

He met each slow, soft thrust that I made, begging me to go faster and harder. I enjoyed feeling him ride on my cock. But my Peter Panda had suffered enough. I grabbed his cock in my hand and pumped him with my now, quick, and harder thrusts. “Oh fuck yes! FUCK ME LIKE THE LITTLE BITCH THAT I AM JOEY” And that’s about all I needed. I slammed myself into him so hard; I thought I could break him. He was moaning like a cheap whore and I loved every second of it. “Peter… shit Peter I’m cumming” I didn’t plan to, I mean I could have held it. Fuck that shit, no I couldn’t have. His excessive moaning was driving me off the edge. I rode out my orgasm as my hands brought him to his peak. He spilled all over my stomach, his stomach, the sheets, and somehow… my face. “Sorry let me get that” he smirked. He brought my face close to his and his tongue roamed my chin and lips. He loved to taste himself, which got me pretty hot. “I fucking love you Joey” he whispered as he shifted uncomfortably as the after-pain started to hit him. “Peter Panda’s hurting now…” “No. I’m fine” “Let me carry you, we’ll go shower” A smile spread across his face and he nodded. “Carry me my sexy lover” I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder. I spanked his lovely ass and to the bathroom we went.

He looked so beautiful as the steamy water beat down on his perfect body. I couldn’t help myself from staring so much. Every inch of this mans body was completely eye catching and amazing. His hands traveled down his body and his eyes closed. I wondered if he ever touched himself in the shower thinking of me. I have before… I always thought about him. He bit his lower lip and groaned as I knew what he was doing. “Horny again Peter?” I asked, stroking the sides of his stomach. “God yes… Water makes me very hot… and I’m with you so… those two don’t mix. You mind helping me?” “If you return the favor” “Of course”

I got down on my knees and started pumping his length in my hand. Soft moans came from him as I lowered my mouth and swirled my tongue over the tip. He played with his nipples with one hand, and with the other he pushed my head deeper onto his cock. I loved how he’d fuck the back of my throat. I guess it felt amazing for both of us. My name escaped from him as he shot his load deep in my mouth. I swallowed all he had to offer and kissed my way back up to his lips. He licked my bottom lip and then bit it. He made a trail of kisses down to my cock. He wasted no time as he immediately took all of me in his warm mouth. “Fuck… Peter” I whined as he was going as fast as humanly possible. He was always a god with his mouth. “Ahh… Shit. I’m… already close” He lifted his mouth from me and wrapped my erection in his hand. “I want you to cum on my face” He instructed. I spilled on his face like he asked, I wasn’t sure what for, but when he gave me a seductive smile and stood up… I knew. “I drive you crazy when I lick my cum off your face… so you try, and see how much it pleases me” I nodded and slammed my tongue hard on his face, lapping up my salty semen. It wasn’t that bad, but I enjoyed his much more.

Visiting my Buddy’s all female home

I was in Florida visiting a friend I’ve known since grade school. We are in our early forties and while I went into the Marines, he got married young and has three gorgeous daughters and a smokin hot wife. Melissa is 22 and almost done with college but still lives at home, the twins are 19 and are just starting college. With four women in his house, my buddy is used to seeing his daughter’s and his wife walk around in bras, panties (never nude) and see-through stuff and doesn’t think twice about it. The girls all look like their mother, they all have naturally firm bodies with flat bellies and perfectly round asses.

I bet they all wear the same size bra (36C) and living in Florida they all have nice tans. Their hair is the same shade of blonde that they all let grow long enough to touch their butts, and from the back, anyone of them could be mom or one of the twins. I made that mistake several times during my visit, and when I called mom Melissa, that was okay but if I called Melissa by her mom’s name, it was not cool. I slept in Melissa’s room which put her on the couch but she didn’t mind that much. They all liked me and being out numbered, they flirted and hugged me alot.

One time I was watching TV and the twins, Susie and Sharon, came in the room and laid on the floor to watch TV, and when I glanced down, I noticed they had on the same night shirts and matching white cotton panties. As they were facing toward the TV, their butts were aiming at me, and even though they were young coeds, they looked like two super models with asses that made me have a hard time focusing on the program we were watching. They knew they had my attention and they would spread their legs apart just far enough for me to see a camel-toe. When they would look over their shoulders to talk and flirt with me I could see the bottom of those perfect tits.

I kept my cool and we went to bed, with me pitching a tent and trying not to think of how sexy they were. I was about to drift off to sleep when Melissa tip-toed into the room and thinking I was asleep she changed into her PJ’s right in front of me. I pretended to be sleeping but I watched as she unhooked her bra exposing the most perfect tits and when she stepped out of her panties my dick was pushing me upwards off the bed! She had a perfectly trimmed bush of blonde hair and I noticed something shiny attached to her clit, it was a gold ring! She slipped on a see-through nightgown that barely reached her ass and black panties and went out to sleep on the couch.

I could not relieve myself for fear of making a mess or waking someone. In the morning I was up first and as I walked past Melissa sleeping on the couch I tried not to look, (yea right!) but she had pushed her blanket off and was laying on her back with one leg up on the back of the couch and the other touching the floor. She was breathing deeply asleep and her chest was going up and down with tits that stood firm up on her chest.

I could see her erect nipples and her aereolas perfectly. I hesitated and looked around and leaned over and sucked a nipple through the thin material and then kissed her on the panties, causing me to shake with excitement. I made coffee and and waited for anyone to get up, it was around 8 am. I heard some noise from the master bedroom and went to see if my buddy was up yet. He was gone and I could hear his wife taking a shower, the door to the bathroom was wide open and the mirror showed her naked body all soaped up and and running with water. I watched as she stepped out of the shower to dry off and it could have been Mellisa! Her blonde bush was trimmed exactly the same and she had a gold ring piercing her clit too!

Mom got dressed and came out to the kitchen to make pancakes and told me to wake the twins as they were late for class at the community college. I went into their room and both girls were sleeping on their stomachs with one leg out to the side in an L shape. Their cotton panties had risen up into their sweet cracks and I could see more blonde bush poking out the sides. I called their names but they did not respond, so I put my hands on their butt cheeks, left on Susie’s, right on Sharon’s and gave them a massaging nudge. They were like passed out so I coped a feel of Susie’s ass and slid my finger up the middle of her crack and touched her clit.

I was stunned as I encountered another gold ring and could not belive it! They were not waking up so I pulled down Sharon’s panties and gave her ass a gentle kiss and had to make sure she had a gold ring too, and she did! I pulled her panties back up and rolled her over and as I did her shirt had slid up to her neck and her tits (exactly like Melissa’s) were exposed and begged for me to give them a little suck. This was all too much for me so I stood back and commanded like my sargent did, “Rise and shine Ladies!” with that they stirred and rambled downstairs where I joined the four of them for pancakes.

I finally did it

My name is Trish; I am a married to a wonderful man. He loves me, would never cheat on me, always tells me how HOT I am and even admits to jerking off while watching one of the many little porn movies we have made over the years. I find it quite a turn on to be Hot at my age. I am mid-forties, red head, very pretty, slim cheeks, nice soft lips, size 5 dress size, with LARGE enhanced breasts.

I have noticed once in a while shopping or just out and about without my husband, I get more than a few looks. I do like the attention, especially from the mid-twenties guys.

Back to my husband, while he is semi-normal guy, there is one BIG quirk. One night we were roll playing he had me get on my knees and drop his pants, he was the pool guy, and I was paying the bill. It was a fun fantasy, but then he started asking me if I would really like to go somewhere that nobody knows us, and I can find a younger good looking guy, coax him back to our hotel room and play a bit.

Let me clarify, “play a bit”. My husband wants me to make out with the guy, let him get my shirt off and play with my boobs, then sit down on the bed, couch whatever, and ask the guy,” would you like to take your pants down and stand over here”? then I proceed to slowly and deeply suck the guy all the way to completion. I choose whether I let him cum in my mouth or not. WOW. He floored me with that.

For the next few weeks the subject didn’t come up again, but I was thinking about it. I mean, I would NEVER cheat on my husband but this isn’t really cheating at all. He wants me to do it hell, he even wants to maybe set up a camera and film it.
Then a trip came up where he had to go out of town on a business trip and asked me if I would like to tag along. It was 2 days, weekend work, so it was kind of like a little vacation for me.

On the plane ride over, I was really getting kind of bothered and wet at the thought of actually meeting some young stud, making out with him, letting him touch my breast, maybe even lick my nipples. Then asking him if he would like to drop his pants for me, and actually see another mans cock, feel it, smell it, touch it. Maybe even taste him, suck him, deep throat him, feel him hold my head and moan, then a creamy blast of young mans cum hits the back of my throat, made me cum in my airline seat.
We arrived at the hotel, unpacked and headed down to get a bite to eat. We were both hungry and needed a drink. There was a nice little steak house in the hotel, with an attached lounge.

We entered the restaurant, passing by where more than a few young men were seated, obviously trolling for women. While we walked by, I noticed one guy in particular, he was mid-twenties, pony tail, blonde hair, cute. He was looking at me as well, I met his gaze and he quickly looked away, embarrassed that I caught him checking me out. I was wearing a low neck lined red top, which showed my cleavage quite well, and a pair of jeans, and pumps.

My husband and I were seated in a booth; I sat down across from my husband, and ordered a drink. We sat there just chatting for a few moments, when I noticed I had a perfect view of the men’s room restroom door. As my husband talked away, I found myself thinking of his fantasy again, and was kind of looking for the ponytail guy I saw earlier, and I found myself looking at the men’s room door, in hope I would see him go in the restroom. Why, I wasn’t sure, it’s not like I was going to do anything with him, right Trish?…I was second guessing myself now. Would I really like to perform such an intimate act on a complete stranger, it could be dangerous, what if he was a psycho or something?

Then my husband said something to me, “so honey, did you see any young studs you might want to play with tonight”? “Why, do you still want me to indulge in your fantasy”? I asked.
“YES” was his reply. I giggled and told him about ponytail boy. But I wasn’t sure if he was serious or just playing still. Then he said this, “why don’t you go into that lounge, sit down by yourself, and see what happens?”

“At least let some guy buy you a drink, flirt a bit, and then see where it goes.” “If you like him and want to go up to the room, just text me, the words YES, I will follow you”. “If you don’t want to do anything further with him, excuse yourself and come back over here,” I got up, went straight to the ladies room to freshen up my lipstick and hair, and take a deep breath. All of a sudden I was flush and actually getting really wet, thinking about actually making out with some strange young stud, and maybe even going down on him.

Makeup fresh, I walked into the lounge, I noticed right away, ponytail boy, this time he smiled at me, and I smiled back and walked right over to him and asked him if he would like to buy me a drink. He had a great smile and such a cut body, not overly muscular, kind of Leonardo dicaprio type, and he was very nice. Ten minutes of small talk resulted in his name, Trent, single, 24 years old, construction worked by trade. He and his girlfriend broke up about 3 months ago, and he was looking for another girlfriend, but not rushing onto anything.

A half hour passed before he asked me where the man was I came in with. “Trent honey, he is my husband and tonight he wants to see me make out and possibly more, with a strange guy, like you”. Holy shit was all he could say, “Are you serious, you are fucking hot, but I don’t want to get killed”. I assured him that wasn’t the case, by texting my husband, to please come over and introduce yourself and explain that it’s OK or this kid will be too nervous to do anything.

My husband came over with a smile on his face and introduced himself. “Hey man, its all good, as a matter of fact I am the one who is encouraging Trish, she needs some coaxing, otherwise it will never happen. Why don’t the two of you go up to the hotel room, and get more acquainted, I will stay down her, just let me speak to my wife in private for a minute”.

Trent seemed shocked and turned on all at once. Here was what my husband laid out:
He would stay down here for a while, let the two of us go to the room, make out, and if I really had the nerve to go down on this guy, I would text him just before I pulled the guys pants down, so he could come into the room shortly thereafter and watch me suck this guy off. No sex. Trent and I arrived in our room after a brief elevator ride with 6 other people, all couples.

I sat down on the small couch and asked Trent of he would like to join me. When he sat down, I could see a bulge already in his pants, I was very pleased to have that effect on a younger guy. We started to kiss right away, his hands we all over me, caressing my breasts, thighs, getting closer to my vagina. I placed one hand on his thigh, the other around his waist, as our tongues danced with each other. His right hand started to rub the outer fabric of my pussy, that when I grabbed his hand away and held it with my hand. At that same time my other hand rolled done his flat stomach and onto his hot groin. He moaned and I felt his hardon for the first time. It wasn’t huge but very very hard. I rubbed him like this for a few minutes, then stopped and said, “would you like to take off your pants for me?” as he stood up to remove them I texted my husband, the following, (are you sure about this, because I am having him take off his pants for me right now.). He responded back, (YES, but remember once you start there is no stopping until you make him cum in your mouth), I responded back, (I KNOW).

Trent stood there a paused for a moment, he hand his hands around his waist and belt , ready to remove them, he looked at me and said,” this has always been a fantasy of mine, but I am kind of nervous, are you sure your husband is OK with this?”
“Yes, I just texted him, look”. I showed him the message; he read out loud the part that stated I couldn’t stop once I started until I made him cum in my mouth. “WOW” was all Trent said.

He lowered his pants and boxer shorts, to the floor and stepped out of them, he was completely naked form the waist down. This was the first time I had seen another mans cock, in several years; I was speechless at the hardness of it, the shape of his head, nice and purple, with big round balls. He was completely shaven as well, and he smelled very good.

I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this, it was more like I was watching some other woman sitting on the bed, with a young strange mans naked cock inches from her face, anticipating her performing oral sex to completion on him.
But it was me, and I was now wet and greedy for this young cock. I asked him if I could touch it. He said, “Please do”. I reached out and wrapped my fingers very gently around the base, his cock was about 7 inches long or so, very HOT and harder than my husbands cock was in recent years.

I slowly pumped his cock with my right hand, and reached down with my left hand and began gently massaging his nice round balls. He let out a moan, letting me know he loves the treatment so far. I looked down at my watch and knew my husband would be peeking in soon, and really wanted to catch me with a mouthful of young cock.

I leaned forward, took my hands off his cock and balls, and placed them on the side of his waist, his cock was now only an inch or two from my mouth, I could smell his scent, I wanted to please this man like no one else, I opened my mouth wide and slowly engulfed his cock down as far as I could go, it felt harder and hotter than any cock I had ever had in my mouth. I had him down about 5 inches, I held my mouth there for a moment and worked my tongue over the bottom of his cock, and he let out another moan and grabbed the back of my head. I slowly reversed mu mouth back to the tip, and then with lips pressing against his cock, slowly downed him again. He gasped, and said, “Shit, that’s good, you don’t give head like the girls I have dated, you suck cock like a porn star”.

He was either really liking what I was doing or knew exactly what to say, wither way, I proceeded to lick the side of his cock while alternating my mouth on the tip, sucking down a couple inches then back to licking his cock. He was holding me head trying to get me to take more in my mouth.

“So you want me to take your cock deep in my mouth again?” “Uh huh, PLEASE:” was all he could say.
I was about to engulf him down again when I noticed the room door was cracked, it took me a second, but then I noticed my husband was standing in the hallway looking thought he crack of the door. I paused and looked up at Trent, “honey, I know this may be a weird time, but I need to text me husband real quick”. “Ya sure, whatever, just don’t stop” he said,

”don’t worry hon, I will be sending you home very happy” I went to text and saw that there was a message from my husband already, I don’t want to interrupt, please finish him off, I want to watch. I texted back, you can be sure of that, I am soaking wet.
“Trent, sorry for that, would you like me to make you cum in my mouth now?”
“PLEASE do that I need to cum so bad”
“You will hon, that I can promise”

I told him to sit on the bed; I wanted to kneel between his legs, so my husband could see my mouth better from the doorway. I leaned my face over his erect cock and licked the tip again, he moaned, and grabbed the back of me head, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and let him impale his cock into my mouth. It felt so hard and hot, I wanted to taste his creamy young cum. I let his hand guide the motion he wanted. I tried to make my mouth an object, that was here only to please this studs cock, I consumed his manhood, over and over again, keeping a steady rhythm, while my hands were holding onto his thighs, his cock was like a piston going in and out of my mouth.

The Dealer’s Wife

“Lori honey, could you get me another beer?”

We were watching a television movie, Lori was sitting beside me on the sofa, she got up and brought me a Becks.

I like my beer from a glass not a bottle. The glass I’d used was on the cocktail table.

“Ah Jeez Lori, I need a fresh glass,” I like a frosty mug, they’re in the freezer.

Lori went back to the kitchen and fetched a glass.

I guess I could have gotten my own beer; I was as close as she was but that’s not how things work in our household.

Like my father before me, I expect to be catered to by my woman. Dad got home at six and expected dinner to be waiting on the table. After dinner he’d go to his recliner, he’d read the evening paper then call to one of the females to turn on the TV for him.

“Would you turn on the news for me,” he’d ask then fill in the blank, whoever was closest; Lucy, my mom, or Linda my sixteen year old sister, or Lauren my fifteen year old sister or Lureen, his fourteen year old. He never asked me, I was male, I wasn’t expected to step and fetch.

He took earned the money and took care of the lawn, all chores indoors were woman’s work, so mom and my sisters cleaned, cooked, ironed and answered his beck and call.

And that’s exactly what I expected, expected hell, I demanded in my home.

I expected breakfast, a hot breakfast before Lori left for work, I expected her to prepare dinner when she got home and, of course Saturdays she needed to vacuum, dust and do the laundry.

Of course mom had three daughters to help her and was a stay at home housewife but I didn’t consider that, Lori did the woman’s work and that was that.

She was the convention manager for a large chain hotel. She was expected to look sharp and be sharp, conventions are a big revenue producer and she’s integral in bringing in the business.

And look sharp she does. Lori’s a big girl, five feet ten inches and she carries her one hundred and fifty pounds in a dynamite package. She’s blonde, long blonde hair that she normally wears in a pony tail has icy blue eyes, voluptuous 38D breasts, wide hips and a high, tight behind. When she’s in her high heels, a pants suit or skirt and blouse she reminds of the Valkyrie of Norse lore.

She’s sharp of mind, too. Lori has her degree in hotel management; she’d been on the job for six years. She started as a management trainee and now she’s convention manager. She gives a lot to the company but the company reciprocates; she’s well paid, has excellent benefits and some perks like free rooms in other company hotels.

She has to hustle, to get bathed, make up applied, dressed and have breakfast on meant she was up at five. She often didn’t get in until seven or later, meetings, event planning and the supervision of her staff all had to be taken care of. Occasionally she was much later; client dinners and entertainment also fell under her purview.

If she was going to be particularly late I expected her to fix something that I could microwave, I mean, I would do that.

One evening, several months ago she got home around seven-thirty; I gave her a kiss then asked, “What’s for dinner?”

“Hal I’m whipped, can we order some Chinese or something; I’m just not up to cooking.”

“Lori, that’s not how we do things,” I replied.

“Hal, I know, I know, but just tonight, please, I’ll pay for it.”

“Well, ok, just for you, go ahead and call in the order; I want moo goo gai pan and hot and sour soup.”

After the food was delivered and we’d eaten she cleaned up and went upstairs. I went in to watch a little TV.

Lori took off her jacket, blouse, shoes, and slacks; she just let them fall to the floor. She pulled on her nightie and fell between the sheets, exhausted she was asleep in seconds.

After I’d turned off the TV I fired up my computer and prowled some porn sites so by the time I went up to bed I was aroused.

My beautiful Lori was sleeping but she had her conjugal obligations. I crawled in beside her, she was on her side, I was behind. I raised her nightie.

God she had a desirable body, I rolled the back of her panties down over her bottom and was working them over hips when she awakened.

“Hal, please not tonight,” she asked.

I paid her no never mind, I pulled her panties over her feet and rolled her onto her back.

Her eyes pleaded with me but when I put my knee between her legs she spread her thighs.

She’d be dry, I knew that but I was pretty small, only five inches and rather thin, I wouldn’t hurt her, I was sure, I’d done this quite a few times in the four years we’d been married.

I thrust into her; she gave a little moan as I parted her dry flesh. It didn’t take long, thirty or forty seconds at most and I had my relief. I rolled over and was asleep in seconds.

But Lori didn’t, she lay on her back staring at the ceiling and seethed.

I’m just about at my wits end, she thought. I cook, I clean, I do the laundry and what thanks do I get for it, nothing. I even had to beg to be able to buy dinner tonight. My God with my work schedule along with all the household tasks, I’m lucky to get five hours sleep a night

Damn it, he tele-commutes on his job, he’s here all day. He could at least put in a load of laundry now and then.

The little twerp she thought, and he was a little guy, only five six and around one hundred twenty-five pounds, the short dick little twerp. He won’t perform oral on me and he’s good for about ten or twelve strokes when he has sex with me; I can’t remember the last time he’s given me an orgasm.

Something’s gotta change around here, I won’t divorce him but something’s gotta give.

He hadn’t given her an orgasm but that didn’t mean she hadn’t had some. She got out of bed, went to the bathroom and got her toy from where she kept it hidden. Sitting on the toilet with her legs spread she started the buzz.

That was her little secret, her vibrator, with a sigh, she brought herself release.
She rinsed her butterfly, stowed it and went back to bed, at last, blessed relief, an orgasm and sleep.

I didn’t know about Lori’s little secret, at least not then; had I found out I’d have been amazed at her brazenness, I screwed her a couple of times a week, what more could she want?

I had my little secret, too.

I’d grown up in a household with four females. I’d seen tits, pubic areas, pantied bottoms, breast filled brassieres from the time I could remember. I was the baby; they didn’t give a thought to their immodesty. If dad wasn’t home they’d all parade around in their underwear, even mom.

I can’t count the times I’ve witnessed a naked body going or coming from the shower or that a bathroom or bedroom door was left ajar, female flesh lots of female flesh for little Hal’s viewing pleasure, even if I got caught all any of them would say was, “Hal, get out of here.”

My favorite was when the bathroom door wasn’t closed; I’d peek and listen, their tinkle sound and their panties pooled around their feet, that’s how I felt my first arousal, I was twelve, it was Lauren and I got stiff.

As soon as she left I went in, locked the door and dug in the clothes hamper. Lauren’s panties, the ones she’d just taken off were on top. I picked then and brought them to my nose, they were damp in the crotch and still fragrant, I didn’t know it then but it was a mixture of young girl and urine, I inhaled then touched my tongue to the gusset, tasting Lauren.

I dug a little further; there was a pair of mom’s. They had a more powerful scent. I wrapped Lauren’s around my throbbing cock, held mom’s to my nose and masturbated, I’d never felt anything that felt better than that first cum. I buried the panties at the bottom of the hamper and went to my room.

Over the next six years I became a panty connoisseur, I didn’t even have to look, I could just sniff, I knew whether they were Lucy’s, Linda’s Lauren or Lureen’s, they all had a slight nuance in aroma and taste. I could always tell when mom and dad had sex; there’d be a white residue in her panties.

When I was thirteen, it was a Saturday and I was alone it the house, I wanted to try something a little different, I had several pairs that I’d taken to my room, I was naked, sniffing and the idea came to me. I pulled Linda’s panties on. Hers were the sexiest and the feel of the nylon against my bare cock was fantastic. I pulled them down, masturbated then pulled them back up. I wore them the rest of that day and every time I got the chance, I had panties on under my jeans.

I equated panties with pussy and pussy with pleasure; I had a major panty fetish, still do.

I revel in the fact that I work from home, I often walk around in nothing but a pair of Lori’s panties, dirty ones, ones that smell like a woman not laundry detergent. For a real treat I slip into one of her camisoles or chemises, they’re both comfortable and arousing.

When I masturbate and I masturbate frequently I like to lie on the bed, pull up my top garment, lower my panties to my knees, put a pair of panties over my head so my nose is buried in the gusset and jerk off with another pair. I’ve been doing this for as long as Lori and I have been married and she’s none the wiser.

Then several weeks ago I screwed the pooch, big time.

I had all day and a big chunk of the evening, Lori had a client dinner and had told me not to expect her ‘til about eleven. She’d fixed me up with a microwavable pasta dish for dinner.

I’d finished my work by noon, now it was Hal’s party time; I was already dressed for fun. Lori had several sets of baby doll lingerie with matching panties, the outfit I had on was apricot in color. After a several hours surfing porno sites on the net I was about as aroused as I was going to get, I got two pairs of her soiled panties, put one over my face and began to prepare. Slowly I raised the top, my hands caressed my stomach, my abdomen was clenching in anticipation, I rolled my panties down to my knees and massaged my upper thighs, I was hard as a steel rod, all five inches of me was sticking straight up, I wrapped myself with the other pair and stroked, slowly, slowly, drawing it out, I’d bring myself to the brink then stop. The crotch of the panties over my head was in my mouth, I was sucking them, tasting Lori, smelling my wife, finally I was ready, my hand was flying, it was coming, it was coming, I bucked my hips, I came. I caught most of it in the panty but several drops hit my stomach. I deflated.

Wow, I thought, that was great; maybe I’d have time for another after I ate dinner.

I lay back on the pillow and relaxed. I still had my head in the panties; my panties were still around my knees. I dropped the cum filled ones on the floor beside the bed and daydreamed.

Then it became more that a daydream; I dozed off.

Lori had dressed to impress, the man she was having dinner with was a convention planner, he could steer a lot of business her way. She towered over six feet tall in her four inch spike heels, she was wearing a black pencil skirt and matching belted jacket, they were from Donna Karan, there was a little bit of stretch in the fabric, it fit her like a glove.

As usual, my old man was in a good mood that afternoon.“I caught your brat sniffing your panties,” he growled, “Whatsamatter, he can’t get laid like a normal kid?” “Maybe he’s particular about smelling a clean snatch,” I thought but didn’t answer, I didn’t want to get my ass whipped.

Tom glared at me, “I ain’t feedin’ and supportin no perverts,’ he snarled, “Straighten him out or I throw him out.” “Jesus Christ, Tom, he’s only seventeen, how the hell am I supposed to straighten him out?”

He laughed, as if he’d thought of something funny, “Let him smell your twat. Maybe a sample of the real thing can get him to act like a man.” He stood up and picked up the briefcase next to his chair. “I gotta see a couple guys. Remember what I said, give him a snort of the real thing.” He squeezed my tit, hard, and left.
“You bastard,” I said to the closed door, “One day you’re gonna get yours.”

I only stayed with Tom for the money. He dealt dope, always had a bundle of cash, and usually used so much of his own junk he couldn’t keep track of how much he had. So I was living good and had one hell of a big bank account in the Bahamas.
“The shithead acting tough again?” Carl, my son, stood in the doorway, “What’s his bitch this time?” “He says he saw you sniffing my dirty panties. The crazy asshole wants me to let you smell my pussy.”

Carl grinned, “Hey, maybe he ain’t such a dumb prick after all. That’s a pretty good idea.” Damn, I knew Tom would ask Carl if he’d smelled my pussy, and I knew he’d probably beat the shit out of me if I didn’t do what he said.
“You’re gettin’ as crazy as he is,” I told Carl, “You don’t really want to stick your nose in my crotch, do you?”

He got rid of the grin and got serious, “More than anything I can think of,” he said softly. “What the hell,” I thought, Tom doesn’t pay any attention to it, may as well let someone get some enjoyment out of it.” “Okay,” I sighed, sliding forward to the edge of the chair and raising my skirt, “Come on, have a ball.”

Carl knelt between my knees and pushed the crotch of my panties out of the way. I hadn’t counted on that. “Mmm, much nicer than dirty drawers,” he said, and then I almost fainted when his tongue slid the length of my slit. “Stop him!” my brain said, and my cunt shouted, “Don’t you dare!” My cunt won the argument.

I thrust my pussy to him, letting him know he didn’t have to stop. He licked the outside again, then parted my lips with his fingers and licked inside. His tongue was a magic wand, touching here and there and producing an electric charge of pleasure wherever it touched. Every nerve in my body was centered in my pussy, his tongue felt like a full sized prick when he shoved it deep and like a feather when he licked my clit. No one had ever eaten my pussy before and it didn’t take long for Carl to make me cum, an intense orgasm like I’d never had before and the first I’d had since I took up with Tom that I didn’t bring on with my fingers. With each contraction of my pussy a spasm shook my whole body, almost knocking me out of the chair. And with each one Carl stuck his tongue even farther inside.

At last I began to come down, relaxing, my breathing returning to normal, though my pussy continued to twitch and Carl continued to lick it. I pulled his face to mine and kissed him, his lips having a slightly musky taste. “I don’t think that’s exactly what Tom had in mind,” I whispered, “And it surely wasn’t what I had planned. But it was better than anything anyone’s done for me in years.”

His grin stretched from ear to ear. “Glad you liked it,” he said, “Always happy to be of service.”

His pants were sticking out and he stiffened up when I felt the bulge. “This feel serious,” I said with a smile, and kneaded his prick through his pants. “I better do something about it.

He got a pained look on his face, his dick jumped in my hand, and he moaned, “Shit, Mom, you just did!” His cock jumped a half dozen more times, then began to get soft. The poor kid had been so horny I made him cum in his pants.
“I’m sorry, Sweetheart,” I told him and kissed him again, “Next time I’ll be more careful.”

He grinned, “So there’s gonna be a next time? When?” “Soon, I promise,” I laughed, “But now I need some time to recover. And you need some clean underwear.”

Tom did ask Carl if he’d sniffed my pussy the next night at supper. Wonderful Carl said, “Yeah, it stunk like piss and sweat,” and Tom laughed. “I know, that’s why I get my fuckin’ downtown.” The sonofabitch!

From then on Carl ate me every night when Tom was gone. And every night he was satisfied if I jacked him off as a reward. After the first few times I took off my panties instead of making him push the crotch aside, then I pulled his pants down rather than just take his dong out through the fly. By the end of our first month we’d both strip and go to his room, where I’d jack him off while he ate me.

Finally the night came when I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and wrapped my lips around the head of his dick. It felt and tasted a hell of a lot better than I expected, and the reaction I got from Carl made it even better, so I began sucking it like a lollypop. I soon found out that he had a real sensitive spot just at the base of the head, and I learned to use my tongue to give him the most pleasure.

Just as I was reaching my peak he moaned, “Oh God, Mom, you better quit ‘cause I’m gonna cum!” But I was too far gone to worry about him cumming in my mouth, my own cum exploded even more intense than the first time he ate me, and instead of stopping I kept his dick in my mouth while I jerked him off. His loud moan was muffled by my snatch as his cock jerked and spurted a gob of thick jizm that splattered against the roof of my mouth. I damn near threw up but managed to swallow that spurt just as another filled my mouth, then another, and another.

We fell asleep in the sixty-nine position and didn’t wake up till we heard Tom’s car pull in the drive. We would have gone on like that for God knows how long, except for an odd turn of events. It seems that one of Tom’s competitors turned up dead, his throat cut and castrated. The police got an anonymous tip, searched Tom’s car, and found a bunch of drugs and a bloody knife. And since the blood on the knife matched the dead guy’s. Tom became a guest of the state for life plus. Hee hee hee

I bought a place out in the country and Carl moved into my bedroom. We turned our first night there into a honeymoon, starting out with our regular sixty-nine and then progressing into our very first fuck. God it was wonderful!!
Carl had an adventurous streak and wanted to try anything and everything, and I didn’t stop him. He’s so much gentler than Tom when he fucks my ass that I actually enjoy it. Of course, he always gives me an enema first, and uses lots of K-Y.
When Carl was nineteen he met Beth, a cute little redhead A few months later he told me she was just as wild as me, and he wanted to marry her, but didn’t want to stop fuckng me. I told him to tell her about us and see what happens. He did, and a week later she moved in with us. Whew, What a lovely girl! The first time I saw her naked I fell in love with her tiny boobs and her auburn muff And she squealed happily when she saw that I didn’t shave, either.

She was wild, all right, but had never sucked cock, so I taught her. And we made Carl teach both of us how to eat pussy. Then one night we were getting ready for bed and Beth suggested we take turns giving golden showers. Phew, stinky, but exciting as hell, and by the time we’d each pissed on the others and had a regular shower it don’t take much for us to cum.

The angry wife

“Your late slave boy,” yelled Marcie to her cowering husband Ronald. “Strip idiot and get your slave face in my feet, NOW!”

No words were spoken Ronald quickly stripped and neatly folded his clothes. He crawled to the end of the sofa to where her ankles hung her feet over the end. As her dedicated foot slave he kissed the tops of her ankles and then licked the tops of her shiny black leather marching boots. Yes marching boots.

Marcie was in the Army Reserves and had just got back from a weekend drill. That meant she’d have worn the same wool socks during drill. She had been marching and romping in the back woods of the state. Ronald knew she’d find reasons to keep her feet hot, moist, and smelly during her drills. She always did.

The thing Marcie liked best was the fact that she was still in her mid-twenties and married a man much older than her. She’d met Ronald on the base. He’s an office worker in the supply building. She was putting boxes in a jeep and he’d offered to help her.
“Do I look like I need help civilian,” Marcie chided him.
Caught by complete surprise Ronald replied,
“Excuse me, no Ma’am. I was just offering to help is all.”
“Listen Mr.” she said shortly, while lifting the heavy boxes and tossing them in the jeep, “If I wanted your help I’d ask but I didn’t did I idiot?”

Ronald was stunned. He was not used to being talked to that way but somehow he liked it. This young, tough Army woman was treating him the same as his mother used to do when he was young. He liked it then and he liked it now.

Ronald grew up being belittled by his mother. She made him stay inside after school just to gripe about her horrible life, and his no good father. All the while, Ronald sat at the end of the sofa near her foul smelling feet. He was too scared e’d wanted to be bossed around for so long. He knew he wasn’t cover girl material. At 46, single, living alone and submissive, this might just be something good. At least he hoped it would be. As if in a trance he found himself on his knees before her. Those dark eyes of hers glared her approval as his fingers worked on her long laces. He took his time carefully opening her boot. As he loosened them enough he gently lifted one and cradled it in his arm. Then grasping the heel he tugged. At first it didn’t budge. She laughed at the fool beneath her. Marcie thought to herself that if he ever got the damn thing off, he’d get a face full of funk from her foot. She’d worn those socks three days running. They were sure to stink. Hell, if she’d known she’d run into such a freak, she’d have worn them all week.

Suddenly she pulled her leg back and her foot came free. She laughed as his eyes began to water from the stench.
“Something wrong Ronald?” she hissed.
“No Miss Marcie, I’m fine.”
“I hope my feet don’t smell too bad for you down there,” she chuckled.
“No Miss, not at all,” he lied. The stink coming off that sock would choke a horse. Never had he imagined a foot as small and delicate looking as this could create such an odor. Yet, Ronald endured the smell just to be with her.
“Well then, you won’t mind if I do this,” she sneered. Then Marcie lifted her leg and placed her nasty stinky socked foot on his forehead. Then, she slowly dragged it down his face. Ronald held his ground and kept his head still. A film of musty sweat smeared his nose. Being that close to the sock made his head spin. When her toes slid to his lips, she forced them to part. As she continued washing his face with her foot, Ronald soon learned what stink tasted like. After, to her, a short five minutes, but to him a lifetime, she said, “There is another boot to remove foot boy.”

As soon as he’d taken the second boot off, that foot too coated his face with its moistness. Ronald got the idea this time. He extended his tongue and held her ankle gently. He licked the foot from the heel to the bottom of her toes. Marcie sighed at how quickly he learned. His mouth was dry. He was swallowing sock lint, dirt, grime and sweat. It was hard to swallow at times. Soon her other foot joined in the fun. Ronald was sniffing and licking both sweaty feet until the socks were soaked with her sweat, and his saliva. Next he began to suck the moisture from between the toes through the soiled socks. His mouth was coated with her stench. They both were in the height of glory.

After nearly an hour she told him she was going to take her uniform off. She also said she expected him naked and kneeling upon her return.

Marcie returned shortly finding Ronald as she ordered. She had on a flimsy short nighty. Her pert breasts were firm with already hard nipples. How she loved standing above her kneeling foot slut. She still had her socks on. He had to be the one to remove them she grinned to herself.

Beads of sweat formed on Ronald’s head. His neck ached from being bowed so long. It didn’t matter. He would have remained in that position all weekend if she commanded him to. His eyes were fixed on her feet. He saw new strands of lint and carpet on the moist bottoms. His mouth watered for the taste. No amount of time would be wasted sucking and licking them again, if only she’d sit down.

Standing behind him, Marcie bent and ran her hands over his chest. Her touch had him swooning. She scratched her nails over his nipples. He flinched. Again she scratched them. Despite his whimpering, his tiny nipples began to harden. A thought came to her then. She left the room and returned with two alligator nipple clamps. As she snuggly snapped the first one on Ronald nearly jumped with pain. He hissed and tears welled up in his eyes.

“Relax slave,” she soothed in his ear. “You must learn to accept pain for the pleasure of serving at my feet. I know you enjoy them so. I promise you there will be ample time left, in you pathetic life, to worship them.” Then she kissed his ear while attaching the second nipple clamp.

The pain was immense. Ronald never had this done to him before. He knew he could remove them, stop the pain and leave. However that thought would be even more painful. He hadn’t even seen her bare feet yet. So he suffered in silence. Once he seemed settled enough, Marcie took her seat. Crossing her legs she placed her right foot near his face. A pained smile appeared across his lips as he felt the warmth of her. She next softly slid her toes down the side of his face slowly. She whispered, “Stick out your tongue.” He obeyed and she teased the tip of it with her toes. His begging expression amused her. “Remove my sock bitch boy,” she spoke. Trembling, loving hands rolled the dirty sock to the base of her toes. His teeth then grasped and finished exposing her foot.

The stink was worse, or better in his view, than before. She showed him her sole. Streaks of dried sweat and dirt stained it. At this point his cock stood fully at attention. It pointed directly at her. She smiled her approval and commanded him to orally worship her foot. Like the perfect puppet his mouth lovingly kissed the top of it. His nostrils flared, sucking hard to fill his lungs with her essence. He held her ankle as if it were glass. He kissed her instep, her toe nails, the tips of her toes. Spreading her toes, he spied the moist specks of lint and sweat. He smiled to himself and slowly licked between them. As he’d collect a morsel of toe jam, he’d back off and extend his tongue to her. Only after showing her what his devoted tongue discovered would he chew the tiny stink ball, savoring the taste before swallowing it.

After ensuring each valley of her toes was pristinely white again, he began to use his talented mouth to bathe her sole. Marcie was using one hand to toy with her breast as the other hand found her moist pussy. She was lost in her power and lust as he labored intensely at her foot. After he’d expertly licked and cleaned that foot to perfection she pulled it away. Planting it on the floor, she offered him the other. Again he removed the sock and orally cleansed that lovely foot. As he greedily fed on her toe jam and foot filth, Marcie reached two hard, gut wrenching orgasms.

She leaned back, sexually sedated and relaxed. She told him to lie on his back. When he did his cock was bloated and his ball sack tight. She loved what she did to make it that way, nothing. Using one foot she toyed with his nipple clamps. Ronald was too far gone with desire to react to the pain this caused. Her other foot lazily roamed his face. Each time it crossed his lips she felt his tongue.

“You’ve earned a reward foot slut,” she said, “Now honor them by pulling that useless cock of yours for my amusement.”

His hand flew to his blood filled penis. A blur of movement soon had him moaning and groaning. Sensing his closeness to completion, Marcie lowered a foot just behind his hand. His warm slave seed shot straight up in the air, then fell in splashes over her instep and toes. After it stopped she whispered, “On your knees fool, lick and swallow every drop off my foot.” Without hesitation Ronald complied.

Chapter 3 : Sue’s Last Time

It was a week since Sue’s 9 man Gangbang, she was still recovering from the pounding the men had given her, for a couple of days after that amazing night Sue still walked abit strange, her Pussy and Arse still sore, her arms and legs aching from being tied to that Headboard for hours on end , her entire body knackered from having Orgasm after Orgasm. She was not complaining though she had the most amazing night of her life. Sex just didn’t get better than this………..Or so she thought?

Sue took a couple of day’s off work to recover, she told her husband that she was just feeling abit under the wheather, in fact the only thing she was feeling was HORNY! She knew that it was not the last time she would be Gangbanged, she loved i.! she just had to get it out of her system before it was too late. Sue was 52 years old, this was her last bit of fun before she was to old to enjoy it And she was more than enjoying it, She was Loving it.

A couple of weeks had now passed, Sue was keeping herself busy, trying her to keep her mind off sex. She couldn’t believe that just 7 months ago she was just a boring normal Housewife that was getting old before her time, her life was like a treadmill, she was going nowhere, now people noticed a change in her mood and way she looked! She looked more like 32 not 52. As the day’s went on she was getting Hornier and Hornier. The only option she had was to visit Tom again and see what he could do for her.

Sue finally plucked up the courage and decided to pay him a visit, luckily for Sue her husband was away on business for a week the only person in the house was her Son James, Sue had two other children but they were away at university, her Son James was 18 and still at college.

“See ya James I’m just popping out for abit, wont be long, be back in a hour or so.” said Sue.

“Ok mom see ya.”

Sue didn’t bother dressing up, she had jeans and a T-shirt on, she didn’t plan on getting Gangbanged tonight she just wanted to visit Tom for a chat and to see if he could help her out in any way.

Sue got to Toms house, she was very nervous.


She nearly started the car up and went back home.


She got out of the car and made her way to Tom’s front door.


After a while the door opened.


Sue made her way in and sat down in the lounge, Tom already knew what Sue wanted.


“I’VE BEEN FINE.” replied Sue.

Both of them exchanging small talk for awhile, soon Tom turned to the subject of to the Gangbang.

“Everyone thought you were amazing that night.”

Sue smiled.

“You men fucked me hard, it took me a week to recover!“

“I was telling a couple of friends about what you let us do to you that night, they were gutted they weren’t there, They did say that if I ever saw you again to ask you if you were up for meeting up with them?

Sue couldn’t believe her ears.

“Really? well how many guy‘s?”

“Theres four of them.” Tom replied.

Sue was off in a dream world.

“You haven’t got to worry I’ll be with you, I wanna watch them Gangbang you,If you thought Giant and Joanna was good wait till you have these guys.”

Sue was getting wet just by hearing what Tom was saying.

Tom told Sue that he would make a quick phone call to one of the guy’s and arrange a date with them.

“Back in a minute!”

A couple of minutes past, Sue sat waiting, she could hear Tom’s voice taking to one of them on the phone. Suddenly he returned to the lounge.

“SORTED, we are gonna meet them in two days time at a Night Club just up the road from here.”

Sue was getting excited her mind was doing overtime.

“Dress up Sue they have got a special night planned for you.”

“Don’t worry about that, I always make an effort.” Sue replied.

With that Sue left Tom’s house and made her way home.

The next day Sue went shopping for a new outfit, she decided on a short tight black skirt with a split up the back of it that went nearly all the way up to her bum, a yop that barley covered her boobs, a pair of high heels and of course a pair of black pantyhose.

The day had come, tonight Sue was meeting up with the 4 Guy‘s. Luckily for Sue she had the house to herself, her husband was still away on business and her Son was out with he’s friends, she didn’t expect him back until late tonight.

The day seemed to drag, she pottered about the house doing little jobs trying to take her mind off what was going to happen to her tonight. Part of her was excited and part of her was concerned.

“What if the Guy’s don’t like me?”

“What if I don’t like them?”

“What have they got planned for me?”

Sue knew that she would be safe because Tom was gonna be there with her, but her pulse was racing because just didn’t know what was gonna happen. It was coming up to 5 o’clock she was going to meet up with Tom at 8 so she decided to start getting herself ready.

After an hour of showering and pampering herself she started to get dressed. She put on a very small black bra that she could barley keep her tits in . Then came her new low cut top that had buttons up at the front of it. Next came her black pantyhose, how she loved the feeling of wearing Pantyhose while she was having her pussy licked and rubbed, she would never forget when Joanna bit a hole in the Gusset of her Hose with he’s teeth before he fucked her. Sue was getting turned on just thinking about it. Last was her skirt, it hugged her shapely legs and being short it did show off a lot of leg Finished off with her new high heels she was ready for anything.

It was now nearly 7.30 Sue made her way downstairs, she left a note for her Son telling him that she was going out with some friends and don’t expect her home before the morning . With that she got her car keys and made her way to Toms house.

On her way there she couldn’t believe what she was about to do.

“I must be out of my mind to meet up with 4 Guy’s that I haven’t even met and let them fuck me.” thought Sue.

But she also knew that she couldn’t resist having their hands touch every inch of her body or having there cocks pound her pussy and arse for hours on end!. She knew her husband couldn’t give her that same feeling, sex with her husband was about making love, sex we these men was just about lust and raw dirty sex and at this stage in her life that’s exactly what she wanted. She wanted to be treated like a whore!

Sue arrived at Tom’s house. Tom was already waiting at the door.

“Sue you look gorgeous!”

“Thank you Tom.”

“Come on lets go.”

Sue and Tom got into he’s car and started their journey. As they were driving along Tom noticed Sue’s short skirt.

“You are showing some leg tonight aint’ ya?”

Sue responded by lifting the hem of her skirt over her thighs showing the tops of her legs.


Tom put hes hand down between her legs.


Sue could see Tom was getting excited, the bulge in hes jeans getting bigger and bigger!

“You are in for one hell of a ride tonight Sue!.”

For the rest of the journey Tom’s hand was fixed between Sue legs, just him touching her legs was sending her over the edge and the night hadn’t even stared yet.

“Right Sue, we are here.”

Tom parked the car.

“We are meeting the Guy’s in that Night Club over there, lets go.” said Tom.

The club was heaving with young people, Sue felt a little out of place.

“Sue, you wait at the bar, I think I’ve spotted them, ill go get them over here.”

Her heart now pounding out of her chest.

“Fuck! fuck! fuck! Fuck I’m finally meeting them.” thought Sue.

After a couple of minutes Tom returned with the 4 Guy’s.

“Right Sue this is Barry, hes Jim, that one’s Adam and finally that’s Clint. They each said hello and kissed Sue on the cheek.

“Pleased to meet you Sue, we have heard a lot about you.” one of them said laughing.

Sue just smiled back.


As the night wore on the drinks started flowing Sue and the Guy’s were getting on like a house on fire, the more drink they drank the more they all flirted together. Sue felt like a teenager, the 4 men were half her age, she was in heaven. One by one the men would take it in turns to dance with Sue, with each song they would get closer and closer. As one of them danced with her the others would watch, it wasn’t long before they were getting more adventurous with her. Hands moving lower down her back onto her bum, hands moving up higher near her chest, she was getting turned on , she wanted more.

Without wasting any time Clint moved in closer, hes groin rubbing against Sue’s, hes hands started running down her back feeling her bum. The other Guys knew this was the start to main event of the evening. By now Clint and Sue were getting carried away, hes hand going up her skirt pinching her pantyhosed bum. The guys were getting an amazing view from where they were standing . The Club was still packed with people, Sue knew that they might be watching but she didn’t care it felt great. By now Clint’s hand s had moved to her tits, squeezing them through her Top.

The Guys had had enough they wanted a piece of the action as well. They surrounded Sue, dancing closer and closer to her, hands were all over her as she moved to the music.



Suddenly Clints hand was up her skirt rubbing her pussy through her Hose.

“OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!” Sue was off.

Clint’s hand was now a blur between her legs ferociously rubbing her cunt. The 4 men surrounded Sue as Clint was working hes way up he pussy.


Sue knew these were dirty boys, she was in for one hell of a night. By now Clint was nearly fingering Sue’s cunt, her Hose was being pushed up inside her Pussy as he pushed he’s fingers further and further up.


As Clint carried on the other Guy’s were feeling her tits, hands were all over her. Luckily for Sue the guy’s had surrounded her in such a way that the other people in the Club didn’t know what was going on but Sue was worried that they could see what was happening.


As soon as she said that her first Orgasm of the night washed other her body.


Clint rubbed and fingered her Pussy as hard as he could , he could feel hes hand getting wetter and wetter as Cum soaked through her Hose. Luckily for Sue the music in the club was so loud it was drowning out her moans.

“I think she is ready for some serious fucking now.” Said Clint.

“Where are we gonna take her?” said Tom.

“Back to my house” said Adam,

“I only live across the street from here.”

With that they all made their way out of the Club.

Sue still hadn’t recovered from her Orgasm her legs still wobbling as she left the club. As they walked to Adams house they were asking her dirty questions about sex.


“I LIKE A LOT OF THINGS!” replied Sue trying not to give much away.

“We also heard you love having two cocks fuck you at the same time?”

Sue again smiled back at them, Sue hoping that both these things would happen to her tonight.

“RIGHT WE ARE HERE!” shouted Adam.

“Lets get her inside and get started.” Said Jim.

Adam showed them to the Basement of hes house. We can make as much noise as we like down here it’s sound proof.

“That’s lucky , Sue’s a real screamer when she gets going.” Tom replied laughing.

The Basement was very spacious and clean, at one end was a fold up double bed and in the centre of the room was a Punch Bag hanging from the ceiling. Adam walked over to the Punch Bag and unclipped it from the hook in the ceiling.

“Bring her over here.”

Tom sat down on the sofa, he wanted to get a ring side seat. The Guys walked Sue over to where the Punch Bag had been hanging. Adam picked some string up from a shelf on the wall and tied Sue’s wrists together, then he tied the rope up to the hook in the ceiling.


Then pulled the rope tight so Sue wrists were raised high above her head, her body was stretched, her feet just about touching the ground.


Sue knew in this Position the men could do what ever they wanted to her, and they did. Soon hands were all over her body, Tom looked on as every inch of Sue’s body was getting rubbed and touched.

“SHIITING HELL AARRRGGGHH!” Sue was loving it.

Barry started undoing the buttons on her Top, as he did that Jim was ready to grab hold of her Tits squeezing them hard, while that was happening Clint and Adam had worked they way up Sue’s legs, her skirt up round her waist


Barry and Jim started sucking on Sue’s nipples.

“These tits are amazing.” said Barry as he licked and sucked away.

All the while Sue was hanging by her wrists from the ceiling unable to move, her entire body felt like it was going to burst.

“OK GUYS LETS SPREAD THESE LEGS, ME AND CLINT WANNA LICK HER OUT.” Said Adam to Barry and Jim who were still busy sucking Sue’s Tits.

Each of them grabbed one of Sue’s legs and opened them up for Adam and Clint to get a better view.


Sue was away in a dream world.


Clint got behind Sue and buried hes head into her bum licking her anal hole through her pantyhose. At the same time Adam was in front of Sue between her legs munching away at her pussy.


The men carried on like this for a good 10 minutes. Sue’s Orgasms were almost non stop.


After couple more minutes Adam got up from between her legs, wiping her Cum away from hes mouth with he’s hands.


Barry and Jim untied her wrists and walked her over to the bed.


She laid down suddenly the 4 guy’s were on her again. Tom looked on in amazement as a the 4 guy’s all forced their heads between her legs trying to lick her out at the same time. At the same time their hands covering the rest of her body. By now the men had stripped Sue of all her clothes apart from her pantyhose. Barry couldn’t wait anymore he got down between her legs and ripped out the Gusset of her Hose.

Finally her cunt was free.



Jim and Barry were gonna be the first to fuck her, they got off the bed and started to undress, Sue couldn’t believe her eyes, both guys were very well Hung well over 10 inches each, their erections as hard as steel. Sue had never seen cocks so hard in all her life. Barry told Sue that he wanted to fuck her first before Jim joined in.

Barry climbed back on the bed inbetween Sue’s legs.

“HOLD HER LEGS APART UNTIL I GET MY COCK IN HER!” Barry said to Adam and Clint.

With that they grabbed her legs by her ankles and spread them as wide as they would go. Sue looked down between her legs as Barry’s massive cock got closer and closer to her pussy, without stopping he slowly eased it into her cunt.


Sue was already loving it. He’s cock was so hard she thought she was gonna split in two.

“FUCKING HELL IT’S LIKE BEING FUCKED BY AN AREOSOL CAN!” Sue’s voice shaking as it went in further and further.

Soon hes cock was in her pussy all the way up to he’s Ball’s. Sue’s pussy was being stretched open.

Even though she had had Giant’s cock in her pussy which was bigger than Barry’s the Giant’s erection was nowhere near as hard as Barry’s which made he’s cock feel twice the size of the Giant’s.


Sue couldn’t believe the feeling. Barry started moving IN OUT! IN OUT! With each stroke he would get a little faster.

“Let go of her legs boys, I wanna feel them sexy legs wrapped round me.”

As soon as Barry said that Sue wrapped them round he’s back forcing hes cock even deeper into her pussy. By now Barry had picked up some pace.

“AAAAARRRGH YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.” Sue screaming her lungs out.

Tom looked on from the where he was sitting, How he loved the sight of seeing a woman getting fucked. Barry was now as full speed, he took Sue’s legs and rested them on hes shoulders this way he could really fuck her pussy Hard. The other guy’s watched as Barry’s arse moved like a blur between her legs.

“I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING!” Sue screaming her lungs out.

Sue’s night had only just begun and already she was getting knackered. Within 10 minutes Barry had given Sue at least 5 Orgasms one after the other.


Barry rolled himself and Sue over so he was on hes back and Sue was on top.

“Who wants to fuck her Arse?”

Jim stepped forward onto the bed, he ripped a bigger hole in her pantyhose so he could get a better look at her Bum hole, while Barry still banged away at her Pussy he inserted a finger up her Bum.

“OOOOOOOOoo.” Sue let out a sigh.

Before long Jim put two fingers up her bum, moving them in a circular motion, Sue was having another Orgasm.


Jim also had an erection as hard as steel he