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I love to watch my wife fuck!

I had been having fantasies of watching my wife fuck another man for years but now it was going to happen! And God, men, I was really going to watch. I told Vanessa of my fantasies and, what was much to my surprise, she got turned on and got interested about it! She immediately said that we could do it as soon as possible. This made my 6” cock get hard and we fucked all night like mad rabbits!

The next day we discussed it some more and I told her that she could choose the guy of her choice. I had no idea what type of guys she liked and preferred. So I decided to leave it to her. She really loved my suggestion because what I didn’t know was that she had been hot for a guy she worked with – her workmate.

The next day, going to her work, she wore a low cut top and sexy skirt with no panties. Actually, it was my idea – to leave her without any underwear. When she came to her office, he was already there. The whole days he had been trying to keep his attention. She was wet with anticipation and very soon, she purposely dropped something next to his desk.

When she bent over to pick it up, she gave him a clear shot of her wet pussy. He couldn’t stop looking at her already dripping wet cunt. She later told me about it and it made me feel hot. This went on all day and they went to lunch together. At lunch he played with Vanessa’s pussy and she immediately came. She told him that I was out of town and she wanted him to come over to her house after work. He just nodded his head and agreed. Sure he did, because my wife was such a hot piece of flesh!

That evening when they got there, I was also at home, but he didn’t know that I was there, and he had no idea that he was going to fuck Vanessa while I secretly watched. She led him to the bed room of ours and offered some drink. He agreed and then they started laughing and chatting, talking things. She was all horny and I could see her touching and creasing his bulge. They started kissing and touching and his hand was quickly up her skirt playing with her pussy again. My hand found my dick as I was getting hard watching this. But then Vanessa did the thing which made my jaw drop.

She grabbed his cock and fell to her knees. Vanessa unzipped his pants and almost swallowed his cock whole. I watched my sexy hot wife suck his cock like she was starving. It didn’t take long for him to shoot his load in her mouth and she drank every drop of his salty load. Vanessa looked up at him and smiled with his cum dripping from her chin. God, damn! I was a bit annoyed, because my wife doesn’t give me head often, she is not actually a blow job lover, but here she proved the contrary things! She always told me that she doesn’t like sucking a cock, because it is kind of dirty and pervert, so I never insisted, and she would not taking my cock in her mouth easily, rather than eating my cum! But this was something quite different!

He pulled her up from her knees, opened her blouse and started to suck on her firm tits. Vanessa loved this and dropped her skirt for him. My wife had always had a hairy bush but I discovered that she had shaven her pussy just for him. That was also a bit annoying addiction of this day. If she really shaved her pussy to this guy, then she was considering him as a good fuck for her, rather than her own hubby. But, in some way, it was all turning me on, so I decided to keep watching.

She moaned as he sucked on her tits and his hand found its way between her legs. Then he picked up my naked wife, put her on my bed, and with her legs spread wide open he began to eat my wife’s pussy before my eyes. Vanessa grabbed the sheets tightly while moaning and begging him to fuck her. She kept saying: “I want your cock! I wan you to fuck the shit out of me!” over and over. He took his great and gorgeous time in eating her pussy but when he was done, he made Vanessa moan and beg for more! She behaved like I had never seen her before! In a second she turned into a real bitch, the dirty slut with pussy red open and willing to be fucked hard!

He shoved his hard cock in my wife’s waiting pussy and she immediately came. He fucked my wife for the next 3 hours as she begged him to do it faster. Within this time he managed to cum 4 times and all the time this young stud would cum in my wife’s mouth! As he fucked my wife, I pulled on my cock and was enjoying this wild show as much as they did! Vanessa definitely and obviously had the fuck of her life that night and now her workmate comes over often now. My cock loves it when he fucks my wife and I also like this stuff!

I crave for gang bangs!

I am a 27 year old babe who has been married for 5 years and lives in harmony and peace. A few months ago my husband got three porn videos for us to watch because he knew I had never seen any of it and he wanted to spice up our sex life. Well, we watched the first 2 videos and although my husband was very aroused, I was very OK and stayed calm with them. Then he put on the last DVD disk. While doing this, he looked at me with such a devilish smile on his face!

Yeah, God, it really got me! Actually, as most porn movies, its plot was simple, a gang bang. There 5 male bikers were driving down a country lane when they saw a nice looking young blond girl standing at the road and hitchhiking. They put her on one of the bikes and then guys turned off onto a dirty country road and drove right to the green field clearing and finally parked under a big tree. Some one put down a large blanket while the other four stripped the girl naked. She seemed not to resist or mind at all, as if everything was going right. The men all stripped and they had come with very significant hardons which they dangle in front of this beautiful blonde who was kneeling on the blanket and she started sucking and fondling all five cocks. When they were all as hard as rock, one man laid down and put his cock in her pussy.

Another man grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her mouth to his cock and started mouth fucking her very fast. Another man got out some lube bottle and spread it on his cock and her asshole. Next, he shoved his massive organ all the way in! This blonde slut was taking the last two cocks in her hands. They proceeded to switch positions all the time so that everyone could have his turn with all of her 3 holes! She was continuously moaning with pleasure, and she was really getting into this! In this movie my absolutely favorite scene was while lying on her back 2 guys men kneel on each side of her face and she was having 2 large cock heads in her mouth at the same time! Although her mouth was stretched to the limit, you could see her tongue rolling around each tip, trying to give them pleasure. Each man lifted up one of her legs so that she was now spread wide open! Then, the guy with the biggest cock slid right into her pussy. After a few minutes of this, one man in her mouth began to squirt a gallon of hot cum right into her mouth and when he was almost finished squirting, the second man shot another load of heavy messy cum all over her mouth, but then he pulled out and shot out his hot cum all over her face and hair. The other 2 guys, who were standing at both sides, kneeled down and came at about the same time on her breasts! Finally, the biker in her pussy came as well, splashing drops of heavy cum all over her tummy and tits! He pulled his big dick out of her and the camera focused on the come oozing from her pussy, while her chest, face and hair were covered with hot clammy sperm! When that picture came up, I had a huge orgasm without touching myself.

The reason I was so turned on is that this has been my favorite fantasy since I got married this man. As far as I remember myself thinking of sex, every time my wet dreams come to one episode: me, lying naked and being abused by a gang of men! I always wanted to do nasty and naughty dirty things that a nice girl didn’t do! It was a real turn on for me and I knew that most girls are secretly dreaming of being in such situation! I had never told my husband of this continual fantasy because I was embarrassed to admit I like being a whore and wanting a gang of men banging me in all the holes, but this thought was flirting across my mind all the time and wouldn’t leave. I was also sure he would be turned off to my dreaming of a gang bang.

Anyway, after my orgasm I knelt by my husband and started to suck him. He curled under me like a snake, so we were now in a 69 position, giving pleasure to each other! When his tongue hit my clit I was in heaven. He quickly came and I swallowed his big load, which was a first for me. Frankly, I’m not much of cum lover, but this time it was so fucking hot that I couldn’t resist taking all of that sweet cum in my mouth! He continued to lick me and so I kept his soft cock in my mouth until he got hard again and came in my mouth for the second time! In the meantime I had about 5 or 6 intense orgasms, I even lost count!

After our best sex we ever had, we went to the bed and I told him about my dream of a gang bang and that I wished that the girl in the last movie was me! He confessed that he had got that particular movie because he had a fantasy as well. Since we got married, he had a dream of seeing me with other men, and he really didn’t mind at all! What a perfect husband I got! About a month later, my husband told me what he had been arranging everything. He worked in a big Design studio and they have many foreign contracts and young men from these countries come to the company for training and sharing know how. There were 3 guys from Italy and they were leaving for their home country in a few days. He invited them to go fishing and told them about his hot girl friend (he meant me) who would join them.

He rented a forty foot boat from a Friday to Saturday night trip and we all climbed aboard. These 3 guys were real hunks who hadn’t had sex in weeks. Two of them were just about 23 years old and one was 25. My husband got all of us in the cabin and told us the rules. I was theirs for fun and to fuck in any way they wished, but only if they didn’t hurt me. Also, I liked multiple partners at the same time and he was going to video tape the events. They wanted to start immediately but there were too many boats and people around, so my husband took the boat out to an isolated area and anchored.
We all got in the main cabin again, only now the camera was on and I was ordered to strip. I was shaking from nervousness and excitement when I slowly started to take my clothes off. The men got naked immediately and I was facing 4 big hard-on cocks which made my pussy get wet almost instantly! From then, my memory was in total blur. I don’t remember having any sleep on the boat during that night. After a long orgy with all 4 guys, they would approach me with different ideas – all the night and day, one by one, or all of them at the same time, for blow job fuck or ass fuck! And sure this continued until we brought the boat back on Saturday evening. We have most of the action on the video tape, although there was a lot of fuck in other places, where the camera was not fixed on. I think that I was a target for approximately 2 dozens of heavy loads all over me.

Since that time, Thomas, my husband, arranges a relaxation party about every month with a gang of young guys, mostly foreigners, from 3 to 6 persons involved, who haven’t had sex in weeks and want an eager girl for a gang bang. He always tapes these events so we can replay them when we are alone and we get much enjoyment watching these funny and good episodes! Since we had started our parties, I was made to do many pervert things I could never think of before!

Thomas’s favorite movie was me taking on 4 big, well-hung black men from Cape Town, South African Republic. He made sure this was the most depraved party from all of the stuff! I double sucked them all and they even had 2 big dicks in my cock hungry pussy at the same time while I double sucked the other 2 organs!

Although I love what we are doing, I know I would once have to stop! Now or then! Anyhow, I was considering this as a short period in my life and was not going to go on like this for ever! When I came up with my quitting to my husband, he got angry because we are having a good time with our game and he wants to continue. I’m afraid that after all that I’ve done, I wouldn’t ever be able to go back to the normal housewife routine. Very often, I find myself dreaming and masturbating during the day when we haven’t had a party for long, and it seems to me that I am getting more and more perverted! I think that it would not be easy to stop right now, by the way, I also enjoy being a whore, but something troubles me. All of the neighbors think of me as a good and humble wife, an example of excellence. And sometimes I catch myself thinking of my neighbor males fucking the hell out of me! I have no idea what it finally ends up with!

Drunken black orgy

It was saturday1 am in the morning, i got a call off my wife to come and pick her and her friend Sheila up from town after a night out. It took me 15 minutes to arrive at her destination. I couldn’t believe what i saw when i got there. They were accompanied by 4 young black men, one of whom i recognised it was sheila’s son in law Jude. They all got in the car jude got in the passenger seat. My wife Nicole and sheila were sitting on the knees of two of other 3 guys in the back seat. The young black guy josh was asking my wife to show him her tits. She was looking at me in the mirror, the next thing i heard shook me. “If you give me £20 i’ll let you suck them” she said. He immediately handed her a £20 note. She slipped her dress down to reveal her fantastic 36d tits , josh wasted no time in getting her nipples rock hard. I could see her in the mirror her eyes were fixed on his tongue flicking at her nipples. The young black lad to her right started to suck on her other nipple, she was loving every minute of it. Josh was now trying to get his hands between her legs, the only reason he never was because we’d arrived at our house. Nicole quickly adjusted her dress and entered the house followed by the four black lads and sheila.

Once inside the house the alcohol started flowing. Nicole went upstairs and came down with one of my porn dvds. It just happened to be one about black men fucking white women. She put it on with minutes they were all sitting there watching some black big cocked stud fucking a white woman. Nicole suddenly said “is it true what they say about black men and there big cocks”. Within in seconds they all had their cocks out they all had cocks in excess 9″. Nicole wasted no time in dropping to her knees and grabbing the two biggest cocks, she sucked on both of them with such unbelievable ferocity. While she was sucking on these huge cocks i just stood there and couldn’t believe my eyes. she had only ever had my cock in all her 43 years now hear she was sucking on two cocks at the same time. It wasn’t long before their cocks were rock hard she was carried to the cream leather couch. Where josh opened her legs and proceeded to stick his big fat 10″cock deep inside my wife’s tight pussy. Jude at the same time was ramming his cock deep into her mouth. Josh was slamming into nicole pussy she came 3 times on his rock hard shiny black cock. Every now and again he would pull it completely out i couldn’t believe how much he had stretched her cunt. SHE was begging him to come inside her something i hadn’t done for over 15 years. He didn’t let her down he exploded deep inside her just as jude shot his load all over her face and mouth, again this was something i had never done. she lapped it up every last drop. As josh pulled out of her his spunk dribbling out of her gaping gash, sheila then preceded to lick every drop then was leaking out. Nicole was that night used as a black man’s whore by all 4 of them i just stood by and witnessed it. she must have had a least 8 different dollops of black spunk inside arse, pussy and mouth that night. Four black cocks fucked her good and hard that night and she loved every minute of it. I was lucky enough to witness it with sheila letting me come in her mouth twice while i watched my wife’s ass getting fucked well and truly. Hope you enjoyed it.

English lesson

Svetlana was sure one of the prominent students in a financial college, she stood out against her group mates, she was sexy, intelligent and obsessed… I mean obsessed in a good way, she had a star-stripped dream. She wanted to continue her education in the United States. She was studying English like crazy, she was cramming books all days and all nights long. Wherever she was, riding in the subway, during the lectures, at home, in a café. She used every free minute she had to come closer to her dream. A new English teacher Andrew liked her for this, he broke up with his wife recently so this cute blonde was appealing to him sexually.
During the lesson his eyes would be set on her slender legs, her tight breasts showing from her blouse, she was a 19 year old goddess, he was swallowing hard when he saw the white triangle of her thong showing from her short skirt, that moment he pictured her fluffy pubis the teacher’s penis felt the pants were too tight for the size.
Andrew was waiting for the opportunity to become her consultant and get to know her better in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. And this happened when once after the class Svetlana came up to him and asked for his help. They started talking as if they were not a teacher and student but friends, Svetlana was happy and she suggested that he should become her private tutor as she felt she wasn’t getting enough of English at college.Andrew didn’t want to show he was very interested so he discussed the payment issues and then agreed. He was rejoicing, he made one step closer to her.
Svetlana lived in an elite apartment building near the subway. At the appointed hour Andrew stepped into the luxurious apartment of his student. She came to greet him wearing the black top and blew jeans shorts which were as short as they could possibly be. “No one’s going to disturb us today”, she smiled invitingly, “My parents went away to celebrate their friend’s birthday in the country”, “That’s good, now say that in English”.
They started talking in a relaxed and easy way as if they had been good friends. Andrew saw that she liked talking to him. Her blue eyes were burning with knowledge she was avidly listening to what he was saying. The teacher kept looking at her rounded thighs, her knees and of course at her cleavage.
After a while she offered him a drink and after a few cocktails he could notice the relaxedness in her body, her blue eyes were burning now with a desire of a young female. The third and the fourth cocktail entirely destroyed all her physiological barriers and complexes. Svetlana turned to him as if trying to swallow him with her eyes and asked playfully “Do you like me?”- “this doesn’t relate to our lesson” Andrew gave her sort of a mocking look. He was at the seventh heaven. His dream was turning into reality. “You have a stain there” –“ Where?”
He lightly touched her warm thigh as if trying to show her the stain that didn’t exist, he started rubbing the inner part of her thigh, she was waiting for him to continue. Svetlana leaned on his shoulders and moved her legs apart… His hand slid further, into her shorts, his forefinger was surfing her silk thong, feeling the moistened pussy. She was trembling with all her body, burning with desire.
Andrew found a tiny bean in her desiring pussy and started fondling it. Svetlana started breathing heavily and closed her eyes. His gentle manipulations with her clitoris gave her a pleasure she never felt before. Andrew got excited too, his mighty beast was begging to be released. The teacher unzipped her shorts and took them off together with her panties. She lay on the sofa and opened her legs, he saw a neat, silver pubis and a pink line of her vulva lips. In the middle of this red ribbon lay a beautiful rose leaking with its love juices. Andrew touched the rose with his tongue, it smelled pleasantly in its own way, he started to caress it skillfully. Svetlana started breathing more and more heavily, her body was arching like a snake. She was holding his hair with her hands. Her low moaning soon turned into loud screaming. She came vigorously, for the first time in her life, a sweet languor spread all over her body.
To thank him for the divine pleasure the girl kissed him with her lips which were as sweet and fresh as the cherry. The lovers were kissing passionately. He took off her top and started kissing her tight breasts which were so fresh, he was kissing them like an insatiable baby. Svetlana was melting, he took off his underpants. His mighty tiger was pulsating. Svetlana kneeled down and took his flesh in her tender palms. Her agile tongue started licking the head of his phallus trying to get into the foreskin. She was avidly sucking his dick, the teacher understood that she really enjoyed oral sex. She was working on his dick so passionately and skillfully.
Andrew again made her lie on the sofa, with her face to him, he took her slender thighs apart opening her like a book, he could see her hairy pussy breathing as if inviting him in. Andrew hardly put his dick into her moistened tight hole.
“What a wonderfully tight hole does this girl have!” – He thought to himself in amazement. The thick teacher’s stick was furiously attacking her girl’s tight tunnel. His dick was going in and out of her tight pussy, her natural lubricant, her tight tunnel were pleasantly holding and massaging his dick. We changed the position, she stood on her knees and lay on the sofa with her breast, I could see her tempting bottom looking at me. I could see two sweet holes now, one of them not visited before, her ass, first Andrew thrust his penis in her hot pussy and started torturing her really hard. That was fascinating! Her fluffy hairs were tickling his balls.
In twenty minutes Andrew felt that it was no use prolonging the orgasm, it was inevitable, his orgasm was knocking on the doors of her cozy hole, Andrew warned Svetlana that he was cumming soon.
“Not in me” , The girl shouted, – “I won’t be able to go to the States in this case!”
“Then you have to wait a bit, my sweet girl”, he said gently and took the oil from the table. Andrew lubricated his phallus and her anus well. He lubricated his forefinger and put it deep inside her anus. He started to prepare her anal hole for a meeting with his mighty tiger. Soon he already had two fingers inside, and then at last there came the turn of his dick. The red, leaking head of his dick easily penetrated her anus and disappeared in there, in a few minutes he was easily moving in and out of her tight, brown hole. Fucking her ass he started fondling her clitoris with his finger, she was breathing heavily. His mighty beast was furious inside her. At last Andrew’s gun started shooting inside the girl’s tight anus, Andrew was groaning with pleasure! His dick was pulsating and shivering, it was squeezed tightly in Svetlana’s hole. Andrew’s white moisture was going deeper and deeper into the depth of the girl’s anus. Svetlana startled for a moment as if petrified, then shuddered with her body and came, she lay on the sofa not moving, feeling great relaxation and weakness.
In half an hour their sex education was continued.

… Svetlana turned out to be a diligent student, especially she did well in English. She soon received a scholarship from one of the Funds that covered her tuition fees to study in the United States.
After that Andrew never saw Svetlana again. For sometime they were emailing each other, but when the girl got an American boyfriend, their email exchange stopped.

A story on the road!

We had just finished checking into the hotel and my wife, a beautiful brunette with approximately 5”7 height and a perfect set of large boobs met me at the door with a wild look in her eye. We had been on the road all day, and unfortunately 15 miles far from this small town we got a flat tire of our car. She was very quiet on the ride to the hotel and now I know why. When we got into this unpleasant accident, we started trying to stop any car passing by to help us. Finally one truck pulled over the road and the driver, a big guy with massive muscles agreed to help me. She told me that after I had left her with the truck driver to get the tire fixed, she had gotten out of the car to stretch and look around.

She was wearing denim shorts and a tight little white top. Her bra was getting uncomfortable so she decided to remove it, and as there was no one around, she took off her top, and then unbuckled her bra. The warm sun felt great on her bare breasts and a slight cool breeze brushed across her hardening nipples. She stood in the sun for awhile then noticed a truck driving over the hill a couple of miles, so she put her top back on and climbed into the car.

The truck stopped by, and she heard some one get out of the car, fearing the unknown, she rolled up her window, and locked the doors. The truck pulled over behind and she closed her eyes hoping they would leave her alone. She heard footsteps but no voice, so she opened her eyes to see a young guy staring at her. Then he began to wave at the truck for his friends. 3 more men walked up, now she could hear them speaking. The oldest said:

“We should go or we will be late, I am sure this lady will be fine” Then she heard one say:

“Man look at those tits! I feel myself dropping fucking load all over them!”

She felt all of their eyes gazing on her. Her nipples began to harden and push against the fabric of the top. They began describing my wife and the things they’d like to do with her. They started saying how great she looked and that it would be a great deal to fuck her right now. She could feel her body starting to get turned on, and she began to writhe back and fourth in her seat. My wife was a good slut, she fucked great and hard and I knew she wouldn’t ever mind to have a chance and fuck some really fat cock, but this time she was scared and was in mood to fuck. She opened her eye slightly again to see them standing there looking at her while they rubbed their crotches. Before she could realize anything, her hands found the way to her tits, rubbing and pinching her nipples, and exposing her flat sexy stomach. They watched eagerly and commented loudly when she played with herself, imagining their hands allover her body. Finally she opened her eyes and focused in on the guy who was talking about her tits. My wife sat up and pulled off her top. She grabbed her nipples and started kneading her boobs.

She squeezed them hard and pulled on them. The oldest guy said:

“Hey Tommy, that’s for you, what are you gonna do with her?”

He stepped forward and unbuckled his pants, and pulled out his hard cock! She said that his cock was much bigger than mine. As she played with her tits he stroked his cock harder and harder. She then pushed her tits up to the window, and within a few seconds he blew a huge load on the glass. The next guy moved forward with his pulsing purple cock and began to stroke it vigorously! My slut wife thought and then slowly undid her shorts, pushed them down and her panties to the floor.

She began fingering her now soaked pussy, massaging her clit and pushing her fingers in and out, she was starting to cum while he never stopped jerking off his cock for her. This one lasted longer than previous guy but he didn’t go too long. So he blew his load right there and his white messy cum landed all across the car window. Now it was time for the third guy. “I know what you want” she thought, so with that she leant over to the driver side and raised her ass to the window. She rubbed her ass spreading her cheeks for him exposing her tight pink asshole. She was so horny she began moving hard back and forth when he pulled out his cock! This guy stroked his car vehemently, like a wild beast! He came quickly on the window.

She settled back down in her seat and then seen the forth guy, the oldest one. This guy was about 42-45, with greying hair but still looked great. He pulled out his 11 inch cock and laid it on the glass by her face. She pressed her lips to the window and licked it feverishly. She swore she could almost feel it in her mouth. She licked at the window and ran her hands across her body, then she saw him begin to shudder and finally the old man let go and released the hugest load all over the car’s window. His cum didn’t squirt out like the others, but it was much more! It just poured out like out of horn of plenty! She pressed her tongue tight to the window trying to taste every drop of that huge load. When he was finished he stepped back with the others, talked quietly for a time then nodded head, and they all walked off and got into their truck.

She sat there quietly for a while then, when the truck disappeared in the horizon, she got out of the car, leant over that window, all messed with their cum and licked all the mess till the last drop. She said that it was so fucking hot and tasty. After that she got dressed, grabbed a bottle of water and her panties and washed their cum off of the car.

Jungle adventures in Africa

I saw one of those old movies the other day, where the hero and heroin were travelling in the African bush and were captured by native hunters, as usual my imagination started to run away with me and this is the result, hope you like it!

I was trying to make my brain work but it was impossible, I finally came to the realization that my white guide was dead, probably killed in his sleep, I knew that the only way to stay alive was to stay calm and not panic, even though I was on the edge of a total breakdown.

“Do you speak English,” I asked in a wavering voice, not sure if that would be a good sign or not? I repeated I question, when I got no response, and if they understood me they weren’t letting on, but when one of them used the end of his spear to motion me to get up, I didn’t hesitate, and scrambled quickly to my feet, It was at that moment I got I first good look at Peter, as the tears welled up in my eyes, I could see that his throat had been cut from ear to ear. I wanted to reach down and touch him to make sure, but the sharp point of a spear in my back prodded me to move off into the jungle with my captors.

As they made their way through the dense jungle floor, I had the chance to observe the men as they walked silently down the narrow path in single file, and while none of them were taller that five and a half feet, they were all well muscled and although I tried not to notice, they were all incredibly well hung, their long black phalluses swung in time with their steps.

After several hours we finally reached their remote village, a crowd of young boys scampered all around, staring at my white skin and blonde hair, while pointing at my clothing and laughing.. Two older women appeared, and after having a short but terse conversation with one of the men, took me by the arm and led me to a mud hut at the far end of the village. Once inside, without so much as a word, both of them undressed me and had me lay down on a straw mat, were upon they proceeded to massage my body with a sweet smelling oil that had a slight tingling sensation on my skin, they then pushed the fingers coated with it deep inside my pussy which also gave me a tingling sensation which made me want to rub it.

I was still frightened out of I mind, but it didn’t seem that for the moment that I was in any real danger, so while the two women continue the massage, one of them offered me a gourd filled with a fruit flavoured liquid, I thought it better not to argue the point and with a little bit of trepidation I sipped it, after a while I felt myself floating as if in a narcotic induced fog, then everything went black.

I didn’t know how long I had been unconscious, but the sensation of extreme heat brought me round, it was night and I suddenly realised that my situation had now turned into something really bad, I was naked and tied spread eagle in a large wooden frame. A huge fire only twenty feet away from me burned bright in the pitch black night as naked chanting warriors danced with spears held high around the crackling flames, while the entire spectacle was ringed by the woman of the village who chanted in unison with the brightly painted warriors who were driving themselves into a sexual frenzy. With the oil that the village women had applied to I body glistening in the eerie light, it crossed my mind that I might well be the main course in some sort of primitive barbecue, and when I began screaming at the top of my lungs, it only tended to drive the native warriors into more of a frenzy as they danced and cavorted their hard oiled bodies with their huge black erections bouncing menacingly before them.
As if signalled by some unknown force, five or six naked women, leapt to their feet, and began running their hands all over my straining oil covered body, paying particular attention to my smooth shaved cunt. Slowly but surely, try as I might I could not resist the feeling that was coursing through my body, the raw lust in my pussy erupted in a thunderous orgasm that only seemed to intensify with the chanting of the delirious dancers, but just when I was recovering from my climax, I noticed that each warrior in turn was breaking from the circle and dancing his way towards me, as he stepped forward his hips started to thrust forward which made his engorged cock swing between his legs, as it swung forward the massive head was hitting his hard stomach, when they got near to me they then started to ejaculate, long drops of their thick cum spewed out into the night air, a lot falling on my body.

‘This must be it,’ I thought to myself, as tears began forming in my eyes, ‘Now they’re going to kill me!
With no one so much as moving a muscle, from the far end of the village I could hear the low rumble of the chanting beginning once again, and into the light, strode a brightly painted warrior who I immediately assumed was the chief. As he made his way towards me the chanting grew in crescendo as he danced around my spread eagled form, driving himself into a frenzy. If manhood and power created the pecking order in this village, I could see right away why this warrior stood head and shoulders above the rest of his fellow tribesmen, as his erection stood, black, long, and thick from his groin, at least ten inches long and as thick as a woman’s wrist. All of the women as if in a trance, began masturbating wantonly as the chief danced in a very provocatively way around me and the fire.
The chanting warriors now pounded the butt ends of their spears on the ground in unison, creating deafening cacophony that only inflamed the chief more, his erection, now dripping profusely with precum shimmered in the eerie light, and much to my dismay, caused my pussy to lurch with the unbridled anticipation of getting fucked. The chief stopped abruptly in front of me as one of the masturbating women came forward and grabbed the chief’s huge throbbing cock and guided it into my open wet vagina. This seemed to be a signal to the rest of the warriors, because from the second the chief’s cock slammed into me, the women on the sidelines ran to their men, and in an unbelievable display of pure lust, they bent over and let the warriors take them from the rear like wild animals. My mind was now in sensory overload as my own cunt was being pounded into submission by this gigantic cock, while I watched as at least fifty native couples engaged in the rawest form of lust filled sexual intercourse you could ever imagine. While orgasm after orgasm engulfed me, I watched wide eyed as the native women allowed their men to take them in the most brutally vicious way possible, their screams and moans echoing into the night.

As the chief pounded his gigantic cock in and out of me dripping cunt I could not help but feel the rising tide of lust and expectation of a huge orgasm, as wave after wave of lust coursed through my jerking body, I screamed out load as I reached the point of orgasm, my whole body going rigid as my cum flowed.

My body went limp from the exhaustion brought on by the incredibly draining sexual encounter I had just experienced, and for a second I thought I might still be in mortal danger when the chief pulled a long knife from his belt, but thankfully he used it to cut I bindings, allowing me slide gratefully to the ground. It wasn’t long before several of the women picked me up and led me to the largest hut in the village, which I soon found out belonged to the chief and his four wives. Once inside, the women gently bathed me, until the oldest and it seemed the dominant wife, slid between my legs and began tonguing I hyper sensitive vagina, while the other women continued running their hands all over I body. A long low moan gurgled up from my throat as the elder wife quickly brought me to another series of orgasms that again left me breathless and panting. As I gasped for breath and wondered what exactly my fate would be, one of the junior wives slipped a small stub of tree bark into my mouth, and after but several chews, I body again began to float away in a sexually tinged fog, and my body urged for more and more.

Love affair

Wendy came to New York to visit her parents. Of course, she wasn’t going to stay at home with Mom and Dad all the time, besides she broke up with her boyfriend recently and needed a love affair to forget about her unpleasant experience.

Wendy was a beautiful girl, really beautiful, like the girls from the magazine pictures. And she was smart either. She knew exactly what she wanted.

Now she wanted to find a man to have fun with. She wasn’t going to fall in love again, so when creating a profile at she wrote ‘love affair’ instead of ‘serious relationship’. She uploaded a couple of her hot photos where she was wearing a bikini and looked very sexy.

She didn’t have to wait for long. Within an hour she received plenty of messages that varied from “Hi, babe! You’re so fucking hot at these pics…” to offers to spend an unforgettable evening in a restaurant or sauna (while his wife is away on vacation).

Wendy didn’t think for a long time about what to choose and soon stopped at a nice suggestion to visit a sauna with a tall handsome man, 30 years of age.

They met at a café, had coffee and talked about nothing serious. It was evident they liked each other. At least she was sure he liked her a lot as his eyes were literally touching her exposed body: big breasts under the transparent blouse covered by a lacy bra and her shapely legs under a miniskirt. She knew how to look perfect and make men admire her.

He stroked her hand while she was holding a cigarette in the other. The man didn’t talk much, he preferred listening to Wendy. As for her – she didn’t want to know anything about him actually. She didn’t want to know about his past life, she was interested in his present! He listened to her and stroked her hands and hair on the back of her head. She told him about plenty of trifles, such as cycling competitions she used to take part at school and that once she fell down and hurt her knee. She even raised her leg a bit to show him a tiny white scar on her knee. It was so nice to amuse and surprise him that she realized immediately he would bring her a lot of enjoyment, probably the one she’d never experienced before.

The fact they could find so much in common was very important for her. She needed that greatly after the break-up with her ex-spouse.

The next day she was looking forward to the evening date. She visited the beauty shop and in the evening she looked just perfect. When it was time she rushed to the same café they’d met the day before. He noticed her walking from the bus stop and stopped the taxi to pick her up.

“She’s a nice girl, – he thought lazily, – let’s see what’s going to happen.”

Lionel hadn’t fallen in love for a long time since they had parted with his wife, it was her decision and he didn’t want to stop her. He tried to seek consolation in many light-minded girls but it didn’t help really. At some moment he realized he had turned into a man who couldn’t live without having a new girl every week. It was interesting and terrible at the same time.

The owner of the sauna met his new guests with a smile and led them to the room. Their sex was crazy, almost non-stop, bringing pleasure to both of them. They forgot about the steam room, but couldn’t refuse the pleasure of sitting in the spa with glasses of champagne relaxing after the next coitus.
But even the nicest moments are over soon and this evening was not an exception. It was strange but Lionel wanted to continue their relationship. Wendy was amazed but agreed as she knew this man could make her happy at those moments when they were together.

They spent the whole month together meeting at his apartment. He rushed to work in the morning and then returned home where his beloved woman waited for him. Wendy didn’t feel sorry about anything, she even invited him to her relatives to the country house where they had a nice barbecue in front of the fire.

Nobody liked him as her cousin later told her. They didn’t demonstrate that but decided they were not a good couple. He was younger and looked younger despite the beard. She asked her relatives not to interfere into her private life. She wanted to make her own decisions.

Time passed but the passion didn’t fade. They parted just for a few hours and when they were far from each other they sent hundreds of sms-messages to each other.

She had to stop when realized she needed to pass her exams at the university and return to work in a tourist agency in Boston. She knew she couldn’t stay at this city and make plans with this man.

He wasn’t the man to discuss problems with. He wasn’t going to maintain her in case she made up her mind to stay with him and made their apartment more comfortable. She knew she had to do everything herself. At a certain moment she was ready to be with him. She understood he needed her but he wasn’t going to change anything in his life. He agreed to meet her sometimes but he didn’t want them to be always together. His life belonged to him only.

At first she wanted to move to New York, to quit her job, forget about her study and live just for him but then she realized he didn’t need that. It was awful. She was attracted to this man and understood they had no future. How long it was going to be this way? Until he met the new passion…

She treated him more seriously. She rarely liked men and almost never loved them so much.

Nothing was changing as time passed. They met a few times during a year. And she wouldn’t do that if only she decided for herself she wasn’t going to interfere into his private life or try to marry him. Anyway she wanted to talk souls to him. And then he started to have love affairs with other girls and even stopped hiding that from her.

“Do you miss me?” she asked.

“I have no time to miss you” he answered.

They had terrific sex but something was wrong. It was not the age gap. She gradually fell in love with him but he didn’t. He treated her like a sex partner, no more than that. It was her fault, it was she who had written in her profile ‘love affair’. And it was love affair…

… and she became my wife!

When we first met, we were still young and careless teens. The first thing I remember about her was her sexy legs. That was the first part of her body which attached my attention when she came over to visit my sister. It didn’t take long for me to learn her name and learn she had moved in the neighborhood. I guess you could say it was love at first sight. Cannot say exactly whether I fell in love with her since I first laid my eyes upon her or not, but there was something that I couldn’t forget about her! May be those legs? Or something else….

Over the course of the next few months we fooled around with each other and did a lot of the usual young teenager things. After several months, the relationship things between us began to get a bit more serious. It started with the usual things like kissing and touching but never proceeded further beyond that because we both were just a bit scared of going too far. We had been dating for about a year when things really began to change! We used to love going to the drive-in theater. It was in the open air and you could seat in your car watching some film and hugging your girlfriend. As most of the teenagers then, we would park in the back rows. And, as usual, most of the windows of cars parked over there were too fogged from the inside and nobody could see what the hell was going on in the cabin! But you do guess what they all were doing on the back seats of the cars.

It was during these times that we began to go a bit further with our relationship. It was just some teasing things like playing with her tits and feeling each other up. Though our minds were not that of adult people and our bodies hadn’t formed in full shape yet, we did know how to please each other and make it feel really good. Gradually we began to get braver and things were turning into more flesh exposing and fewer clothing left. When she was undressed she was a gorgeous looking creature of beauty, though she wouldn’t act like a whore. Her nice round firm tits, perfect shapely legs, nice ass and a sexy looking pussy with a nice trimmed bush were driving me crazy, and every time I would watch her body in full awe! Kissing her tits and slowly moving down her belly to her pussy became the most repeatable procedure we had ventured to do.

The first night I ran my tongue over her clit, she shivered with the feeling of scare on her face! Poor girl, she might think I would hurt her! I took it into my mouth and sucked on it and she began to hump up against my face. I loved sucking and eating her pussy and could suck on her for hours. The first night we had sex we were both naked in the car and I was laying on top of her kissing, when she reached down and guided the head of my cock to her opening. Looking into her eyes I asked if she wanted it and she said she really did! Slowly, very slowly I began to push and suddenly the head popped in and she let out a gasp. I could feel her nails sticking into my back and causing exquisite pain, but I didn’t say a word!

Making it slow at first my cock slowly began to enter her until it was all the way in. Slowly we began to fuck until we were both were turned on so much that we began to fuck faster and faster. Not wanting to get her pregnant when it was time to cum, I pulled out and shot my load all over her stomach. We both had huge orgasms! After that night we were both more experienced and brave and it didn’t take long before we were trying to make up for the next time. We would have sex every time, in some of the most unusual places. I would pick her up at her house to go out and she would come out wearing more and more revealing things. One night I picked her up and she came out in this cute nice blue thin dress. With the light from the door behind her it was easy to see through the dress and it was obvious that she was not wearing anything underneath. Well, I got a huge hard on just seeing that. When she was getting into the car and swung her legs onto the seat, she just opened them a bit, as if unexpectedly, and I could see a magnificent view of her gorgeous neatly shaved hot pussy. On the way to the theater, I began to run my hands up her legs and the dress rode up higher and higher. Her dress was not actually long, and soon I had her dress roll up above her pussy! At this time she had spread her legs slightly to allow me to finger her while we drove down the road. If we pulled over the road and someone was passing by, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to see this young nasty pussy being teased by fingers.

As soon as our relationship went on and progressed over the next year, I finally asked her if she wanted to get married. And she said yes in no time! Prior to getting married I moved into a small cute house we had rented. From now our nights were spent at home most of the time, and it made it easy to have sex as many times as we wanted. At this point, whenever we had sex I would always pull out and never cum inside of her pussy because she didn’t want to get pregnant before we got married! Besides that she was afraid of what her mom would think if she did get pregnant. Finally, one night while we were having sex, she whispered to me that she didn’t want me to pull out. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes, she was. She said that she really wanted to feel me cumming inside her. I asked if she was sure since she was not taking birth control pills, and she said yes again. As we began to fuck faster and faster we both became more excited for the moment was coming closer. When the moment arrived, I shoved it all the way deep inside of her and we both began to cum together! When she felt the first eruption of cum hitting the back of her pussy, she began to have another wave of orgasms, and she begged for more of my cum to fill her fertile pussy.

After that there was no stopping for us. The year after we got married, she gave birth to a wonderful creature! It was a girl, she was as cute as angel! We still had sex whenever and wherever we could. And the thing that really turned her so much was being watched. She didn’t care who saw us. We ended up being seen by her sister, friends, and some strangers in the county park. She became a regular exhibitionist. Upskirt fun was getting more frequent in out life. She love to flash her pussy to the truckers when driving down the road, or wearing short skirts and letting strangers see up her skirt with no underwear beneath. After birth, she loved the feeling of having her pussy shaved smooth, so she loves to keep it shaved all the time. She did really enjoy the remarkable sensation of her pussy feeling fresh air on the road, knowing that in every rush of wind her skirt rides up, flashing her wonderful pink still hot pussy!

Feel yourself a whore

On one of the Thursdays Natalie decided to go to the night club with her friend to relax. Getting drunk, ladies joined the dancing crowd, and didn’t mention how they found themselves embraced by to pretty young guys, who have invited them for a slow dance.

It was very dark on the floor, so when her partner’s hands went down to her butt, Natalie didn’t worry, knowing that no one will mention it. But when one of his hands started to softly pet her buttock, and the second lied on her neck and pulled her strongly to his chest, Natalie started to worry. However, no matter how shameful it was to confess, she liked it: music covering them like a mist, alcohol pleasantly dizzying her head, and a rather good looking guy.

Quickly understanding that there is going to be no resistance, guy has pressed her to himself harder, and she felt how her stomach rested against his steel, springing cock, restrained only by the zipper on his jeans.

The guy drew close to her ear, at the same time shoving his hand from behind under her skirt and asked: “What is your name?” Losing her breath from unexpectedness, she answered hearing in return that stranger’s name was Mark. Without any delay and asking permission, Mark shoved his hand further – and now his hand was petting her bare and full thighs.

Natalie has felt a growing arousal, and missed how she literally pressed herself into Mark, responding to his forbidden fondles by rocking her hips. One dance was passing into other, as they didn’t break their embraces. Out of the corner of her eye, Natalie caught a glimpse of Debby, her friend who was also married, being in the same situation and hiding her face in the chest of her partner, she was obediently accepting his caresses.The arousal kept growing, and when Mark made another maneuver, she followed him without a murmur: following his quite commands she unzipped his jeans and found a secret pocket in his trunks she grasped with her fingers his warm, trembling and hard as a rock penis. In return it shed a little drop of a viscid liquid. At once she felt how his hands seized her thighs with a dead grasp, and started to lewdly jam them like a robber balls. What she has been doing was lewd as well, when her fingers touched another man’s flesh, it was already a cheat, regardless of whether that flesh would touch her flesh later or not. Understanding that an invisible line distinguishing a faithful wife from a profligate is crossed and nothing can be returned, Natalie, curiously enough, felt better; tension and nervousness have passed, she smiled to herself, and fully surrendered to arising languor. Her fingers clenched into a palm emitting vagina, and started skillfully masturbating Marks cock, memorizing its relief, size and learning its reaction.

And the reaction was most natural: Mark, pushing a bit aside, fastened his zipper and taking Natalie by her hand took her out of circle leading her thru the corridors of the club until they stopped in front of some closed door. Mark kissed her, embraced and not giving her time to regain consciousness, opened the door and went into the room with her.

If Natalie has ever happened to visit a whorehouse, she would immediately understand that the room interior was arranged in exactly the same style: a small room had a medium size bed, wardrobe, bed box, washstand and a TV set. Two red lamps cast a light tincturing the walls into mysterious and exciting colors. A tape recorder was on the bed box and Mark turned it on. Music filled the room. That very moment cleanly Natalie felt an urge to wash her hands, so she bent over the washstand. Thru splashing water she heard a sound of falling on to the floor Mark’s jeans, and his closing steps. He laid his hands on to her hips, and pulled her to himself. She straightened up and in the mirror she saw her face turning red, thin and long neck covered with Mark’s kisses, his hands, running up to the slit on her dress; his fingers unfastening the bottoms and letting see her big and lofty breasts, hidden behind the bra’s cups. It had a front clasp so when Mark unfastened it, the bra flew open, her sloping, with sharp nipples breasts jumped into his hands and he immediately started to squeeze them, stretch them to the sides and move together. Natalie threw her head back and moaning stuck to the Mark’s lips. Deciding to himself that the time to move to more serious things had come, Mark, continuing to work up Natalie’s breasts with his one hand, moved another down, and unfastening a few bottoms on her skirt he shoved his hand right under half transparent, lacy panties of a dripping with lust woman. His fingers touched her covered by hairy triangle cherished chink, damping with her juice. While the middle finger went half way deep into her, the others laid on her burst like a flower pusy lips and squeezed them. Stopping to kiss, Natalie again looked at herself in the mirror: her hairdo disheveled, chicks blushed with flush, her nipples hardened and got bigger, the bra straps hang under her armpits and a man’s hand bossed in her panties. She wanted to see what was going on there and undoing the last buttons she threw the skirt on the floor, and drew her panties down to her knees. She saw a bit plump but yet slender legs and Mark’s hand between them. Now two of his fingers were in her vagina, gently stroking it, and the ball of the thumb was rubbing her swelling clit.

Not managing to stay straight, Natalie bent down, at that her man decided to change the position: he sat on his knees, pulled off her panties loosely hanging on her knees, threw them together with her skirt aside and moved her legs a little apart. My lecherous wife bent lower resting against the low standing bed box, and her red little cave opened wide in front of a half naked man’s face. At once his tongue went into her. He licked her flesh for long, slightly biting, putting two, three fingers into vagina, fiddling her clitoris and at times spanking her bare, swaying thighs. Natalie, not ashamed to be heard in the corridors was moaning loudly. Suddenly Mark jumped to his feet, brought her down to her knees and forcedly pressed her face to his white boxers.

- Take it in the mouth, – he said, and Natalie obeying and ready to do anything in the world, brought his boxers down. Out of them jumped a tall, thick and hairy cock, at once forwarded by Marks hand into her mouth. – Suck it, – he commanded. But Natalie needed no commands, she perfectly knew what to do: first she touched a sharp smelling trunk with her lips, kissing it; then holding her breath threw it as deep into her throat as she could; let it out; then took halfway, sucked the head, went down the trunk with her tongue to the balls, licked them as well; once again went up the shaft and, swallowed it, not letting it out she kept sucking swollen from such caresses penis, gently stroking it with her hand and looking up into the eyes of its master watching his reaction. And the master with his eyes closed was high, repeatedly like a magic spell he was whispering in a husky voice “Suck it. Yeah, Suck it more. Suck it. Do not stop, deeper. Suck it, bitch, suck it”.

Some why cutting her ear “bitch” has aroused Natalie even more then the feeling of a hard penis in her mouth. She would never before think that she might like it, and taking his dick out of her mouth for a second, she asked Mark to call her more dirty. He didn’t make her wait long and called her the dirtiest names: not able to withhold it any longer, Natalie lied on her back, opening her knees wide apart she drew off the lower lips opening the entrance into a deep, wet cave she barely breaking to scream she said: – Come, enter me, faster. Fuck me! Fuck me like a bitch, like a whore like…She didn’t finish, as her mouth drowned by Mark’s lips covering it. At the same time his bolt entered hot insides of my Natalie, and began stroking in them as a cleaning rod in a barrel of an old gun. As both of them have been barely holding bursting out orgasm, after just a couple of strokes they both came: Natalie has cried like a wounded bird, and Mark has poured out a stream of his seed, hitting the sides of her vagina. Another half of an hour has passed during which Mark has fucked Natalie one more time doggy style and came on her back. Natalie was slimply lying in the legs of the man that has waked up an insatiable fury inside her, and played with his softened penis: she clenched it in her fist, took it in her mouth, swallowing it up it’s base and long not letting it out she was squeezing and lightly biting the groin. Finally Mark has also retrieved and his tool gained back its solidity. He took Natalie by her hair and looking her in the eyes he asked: – Do you want to see, what is behind that door? – And he pointed to the second door that Natalie hasn’t mentioned before. – What is there? Instead of an answer Mark raised from the bed, took her by her hand and coming up to the door he opened the latch…What she has seen made her squeeze the knees and sit down, – so unexpected and exciting was the sight opened to her. Facing her, in the same exact room as theirs, sat a naked guy. However, one could only see his legs and arms – the rest of his body was hidden behind another one, of her friend Debby, who resting her heels into his knees, and tucking in her own was squatting on them.
Getting a closer look Natalie grasped:
The vertically standing thick man’s penis was not entering Debbie’s vagina, as it first appeared, but lower – a thin whole between her buttocks. Mans hands were squeezing her breasts, lifting and lowering her by them; Debbie’s own hands were down her stomach, with one she was fingering her pussy another, and playing with her clitoris with other one. Debbie was biting her lower lip, and quietly moaning, dropping herself on a dick drilling her ass. It seemed like this copulating couple didn’t notice the intruders. And only when Mark came close to her, did Debbie turn her head towards him. Mark fell to her half open lips and taking her hand away from her clit, replaced it with his. His penis erected, and was lonely shaking by his stomach, until Debbie’s freed hand didn’t find it and grasped it in a fist. Natalie went down on the floor and started to masturbate, fondling herself with both hands. When the first waves of orgasm started to roll in, she saw Marks inviting gesture, grasping quickly what she wanted to do, she stood up, and not taking her hands from her twat she came up to the moaning trio, sat on her knees before Mark, caught his mace swelling with blood and swallowed it.

Before her eyes were flashing Debbie’s thighs, her red from fucking and masturbation vulva with Mark’s hands bossing in it; dick stroking ass squelching, rocking in a set pace dark groin under it. Suddenly second guy’s cock jumped out of the tightly grappling it tight hole and splashed a fountain of juice. Flying a high arc, sperm fell on Natalie’s hair. Catching erupting hose with her hand, Debbie pressed it to her perineum and left spirts, sprinkling as farewell Natalie’s chicks, got on Debbie’s stomach, couple of times reaching her saggy but big breasts. And at once Natalie felt how her mouth started to fill with the same fluid, this time it was Mark’s: tight jet of a sticky and tart sperm hit her palate and went through her throat. She choked, and taking coming with a white juice penis out of her mouth, she has stroked it with her hand: a few more drops jumped on her face, and from her lips to the breasts was running thick, shining stream of sperm, that she couldn’t swallow.

It was almost one in the morning when two lover couples, satisfied and quite after rough orgy, decided to part. Guys got their tired girls a car, and after exchanging phone numbers sent them home, paying for the taxi as gentlemen. On the road friends didn’t drop a word, most likely ashamed of discussing what has happened. At home, both have found in their purses a new and crusty one hundred dollars bill.

Step mother

It was a nice party. Boys and girls present had everything to be happy; they had expensive clothes, hi-tech gadgets. They were used to getting what they wanted. Since their first steps in life. They didn’t have to earn what they wanted. Their parents were giving them everything.

Nobody helped Kim reach something in life. Of course, her farther used to help her, but he was always busy working. She didn’t know what he was doing and where he was working – “working for government”, that was his usual reply. Her farther never married after her mother’s death. She died long ago, Kim could hardly remember her face. So, she could do whatever she wanted. When she was finishing school her farther asked her:

-Do you wanna play in movies?

That was all. In several days he told her she would apply for an art college to be an actress. Her application was accepted. It was easy for her, she didn’t even know why. When she was a college student and whenever she told professors her family name they began to treat her better.

Her college friends, as well as her school ones back in her small home town, often arranged parties. Of course, they were different. During school years, they often made parties in Will Crawford’s place when his parents were on their shift in another town. They often turned off the light, turned on the music, they were drinking. And then when they all were rather tipsy, Kim felt somebody’s sticky fingers on her body. She heard somebody’s heavy breathing. Somebody’s hands were getting under her skirt, under her panties, getting closer to her curly bush, and then even lower to her throbbing wet pussy. But that was all. I mean, hot hands were still feeling up her stomach, her hips, her crotch, but in a while she felt the guy tremble, pausing, moaning. Then he got up and disappeared in the smoked up room.

Kim met Rosie at one of the college parties. She was a daughter of a well known film director. Rosie liked the pretty country girl and wanted to present her to her friends. Those were bright representatives of gilded youth. There were sons and daughters of famous actors, actresses, singers, ambassadors.

Soon Kim saw them all at Rosie’s place. Her parents went on vacation. Her house was ready for partying. Rosie opened the door. She was wearing tight jeans and a lilac tank top with a big cleavage. Kim couldn’t help noticing her big round boobs. She could easily see large nipples though the light fabric of the top. Kim felt uncomfortable. She was wearing an old brown red dress. Rosie showed her to the big room. The guys became more vigorous as she crossed the threshold. They were trying to attract her attention. One of them, James, son of a comedian, took Rosie to the kitchen asking her:

-Listen Rosie, why the hell did you invite this country girl here? She’s gonna spoil everything!

-No, she isn’t. – Rosie said mysteriously, patting James on the cheek. – Try not to spoil everything yourself! She’s stupid, innocent and naïve. I guess you’ve never seen such girls at all. Use your chance.

James’s eyes were shining.

-Then maybe she’ll play our game?

-She will. She will also pose before your camera, be sure. But everything must look natural, she’s very serious about this stuff. And one more thing. No gangbangs in my house! – Rosie added.

James nodded.

Kim was sitting on the couch in front of a coffee table. There were lots of different bottles on it. She was drinking martini. It was sweet and generally very nice. Kim felt a bit dizzy.

-You know what. A friend of mine has just come back from a business trip and brought me a new camera. Now we can imprint happy and beautiful moments of our life for ever. Like, for example, beauty of a girl’s body. Imagine, you’re making love to a girl, and you hear snaps here and there. And your chick becomes apart of sexual history of the world! – Said one of the guests.

Kim was blushing. Rosie brought some magazines from her room, the girls were sitting on the couch turning over the pages, while the guys went out of the house to smoke and discuss the situation.

-What if they disagree? – Jeffrey, son of a camera man, said anxiously.

-Stop saying bullshit, buddy. They will agree, – James replied. – Rosie said they were ready. All of them but the country girl.

-By the way, – Rodger said (he was son of an ambassador). – Have you seen this girl’s melons? I’ve been watching her for long.

-That’s not all, – James broke him off. – Rosie says this girl is still a virgin. So it will be her first lesson today!

-WOW! – Jeffrey cried out. – Let’s play poker then.

-The loser dresses off and poses for the camera! – James added.

The guys went back in the house. It was an ordinary party. They were listening to music, watching some softcore porn on TV, drinking. Now and then somebody started dancing. Finally, Rosie asked:

-What about our traditional game of poker?!

-Great idea! – James shouted. – C’mon, bring the cards!

Kim saw cards on the table. The game began. Some of the players sat down on the couch, the rest were sitting on the floor. James said the rules were as usual. Kim was too shy to ask WHAT the rules were, actually. She began playing too. When one of them lost the game he pulled off the boot and threw it to the corner. Then James lost too, he took off his watch, Rosie took off her shoe. They were playing, paying no attention to the time. Jeffrey kept on winning, so he was pretty happy. The other girl, Terry was the unluckiest among them – she was only having her motley blouse and her panties on. That was all. She was a constant loser. Kim was more or less lucky, but she felt uneasy. Seeing her tension, James gave her another glass of martini. Kim made a gulp. Her throat and gullet were on fire. She glimpsed at James. He was grinning:
-Surprise from Cuba.

Kim didn’t say a word. She was sick. A new game started. She began losing it. She couldn’t think clearly, the cards and faces were obscure. She could hardly see the suit and value of cards. When she took off both of her socks she began thinking what to do next.

-Kim, c’mon, don’t be shy, take it off! – It was James’s voice. She didn’t hear him well.

She looked at him, not clearly realizing what he wanted and what was going on. She looked down. She was wearing just her panties and bra. And those were all! She looked around to see half naked players. They were staring at her. Rosie was looking in a derisive way, that’s how it seemed to her, at least. James was looking at her lustfully. She couldn’t read anything in other eyes. Kim looked down. Her panties and her bra. Man… She parted her dry lips and whispered:

-I… can’t…

-No that won’t do girl! – James said, frowning. – We’re all in the same situation here. It’s the game. A promise is a promise. So, c’mon, be quick.

Kim took a deep breath and closed her eyes. During the parties in her home town, it was always dark, and she didn’t feel shame. Then she got used to her friends’ hands under her skirt, her bra, feeling up her big knockers and hard nipples… But it was different now. She was offered to strip, while other guys were watching. God!

-Go-go-go….! – She heard James say.

Her trembling fingers reached for the fastener. Snap! Now the bra was hanging on her boobs, as if unwilling to fall down. She was blushing. She stooped her shoulders and the bra fell on the floor. Her big breasts were free now. Hard brown nipples were sticking out. She felt so free. She made herself look up. Everyone was staring at her. But not at her face, rather at her tits. Kim had always been a bit timid about her bust; it seemed to be too big, too “outstanding”.

-Well, let’s continue playing, – James said in a hoarse voice.

Terry was the first to get nude. She was a girl with black hair, so her bush was also black, stressing her snow-white nudity.

-You’re damn beautiful, Terry! – Jeffrey said in admiration.

-Yes, you’re. – James noted. – Why not imprint this beauty? – He brought the camera.

A snap. Then he looked at the pic and whistled.

-Guess we can easily send it to Playboy.

-You’re right, – Rosie added, looking at the photo over his shoulder.

Everyone was watching the pic. When Jeffrey took the photo in his hands, he began laughing:

-Babe, you’re looking like you’ve just been fucked, several times…!

-Shut up, asshole! Keep your dirty fantasies for your bedroom. – Terry said, blushing, and then added defiantly. – You’ve never even done anything like this to me even once!

By the midnight, all the players, save for James and Rosie were all naked. James never stopped shooting pics. There were many photos in his collection now. When Rosie lost the game, she took off her panties, and James was announced the winner, and he suggested making a group photo. Kim was sitting on the couch between Jeffrey and Rodger. James came up to the couch.

-Listen guys, I also wanna pose, it’s not fair that it’s only me who shoots pics. C’mon Rodger pick up the camera and go, buddy! – James said loudly.

He took Rodger’s place right by Kim’s side. When looking at her boobs, he looked at her light bush too. Kim noticed his glance and pressed her hips tighter together, putting her hands on her knees.

-No that won’t do, – James cried out in excitement. – Give me your hand. You, – he told Jeffrey, – take her other hand. Now girl put your hand here, yeah, right, don’t be shy. Hold it tight. Good!

Kim felt something hard and hot in her hand. She glanced down and was about to lose consciousness. James made her take his huge hard cock in her hand! The dick was big with a pink large dickhead. She was holding his slightly curves shaft tight with her hand. At this very moment she felt another stem in her left hand. But it was a bit thinner and shorter. She looked at Rodger who was holding the camera, shooting. His milky-white penis with a small red dickhead was prodding right into her face. She saw it pulsing, getting harder and larger. Rodger was sighing, unable to push the button.

-What are you waiting for there? – James shouted impatiently.

Rodger didn’t answer. He was shifting from one foot to the other, still staring into the viewfinder. Kim was looking at his purple red dickhead. His knob was very huge now. Suddenly Rodger shivered, his phallus was trembling too, spurting white stream of cum. It hit Kim’s breasts and began flowing down her stomach. Rodger pushed the button. Snap. He lowered the camera, looking very sad and ashamed. Kim set her left hand free, rubbing sticky warm liquid off her skin. This small incident cheered everyone up. Everyone but Rodger, who was still very much confused.

-Let’s look at the pic! – James cried out getting off the couch.

He forgot all about Kim’s hand holding his stem tight. He trembled, sighed and looked at Kim angrily.

-Girl are you gonna deprive me of sex forever? And of a chance to become a farther?

He came up to Rodger and took the camera. He giggled and let Kim watch. She was confused to see the photo. She saw herself sitting on the couch naked, holding two hard penises in her hands. One could easily see white cum on her bust. She couldn’t explain why, but she couldn’t stop watching the pic. She was frightened and excited. She was thrilled about lewd nudity and beauty of her body. It was white puddles of sperm that were disgusting in her opinion. Seemed they violated her beauty.

She gave the camera back. James looked into her eyes. He felt hot pulsation in his lower belly, his lustful desire. He had never faced problems with fucking any girl he wanted. He was especially successful with older mommies. They just loved him. But this country girl. She was definitely turning him on. She was really hot. He was staring at her during the whole night. He was trying to find out her secret. Was she really that innocent and naive as been described? Or was she just pretending? Maybe she’d already managed to find out a lot in her home town out there. He wanted to check it out. But Rosie never allowed them to fuck in her parents’ house.

The guys were dressing up. Kim was sick of the alcohol she’d been drinking.

-Maybe you should take some rest in the bedroom? – James suggested, seeing her condition. – You’ll get some rest and then I’ll take you home. Where do you live?

Kim was living with her stepmother in the suburbs. The house was small. There were three of them living there, but her dad often went for business trips, and Regina, her stepmother (she was Polish) offered her to live with them. She said she would feel better when not being alone. “You’ll get back to the dormitory if you don’t like here,” she added. Kim accepted the proposal.

James helped her dress up and took her to the bedroom then. Or, let’s better put it this way, he pulled her to the bedroom. Rosie looked at him vex, but he expressed such pure innocence on his face, whispering: “The country girl is sick. Let her spend some time there.” It was dark in the bedroom. There was a large bed in the corner of the room. Kim lay in bed.

-You take a nap, and I’ll go, – he said obliquely.

He wasn’t going to go, he decided to act according to the circumstances. The rest of the guys were leaving, he heard their voices downstairs. Rosie was going to give a lift to some of them. That’s great, James thought.

-Our country virgin is sleeping. Rosie you go and I’ll take care of the stuff here. I’ll make you coffee when you return, OK?

Rosie looked at him searchingly and nodded. Then the door closed behind the guys, James rushed back to the bedroom. Kim was sleeping. I’m dreaming of fucking this girl, he thought. Hardly realizing what he was doing he reached for the zip fastener of her dress. When he was through with it, he began kissing Kim’s half-parted lips. Kim made a mover and… responded to his kiss! Then she opened her eyes. He read the thing he wanted to read in them. She wanted him. Her body wanted him. She’s really a virgin still, he said to himself. He got scared for a moment. Bu his arousal was more powerful that his fear. When was he doing this for the last time? He couldn’t say.

Her dress was a bit out of fashion, nobody was wearing such dresses anymore. Jeans and a tank top. Or a blouse. Or a sweater. He was used to such clothing items. He was used to pulling such things off. But dresses…. But here we go! Kim was helping him with it! She took off her dress. Now she was wearing her panties and her bra. James’s hard dick was begging him to unzip the fly. He was very careful doing it, as if afraid to scare Kim away. He pulled off his pants too. He thought he had some forty minutes at his disposal.

James stretched his hand and began unfastening the bra. Kim shuddered aside, but he never let it go.

-Let me take it off too, – he whispered, – it will be a lot more comfortable this way. Let your gorgeous breasts feel free. And my fingers will be caressing them…

The bra flew on the floor. He was hugging Kim from the back, pressing his palms to her nipples, fondling them. He was getting more and more aroused. He felt so hot. While fondling the soft skin of her boobs he was kissing her neck and her shoulders. Then he turned Kim to face him, kissing her deeply. His hairy muscular chest was pressing against her huge melons.

-Now I want to pull off your panties, – he whispered, -can I do it? It’s the last obstacle on our way to bliss. I want you to be totally naked. Like that time on the couch. Like on that pic.

Kim wasn’t resistant. She was overwhelmed by a strange feeling. Like that time when she was on the swings when she was about to fall off, she was swinging so fast and high. It was delight mixed with fear and disgust. But fear and disgust were overpowering the delight, arousal and great desire to know what it would all end like. It wasn’t like during those school parties in her home town. When James’s hand got under her panties, pulling them off, she started moaning, trying to set herself free of his embrace.

-Don’t be scared! – James kept on whispering. – I want you to be naked. You’re gonna like it! I promise.

His hard shaft was prodding at her bare hips and buttocks. When the dickhead was pressing against the silk of her lingerie, he was about to cum, but he managed to control his desire, squeezing his buttocks tight. He squatted down, pulling Kim’s panties off. His face was right in front of her crotch. His lips got close to her bush, his tongue slipped down to her pussy. Kim moaned loudly, trembling.

-Isn’t it nice? – James said still licking her.

-Yes, – Kim moaned, – do it again…

James did what she as asking him to. This time he was also using his fingers. He spread her hot swollen lips, getting his tongue deep into her cave. He found her love button and started sucking it vehemently. He felt her juices gushing.

-Now I must dress off too, – he said pulling off his shirt. – Wait a minute. It won’t take long.

He was standing naked. He decided to play with her a bit. He took his hard cock in his hand and moved his finger all the way along the large swollen dickhead and his stem.

-Look at it, Kim! It’s reaching for you, it wants you, it’s dreaming of entering you!

James flung himself on the bed, carrying Kim along. He laid her on her stomach, kissing her right, then her left buttock.

-What nice cheeks! – He cried out.

He spread her plump cheeks wider apart, getting tip of his tongue into her anus. Kim cried out, apparently not expecting anything like this. She wanted to get off the bed, but he was holding her tight with his hands.

-No, not this way, – Kim said quietly. – Better turn me round…

He did, getting lower to her snatch. His tongue moved her vulva lips apart. Now Kim was moaning louder and breathing heavier.

-You like it? – James asked.

-Yes, I do. Harder and deeper, please! Yes, it’s great! Faster! Your tongue is so sharp! And it’s hot! Lick and suck me!

James was surprised at her change. He sucked into her clit, sucking it passionately. He felt hot sticky liquid on his lips and tongue. It was leaking into his mouth. James started licking and sucking her faster.

-It’s too fast. – Kim whispered. – Slowly, I like when you get out of me and then rush back in again, opening me.

James was working his tongue the best way he could. He wanted to make her as hot as possible. Then I’ll make her cum so many times that she’ll forget about the whole world, he thought. When he decided it was time, he reached her asshole with his index finger and entered it. It was tight, hot and dry there. The hole was getting softer and wetter with every turn of his finger. He was trying to move his finger and his tongue in the same tempo. Kim was swaying following his tempo, whispering:

-God, I’m burning! What are you doing there with your finger? What is it? It’s incredible! Something s coming, something…

James felt her clit get tense and larger in size, she was gushing. Seemed she was on the verge of cumming. He was about to get his finger out of her butt. But Kim began moaning, pleading him not to stop ramming her butt. You wish, he thought, and got his finger out of her anus. He stopped licking her, instead, he got his finger in her gushing pussy. It was hot and roomy there. He got the second and then the third finger in, ramming her violently. Kim got on her knees, James lay on the back, getting his head between her hips. He was caressing her hips all the way from her knees to her ankles and back to her round buttocks. His tongue was sort of glued to her snatch. It was running from her one hole to another, getting in her anus, and then in her vagina.

-You’re so great! So wonderful! – She was moaning. – It’s amazing. Do and suck me, lick me, touch me.

Kim was surely on the verge of pure delight. Soon her body was to get trembling of the senses she had never felt before, floating in the river of lustful pleasure.

Suddenly James stopped.

-It’s your turn now, – he said, breathing heavily, – I’m tired.

He stretched on the bed, getting Kim’s face to his hard-on.

-What? – Kim didn’t understand him.

-Take it in your hands, caress it, then suck it into your mouth, lick it with your tongue, the way I was licking you. – James replied impatiently.

Kim was very careful cupping his stem with her fingers, she began jerking it. She thought she wouldn’t like it. But it turned out to be not so disgusting, it was even funny!

-Lick it, lick it with your tongue, – James cried out, – suck it like a loll. Like an ice-cream. Lick it all over. Take my balls, play with them. C’mon, move your tongue!

Kim touched the dickhead with the tip of her tongue. She felt the skin get stretched, as if ready to burst. She felt some bitter taste on her lips.

-Yeah, good girl, now suck me!

She sucked into his thick shaft. She felt the head press against her palate. It was pretty deep inside her mouth. James began moaning louder. Kim bent her head even more, taking his testicles in her hands, pinching them. Her long tongue was running along the stem, holding it tight and then letting it go. Then she was pressing the tip of her tongue to the opening in the center of the head. First it was just a small hole in his flesh, but then it kind of opened, spurting bitter liquid. James was bucking on the bed.

-Yeah, c’mon. More, Kim, more! Don’t stop.

His penis was throbbing in her mouth, the dickhead got swollen, erupting hot stream of bitter juice in her throat. Kim swallowed some of it, it made her almost choke. The hot penis was rubbing against her cheek, it wasn’t comfortable and pleasant. Then it got back in the center of hr mouth cavity, and the huge stream was flowing abundantly, so she just had to swallow. Then she took the dick out of her mouth, crinkling her nose. She felt terrible taste on her tongue. James was lying motionless in a funny position. Then he looked up at Kim.

-Good job, girl! –He sighed.

They heard the door slam. Kim didn’t know what to do. James jumped off the bed, getting his jeans and shirt on.

-Dress up! Be quick! – He whispered and ran out of the room.

Rosie came in another moment. She was staring at nude Kim. She grinned and said wickedly:

-I thought you to be a country inaccessible girl. And you turn out to be a sucker girl! Dress up and get outta here! And get out of my sight forever!

Kim ran out of the house. She was walking along the road. She felt ashamed, offended and angry. She put her hand in the pocket and found some paper there. She took it out and saw herself sitting naked on the couch, holding phalluses in her hands.

When she got home, her stepmother Regina wasn’t sleeping yet. It was 2.30 in the morning.

-You should have called me to say you’d be late! – Regina said reproachfully. – I didn’t know what to think….

-I told you I’d go to a party. I didn’t call cuz I thought you were sleeping. – was Kim’s quiet answer.

-I always go to sleep late, – Regina said amicably. – OK, go to bed.

Kim didn’t say a word. She went to the bathroom first. She was brushing her teeth for long, trying to get rid of the terrible smell and taste of sperm. But she couldn’t get rid of that “sin smell”, as she thought. She went to her room. “It’s terrible!” she thought falling asleep.

She woke up at 10 am. Regina was sitting the kitchen. She was smoking. She was wearing a gown.

-Good morning! – She said cheerfully. – You know you look bad. Is everything OK? Yesterday you looked shitty. Like a frightened hen! – Regina started laughing.

Kim liked her laugh. She liked her stepmother, generally. Regina was just some 12 years older that she was. She looked young, she was fond of sport and liked to look fine.

-How’re things in college? – She asked pouring Kim some coffee.

-Everything is fine. Now we’re studying movie history, soon we’ll start English literature.

-Why are you looking so sad? – Regina kept on asking her, smiling with her kind eyes. – Do you have problems in college?

Kim dropped her head low, feeling she was blushing.

-Don’t be shy! – Her stepmother was insistent.

Kim looked at her.

-I’m not. It’s just that I was at a party yesterday. And there we were playing poker… strip poker… and I had to undress.

Regina’s face expression changed.

-OK, go on.

Kim was short of breath.

-You got undressed in front of other people? – Regina’s voice was quavering.

Kim nodded. Regina stood up and walked through the kitchen.

-What happened next? Anything happened?

Kim nodded again.

-I… was made to sit on the couch. Two guys were sitting on my sides. They took a pic of us. I was naked. Then one of them took me to the bedroom and began kissing me, – she broke off.

She just couldn’t tell everything. Regina was looking at her closely.

-Tell me, do you have this…. photo?

Kim looked at her in surprise.

- Yes, I do. Why are you asking?

-Show me!

-No, no! – Kim cried out startled. – No way, no.

-I ask you, please. Don’t be scared. I’m not gonna yell at you or reprimand you. I just wanna see it.

Kim took her dress from the wardrobe. She took a pic out of the pocket. Regina was studying it for a long time. Her eyes were shining, but Kim wasn’t sure what feelings her stepmother had about them.

-You have a beautiful body! – Regina said after a pause. – You have a gorgeous body! It’s not surprising your friends can hardly stay calm when being beside you.

Regina lit a cigarette. She was silent. Then she came up to Kim and hugged her.

-Oh, my poor thing! – She put Kim’s head on her bust, patting her hair.

Nobody had ever been so tender to Kim before. Neither her mother, nor her farther. Nobody. Kim relaxed. Tears were running down her cheeks. Regina was still holding her.

Next day after dinner, Regina lay down on the couch and Kim was watching TV, just as usual. She felt her stepmother was anxious about something. She felt she wanted to ask her something. Or tell her something.

-Kim, come over, please. – Regina said, finally.

She did. Regina was petting her hair and caressing her hand. Then she pulled her closer and kissed her on the lips slowly. The kiss was long, deep and very nice. Nobody had ever kissed Kim this way. Even James. Kim was unable to say something. It felt so good! She leaned back and gave her stepmother a sideways glance. Regina was gazing at her, as if expecting her stepdaughter to say something, something like indignation, or approval.

-So? – Regina said sweetly, touching Kim’s elbow, letting her decide now.

Kim got her. She turned to her and buried her face in her stepmother’s bust. Their breasts touched each other. Kim was kissing Regina’s lips. Regina was almost motionless but for her lips, and her hands caressing Kim’s hair. Then Regina moved her hand from Kim’s neck down to the T-shirt cleavage and lower to the boobs. She was fondling them so gently. Kim felt dizzy, she leaned back and closed her eyes. She was absorbed by the wave of delight spreading all over her body. Kim didn’t know what to do. She stretched her hand to Regina’s neck and caressed it, touching the collarbones. Regina smiled, opening her gown. There was naked under it.

Kim was trembling. Something was intensively pulsing in her lower belly. But it wasn’t pain, rather sweet tension that was getting more and more vivid as Regina’s hands were sliding downwards Kim’s body. When her gentle fingers reached the skirt rim, Kim was already burning with desire. She brought her hips together instinctively, not letting her hot juices gush. Regina was fondling her hips very carefully, raising the skirt. Kim got her idea and unbuttoned two buttons on the side. She pulled off the skirt and threw it on the floor.

She didn’t notice Regina’s hand reach for her belly, then her crotch, getting under her panties. She touched her swollen vulva lips. Suddenly Regina jerked her hand off and began kissing her stepdaughters’ body. Her hot lips were looking for Kim’s. And they found them. She was kissing her so vehemently. Kim felt hot sharp tongue getting in her mouth, reaching for hers. It was terrific! Meantime, Regina spread her hips wide with her hand, fondling her lips through the wet panties. Kim was about to push her hand away, but now she was longing for her caress. She was all burning with desire.

-Do you like it? – Regina asked. Her voice seemed to be going from somewhere far away from the place.

-It’s wonderful! It’s incredibly… pleasant. I want more!

-You got it! But first I want to see you naked.

Kim smiled and pulled off her T-shirt and her panties. Regina arched her back and put he head on Kim’s stomach. Her hand reached for the light bush and the swollen red lips. She was very careful touching Kim. She was circling round the lips and then entered her hot cave with her finger.

-Do you like it? – Regina whispered.

-Yeah, – Kim moaned silently, – deeper, please deeper.

-As you wish, babe.

She got her finger deep in Kim’s vagina, turning her finger inside the flesh, touching wet walls.

-…. soon you’ll feel incredible bliss. Soon, honey…

Kim was moaning. First she was moaning quietly. Then she was almost crying. She wasn’t able to control herself. She was crying with delight. Then Regina took her finger out of her pussy.

-It’s not the time yet. – She whispered in Kim’s ear, holding her buttocks tight.

Regina’s face was close to Kim’s bust. She began licking her nipples with the tip of the tongue. The tongue was caressing the skin round the nipple or hiding in the mouth again. Kim’s heart was beating so fast, that it was about to jump out of her chest. The flame of desire was going along her spine to her crotch and back. Regina was watching her naked body. She buried her face in Kim’s breast. The tits were pressing against her cheeks. Regina was moaning. She was moving her hot tongue up and down the cleavage. Kim could feel delight by every single cell of her body, but she was trying to prolong the pleasure and not get on the verge of cumming too soon.

Regina stopped licking her. Kim opened her eyes and saw Regina pulling off her gown. The body was very beautiful. The pubis was the thing that attracted Kim’s attention. It was very well shaven. Regina sat down on the couch again.

-Can you do me a favor? But please don’t get offended or scared, OK?

Kim couldn’t stop admiring her stepmother, she was just marvelously pretty. Her body was shining in the dim light of a table lamp. Her boobs were firm, and dark nipples were hard. Kim looked down at her stepmothers hips. Her hips were spread wide. Regina turned her back at Kim. She was pressing her elbows against the couch, standing on her knees.

-Lick my ass!

Kim felt another flow of scary delight over her body. She got on her knees too, getting her face very close to the round buttocks. Tip of her tongue touched the anus, circling round it.

-Oh, it’s so great! – Regina cried out. – You’re doing it so well, girl! Now get your finger in my butt. Do something crazy!
Kim was trying to thrust her tongue deeper, but she failed to do it. Then she spread the buttocks even wider and got her finger inside the rectum. Deeper and deeper. She was afraid to hurt Regina, but soon she realized Regina liked what she was doing with her.

-Now get another finger. In my pussy this time. – Regina told her.

Kim’s finger found Regina’s cave. She was all opened. Kim’s finger found something hard inside it.

-Yes! – Regina moaned. – Don’t stop!

Kim pinched the clit and began caressing it with her fingers. It got swollen and large in size. It was all covered with lubrication. Now three fingers were ramming into Regina’s snatch. The cave seemed to be very wide and endless. Regina was quivering. She was trembling more and more intensively, and in several seconds she was bucking under Kim’s fingers.

-Don’t stop! Don’t… More, more…

Kim was biting her lip. She was doing her best to please the stepmother. She was fingering her, following all the instructions. Suddenly Regina stopped trembling, arching her back. Her stomach was tense. She was moaning loudly, crying.


Her cry scared Kim. Regina tossed to the side and fell on the couch. She was motionless and silent for several minutes. She seemed to have lost consciousness. Kim was sitting on the couch, watching her. Regina opened her eyes then. Kim saw so much tenderness and peace in her eyes. Kim figured out Regina had had an orgasm. It made Kim so happy.

-Is it a sin? – She asked quietly.

Regina burst into laughing.

-The thing that two people do with love, tenderness and passion can’t be a sin. A sin is something done violently, rudely, with hatred and mockery.

She crept close to Kim and kissed her deeply. The kiss had nothing of the erotic sensually as it had before. It was just tender and careful. Regina turned off the TV set and the lamp. They were lying on the couch, hugging each other. They fell asleep this way.

Next morning, when Kim opened her eyes she couldn’t understand where she was first. Then she remembered the previous night. She got cold. She couldn’t believe she had been taking part in that crazy love game along with her stepmother. Regina put her warm hand on her boob, caressing the nipple. Kim started and turned to her stepmother.

-You felt….

-Felt great last night, – Regina whispered smiling. – Poor babe, you were dissatisfied yesterday. But we can correct it. Tonight, right? OK, now let’s get up. We have a lot of things to do.

Kim smiled.

-Rise and shine!

It all started the same way as the previous night. They were sitting in the room. Regina was lying on the couch, Kim was sitting in the armchair. The TV was on. But the both of the women were thinking not about evening news. Regina was silent. Kim looked at her sideways. She seemed to be watching TV, but if look at her attentively one could easily notice a frisky smile. She was obviously waiting for Kim to take up the initiative. “OK, Kim thought, fine, then I’ll do it myself!”

She stood up from the chair and sat down on the couch. Regina looked at her.

-Do you want it? – She asked her seriously.


-Are you sure?


Regina untied the belt of her gown and pulled it off. She was wearing very beautiful black lingerie this time. She was wearing a bra and g-string.

-Go ahead! – Regina grinned. –Caress me like yesterday.

Kim smiled and kissed her. Regina unfastened her bra, raising up the T-shirt. Kim pulled it off. In less than a moment she pulled off her skirt and panties too.

-I’m gonna tease you for a while, girl! I will be licking, caressing for you to get on the verge of bliss. And then we both will feel this delight….

She pushed Kim away. She fell on the back, spreading her hips wide. Regina lay beside her, kissing her tits. Then she moved her hand over her body from the collarbones to the crotch, moving swollen vulva lips, entering Kim with two fingers. Her fingers were fondling her insides for a while, then they pressed against something hard, making Kim quiver all over her body. It was like a spasm of delight. Kim felt a hot wave pulsing deep inside her. The wave was getting bigger, spreading over her hips, her crotch, buttocks, anus, and then it finally localized in her vagina. She felt her lips get swollen and opened. She felt hot juices gushing on her legs, buttocks and the couch.

-I wanna suck you, don’t be scared! – Regina whispered in her ear.

Regina got on her knees, getting her head close to Kim’s pubis. Kim spread her legs wider, giving way to a hot frisky tongue that was already licking her hips, legs, her stomach, and pubis. Kim closed her eyes yielding to pleasure. The tongue was doing something incredible inside of her! It was sliding up and down along the lips, getting in, licking off drops of hot liquid, then it was going all the way down and then all the way back up. Then it set at the most sensual spot of her body. Impulses of sheer delight were spreading from her clit. Regina was sucking the love button. She was very gentle. Kim couldn’t control herself anymore. She was moaning. Regina was sighing too. Her tongue was insatiable.

Now Kim was crying, trying to set herself free of the tongue. It was driving her crazy. She was trying to cry to ask to stop that sweet torture, but she couldn’t. Regina was holding her tight and she didn’t seem to stop. Seemed it lasted forever. Kim got tired of crying. She felt like cumming. She was trembling, her every cell was pulsing. Regina let her go, Kim was lying still, holding the pillow with her white tense fingers.

Suddenly Regina gasped and tossed back. Kim could hardly open her eyes to look at her stepmother. Anyway, it was her first orgasm ever. She saw…. her farther. He was standing in the door way, looking at his wife and his daughter. He was looking at them with surprise, with distrust, with hatred.

-What is going on here? – He asked in a hoarse quiet voice.

Regina was giggling.

-Here? Nothing special. We… – she didn’t know what to say.
-You’re a bitch! – Farther cried.

Kim didn’t know who he was turning to. He came up to the couch and threw a blanket to his daughter.

-Get dressed, bitch! – He shouted at her. – You… you… I’ll get you later! – He ran away from the room.

Kim ran out of the room too, dressing up, going to the bathroom. She locked herself there. She closed her face with her hands. It’s terrible! It’s just awful! What will happen now? She realized she had to move out back to the dormitory. Dormitory? How will she look at people in college after that damn party at Rosie’s? God! She went back to the room. Her dad was in another bathroom, taking shower. She heard the water splashing there. She closed the door behind her and lay down on the couch. It was quiet. Kim stood up and crept up to the door. She opened it slightly. Silence. She went out to the hall. She heard muffled sounds from the bedroom. Then she heard Regina cry:

-Please, no!

She heard dad’s angry voice answering her:

-I was such a fool believing you, believing your fucking explanations! I should have guessed long ago! How many times have we had sex during the whole year of our marriage?! Two? Three? Now I see what you really are! You’ve seduced my daughter, bitch!
Kim heard some other noises, sobbing, slapping. Regina’s voice was even more muffled this time:

-Please, Ted, no! I don’t want! I can’t! Please! You hurt me!

-Does it hurt? – Dad said derisively. – Didn’t it hurt you to lick my Kim? Did it hurt you when she was fingering you? You deserve it slut!

Kim kicked the door and peeped in. Regina was standing on her knees before the bed; her back was turned to dad. He was naked. His hairy buttocks were moving to and fro. He was holding Regina by her waist, impaling her on his shaft. Back and forth. Regina was moaning. Kim heard her sobbing. Kim rushed away from the room. She heard loud cry of pain from behind the door. Her stepmother was suffering there. Her girlfriend Regina was suffering!

Kim packed her things quickly and ran out of the house. She opened the front door and then closed it behind quietly.


Man, time passes so fast. I remember Miranda. I remember her so well as if we broke up last summer or so. I met her when she was 20. We were living together for two years. So, it turns out it’s been seven years now since I saw her last. Miranda! I often remember our dates. I still wonder how come she gave her all so self forgetfully and sincerely when she didn’t love me! She was longing to be with me for two years, she called me whenever she had time. We spent all our free time together, mostly in bed. She was devoted to my freaky desires. They were risky and lustful. I couldn’t think rationally when she was with me. Her weakness and gentle obedience made me wild. I used to fuck her vehemently. I was delighted when I heard her sweet moaning, I was proud to make her happy.

-I don’t love you. What for to go on? – She told me after two years of our life together.

My dignity was humiliated.

-OK. So we break up then. – I replied.

It was strange, but she was crying. Probably she hoped I would convince her of my love, like I’d always done before. She was crying, giving me the ring back. That was the end.

You never see the run of time. Your mind, your physical strength and abilities are focused on different aims. Our brain is such a funny thing – any minute it can find the pain of loneliness. It finds it in your heart. Sometimes it can find it while you’re going somewhere by bus, watching people passing you by, and suddenly….

Miranda! Is it like I’m never gonna see you again? We still live in one and the same town. What could I tell her if I met her? I…I would look into her eyes: Miranda, be my girl. I need you. You liked to be with me, right?!

My memory starts playing tricks with me sometimes. It replays different scenes like parts of a movie – with voices and colors. Here is a summer day, for example. Two guys are going to outskirts. It’s hot. I see drops of perspiration on Miranda’s forehead. She’s holding my hand. The sun is shining through the windows. We’re going to a small empty house to make love. I give her a sideways glance. Her blouse is rising up and down with her breathing. I feel lust, and my cock is getting harder in my pants.

We get into the house. It’s cool and dark here. Miranda is standing in front of the mirror, she’s busy with her hair. I come up to her from the rear and press my body tightly against her round buttocks. My lips are kissing her neck. My hands overcome her weak resistance and get under her skirt, pulling off her panties.

-Well, if it’s what you want… – She says in a whisper and spreads her legs wide, leaning on the wall.

I pull off my pants too, I squat down a bit and enter her hot cave. We are breathing heavily. It is all a bit clumsy. Oh, here it is, it’s the moment of bliss! My body is bucking, I’m spurting cum somewhere deep inside her body. It’s numbness. I get my cock out of her vagina and realize there’s no way to go to the bathroom. My feet are sort of put into iron by my pants, so I have to jump into the bathroom. Miranda is laughing watching me. Yeah, I’m really looking funny – a young man in a shirt and tie is jumping to the bathroom with his pants pulled down and his dick half flaccid – what a nice picture!

Once I took her to the country. We were walking along the beach on a warm summer night, inhaling the smell of sea and waves. She was pressing her hot body against mine. Big palms created creepy shadow pictures on the sand and ground. The sea was silently empty. We got back in the car. I was sitting behind the wheel. We were kissing. I arched my back. It was uncomfortable. My shaft was rocky hard, the bulge was about to rip the pants. Miranda was caressing my body with her small hands, and finally she touched the dick. I didn’t see her eyes in the darkness, but I could hear her hot breathing. She unzipped the fly, pulled down the pants. She bent down, moaning. I felt her breathing right at my cock.

I leaned back on my seat, I felt her eye lashes tickle my belly, I felt her soft cheeks and hot lips. When I was overwhelmed by sensations, I started moaning, and then she opened her mouth, took the stem by her hands and sucked into it. She was fondling it with her tongue, popping it deep in her throat, or caressing it with her lips. My hand was resting on her trembling pussy. I was overflowed with incredible endless tenderness and joy. A thrust. Miranda moved her head to aside and sticky white drops hit the dashboard.

Miranda! We were always rowing walking round the place in the city. It was so easy for you to get mad! Though I was very irritable too. Why were you always annoyed with me? You always found faults with me – in your opinion, I was speaking, talking, walking, standing in a wrong way. You wanted to make me better? You wanted me to become the one to suit you? I was unable to change myself. And you couldn’t forgive me for it.

Once when her parents went on a business trip, Miranda offered me to live with her for three days in her parents’ place. We were sleeping on a large bed of her parents.

-I like it when there’s space. – She told me lying across the bed.

I don’t know what made her happy, but she was all shining with joy. Maybe it was that she was living in her home, maybe cuz it was a chance to live a family life, sort of, I don’t know, but she looked really delighted. We were having fun all night long. We had a walk in the park after breakfast. We had dinner and were drinking wine. Then we got back to bed again. We were having sex till the night came. I must say, my pecker was hard all that time, but it didn’t feel anything anymore. But if my babe wanted to get more of me, well how could I say no…

She was lying on her back, her legs were on my shoulders. I was standing on my knees in front of her, swaying my pelvis, fucking her. She was pretty wet, my prick often fell out of her hole. Her snatch was pretty stretched now and I could enter her not using my hands to help. And once again. I entered her, but she cried out and jumped off the bed.
-What’s wrong? – I asked her. I didn’t feel anything, that’s why I didn’t understand her reaction.

She was looking confused and reproachful.

-You got in the wrong hole. You did it on purpose?

I promised her I didn’t mean it. We dressed up and went to a café. We got back late. It was very fresh in the bedroom. We put flowers in the vases. We didn’t feel tired at all. I was rather surprised to feel my penis getting hard again. Miranda hugged me, kissing. She felt it getting hard too. She started dressing off, turning her back at me. I dressed off too. I made a step frontward and pressed myself to her tightly. I stretched my hands and took her by her boobs, trying to turn her round. She didn’t let me do it. I tried again. She was pressing her ass to my shaft. She began rubbing against it, moaning. She wants me to screw her butt, I thought. It was so unexpected that it made me shiver. I entered her asshole. I felt dry heat there, and my dick began to get larger. Miranda was moaning. I squeezed her breasts and cried out – a hot wave of bliss flew over us.

Once I decided to call her. It’d been a year since we broke up. We agreed to meet. It was a cold windy evening, we couldn’t find a café for a long time. We spent an hour looking for a better place to sit and talk. We were chilled to the bone, but she never said she wanted to leave. I told her I had to say something very important and that I didn’t want to say it in the middle of the street. It was an incredibly stupid situation! Miranda was very patient, I’m still grateful to her for it. Finally we found a nice café and ordered coffee.

I was looking at her. She was different. She was looking even better than before, but her eyes… There was no sincerity there anymore. It wasn’t the Miranda I used to know. We were drinking hot coffee. I was asking her about her life. I asked her if she was dating anybody. She said she wasn’t. I asked her if she had had boyfriends after breaking up with me. She grinned in response:

-Yes, I had one.


-I was happy with him.

I was jealous.

-Then why are you alone now? Why aren’t you together?

-Life is a funny thing, you know. – She laughed, but her laughing wasn’t natural.

She wasn’t the girl I used to know. She was a stranger. But I didn’t want to accept the reality.

-Come back to me. I need you.

She stared at me coldly and said:

-What for? I never loved you. Probably I could live with you, not loving you, but I don’t want it now.

-Never loved me, never, never, – I kept on whispering, drinking my coffee.

-Hey, are you OK? You’re so pale… – She said then.

She stood up from her seat and went out of the café, she was apparently afraid I would make a row in front of all people there. But she was wrong. I was like numb, I was stunned. I didn’t intend to make a row. There was no way to get her back.

Well, I’m not an angel. How many women have I had in my life? Once I decided to rack my brains and remember. I counted more than 20 and then decided to stop. The older I become the more I start thinking about the whole thing. I don’t know, I’ve always considered myself to be a one-woman man, but I couldn’t be with one woman for long. My relationships lasted for several days or for several months, then I started looking for reasons to break up. I was damn good at finding those stupid reasons. But the older I get the more often I see faces of the women I used to date, those whose hearts I broke once.

I guess it would be fair if every man could feel what it’s like when your girlfriend is losing virginity with you, and you’re her first man. There must be comparatively equal number of men and women on our planet, meaning that once a man does it with a woman he mustn’t do it again to let others feel what it’s like, right? If yes, than I’m a very bad man. I’ve done it three times, if not take Miranda into account. What can I say to explain myself away?

First it happened when I was 23. I was young, fresh and vigorous. I was going somewhere. It was spring. Suddenly I saw a pretty blonde near a store. She had a round face, small mouth and big blue eyes. I just couldn’t pass her by. I was very annoying and charming those days. I started a conversation with her. I found out she was from the south, and she was on vacation. I said I could be her guide. We agreed that I would come to her room at 7 pm and we’d go walking round the city. There was no walking actually. I did come to her room that day. I had a bottle of wine in my case.

I spent the whole night overcoming her resistance. First, she said she didn’t wanna stay in the room and that she wanted to breathe some fresh air, then she didn’t want to drink wine, and then she didn’t want me to stay for the night. But I was very persistent. I wasn’t offended by her rejections. I chose another tactics – I was very gentle, patient and wise. I was reading poems to her, I was paying her compliments. So, when the clock struck midnight I asked her permission to stay for the night, I promised to sleep on another couch in another room.

She was sleeping. I spent some 15 minutes on my couch in another room, contemplating over the situation and choosing plan B. I couldn’t think up something special. Then I did the following. I just came into her room and lay beside her. I really liked her. I began kissing her plump lips. It was a real turn on for me. I was undressing her slowly, kissing her body. I was kissing her neck, her shoulders, her boobs. She stopped resisting. She was relaxed. Soon she was naked. I pulled off my own clothes too and lay on her, moving her hips wide apart. My hard-on was looking for her cave. I helped it with my fingers. I entered her. She cried out. Is she a virgin? I thought. If yes, why didn’t she tell me?

-What’s wrong? Does it hurt? – I asked her.

-No, not any more, – she whispered, cupping her hands round my neck and kissing my face.

I thought she wouldn’t take it so easy if she were a virgin. That thought gave me comfort. We were running to the bathroom now and then. We didn’t turn on the light in the room. Then we got back to bed to continue our sex marathon. When it was the third or the fourth time in the row, I felt she really enjoyed the fuck. My happy youth! I wonder how strong and energetic I was those days!

We fell asleep in early hours of the morning. We woke up somewhat at noon. I looked at the crumpled bed sheet. There were several dry drops of blood there.

-So you were a virgin?

-It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m happy now. – She kissed and hugged me.

She was my date for four days of her stay in my city. All four nights were dedicated to celebration of our love. We wrote each other letters then. She didn’t insist on meeting again or something. I didn’t dare to offer this to her. That time I was living in a tiny apartment in one of the worst districts of the city. My salary wasn’t big. I was an adult, I had a job, but I couldn’t consider myself to be independent and mature. We stopped writing each other soon. I saw dry tear drops on her last letter. She said she couldn’t help crying thinking there was no way for us to be together, she also said it was a great pity I was so indecisive, but she didn’t blame me for that.

Miranda! I think my tortures of love for you are my punishment for hurting other women.

My relatives helped me find the second virgin. They always said I had to stop being alone and I had to find some nice girl. I said ok, why not go and help me. That time I believed I needed a girlfriend. Once during one of our seldom family gatherings, my granny pointed at an 18-year-old girl. I offered her to walk in the park after dinner. While walking, she told me my relatives had already introduced me as a very nice guy with high morals and kind heart. It was a great topic for the conversation. It was fun, generally. We were kissing by the end of the walk. I was pretending to be her about-to-be-a-boyfriend and invited her to my place. She was a student at some college and could come to me at the noon. I was waiting for her at home, I was free that day.

Words of my beloved relatives had their effect on her young mind. She thought herself to be my girlfriend and didn’t resist my seduction at all. I was kissing her, pulling off her panties. I took off my pants too. I was holding her buttocks tight, impaling her on my shaft. She started crying. I felt her tears on my neck and shoulders, her blood was flowing down my leg. Her body was quivering in my hands.

-Babe, – I sighed. I felt so much tenderness and love for her that moment.

We were drinking champagne then, it was all pretty romantic. I was seeing her for six months. We met now and then. Nobody knew we were together. Our sex was terrific. We were into using all possible positions, it was so great. But as for living with her, I must admit that the better I knew her, the less I wanted to live with her any longer. Well, she was a great decent girl. But she was very pessimistic, dull and indecisive. I just felt I couldn’t be with her. She was very serious about me being her first man. She said she wanted to be my girlfriend and wife.

So, one day I put myself together and told her it was over. She was crying. I tried to persuade her that breaking up would do good to both of us. She didn’t answer, she was just crying. Later someone told me about her. In a year a college guy proposed her to marry him. She agreed.

I often see one and the same dream at night. I see a line of women I used to date. I see their tearful eyes, try to remember their names, remember something good about them, something to comfort them and excuse me.

My third time with a virgin was a sort of accident. I yielded to my desire. I was on a long-term business trip in another city. I was lodging a room in a two story house. There was a girl living there too. I didn’t see her for half a month. I remember it was weekend. I was celebrating something with my friends and came home totally wasted. I woke up early in the morning, I was terribly thirsty. My dick was almost rocky hard, it happens sometimes when you drink too much vodka. I went to the kitchen. The girl’s door was opened. When getting back to my room, I couldn’t help peeping in. Her bed was standing by the wall, she wasn’t sleeping.

-Good morning, -I told her.

She gave me a smile. Then I just went in her room and jumped under her blanket, saying I felt so cold and wanted her to warm me up. She was lying still while I was caressing her stomach, her neck, her hands and breasts. When I began to pull off her panties, she brought her legs together and began sighing. I embraced her, whispering something sweet (as I thought that moment) in her ear, I was trying to make her calm down. My toe grasped the panties and pulled them off anyway. When she realized there was nothing left to protect her, she said:

-It must happen anyway…

She spread her legs wide. When I had enough of her, she took the dirty bed sheet and went to the bathroom. Well, I thought, I gotta find a girlfriend. I liked that girl. We were together till the end of my trip. I didn’t feel admiration for her, I wasn’t in love. It was something trivial, you know. She wasn’t very hot, she was just obedient to my lust. She was obedient and mediocre in everyday life too. She got used to living with me, probably she was hoping I would make a serious step and propose her to be my girlfriend. We never really talked about it. I was a coward. When my trip was over, I packed my things and went to her room to say good bye. She already knew everything. She’d been angry recently, her eyes were red (maybe she was crying at nights). In seeing me, she burst into tears. What could I do? I went out of the room and flew away from the city.

Once when I saw the old damn dream about my women again, I thought: “Why are they always standing at the same places in this line? Why not give more space to those who I was seeing for long?” I’m walking along the line. Some women are standing with their hands dropped down, some are holding them up. Miranda? You’re here too? You shouldn’t raise your hand! I still love you! I love you, though I know I’ll never see you again…
It’s my confession. I must say I wanted to color some episodes to make them more picturesque, you know. Sometimes it’s so difficult to admit what you’ve done. Am I a real asshole? Were those women happy with me? The older I get the more often I see tearful eyes of my ex-dates in my dreams.

Where to go?

Their meeting wasn’t a pure accident. Stephen used to run out of the office pretty often, and he always met the same two girls on his way. In a while they began to greet each other. Soon they met. The black haired Ronnie soon quit the job, and he could only see Helen on his way. They used to spend some time talking now and then. Stephen was 35 that time and he was sort of interested in “youth” stuff. They were talking about all different things, but it was nothing special, actually. Until once. Stephen didn’t remember the exact date when they started chatting about sex.

-You’re too young to know much about it. I often hear teens say something like “five times during the night”, it’s nothing compared with the one that could last the whole night. – He said thoughtfully.

-How’s that? – Helen asked him cheerfully.

-It’s simple, you spend the whole night making love non-stop.

-Can you do it?


-What about trying IT with me?

-No, sorry, I can’t.

-Why not? – Helen asked.

-Sorry, I gotta go, – Stephen said running out of her office.

Firstly, his break for lunch was over, secondly, he’d already said too much. Helen decided to continue the talk the next day. Before saying anything that he could then be sorry for, Stephen asked:

-What do you want?

-I wanna see what beautiful sex is. – Helen replied calmly.

-OoooK, – Stephen drawled, – So what is the beautiful sex in your opinion?

-Well, it’s like in the movies…

-Yeah, that’s a popular opinion, but positions have nothing to do with the beauty. It’s not about “techniques”, you know. The most important thing is that you give all to your partner.

-What do you mean?

-I mean that if I have sex with a woman, I love this woman. Otherwise none of us will enjoy it.

-You know, I always thought ejaculation was the most important part for men.

-I knew you would say that, -Stephen said derisively.

He was about to go, when Helen touched him by the hand, saying:

-Can we talk about it later, sometime after work?

-As you wish… – he replied shortly.

He couldn’t figure out how come he agreed to meet her after work. He was seeing a girl home, though she was almost 15 years younger! He tried to find excuses, assuring himself that he liked her not as a sexual partner, not as a woman, but as an interesting interlocutor, a young, pretty interesting interlocutor… He said to himself he wanted to understand her and help her not to make mistakes.

They were walking through the park. Then they decided to sit on a bench and talk.

-Stephen why don’t you wanna have sex with me? You don’t like me? – Helen asked quietly.

-I do. You’re very beautiful, you have a wonderful body. But I can’t really imagine us making love…

-I can do everything you like….

-Well, maybe you can, but you don’t know HOW to do it right.


-Hm, you know, I’m not an angel. I see different women now and then. But they’re older than you… We don’t need to explain what we want, you know. We know what we want, and we can get it within 5 minutes, or we can prolong the bliss for the whole night. It’s dependant on certain circumstances and stuff. But I can’t do the same thing with you. – Stephen said seriously.

-But why not?

-Cuz you don’t even know your own body yet!

-But you can teach me! I’m looking for a good teacher.

-Do you know there can be no sex teacher? It’s a myth. It must take time to learn things… Teacher… You’ll find him someday. The most significant thing is to know yourself, know every single cell of your own body, to know what this or that position or movement makes you feel. That’s how you can choose your favorite positions, your shortest way to delight. You’ll understand that your porn video is bullshit. Have you read Kama-Sutra?


-Once a wise man said: “In bed you can do everything.” That’s what Kama-Sutra is about. It’s about getting pleasure, not copying positions.

-Kiss me…

Stephen didn’t know how to react.

-Here? In front of all these people?

-What if we had a place to go? – Helen asked him in a frisky way.

-Well, then… why not. – Stephen couldn’t believe it was He who was saying that.

He didn’t notice Helen become something more than just an interlocutor for him. Now she was a young, pretty luring woman he desperately wanted. He couldn’t admit the fact that he’d been sitting with his legs crossed to hide the bulge ripping through his pants. He wanted her.

-You think up something, – Helen suggested.

-Well, let me think. We can’t go to my place, cuz my wife is at home now, I can’t turn to my friends, cuz my wife will know about it later anyway… I can’t afford spending time in the hotel…

-All right, then I’ll think up something. – Helen broke him off, standing up from the bench.

He had to stand up too. Her exultant smile made him blush. She noticed, he thought.
They were going to Helen’s place. When they were standing at the front door of her apartment she cupped her hands round his neck and kissed his lips. Stephen was all trembling with desire. His hands were caressing her slender body, getting closer to her firm butt hidden under very tight jeans. Helen’s hand slipped down to his fly and started fondling his aroused cock. It was so nice! Suddenly she pushed his away and said:


She ran up the stairs and opened the door of her apartment. Stephen had to go home. He was very upset. He was absent-minded and not attentive. He told his wife he had a terrible workday. He went to bed early, but couldn’t sleep well. His wife thought he was sick. Whenever he closed his eyes, he saw Helen. She was so luring, so sexy. He thought back on her kissing his lips. He was dreaming of her sucking his stem, caressing him. She was insatiable and wanted him to please her, her fantasies were so pervert and naughty. She was so….

-Hey, – Helen told him next day.

It wasn’t the Stephen she used to know. He was madly in love with her. He was all shivering thinking she was so close to him, thinking he could kiss her and could… He wished he had a place to go! It was his only concern now. This thought was very disturbing, though it made him feel so good.

-Will you see me home? – She asked.


-You know, I wanted to ask my uncle to give me the key to his apartment. He used to do it before, but not now, unfortunately… OK, everything will be fine, don’t worry.

Stephen was absent-minded all day long. His boss thought he was sick and let him go home early, he wished him to have good rest on the weekend. Stephen was waiting for Helen to come out. He had to be very careful for nobody to see him. He didn’t have to wait for long. They went to the park again.

-Let’s go to the beach.

They felt free. The weather was fine, the sand was dry, and there was almost no wind. So, it was pretty nice to walk there.

-So what’s on your mind?

-Helen, I told you…

-But you’re a man!

-Yeah, I’m a married man! I have a family!

-OK, don’t be mad… Let’s kiss.

She pulled him to a lifeguard booth, it was empty that time of the year. When they were in, they started kissing each other. His hands got under her blouse, caressing her back. Her cold hands were roaming under his jacket. They got under the shirt, Stephen’s back was very hot, that made her hands get warmer. Then one of her hands slipped downwards, unzipping the fly, getting under his pants, grasping at his hard dick.

-Can I see it? – Helen said, undoing his belt and pulling down his pants.

Stephen unzipped Helen’s jeans, trying to pull them off, too. Well, maybe the jeans were too tight, maybe he was too excited, but he couldn’t do it. Then he just got his hand under the jeans, reaching for her hot bosom. His two fingers were caressing her. She certainly liked it, as she tried to spread her hips wider, squatting down a bit. Two more fingers. His thumb was fondling her clit, the other fingers were vehemently ramming her pussy. Helen was squeezing his buttocks with her one hand, while the other was busy with caressing his shaft. She was breathing heavily, her eyes were closed. Stephen felt she was on the verge of cumming, so he asked her:

-Kiss IT…

Helen bent her head down, still jerking the cock. Hardly had she touched the throbbing dickhead with her lips as a huge stream of semen spurted in her throat, hitting her palate. It was so unexpected that it made her shudder and turn her head to a side. She covered the cock with the shirt, making it wet through in a sec. Stephen didn’t let her think the whole thing over, he started kissing her, they both were drinking his love juices. Several more minutes passed, and Stephen felt Helen contract her vagina muscles, cumming.

-God, I didn’t know it could feel so good! – She said in a while.

She looked at the sperm soaked shirt.

-Sorry… for not swallowing.

-No, it’s OK, it’s my fault. I was in such a hurry. I should have told you, warned you, sort of…

-Guess you’re right. You know I’ve never swallowed cum before…

-Will you do it again?

-Yes. I want it. I must try everything, right?! Well, next time just tell me when you cum, ok?

-OK. Take off your jeans, they’re too tight.

She did. She was still having her panties on. Stephen squatted down, pulling them off.

-Has anybody ever kissed you here before?


-Do you want me to?


He was feeling up her boobs with one hand, while his other one was caressing her buttocks. He was kissing her hot, wet, tasty pussy. He was kissing every inch of it, feeling every cell of her delicious bosom. He could feel her erogenic zones, making Helen tremble with delight. He was thrusting his tongue inside her snatch, massaging her swollen clit, drinking her heady love juices, drop by drop. Soon she was seized by another huge orgasm, it was even brighter than the previous one.

-Let’s have a break, my head feels dizzy. – Helen said lighting a cigarette. – Let’s have a real sex.


-It’s like it’s only oral.

-I don’t know if we can…

-Hey, don’t be afraid I’m not a virgin!

-I’m talking about your hymen. I gotta know if I can cum inside you or not. If not….

-You can. I’m on the pill. – Helen said smiling.

-Well then it’s just perfect. You know I hate when I gotta think about this stuff while having sex. You’re a smart girl!

-Can we try again? Well, I guess we can. – She added, caressing his hard cock. – Do you think we can make it here?

-At least, we’re gonna try.

Stephen squatted down and spread Helen’s hips wider. He entered her vagina.

-Well, try to help us. Sway for you to feel good. If anything goes wrong, tell me, OK? – He said quietly.

They were ramming each other vehemently, changing the tempo, holding each other tight. They couldn’t cum anyway.

-Steve, maybe I should turn round?

Helen was pressing her hands on the wall, arching her back. Yes, it was the position she’d always been searching for. The pecker got inside her at its full length, massaging her womb and her love button. It seemed to last forever. An orgasm gave way to another orgasm. Stephen kept in mind he’d promised her not to cum for long, so he never stopped drilling her pussy. Helen was apparently tired. She slipped off his dick.

-You wanna cum? If you want you can cum in my mouth. I’m ready for it. So what do you think?

Helen got on her knees. She started sucking his stem, which was wet of her own juices. She wasn’t really good at sucking, though she was trying really hard. Her caress caused pain and discomfort. But after several remarks of her sex instructor, she was doing it much better. So, Stephen was cumming. She was waiting for him to ejaculate in her throat, then she swallowed all his semen. She didn’t like the taste.

-So… – Stephen asked in a while.

-Well, not really tasty. – Helen confessed. – I made myself swallow it.

-You’ll get used to the taste soon, it usually takes time. – He noted philosophically.

It was late when he got back home. He was thinking what to tell his wife. But there was something else too. He was racking his brains thinking where to go next time.

The forbidden fruit

My mother passed away a long time ago. I and my sister were brought up by our father. He never got married again and gave all of his time to our upbringing and work. We really love him and appreciate all of his efforts.

A few years ago I got engaged and my future wife moved in with us. My dad and my sister both adored her from the first day. My dad said Susan reminds him of our mother and that she looks like my mom when they just started going out together.

So they say that boys unconsciously search themselves a wife that reminds them their mother. So we got married.

Susan also loved my family. She said that my father who’s 42 looks much younger and is extremely charming. We started living like one loving family and got alone with each other quite well.

Susan is an outgoing beauty, she’s stunning, and when she walks on the street she makes men stare at her. She’s sexy!

That’s why I was ok and not surprised when my father would be checking her out like a real man. Especially when in the mornings she would come out to the kitchen in a short tiny silky rob with nothing else underneath. I must admit that it even entertained me. After a year or so since we started living together something happened that has changed our lives forever.

On Sundays I usually play football with my friends and wake up earlier than the rest of the family. They all sleep till afternoon. That Sunday I woke up and felt sick in the stomach and didn’t feel like going to the game. My father and my wife were still asleep and my sister left for the summer trip to Europe. I went to the downstairs bathroom and stuck there for like fifteen minutes. I heard my dad coming downstairs to the kitchen. In a couple of minutes Susan got up as well. I heard her steps. She was making coffee.

I heard my dad asked her where I was and she replied that I was gone to play football just as usual. I heard them whispering something and giggling. I listened and heard them moving something…

I got out from my shelter quietly and decided to trick those funny guys.

I sneaked out and crept up to the kitchen. I opened up the door just a bit and was thinking I’ll scare them but instead I was shocked myself. I froze.

This is what I saw: my beloved wife was bending over with her elbows on the dining table and her rob was lifted up at her back. Her legs were wide open and she was sweetly moaning from my own father enthusiastically putting his dick inside her!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could never imagine such an amazing girl like my Susan doing such a thing. I would understand her if she would cheat on me in some strange condition and would take it as a mistake and surely wouldn’t enjoy it that much. But this was unbelievable: right in the middle of our own house with her own fucking father-in-law. No way!

Of course I felt shit! I felt a double cheating. It wasn’t just my wife cheating on me but my own father was doing this to me. I could start a fight right there with both of them but suddenly I remembered the words my father said when he saw Susan for the first time.

He was saying it’s amazing how she reminds him of our mother. I looked at him again and saw his happy face. I’ve never seen him happy like this in my life. I looked at my wife who was moaning and sticking up her ass in front of my father.

I thought to myself all of his life father spend on me; he raised me the best he could and never got married again after my mom died. He had no private life as I knew.” And perhaps it is the first time he is that happy with a woman as he hasn’t been for a while.” I ‘m almost sure he was imagining his own wife, my mother.

My anger and frustration left me and I realized that two of my closest people whom I loved the most were having so much pleasure and were so happy, why should I be mad about it? I looked at them with a totally different point of view.
By that moment dad has taken off Susan’s rob completely and she was standing there absolutely naked. I have never seen my wife during her lust from the side. That was so turning on!

Her delicious ass was gracefully sticking out for her partner and her tits were swinging back and force as he pushed.

The final was great! My beloved girl was moaning and shaking in orgasm convulsions. She sat down on her knees in front of her father-in-law and made him cum with her delicate mouth. She swallowed all of his sperm. To be honest from watching all this happening I almost came myself.

I didn’t start a fight with them, but I also did not pretend that I don’t know. I unveiled my presence after they finished up and after a strange conversation we all came to even stranger conclusion.

Susan told me she loves me and can’t live without me in her life and that this is just an additional affection towards my father. My father told me that he really does see my mother’s image in Susan, that she reminds him the woman he loved so much, and that it is obvious her young body is a natural physical desire for any man.

For now it has been a year since we happily live in this kind of relationship where both I and my father are Susan’s sexual partners. Of course we don’t sleep in the same bed or anything like that! And my sister does not have a clue about it! But when she’s not home my father can even go in when Susan is taking shower and he doesn’t care if I know.

Sometimes in the early mornings when I’m still asleep Susan goes to my father’s bed room to bask in his arms. And when I get up I get pleased by Susan and I’m so turned on by that “jealousy” that my beloved wife was with my beloved dad.

Susan says that she is so happy to be in such situation when she gets pleasure from young and tempered me who is so sensual and has the youthful ardour and it is based on love. While from my father she feels so much experience, tenderness and a sense of forbidenness is so tempting.

Of course this kind of relationship is far from ordinary considering that she is twenty years younger than him. He is her father’s age. When she first stepped into our house she called him “dad”. And even now when she goes to his bed she says: “Daddy, I’m coming, fondle me.” And I heard him saying: “You’re so wet and so sweet…who’s your daddy?” when he was licking her pussy.

In the last while I’m thinking of trying to please our lustful libertine together with my father. I mean at the same time. I think that would be interesting! I hope to find approval from the others.

How could he?

It became a good old tradition for him to make love in his weeding lodge when his wife was gone. The fact that this girl was replacing his wife for a week turned on both of them. It gave them zest to the 2 year of secret relationship they had. His wife was gone twice a year and it always felt special, but it never ended the way it ended the last time.

That day he woke up at 6 am. Just as usual, he had a glass of orange juice, took the vitamin pill, kissed his young lover and lied down next to her. She was lying right on the spot where his wife sleeps for more than five years of their married life. She didn’t react to his kiss.

Than he threw the blanket away…oh, she was lying there like a real innocent angel, such a babe! He lied down very close to her and looked at the reflection in the mirror. He was caressing her beautiful back. She was still asleep. He slightly pulled her towards himself and entered her deeply right away. She felt so warm and so soft. He was moving slowly and drifted her smoothly.

She was still asleep except that she started breathing heavily. He was afraid to wake her up and ruin the charm of this tender fantasy! So he slightly moved her legs apart. She was lying on her side in the spoon position and her right foot was bended in her knee. He took out his dick and slapped her bum:

- “Bad girl!” he smiled.

He looked at her pink pussy lips that got a bit bigger and were calling him to come in. He loved watching his dick entering her body. He loved to see her tight wet pussy taking in his dick-head, how his dick with such greed slides on her pussy ad clitoris. He plunged inside her and tried to move as careful as he could.

He was watching her sleeping face and open lips that uttered quiet moaning. He was imagining what she could be dreaming of when she’s fucking in her dreams.

On the way to his office he was thinking of her and was thinking of his wife. He loved both of them. But of course like five years ago he could never even think of anyone but his beloved wife. But all he could think of was the night caresses, her lips, her hips, her shoulders and her hands… The only thought of her aroused a raging desire and made his gun become hard and juicy…the juice of passion and sin.

He tried to escape that feeling but all he had in his head was her. Her lips were shuttling all over his body, her pink tongue was sliding on his neck, she was biting his skin and his nipples, and she was pulling him towards her delicate breasts.

Her eyes were burning and she looked like a cat. She softly pulled up his penis and her head went down to his balls. She moved apart his legs and licked that exact place between the anal and scrotum. Her elegant fingers were caressing his gun and at the same time she was dipping one ball, than another one into her hot mouth.

She slightly bit the dick-head and her tongue went up the gun whilst she caressed his nuts. She carefully got her finger into her anal. He shuddered from the unexpected action but he let her continue. She was moaning from the pleasure and he wasn’t sure who was getting more pleasure from such an act.

He tried to escape her and go inside her but had no chances! She rushed to grab his dick and put it inside her heaven like wet mouth. She started moving faster and her fingers embraced his pipe right at the root and squeezed it with the same pace.

He couldn’t resist it anymore and roared like a tiger! He grabbed her hair making his deck feel the deep throat. A hot fountain of his energy, life and passion was shooting right inside her. She was swallowing it with so much satisfaction and loyalty. Her eyes were looking at his twisted wild passionate and unbelievably happy face. That moment he belonged to her completely.

He had no desire to stick around his fucked up office, so he called her up to ask what she would like to have for lunch. He dropped by the sushi place and got a double bento of rolls and sashimi.

Oh, when he arrived to his house he saw her half naked sitting on the kitchen table. She just took a shower and her hair was wet. He took a hairbrush and came up to her from the back. With such incredible tenderness he brushed her hair. She turned around and kissed his hand.

They were discussing some silly articles from the fresh newspaper he brought and he was admiring her legs and her breasts that shamelessly were barely covered underneath the silky rob.

He got obsessed with that young lady and desired to rip off her rob and eat her neck and her nipples. He wanted to pull up her rob and tear her panties with his strong masculine hands.

He picked her up and put her on the table. She looked at him with surprise. He moved her legs roughly and stuck his dick with a single push. He didn’t pay any attention to her and did only what he wanted.

He was rude, rough, and uncontrollably moved towards his destination like a winner, like a virile man. He didn’t even notice she was crying when he cum inside her. He looked at her eyes and tears were going down her cheeks; she was twitching him and was strangling.

That moment he realized he must have hurt her and that thought scared him. He picked her up and brought her to the bedroom. She was sobbing and hiding her face on his chest.

He felt this strong desire to fondle her, to relief her pain and tenderly moved her tightly clenched legs apart. It seemed to him she wasn’t resisting him anymore.

His lips nestled closely to her clitoris and softly licked it with his tongue. His lips felt the taste of his favorable woman and it made him drunk. He suddenly realized why she was crying and with all the tenderness and rave he kissed her pussy. His tongue dipped into her flesh.

She was moving her hips toward him trying not to miss a single second of that heavenly endearment. Her body was in rapture over his strength and masculinity and orgasm reached her with anew power. Her body was craving for his lips and her clit was that tiny mollycoddle bringing the joy and the torments at the same time.

He woke up and felt someone’s presence in the twilight in the far end of the bedroom. He got his head up and saw … his wife.

She was sitting in front of them and was looking somewhere far away. Her fine full shoulders were discouraged under heaviness of the burden and her hands helplessly hang down.

That was the end. He lost two of them at the same time. The destiny that he always thanked for giving him the happiness to have those two, such different but so loving sensual women, deprived all of it.

In absolute silence he got up from the bed and came up to his wife. It was pointless to deny and object anything… Never before, even when he fell in love with her for the first second, he felt such tenderness and fidelity towards her.

Tipsy wife

It’s a real story. I came home tired, I had a very busy day in the office. I opened the door and heard the voice of my mother-in-law. I Heard her voice from the living room, she was talking to somebody in a rather rude way. I came into the room, greeted her and got why she was so angry. I saw my tipsy wife lying on the couch. She could hardly say a word to answer her mom. I imagined what kind of night it would be: my mother-in-law would leave, and my wife would start getting on my nerves. She was always unbearable when drunk.

I went to the kitchen to have a bite. I asked mother-in-law if she would have dinner with me. She came in the kitchen in three minutes and said my wife was sleeping. We were having dinner together, I poured her red wine she loved it a lot. After dinner I went to check if my wife was ok. My wife was sleeping in our bedroom. She was lying across the bed, her blouse flung open exposing her petite boob. Small breasts and awful temper when getting drunk were my wife’s main shortcomings. My spouse was a nice bisexual gal and I loved it.

I went to take a shower, mother-in-law was sitting in the living room reading some magazine. I saw her when getting out of the bathroom. I must confess I liked my mother-in-law’s body. She was a tall and still beautiful woman with long legs, amazing hips, wonderful DD-cups. She looked younger her age. But she wasn’t into fashion. And seemed she lacked the sense of style too. She liked to wear baggy dresses and blouses, long skirts, and awful stockings so she had enough of good lingerie and all sorts of fashionable outfits. I liked her to wear jeans and a top. She always wore them during our days out in the country. My mother-in-law was over 40, but she looked as if she were just over 30.

I was married for three years that time and I was still passionate and loved my wife a lot. We often had sex. Sometimes when my wife was out of town on business trips I masturbated in the bathroom imagining I was fucking her mom. I knew I stood no chances to do that, but anyway.

So I went out of the bathroom and saw my mother-in-law. I don’t know why but my eyes were fixed on her bust. My dick got rocky hard. I don’t know what happened but I decided to try my luck. I came up to her and squeezed her melons. I closed my eyes thinking she would slap me across the face and cry loudly. In several seconds I let her go and rushed to the second bedroom. I couldn’t think rationally that moment. All of a sudden my mother-in-law came into the room and locked the door.

- “Thank you”. – She said.

I was sitting on the bed, blinking, trying to get what was going on.

- “For what”, – I murmured in a hoarse voice.

- “It’s been three years since I had sex.”

She told me she didn’t have sex since the time her husband died. She also confessed she had a couple of lovers but she couldn’t feel the real bliss with them.

- “And now there’re two ways for you to go”, – she said in a very sexy voice that I liked a lot. – “Way number one – I go to the bedroom and wake your wife up to tell her about the thing you’ve just done. Way number two – you get on your knees and lick me till I cum”.

Guess my choice! Her words made my dick get as hard as never before. I knelt down and she raised her skirt. She raised her leg and put it on a bedside table. She took my head with her hands and pressed it against her crotch. I thrust her panties aside and saw her bushy slit. I started licking it.

- “Harder, harder…” – She was whispering.

I was fucking her wet slit with my tongue, I felt her salty juices. Then I started licking her vulva lips, poking my nose either tongues inside her vagina.

- “Suck me, suck me…”

She got tense and then she groaned shivering in orgasm. When it was over she turned to me.

- “Well, my dear, it was fantastic… I want you. Fuck me stud!”

I was trembling with excitement. Her rude words made me really hot. She pulled off her panties and lay on the bed. She raised her knees to her chest. It made her slit open. I saw her red meaty lips, her hole, her aroused clit. I lowered my head and touched her clit with my lips.

- “OOoh”, – she moaned.

It was turning me on. I pulled off my towel and mounted her. My dick found her pussy and entered it rapidly.

- “Ohh, mmm…” – She was moaning and groaning.

She was impaling herself on my cock. I started cumming in several minutes. She paused for a moment and then I saw her shivering in orgasm. Then she sat on the bed by my side.

- “Well, this is something I’ve been afraid of and been longing to feel at the same time…” – She whispered slowly.

I was listening to her, feeling up her gorgeous bust, fondling her bushy snatch, thinking how come such a busty woman could give birth to a girl with such small tits like my wife.

- “Ok, stop telling bullshit”, – she broke off though it was she who was talking actually. – “I wanna try anal sex. Go and bring the lubrication. By the way check your wife I don’t want her to see us”.

I wrapped up in the towel again. I went to the kitchen to dilute hypnotic. I gave it to my wife then. She was wasted and I thought I didn’t even have to use the hypnotic, but anyway I decided to make sure everything was gonna be fine so I made her drink it. I took some cream from the bathroom and got back to the room. My mother-in-law was standing on the bed edge standing out her butt and arching her back. The picture made me hard again. I came up to her and started massaging her clit with one hand and feeling up her boobs with the other.

I was drilling her pussy, while lubricating her anus. Soon I decided it was time to try her tight asshole. She trembled with pain first, but then relaxed her butt helping me get deeper in her hole. She was standing on her knees, pressing her head against the pillow. She was moaning loudly. She was squeezing her breasts and fucking her snatch as well. In a while her gorgeous butt was pressing against my groin. She was fondling my penis with her fingers through the thin wall between the pussy and the ass.

I couldn’t last long. I was cumming in her rectum. She felt my semen there and started cumming too. It was my second ejaculation within several hours. She was crying loud. I even had to cover her with the blanket to muffle the cry. Then my mother-in-law asked me to keep it all in a secret. We spent that night fucking like crazy. I went to my wife in the morning. She was sleeping being unaware of what was going on around.

To be continued…

My wife fucks a football team!

This happened 3 years ago. My wife and I have been married for 11 years, I am 35 and she is 32. My wife is still as hot as when we married. During the summer on Saturdays, when I would come home from working, my neighbors Barbara and George would have nice barbeque fire parties. So by the time I would come home, everyone would be in a good mood.

So, one nice Saturday day my wife Samantha called me at work to say that she would be at Barbara’s, helping her making party food. As she said, George was hosting his football team players tonight, they had had a really lucky game. I said OK, but told her to behave a good girl until I get home. She just laughed and said it will not be easy when all the young men are there.

When I got home the party was going on, I gave the guests a quick Hi. I didn’t see Samantha outside but when I got inside I could hear voices coming from the kitchen and I heard Samantha saying such a phrase: “Slow down, we have all night!” So I backed up a bit, so that they wouldn’t see me. After a second she appeared grabbing a tray of ice juices, and a young guy with well built shape accompanying her. She introduced him as Tommy.

We said Hi, and he took the stuff out to the party. She was wearing her shortest black shorts and her nice favorite top which was without bra. I could she that she was already a tipsy and I told her she looked sexy. She smiled and then I asked her what she meant by saying: “We have all night” to Tommy. She just looked at the floor and said that she didn’t think I could hear. That’s when she told me how she had told Barbara that I would love to see her (my wife) getting fucked by other guys. Barbara said that she would ask George to see if he could bring up some friends of his, from the football team, to sort it out. She just looked at me and asked if I was angry. I just gave her a squeeze and a kiss and said that I was not surprised but very excited. I asked her if she could at least hold on until I return from my shower, she just said she would try.

When I got outside Barbara and Samantha were on the deck dancing with 4 guys, George was over by the bar with 5 other guys. So, I went over and grabbed a beer while George introduced me to his friends. George asked me if I was glad with the party and was OK. I said if Samantha didn’t mind, then let’s see what will happen. I did say that 9 guys might be too many, but George said that some will leave and that Barbara will take others. It seemed that they have done this for many times before, and wanted to get Samantha involved.

So George introduced me to his friends, they were all about 5 or so years younger than me. He told me about Joe and said that he was really big, and wondered how my wife would react. I smiled and wondered how big Joe was, but George just grinned and said I will see. Both wives were really getting into the mood by the time they were dancing. I could see hands were all over their bodies. Soon Tommy’s hands went down Samantha’s shorts, and I could tell she wouldn’t resist. Then four guys at the bar said good bye to everyone, so there were only 5-6 left.

When I looked back, Barbara was on her knees, pulling down the shorts of Mathew and Joe. Turning back I could my wife was now on the deck while Tommy and Arnold worked over her cunt. She now had both dicks in hand. She was just about ready to cum when George said we should go all inside. The girls took the guys by their cocks and led them like that inside, leaving George, Joe and myself. I asked Joe if he was going to join, he said yes but he likes things to warm up first, because he does not mind being second or third. George just laughed and clapped me on the shoulder. Getting inside we found everyone naked with Samantha on her back on the couch being eaten out by 1 guy while sucking 2 huge cocks! Well, I could realize those cocks’ size! Cocks were enormous! Nut too huge, but much bier than mine! Barbara was on all fours being fucked by Mathew, she was sucking on Samantha’s tits. Mathew didn’t last more than 10 minutes before pulling out and cumming all over Barbara’s ass!

Leaving a gaping wide hole, Tommy got up from between Samantha’s legs and entered Barbara for her second cock. Without missing a thing, Barbara now crawled between my wife’s legs and started to give her first cunnilingus licking. This must have driven her crazy because within 2 minutes she was shacking from her first orgasm while Arnold was shooting his white cum down her throat. Joe got up and took his shirt off saying it was time. Samantha gave a moan when she got her first cock from Joe, who was giving her all of his 9 inches which was much bigger than mine! Samantha was getting into it because she was meeting him with every thrust. Joe now walked over to Tommy and Barbara and started to take down his shorts, but Barbara stopped him saying that he was all Samantha’s! Joe now flipped my wife over on her knees. This made it easy for Joe to walk to her waiting mouth. My wife reached out and squeezed his shorts with a starling look in her eyes and when she pulled them down, she exclaimed: “Oh, My God, It’s huge!”

What I now saw was my wife holding the biggest cock in her hand and trying to get it in her mouth. George just laughed when Barbara said it was more than 8 inches plus he could fuck for an hour before cumming. Samantha was hard excited, she could only get a half of that cock in her mouth. I was wondering how she was going to fuck it. After what seemed like 30 minutes, Joe pulled out and shot his huge load on her belly! His cum landed all across to her face, mouth, breast and belly. I just had to get a closer look at what was going to destroy my wife. I was hot as hell, so I asked George if I could use Barbara for a while. He said only if he could fuck Samantha instead. At this point it doesn’t matter so we both moved to each other’s wives.

George was heading over to my wife’s mouth when Joe stopped him saying that George should fuck her first. Samantha was now being fucked by George while trying to get Jim’s cock down her throat. Barbara looked at me, smiled and I started to enter her. She stopped me saying that she really wanted my cock in her ass. Not getting anal sex often from my wife, I was happy to comply, and positioned my cock into her ass. Starting slowly, she then said to bang her hard, so with that I increased my pace.

George was fucking off Samantha who now had a half of Jim’s cock down her throat! With every thrust of George’s cock, she would engulf more of Jim’s cock. Barbara had me get on my back so she could ride my cock. Samantha was having another orgasm when George pulled shooting cum all over her shacking body. Barbara was riding me with all her worth until she yelled out that she was cumming. I began to moan and she begged for me to cum into her ass! I unloaded into her. It seemed like I virtually drained my balls!

After that we left Joe and Samantha fucking on the floor. The site was quite amazing: Joe trying to get that cock into my wife, with every thrust making her gasp wide and pant heavily. That cock kept on fucking her, and tears burst up in her eyes. After a few minutes Samantha said she wanted to ride and soon she was straddling Joe. With every bounce she went a bit deeper. I didn’t think it would happen, but Barbara said that she could take the whole Joe’s cock in her pussy. Just then, Samantha convulsed with an orgasm, her eyes rolled over and it looked like she just passed out for a while. She was bouncing and trashing on his cock! With that she rolled off of Joe like she was done, but Joe was not finished yet and he began to fuck her once again.

From rich experience, Barbara said that Samantha was really going to get fucked now. Joe now drove his cock all the way up her used pussy up to his balls. He fucked her for 20 more minutes, and every stroke of Joe cause my wife moan or utter: “Oh, God!” I think she must have came 2 more times, before Joe started to quicken his pace. We all could she Samantha’s eyes roll up when Joe withdrew and with some mad furious fire in his eyes started shooting his huge load all over my wife’ face! It looked like his cum would never end! He just kept on cumming and cumming! Cum just flowed from his huge cock, running down her chin to her neck and down to her breast! There left no dry place on her face! She was a total mess! Joe got up saying good bye, got dressed and told me what a hot wife I have. It took Samantha long before she started to move. Barbara said that I should take her home, and that Samantha be weak and sore in the morning. I just ended up picking up my naked wife and putting her over my shoulder and heading home. Laying her on the bed, I asked how she was doing. All she could say was: “We gotta have it once again, honey!”

Compensating for lost passion

Several years ago when I was in my first marriage I went through a very unique experience that a few friends and my present wife Sue have suggested to me that I should share. Ann and I married young and we lived in a townhouse development. We both thought that we were in love (I know that we were) but somehow after about three years things became distant and stale between us. We never fought or anything like that it’s just that for some reason we grew apart.

When Ann finished her college she got into the work force immediately. Her career became her passion and quite honestly she just totally lost her sex drive. I’ve heard of that happening sometimes to people. On the other hand at that time at the age of 24 I was experiencing totally the opposite. I was not getting anything in the bedroom and it was something that was always on my mind.

Next door lived a couple who were older than us and kept pretty much to themselves but were very nice. Fred and Sharon were living temporarily in their townhouse (18 months) while their new gigantic house was being built across town in the new ‘upper crust’ development. Fred was some high up big shot with a major hotel chain. He had almost all of the hotels in the eastern half of the country under him. He was gone a lot.

Every now and then Ann would go over next door and have a coffee with Sharon. It looked like they created a little bit of a friendship. What brings me into the story is what I found out that happened every afternoon over at Fred and Sharon’s apartment.

The townhouses had very small backyards enclosed with privacy fence. Upstairs I could see down into their backyard. By accident or maybe by luck I found out that every afternoon Sharon would spend about two hours lying in the sun topless. Her bottoms were nothing more than a couple strings. She looked incredible. I don’t know if she realized she was able to be spied on or if she just didn’t care. My wife Ann worked during the day and I worked evenings. I had our apartment to myself and every afternoon I would be upstairs just worshipping Sharon’s gorgeous body. I found out later that she was 36. 12 years older than me. She had a body that women dream to look like.

I was so sex deprived I couldn’t help stroking myself as I looked at her many of the times. It was so easy to fantasize making love to her, but in all reality I knew that I wasn’t in her class so fantasy would have to do. This fantasy thing went on several weeks. Several weeks of fucking her in my mind and shooting my love juice by hand.

One day around late morning I was just finishing shaving when the phone rang. The voice said, ‘Hello, Tom, this is Sharon next door’. Wow, you talk about instant hard on! She went on to explain to me that they had just bought a new DVD player and could I hook it up to the TV for her. I put on my shoes and went over.

While I was hooking up the DVD player Sharon carried on conversation with me until I was finished. When I had finished she insisted on me sitting down and having a glass of iced tea. When she handed it to me she said that Ann had told her that I liked mint flavored tea and that’s how she made this especially for me.

As we talked I became more and more comfortable with Sharon and was really occupied with imagining whether or not she had any thing on under the silky button up house coat that she was wearing. Her nipples were pressing against it and were very noticeable. The bottom two or three buttons were not buttoned and it was getting more and more difficult to control my eyes as she sat across from me.

Then she broke the ice by saying, ‘Ann told me that the two of you hardly have anything in common’. At first I was speechless but then admitted to her that it was true. Sharon went on to tell me about Ann’s lack of sex drive and my craving for sex all of the time. I admitted that it was true. The whole conversation had suddenly gone very deep.

‘Do you like watching me out of your window?’, she asked looking right into my face. I gazed back at her for what seemed like an eternity before answering, ‘Yes, I do like watching you.’

Then Sharon said to me, ‘There are a lot of things that Fred and I don’t have in common but there is one thing that we both have very much in common’.

‘What is that?’, I asked becoming increasingly interested.

‘We both love cock’, she answered. ‘That’s right, Fred is gay. He’s not even Bi. He’s totally gay’.

Sharon stood up in front of me and somehow her house coat fell to the floor revealing her tanned naked body. She reached out her hand to me and pulled me up from my chair. Her face was only inches in front of me and she began unhooking my belt as she made this incredible declaration.

‘You and I have something that each of us want. I’m living in an open marriage. Fred doesn’t mind what I do to satisfy my cravings. Ann gave me the green light to inquire of you for the services of your cock. If you like what you see then all four of us are in agreement. I will never leave Fred because of the security that I have with him. But you and I can be very valuable to each other in satisfying each others needs. Are you interested?’, she asked with a smile on her face.

The age difference did not seem to mean a thing. We bacame so sexually compatible that we met together three and four times a week for the next several months.

Sharon loved sucking my cock everytime for a half hour or so before she begged me to fuck her. One time my cock was in her for about two hours without pulling it out. Sometimes she wanted slow fucked and other times wanted pounded. However she wanted it, she got it.

Fred and Sharon eventually moved into their new house. Ann and I divorced on good terms and went our separate ways and I moved into a smaller apartment. About five months went by since the last time I was with Sharon when as I was entering a store she was just coming out. We both stopped and gazed at each other.

I said, ‘How do you like your new house?’

She answered, ‘I love it !’ and after a pause added, ‘but there sure are some things about that townhouse that I miss !’

‘Yea, me too’, I said.

‘Hey, how about I take you over and show you the house ?’ she asked. ‘I’ll bring you back to your car later’.

I got in the car with her and went over to her beautiful new house. It was huge. When we got into the front door while still in the foyer we immediately began kissing and taking off each others cloths. She sucked my cock until I almost blew and then I put her down on the floor and got between her beautiful opened thighs and slid into her hungry pussy. We picked up where we had left off and began seeing each other up until Sue entered the picture. That’s when Sharon backed off and we have remained great friends.

Sue often joked about us doing a threesome with Sharon but I never did try to arrange it. Sue has since satisfied all my sex cravings. But I must admit that a threesome does sound really good.

When our dreams come true

We have been married for 5 years already and lived happily. But at a certain moment something changed and our sexual life became less successful than it used to be. And it wasn’t my fault, I wanted my wife all the time – she’s pretty, with small breasts, a thin waist, wide hips and a perfect ass. When I fucked her in a doggy position the scene was so arousing that my climax was much stronger and twice as sooner than when she lay on her back.

And I knew she loved sex a lot. I was aware of her fantasies. She dreamt of being fucked by several men simultaneously or one after the other, when one drilled into her and others watched the process waiting for their turn. Or she wanted two huge cocks to enter her pussy; she wanted to feel their semen hit the walls of her vagina filling all the space inside. I think I don’t need to mention these fantasies drove me mad a lot too.

But despite her great love to sex and sexual games she wasn’t enthusiastic about sex with her husband any more. Could I have done something wrong? I don’t know what had happened but she used to like our crazy nights. Now she refused my caress saying she had a headache, was tired or in low spirits. But the spring had come and my body required sexual pleasures.

On one of this unsatisfied days a girl sent me a message through icq. According to the information given she was 20 and loved all kinds of sex. She asked me about my sexual preferences, the details of our sexual life with my wife, and our fantasies. At first I had a feeling someone wanted to trick on me. This might be a 40-year old man instead of a young girl talking to me. But for some reason I told her everything – that I wanted my wife to be fucked by several men, that she got aroused from such fantasies either, and the fact her natural shyness didn’t allow her to realize her dreams.

However, once a man my wife liked chatting with through the icq persuaded her to meet him in real life. She was even ready to go to that date, despite the fact she was afraid a lot. But that guy wasn’t ready himself for such an action and refused to meet at the last moment. After that my wife didn’t even want to discuss such things.

The girl offered me her help. She said she had a friend of 25 years old, handsome and hunky. She had had sex with him a few times and liked that a lot. She said he might want to please my wife. I tried to refuse, found some excuses telling my wife wouldn’t want to be unfaithful. But suddenly I realized I was just making up all these things. Why not try once? I felt I could trust this girl. Her friend would seduce my spouse and she would be very happy to get what she had always wanted.

So, I made up my mind and gave the girl my wife’s icq number. At that moment I had my mouth dry with excitement. I understood that from the minute I had done that I had no control over the situation anymore and could only guess what would happen next.

A couple of days later I noticed my wife smiling while doing housework. I remembered this state of hers. The same way she behaved when the guy I’ve told you already offered her to date him. She’d retold me all their conversations, his compliments which she liked so much, his promises to please her in the most incredible positions.

But this time when I asked whether someone tried to tempt her she said she had too little time for that at work and smiled because she recalled something that happened to her colleague. I had doubts that she was telling me the truth but finally believed her as she had never lied to me before.
When she finished cleaning and cooking she took a flash drive and sat at the computer saying her friend had asked her to show some photos. We had plenty of various pictures, even those with my wife nude posing in all possible manners. But at that moment I didn’t even think about those pics and of course I couldn’t expect she was choosing among them also.

A few days later I was waiting for my spouse in the car. I used to drive her home after work. This time she was late for some reason. I called her and heard her saying in a sad voice that she had problems at her job and would have to stay longer. So, she told me she was going to spend the night with her mother who lived close to her work place. I believed her. At 11 p.m. she called me to say she was at her mother’s apartment, tired and almost sleepy.

On Saturday she said she had to go to work again (she usually doesn’t work at weekends). I offered her to drive her to the place but to my surprise she refused saying she would go on her own as the weather was fine and she wanted to have a walk. I decided not to insist and my darling soon left.

In the afternoon I received a message from my friend who I had given my wife’s number to. She told me my wife was in a sauna with two men. She added my spouse was very horny and men were glad to discover that.

After reading that message I could do nothing. I wanted to do much about the house but failed as my hands trembled. I couldn’t believe it really had happened. Had she really been fucking with two guys???

My honey returned late at night. She called me and asked to drive her home from the bus stop. On the way home she was silent and looked happy. She smiled for some reason but said nothing.

I could barely drive. My hands were shaking and the head was full of different thoughts which tortured me much. But I didn’t know how to ask her and what to ask actually.

On arriving home my wife went to the bathroom and locked the door which she had never done before. Of course I thought she did that to wash after the great fuck she had been participating in. I wondered whether they had used condoms or not. When I thought that they hadn’t my cock got immediately hard.

When we went to bed I decided to tempt her and expected she would refuse but she suddenly turned to me, put her leg on me and I saw her sparkling eyes.

“Honey, do you remember the fact you allowed me to have sex with someone else if I want to? Were you serious then?”

I had goose bumps all over my back.

“Yes, I do remember” I said.

It happened about two years ago and I had already forgotten about it. Then my darling added:

“So… You know… I slept with another man… Your dream has come true…. Do you feel happy?”

And her hand slid to my boxers to check whether I was “happy” or not. Her words made my mouth dry and my “happiness” grew hugely.

“Tell me about it” I whispered with my dry lips.

I started caressing her body as if I was trying to find traces left on it by another man.

“Has it happened today? And that day you didn’t stay at work, right? How did you meet? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You know my attitude to this…”

“I wanted to make a surprise for you!”

Well, the surprise was great! This is what she told me:

One day a man sent her a message through the icq. She didn’t pay attention much at this fact because nearly every day someone did that. My wife was usually ready to ban anyone who told any obscene things. But this time the man was very polite and chatted on various topics. As it turned out they had common interests.

A few days later he offered her to exchange photos. He looked hunky and handsome. They continued chatting. It was easy to talk to him. He joked a lot and she laughed at his jokes. So, in a couple of weeks my wife was fascinated by this man and when he invited her to have dinner with him one evening she agreed.

I thought she had plenty of work to do but she left her job at usual time. He was already waiting for her. She got into his car and they drove to the restaurant. In reality he was a very witty and cheerful man.

My wife was very worried because when you go to a date to a person you had never seen this is always like a lottery. This time she was lucky and he was a normal man. He kept on charming her and the wine favored the situation.

When the dinner was almost over my wife got worried again. What might she do if he didn’t drive her home and try to seduce her? She envisioned different situations and didn’t know how to react to any of them.

They left the restaurant and moved to his car. It was cool outside. When they almost reached the car he stopped, turned her to him and started kissing her lips passionately. My wife couldn’t have expected this but enjoyed the kiss very much. It was very new, not worse or better than my kisses but different. This was exactly what she wanted – something new and different.

He wrapped his arm around her waist while his other hand began exploring her thigh and then the butt.

They got into the car. My wife tried to understand what she felt and what her emotions were like. At this time he drove far from her office and then stopped the car. It was dark out, the windows were tinted and my wife was absolutely unaware of where they were.

He kissed her again but this time he was acting bolder. His hands pulled her skirt up and exposed the legs. My honey had her head dizzy, she even didn’t try to resist.

“Can it happen right here? Right now?” she thought.

She had never had other sexual partners except me and this time was like losing virginity again. His caress made her excited a lot and she raised her butt to let him pull her pantyhose down. He decided to leave the panties on but his fingers were working under them already. Her pussy was wet and the digits started fondling her labia tenderly. She spread her legs wider to provide him more space.

My darling wanted to serve him too and undid his pants easily. His cock was already stiff and hot. And it was neatly shaved, like my wife likes. And though she told me the size wasn’t important, at that moment she understood she was wrong. The guy’s dick was long and fat.

“Suck it, please…” he asked my wife.

She doesn’t like sucking but this cock she wanted to try. When it was close to her she understood this was the best and the most beautiful cock she had ever seen.

She could put only the head inside. She licked the stem, the balls and was surprised by the softness and tenderness of the skin. It was so enjoyable to work on this instrument! She took it into her mouth trying to suck in as deep as she was able to. Her tongue was fondling the head, the scrotum…

The man couldn’t restrain himself any more. He just pressed my wife’s head to his phallus and ejaculated into her mouth. My spouse hadn’t expected everything would happen so fast. Her mouth was full of semen. She started swallowing the cum instinctively and the thought a man she didn’t almost know was coming into her mouth even made her more aroused.

She was sucking so hard as if trying to get the very last drop of semen he had. When she released the cock it was a bit limp but she didn’t want to let it have a rest. She licked his shaft, then the foreskin feeling pretty turned on from the idea she was an unfaithful wife.

“I wonder what would my hubby do if he saw me working like this?” she suddenly thought.

The man offered her to move to the back seat of the car. While my wife was climbing over the front seats he left the car and soon was at the seat. He pulled down his pants, parted his legs freely and ordered my wife to lower herself on his cock. His cock was erected again as if he hadn’t climaxed a few minutes ago.

My spouse looked at the cock cautiously. It was huge for her. However, she moved her legs wider and started lowering herself slowly. She expected pain. He understood that and began caressing her boobs and pinching her nipples.

My wife wanted a slow sex that is why her movements were very slow, lower and lower. And at last she felt her vulva lips touched the head of the cock. She moved further looking straight into his eyes. He didn’t tear his eyes too and stopped moving, allowing her to impale on his tool herself.

My wife felt a hard flesh was filling her. She was amazed that it didn’t hurt at all. She felt some pleasant fullness in her vagina. She started slow frictions. It was entering her deeper and deeper touching something deep inside that made her cry. But at the same time she felt pleasure and didn’t want to stop.

Her new lover squeezed her buttocks and helped her to move on him. Some time later he changed the position, put her on her back, her leg on his shoulder, and began fucking my wife with his big dick.

She had climaxed by that time once but still was enjoying the process. She wanted him to pour his juices into her hot passage. So when he asked if he could do that she just pressed him closer to her. Se wanted to feel the spurts of semen hitting her inner walls.

He squeezed the buttocks strongly, painfully and made a hoarse sound. His frictions became faster.

“He’s coming!..” my wife understood.

It seemed to her she could feel the cock spitting the semen out. It was pulsing inside and she was enjoying that much.

For some time they lay together. It was so pleasant to lie this way, in a relaxed manner. They didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything. But it was late and they had to separate.

He drove my wife to her mom’s apartment where she spent the rest of the night…

Vacation to remember. Part 2

Brooklyn wore a slinky, summer dress to dinner without a bra or panties. The material clung to her firm tits, causing her hard nipples pushed out against the fabric, drawing stares from the local waiters and other guests. It was turning her on all over again. With a short dress, anytime she re-crossed her legs she gave a quick show to anyone looking in that direction. Dinner was spent sampling the local cuisine and exchanging small talk and seductive glances. She already had 3 orgasms that day, but she wanted more. She wrote a note on a napkin and slid it over to Morgan that said, “When we leave here, you are going to kiss and finger my pussy again”. He couldn’t pay the bill fast enough. They headed back to the hut. Passing the hut next to theirs, they could hear the girl inside having what sounded like very good sex. Once inside, she pushed him on the bed and let her dress drop to the floor and straddled his face, putting her pussy lips on his lips. His tongue went to work immediately, exploring all the folds and sensitive areas. Brooklyn rocked her hips, controlling the pressure and depth of his tongue. Once thoroughly wet, she rolled off and pulled his head between her thighs where he instantly inserted two fingers and teased the clit with his tongue. As she played with her tits, he stopped kissing and focused on using 3 fingers to pleasure her. Pure ecstasy. When she couldn’t bear to hold off any longer, she told him to finish her off. So his tongue did a 60 second dance between her wet lips, pushing her to an orgasm. Completely satisfied, they lay naked on top of the sheets and drifted off to sleep.

The next day at the beach they stayed longer and took more walks, so the swimsuits stayed on, sort of. Brooklyn went topless. Admittedly, the attention her boobs received turned her on to the point she couldn’t wait until evening to ride Morgan’s dick. The island was beautiful. The palm trees, the water, the natural lagoons, all of it left them speechless. There were secluded areas without any people around. They made a pact to return another day with a beach blanket to have sex under the blue skies and sun. The cooler waters allowed them to enjoy the coolness on their sun-heated skin. Morgan’s tan was looking even better and Brooklyn could feel her own skin darkening as the day went on. Before returning to the hut, they checked out the hot tub and pool again, but saved the sex for later in the evening.

That night for dinner she wore an even shorter dress, still with no underwear. The dress had spaghetti straps and was a low cut v, showing off plenty of cleavage. The bottom of the dress came to mid thigh when standing and was a made from a flowing material that gently moved in the evening breeze. After dinner there was an outdoor dance club on the beach with a live band playing local music with a salsa flair to it. There were torches in the sand to provide night time lighting. They must have danced for a couple of hours. At times together, other times he would take a break and she would dance by herself or with others around. Her flowing dress giving lots of quick views to people around as breezes blew through the material or a dance partner from behind would wrap his arm around her, causing the dress to rise a bit. The feel of complete freedom exhilarated her. Dancing and grinding with everyone on the dance floor was a turn-on. Hot, tired, and sweaty they called it a night and headed back to the room.

The path back to their villa was sandy and surrounded by natural vegetation on either side. They walked hand in hand, laughing and bumping into each other just for the thrill of physical contact. Passing the pool gave her an idea. She dropped the dress and dove in naked. It didn’t take much urging to get him to strip down and jump in too. They spent a long time playing hand games under the water, him grabbing her tits and her grabbing his dick and ass. This quickly turned into a make out session. While kissing she gradually pushed him back to the steps in the corner of the pool. She had him walk up a couple steps till he was standing in front of her, holding the railing with his dick point straight at her. The cooler water caused his balls to shrink some, but his dick was as big as ever. She began sucking just the head. Her tongue went round and round his head, sucking it and pulling off then making her lips tight like a virgin pussy and popping it in and out over and over again. When it was obvious he was going to explode she stopped. They switched spots and she threw one leg over the railing, exposing her pussy and spreading her lips wide open. Her clit was fully exposed and ready to be sucked. He gladly took the swollen clit between his lips and alternated between gently sucking it and flicking it with his tongue. An orgasm rippled through her body in a few short minutes, almost falling from her legs giving out. She got back in the water and wrapped both legs around him and slid down his chiseled body until his cock was all the way in. She rode him like this for a few minutes, her mouth on his the entire time. After pulling her pussy off his dick, she went up on the steps and grabbed the railing and bent over, her small ass fully revealing the entire pussy, already spread open from riding him. He stepped up behind her with his fist wrapped around his base and guided the head into the opening. He pushed it all the way in with one slow thrust. He picked up his pace, stretching her pussy to the maximum with his thickness. Moans escaped her easily as his dick kept swelling bigger and bigger. Her big boobs bounced back and forth with every thrust. She guided his hands around her to hold them, gently pinching the nipples, turning her on even more. His hands gripped her boobs tighter as he pushed in all the way to his balls and gave her shot after shot of his cum to the furthest depths.

They showered outside under a half lit moon and millions of stars then headed to the hut for bed.

The third day they headed back to the area with a beach blanket where there wasn’t anyone the day before. Taking advantage of the erotic seclusion, they stood on the beach, passionately kissing for 5 minutes or so. She pulled her mouth off of his and, not wasting anytime, pulled his suit down exposing his hanging cock. She swallowed the whole limp cock. With her lips wrapped around the base, she sucked it and tongued the underside of it. She could feel it growing inside her mouth, reaching to the back of her throat. Eventually it became too large and the last inch or so forced her to loosen the lip hold and let some out. Brooklyn then began bobbing her head as fast as she could without gagging, making his knees weak. He pulled his length out and forced her to lay back, opening her legs and sticking his tongue between her pussy lips. He licked and sucked Brooklyn to an orgasm, but never fingered her. She had him lie on his back and hold his dick straight up so she could feel the full stretch of his cock when she sat on his head and slid the entire way down. Wow!!! She faced him while she rode him for about 5 minutes, then without getting off, spun around and faced the other way. To their surprise, two other couples who were walking had stopped to watch. It didn’t matter; they wanted sex, so she rode him anyway. Her boobs bounced around and the erections of the two men watching were obviously pushing out against their swimsuits. It turned her on even more. She felt the second orgasm coming and as her pussy clenched his cock as she rode him through it. Pausing for a moment, her pussy felt his dick rippling inside with the familiar bursts of warmth coating the inner walls. They caught their breath, and then she grabbed his hand and ran past the watching couples, boobs bouncing and his magnificent erection hanging slightly down, into the clear waters to “clean up” a little. The looks on their faces were priceless.

The fourth day was a bit more laid back. They took the day off from sex because Morgan had a surprise for her the following day. They got up early, sun-screened a lot and spent the entire day in the sun. She went topless all day with a tiny string bikini bottom. He would sit in the chair naked when tanning but put on trunks if going swimming or walking. His dark, tan dick was looking more and more sexy every day. As for her tan, the triangle tan lines were disappearing on her boobs from being topless almost all the time.

The next day they picked up paddle ball and a Frisbee from the front desk and walked down the beach awhile until there weren’t many people around. They spent most of the day playing completely naked in the sand. When it would get too hot, they would venture into the water to cool down which always ended up including deep, passionate kisses as her boobs would press into his chest and the head of his dick against her pussy lips.

They eventually returned to the hut to clean up for dinner. On the bed she found the surprise. He had ordered a “couples erotica basket” to be delivered while on vacation. She quickly tore into the box. The basket was filled with three vibrators, 5 dildos, lubricants, lotions, a cock ring, and silk scarves. The vibrators were different colors and shapes. The dildos were all white. Two of them were smaller than Morgan’s cock, one was about the same size, and two were bigger. The biggest one excited her with just holding it. She had never tried anything like this, but that night, they would try it all. They went to dinner, but deep down, her mind couldn’t wait to get her body back to the hut. He told her that tonight was all hers. He was finally in control. She was willing to give into that, but deep down she knew that eventually control would shift into her hands.

They headed back and within seconds, he had Brooklyn naked on the bed. After kissing for a long time, her body was aching to be touched and more. He worked his way down to her erect nipples where he sucked each one, drawing circles around them with his tongue. He kissed and licked in her cleavage and underneath her firm breasts. His tongue made a trail to the smooth skin of her pussy where he performed his magic. He pulled out one of the smaller dicks and pushed it slowly in. She was amazed how real it felt. He screwed her with it for a while before stopping and pulling it out. He went back to kissing her pussy some more. When she was close to cumming, he stopped again and told her to get on her knees. He pulled out the next sized dildo and put it into her waiting pussy and began screwing hard with it. It felt awesome. Her mind was loosing control of her body. After a few minutes of sex with it, he stopped and had her lay back and went on kissing her pussy. He brought his wife to the brink of orgasm and stopped again. This time he made her sit on the couch with her pussy at the edge and bring her knees up till they were touching her shoulders. He brought over the middle sized cock, but her mind was so fixed on how large his own erection was that she didn’t pay much attention till her eyes rolled as he pushed it deep inside. Her muscles could feel every vein on it’s shaft. It felt so much better than she ever imagined. She begged him to fuck harder with it and he willingly did. After a good 5 minutes of sex and a mind-blowing orgasm, he pushed it in up to the balls and held it there while his tongue went to work on her clit. A few minutes of this and then he began screwing her with it while kissing her parted lips. It took seconds to push her over the top for an incredible orgasm.

Sensing his sexy wife could use a rest; he stopped but assured her they weren’t done. Leading her into the shower, he washed her entire body, massaging her head as he washed the long brown hair and massaging her shoulders. He gently rubbed her boobs and nipples, cupping them in his hands and pushing them up and together to view their fullness. He towel dried her and led her back to the bed. He took the second vibrator and moved it all around her nipples and down to her pussy. He gently moved it back and forth, not stopping until his wife’s back arched and body writhed through two more orgasms. Knowing she was plenty wet now, he took the fourth dildo and opened her legs wide. Morgan was the largest dick she had ever had sex with, so there was some uncertainty with this one. It was slightly longer and a little thicker. Her worries quickly left when the big mushroom shaped head easily slid past her lips and into a very wet pussy. Four thrusts later it was all the way in and she was moaning with pleasure. This was the best dick she had ever felt and she knew her face couldn’t hide it. It didn’t matter. She didn’t want to hide it. He took her for an awesome ride, using the vibrator to make her orgasm during the sex. Brooklyn lay there in complete satisfaction, her body pulsating and cum dripping from all the sex and orgasms.

She had forgotten about the last dildo until he brought it over and started putting lubricant all over it. This dick was much larger than Morgan, but her pussy tingled with excitement. He used his hands and fingers to rub the extra lubricant on her pussy lips and opening. She couldn’t wait to feel it despite some nervousness. He rubbed the head on her lips, parting them and exposing a waiting pink hole. He pushed and with a little pressure, her pussy opened up and swallowed the head. She let out a gasp at its thickness. He waited a moment to allow her to get used to it, then pushed more in, slowly giving her pussy the best sex ever. Within minutes she had the best orgasm of her life. Her body lost complete control. She made him keep it inside her for a couple minutes just to enjoy the full sensation before taking it out. He came up and held her and kissed her. They fell asleep together, surrounded by dildos and vibrators.

In the early morning she woke up before him. She gently moved his arms and tied one wrist to the bed using a silk scarf. As she was tying his other wrist, he woke up enough to realize what was going on. She ssshhhhssshhed him and told him to lay there. Brooklyn grabbed the third vibrator and ran it all over her boobs and pussy. His incredible penis began to stir. Positioning herself where he could have full view, she vibrated through two quick orgasms. His dick by this point was nearly full grown. She grabbed the biggest dildo and covered it in lubricant, then standing it straight up on the bed, straddled it and lowered herself on it. It felt so though only ¾ of it fit. With every up and down her pussy gave the dildo, she swore his dick grew more and more, trying to stand straight up with every trip down the dick he saw her make. Every couple minutes she would slide far down the dick and vibrate to another orgasm. When her husband’s dick was bigger than she’d ever seen, she slipped the cock ring around his cock and balls. She then began sucking his dick and teasing him, but never letting him cum. She would pull her lips off when he was close and stroke him till his body would tense up, then squeeze the base until he relaxed. Then she would start again. After doing this 4 or 5 times, she finally took the cock ring off and sucked him till he was ready to explode. Pulling her mouth off his dick, she jerked him off to the biggest eruption she had ever seen. His first two shots landed on his shoulder and it just seemed like he kept cumming and cumming with no end.

The rest of the trip was much like the first half. They would sun bathe nude at times and with suits other times, but she always showed off her boobs by staying topless. There were funny things that happened, like when a hot, young girl walked by nude and Morgan tried to hide his erection, but failed. Or the time a few young European men (they were in speedos) were soaking in long looks at her glistening, naked body as their obvious erections were straining to be let out (one of which was very impressive in size). They spent another night dancing where she danced with her husband and a college stud named Nathan, grinding and rubbing both till she was so turned on, they had to leave before midnight so they could go back for some hot sex. Brooklyn couldn’t guess how many orgasms she had that trip, but the one thing they are planning to do is visit a sex shop to buy a couple large dildos so they can relive that unbelievable night and vacation.

New Year celebration. Part 2

- You’re fucking hot, bitch! If you want more just tell me. Now I’ll go to bed, – Bobby whispered to me, wiped his monster with a towel, put on his boxers and left the kitchen.

I was standing near the window being afraid even to move. I sure felt unsatisfied as I had just started enjoying the coitus when my friend’s hubby ejaculated but I had no strength to continue and my butt was burning. I had to do something with it. It was 3 a.m. and Bobby would probably like to repeat that once again but I knew it was too much for my ass.

I decided to go home. I wiped the semen from my stockings and crotch and went to the bathroom. My knees were weak and I felt pain with each step I made. It was good there wasn’t blood on the towel; it meant my butt wasn’t hurt actually.

To tell you the truth I was ready for the worst. In the bathroom I looked into the mirror and got terrified. What a beauty I was! My face was dirty with mascara and blood from my lip, mixed with tears.

I washed my face. The lip swelled but stopped bleeding. I wanted to have a bath but staying in this apartment any longer was unbearable for me and I decided to wash at home. I combed my hair, straightened my stockings and the dress and went to the corridor. Leaning against the wall I put the boots on with great effort. I regretted having put these high-stiletto boots on, as it would be too difficult to walk in them with my butt burning. Then I put my fur-coat on and turning the light off I left the flat.

I pushed the button of the lift. Each step made me remember of what had happened. Yes, I liked it but now the pain was unbearable. The string between the halves rubbed against the skin making it even more painful when it touched the swollen hole.

Suddenly I heard rumbling sound and made an attempt to tighten my anus muscles. But I failed to do that and felt pain again. The lift arrived and straining my buttocks carefully to prevent Bobby’s semen from flowing out of my anus I entered the lift.

The lift started sliding down. I leaned against the wall feeling very much exhausted but at that moment my butt made a squelching sound and let out the next portion of the warm cum that splashed between my halves.

“Damn it! How much of that do I have there?” I felt desperate. I didn’t know how I was going to get home. The semen that flowed out of my ass kept on moving along the divide, then slid to the crotch and then down the thigh. Now it was near my knee.

The lift stopped on the first floor and I went out of it. Those awful thongs reminded me about the fucking again. I wondered why being a middle-aged woman I wore thongs, like a young girl. For example, if I had usual briefs and tights on me today I would have felt much better now. But it was as it was and I had to get home through the city with the cracked-up asshole and thighs covered with sperm.

I leaned against the wall and pulled the thongs I hated so much off; they were wet and sticky. I looked for handkerchief in my bag but couldn’t find one and the packet with tissues was empty either. I threw that packet away and made an attempt to wipe the semen from my ass, thighs and knee with the panties. Of course, I couldn’t do it well. Then I folded them trying to make something like a plug. I coped but actually it wasn’t very good as it’s really hard to do anything from two lacy pieces of fabric. Though it was better than nothing. I put the panties carefully between my asscheeks trying to avoid touching my aching hole. Making a few steps I understood it was easier and less painful to walk now. Having straightened the dress and buttoning up the fur-coat I went out of the apartment block.

Frosty air helped me to recover, I made a couple of breathes and realized life wasn’t as bad as I had thought of it. I took the cigarettes out of my bag and lit one. The frosty wind blew some cold air under my short dress. The feeling was very interesting and I even liked it. But somewhere deep in my mind I knew it was not so good walking without panties in winter. I hurried to the square hoping I could find a taxi to my house.

When I was at the square I noticed a car and soon came up to it. The driver was sleeping and I had to take some efforts to wake him up by knocking at his window a few times. At last I heard a rustling sound and saw he opened his eyes. It was a young man, rather handsome.

- Where are we going, Lady?

When he heard where I wanted to go he became a bit gloomy. His hope to earn good money for driving me a few blocks faded. It was really far to go but the guy decided to help me and at the same time he hoped to make big money on me. He said:

- 300 bucks.
- It’s too expensive, I came here for 50.

- If it’s too expensive you may try to find another taxi. Or… I can fuck you…

- No, fucking me is something you’ll never try!

I didn’t want to argue any more, came around the car and made an attempt to open the door which was the farthest from the driver. It was locked.

- Open the door!

- Sit down next to me.

- No, I pay and can choose where to sit.

- As you wish. We could talk on the way.

- I’m in no mood to talk now.

Having stopped this way any attempts of the man to tempt me I sat on the back seat and we drove off. On the way he tried to start taking to me but my silence in response made him stop that either.

Empty streets allowed us to drive rather fast and in thirty minutes we were driving up to my apartment block. When we stopped the guy made another attempt to seduce me:

- Maybe I must accompany you to your apartment. Something can happen. It’s late. And then you’ll offer me a cup of tea at your place…

- Drink tea with your wife at home!

I opened my bag and was taken aback. There was NO MONEY in it!!! I had purchased this really nice and at the same time very expensive bag recently and unfortunately I took this very bag with me to Alexia. It was small to have room for all the things I needed. So, all I had now with me was a make-up set, a packet of cigarettes with a lighter, keys, a mobile phone and a packet of condoms which I always took with me, just in case. I definitely had no money in it as my purse was too big for this tiny bag.

I raised my head. The driver was looking at me having put his head between the front seats. The expression of my face explained everything.

- Is there any problem, Lady?

- I’ve got no money…

I said that in a sad voice and started crying from being unaware of what to do. The man smiled blissfully, now he was to command.

- Ok, we’ll go to your apartment to drink some tea.

- Wait for me here, I’ll bring some money.

- I know you, Ladies. As soon as you enter the house you’ll disappear. Go out of the car, we’re going to you to drink tea and do something more interesting than that…

I was thinking very quickly about what I could do in this situation. I knew that taking him to my flat was silly as he would fuck me to death there. I didn’t want that at all. I had to try to serve him right here, in the car.

For some reason I recalled my student years when me and my friends liked to go by taxi for just a good blow job. We agreed who was to please the driver and drove to the place we needed. The girl to give the head to the taxi driver sat on the seat next to him. When we arrived to the place we would tell the story that we were just poor students with no spare money and offered him to pay in the way we could. The girl who was sitting next to him unzipped the fly and sucked the driver. No one ever refused such a payment. And some even suggested giving us lifts when we needed.

I smiled at the guy charmingly and taking off the fur-coat I said:

- No, my husband is waiting for me at home. And why go to my apartment if I can pay you right here? Put the seat down.

Saying that I leaned my knees against the back seat and arches my back towards the man. He stroked my butt kneading it slightly and then pushed the button putting the seat down. I crept to the front seat and unzipping the guy’s fly put my hand into his pants. Oh, he had an erection already! He could have been envisioning himself fucking me all the way to my house and the thought had made him very excited. Well, it just helped me a lot.

I took his phallus out of the pants and moved the foreskin aside. I licked the head and the driver moaned voluptuously.

“Oh, I think you haven’t had sex for along time, man, – I thought, – you’ll ejaculate quickly, my dear…”

I wrapped my lips around his cock and started sucking it slowly undoing his pants with my hands at the same time. The guy helped me and soon his boxers together with the pants were off. He lay on his seat. I kept on sucking him. It was not easy as my lip was hurt.

The man was lying very comfortably having put his hands under the head. He was panting and moaning quietly from enjoyment. I was good at blow jobs but I wasn’t going to please him for long.

Having released the cock out of my mouth I sat more comfortably, made a few breaths and bent towards the dick. I opened my mouth widely and started putting the cock deeper and deeper. Here it set against my throat. I relaxed my throat muscles and kept on impaling on his dick. And then it was fully inside. My nose pressed against the man’s hairy pubis and my chin – against his balls.

The man was moaning blissfully. I could see he had never experienced anything of this kind before. I felt a bit sick but restrained myself and didn’t move. Then I recollected Alexia’s lesson and in no hurry removed the cock from my mouth. Then again I put it slowly in. It was much easier now as I didn’t feel sick any more. I built the tempo while jerking off the phallus with my right hand. The moans became louder. The man was obviously on the verge of coming.

At this moment I swallowed the cock up to the balls and started rotating my head. Two fingers I pressed against his crotch. The rhythm increased. And then I heard the driver let out a loud moan turning into a scream. He was ready!

I took the cock out leaving just a head inside and felt a huge spurt hit my throat. Mmm… He was so sweet and warm. Yes, he hadn’t have sex for a long time, I was right. Ok, he was exhausted… I licked the cock becoming limp and sat on the front seat as if nothing had happened.

- Bitch! Why did you do it so fast?

- Didn’t you like it?

- No, it was fantastic, even more than that! But too fast.

- Actually it depended on you.

I took my fur-coat and the bag from the back seat, opened the door and left the car. Putting on the coat I asked:

- Have I paid?

- Yes, you have, bitch. Of course, I’d like to fuck your other holes either but I guess I’ll do it next time.

- You won’t have the next time, – I said proudly and went to my apartment block.

When I was entering the house I heard the driver’s voice:

- Hey, you’ve lost something!

I looked back to tell him what I thought about him. The man was standing near his car waving with a red cloth. Oh, God! These were the thongs I had forgotten about!

- You can have them! – I said and entered the house quickly.

When I was on the eighth floor and opened the door of my apartment I understood it was all over at last. I was at home, safe and sound.

It was about 4 a.m. already. I didn’t want to have a bath now; all I really wanted was sleeping. I took the fur-coat off, pulled the boots off and then on the way to my room I took off the dress which I threw to the floor. When I was lying down on the sofa I suddenly wanted to take off my bra too but I was so tired that decided not to do it. I fell asleep with a bra and stocking covered with semen on.

At some moment before crashing out I remembered my whole day. Ordinary men had fucked me today, me – a well-off and respectable woman, a bank manager!!! But then I had an idea that I liked what had happened to me. I wanted to feel myself a bitch, a real slut!!!

At the seaside. Part 2

The next morning I woke up when the sun was rising, pulled the shorts on and went to the toilet. Can you imagine how much I was surprised when having opened the door to the veranda I didn’t see our neighbors? It seemed to me that all what had happened at night was just a dream. There were no flippers, bathing suits or swimming trunks as well as a sporty bag. I couldn’t understand how they could get up so early after such a great fuck yesterday. Didn’t they sleep?

Lily looked absent-minded the whole day thinking about something all the time and looking into the eyes of the couples passing us by, especially those with petite slim women. I realized she was trying to recognize our neighbors. When I told her it was almost impossible she got embarrassed and became even more absent-minded. She wasn’t happy about either the nice weather or a warm sea. Finally we had dinner in a café and returned home at least two hours earlier than usual.

On the way to our house Lily was very cheerful and walking very fast. It was difficult for me to catch up with her as I was carrying all those things necessary for the beach. It all was very funny for her. Using the fact my hands were busy with bags she pressed to me and I could feel her hot breathing, hard nipples and a soft belly. She kissed me and then ran away from me laughing. I felt she was very excited about meeting our neighbors again. And frankly speaking I was rather turned on either.

Lily was so much disappointed when we came back and found no on the veranda. My wife was obviously upset but I didn’t allow her to become sad though…

I put the bags on the floor and took her in my arms. Kissing her tenderly I threw her onto the bed and pulled her dress up. She was so beautiful! I started eating her greedily unzipping my fly at the same time. She embraced my head pressing her closer but I tore away and without taking off my shorts penetrated her leaking but still rather narrow pussy. I pumped her fiercely and she moved in pace with me. I didn’t stop even when she asked me. She climaxed twice but I kept on drilling into her. Feeling I was on the verge of coming I pulled my cock out of her and intended to put it into her mouth, but I failed and splashed my semen all over her body – from the pubis to her face. She took the drops from her face, licked her fingers and put my already flaccid cock into her mouth.

- You’ve made my dress dirty! – She said.

I didn’t hear she was dissatisfied, she evidently liked it. She had probably wanted something different but actually liked my idea. She kissed and licked my cock trying to hear some sounds behind the door. But it was quiet there.

My dick was erected again and I pulled her dress off. I turned her round and spread her anus with saliva. Lily doesn’t always agree to practice anal sex due to my cock size but now she wanted that. She knew what was going to happen, so she set her shoulders against the bed, spread her legs wider and parted her buttocks with her hands.

- Come on!.. – I heard passion and desire in her voice.

I pressed at the hole trying not to hurt my wife, and watched my head and then the whole shaft entered the anus. It made me extremely aroused but I restrained myself turning my wife on more and more.

- Come on, honey… – She was begging but I was teasing her making pauses occasionally.

Lily didn’t like my slow movements. She pushed me on the back, slid off from my cock, set it against her rear and biting her lip lowered herself onto it, up to my balls. She stopped for a moment and then started moving furiously. She was moaning, biting her lips, pinching her nipples. I was trying to help her fondling her clit with my fingers. She kept on moving until I burst out in her passage with a huge warm spurt. She climaxed almost simultaneously with me pouring her juices on my belly. She stopped for a second trying to enjoy her sensations and keep my limp cock in her anus. Then she collapsed onto the bed. I watched her anus shrinking and the semen flowing out of it. It was making me excited, I felt very well. I knew I had to go to the shower but I felt so lazy and exhausted that decided to lie a bit longer. I stroked her butt; she turned to me and kissed my lips pressing her hot body to my body.

I have a wonderful wife – slim, with a tight ass and small perfect breasts. All men from college students to old men look back at her when she passes by. She is 32 but looks like 25 year-old-girl. Her sexual appeal makes me aroused very fast despite the time we’ve been together.

When she was young she used to be very shy. She wore jeans, long skirts, very modest dresses and blouses. She felt shy to fuck during the day and asked me to turn off the lights if we did that at night. Her passion was seen through her moans only, though she tried to hide them as well but she often failed. I waited, trying to let her free at ease, develop her sexuality. And soon my patience was awarded as she started feeling herself a real woman. She stopped restraining herself and got excited from her own moans. She climaxed frequently and if she still wasn’t satisfied she could ask me to fuck her more. It was like our second honeymoon when we tried just everything except for BDSM as neither of us liked it. And she became even more beautiful as if she was at least 5 years younger. Nothing makes the woman look more beautiful than sex!

Lily kissed me on the cheek and rose to go to the bathroom. She wiped herself with a towel and put on my T-shirt instead of the dirty dress. I pulled shorts on. Opening the door we saw that our neighbors were still away.

When we entered the shower I saw Lily was a bit frustrated by their long absence. I made the water running and started soaping my sweetheart paying special attention to certain places. Lily got aroused immediately and started rubbing against my erected phallus. She kneaded my buttocks, kissed my neck, then squatted and took my cock into her mouth. Moving her head rhythmically she was bringing me great pleasure. Her hand was caressing her clit… I felt I was near my climax and pressed her head to me, penetrating her throat. She choked trying to tear away from me but I didn’t release her until we both had a huge orgasm. She was on her knees embracing my legs and making incoherent sounds. Her eyes were closed and she was still enjoying the moment.

I directed the water at her and started washing her nice body. She rinsed her mouth and kissed my lips tenderly, then she put my T-shirt on her wet body. The T-shirt stuck to her body showing all the curves in a tempting way. The garment was of mustard-yellow color and as it was dark out it seemed that Lily was nude.

We entered the veranda and saw our neighbors were still out. My wife gave a sigh. And here I realized why she hadn’t wanted to put on her own T-shirt in the shower! Her T-shirt covered her down her knees and mine was a bit lower than her ass. She wanted to see our neighbors and show herself a swell!!! What a bitch!

The idea made me aroused and I felt the cock in my shorts was stiffening. We entered the room but didn’t close the door (if my wife wanted them to see her why not?). With no further questions I pushed Lily on the bed, moved her legs apart and started licking her hot pussy.

- Stop it!.. no.. yes… here… ok… – The view of the door opened was turning her on, she arched her back and her juices gulfed in a huge amount…- Ah-h!..
I didn’t allow her to recover and entered her slit, entered her up to the balls, reaching the womb. Then I moved out, touched the clit with my head and thrust slowly back. Being unable to bear this voluptuous torture Lily screamed loudly climaxing a few times before I could pull my cock out. As soon as I did that my dick exploded and the semen flowed onto my belly. I had no power to go to the shower and collapsed on the bed.

Lily wiped me with a towel. Her motions were weak, eyes half-opened, a blissful smile on the face. She licked the last drop flowing out of my head. I turned off the wall bracket, my wife put her head on my belly and we crashed out. We didn’t even cover ourselves – it was too hot.

I woke up from a strange sensation that someone was squeezing my cock. Besides, I heard the bed behind the door squeaking rhythmically. It was dark in the room and my brain wasn’t ready to work yet. I saw the door to our room was closed but sounds were clearly heard. Damn! We’d forgotten to close the door!

I looked at my wife questioning and pointing at the door with my eyes. No, she didn’t close it. It meant it was one of them who closed it. And we were lying here naked and uncovered! They might not see anything as it was dark. But… I could see Lily and the door… I saw Lily was thinking about the same and it was turning her on. She started sucking my penis.

Oh my God! What did she want? We’d done it a few times already. I was not so young to do it again and again, though… I said that in vain as my cock was hard already. Lily rose a bit, spread her legs and lowered herself on my dick with a moan. Our neighbors had obviously heard this moan and the girl started moaning in tempo with the bed squeaking. My wife followed the rhythm and it seemed the women tried to moan simultaneously. Long scream let me know both of the ladies climaxed and I pulled my cock out of Lily to let my cum flow on the sheet. Lily was evidently disappointed by what I had done. She might have wanted me to come into her to have an excuse to go to the shower through veranda and meet our neighbors.

She licked the cock, whispered something to it. I passed my hand over her butt and suddenly squeezed her clit between my fingers. Lily let out a moan, moved towards me and forgot about everything. I put two digits into her slit and kept on pressing on her nub with my thumb. I began finger-fucking her this way slowly.

She moved in pace as crazy. She was insatiable! She climaxed a few times again pouring my hand with her nectar and then collapsed near me. When I made an attempt to remove my hand she mumbled something showing me she wanted to keep it there. I stroked her slowly.

It was quiet behind the wall. Our neighbors went to the shower. Maybe it was a good idea to meet them? We had a bottle of champagne… But it was night time… about 4 a.m. Ok, we would do it in the morning… With a mixture of thoughts in my mind I fell asleep.

The sun was shining brightly, it was early in the morning. Lily woke up at my belly. I wondered what time it was… 12 o’clock!!! What a sleep we had!!! I went to the toilet. Our neighbors had gone already. I wondered when they slept…

When I returned I saw my wife smiling. It was strange but she her pussy didn’t hurt at all, despite the fact we’d had such a night! It was too late to go to the beach and we made up our minds to have lunch at a café and then go for a walk along shady paths. Lily came back from the shower and donned her red cotton dress forgetting to put on her lingerie. The gown looked very well on her, revealing her nipples through the fabric. The idea a gust of the wind could pull her dress up and demonstrate her pussy to everyone made me excited.
I put my hand between her legs in the café passing it over her pussy. She liked it, smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

- No, honey, we’ll do it in the evening, be patient!.. – She whispered.

We walked along the paths, climbed the mountain where I took a few nice photos of Lily showing her butt and pussy. There was no one there and she gave me a blow job. Then I kissed her. She smelled with my semen. I pinched her nipples through the dress but she tore herself away from me and ran away laughing. Then we had dinner, went to the cinema and kissed like students sitting on the last row of seats.

We got to the sea when it was late, about 12 o’clock. We went to the water naked though we had bathing suits with us. There were no people here and we could do whatever we wanted. There is nothing more fabulous than seeing your lovely woman’s body sparkling in a silver moonlight!

We hugged, kissed and touched each other until we felt cold. We rushed out of the sea and Lily put her dress on. She didn’t feel warmer as a flimsy cotton fabric absorbed the water immediately and stuck to her body.

We came home and I took Lily into the bathroom. I made the water running and allowed her to get warmer. We forgot to take off the dress… After the dress was off I soaped my darling washing off the remains of the sea salt. I rubbed her nipples tenderly, pressed my wife to me, washed her slit. Then I bent to her pussy and started tonguing it fiercely. She got warmer gradually, leaned her back against the wall and pressed my head to her.

- Yes, yes, yes!!! – Her screams were audible for everyone and it made me excited.

I built the tempo and my wife had an orgasm. Her body shuddered and she tried to lower herself on the floor. I didn’t allow her to do that giving her my huge stiff cock head. She kissed it and then kissed my lips.

- Wait a minute, honey! – Lily took me by the cock and led me out of the shower.

At this moment I understood what a mistake I’d made by making our clothes wet. One must be crazy putting them on now. However, Lily wasn’t worried about that at all and we went to our room naked.

What our neighbors would think? Oh, they were out! That was good! Though, Lily wasn’t as happy about that as I was. Her deep sigh told me she was frustrated. I entered the room and sat on the bed. I felt tired. Lily lay beside me. It seemed to me she was really disappointed. She wanted people to see her.

At the seaside. Part 3

I rose to hang our garments to dry and saw my wife’s hand slid to her slit. Now, honey, I’d help you… I squeezed our clothes and hung them on the line. Then I returned to my wife. But… she was asleep. I moved her a bit, put my hand on her butt. I wanted her so much… Lily didn’t react. I began kneading her ass and gradually fell asleep myself.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I wanted to sleep very much but I had a strange dream as if Lily called me somewhere. Something was wrong. I turned on my side and closed my eyes but heard a light moan from the veranda. Here I realized – my wife wasn’t here! She might have been calling me to accompany her to the toilet (which was outside the cottage). And now our neighbors were fucking and she probably didn’t know how to return!

I jumped up and pulled my shorts on. Fuck you, guys! I didn’t want my wife to stand out while they were making love there!

I opened the door and without looking at the sofa moved to the front door. But making a few steps I stopped being struck by the scene. Right in front of me on the table (that was why the sofa wasn’t squeaking) my Lily was lying with her dress pulled up. The moon illuminated her well. Her legs were widely spread and a young naked guy was licking her slit. My wife was moaning. But this wasn’t the thing that struck me.

A man was standing beside Lily. Holding his cock with one hand he rubbed my wife’s nipples with it. Cock is not the right word to name this thing. You know I have a rather big penis but this one was just huge!.. The man’s palm wasn’t enough to embrace it – fingers didn’t close down! And the part of the cock that stuck after the palm was about 7 inches long!!! And using that he was rubbing my wife’s nipples – two at the same time! The tip of the cock was something really amazing – the head was of the normal apple size, the shape reminded me the cap of a big mushroom. All the pubic hair was shaved and increased the impression.

Lily put one hand under her head while the other was squeezing her dress convulsively. Her eyes were half-closed, the upper lip was bit and the breathing was uneven. She liked it!

I like when she is in such condition, she allows doing just everything with her in such moments! There is something fantastic, fabulous in that!

Bright moonlight intensified the feeling of unreality. I stopped still being unable to utter a sound. Blood rushed to my face and to the head of my cock that started swelling. The young guy tore himself away from Lily’s pussy, turned to me and … I saw a woman.

She was a very slim, petite woman, with a short cut and a tight ass. She really reminded a guy. She had no breast (my wife had a small bust and this woman had NO bust at all). Her nipples were huge –dark, small in diameter but swollen to a huge size. They were like candies. A ring was pierced into the left one. In the middle of her neatly shaved pubis there was a big clit. It was very stiff and looked like a small penis. Right above the clit was a tattoo. The girl’s vulva lips were big and I noticed a drop of her juices hanging down from the lips. The pussy seemed to be closer to the front and looked like a very big one. Though it must be fit for such a cock…

I was standing still and felt the lump in my shorts was getting bigger. She came to me from behind, pressed to my back allowing me to feel the warmth of her nipples, put her hands into my shorts, passed her fingers along my shaft and kissed me between the shoulder-blades. She kneeled down before me, unzipped my fly and pulled the shorts down releasing my cock. The woman wrapped it with her hand and looked back at her husband. The man nodded. Her fingers started caressing my stem, licked the drop of pre-cum from my head and then suddenly swallowed it up to the balls.

She sucked me for a minute or so and then released my cock, touched it with her teeth, licked the scrotum and then repeated it all again. After that she rose and pushed me to my wife. At this moment Lily opened her eyes. I saw no doubt or repentance, only desire in her eyes.

- It was not me… They… Ah!… They called me… Ah…! I tried to wake you up, you were sleeping… I couldn’t… – She was panting, talking and moaning – all at once. – Have you seen his cock? Oh…!

She put her palm on the man’s dick and pressed it to her breast. Being pushed by a little woman I turned to be right between Lily’s legs. My phallus directed by the woman’s hands touched my wife’s clit and penetrated her slit. The girl standing behind me gripped Lily’s thighs and pressed her to me… She drove me into my wife’s pussy. My honey arched her back and the cock was embraced tightly with her vagina. Lily moaned loudly and climaxed. But the woman pressing to my buttocks with her stiff nipples and shaved pubis was building the tempo. Her one hand was rubbing Lily’s clit while the other hand was squeezing my balls.

I saw the girl’s look which was asking for my permission. I nodded. I couldn’t stop anything! And it was interesting for me to see how my insatiable wife was going to cope with the huge cock. The man still looking at me took the pillow from the sofa, put it under my wife’s head and only then came closer to Lily’s mouth. She was evidently waiting for that. She embraced the cock with her both hands trying to wrap them around the shaft. She failed but having let out a moan she started to lick the great candy. The rest of the cock that she wasn’t able to put into her mouth she was jerking with her hands quickly. The man was enjoying that, standing with his eyes closed. His cock became even bigger.

I felt afraid for my wife as his enormous stem could enter too deep and tear my honey’s mouth and throat. Lily made an attempt to put the head into her mouth. She opened her mouth very wide, as wide as she could and the big mushroom cap entered her. She stopped to recover her breath (of course, she had no opportunity to breathe with her mouth). When her breath was rather even she began pushing the cock even deeper rotating her head. The small woman was licking Lily’s clit at that time. My wife was panting and bending. She couldn’t breathe well and at the next moment she climaxed.

I was on the verge either but the woman didn’t allow me to ejaculate. She pushed me aside from my spouse and put a string on my cock and balls. It would be more difficult for me to climax now.

The woman bent to Lily, plunged her tongue into my wife’s juices and rushed to me. She put her arms around my neck and gave me a soul kiss. She smelled like my wife. Her tongue entered my mouth, her pubis pressed to my belly which became wet from her pussy immediately. I understood I wanted this woman very much.

She had a small body and she was light too. I raised her and put her on my shoulders with her pussy to me. She held the door which we were close to. I put my hand on her nipple with a ring and started pinching it; my other hand was kneading her buttocks while my mouth was eating her cunt. I was licking her slit, sucking her clit, moving my tongue between her vulva lips and penetrating her pussy either and then. She couldn’t restrain herself for a long time – she squeezed her legs tightly and gave a scream – she climaxed. My mouth was full of her nectar. It was too much of that in my mouth – I could choke from being totally unaware of what was going to happen next. I licked all of her juices and then tried to put her down.

However, it wasn’t what she planned. Somehow she turned upside down and now her pussy was again before my face and she was sucking my phallus. She was sucking me while I was tongue-fucking her. The idea her hubby’s cock had been here made aroused though I didn’t actually understand how it could go inside. I turned her down again and kissed her nipples.

Then I impaled her on my cock. She shuddered and let out a scream when it slid along her vagina and set against her womb. She pressed to me with her small body, embraced me with her legs and suddenly squeezed my cock tightly with her pussy. She squeezed it so much that it was hard for me even to move it. Then she released it for a couple of seconds and squeezed it again. But for that string on my dick I would have climaxed long ago and I think she was on the verge too. My male neighbor had already carried my wife to the sofa and they were licking each other in 69 position. And he was fucking her with four fingers pressed together.

It was so interesting for me! Lily used to allow me to put just three fingers in, no more and here four digits were drilling into her. I have to admit though that he was doing that very tenderly and carefully and my wife obviously liked that.

I put my woman on the floor in the doggy style to be able to observe my wife being fucked and at the same time because it was not easy to keep the girl in my arms all the time. She started kissing and licking my wife’s ass. And I gripped her thighs, pressed them to me and began screwing her fiercely stimulating to orgasm.

Lily saw what we were doing and positioned herself in a doggy fashion either. She made an attempt to push her partner’s cock into her. She was sliding it along her slit, moved towards it but nothing happened. The dick was too big for her. The man did his best too, but…

It was worth seeing Lily at that time. She was red with lust and desire, wet with sweat and her juices, with her lip bit…

The woman I was pumping slid off me and started sucking my wife’s slit. Lily moaned and spread her thighs wider. Our neighbor showed me with the help of gestures I had to get busy with my wife. I obeyed. My wife’s hole seemed to me extremely wide after the girl’s vagina. My cock made squelching sounds making Lily bend her back and relax.

Meantime the girl put her husband on his back and began sucking his monster. A few moments later she squeezed some of the lubricant they had on the table onto her palm and then spread it over her hubby’s dick. Then she waved to me. I understood what she wanted and carried my wife to the man.

We put my wife above the guy with her back to him. Lily sat down a bit, trying to impale on his cock but it was unreal. The man was helping her extending her slit with his hands. Lily’s bit lip, tears in her eyes demonstrated the fact it was not so pleasant for her now.

The girl tried to help Lily as well. She bent to her and stared caressing her clit quickly. And then Lily let out a moan, twitched her thighs and… the huge man’s head penetrated her vagina having stretched it up to the limit. My wife stopped to get used to the new sensation. A blissful smile on her face (she did that!!!), big vulva lips similar to a line now, a horse-like cock in my wife’s pussy – it all was so exciting!

Lily started lowering herself slowly, bending when she reached the womb and then rising up. Soon she was increasing the speed. I suddenly thought that the guy wasn’t using a condom. At first it frightened me but when I looked at the dick again I understood that no condom could be fit for such a tool.

I looked at the girl’s ass while she was licking my spouse and thrust into her pussy sharply. And again the women were moaning together getting excited from that. I dipped my finger into her own juices and put it into her asshole. She bent and started moaning louder. She liked that. I kept on fucking her this way for a few minutes, then removed my cock and set it against her rear. I made an attempt to enter her but she pushed me away and threatened me with her digit.

She bent, took the string off my cock, licked it thoroughly and pointed at Lily. I understood that she wanted to change the partners. I couldn’t believe this shaft could enter her. She was just a bit fatter that it was. We took Lily from the big-sized cock and the girl stood above it. She bent her thighs in a strange position that made her pubis seem even bigger. And then she lowered herself on it easily and closed her eyes.

I pointed at the girl’s clit showing my wife she had to fondle it. And I entered her cracked-up hole. It wasn’t pleasant at all – the sensation was close to one when you thrust into a bucket – my cock wasn’t touching the walls at all.

- Common! – She was really insatiable.

I didn’t know how much sex would satisfy her. I was near my climax myself. My bollocks were as big as tennis balls. I pulled my cock out of the passage and thrust into my wife’s butt with no preparation. Here I must say she allowed that rarely and I did it very carefully. This time she let out a moan and started moving in pace with me keeping on caressing the girl’s clit. At a certain moment the girl slid off her husband’s cock and pointed it at Lily. My wife had barely touched it with her tongue when it burst out. The spurt was so huge that separate drops reached my chest even. I don’t need to say what was happening to my wife. Her back, face, breasts – all was covered with semen. She twitched and I ejaculated either. I collapsed on the sofa slowly and closed my eyes.

When I opened them I noticed the girl was licking the cum from Lily’s face, back and buttocks bending to her regularly and kissing her, sharing with semen she’d collected. I went to the shower. I was exhausted.

I stayed there for some time. When I went out I saw the women approaching to the shower absolutely naked and kissing. It seemed to me they were so keen on each other that they didn’t notice me passing them by. My male neighbor was sleeping on the veranda soundly.

What an adventure! Who could think it might happen to us! I lay down and was reflecting for some time about what had happened.

Time passed but Lily didn’t come. I fell asleep already when she appeared. She was not alone. The women came embracing each other, lay on the bed and kept on kissing and caressing each other. I watched them for about 5 minutes, then rose a bit and impaled my neighbor on my stiff cock touching and pinching her nipples. It was so interesting to feel her narrow hole…

I couldn’t understand how she did that (my wife still had a big hole that wasn’t going to shrink soon). And the girl had such a nice tight vagina! And a furious temperament!

She was pressing Lily to her hard nub and my dick sliding along her slit. She was bending, pressing to my chest, allowing my wife to tongue her pubis. I couldn’t restrain for long and how could I do that in such a situation? I felt I was on the verge, so I took the girl off my cock and pushed the penis into my wife’s mouth who swallowed my cum greedily. The girl bent to her and Lily shared part of the semen with her. They both licked me and went on fondling each other. And I fell asleep…

When I woke I couldn’t come to myself for a long time. Lily and I were lying on the bed alone. And here I realized! It was just a dream!

Lily was still sleeping. I stood up, poured a glass of champagne and drank it all. Yeah!.. I put the sheet up and saw my wife’s slit that made me very much excited. I moved my honey a bit and thrust inside.

I like fucking my wife in the morning when she still sleeps, when her hole is not lubed up and is very tight, like many years ago when we had just married. I like when Lily wakes up getting slowly aroused and starts enjoying the process…!

This time it was as usual but for… Lily’s pussy was so huge! And my cock didn’t feel the walls of her vagina. It was not a dream! She had really been impaling on a huge shaft! This thought turned me on a lot and I couldn’t fuck her slowly, I built the tempo and now was pumping her furiously… Due to the fact the cunt was wide I did it for long and my wife was able to climax twice before I ejaculated on her back.

When we were both exhausted, every drop of Lily’s juice was licked by me and her back was wiped, Lily rose, gave me a kiss and said:

- You’re a good husband. I love you so much for your understanding. This night was fantastic! – She closed her eyes for a moment and added, – Thank you!

She stood up, put a bathrobe on and went to the shower but a few seconds later she returned:

- Can you imagine? They’ve left! – She looked disappointed.

- Don’t get upset. When they return we’ll get to know each other closer!

- They’ve left! I can’t see any bags there! And this is for us I guess, – she pronounced and gave me a card and a small souvenir – a woman in a doggy fashion with two men fucking her ass and mouth – it was made from ivory.

I read in the card: “You’re terrific lovers! Thank you. And this is for you.” It was over. No phone numbers, no addresses.

- We can ask the landlady. She might know something about them – I couldn’t see my wife frustrated.

But the landlady knew nothing about our neighbors either. At first she felt worried that they could have stolen something from us but when she knew we just wanted to talk to them she calmed down.

- They often come to my neighbor for summer. This time she is in hospital and I decided to help them. I couldn’t ask them where they are from – they are deaf-and-dumb…

- They are not deaf-and-dumb, they can hear very well but can’t speak! They are dumb!

- It’s all the same for me…

We left our address and phone number in case the couple arrived again. The landlady promised to call us when they came next time. Of course, no one ever called…

Hello, everybody!

I’ve made up my mind to tell you my great secret. I saw my mother-in-law for the first time when I was 20 and she was 44 years of age. I came to my girlfriend’s house to meet her parents and fell in love with her mother as soon as I saw her.

Ellis is a chic woman! Her face, figure, slender legs… Everything impressed me a lot, especially her bust – huge boobs sticking out like two bombs. I was so fascinated by her that my sexual dreams have all been focused at her since that. The more I saw her the more I liked this woman.

We had a nice relationship. She was intelligent, courteous and a bit shy. Very kind and tender. She always treated me well. She had dreamed about having two sons but actually had two daughters. My wife was the youngest. I called her ‘Mom’ and she called me ‘Son’, but in my mind I often reflected that a son wouldn’t think about fucking his mother as I did…

The more it continued the hotter my passion became. I literally suffered from my lust. I wanted to fuck her but couldn’t make up my mind. I was afraid that it could spoil my family relationship. I didn’t know how she might react to my wish. She seemed to me very upright and unapproachable though somehow I felt she liked me more than just a son-in-law. There was something in her look, words and speech manner that attracted me and made me excited. Much later I understood she flirted with me.

I guess at first it was just an attempt to attract a young male’s attention to feel she was still beautiful and hot, not a woman close to her 50s. She knew she was good-looking, she was told about that frequently but hearing that from her young son-in-in-law was necessary. It’s something that’s close to narcissism and self-admiration. And then, gradually, her light flirt transformed into a sexual attraction.

We couldn’t decide to tell each other about our feelings for 10 years. Can you imagine – 10 years!!! A few times I wanted to confess how I felt about her, wanted even to drink a lot and tell her I wanted her. But each time something stopped me.

And then it happened, very easily. Now I regret I hadn’t done it earlier. At that time I was 30 and she was 54. Of course, she grew older but became even more beautiful. It was the mature beauty, mature sexuality.

That day we were celebrating something. The whole family gathered together: my wife, our daughter and my parents-in-law. We drank a bit, talked and as usual I looked at Ellis lustfully. Damn!!! How nice she was!!!

At a certain moment we remained alone at the table. My wife took the dirty dishes to the kitchen, the daughter went to bed and my father-in-law went to the toilet. Suddenly, really unexpected for me I offered Ellis to drink brotherhood. She was rather tipsy and having fun, so she agreed. We drank and I kissed her very-very tenderly. It was a soul kiss and (Can you believe it!!!) she responded to it. It drove me absolutely mad!!! I pulled her closer to me and kissed more passionately. She didn’t resist and I dared to put my hand on her breast. I dreamed about it for so long. Her bust was very big, heavy and hot. I heard she was breathing fast. Fantastic!!! She got aroused!!!

Unfortunately for both of us we were frightened off. My wife and father-in-law returned and we resumed celebrating. But I was hot with passion! I looked at Ellis openly and lasciviously while she dropped her eyes every time I gave her a glance.

For two days I didn’t feel myself. I knew that my father-in-law had a day shift and Ellis would be alone at home. I made bold and came to her after work.

When she opened the door her eyes were full of surprise. She started talking about some nonsense but she felt obviously confused. I decided to take the initiative, came up to her and pressed her to me. She stopped talking and lowered her eyes.

- Do you think it all happened just because we were drunk? – I asked her.

- Sure, – she replied.

- No, Ellis, I want you, I dream about you all the time. I feel crazy about you.

She looked at me and said quietly and sadly:

- Don’t say that, I’m too old for you…

I pulled her closer to me and gave her a French kiss. She put her arms around my neck and responded to my kiss. She was so hot!!! So passionate!!! A horny female! I was amazed to see such a reaction. I’d dreamt about it for a long time.

I pulled her gown off right in the corridor and started stroking and touching her body. It was so soft and hot!!! I took off her bra and her huge breasts plopped down against her belly. They were so big that reached the navel. The areolas were big and the nipples were small, red and hard. I began sucking them in turn. Ellis moaned. I bit her nipples. They shrank and stiffened. Ellis rolled her eyes and moaned louder.

All what happened later was like in a dream. I guess you know how it feels when you’re excited and ecstatic. I don’t remember how we got to the bedroom. I remember her lying on the bed nude, beautiful as the goddess. I took off my T-shirt, pants and boxers. The cock was as hard as a rock. The head was so big that I thought it would burst from tension. I liked the way Ellis looked at it and moaned. It impressed her.

I lay on her, started kissing her and rubbing my cock head against her pubis. She was moaning and spreading her thighs slowly. I thrust into her hot vagina up to the middle of the shaft and stopped. The sensation was just unspeakable. I entered my mother-in-law!!! I thrust my cock into my mother-in-law’s twat!!! I could cum from this only thought.

It was a holiday for both my body and soul. When my dick reached her rear wall Ellis moaned and arched her back. She was enjoying my cock!!! And her vagina was tight and short, I set against the womb immediately. The entrance to the vagina was like a tight ring and all I could think at that moment was: “I shouldn’t come right now! She’s so narrow, like a virgin. I must restrain to satisfy her. What a wonder! A mother of two but the cunt is so tight… Maybe her husband doesn’t fuck her properly…”

I thrust up to my balls and felt how much her vagina stretched to have me fully inside. It was such a pleasure!!! Can you imagine how many efforts I had to take not to climax at that minute??? I bit my lip to blood trying to restrain the semen. Ellis asked me:

- Don’t hurry! Be more tender…

I guess she liked the sensation of a huge cock in her pussy. To tell you the truth it’s so enjoyable to see a naked mother-in-law lying before you with her legs widely open and a stretched twat! I was looking at her and couldn’t get enough of the scene. She was lying on her back with her eyes closed, her face expressing a great pleasure she was experiencing. Such a sweet torture! Her mouth half-opened, hands squeezing the sheet… I raised her legs higher and started pumping her slowly as she had asked me. I felt her womb rubbing against my cock inside, driving me mad. Her vagina was tight and stretching again and again for my phallus. A bit later I felt it became easier to slide into her. The vagina widened and I saw her juices leaking out of it. The cock was entering her easily now.

I built the tempo. While drilling into her I noticed her boobs flying from the navel to her chin, funny view!!! I took her nipples and pulled them to me. She moaned saying it was painful. I kept on pulling them and screwing her at the same time. I heard her twat started squelching. Ellis was moaning louder crying and screaming simultaneously. Only one idea was in my mind: “Don’t come right now!!!” I was doing my best…

I’d been fucking her for long, it was time for her to climax but she didn’t. I couldn’t restrain myself for a long time. I even got angry with her: “Have an orgasm, bitch!!!!” and she was moaning and moving her butt in pace, evidently not going to climax.

Then I moved her legs wider apart, put them high on my shoulders and started drilling her fiercely and deeply. She enlivened, began screaming more often, biting her lips. Then suddenly she let out a moan and stopped still. Her body tensed up for a second. I felt her belly spasmed and her ass and thighs started trembling. And then she let out a long moan more like a scream and started shaking convulsively. It was her orgasm at last!!! I did that!!! I fucked my mother-in-law and made her climax!!!

Her vagina squeezed my cock and I relaxed allowing my semen rush from my balls to the head and then into her hot passage. The spurt was big, Ellis even shuddered when felt it inside. I collapsed onto the bed exhausted.

She lay for some time, recovered her breath, turned to me and whispered into my ear:

- Thank you, my darling, I love you so much!..

Isn’t it fantastic? My mother –in-law was telling that to me!!!

Later I understood I didn’t have to worry so much as only her first orgasm was so hard to provoke. All the others were less bright but faster to happen.

We began to meet secretly. Then we had a difficult period when Ellis felt it was all wrong and she couldn’t do that to her daughter and husband. Finally she was able to realize it was good for all of us, we all were happy and she forgot about her worries.

We’ve been fucking for 7 years already and this sex is much more sensual that the one I have with her daughter…

A hubby loves cock!

I am a good hubby for a wife who loves cuckolding her husband. That was taking place when she brought a lover of hers with his friends to me and they had fun. I was dressed like a house maid and all the guys emptied their balls on me.

…my wife was getting a close-up of me, I noticed all the men started to get dressed. After my wife got a good close-up of me Arthur told me to get dressed but do not wipe any cum of me. He also told me to clean the room up. As everyone walked out of the room I looked in the mirror and I saw myself with cum all over my face, hair, neck, on my fake breast, and in my panties. I turned around and looked at the back and read “I love cock” on my panties. I could also see the cum draining from my ass. I looked for my bra and maids uniform and found it difficult to walk because of getting fucked so hard and good! I couldn’t walk comfortably in my heels. As I bent down to get my bra I could feel the cum escaping from my butt and into my panties. I could also feel sperm running down my face. I got my uniform and put it on. As I was cleaning I could feel the cum start to go down my thighs and into my stockings.

When I finished cleaning I went into the living room where Arthur and my wife were watching the movie of the party. He had his hand on my wife’s inner thigh. He asked me if I was through cleaning and I said: “yes, master”. He then handed me the camera and told me to start taping. As I turned it on my wife got off of the couch and undid Arthur’s jeans. She started to suck his cock so I got closer as she took it in her mouth. She was sucking him off like she has never done with me. She then got up off of her knees, took her pants off, turned around, and lowered herself on his cock. I of course got a close-up of her pussy as she sat on his cock. Arthur then motioned for me to get a shot of her shirt. I did this so you could clearly see her nipple through the shirt because she wasn’t wearing a bra and could read her shirt which had a phrase on the back: “My hubby loves cock”. Arthur then told me to get a shot of my face. I did this and he asked me if the shot was well done. I answered in my feminine voice: “Yes, master”. My wife started to go fast and hard. Soon she moaned she was gonna cum. As she was cumming, Arthur started to cum into her pussy. When she got up I got a close-up of her pussy leaking his cum. Arthur said:

“I am ready to take you 2 girls home. Come on!”

We got in the car and headed back to my house. Arthur started to slow down and turned into a very crowded convenience store. He told us to go get him some drink. My wife opened the door and got out, but I did not. Arthur looked in the back seat and ordered to me again. I answered him that it was very crowded over here and he quickly got out of the car and grabbed me by the arm to pull me out. He then pulled me to the back of the car where everyone could see. He told me to put my legs together and bend over to get punishment. He then told me I had to count the spankings out to him. He ended up giving me 10 spanks over my ass. After slapping my ass, I was then ordered to go get the drinks and that we had to be back at least in 10 minutes. Neither of us had a watch. He also told us we could not try to hide or even try to hide our faces and if anyone asked if the shirt saying “My hubby loves cock” was true, I had to show them my panties. We went in and 2 young guys came up to us and asked my wife if her husband loved cock. She said:

“Why don’t you ask him, she is standing right there!”

I then turned around bent over and lifted my uniform so they could read the back of my panties. They were looking at my wife’s crotch so she spread her legs so they could see the cum leaking from her pussy. We finally decided that we should go because 10 minutes passed. So we bought the soda and returned to the car. Arthur then said that I won’t ever disobey him again.

As we got to the garage we headed upstairs. We were lucky because no one passed us by on our way home. We got there and my wife realized she forgot the key in the car, so Arthur told her to go get it. When we were waiting the elevator door opened and my neighbor Brad walked out. Brad is a 6”2 black guy with a bald head and a muscular body. I tried to hide myself behind Arthur but he told me NO. When Brad walked by he looked at me and stopped. He said:

“Is that you?” and Arthur said:

“This slut loves to be called Pamella when she is dressed up!” Brad said:

“It looks like you have had fun” and I give him a glaring look because I was now humiliated even more than at the store because my neighbor knew me. At this moment my wife returned. Brad then asked her if that saying on the shirt was true. I know what I am supposed to do, but didn’t say a word. Arthur slapped my ass and ordered me to answer him. I then turned around bend over and show him my panties. Brad said:

“I would like to fuck that sexy white ass!”

We walk in our apartment and Arthur invited Brad in. I walked over to a chair and sat down because my feet were hurting. Arthur told me to stop being such a rude maid, take his coat and get us something to drink. I did as I was told, they all sat on the couch with my wife in the middle. When I handed them their drinks Arthur told me to go get in the corner facing the wall, with my hand to the side, and standing straight up. I stood in the corner as they talked. They then walked around the apartment showing Brad around. They came back and told me to stand in front of them. Arthur asked me if I thought the punishment was severe enough for being so rude. I answered: “Yes, master”. Then he asked me again how many spankings I should get. I said that at least 10 slaps. He told me to get into position. I then turned around put my legs together and put my palms on the coffee table looking straight down. Arthur took his belt off and handed it to Brad. Brad then gave me 4 very fast and hard spankings. Arthur stopped him and asked:

“Pamella what are you supposed to do? So I said:

“I want some more, master!” Then I got another 10 spankings and after that Arthur told me to stay where I was because he did not give me permission to watch my wife give Brad a blow job. I could only guess and imagine Brad sitting on our couch and taking my wife’s mouth on his big cock!
As Brad finished, he approached me, rubbed my butt and said:
“Pamella you have a nice ass!”

Arthur then suggested that we all go to the bedroom. As we headed to the bedroom Brad grabbed me by the waist and whispered in my ear:

“I’m going to fuck that tight white ass of yours!”

We got into the bedroom Brad and Arthur took off their clothes and sat on the bed beside each other. My wife and I got on our knees and took their hard cocks in our mouths. I was sucking Brad as Arthur told my wife to strip for them. So, after she started stripping show, I started to alternate between 2 cocks. I was sucking Brad, Arthur got up and got my wife to bend over with her hands on the bed. Brad then told me to do the same! Next, Brad pulled my cum-soaked panties down and placed his hard cock at the entrance of my ass. He asked me what I wanted.

“I want you big black cock in my tight white ass!” I said.

With that Arthur started to push into my wife’s pussy and Brad into my ass. They were fucking us I looked at my wife. They told us to lay on our backs so we laid down beside each other. Arthur was about to fuck her missionary and I put my legs on Brad’s shoulders. They entered us simultaneously again. They fucked us like that for about 20 minutes. Arthur pulled out of my wife and Brad out of me. Arthur told me to get in doggy style position. I did and he got behind me. He told me to beg for it.
“I want you to fuck me hard. I’m your bitch!” I said.

He stuck it in as Brad fucked my wife in missionary.

“Oh, fuck that feels good take that ass! Fuck me harder! I said! I could feel he was getting close.
I said that, he pulled out and with one hard motion unloaded his cum all over my face! I could feel his warm sperm shot all over my cheeks and lips! Arthur pulled out and wiped his cock on my ass cheeks. Arthur moved and Brad got behind me.

“So you like to have cum on your face?” Brad asked.

“Yes master I want your cum all over me!” I said

“I’m gonna fuck that tight white ass again!” Brad said

“Please I need your big black cock in my white ass, any time, master!” I said

Brad slid his cock in my awaiting ass:
“How you like that, slut?” Brad questioned.

“It’s so hot and good!” I said

“You are my white cum slut. All you white whores like to have black cocks don’t you?” Brad asked again.

“Yes master” I said

Brad started speeding up. I could feel that this one was also close to cumming!

“Yeahh, bitch! Here it comes!” Brad said!

He started to shoot his load all over my mouth! Brad shoot load after load in my mouth! He shoots so much I couldn’t get enough and swallow it all! Brad also wiped his cock on my cheeks. When he was done, Arthur told me that me and my wife can have sex now.

I slowly put it in and she started to moan. She was very close and so was I. I started speeding up! She started cumming and so did I. As I finished cumming, Arthur told me to put my panties back on. I put the panties on and Arthur told me to go stand in the corner again. They were having a dinner, which my wife cooked for them, while I was standing in the corner. About an hour later he tells me to get on my knees because they were horny again and my wife was asleep on the bed naked. So I start sucking them off. They both took their cocks out of my mouth and started to jerk off. Arthur started cumming on my face that already had cum all over it! Brad then started cumming as well and I could not believe how much he came! He shot at least 7 big loads on my face. Arthur then told me to lie on my back on the bed and go to sleep. He saw that I was turned on by the cumshots and told me not to touch myself. Arthur left the room and came back with a pair of cuffs. He cuffed my hands to the bed head and said that I was not allowed to touch myself while he was away. When he left my wife rolled over and said:

“Honey, you looked so good on your knees just know!”

She then went down to my small flabby penis. She pulled it out the side of my panties and gave me the best blow job I ever had. She then tucked my tight penis back in my panties between my legs and went to sleep again. I knew that show was going to continue!

Get to know my wife better!

Last Saturday my wife met with an old girlfriend: they have lived so much together. This 33 year old women went to the gym class and kept her body fit all the time. She was a gorgeous blonde of thritish, with big boobs, thin waits and a big round ass to kill for! There was something about her ass, although it was not that of young girl’s derriere, but her ass was a focus of interest for any man, with strong erection, because you could fuck the hell of that ass for hours! My wife loved parties and she really does, and she loves alcohol. Barbara never drank a lot, but she never refused another round of good shot of whisky or cognac.

Barbara informed me that she would not come home until 10 pm; I was not in a rush to go home on Saturday as well. Met some friends of mine, one of the stood a shot in a pub, so I got home long after midnight. When I opened the door and entered my house, I found my wife totally boozed, she hardly dragged herself to the sofa, and fell onto it without taking off her all cloth. There were only her blouse and skirt on the floor; she was lying in her lingerie and stockings.

I removed her cloth, then undid my wife, lifted her sleepy body with my arms and put her to the bed. She didn’t react and opened her legs as she got down to the bed. I held still for a while, admiring her beaver, though Barbara wasn’t a sexy bitch, anyway she was OK with her fanny and tits. Watching this I got excited and touched her pussy and found it wet. Then I put my finger in Barbara’s sissy and started flicking it, after that I bent down and fondled her clit with my tongue. She didn’t react at all, so I dared putting my cock into her hole: it was completely damp, I began speeding up and my excitement was growing up with the awareness of that I was shagging my sleeping wife, as if she was like a sexy toy. I got worked up deadly and came in a few minutes. Then I hugged my wife tight and kissed her angel mouth. She went on sleeping peacefully letting it pass and without caring of what just happened. A range of lusty thought flashed across my mind.

Never had I complained of a lack of my potency, and this made me deadly cock-stand again. I took up fucking her without caring about awaking my wife; I was banging her like some machine-gun, my sperm was squelching into her cunt, I imagined my wife being fucked by any hard-core fucker like a slut, somewhere down the shrub, and then she might have been left there, on the ground and never learn that. I dirty mouthed Barbara badly, first whispering scalds, then louder and louder, so at the time I came, I was badmouthing her openly:

“You are fucking whore, you are bad slut, cock loving whore!”

I could then recall all my dirty words, addressed to her. It was really one of my days: my orgasm was so tumultuous that I hardly got over it even some minutes later.

Then she suddenly woke up and sat up. Frankly I lost courage, if she had heard my words she would stop talking to me for a week easily. She recoiled and made her way to the kitchen. I followed Barbara by stealth.

My wife took a glass of cold water, drank it in a gulp and dropped it down inadvertently when putting on the table. The fragment of broken glass scattered all over the kitchen, however she didn’t pay attention on it, and she made her steps out of the kitchen, rounding me like some obstacle. On the way back she turned to the lavatory, I followed her tiptoe. When I looked inside I got stupefied: my Barbara was sitting right on the toilet sink asleep, breathe heavily and snoring a bit with the head, leant against the wall. It was very thrilling and funny sight to see an adult woman, with clots of sperm on the thighs, sitting asleep on the toilet sink. This gave me some interesting though: I approached her, put my hands onto her head and slowly put my dick in her half-open mouth. Truly, my wife blew me only a few times and now I could have what I wanted. She opened her eyes with surprise, but didn’t resist. Then, after several movements she got down sucking me off properly. After a while Barbara recalled for what purpose she entered the lavatory and started urinating. It was unbelievable sight: my slut was sucking me off while relieving nature. All of that made me come in some minutes. It turned out that my wife didn’t swallow it entirely, moreover, she began spitting out my cum, and it poured down her chin. Barbara turned to be such a lusty whore; I could not believe my eyes.

I helped her get to the bedroom. Then I started cleaning the kitchen, when I finished my doing up I returned to the bedroom where my lovely was sleeping on the counterpane as if there was nothing happened to her earlier. I lied beside, cuddled up her from behind and tried to fall asleep. However it seemed that I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night. I was hard on as I snuggled up to Barbara. I had to confess the fact that we had never had an anal sex. Whatever I said to her, she always turned down my proposals. Now she was not able to refuse, so I took a bottle of Johnson’s Oil out of the nightstand and lubricated her ass with it. Then I began putting my finger slowly in her anus, one by one they penetrated inside. As a result, I placed my penis in her ass up to the balls. I was fucking my wife with a sense of duty, slowly, with pauses; it had been continuing for about 25 minutes. By the end of this act she started moving her ass in time with my efforts.

The next day my wife was feeling terribly hangover. She spent the whole day staying in the sack, rubbing out the oil from her ass and looking at me suspiciously. I was going around with perfect calm!

Pleading an alcohol!

Don’t know why but I’d like to share my secrets with somebody. I am considered to be a smart guy, uninhibited and easygoing. I have always thought I’m a genuine heterosexual, but my mind changed after that damn trip to Ukraine. Me and my old friend Tadeck, took some business trip of his to Ukraine, and when the deal was already arranged and we were anticipating our way back home with pleasure there suddenly a driver suggested visiting his relatives in the country. The driver had been working in Tadeck’s company for the last 3 years and they both knew each other very well. We didn’t mind, as I would like to see what was really known as Slavic hospitality. Driver’s wife had a birthday at the day we arrived and that was a great occasion for us. There were several young maids, casting looks at us by stealth from time to time. Tadeck reacted immediately, I have to say that he has always been ahead in female issues among all of our friends, moreover many women loved him: a tall well-built brunette.

I have even caught myself on thinking if I were, for example a babe I would certainly give in this stud. Convivial intercourse ran easy; the feats went on merrily, our host, driver Vladimir, set to talking some politics and economic situation in Ukraine. I think he had a little too much holiday cheer. He persuaded us to stay one more day, though it was not in our plans, but he was very insistent. Thus, we decided to make him drunk so that he wouldn’t be able to keep us from leaving tomorrow. And all things went up. His wife made the bed for us on the second floor in separate room, though it was late the sleep had gone. For a long time we were talking philosophy, the role of morals and sex in human society, we also discussed intolerance of some average men to sexual minorities etc when he suddenly asked me:

- Would you mind having sex with a man?

- Theoretically I would, but practically… well, I don’t know… though sometimes I have some thought that make me daunted….

Tadeck rose and approached me quietly:

- What if we do it right now? For tomorrow we might plead an alcohol, hard drink….

It took my breath away, I was trembling with excitement, and I uttered with faltering voice:

- Come to me, I can try…

We lay down in one bed snuggling up one another, trembling with excitement and fear of what will happen and what we were gonna do this night. In a while I got warm with Tadeck’s body and could figure out what the situation we faced. Tadeck caressed me gently, whispering me something. I was already on the verge, excited. I was hard-on. my hand slowly passed down his belly and then groped his shaft. Softly I touched his dick like some precious stone, and stroked it along its length. This was my first time when I had some man’s cock in my hands and it was very enticing. Meanwhile Tadeck took up licking my nipples, all that turned me on; id did some friction what made my friend moan. The common sense had already been suppressed, my shyness had faded away, and there appeared some pure emancipation. I said in a hoarse voice:

- Tadeck, I want to suck your dick…

- I want it too, buddy. But we should have taken shower first. But, I don’t give a fuck now….

I lean over his cock, gently lowered his foreskin. There was a smell of males’ flesh, I held his mighty organ before my eyes with a huge brown end.

First, I touched it with my lips, then my tongues passed along it very slowly and lovely; its saltish taste in my mouth switched me on harder, and I swallowed the whole cock entirely. Being I some kind of prostration I could watch myself as if from aside: here I was doing fun with a … man, we both naked. I was kissing this guy, sucking his cock like fallen slut and the most disgusting this was that I really loved it! So, I was a… gay! I was anybody, anyone, but I really enjoyed it!

Tadeck couldn’t stand it any longer, he settled down with his head to my penis, first he fondled my balls with his tongue, and then he started sucking my dick as I did his shaft and that was wonderful! It turned out that sucking each other was a great job; however it couldn’t last long that way. When I was already ready to spill my cum I pulled my penis out…

- Wait, what are you doing? He protested: give it to me! Come in my mouth….

- Hold on. I wanna try everything, fuck me…

- But I want it as well, my ass had been waiting for you for a long time, fuck it!

And with that answer Tadeck set in a doggy style, poked his as out revealing his anus. I lost my cool, and with full violence got down to licking his hole. I seemed to have received electricity shock; my partner was quivering with delight when my tongue penetrated inside his asshole. I also jerked his dick off while licking his anus, he was in the seventh heaven, feeling close orgasm. Then I put my dick to his ass and pushed a bit, it was very fucking tight, so that it hurt my cock, at this time I groped Tadeck’s shaft got flabby, but I made it erect again. I slid it entirely in, fucking him hard and jacking him off. Tadeck enjoyed the act for about 10 minutes, and after that he said:

- Great, now it’s your turn…

It didn’t take me long to agree. I lay down on my back and lifted both legs, grasped them with my hands showing my ass. Tadeck got down to licking my hole, then his tongue passed to my balls, while I was jerking my cock off. First he wetted it with his saliva and after that he finally fucked me. I had a stabbing pain at once, but when his cock fit inside, the pain had gone. Tadeck set to ramming my asshole, I began making upward movements. His cock penetrated deep inside, hitting against something there and causing sweet pain. Keeping on masturbating I soon fell into a trance.

I thought: here some handsome guy is fucking me hard, his cock works in my ass like a pump, I am twisting under him like a hooker, at last I am getting fucked and my best friend is owning my asshole. Here I raise my head and our lips meet in kiss, his tongue, like second cock is fucking my mouth. I am happy and I am satisfied, this is what I deserve…

My cock couldn’t stand it any more, Tadeck took his dick out and put it in my mouth in silence, then her deep throated my shaft, and we started sucking one another hard. This mutual blowjob resulted in simultaneous come, and 2 hot streams of sperm filled our mouths. I drank this thick saltish juice; I was so excited knowing that some guy was filling my mouth with his cum. And it was wonderful! The next day we would plead an alcohol, or… may be not…


I’ve met him lately.

He came to my office to get some business information. We started chatting. His name was Henry. He was a handsome man of 37. He had dark hair. He was wearing a business suit that made him look really elegant and imposing. His blue eyes were driving me crazy. He was looking at me so tenderly and amicably that I just couldn’t help admiring him. We became friends. We met pretty often, soon I offered him to come over to my place. He agreed. He was to come over on Sunday at 6 pm.

I didn’t notice the week pass by. I was looking forward the meeting. I was very excited. I heard the knock on the door. It was him! It was Henry! He was looking at me as tenderly as before.

-Here I am! Just as I’ve promised! – He said.

-C’mon in, buddy. I’m gonna go and turn on the music. Sir down and make yourself at home. I’ll be right back.

He was walking round my small apartment, watching my pictures. I really hoped he liked my place.

-OK, dinner is served, sir, -I said, smiling, trying to help him feel at ease.

Seemed he liked my apartment and he wasn’t tense or whatever at all, he seemed to feel free cuz here he was alone without his wife. We drank some beer. I don’t really like soft drinks, but I wanted to drink with him. We were chatting and drinking. We were a bit tipsy in a while. Henry’s cheeks were red, but his blue eyes were still looking at me with such incredible tenderness and warmth.

-I guess it’s enough for you for today, – I told him then. – You’d better get some rest.

-Well, guess you’re right.

-You can use the couch in another room. –I insisted, pointing at the room door.

-OK, but promise me you’ll stay near, I just feel so good when you’re around. Give me your hand to hold. – He said.

-All right, you go and I’ll be right back.

-OK, then, go. But come back soon, Jimmy. I’ll be waiting. – He added then.

When I entered the room I just couldn’t help laughing. His right eye was looking at me steadily, while his left one was covered by a plaid.

-Why are you laughing? Are you laughing at me? – He asked.

-No, it’s just I thought you were sleeping, when actually you’re spying on me!

He was laughing too. Then he added:

-Lie down beside me.

-All right, but just for a couple of minutes.

I was lying close to him. My eyes were closed but I wasn’t sleeping. Rather I was thinking: “God, I like him so much! I want to kiss him, kiss his lips… Maybe then he’ll understand…” so, I was lying beside him. I felt him turn to the side, I felt his breathing on my face. Then he asked:

-So tell me why did you invite me here?

First I didn’t get what he meant. I was a bit lost. It took me several seconds to answer. I said the first thing that occurred to me:

-I love you, that’s why. I love you the way you are, I wanna be with you every single day, I wanna kiss you, kiss your lips. Henry, haven’t you guessed I’m gay?

He was very attentive listening to every word I was saying. He was staring at me. Suddenly he gave me a very warm hug, pressing me very tight to his body, his lips touched mine, kissing… I felt a bit embarrassed about my confession, I was about to burst in tears. I didn’t know what to do or what to say, but Henry never stopped kissing me gently. I was holding him tight.

-Henry I feel you like me too. I want us to be together. Is it possible?

-Everything is possible. I wanted to say I loved you since the first time I saw you. You know, I had to find the proper time and place to tell you this. It’s great you confided in me.

-The most important thing is that I was right about you. I was so afraid to scare you away! Thanks God we understand each other…. But what about your wife? What if she finds our about our relations? What will we do then?

My words made him sad. His voice was trembling.

-I don’t think she’ll ever find out anything. I’ve never cheated on her, but I’ve never loved her either. It’s really hard to live two lives, you gotta lie, you gotta suffer, I would leave her, but… I can’t. Man, why didn’t I meet you when I was a young guy!
-Henry, honey, I was so unhappy before, but now I have you. You’re the only one who can understand me. You’re the only one who can give me so much pleasure. You help me believe in myself, you make me young again…

I wanted to say something very nice and beautiful, but my words were too banal. Henry smiled in response, giving me a kiss, and whispering mysteriously:

-Let’s forget about problems for now. Life is too short to waste it on them. Kiss me…. Maybe you want something more?

I realized he wanted me. I wanted him too, but I had to control my emotions:

-I do. But I don’t really think you’re gonna like it. – I said very reserved.

Henry started unbuttoning my shirt. Then he pulled down my jeans and my pants, putting his hand on my dick, caressing it with his fingers and palms. My cock was rocky hard in a minute, but he never stopped fondling me.

-Am I doing everything right? – He asked playfully.

-You bet! Can I help you dress off too?

His shirt and jeans’d already been unbuttoned. I saw his body. He had a very beautiful long straight dick. It was very hard. It was sort of begging me to suck on it. I yielded to the temptation, taking it in my mouth, sucking it, tickling the dickhead with the tip of my tongue. Henry was moaning, pulling off the rest of his clothes. I turned my back at him, giving him my butt. I felt him impaling it on his shaft. I thought how he was gonna do it without lubrication. But… it wasn’t painful at all. His frictions made me cry with delight. Henry was very tender to me. He stared ramming into my asshole more vehemently in some five minutes or so, he was groaning. Then I felt his hot and sticky cum inside of me. I was impaling myself on his pecker. When his cock was all inside of my butt, Henry cried out and shut up, pressing his sweat body against mine. It was the moment of sheer bliss for both of us!

After a short break I suggested switching roles. Henry was a bit scared at first. Then he looked at me, and I realized he was ready. He lay on his stomach, and I did something I’d never done before. I was active. And though I wasn’t sure I would be good at it, but… We both liked it a lot.

We spent some two hours in bed, but we didn’t wanna stop. We were caressing each other, kissing each other, chatting about all different things. I looked t my watch then – it was 11pm!

-I don’t wanna let you go, but it’s late. Won’t you wife be mad with you? – I asked him quietly.

-It’s OK. Everything will be fine.

-When will I see you again, babe?

-I don’t know, Jimmy. But we are together anyway, right?! I promise I’ll find the time to see you, my sweet boy! Trust me.

A mutual desire

Recently I visited a friend of mine. His name is Andrew. He’s my age. He’s 28.

As it usually happens in our friend’s circle we got a bit buzzed. Or actually very buzzed, otherwise such a thing would never happen to us.

We sat on a couch and were watching porn while having a conversation about how things were going. Perhaps, the alcohol had affected me because when I saw a young girl on TV screen desperately sucking her friend’s dick, I didn’t know why but I really wanted to be on her place.

I’ve never felt so attracted to the people of my own sex. I put my hand on Andrew’s dick and felt how it got hard from the porn-movie. Andrew asked me with a surprise:

- “What are you doing?”

I didn’t reply anything and continued moving my hand and massaging his penis while my eyes were still on the screen. Through his thin sports pants I felt it getting bigger. Andrew told me something like I’m crazy or whatever, but the tone of his voice wasn’t surprised anymore. There were sounds of bliss in it. I kept on moving my hand and massaging him without saying anything.

Andrew stopped pretending he did not like it. I understood it by his reflectory moves as I was jerking him off.

But that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to do it all the way just like the girl from the porn-movie. I reached for the lamp and switched-off the lights. I went down on my knees and tried to pull off his pants. Andrew tried to stop me again but got his butt up so I could take ‘em off.

In the dark light coming from the TV I saw Andrew’s dick sticking out right in front of my face. I took it again with my hands and started moving his skin up and down. As I started going faster Andrew leaned back. I was jerking him off but I couldn’t get enough balls to take it in my mouth and suck it up… But my desire soon overcame me.

I bend over and moved my tongue a few times around his dickhead. And I heard Andrew moan. The smell and the taste turned me on so bad that I put Andrews’s thing inside of my mouth. I did some sucking moves and kept on moving my tongue and hand.

I never thought that it takes so much effort for girls to give a blow job. The neck and the hand get really tired. I‘ve been touching Andrew for like three or four minutes and shortly his dick started shivering and I understood what it meant. I was thinking to do five or six more hunches before he ejaculates but I didn’t have the time. When I ducked his dick the first time Andrew moaned and came.

I was shocked by the amount of sperm. He exploded 4 or 5 times…and before I could open my mouth I had to swallow it twice. Some of it went down on his balls.

I made a couple more moves before I took his gun out and sat on the floor next to him. Andrew kept quite for a few minutes and than told me that it’s best if I leave. But his next phrase amazed me! He said he wants to do it again except this time he wants to be on top!

I was totally in. Oh, how I loved that feeling! Of course I wanted to go over it again! Those rough a bit salty and bitterish taste of sperm! Andrew asked me to lie down on the couch so that my head would be hanging off a bit…and I saw his stud in front of my face again.

Andrew stuck him inside my mouth and his balls were rubbing my nose. Andrew started moving his ass and fucking me deep inside my throat.

I felt absolutely comfy doing that although my head was hanging down and his ball moved on my lips and every time he would push it in deeper and deeper it would hurt me. But I didn’t care because anything was worth it.

That moment Andrew did something I would never expect to do such a thing. He was standing on one his elbows and with his another hand he zipped off my pants. He grabbed my shivering penis with his hand and with no doubt put his lips…his mouth on it. Andrew sucked it so hackish that I felt I was on the edge of cumin. I was holding myself for Andrew to cum first.

That moment Andrew moaned. He was shoving my mouth as he was moving his ass fuckin hard. His balls were rubbing against my lips and it felt crazy. While that he was swallowing my dick deep into his throat.

Than Andrew made a few shakes and stopped deep inside my throat. I was exhausted but was expecting him to come first. I noticed that he did cum that moment when I moved my face a bit because it was hard to breath.

Andrew didn’t stop sucking my dick. Not even for a second. He just pulled his tool out of my mouth and his last drops fell on my face. He came deep inside my throat without me noticing it right away. Oh, when I felt those last drops on my lips I starting licking them off as well as those on his dickhead. That second I fuckin came so hard that Andrew almost chocked. Never before in my life I could come as hard as that time with Andrew and I’ve never felt so pleased ever again.

Afterwards we had nights of such sort where we tried new things with him… about them and how we got caught by Andrew’s wife I’ll tell you in my next journal.

Concerning my friend Alex!

Here goes story about me and my friend! Alex is my best friend; I knew him yet a college student. We have known each other for many years, we still keep in touch though I’m married and we meet seldom for some good drink. When we were young and dare devil we used to pick chicks up in bars and streets, took these bitches to mine for a hard fuck! From the moment I joined wedlock our hard sessions were getting more infrequent.

I and my beloved sweet wife live in Miami. My story begins from the moment when Alex stopped by for a couple of days when my wife was away. She was on her official mission in France, so I would stay home alone with no one to chat. When Alex called me and asked if he would stay with me, as he had some business in Miami and needed to find some place to stay, I said OK. We hadn’t seen each other for about 5 months and I wanted to see this son of a bitсh! :) I wondered if he changed any and what news he had to share with!

We poured drinks and headed to the balcony. I watched him with a corner of my eyes, no changes, the same Alex as he had been just at the time we last met. Only traces of grey hair appeared on his head. Well, we all got older and older, times passed by and there were so many things incomplete yet! By the way, I knew one thing about him. He once sneaked off to a nudist resort beach without anyone knowing. Well, for me it didn’t matter as he was my friend and I would accept him as he was. To be honest we sometimes talked about sneaking off together, but I never had such opportunity as well as having burning desire to do it.

We were talking about his visit, then we talked sport and Red Winks, after that conversation concerned Bush’ policy. Soon we talked sex and all kids of human intercourse. Talking related topics I mentioned his walks nude on the nudist beach. To my surprise he suggested we get nude just to give me a feeling of nudity, what it was like! Not that this guy was some strange person with his own wild ideas, of course I saw him nude in a shower when in college after football trainings and workouts in a gym. I used to see him naked before. I now considered his suggestion as something strange, but exciting.

We went inside and stripped right there in the living room. We stayed that way for the rest of the day, drinking, eating, and talking, all that absolutely naked. At first I noticed his small cock was erect. And as the day went on his cock would change from erect to limp and vise versa, without any hand stimulation. My cock, for example, remained limp all the time. But I should admit I was getting a bit turned on by his nude erect thing.

Later that night he asked me if I wouldn’t mind watching some porn. I said: “You got some? Oh, yeahh!” and let him take a movie and put it on DVD. As the movie began I was laying on the couch on a towel. He took a towel, spread it on the floor and lay there with his back to me.

Of course watching fucking and sucking session, I soon became excited and began to touch myself lightly. By the position and movement of his arm I could swear he was doing the same.

Suddenly he turned around and caught me. I turned red and I said:

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it.” He said:

“Go ahead, it’s OK!” and turned away.

So I continued masturbating. I stroked until I got off. My cum released slowly in my hand, it was like heaven .Alex never turned and looked again. I cleaned myself up with the towel and lay there watching the rest of the movie. There was a girl taking huge load of sperm all over her face. When it ended, he got up and went to the kitchen. He was rock hard. He came back and asked me whether I was off. I said I had already come. Absolutely silent he stopped before me and got down to stroking his shaft right in front of my face. His cock was not huge at all, it was only 7 or more inches, but it was exciting to watch. Before he came he walked to the bathroom. When Alex came out his cum was wiping off the end of his cock.

That was it. I was lying on the carpet nude watching another male naked with his cock limp and cum drop on its head! Was it perverting? Well, I think for us both it was just a matter of things! There was a nice pool in my house, it was getting dark and air was fresh! We settled round the table drinking cold beer. Then late in the evening we enjoyed the pool, after that, wet and refreshed we lied around the pool, for weather was warm.

After a while of such paradise like bathing, he wrapped a towel around himself and went to make more drinks. When Alex came he put a drink before me, and then walked away to where trees and shrubs grew. He removed his towel, stood facing me and began to masturbate. I felt my erection grow, but I was afraid if someone outdoors would see us, so I covered myself with the towel.

I watched him for a while then got up and walked to where he was standing, dropped the towel and began to stroke my cock next to him. Alex reached down, took my cock and took up caressing it with his hand. Then he dropped to his knees and took it into his mouth.

Here my story ends! Now, don’t think I’m a fucking fag! I was shocked and panicked. I had never even considered getting my cock sucked by a man. God may be I would admit such a crazy idea, but I never thought it would happen. It felt so fucking good, but I had to quit! I wouldn’t let my wife learn about what happened! Cheating on one’s wife with a woman was normal, but fucking with a male – was too much! My wife would leave me in a heartbeat if she learnt I was with a… male! I grabbed the towel from the ground and walked back to the table. Alex wrapped himself in his towel and sat with me. We finished our drinks and went off to bed without commenting on what just happened.

Farewell to Ethan

My name’s Nick. This story happened a year ago. I’m an open-hearted, caring, and a bit timid person. I’m married. I have a secret that sometimes makes me do crazy things and get involved in different adventures and escapades. I love teen boys. I want to state I can always control my sexual emotions, I’m not into taking part in dangerous sex sprees, and I don’t seduce teens to have sex with me. Besides, I’m married and spend most part of my free time with my wife. I don’t sexually harass anybody because I’m convinced love is something about mutual desire.

Whenever I feel lonely I log on some site and chat with teens. You never know what it all can end up with, sometimes people reveal all their secret desires and dreams while chatting. It’s like you can learn a lot about somebody’s personality. Chatting can give rise to sympathy or antipathy. The thing I do like about web sites is that they’re absolutely anonymous. In my opinion, the net is like a submarine, which you can get on but can’t get off. There’re so many chats, forums, social networks here, it’s so easy to get lost in here and get absolutely addicted to all that. It’s a virtual river that never stops flowing.

I’m bisexual, and sometimes I do want to make out with guys. Can there be anything better the teenage days? You’re young, ambitious, vigorous, and fearless. You’re happy because you have the whole life ahead of you, and there’re so many things you can do.

Once I left a message at one of gay sites. The message read I wanted to meet a guy of 18-21 for chatting and more. Soon I got a mail massage from a guy who’d just turned 18. We started chatting with him at that site. Soon our pen-pal friendship turned into a really close relationship, something very intimate. His name was Ethan, and he was a really talented young man. He was accepted at some really good college. He was a genius in a way.

We had a lot in common, but when I found out how smart and talented he was I was a bit confused. It seemed so strange that an 18 year old guy could talk about some really serious matters and know more than adults do about them. I was really curious and interested in him and suggested a meeting in a café at 6.

He came in time. He was a slim handsome guy with beautiful blue eyes. First it was hard to find a thing to talk about. We both were shy and confused. But the more we talked the more I got he was a really intelligent smart guy with a very kind heart. He invited me over to his place in a week.

His room looked really nice. It was windy and cold outside, but it felt so great and warm in his room. Ethan confessed he answered my message cause he found it honest and real, cause it didn’t have obscene and lusty hints at sex. The message was all about chatting and friendship.

Ethan showed me in his room to tell me about his interests and hobbies. He turned on some nice music and sat down in the armchair. Turned out we both were really fond of poem writing, French, music, and singing. Ethan wanted to try himself in singing some day.

He paused. The silence was unbearable. I was racking my brains trying to find another topic to talk about, but I couldn’t. Ethan felt it and helped me out. He stretched his hand. We sat down on the couch. We started kissing. Then I suggested him taking off his shirt and jeans. He was wearing just his briefs now. He closed his eyes letting me look at his body.

I was excited. My heart was breathing so fast seems even Ethan could hear that. I started caressing his teen body. He was breathing heavily, his heart was also ready to leap out of his chest with excitement. I was kissing and caressing his chest, his stomach, his nipples, inhaling the smell of his body. I saw his bulge. The briefs were white so I could see the outline of his long tasty dick. My caressing made it get hard. It was sensitive to my every touch. I squeezed the dickhead through the pants, it was swollen. I moved my finger along the boner. I started fondling the shaft. Ethan was really aroused. He opened his eyes and was watching. Then he let me take off his briefs.

It was so difficult for me to control my emotions. I was really hot too. His straight 8-inch long dick was throbbing waiting for some blowjob. I liked his medium size balls and black bush. Ethan was like an ancient Greek god. I took his shaft in my hand, I started jerking it, then sucked on it getting it all deep in my throat.

Meanwhile, I was caressing his buttocks, his balls. Ethan spread his hands and legs wide to sides, enjoying my caress. He was moaning when I was fondling his dickhead and foreskin, when I was kissing his stomach. We both were focused on his upcoming orgasm. In less than ten seconds his dick started erupting cumloads on my face, neck, some drops reached my mouth.

It was the first time I tasted hot salty semen of a teen. It was fantastic! His penis was getting flaccid. Ethan kissed me on the lips with passion and love.

We changed places. Ethan took off all of my clothes and sucked on my dick, squeezing the balls lightly. I was watching him please me. He was trying really hard to make me feel sheer bliss. He got on his knees, his hands were resting on my butt cheeks, he was sucking on my 7-inch pecker.
Ethan was fondling me the way he could, the way his teen intuition told him to. I felt like cumming. I came right in his mouth. I felt so happy and satisfied. We dressed up and spent a lot of time kissing in the hall before I left. I went in Boston.

Six months later it was summer, I wanted to go back to my home town and see Ethan. We’d been chatting and calling each other all those long months. I was dreaming of a date. I was always thinking what it would be like. Thinking of Ethan helped me live.

I called Ethan and we arranged a meeting. He was leaving somewhere so we didn’t have much time for each other. Warm air filled his room, it was ruffling Ethan’s hair. Hot summer wind filled me with great desire to have Ethan by my side forever. We were sitting in his room, listening to music, and browsing through magazines.
Ethan smiled and looked in my eyes. Without saying a word he stood up and put his hand on my shoulder. There was so much love and care in his look, it’s hard to put it all into words. We didn’t even have to say anything, it was clear we both wanted it… I hugged Ethan, my boy, my beloved boy.

We kissed. The kiss made my body tremble. Seemed we became one. We wanted to be together away from people and routine fuss… he was the dearest person to me that moment. I was drowning in his beautiful eyes, I was crazy about his sweet lips, his teen body.

I felt his dick get really hard in his pants. I touched it with my hand. Ethan dressed off. I took his penis in my hand and exposed the dickhead. I made Ethan get in the armchair again. I was jacking off his cock. Ethan was really hot, his body was tense and at the same time sensitive to my every touch. I licked and then sucked on his dickhead, on all of his stem. My hands were roaming over his body, squeezing the balls, massaging his chest and his tight asshole. His dick was throbbing, it was straight, long, and beautiful.

Ethan changed his love game tactics this time. He asked me to stop. He dressed me off. I was standing nude in front of him. He kissed me. I found myself sitting in the armchair instead of him. Ethan moved his tongue all the way from my testicles to the dickhead. WOW! He was standing on the knees in front of me, working his hands and mouth.

I told him I was cumming. Ethan smiled and accelerated the tempo. It was a wild and long lasting orgasm. I came in his mouth. Babe licked my dick clean and sat down on the floor breathing heavy as if after jogging or something. We took a short break and switched places. Ethan came in several minutes. His body was shivering in convulsions. I milked all of his semen. Yummy!

We spent some time lying on the couch talking about our plans for the future. Then we went to take a shower. Then I left.

Well, actually I could finish my story this way. But as this is a true story the end must also be true.

Youth is so special cause it passes by so fast. One must manage to try everything. And love isn’t ever lasting. Turned out, Ethan often met with different men, he loved hanging out and partying. He had sex with his one night stands. It hurt me a lot to realize my friend could spend time with somebody else, that somebody else’s hands caressed his body. But what could I do about that? How could I tell him to stop?

I left for good soon and we couldn’t see each other anymore. We called each other and wrote messages at first, but soon we had nothing else to share, we were strangers to each other. We often think back to happiest moments of out lives, we remember people who once made us happy. We remember them through the years.

Young wife

- Aren’t we going to the river? – Emily knitted her brows and made an offended face. – Are we going to sit here in the grass?
- What’s the problem? – Her husband Jonathan couldn’t understand why they needed to leave such a nice spot. – There’s nothing to do there on the river, why go there? See the garbage floating by? Here the grass is green and thick, and I am afraid the shore is still wet and cold.
Jonathan’s friend Daniel took off the back pack. He didn’t wish to join the argument, that wasn’t his family so he let the husband decide what to do. The distance to the river was about 100 meters so he could either walk more to the river or stay there, he didn’t care. They were on a smooth dry area with a fallen dry tree lying close that meant they would have no problem making fire.
- So, are we staying?
- Of course, we are here for a picnic, not for a swim.
- Yeah, it’s better to stay, said Daniel driving the hack deep in the tree. It was a warm day in May, many people left their homes over the weekends to get away from it all and get closer to nature. The exams in the university were close, Jonathan and Emily were going to graduate in a year, the guys had knowm each other for a long time. They met in the university. At that time Emily used to be Daniel’s girlfriend, she made love with him almost everyday, later they quarreled, then stopped being a couple and then Emily, married Jonathan, everyone was surprised. This happened half a year ago.
In the afternoon the sun was heating really hard and they guys took off their jackets and then sweaters. It was surely more than twenty degrees Celsius.
- I wonder what is the water temperature in the river now? Emily asked.
- In the river? Jonathan raised his head, I think it’s about 8 degrees.
- Why? It’s so hot?
- That only seems hot if you are wearing a coat, the river was still icy a week ago.
Daniel was unpacking the back pack while they were discussing the river temperature, he took out a table cloth and lay it on the grass, then he took out the metal frame for cooking barbeque, the meat was in the next backpack.
In a few minutes the guys were putting the meat which was previously soaked in a sauce on a metal frame, Emily was standing aside enjoying the nature, looking at the trees. Pretty soon she got bored with it.
- It’s hot, Emily took a napkin and started waving it near her face as a fan.
- Take off your coat, Daniel advised, working with the meat.
- It’s really hot, I feel like taking all of my clothes off.
- You can do it, you won’t shock anybody here.
- Well, a woman in the nude is nice to look at so…
The guys kept preparing things for barbeque, they were placing the meat on the frame, Jonathan was watching the fire.
- So how do you like it? – Emily’s voice faltered.
The guys busy with barbeque looked back, Emily was sitting on a blanket in the nude. She was sitting with her legs bent and looked as if she came down from a painting of a French artist. Jonathan smiled.
- You’re good. But you can get cold, and Daniel is here.
- So what? If Daniel looks at me for a while nothing will happen, right Daniel?
- Daniel had his opinion which was different from Emily’s, he didn’t argue and went to the river to wash the dishes, it seems that he was sort of offended. Emily followed him with her eyes.
- What about you?, She asked her husband, don’t you like it either?
- I don’t care, Jonathan said, if you want to walk around in the nude, that’s your choice.
- What if I want more than walking around in the nude?
- Then you will have to ask whether we want this.
- And what if I ask? – Emily crawled to her husband who was sitting near, I won’t even ask…
With these words she placed her hand on Jonathan’s zip, the dick in his jeans reacted instantly.
Emily struggled with his zip for a moment, it was hard to unzip as his protruding dick was getting in the way. When she finally did it, the penis jumped out to her lips.
Emily grabbed his phallus with her lips and dived her tongue into the foreskin, Jonathan snatched at the blanket he was sitting on. Emily meanwhile rolled up her lips in a kind of a tube, pushed his penis in it feeling its pulsations with her tongue and then with her throat, As Jonathan was sitting on the ground, Emily stood on her fours and lifted her fabulous ass up high.
- Oh, no! I was gone for five minutes and what are you doing… , Daniel still angry was standing near the fire.
- What’s the problem? – Jonathan asked as his wife’s mouth was busy and she wasn’t going to let his dick out of it.
- We are not going to eat barbeque today with you working this way!
- Are you hungry? Emily mumbles with dick in her mouth, take the sandwiches from my backpack…
- May be you want me to have a walk?
- You can, or you can join us.
Daniel couldn’t refuse such an offer, Emily wasn’t going to play with him, she simply pulled off his pants together with his underpants exposing his dick that was already hard.
For a few minutes only breathing could be heard, with a dick in her mouth Emily could not make any other sounds, Daniels dick was in her hand. After a while Emily got hot and almost shouted:
- Guys, penetrate me! Jonathan, Daniel! Come on! Make it fast and furious! I am on the verge of coming!
- Me too, Jonathan settled himself behind his wife and pushed his dick into his wife. Emily shuddered and pressed herself into Daniel’s balls.
- Come on, the girl’s voice was weak and husky. – Come on! Fuck me!
Jonathan was standing behind slowly penetrating Emily, he started carefully, then faster and faster trying to get as deep as possible. He grabbed his wife by the waist and was marking each push of his with a loud beat against his wife’s butt, that was only the beginning, after a while Jonathan spread the thighs of his wife with his hand as wide as possible exposing the brown asshole, then he guided his dick to the sphincter: one push and the dick rushed in, Emily closed her eyes and groaned.
Jonathan was thrusting his dick deeper and deeper into his wife’s body feeling the waves of orgasm covering him, the last pushes were the hardest, feeling the stream of sperm rushing out he pressed himself to his wife’s buttocks, Emily’s body shivered with convulsions as if she was trying to set herself free from his dick but he was holding her tight. The convulsions shuddered Jonathan from head to foot, just at that Daniel rushed to Jonathan and pushed him away from Emily’s body, Jonathan was exhausted, he stood up watching Daniel at work.
- Come on! Jonathan was encouraging his friends, Come on Daniel, Fuck this slut! Fuck her!
Emily heard these words from her husband and started moaning even louder, she adored vulgar and abusive language.
Daniel’s dick easily found its way to her moistened cunt.
- How do you like this slut? Is she good? – Jonathan was standing close to Daniel.
- Yeah, this is a fucking good woman! Her cunt is just wonderful!
- Guys! I love you! Emily was moaning.
- Daniel was admiring the woman standing on her fours behind him.
- I love fucking Emily! It’s good I can do this now when she is your wife!
- Yeah, another man’s wife is always sweeter than yours!
- I am not married, so may be I consider Emily as my wife too? Would you mind?
- I don’t mind, what about you Emily? Do you want a second husband?
- Yeahhhhaaahh! The girl moaned, I want two husbands!
- Jonathan was enjoying looking at his friend fucking Emily.
- I have an idea! Jonathan Exclaimed, let’s have a wedding! Daniel will live with us, what do you think?
- Yeahh, I want it, oh, God it’s so sweet!
- Daniel, do you want to love with us?
- Yeah, I do, Daniel answered fucking Emily vigorously
- And we will fuck our lovely wife together!
- O-hhh, Ahhh, Emily was moaning louder and louder
She bent her head down and arched her back, her ass was moving in pace with Daniel’s movements, Daniel was literally drilling into Emily! The pace was incredible! Daniel’s balls were beating against her crotch. Suddenly he stopped for a few seconds, then he got out of her, unable to say a word she fell on the blanket, she was breathing heavily and smiled. The friends were looking at each other and at the woman covered in their sperm.
- Guys, Emily’s voice was almost inaudible, why do you do this so seldom?
It was evening, three people were sitting close to fire eating barbeque, an artist could surely draw a nice painting, the landscape was beautiful.

Seducing a friend!

Allison woke up an hour ago longing for sex. Ryan was at his night shift. He was supposed to come in a couple of hours. Time would have passed quickly if she got busy. But her desire was so strong that she couldn’t help it.
She was lying on the broad bed with her legs spread and stroking her wet pussy. Her sensitive hyper sexuality might have come from hot summer nights. They said that it usually occurred to the young chicks and elderly women. Thought Allison’s sexual chemistry never decreased even in winter and it made Allison wear out her young husband insisting on daily sex. When they had spare time they had sex both in morning and evening.
They had already lived for 3 years together and, by all accounts, they were supposed to restrain their desire, decreasing and ordering the number and intensity of sex, but her lust of the flesh was increasing day after day. She hadn’t gotten enough sex before marriage, excepting some rare incidents at parties when she was banged by some jolly and drunk chaps. Allison felt neither loathing nor delight, but she never resisted advances of licentious males. She also took a delight in masturbating, flicking her clit and coming several times a night.
After she met Ryan her inner Yin awakened so that she got used to falling asleep without any masturbation at all. Approximately in a year of family life Ryan’s passion weakened against her longing and growing desire to have more sex, as much as possible. She started masturbating on every possible occasion. First, when her husband was still at night shift, then, after having sex, when her tired Ryan would turn around and fall asleep. Her pussy, torn out with permanent discontent and unrealized lusty desires, was longing for more acts, and that was the reason for her masturbating. Allison reached first orgasm quickly; she usually fell asleep after third one, tired and satisfied.
Day after day she came to masturbate harder and harder, and once, she absorbed in flicking to such lengths that her sleeping husband woke up and lay awake watching her for a long time. He feigned as if he was still asleep, even smacking from time to time. Allison used her right hand to put it inside her hot and damp vagina, while her left hand fondled her clit. She seemed to be blind and see nothing: in the long run, after a number of continuing orgasms Allison calmed down and stretched herself on the bed. This scene excited Ryan so much that he reached her wet pussy and tit. His cock erected immediately and leant against her hip.
Having placed 2 fingers into her pussy, he made her come in a jiff and laid on her, put his cock inside of her wet cave up to the balls. Allison trembled in a new outburst of passion. Excited by what he just saw Ryan came fast.
- What’s up with you, honey? – she asked.
- You’d been doing it great, so I couldn’t help it! – he admitted sincerely.
- What are you talking about! – she exclaimed
- Come on, darling, you were doing well, so I couldn’t stand and decided to do my bit! I’d been watching you for a long time!
- Did you enjoy? – she asked after a pause.
- Sure! I did!
Since then that they got used to having sex that way: she lay on the bed with spread legs and Ryan was sitting next to her watching her masturbating. Sometimes he started first and began driving her to the orgasm, but more often she took an initiative. Ryan looked at her affectionately, watched her fondling her clit, fingers, deepening into rosy flesh of her cunt. At that moments Ryan started jacking off too, his cock was on her face level so close that she could give him head any time. She repeated doing it every time as his cock’s head turned into her mouth and she came to convulse with delight.
Then, at Allison’s birthday he presented his wife huge dildo and explained that she might be playing with that toy any time, for she would never “depend on” him.
- I used to pleasure myself without you, honey! – Allison said.
Then she asked his permission to test that dildo alone, with no assistance of Ryan. He went out of the bed-room and lurked about the door, willing to peep at his wife testing new article. He held his breath and looked into the room: Allison began examining the dildo; she seemed to hesitate to use it right then. Ryan felt hard cock-stand, he got excited so much that he decided to come in as Allison’s hands passed down there and rubbed dildo slightly against rosy pussy-lips. She opened her legs wide, and in a few minutes when Allison’s pussy got already wet, she put dildo slowly into her cunt and the dildo deepened inside entirely. She moaned affectionately.
Ryan had been watching that masturbating act for some minutes, and then he entered the room on tiptoe and lay on the bed beside. Without letting her remove dildo from her pussy he settled onto her and placed his cock into her cunt. Allison started moaning louder and breathing harder. After she reached her second orgasm, Allison took out the dildo and said:
- I can’t stand it any longer!
Soon, he blew out his cum inside her. Since then Allison got used to using that toy when fucking with Ryan, often her cunt welcomed 2 cocks together; sometimes Ryan liked to watch her masturbating with dildo itself.
Memories of the past filled her mind; Allison looked at the clock and thought about Ryan, she couldn’t resolve whether to go on masturbating with fingers or use dildo instead. She had plenty of time, so she fluffed a pillow to set her head upper and make it easy to watch her fingers fondling the clit. At this moment she suddenly noticed a sunlight spot on the opposite wall, it passed through the whole room and reached her bed, then it ran onto Allison’s pussy and stopped still. She looked at it for a while, soon she realized that it was someone’s prank, and somebody was watching her out of opposite house. That stranger gave the signs that he had obviously seen what she was doing earlier.
A bold though washed over Alison’s mind: she decided to go on fondling herself as the stranger had already seen the beginning of the scene. Allison rose, stretched herself gently, arching her back, stroked her big boobs and left the room. She entered her kitchen room by stealth and opened Persian blinds slightly in order to find out where the sunlight spot came from. At the opposite 10 storied building, in a sixth-story window she noticed a man with small hand mirror in hand, this building was on a short distance of their house, so she could see his appearance. To be more precise she could see only his trunk as her apartment was located on 2 stories lower. The fact that this guy had been watching her masturbating for an hour excited her still more. She returned to the bed-room, took her dildo out and approached the bed. She knew that most porn stars used dildos also to caress their tits and body, and liked to suck them, but Allison had never experienced it. That’s why she decided to stage a real show.
She started from caressing herself with dildo, passing it neatly around her tits, took in it into the mouth and then passed it over her beaver. After a while she completely forgot about peeping guy and reconciled herself entirely to the delight. 10 minutes passed as she reached her 1st orgasm, without penetrating inside. At that moment the doorbell rang: it was Ryan. She went to receive him naked and opened the door. There was Ryan with some friend of his at the door: this guy looked at her stupefied, Ryan let out a loud belly laugh and slapped her on the ass:
- Make some coffee, please! And put your robe on, honey!
She went to the kitchen; put her favorite black dressing gown and started bustling about there. Ryan invited the guest in the reception room and joined his wife.
- That was a bit much, darling! – He whispered: – Gregory had struck dumbfounded! You shouldn’t have staggered him so much!
- You should have told me of not coming alone! – she clang to him in response
- He just needs some porn movies of mine to get home!
Meantime Gregory settled on the chair and took some book, but he couldn’t absorb into reading as he had recent shape of naked Allison in his eyes, he got excited a lot as he couldn’t get over of the impression and it was very sound of Ryan and his wife not to appear at this moment. He passed into the bed-room on the sly and first thing what he saw was big damp dildo on the bed. He guessed that Allison was using this toy not for some decent aims when they came, but it seemed to be her permanent helpmate, whenever Ryan was absent. This guess excited him more and, trying to avoid such thoughts; he came up to the bookcase and began run his fingers over the books. It appeared that the majority of books turned to be of erotic content; there were even some porn publications and magazines. He took one of them and that moment he blew up and came right into his jeans. A large stain spread through the fly: he was in desperation. He grabbed the first porn CD and wanted to go away, but supposed to say good-bye first.
He rushed to the kitchen and he stopped dead at the door. Ryan was standing with his eyes closed and head, thrown back while Allison was on her knees and giving him head. They got carried away so much that they hardly noticed Gregory. He watched them having fun at the moment and held still, then Ryan trembled and came in Allison’s mouth. Gregory stepped back and even shuffled his feet and gave a cough in order to draw their attention, but they went on staying in this pose, as if nothing happened: Allison remained sitting on bended knees, palming her husband’s flabby cock; her robe was thrown open, revealing big boobs. Ryan, in his turn, stayed stiff as a post, with his hands on his wife’s shoulders.
Hearing Gregory’s voice they turned towards him simultaneously. Ryan started tucking his cock into his trousers, as Allison rose and readjusted her robe
- Sorry, we couldn’t stand, so… let’s have some coffee?
That time coffee maker began to boil, spreading fresh aroma of coffee mixed up with sperm smell.
- No, I’d better go home, you’d rather go on having fun, guys! – was reply
- Ah, come on! We can do it in front of you right now if needed! – And Ryan slapped his wife’s ass. At some jiff Gregory imagined himself sitting on the chair and watching them having sex before him. This scene captivated him so much that he hardly heard what Ryan told him.
- Are you OK? May be drink? – Ryan asked
- No, I’m fine!
- So, we have stacks of time, why shouldn’t we go to the night club? Allison had already suggested going there once or twice, but I can take leisure hours somehow! It’s said they stage some cool show with onlookers involved, so my honey is eager to try some!
- Why not? – She asked playfully
- This what I’m saying, man! Let’s have fun! Allison is supposed to dance nude tonight!
- I could do it home, – she proposed
- I catch you up on this! – Ryan noted
Gregory settled on the sofa, Ryan took out a bottle of whisky and 3 glasses. The bottle soon wept, seeing this Gregory though that he might have perspired as well, waiting for the prelude, the spouses were just talking about earlier.
Having tossed off several glasses Ryan and Gregory went out to the balcony to have a smoke. Their way passed through the bed-room, so Gregory saw the dildo again when passing by.
- What a naughty girl! – Ryan noted and shoved it under the pillow.
They had a smoke and then Ryan uttered:
- I see you have fallen for my wife! Can’t revert your eyes, huh?
- Oh, come off it! – Gregory said
- Come on! Don’t be so modest! I’m not jealous. You might fuck her if you want. She is a good shag, loving sex; I’ve got tired for the last 3 years! She’s bound to be glad! It’s OK!
Gregory got stupefied for a while, astonished by such a new development. He was loss for words, Ryan considered that as consent
- I’m gonna to the shop, you, seize the moment and bang her! Don’t want to have sex, she might suck you off! She blows very well, I swear! You know, to fuck is human, but to blow is divine!
- Stop talking nonsense!
- I’m serious! Did you hear Allison proposed a striptease for us? Have in mind that she had never spoken like that! She took to you from the start. Lets’ go!
- Where do you live, Greg? Allison asked when they appeared
- Guys, let’s be on close terms! – Ryan suggested and then he insisted on Gregory kissing his wife
Seeing them chewing face he excited more than his own strokes excited him during the last prelude. So did Allison and Gregory, the last got off the rails as long as he was in a state of intoxication. And Ryan resolved to continue the game. He asked insinuatingly:
- Honey, you remember you suggested having some show? Let it start?
- Yeh, get off with you! – Allison turned pink, as she was tipsy and delighted a bit.
- I told you to take you at your word, you remember? So, let’s have fun. I suggest we play cards with strip show. He must make a quick run over to the shop that remains dressed! Ah?
Ryan took a pack and started shuffling cards.
- By the way, the loser should perform some erotic task if no cloth left. Write down 2 tasks on separates bits of paper and put it here, we will draw lots later.
Allison had to undo her robe twice, while Gregory had already taken his shirt off. After 3rd round, Gregory, who still couldn’t have concentrated on game, lost at cards again, and undid his jeans. Ryan was bluffing during whole game, in the long run he succeeded and Gregory lost again. Now Allison and his friend were sitting at the table absolutely naked, thereto Gregory was glad to conceal his erect cock under the table. When Allison lost again she drew the task paper, ran her eyed hastily over it and exclaimed:
- It’s a frame-up!
- Give it to me, what is written down here? – Asked Ryan: – “Fondle a cock of your partner on the left” Ha! Don’t be baffled, come on, and go ahead! – Then he turned away and approached the cupboard and through the glass case he watched them and expected what was about to happen. However Allison remained still.
- Honey, what’s up? One good turn deserves another, it’s a gambling debt! Go on, should I turn away again?
- Why? Do watch! – She spoke defiantly; she stretched her hand and started caressing Gregory’s cock. It twitched and got harder by every grip and touch of her cold palm.
- Well, guys, I see you enjoy this love game! I’m to buy some drink! Make merry, I’ll be back soon! He gave a conspiratorial wink at Gregory and went off.
No sooner had he gone that Gregory stretched his hand to Allison and rose. Without a word she clung onto him affectionately and they joined their lips in a kiss. They kept kissing passionately for some minutes, and then he lifted her fanny and dug his teeth into her tit. She embraced him with legs and felt his cock leaning against her pubis; she began impaling herself onto it: penetration was slight, but it was too much for overexcited man, who hardly controlled himself. He blew out as soon as his dick touched Allison’s pussy. She felt his sperm, spilling over her thighs, she saw his cock pulsing with cum and blasting new clots of sperm, as I final round of orgasm.
She wanted for the long and passionate process, but Gregory’s cock turned flabby and slipped out of her vagina. Allison knelled to him, stretched her hand, stroked his cock along its length and then started sucking it. However she failed to make it erect. Gregory felt embarrassed:
- Sorry! I’m nervous! I seem that Ryan is bound to come any minute…
The doorbell ring came pat. Allison stopped masturbating him and went to the hallway. Ryan appeared smiling, sweating after hurried walk:
- Here we are! Let’s go on with having fun! I’m gonna take a shower; I’m sweating here…
He threw off his jeans, skirt and underwear and locked himself up in the bathroom, wherefrom a noise of water and snorting resounded soon. In a couple of minutes he appeared naked and came into the kitchen.
- This is to make the scene more alive! – He nodded in response of his wife’s inquiring glance. He opened a fridge, took some ice cubes, approached his wife from behind and clasped Allison’s tits with ice cubes, gripped in palms. Allison jumped almost out of her skin and:
- What are you doing, you wanna make me stammer?
- Ah, come on! Don’t be angry, I love you, honey! – He bent down his head and kissed her neck. It seemed him not enough, so Ryan started smothering her shoulders and neck with tender kisses, and then he passed to her earlap and began biting it lightly.
- Stop it, that’s enough, – Allison resisted unwillingly, but already got worked up over her: he clung to her tits and nestled up to her. She moved away slightly:
- All right for you! You’ve got to be longing for sex, ah?
- Why not! But let’s have some drink first!
Meanwhile Gregory put an empty glass aside, rose from the table and uttered:
- I have to go! It’s a long way to get home. You should go to bed and relax…
- Stay here, man! Stay with us! – Ryan proposed: – There’s no point in getting home now if we’re going to the nightclub tonight! Cheers!
Drank again; then Gregory went to have shower as Ryan helped his wife clear the table. He wiped plates with a sponge, toweled down his hands and embraced Allison:
- I want you, sweetie!
His erect cock leaned against her buttocks; he bent his knees slightly and prodded his penis between her legs. She was finishing her wash up.
- Don’t invent things! Greg is gonna come out right now! We both run mad; you’re fine one, putting me naked in front of the stranger, advancing me, you, shameless guy!
However her faltering voice betrayed her latent desire for sex and lust. Ryan used his left hand to stroke her tit, as his right one bent Allison slightly and he put his cock into her cunt easily. No sooner had she got excited as the bath noise of water subsided.
- Now we’ve done it!
- So what? I shall tell him to go bed while we have sex here! Or he might stay and watch us fucking! He might even join us if you like? by the way, have already screwed while I’ve been out?
- What’s wrong with you today?
- Have you? – he asked again
- If only! You’re provoking me on infidelity all day! What’s going on?
- It’s OK! I’m just excited! This is you to have sex when alone; you haven’t even removed your dildo from the bed!
- Shit! Is it still there?
- Don’t worry, I put it under the pillow, but Gregory seemed to have noticed it!
- Oh, my God!
- Come on, darling! All he has seen is that I’m blessed a very uninhibited wife, that you love sex and nothing more than that
- It doesn’t matter! I won’t go there!
- What’s up with you, honey? – He teased Allison: – let me take you in my arms! And before she could do anything he grabbed her, took to the bed-room and put her on the bed.
- So what would we do now, sleep or watch some porn? Greg, could you turn some movie on?
- What exactly? – asked Gregory hiding his cock-stand
- Any! There are some on the upper box, we haven’t seen yet!
Greg turned the DVD on and the show began. There was a couple fucking hard, a guy was ramming a chick violently as she was moaning, then they changed the position, and she started blowing him. Another act came after this with difference that there were other actors. Ryan was lying on his side, putting his left hand under Allison’s head and touching her boob with the left one.
- Are you gonna stay still like that? – he asked Gregory after a while: – join us, and lie by our side
Moving backwards to them and unwilling to turn around, Gregory soon approached them and settled on the edge of the bed.
- Just lie down, are you gonna sleep sitting?
Gregory lay on the bed on his left side. Ryan put his wife’s hand onto his cock and made her stroke it. Lying on the side he watched Allison’s face turned red with excitement. He realized that the female, with such hot temperament, could hardly stay calm between 2 strong men. He was willing to excite her just for kicks. He was not about to make some orgy, though he was excited with the idea that Gregory had fucked Allison while he was out in a store. After all, he left them both drunk and absolutely naked, so, if logically, they were to have sex!
Caressing Allison’s tit (she was watching the film with her eyes half opened with delight) Ryan got down to kissing her neatly, then he gave her a hot kiss. When kissing he felt that she had already been on the verge to come, that she was eager for more, not wanting to stop.
Then Ryan passed his lips lower and clung to her nipple, licking it and flicking with his tongue. He saw Gregory trying to rapt his attention on TV, but he couldn’t help of looking at what was going on the bed and woman, excited by his side. The only thing he couldn’t understand was the role he was given in this act!
As for Ryan he kept on kissing his wife, then he took her hand and put it onto Gregory’s erect cock. she started surprised, as Allison didn’t expect that he would put her hand on what she was dying for touching. Greg stretched himself as there was already no need to hide his cock-stand. She took his dick for a few minutes, and then she slowly passed her palm along its length. Gregory remained lying beside and enjoying what she was doing.
Ryan moved upper and kissed his wife on the mouth. She responded to his advance affectionately. Gregory passed his hand down, stroked her belly, and shoved his palm between her legs. Allison spread her legs humbly, put his left leg on Ryan’s hip and placed the right one on Gregory. Now she was lying with hands, caressing both cocks. This was the situation she had dreamed for many times before, but now all desires came true: all she wanted was the will to go on having fun like that, she expected them to stroke her pussy as her own hands were busy playing with cocks.
As if reading her thoughts Ryan took up fondling her cunt. The pussy was wet and warm, his fingers penetrated inside easily; he made some circular motion into the vagina, stroking her G-spot slightly, as a result of what she convulsed with orgasm. No sooner had she got over this delight that Ryan took out the dildo and slowly penetrated it into her cunt. First, teasing and playing his movements turned harder and faster son. He pushed it to the end, and dildo deepened on its whole length. Then followed Allison’s next orgasm; Ryan drove her to the top of enjoyment twice by means of the dildo.
Meantime Gregory made up his mind and, turning to Allison, began stroking and kissing her tits. Now the scene was remarkable, if only the guy from the opposite house could see them relaxing, he would certainly enjoy the act. Ryan kissed Allison on the mouth and masturbated her with dildo; Gregory squeezed her boobs and licked them, while Allison jacked off both dicks and shuddered with continuing orgasms.
However men wanted to get their rocks off, so Ryan pulled the dildo out of her cunt and put his cock into vagina instead. After several strong thrusts he turned Allison on her belly and began to pull her in a way that her head turned to face with Gregory’s penis. She quickly realized what it was for and got down to blowing Greg, almost swallowing it entirely. The scene of the chick, fucking hard with 2 males enraptured Ryan a lot, he thrusted his dick in her cunt up to the balls and started cumming inside. Gregory came too, blowing out in her mouth. She didn’t have time to swallow all his sperm and some of it ran down her chin.
So, after a time they all fell sleep, tired with prolonged love games, in order to go to the nightclub, where some erotic show was supposed. Though it was something, much different from what they were doing all day.

Sex with our Friends

One night, Anita and Amit were sitting in the living room and relaxing after dinner. Anita was wearing just a panty and a long night shirt without a bra whereas Amit was in his boxer shorts and bare chested.

`Hey Amit,’ She said, reading the local paper. `Listen to this. They are looking for people to join a massage class. They teach the “art of sensual massage”. Do you want to try it?’

`I suppose so. How much is it?’ Amit asked.

`It’s 200 bucks per person and its here. Just in the neighborhood. They start tomorrow night. I’m going to call them. Shall I?’ Amit nodded.

She called them and they said it was a small group. The idea was to have someone teach them how to give sensuous massages. They were both intrigued and figured that they could learn some techniques. They had a good sex life but what was the harm in trying to give it some extra zing?

The day came and Amit got home from work a little early so they could eat and be ready on time. Since massage was on the agenda, Anita put on a loose T shirt and a pair of jeans. She deliberately did not wear the bra. Amit too was similarly attired. They walked over to the apartment building address that they gave Anita. It was on the second floor of an old brownstone building and quite stylish. They rang the doorbell of the apartment and stood back, wondering if this was going to be worth it.

The door was opened by an attractive woman of about forty, dressed in a salwar suit and of attractive build.

`Hi. I’m Seema, are you here for the meeting?” She said, motioning them into a spacious living room. It was a room richly decorated and a few people were sitting on the oriental carpet on the floor. Amit introduced himself and Anita and their host beckoned them to have a seat. Amit took off his while Anita slipped off her sandals outside. They sat on the floor with the others and she made introductions.

There was Seema and her husband, a fiftyish man bringing a tray of drinks into the room, a plump couple in their thirties leaning on the couch and two single men, one was an effeminate thirty year old and the other was probably about the age of Amit and Anita.

Seema addressed the group. `Thanks for all coming, we are now all here. We had some other people call but you all know that people are unpredictable, right?” All nodded assent.

`Now, the purpose of the group is to learn massage techniques and I will be your instructor. First, I need to collect fifty rupees from each of you to be sure you are still serious.’ She continued to talk as she moved around the room, collecting money. `Have any of you ever given a massage before?’

No one raised their hands. She continued.

`Well, we will cover the main points tonight. Would anyone here be offended if we were to perform a massage here tonight?’ No hands.

`Okay, then. Let’s begin.’ She went on to describe the basic techniques of massage therapy and brought out a flip chart with anatomical drawings. It was an interesting talk.

`So,’ She said. “How about a volunteer for a live demonstration? We need someone young with a good body. I will do the massaging and all you need to do is lie there. How about you Anita?’

All eyes went to Anita who nervously looked around. Amit nudged her with his elbow when she did not respond.

`What’s it?’ she whispered.

`What about you?’ Amit said.

`No way. She may want the person to strip fully.’ Anita protested.

`Well these guys are all strangers and they appear to be decent. Nobody knows who we are and moreover they too are young. For all you know you may not have to strip fully.’ Amit explained. Anita still seemed to be a trifle hesitant. `Come on.’ Amit encouraged.

Anita looked up at Seema and said, `Okay. What do I do?’

`Come with me into the other room and I’ll show you.’ They walked into the next room, presumably set up with a massage table. From the other room, Seema’s voice could be heard, `Just get as comfortable as you like and lie under that sheet, we’ll give you a few minutes.’

She came back and they all made small talk for a few minutes and then she led them into the next room. As Amit had rightly guessed suspected, it was a room with a massage table in the middle, some other tables around the periphery of the room with piles of towels on them. Anita was lying face down under a sheet.

`Good. Anita. I am glad you were feeling confident enough to get that comfortable.’ Seema continued. Amit could see what she meant. The sheet was thin and Amit could see Anita’s outline quite well under the sheet. She was fully nude.

`Now, the rest of you just have a seat and I will begin.’ She motioned to stools around the periphery of the room and all sat down. Seema turned down the dimmer to bring the room to a peaceful twilight and then she turned up some peaceful music on the radio.

`Now, watch me carefully. I will describe each maneuver as I go. Remember the major moves, you can check me on that wall chart showing the anatomy.’ She rubbed her hands together to warm them and stood across the table from us, looking across Anita’s form to the rest of us. `Please don’t talk among yourselves but you can ask me questions as I work.’

She pulled down the sheet to expose Anita’s back, leaving it at about mid-waist level. The base of her well endowed breasts were visible with the nipples hidden in the bed. `Anita, you’ll tell me if you don’t want me to expose you too much, won’t you?’

`Yes, I will Seema, don’t worry about me. Its okay with us; this whole thing.’ She looked at Amit and smiled as they both remembered the mall incident.

Seema began to rub warm oil on Anita’s back and was kneading the muscles and Amit looked around the room. Everyone was riveted to Anita’s form and she seemed very relaxed. Amit thought that she was writhing a bit with pleasure.

`Anita, do you mind if I move the towel down lower?’ Seema asked.

There was a slight pause and then Anita reached down and threw the sheet on the floor. She was face down and completely nude. Her ass looked good and she had her legs slightly parted. The pussy lips could be seen albeit partly but Anita just kept her head on her folded arms and appeared to be fully relaxed.

Seema then moved down to her feet and began to work her way up right up from her feet to her legs with long slow strokes, very sensuous and lingering for a long time between her thighs. She took care to avoid getting entangled in Anita’s dainty anklets. She repeated the act again and very lightly and quickly pulled her buttock cheeks apart just to let the oil stimulate the rich nerve endings of that area. Amit again looked around the room. Everyone was speechless, looking at the scene of the pretty housewife being massaged in the nude.

Seema placed one hand over Anita’s low back and the other at the base of her neck and stood there a moment. Then she said `Okay Anita, you can turn over now if you want to.’

Anita looked at Amit, smiled and rolled slowly onto her back. Her nipples chocolate brown in colour were on end which was surprising to one who looked at them because of her fair complexion and she had a sensuous smile on her lips. Except for the carefully designed line of hair over her mound, her pussy lips too were visible. Besides Amit, the others who were present also appeared to be impressed with her beauty, poise and body confidence. Seema continued her massage, very professionally avoiding Anita’s nipples and crotch but Amit could see that Anita was enjoying the whole thing. Before long, the massage was finished and Seema stood back and spoke.

`Now look how relaxed she is. How do you feel Anita?’

Anita sat up on the edge of the table and smiled at all of them. `I feel great. This was a great massage. Thank you’ She stood up and stretched, still very naked, in front of all of them and sat back on the table again. Amit overheard a man telling his wife `Look, such body confidence and a beautifully shaped pussy!’ Amit turned and saw a look of admiration on the face of the couple.

Seema took over again and said, `Your drinks have been refreshed, lets go back into the sitting room.’

As the crowd walked out, Anita got up and went into another room to get dressed. Soon she joined the others in the main room. Seema made a point to invite them back, no charge next time because Anita was such a good subject.

It was after the massage incident that they made final plans for the Goa trip. Since the occurrence of both the happenings was merely incidental Amit decided to tell Anita that during the first incident at the dressing room, Dileep too had been present.

`I am sorry, love but I myself was not aware. It was only later that he told me that he too had enjoyed seeing you just like the others had. ` Amit said.

`God! I really don’t know what’s happening. But the silver lining is that he would have known that I was hardly the one exposing myself. You were the one upto all these naughty activities.’ Anita said.

`Yeah! I guess so. But imagine what I would have looked like when he told me. It is one thing to be doing it impetuously for fun when the crowd consists of unknown people as at the massage parlour.’ Amit said.

`Yes. Poor you but anyway what has been done can’t be undone.’ Anita replied cheerfully.

The next day Amit and Anita headed for their holiday at Goa.

The bookings had been done in a hotel that they had previously stayed in. It had a lovely stretch of beach covered with silver sands. There was however one quiet corner which most people did not know existed. Both Amit and Anita were eagerly looking forward to the time that they would be spending there especially in view of the recent exhibitionist streak that they had imbibed.

The first day they just spent in making love and unwinding. The hotel had a lovely pool with sparkling clear blue water and they made good use of it. This was followed by generous doses of red wine and finally a sumptuous dinner.

The next day dawned nice and clear. Anita put on the new bikini that she had purchased. Just as they were leaving, they received a message on their cell phone from Dileep that he too was in town and wanted to know the hotel they were staying in.

`What to do?’ they both asked one another and then they decided that there was hardly any choice except to ask him over.

`God, how am I going to face him? Again.’ Anita said blushing a beetroot red.

`Relax.’ Amit comforted her.

`I’ll try to but how can I rid myself of the knowledge that he has seen me nude?’ Anita said.

`Sure, he has but as you said it hardly reflects on you and well, what he has seen was surely nice and he would be having nice memories of it.’ Amit said with an impish grin.

`Easy for you to say so.’ Anita replied.

It so transpired that Dileep was not alone. He is for a marketing business of certain medicinal products and when he had an opportunity to visit Goa, he armed with the knowledge that Amit and Anita were there, brought his wife Kavita along as well. Just as Dileep and Amit were close friends, similarly Anita and Kavita too were close having been together in the university.

The first day they spent on the beach enjoying the sun. With the girls in their bikinis, Dileep and Amit were enjoying the sun and the awesome setting. They played in the surf. Dileep and Amit kept kidding the girls about going topless. They almost thought that their wives would oblige but both ended up chickening out. The next day they took the hand made maps the hotel had and went hiking back in the jungle area. It did have trails but was still really grown over quite a bit.

They saw one of the small streams and were still on the right path. The next stream they came to was fairly large and they took the trail that ran along the water. After about 30 minutes more of hiking they came to a beautiful small waterfall. It had a pool that was about 20 feet long and 30 feet wide. They stopped and ate lunch in the beautiful setting. Anita and Kavita made the comment that she wished she had her swimsuit. Dileep and Amit both looked at each other and both got a gleam in their eyes. They stood up and both took off their shirts and then their shorts. The girls started laughing and giggling. Amit started to jump in his boxers but Dileep started pulling his off. Amit kind of paused for a moment and then followed his lead.

The girls were really laughing and giggling now as Dileep and Amit jumped in. The girls had only seen their backsides until Dileep got up on a rock. Kavita looked at Anita and smiled.

`Men really are cool! Doesn’t really take them long to strip. That too in public. What if someone just walks across.’ Kavita said and Anita nodded.

`Yeah, he would be disappointed seeing just men nude. In fact his day would be made if the person who walks across were to see us naked.’ Anita replied.

`I think you are right.’ Kavita replied and they both laughed.’ Tell me, Anita, would you be able to do what our husbands are doing. I mean strip. We of course have seen one another nude and now we have also seen our, I mean you have seen my husband and I have seen your husband nude. I am just asking you whether anyone else has seen you topless/nude besides the regular guys like tailors, doctors etc and should we do it if these guys persist?’

Anita was silent for a while thinking about the two recent occurrences. ` I wouldn’t mind if its okay with you.’

`Okay, lets see how tomorrow is.’ Kavita replied

Dileep and Amit were both jumping off the rock which was just about three feet from the water and telling them they too should come it felt great. They had expected the girls to follow but they turned out to be far more demure. All they did was talk and laugh but it was obvious that they were positively enjoying what they were seeing.

They had a couple of swims and then finally got out and sat on the smooth rocks on the side of the pond to dry with their back towards their wives. It was in this position that they put on their underwears and got dressed.

They went back to the secluded corner of the beach the next day. It was a place that was not noticeable to one who did not know of its existence and hence was largely uncrowded..

`This is not fair.’ Dileep said addressing both the girls ` We showed enough spunk to strip fully and you did not have the courage or I would say the decency to join us. Very bad.’ He mock chided.

`Well, today you may have a bonus surprised.’ Kavita said. Obviously she and Anita had done some discussing. `If you will turn your faces the other side, we promise you will be suitably rewarded.’ The men dutifully complied while Anita and Kavita quickly stripped leaving just the bikini panty on.

Anita’s breasts were beautiful, full with just the slightest hint of sag, her chocolate brown nipples pointing slightly up. Just perfect. Amit at that moment felt proud at his wife’s lovely body and thanked her silently for all the work that had gone into making it the way it was. Anita had shaved her legs and bikini line. To this she always paid a lot of attention; just a little vertical line of hair above the pussy lips. nature had been kind to her and except for the pussy which required occasional shaping and the underarms, she was virtually hairless all over the body in sharp contrast to the thick mane of hair on her head. The advantage in getting rid of all the hair in additional to looking elegant was that she could decide even when nude whether to show the pussy lips or not. Of course she had not said this to Amit but this was the thought that had flashed in his mind when he had seen the tastefully shaped pussy. Kavita was fairer than Anita and though her breasts too were of the same colour, the nipples were pink and did not stand as erect as Aniita’s.

They took pictures all along with the digital camera but knew when they posed with their arms around each other there was defiantly a sexual feeling in the air. Dileep sat on one small rock and asked Kavita to sit on one knee which she promptly did. He then asked Anita to sit on the other knee. Anita hesitated for a while but then went ahead. Amit clicked the picture and found it quite erotic. Nobody was fully naked but the girls were topless. Dileep took a picture of Amit with the girls the same way.

They were in the cove and helping Amit with the food basket was Kavita while Dileep and Anita were walking in knee deep water. Anita’s nipples were erect but she appeared to be quite comfortable now with her topless status. The pendent of the gold necklace was seductively hanging between her breasts. It was at that moment that the whirr of a motorboat was heard and they could see a motorboat approaching. Kavita and Amit were hidden from the view by shrubs and rocks so while they could watch they couldn’t be seen. Taking advantage of the distraction caused by the motorboat, Dileep pulled at Anita’s panty string. Within no time she was nude. She was startled by this sudden act of Dileep’s and as she spun around to run back to where Amit and Anita were, Dileep held her firmly by the arm. There were two foreigners in the motorboat and they came within a distance of about ten feet of where Anita was standing fully nude her wrist in Dileep’s hand who was just not letting her go.

`Dileep is so wicked. Unnecessarily adding to Anita’s embarrassment.’ Kavita said. ` I’ll teach him a lesson.’ She promptly peeled off her own panty and walked casually to where Dileep and Anita were standing. It was perhaps a lucky day for the foreigners. They smiled and waived and after drinking in the site for about a minute turned and went.

As they left Dileep ran leaving her and she ran after him picking up sand and throwing it after him.

`Relax, you two.’ Amit said.

`You saw your pal. He pulled off my panty leaving me nude in front of those guys while he himself stood there grinning with his swimming trunks on.’ Anita said angrily.

`Easy, easy. Don’t get worked up, Anita.’ Kavita said and Amit concurred. ` All in jest so cool down.’ Anita however did not quieten down till she had thrown a good amount of sand on Dileep and also putting a heapful inside his swimming trunk which made him pull it off and go again into the water to wash it off. What amused Amit was that she did all the running around nude without bothering to find her panty.

Later on Kavita and Dileep were kind of wrestling on a sheet with Kavita on top and then they got down to the sand. Amit took a picture of them and kidded them that it will look like they were making love even though one could see his cock poking out from under where she was sitting. Later on that afternoon, they were again having similar sort of fun and Amit took another picture of them only this time the cock was not visible. He kept a close look on them and did notice that when she slid off of him that he definitely was in her, but Amit just smiled exchanged a meaningful glance with Anita and kept quiet.

After a while Kavita took a piece of ice and started teasing Amit with it. They all had had a couple of beers and inhibitions had been lost. She hopped up on top of him and the playful wrestling started again; this time with Amit. Kavita told Anita to get Dileep and take revenge for what he had done by pulling off her panty. Anita immediately pounced on Dileep and both of them ended upon top of the men with Anita virtually on top of Dileep and Kavita on top of Amit. In wiggling around, Kavita hopped up and sat on Amit’s cock. It did not go in her but she had his cock trapped between her pussy and his stomach. She was wiggling around still tickling him with the ice.

Amit glanced over at Dileep and saw him kind of lift Anita up and sit her back down on his cock so they were in the same position that Kavita and he were. He saw Anita kind of freeze for a moment and then attempted to move but Dileep continued to laugh and wiggle like nothing was different. After a little while she started to play along. Kavita kept moving around a little until the tip of Amit’s cock was right at her entrance. She was so wet that he knew one wrong move and the cock would slip inside of her. He saw Dileep raise his knees and saw that caused Anita to slowly move forward until he could not see the tip of Dileep’s cock any more. They played just a little longer like that and then all took off to the water laughing and giggling.

Amit did not enter Kavita, but could not have done anything closer to having sex with her than that. He had almost exploded from the sensation. He was not sure if Dileep had entered Anita or not because he never saw the tip of his cock again or if they just did the same thing as Kavita and he himself had done. .

Anita and Amit talked and hugged while they were in the water and agreed this has been a great holiday so far. They were back on the beach when Dileep and Kavita started the wrestling fun again. They were kind off to the side of Anita and Amit, so they could see Dileep’s cock and Kavita’s bottom. They saw him lift her up and he slowly slid into her. Both Anita and Amit were looking but trying not to let on. It was so erotic. With Dileep so obviously inside her Kavita told Anita that Amit looked like he needed cooling off and threw her an ice cube. She started doing the same to Amit.

`Should we do it as well?’ Anita enquired.

`Sure, we will what’s the hurry?’ By the way I have a fantasy. You game with it? Amit replied.

`So long as it is not absolutely wild.’ Anita laughed.

`Well, I could never in my wildest dreams imagine that we would be laughing and playing on a secluded beach this way with friends. I have always thought of you and another woman; in this case Kavita standing face to face. You can be nude or wearing a panty as you wish.’ Amit said.

`Go on, I am listening. In this hustle bustle, I don’t even know where the panty is. Perhaps it will get washed away and we will walk back after wearing the clothes only.’

`Well, your nipples should be touching and you should be blindfolded; both of you. One of us i.e. either Dileep or me will run our tongue over your right and Kavita’s left nipple and the other person should do it to the other nipple. The test is that just by the flicker of your husband’s tongue, you should be able to identify whether he is touching your left nipple or right.’ Amit concluded.

`Being nude is one thing but getting him to flicker his tongue over the nipples.’ Anita said.

`All in fun and nothing cloak and dagger.’ Amit explained.

` Okay, if it is okay with you, it is fine by me. Let us put this across to Kavita.’ Anita said.

They walked over to where Kavita and Dileep were and narrated this to them. They both seemed to be in agreement. So both Anita and Kavita were blindfolded and they stood facing each other. Kavita’s pussy was virtually clean shaven and so she could feel the prick of the few hair that Anita had left behind on her mound. `Ouch’ she said and both the girls laughed leaving the men wondering as to what the joke was. With their hands over one another’s back, they stood their toes touching just as the tip of their nipples were also touching. Anita’s sensitive nipples were fully erect and they waited in tantalizing anticipation for the licking of the nipples to start. Since the men decided to take their own sweet time, Kavita brought her hands down to Anita’s buttocks and felt the tight taut skin when for about five seconds they felt their nipples being teased by two tongues. The realization that while one of the tongues was their husband’s abut the other one was that of another man was very erotic. The bet did not proceed further because both the women got the names right.

The following day on the beach was more exciting. They were doing the same stuff when Anita and Dileep started wrestling on the blanket. They were to Amit’s side and she was rubbing oil on his chest. Amit could see Dileep’s cock and as Anita wiggled around he could see the head of his uncircumcised cock rubbing all around her entrance. Dileep tickled her sides and she moved backward sending the tip of his penis into her. She moved and he came back out. He tickled her again and she moved back again. Amit could see the foreskin of his cock roll back by the lips of Anita’s pussy as about half of his penis went into her. Anita didn’t seem to mind and for her it seemed to be fun. They kept laughing and giggling all the while more and more of his cock was disappearing until she sat all the way down on him. They wrestled just a little while longer and she was moving up and down on him giggling all along. She was continuously making attempts to get up but he was holding her by the hipbone and keeping her in place and also tickling her at the same time. When they stopped she slid off and the smoothness suggested that lots of precum would have oozed. They all headed down to the water and again Anita and Amit played and hugged each other.Later that afternoon Amit did the same thing again to Anita the rubbing of their nude bodies while their spouses played around or just talked proved to be very pleasurable.

Over the next few days they had sex a few more times but always in a kind of playful fashion and never without their spouse. Lovemaking definitely stayed hot with Anita though, like they had a renewed interest in their sex lives. It was not until about a few months later that Anita brought up needing to plan another vacation one day when Dileep and Kavita were over. Kavita quickly chimed in that they should think about taking another vacation together as the one at Goa had been such fun. They all smiled a knowing smile and promised to make it happen sooner than later.

The next morning a telephone rang as Anita was showering. She could hear her husband Amit listening to the call as water cascaded off the contours of her body

Anita emerged topless from the bathroom with a towel draped around her waist. The henna tatoo that she had recently acquired over her belly button made it look all the more sexy

`Hi Love! We are invited to a party this evening. Dileep and Kavita too will be coming. We have a meeting at a hotel and we have taken a room. The meeting will get over by 5 and the room will be vacant. I have arranged it so that you can have a swim and then change in the hotel room. I will have to go with the office guys. On the way back I will go straight to the party with Kavita. Amit will collect you from the hotel since his office is this side. Okay with you?’

`Yes. I guess so.’ Anita did not sound very enthusiastic. She was still wearing only the towel and mentally thinking about the party. The henna tatoo that she had recently acquired over her belly button with the image of a rising sun and its rays made it look all the more sexy. In addition to that there was a heart shaped tatoo over her left breast and a dragon shaped one over her right buttock. Amit had teased her about where she had gone to get it but she replied that these were only stickers and could be applied by anyone in the privacy of their homes. While it was possible that the one over the breast and the belly button had been applied by herself surely the one over the buttock could not have been stuck by herself

`Cheer up!’ Amit said giving her a hug.

Anita reached the hotel in time and had a long and relaxing swim at the hotel pool. At around 7 she went to the room and started getting ready. She put on a black saree with a sleeveless blouse. It had a plunging neckline and showed off a lot of bare skin. The saree was tied well below the navel to show off her belly button and the dainty pin in it. Not only that the contrast of her fair skin with the saree’s black color was mindblowing. She had applied the usual make up, mascara, lipstick, matching nail polish on hands and toes.

She adjusted her panty which was a trifle brief. Though it covered her pussy it left her buttocks exposed and of course the black dragon. . If Anita had a hairy pussy it would have been impossible to wear such a panty. She tied the cord of the salwar, put her nail polished toes on the dressing table to adjust the anklets one by one. As she finished tying the anklets, she received a message from Amit on her mobile that she should hurry up. She had completely forgotten that she had promised to send a message to Dileep that she would call him when she was ready. They were ready to leave. At the door she quickly eased her feet into black sandals and just as she was tying the buckles she saw Dileep’s car standing under a tree slightly far from the drive way with the car facing the hotel.

Anita decided to walk down and if Dileep was indeed there, to give him a surprise. That way, she would meet him in semi darkness and the incident of his seeing her in the mall wouldn’t come up. She draped the saree around herself to avoid any unwelcome attention and taking advantage of the trees, walked around the driveway quietly taking extra care to ensure that the tinkle of her anklets remained barely audible. She could see from the silhouette that Dileep was indeed sitting in the car. Anita decided to take a chance, opened the door next to the driver’s and quickly slid in.

If her intention was to give Dileep a shock, she succeeded in doing so but she too was equally shocked. Dileep’s zip was open and he was merrily playing with his cock which was at full erection.

`I.. well’ was all she could mutter. It was a moment people don’t usually encounter in their lives; sitting in a car next to husband’s friend when both the couples are scheduled to go to a party. Dileep looked at her and laughed a sheepish grin. Somehow her eyes kept getting diverted to his erect cock in this very unusual place.

`Don’t you think its time to get it back into its rightful place i.e inside the trouser? And by the way what is this? I mean why?’ she asked casually.

`Well, I was just waiting for you and suddenly your image, well, nude image as I had seen you in the mall and all the incidents at the beach flashed in my mind. In no time, I got erect and well, there did not appear to be any reason as to why I shouldn’t play with it for a while. You had promised to message me. Remember? And so far as putting it back, it won’t go in unless it is flaccid.’ Dileep replied .’ And it won’t be flaccid till I discharge.’

It was at that moment that two men passed by their car. They were obviously drivers of some people who had come to the hotel. Anita was feeling uneasy.

`At least throw a handkerchief on that when someone passes by. What if anyone has a torch?’

`I don’t have handkerchief.’ Dileep replied. `Well don’t discharge and do something fast The white cum will fly here and there and I don’t want any spots on my saree. Try to put it inside. It will be very embarrassing if someone sees you this way and me sitting by your side.’ She said.

As they were talking they saw a car drive in the portico and both of them saw that Amit and Kavita had arrived. Anita could see Amit sending her a message. She remembered that she had told him that she did not like carrying a mobile but it would be very soon that they would notice Dileep’s car standing in under the tree and the presence of both of them would seem very surreptitious.

There was only one way left and she made the choice quickly. Anita caught hold of Dileep’s cock, her eyes firmly fixed to where Amit’s car was parked and tried to put it back but Dileep was right. It didn’t go in. She then bent down, opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the swollen head of Dileep’s cock. She started sucking it, taking it in and out of her mouth, alternating this act of hers by looking at the portico to check whether they were actually walking towards the car. Dileep reclined on the seat and enjoyed the sensation of his cock being swallowed over and over. Slowly but with a sense of urgency as well.

She began to move quickly, her lips lightly touching the shaft, her saliva making moist noises as she changed directions. Using only her mouth, she pumped his cock up and down, her efforts shaking the seat. Several fast strokes would be followed by a long plunge. Taking him deep into her throat, she’d pause, letting him know how deep he was, feeling the tightness of her mouth. The velvety smooth, slick skin in the back of her throat caressed the head of his cock, sending ripples of pleasure in Dileep’s body.. Then she would pull up quickly, and repeat her fast strokes, again, only to plunge long and deep. Oh God, why isn’t he cumming!

‘Unnghh…I’m…gonna…cum!’ Dileep panted.

Her pace quickened, her saliva dripped onto his balls, feeding the fires in them instead of quenching them. His hips moved up, a primitive instinct taking over control.Unwittingly she found herself playing with his balls as well and she kept her mouth firmly over his cock as she felt the first gush of his discharge.

Sperm rushed from his cock as she held him about half way into her mouth. Spasms wracked Dileep’s body as cum surged from his twitching cock. She knew that this was as per the demands of the moment. She just could not afford to get her saree stained and sitting there for a long time would unnecessarily give Kavita wrong ideas. With her mouth full of Dileep’s cum, she swallowed it in one big gulp and then quickly got out of the car to walk back the way she had come. She had barely gone a couple of yards when she saw Dileep start the car and take it to where Kavita and Amit were standing.

`Hi! Where were you?’ Kavita asked while Amit kept staring at his wife who was looking gorgeous.

`Oh! Just taking a walk.’ She replied.

“Come. We are getting late.’ Amit said as they piled into one car and drove to the party.

Three in Bed

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Days were passing and I could not get any clue to sort out the matter. Once I was passing through passage in office and I heard these words “Saale kee Biwi badi chudakkad hai, uski choot mil jaye to maza aa jaye”. This increased my curiosity and I tried to listen the talks from outside. I was astonished to learn that it was Kumar, my colleague who was talking about my wife only. I immediately dreamed Kumar fucking my wife. But he is a very lean and thin person and I wondered if he has a bigger and strong cock than mine. But still I thought of taking a chance. I invited Kumar to my chamber and frankly told my intentions. He gladly agreed to have sex with Ambalika. But still the problem was that how to persuade my wife. We decided a way to proceed. I invited Kumar to my house on Monday morning. We both took leave for that day.

I told Ambalika that Kumar is visiting us just for chatting and tea. On Monday morning, I was eagerly waiting for Kumar. After his arrival, we passed some time with general discussion. Then, Ambalika brought some snacks and tea for us. While she was away in kitchen, I put very light sleeping pills in her cup of tea just to make her drowsy for few minutes. The effect of those pills started appearing on Ambalika soon after taking the tea. I advised her to take a nap. She went to the bed room and we both followed after 10 minutes. Ambalika was sleeping on the bed and looking very sexy in her pink gown. Kumar appeared to be very horny after looking her lying in front of him. I watched at his pant. His cock seemed to be bursting out. I unzipped the pant of Kumar and took out his cock with my hand. Oh my goodness! it was fully blown 7 inch cock ready to fuck my sexy wife.

I never imagined that such a lean and thin person could have such a mighty cock. Kumar told me that he fucks better after getting his cock sucked. I told him that this is not a problem. I will suck your cock in place of Ambalika. Even otherwise, my wife never likes to suck the cock. I hold the end portion of Kumar’s big cock with my right hand and galloped the front portion in my mouth and started moving up and down in my mouth. Actually, this was the first time I was sucking a cock. I really enjoyed the act. Kumar was also getting pleasure out of it, as I could guess. After some time, Kumar asked me to stop so that his semen could not be wasted in my mouth.

Then we turned around Ambalika who was still sleeping. I lifted her gown up and completely undressed her. Kumar was astonished to see such a sexy body in front of him. I spread the legs of my wife apart to have a total view of her bald pussy. Without any further delay, Kumar jumped over my wife passionately kissing on her lips, face, throat and over the whole body. Now he could not wait any longer with his cock He pushed his strong cock into the pussy of my wife. The entire length of the cock was in. Kumar then started making fast strokes into her pussy. This made Ambalika gaining conscious. She felt being fucked. Unknowingly, she put her both hands on the hips of Kumar and started pushing them down with the downward strokes of Kumar. For the first time, I watched her having full satisfaction with that long cock. Soon she realized that it was not her husband who is fucking so hard till the end of pussy wall. She opened her eyes and surprised to see that it was Kumar who was giving such immense sexual pleasure to her. She uttered “Oh mere Raja, mujhe khoob chod, chod chod ke aaj tu meri choot kee chatni bana de mere husband ke saamne”.

I was watching Kumar and Ambalika going wild. This also made me horny. I also wanted to do something. I asked Kumar to allow some space so that I could lick the clit of my wife simultaneously (actually, I enjoy licking the pussy very much and every night I lick her clit before the main act). Kumar now shifted the position of fucking so that I could insert my tongue on her clit. I started licking the clitoris of my wife while she was being fucked by Kumar. In between, my tongue was also touching the fucking cock of Kumar wet with pussy fluid and that was giving me more pleasure. We heard sounds of immense pleasure from Ambalika. She told us that no pleasure in this world can be better than this. And this way, I made her agree that three in bed are much better for sexual pleasures.

Ambalika asked Kumar if he can visit her daily for fucking. But Kumar told that it is not possible to visit daily but he will try to frequently visit. Still we all three were in action and it appeared that both Kumar and Ambalika are going to reach orgasm. Just before the ejaculation, Kumar took his cock out and spread the semen over the entire pussy. I was still licking the clit, but now I moved my tongue over the whole pussy wet with semen of Kumar. Besides licking the wet fluid of her pussy, I also licked the semen of Kumar and took everything in my mouth. I can’t explain in words what pleasure I got with this.

But my erected cock was still hungry. I asked Kumar if I can fuck his ass hole. Kumar gladly agreed to provide his ass hole to me. I then lubricated my cock and with great difficulty inserted into the tight ass hole of Kumar. But once it was inside, it was a heaven to fuck his ass hole which I enjoyed fully. Meanwhile Ambalika started sucking the cock of Kumar. I was surprised to see this because she hardly agreed to suck my cock. Any way, we all three enjoyed the sex fully. After some time I discharged into the ass hole of Kumar and simultaneously Kumar discharged into the mouth of Ambalika. Then we all got up and put our clothes.

Ambalika wanted to go for toilet but I asked her to wait. I told Kumar that I will now show you a very unusual (and ugly) activity. Kumar could not understand my intention. I laid down on the floor with my mouth wide open and asked Ambalika to proceed. She positioned herself on my mouth as if sitting on a toilet seat. I took my mouth very near to the exact location. Ambalika now started to piss. A large jet of Ambalika’s piss was flowing in my mouth and I was drinking each and every drop of that very salty fluid. It was not the first time. I had developed this habit long back for drinking ladies piss directly from the source (pussy). Kumar was amazed to see this and wondered whether anyone else in this world would be doing it.

We both thanked Kumar for the excellent experience and invited him to visit us frequently. I hope that DesiBaba fans will enjoy this story. I invite young sexy guys and gals to join me and Ambalika for sexy three-in-bed adventures, plays and fantasies. The only condition is that the cock size should be more than 6 inch and you should be ready to visit our place (Raja Garden, New Delhi). Young couples are also invited to take the services of Kumar (I will forward any of your specific requests to Kumar). You can contact me at So guys! I think your cock is trying to tear your trouser. Then why to wait… just go to toilet and use your hand with imagination of my wife Ambalika, the sexiest girl in this world.

Arun & Ambalika

Three Russians and my wife in Jaipur

Asha, my wife, likes meeting people, and is very flirty by nature. She is 5 feet seven inches tall, with thick black hair till her upper back. She is fair skinned and has a voluptuous figure – a typically Indian 35, 26, 36. She really likes the attention she gets and has a way of smiling at men that lets them know she is flirting. I don’t mind it, as the idea of other men trying to score with Asha turns me on. She knows it too and can really turn on her charm at parties.

She likes wearing saris and salwar suits, but on two conditions, as I have observed. Saris should be of silk or satin, and with a blouse that is always daring. Salwar suits must always have a tight-fitting kurta and a neckline that shows off a lot of her ample cleavage.

This is the story of a holiday trip we had gone on. We arrived at Jaipur and checked into the five-star hotel that we had booked into. Asha was really in the mood, being away from the normal routine. We had barely checked into the room when she put on her swimsuit and went down to the poolside. Asha’s swimsuit is a normal purple lycra thing. A little shimmery with a low back.

I watched from our first floor room as she parked herself in the middle of a group of Russian tourists. They were all men, and were obviously interested. Asha was clearly enjoying the attention, and with a slow flourish, took off her robe and smiling, got into the pool. She swam a few laps and lay down on a chair. The Russians, three of them were sitting and drinking at a table nearby, and the youngest of them, a six foot dark haired guy just couldn’t get enough of Asha. He was staring at her legs. Asha noticed this, and turned around, so that he could get a good view of her low back too and her shapely ass.

Knowing Asha’s show-off nature, I smiled. She came back to the room, straight into my arms and dragged me into bed. Half an hour later, Asha snuggled into the quilt, totally satisfied and spent. I went out to look around. When I got back into the room, Asha was in the bathtub. She smiled at me sweetly and thanked me for the afternoon in bed. I reached out and cupped her breasts gently and pecked her on the cheek. Half an hour later, we were dressed for dinner. Asha looked stunning in a tight-fitting deep green satin churidar kurta. The back was all covered but the neckline was a deep, deep and wide ‘U – a matka neck in Asha’s own words. It put on display all her ample cleavage, and the tight kurta clung to her voluptuous body like a second skin. Asha threw on her dupatta and we went down for dinner.

We had a good dinner, and lots of wine. At the next table was the Russian who had been eyeing Asha at the poolside. Now, he was staring openly at Asha’s body. I pointed this out to Asha, and she told me that she was going to have some fun. I said okay and left the table. I walked around, and making sure that the Russian didn’t see me, quietly sat down at a table nearby where I could see and hear without being seen, hidden by a huge plant. Asha saw my hiding place and nodded.

Asha waited for a few minutes, and then leant across her table for the wine bottle. Her dupatta slipped but Asha made no attempt to put it back across again. Asha sat back with her wine. The Russian now had a good view of Asha’s luscious cleavage. Asha noticed it and made eye contact with the Russian and smiled. He asked her if he could join her. Asha didn’t hear him clearly, and leant towards him as he repeated the question. As she bent forward, her breasts strained against the shiny satin, and all of her ripe cleavage was on view. The Russian’s eyes nearly popped out, and he was going mad trying to control himself.

Anyway, he joined Asha at her table. She told him that I had gone up to the room. My wife was now in her element, flirting with him, laughing and talking in a husky voice, and all the time making sure the Russian got a good view of her juicy breasts. She even danced with him briefly, leaving her dupatta behind, and allowing him to look down her ample cleavage, smiling sexily whenever she caught him looking. The Russian’s hands wandered a little across Asha’s satin covered back and a couple of times over her shapely ass. When he started groping too much, Asha lead him back to the table.

As she sat down, I noticed Asha’s nipples poking through the shimmery green fabric, indicating that she was getting turned on by the thought of the Russian’s hands all over her. Her chair tilted a little as she sat down. As that happened, the Russian caught her by the waist and pulled her upright, as that happened, his hand slid up, closing gently but firmly around my wife’s left breast. Asha let out a little squeal of surprise, moaning sexily as the Russian’s hand stayed there for a moment, thumb teasing Asha’s nipple. Asha was aroused by the Russian, and I knew by her pout that she wanted him desperately!

I overheard Asha tell the Russian to come up to her room and rushed to the floor of our room. I hid behind a trolley and watched as my wife walked down the corridor in the arms of another man. I used my key and slipped into the room and hid behind the sofa. The mirror on the opposite wall gave me a good view.

Asha and the Russian came into the room. Asha sat down on the bed, facing the mirror. I watched as a pair of large hands came up from behind and caressed her breasts. My wife’s luscious breasts were being touched, teased, squeezed and caressed by a total stranger.

As the Russians hands feasted themselves on her breasts, Asha looked at herself in the mirror, smiling sensually at the sight she saw. Asha then pulled him round and made him bury his face in her cleavage. As he kissed that, my wife moaned loudly. The Russians hands were now all over Asha’s beautiful body. The shimmery satin fabric of her churidar kurta, stuck to her like a second skin, giving the Russian all the encouragement he needed!

His hands roamed freely over Asha’s voluptuous body, her moans and sighs serving only to heighten his daring. As I watched, I realized that Asha wanted more and more of him. She suddenly got up and left the room, asking the Russian to wait. The moment she left the room, the Russian picked up the phone and spoke a few words.

In two minutes, his two friends walked in, locking the door behind them. My wife was about to be ravished by three big, muscular Russians; I waited in my hiding place. The lights in the room went off, and one little light in the far corner came on. The door of the other room opened, and my wife slowly walked in and stood under the light.

Asha looked like a sex queen, in a full length golden brown satin robe. It reached till the floor and trailed a little behind. The full sleeves reached up to her slender wrists while a broad matching belt held the robe around her. Asha walked slowly towards the bed, her eyes widening in surprise as she saw the other men.

She stopped, and smiled a sexy smile that suggested she liked the idea. She walked up to the bed and stopped in front of the full-length mirror. The three Russians closed in. Three pairs of hands were about to feast themselves on my beautiful wife.

Asha whispered something to her Russian friend, who in turn whispered to his friends. The short stocky Russian walked up to Asha and knelt down in front of her. The second, a thin man with long fingers, stood behind her. My wife stood there, breathing quickly and heavily, her juicy breasts moving up and down, looking sexy and beautiful in her gold satin robe.

Asha’s friend nodded, and the action began. Shorty started rubbing his hands over Asha’s legs and thighs, gently parting the satin, and revealing my wife’s beautiful thighs. Thinny started running his fingers all over Asha’s back, and as she responded, letting them wander freely over her breasts.

Asha started moaning and sighing loudly, and the two Russians lay her down on the bed. They then opened Asha’s robe, revealing her voluptuous nude body. My wife lay there, offering her body to the three Russians. Her two hands were still in the robe’s sleeves, and the satin provided a shimmering bed sheet for her silky body.

Asha’s friend stood behind her and took off his jeans. Asha gasped. The Russian was big, and Asha’s hungry hands closed around his nine-inch penis. At the same moment, Shorty slid his tongue into my wife’s pussy. Asha screamed loudly, arching her hips upwards. Thinny’s slender fingers started roaming all over Asha’s breasts, and as she twisted her body in pleasure, her friend slid his penis into Asha’s mouth.

My wife was getting the fuck of her life and relishing it with her whole body!

Sex at the university

Hi everyone who recognize us in this story. The names have been changed.

We are quite a young family couple. My name is Robert I am 26 years old. My wife is five years older than me her name is Linda. We have not been married for a long time but the time I spent together with her is certainly the best time in my life. My wife is rather open and unreserved about sexual relations. I like it that she is rather uninhibited about sex and stuff like that. I don’t mind my wife having sex with other men. As a matter of fact according to anonymous polls the majority of women cheat on their husbands. So, however jealous a husband might be a woman, as a most cunning creature will always find a way to meet her lover. Most men also cheat on their wives and conceal the fact. It seems odd. All people want to have sex with various partners but try hard to conceal the fact. Many women want (or secretly desire) to have sex with two or even more men though many of them try to fight down the desire and only some of them dare to try it. It’s weird that people tend to limit themselves and create barriers and obstacles on their way. I believe there is nothing wrong in having the pleasure and making others feel satisfied. Linda likes to wear bold clothes, she often wears short skirts and open, tight fitting clothes.

I love watching men starting at her when we are somewhere at public. Linda is a brunette, medium height. She has a rather alluring body with big breasts. I love taking part in group sex with my wife. She likes to have sex with total strangers. Perhaps she tends to learn and experience something new. Some of our friends, aware of our views make up various piquant situations for they know that we simply cannot resist our passion. The most exciting thing for me and my wife is gang-bang in a meaning when one woman is having sex with many partners.

My wife works as a secretary in the academic department of the university. Once I called her and said that I was going to pick her up, she said that she was expecting a friends of hers, Mark. Mark is quite an extraordinary person, he was perfectly aware of our attitude to sex so when I heard that he was visiting my wife I felt really happy. Seeing him always meant different adventures for me and my wife. He really loves making up various exciting situations where my wife and I play the main part. He is older than we are, about 35-37 years old. He is quite a reputable business man, but that’s not the point of the story. Feeling that the rest of the day was going to be very interesting I rushed to Linda’s work. When I got to the university, Mark was already there he was with a colleague of his, David whom he introduced to us. Yeah, the evening is going to be fine’ I thought to myself. David was quite a big man about the same age with Mark. They were sitting at table drinking whiskey. My lovely Linda already loaded with martini was merrily talking and laughing. Her cheeks were pink and eyes glittered. She probably felt that we were up for something interesting. We introduced ourselves to David he turned out to be quite a good company. Our party was going on so we drank more and ore.
The situation at table was getting more at ease. My lovely wife was laughing at the guest’s jokes looking at them wantonly. Suddenly we heard a knock on the door and it opened slightly. These were two students. They came in to turn in their term papers. As it turned out later they were in their first year of studies. Linda stood up and came up to them. ‘Why so late?’ – she asked the guys strictly. They seemed rather surprised as they didn’t expect to see such a scene in the university (three men and a secretary of the academic department drinking right in the university). ‘We just wanted to hand in our term papers’ – one of the guys said timidly. ‘Linda, why are you so inhospitable, why don’t you invite them over to drink with us’ Mark suggested. Linda, trying to please Mark invited the guys to have a seat and relax. They guys tried to find excuse and leave but finally were made to sit at table. ‘Let’s drink to the new guys in our company, David said and poured whiskey into the glasses. They guys’ names were John and Larry. The more they drank they less shy they were. ‘Why don’t we play something?’ – Mark offered.

‘Sure, let’s play cards, David joined. Do you mind?’ No one minded. ‘What are we going to play on?’ Linda asked. I suggested that the one who loses must take something from his clothes but Mark and David said that it was too corny and old. They suggested playing ‘wishes’. The one who loses must perform the wish of the winner. My wife is not good at playing cards, moreover she was drunk so she lost the first game. The guys seemed happy. Mark was the winner ‘what wish is he going to come up with’ I thought to myself. ‘Linda, honey, take this, put this on and come back again, we’ll see if we picked the right size or not’. My wife went into the next office, I was rather intrigued. ‘What is there?’ I asked.

‘Nothing special, just a small present’, David answered. ‘Come on guys, what present’, I tried to thank the guys for their generosity. ‘Don’t worry, you are going to like this’, Mark patted me on the shoulder. They exchanged looks with David and smiled. I knew that I was going to like whatever it was and I knew that my wife would have to work off the present. ‘Let’s have a drink’ I said trying to ease off the excitement of the waiting. No sooner than we had a drink that Linda came into the office. Oh, yeah! Her outlook was as sluttish as it could be. The skirt was hardly covering her butt though that piece of cloth around her could hardly be called a skirt, just a transparent piece of cloth exposing her panties. Linda’s panties exposed her neatly shaven pussy. She shaves her pussy regularly, it makes it easier for me to lick it. Some men are longing to taste a shaven pussy. Also Linda was wearing white stocking reaching up to her thighs. On her body she had a light open top, absolutely transparent. The nipples were hard with excitement, it could be clearly seen through the thing fabric. Linda was standing before us with her eyes down, she was shivering slightly and her cheeks were pink.

I think that she felt both excited and embarrassed standing before us, five males in such a sluttish outfit. ‘Linda, come on, don’t stand still, walk, show us your body’ , Mark said looking at her wantonly. So she did, swaying her ass and buttocks she walked over the room and took her seat. ‘let’s keep on the game, I want to win now’, she said. You should have seen the faces of John and Larry, they were staring at my wife unable to take their eyes away from her, they were really devouring her with their eyes. After the second game Linda lost again, the winner was Larry but he was unable to breathe a work, David volunteered to help him. ‘Let me give you some advice’ he said to the guy who was still shy. ‘Probably you want Ms Linda sit on her work table, spread her legs apart and caress her pussy with her finger, right, Larry?’. Do you want to look at it? Say it, ask her to do it’.

Larry finally dared and said, ‘I want it’. ‘What exactly do you want?’ , my wife asked, arching like a cat. She was savoring the moment. She was waiting for the fresh guy ask her to spread her legs. ‘Ms Linda, could you spread your legs’ , he said timidly. ‘No, I can’t first you should ask my husband’, Linda looked at me and smiled. Larry got even more shy he couldn’t imagine asking me for a permission to see what’s between my wife’s legs. ‘Come on, don’t be shy, Mark said, ask him, say ‘Mr. Robert, can I look at your wife nursing her pussy’. I felt dizzy, a freshman was asking me for a permission to see my wife masturbating. ‘Of course you can’ was all I could say. After that we played again, my slut-wife was always losing. No matter who was the winner, only Mark and David were the ones to come up with the wishes. Linda was put on her fours, was made to show her pussy, stuck her fingers in there, spread her legs, show her anus, crawl on her knees like a cat. My wife was behaving like a real slut, performing all the wishes trying to please the guys and laughing as a whore. At some game it happened that she was the winner and David lost. She asked him to take off his pants and show his dick. I must add that we all have erect dicks in our pants by that time. ‘Come on, take them off, it’s going to be easier’ Linda said looking at the bump on his pants. Actually David wasn’t shy, he took his pants off his penis was huge! It was up like an Eiffel Tower. We kept playing and soon I lost and Mark was the winner. I felt the wish was going to be unusual. ‘Robert, I want you to caress David’s dick’ – Mark said insistently. I was confused. How can I caress the dick of some man before my wife and two students. Everyone was silent waiting for me to say something. I tried to make a joke and skip it but David took my hand and put it on his dick. I felt something hot in my hands, it seemed it was alive I started caressing it. ‘Now lick it’ – Mark added. It was really hard for me to get rid of the complexes but David helped me again. He grabbed me by my neck and insistently pulled me to his shaft. I was humiliated but I was enjoying it. ‘So, come on, take off your pants’, Mark told our students. Not daring to disobey him they took off their pants ‘Come here’, David asked them. No, I couldn’t allow myself to have two more dicks now two dicks directed at me.

‘No’ I whispered. ‘Then may be someone else will do it for you?’ – Mark asked and took Linda by the hand as if trying to show who this person should be. ‘Yes, I will do what you want me to’ Linda said with her lips trembling. Mark made kneeled her and now two students’ dicks were before her face. They were petrified they just couldn’t believe it was real. I took Larry by his dick and directed it into my wife’s mouth. Larry started moaning with pleasure. Linda was sucking his dick caressing his buttocks and balls with her hands. ‘Wait, I know, let Mr. Robert get on his knees near his wife and direct her head’ – We couldn’t believe our ears, this was said by John, the guy who was so timid a few minutes ago though everyone followed his wish. Mark, David, Larry and John stood around us. Linda and I got on our knees. Four erect dicks were before us, they were demanding tenderness and satisfaction. It all excited me greatly. ‘So, start’ Mark ordered. I took Linda’s head and directed it at Mark’s dick. She gently took his dickhead in her mouth, embraced it with her lips and started sucking it. The others were patiently waiting for their turns to come jerking off their dicks. In about two minutes I again took Linda by her head and directed it at John’s dick. ‘So, the think tank, do you like your wish?’ , I asked the guy and looked up at him. ‘I love it, he answered, ‘And do you love watching your bitch sucking on our dicks?’ Look, she is enjoying it and I see you don’t mind sucking either, now tell me that your wife is a whore’. Ok, now you suck my dick’ – those were John’s words. The next was David, Linda swallowed his dick and I started attending to John’s shaft. He had a tasty dick which was being sucked by my wife just a minute ago. ‘So, tell me you love watching your wife sucking our dicks, tell us that she is your lovely whore, tell us’ – John wasn’t going to stop. Mark was laughing at all this.

‘So, answer; answer’ he shouted at me. ‘Yes I love to watch my wife sucking your dicks, she is a slut and a whore’. Linda moaned and let David’s dick out of her mouth. ‘Robert, I love these words so much’ se said and turned to me. We started kissing her mouth smelled of dicks and their precum. ‘Hey, lovers, don’t get carried away’ , with these words David pushed his dick between our lips.
Linda started sucking his dick. I was overexcited by that moment, I got up and took my shaft out. ‘You want to take part in this too?’, David asked me. He took his dick out of Linda’s mouth I thought he was going to free her mouth for me but instead he took his dick in the hand and slightly hit Linda’s face with it, then he hit her again. ‘David, this is a great idea, Mark giggled. ‘Come on, hit her with your beast’ and he started performing Mark’s wish. David was hitting my lovely wife on her face, lips, cheeks, forehead. Others joined him, the punches fell on Linda’s face. Their dicks were falling on her face again and again. Ohhhhh, that was such a sweet humiliation. I was watching my wife’s face getting pink perhaps because of the punches or maybe she was just blushing with shame. The men were looking at each other, laughing. ‘So, guys, who’s gonna check whether our whore is ready for her something she likes best? Robert, what is it, tell us?’, Mark said with a smile on his face.

‘Linda likes it when she is fucked like a real whore, is this right, Linda?’ say it’. ‘Yes, guys, fuck me, I can’t wait any longer, I want your dicks inside me’, my lovely wife moaned. ‘Larry, now with your tongue lick Linda’s pussy and tell us if it’s wet or not’. David said.

Larry got down on his knees and we put Linda in a doggy style position. The guy thrust his tongue in my wife’s pussy ‘mmmmm, he moaned. ‘It’s all wet, it’s so tasty’. ‘Lye on you back’, Mark ordered, Larry followed his order and lay on his back. ‘So bitch, do you want to try a student’s dick?’, Mark asked and slapped Linda on her ass. Her mouth was engaged with John’s dick so she could only mumble something inaudible. ‘Ohhhh, ‘she is so busy sucking the student’s dick that she can’t tear herself away from it’ , David said. We started feeling Linda up slowly undressing her, soon she had only stocking and shoes on, the rest of the clothes was taken off. We carefully placed her on Larry’s dick and Linda started swaying on it. We surrounded her and were taking turns in pushing our dicks into her mouth. Linda was getting mad she would say something like ‘Fuck me, fuck me more’. The student wasn’t holding long, he started and came with a loud moan. We took Linda and carried her to her working table clearing it off from papers and documents. ‘Bitch, we are going to fuck you right on your working table so that you will always remember it’, David said anticipating a nice fuck. This time John came up to her pussy, he penetrated her and started moving rhythmically meanwhile Mark was getting a blowjob from my wife, he was looking at her, smiling.

What was I feeling at that time? A great wave of excitement John didn’t last long either and came into her vagina already filled with Larry’s sperm. ‘What are we going to do next? Mark asked?’. ‘Let’s change the atmosphere and take our slut to the lobby’, David proposed. ‘It’s late and empty there’. The thought that my wife wearing stocking and shoes only was going to be taken to the university’s lobby made me shudder. But it was too late to object. Mark and David were pulling Linda out of the office. I followed them, John’s and Larry’s sperm was running down my wife’s buttocks. She looked like whore from a porn movie. Red face and thick lips we went out to the lobby and proceeded to the dark stairway and stopped there. ‘So, fucking whore, bend down now we are going to fuck your brains out’ Linda did as told. David thrust a finger into her vagina. ‘Oh, there’s a whole lake here’, he smiled ‘lick my fingers’ , Linda started licking the sperm off David’s fingers. ‘Robert, help me put my dick in your wife’, he asked me. I came up, took his dick and put it into her. David started pushing his shaft into my wife’s pussy ‘So, Robert is it good to think that your wife is being fucked right on her job before your eyes, tell me?’ ‘Yes, it turns me on’.

‘So, feed your dick to her together with Mark’. We started pushing our dicks into her mouth. That moment the thing happened that I was mostly afraid of. We heard the noise on the stairway, some students were leaving the university. There were some of them. I started doing my zip, the thought that we were going to be seen like this, naked in the lobby seemed impossible though Mark and David kept fucking my wife as if nothing wrong was happening. Then I understood what they wanted, they wanted Linda to be seen, they wanted the entire university to learn that she was a slut ready to fuck with three men right on her job. I took my shirt off and covered Linda’s face with it hoping that she would not be recognized in a dark stairway. David smiled and kept fucking her, Linda, overtaken by passion wasn’t hearing and seeing anything. The guys came closer to us it was quite dark but Mark reached his hand for the switch and turned on the light and David pulled the shirt off my wife’s face. ‘Hey guys, look who is here’, he shouted. The students stopped still and speechless. They were as astonished as they had never been in their life. In the total silence we could all hear David’s balls beating against my wife’s pussy. There were about 10 students, they were all watching unable to take their eyes away from the scene. As I found out later these students knew her well as they regularly visited the academic department. This time Mark surpassed himself. I have never been so humiliated and excited at the same time. Linda turned back and saw the familiar students, she was unable to say anything. That moment David started coming on her face Linda moaned and shuddered in orgasm together with him.

So this is what happened to us. We would very much like to communicate with like-minded people.

Something new!

I was watching a movie on TV when Joy came in and said she was going to take the dog for a walk. As she walked by she bent over and put the leash on the dog and I saw she didn’t have any panties on under her skirt. This didn’t surprise me since she seldom wears any panties or a bra.

I sat back down to continue my movie but something was nagging at me. The more I thought about the more curious I became. Finally, I knew that I had to check it out just to stop it keep nagging me. I headed for the park about two blocks away. I figured that she had about a fifteen minute head start on me. I walked fast. Once in the park I took that path I usually do when I had to take the dog out. I rounded a curve in the walkway that allowed me to look several hundred yards ahead. Knowing that Skip liked to sniff every bush and each tree along the way I surmised that if she had taken this path I would see her ahead. That meant, that she had taken the right path that went to where the stone picnic tables were.

I usually avoided this place of the park, since before I had stumbled across a young couple fucking on one of the tables. I didn’t want to disturb anyone as I had that time before. Let them fuck in peace, – was my motto. I cut across the grass, through a stand of bushes and trees and in a few minutes I saw the first of the picnic tables. Then I saw the patch of white that was Skip. Well, actually Skip was black and white but only the white showed up in the dim light of the street lamps. What the hell. Skip was tied to a picnic table on his long leash and he was gaily sniffing to his hearts content. I made sure Skip wouldn’t see me and I was downwind from him. I looked for Joy at the table, but there was not a sign of her.

Now, I was really curious. I wasn’t worried about Joy. I had bought her the most powerful pepper spray possible. It would shoot a stream over ten feet and she could spray a regiment of would be mashers with it if she had to. Then movement at the next table about twenty five yards away caught my eye. It was a flash of white. I moved toward the table, keeping in the shadow and close to some bushes. I could hear, softly, a male voice. Then I cocked my ear and heard smacking sounds, like something wet being hit by something wet also. I could also hear moaning. Female moaning. Joy! Was she being raped?

I could make out at least three figures besides Joy’s. One was behind her. Her skirt was evidently ridden up as I clearly could make out her white ass cheeks and the whiteness of one of the male figures as it moved back and forth.

Understanding came slow but at the same time fast. Joy was being fucked. I moved as close as I dared. If my wife was being raped, there were at least three men. I took my cell from my pocket and was about to dial 911 when I heard the male voice more clearly. “Oh yes that’s right baby just keep sucking my cock and I’ll give you something to drink like always.” As always the man who I now was seeing was sitting with his feet on the table. My wife’s head was in his lap and it bobbed up and down. She was sucking the guy’s cock while another one was fucking her from behind. About that time the man fucking her began to grunt and then held himself against her ass. He had just cum in her. He moved aside and the second man took his place. I could make out his white cock in the light of the street light on the path as he hefted it and drove it in her. I could swear that Joy pushed her ass back to help him. She was definitely not being raped.

With the awareness that she had to be a willing participant to this I also had the awareness that my cock was making a stiff tent in my pants. I took it out and held it. My eyes had adjusted to the light more and now I could make out the cock in her mouth. From the way she lifted her head high before coming back down I surmised that it was a very long cock. I started jacking off my cock quietly as she was being fucked and she was sucking the sitting man. I heard him moan as he held her head down on his cock. She was deep throating him.

Joy had been sucking the long cock of the man for at least ten minutes that I had watched and probably some time before I arrived. Then, as I was about to cum myself the man behind her did as the first had done. When he moved away I saw another one step from the shadows of the overhang and join the other two. Those three guys, then, walked away without a word. Not a one of them said a word to Joy and she never turned to see who they were. I was shaking the cum from my cock when I heard the man say “Alright, here it comes.” He made some sounds and Joy swallowed all his cum and then I saw her licking the last drops off the cock. She appeared to be stroking it. Getting the rests of his orgasm I guessed. Then he slid off the table and got behind her ass. He knelt down and his face disappeared in her butt. There were some sucking sounds
for a few minutes and then he said “I think that got most of it love.”

Joy began to straighten herself up and then she spoke “You can have more here tomorrow night,” she said “I love lots of cocks.” The man kissed her then drifted off in the shadow of the path. I was about to confront her but thought better. I saw her head toward Skip and I left as quietly as possible. I took off through the trees and stayed off the path. I came out less than a block away from our house. I beat her home by five minutes. I was as I had been when she left. I pretended to have fallen asleep. She let Skip off the leash and said ” I think I’ll have a shower before bed and then disappeared into another part of the house.
I enjoyed watching Joy get fucked and I wanted to see more of it. I waited till the next night and as soon as she left for Skip’s walk I was right begin her. In my pocket was a small, but powerful pair of binoculars. I kept her in sight as she walked up the path toward the picnic tables. She tied Skip to the same one she had the night before. I saw her approach the same man I had seen before and to my astonishment they kissed. She molded her body to his for a good five minutes. Then I saw movement as several men materialized from the shadow. They held back as my wife and her lovers were kissing hotly, then he led her to the same table as before.

He dropped his pants and I got out my binoculars. I focused them and I had been right about the size of the man’s cock. It was large. “Oh it’s real big tonight,” I heard Joy say “Please…fuck me with it tonight!”

“No Joy you only get to suck this one…but it looks like you have about a lot of guys to fuck you tonight” the man said. By now the men had taken out their cocks and I focused my glasses on them. I even recognized a couple of them. Well let me say that I had seen them before in the neighborhood. Our neighborhood. It was a sprawling walled community with this park at
its center. I had to assume that all the men lived there also. They resembled me the guards at the entrance. The man had taken his place on the picnic table and Joy started to take his cock in her mouth when he stopped her “I think tonight you should be completely naked. Joy hesitated for a minute, and then pulled her slipover off past her head. A quick unzip and she whisked her skirt off past her feet. She did look a bit uncomfortable naked in the open, for she did look around. When she saw the men they turned their faces quickly away. I understood then that they wanted to be anonymous. Joy swallowed the man’s cock and jutted her ass out for the first man to step up and put his cock in her cunt.

With the glasses my wife and her fuckers were brought close to me. I could make out her lips compressing around the fat shaft. I will admit that I got instantly hard at seeing my wife act like a plain slut. I began to jack off just as the man behind her rammed his cock in her. I saw her mouth open slightly around the cock in pleasure. He began to slam hard into her and the man she was sucking encouraged him own “Go man, he said “Fuck the slut with all you have, she needs real fucking tonight.” As if in answer to the man, her fucker started to fuck her with a renewed passion. The man jerked her face from his cock “Do you like being fucked like that Joy, you whore?” he snarled: “Do you like his cock?”

“Oh yes I love it,” she cried out “Make him keep fucking me.” The last wasn’t necessary. As soon as he had cum in her there was another to take his place. This time she screamed around the man’s cock “Oh my God, yes!” she said “His cock is in my ass.” At hearing this I came all over the ground. Fucking Joy in the ass was something I had always wanted to do, but had not done. I made up my mind then. I put the glasses away and, with my cock in my hand, walked over to the group. I moved from behind, so she would not see me. Now I was looking over another man’s shoulder at the cock fucking her ass. He was pretty much the same size as me, but Joy seemed to be taking it pretty well. I knew then that I would finally get to fuck Joy in her ass.

I had to wait while two more men fucked her cunt before I had my chance. I stepped up behind her and fitted my cock to her dripping anus. I started easy, but as my cock head touched her ass hole I lost control and rammed it in to the hilt. This made her scream around the man’s cock. “Oh yes…that’s good,” he said “Fuck her good…it’s making her suck me so
good.” Knowing that she was sucking the cock so good, I fucked her ass hard. I managed to look around to see her face all the way down on his cock. Her mouth was in the man’s pubic hair, as she deep throated him. I wished it was my cock she was sucking so deliciously.

I would love to say, that I fucked her ass for a long time, but the point was that I came in just a few minutes I was so excited that my cock had finally found itself in Joy’s ass. I was pushed aside as another horny man took my place and used her cunt. “You know,” the man standing beside me stroking a large cock said “The best thing that ever happened to me was 3 months ago, when I came up onto her sucking a dick!” “Did you fuck her then?” I asked

“Well, hell yes,” he said “Her husband, I guess, told me to fuck her and I have fucked her about three times a week since then.” The sound of the cock slapping into Joy and the noise she made, slurping away at his cock was loud in the night. “Damn, I wish my own wife was this slutty,” the man said “I would really love to see her get fucked good like this.” I knew how he felt. I truly loved seeing Joy to be screwed so thoroughly by all these men. About that time, four more men walked up. According to my count Joy would have at least a dozen cocks in her that night. The man, who I had been talking with, told me, that he’d better fuck her before she got too loose and stepped up to her well used dripping cunt. I watched as he put his large cock head into her and pushed it in. He was larger than the ones so far and his cock squished cum from her cunt, when he speared her. I tried to be casual as the new men took their cocks out. I wanted to see what kind of cocks were going to fuck my wife, but didn’t want to seem like I was interested in them for myself.

The man finished fucking Joy and as soon as he pulled out, I had my cock ready and pushed into her gooey cunt, before the other men had a chance. It was like a wet warm cunt filled with mush when I went into. It felt great. I knew then that I would be one of her regulars every night she went to walk Skip. I hung back as all the men fucked her and watched intently, as
the man she was sucking filled her mouth. I saw his cum run down his long shaft and she quickly gathered it into her mouth. When the last man drained himself in her, I saw the man get behind her and suck her cunt dry. I knew that I would have to find a way to do that also. It was two nights later, as I stood back and just before he had a chance to suck her cunt I yelled “Hey I saw a cop car’s lights.” The man quickly ran off and Joy hurried to take Skip away. I knew that sperm was running down her legs. She hurried off.

I was waiting for when she started to the bathroom. I pulled Joy to me and kissed her before she could resist. I tasted cum in her mouth. I soon had her on the couch and sucking the cum that had still remained the walk back. Joy looked frightened, but I acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I didn’t try that again but something else happened. Skip was an old dog and
one morning we woke up to find that he had went to happy dog land in the night. I felt that Joy’s sorrow was more motivated by not having him to take on her walks. Being the good husband as I was, I had a present for Joy, when she came home for work that night. I never have seen a woman so happy at getting a new dog as a present. She gave him his first walk that night.
Or rather the dog gave her the first walk that night. You see, I bought her a Great Dane. I wanted to see what happened.

Mameluke Affairs- Part 1

Uluch al-Rashid was a Mameluke, a member of the great warrior elite that had ruled Egypt for centuries. He had a great reputation as a tactician and disciplinarian, knowing to command and inspire his troops. He also had a terribly dangerous secret, which he could ill afford to have revealed in Islamic Egypt- he was a homosexual. The penalty for sodomy under Sharia law was death by stoning, and it was quite eagerly enforced for someone whose behavior “disgraced” the great Mameluke army.

When Bonaparte came with his sizable French army, driving the Mamelukes further eastward, and threatening to overrun the whole country, al-Rashid found himself dealing with British troops sent by His Majesty’s Government to reinforce the Mamelukes against the French Republic. It was the French Revolutionary Wars, all of Europe was at war, and the war had now spread to Africa.

Al-Rashid was not expecting any great change to his life, but it came soon, as he took a good look at the handsome, exotic-looking men of the British army. They gave him a hard-on he could not believe if he had not felt it! Such nice, foreign, pale complexions, such beautiful features, like blue eyes, and red or blonde hair made him stiff all day long to watch, so he had to constantly tear his eyes away from them, just to get anything done.

There was one particular young man, a bright-looking youth named Quincy Fields, who really appealed to the Mameluke’s lust. He had nice, sandy hair, which was definitely something that al-Rashid had never seen before in his life, and the man’s freckles were especially sexy- they was so colorful and strange to him. He had to fuck this boy, to get his cock into that mouth and arse, and to make the youth his lover. He wondered how he would accomplish that, especially with the danger of an international incident.

One day, after a few weeks had passed, he saw Quincy shopping for fruit at the local bazaars, and knew that this was his chance to get that beautiful young man where he wanted him. He casually approached him, offered to let him eat at his place, and offered him rum, which he knew that the boy would be craving, in an Islamic country where liquour was scarce. After practicing buggery, violating the Sharia’s ban on alcohol beverages was a small matter to al-Rashid.

The youth eagerly consumed the rum, ate the native food, to which he was becoming accustomed by now, and was about to leave, when al-Rashid stopped him.

“Spend the night here, my boy. There’s no need to return to your billet, because we are both soldiers here, and your superiors will understand if you stayed at a local’s house for a while. The French won’t be coming for a week, anyway, so you need to relax a little before the next fighting.”

Quincy agreed, not realizing that the Egyptian was trying to seduce him, and he naturally had no qualms about sharing a bed with the native officer. It was then that Rashid began rubbing his back, which made the youth feel both uncomfortable and oddly excited. Then Rashid pulled down Quincy’s drawers before he had a chance to anticipate, much less prevent that move, and he massaged the boy’s buttocks a bit. This really shocked the 17 year old, who found himself actually enjoying the sensation of the man’s hands on his bum.

Once Quincy had embraced this act, al-Rashid was emboldened to spread the youth’s cheeks, and seeing them to be dirty, he just grabbed Private Fields and dragged him to the bath, to clean him off before sodomizing him. At no point was this youth fighting this activity, as he had found that his cock was getting harder and stiffer by the second. As the Egyptian bathed him, the naked young Englishman realized that he himself was lusting for this strange fellow, as much as the man desired him.

When al-Rashid entered the bath with him, and turned him over onto his stomach, Quincy felt a sudden, surprising rush to his phallus and scrotum, and the former became completely hard. The Mameluke then inserted his fingers into Fields’s butt, which was cleaner than it had been in years, and prepared his rectum for the penetration that was about to follow. The feeling of the digit inside his asshole made him very aroused indeed, and al-Rashid had little difficulty easing his penis into Quincy’s bottom.

As the Egyptian continued sliding back and forth, in and out of Fields’s anus, the youth felt a sharp pain, and then it dulled, gradually becoming an increasing build-up of pleasure.

“Oh, bloody hell!”, the youth shouted, “You are buggering me, I’ve heard about this sort of thing, but I cannot bring myself to fight it- I want more! Oh, yes, sir, please use me this way! Oh, I love it, sir, I absolutely love it! It feels so wonderful, and I can’t believe it, but I really enjoy it!”

“Good, my young man, because I have wanted to shag your bum for a long time! It feels so tight around my penis, that I have to keep it in there.”

The youth was so thoroughly excited by the sensation of being sodomized, neither he nor the Egyptian saw the tall Scotsman walking into the bathroom. He was obviously looking for Fields, for some particular reason, but now he found him in a state that he had not expected, and his jaws dropped. The young man was taking a large Mameluke manhood inside his bottom, and evidently delighting in that fact.

“Ah, Private Fields, Quincy?”

The youth startled, and he was definitely worried, since homosexuality was a court-martial offense in His Majesty’s army. What would happen- a hanging? He was afraid that might well be the case. Al-Rashid was also scared, since the Scot might report him to his superiors as a sodomite. “Here, sir.”

“I am Lieutenant Colonel Lord Andrew Burns, of His Majesty’s 10th Light Infantry Regiment, young man. Don’t bother stopping what you’re doing; it doesn’t really matter to me at all. You obviously are buggers, the both of you, and I would be well within my rights to have both of you arrested for that offense. I believe that stoning is the mandatory punishment for sodomy in Egypt, is it not?

However, I never saw any point to such rules, since you are not really harming anyone, nor undermining military discipline. You are just indulging an unusual pleasure. It’s really none of the Crown’s business, if you wish to bugger someone, or get buggered, but the Crown thinks otherwise, of course. I believe that I can get something out of you, and you will both co-operate with me, right?”

“Right, sir.” “Yes, Colonel Burns.”

“Such a handsome lad- it’s no wonder that al-Rashid here wants to use you carnally, so I will assume that he has no objection to my pursuit of his young nieces, Fatima and Khadija. I am right, am I not, Mr. Al-Rashid?”

“Well, sir, if you wish, I’ll even throw in their mother, who is still quite lovely, although she has no appeal to me, as I am her brother and a sodomite.”

“Really? Well, I have to see this mother of theirs.” “Good, because I am weary of providing for them, and if you desire them, they are yours, totally. Just let us be, the private and I, I mean.”

“Where are they?” “In the other bedchamber, doing Allah knows what!” “Very well, I want you to call them in here, now!”

“Yes, sir. Shiraz, Fatima, and Khadija, come here this instant, girls!”

Three very frightened, veiled women appeared in the bathroom, gasping as they saw the master of their house naked, obviously engaged in some kind of erotic act with a young man.  “I want you girls to live with Lord Burns here. He will provide for you from now on, alright?”

Their eyes grew wide, as they saw their growing, erect penis of their new master: a tall, pale, and muscular man, with green eyes and red hair.

“Yes, Uncle Uluch.”, they all responded at their mother’s direction. They were 2 pretty Egyptian girls, one 18, the other 16, and both had nice, curvaceous figures. Their mother, in her late 30s, was also a deliciously exotic woman, with such a dark complexion and such deep, dark brown eyes.

Burns removed his pants, ordering them to put his thing into their mouths, and they could not help but comply, so forcefully did he command, that they all scurried, including their mother, to their knees in front of him.

“I have to prove their worth, before I’ll take them, you see.” “Naturally, you make sense, sir. How are they doing? I taught them to suck men off, even though they are not as good as men at it. I naturally did not use their womanhoods, but I made them perform fellatio like a bugger.”

“You did well, sir. I compliment you. They will make excellent concubines for me. I like that Arabic notion of concubines- it makes more sense to me than our marital customs, such as only one wife.” They kept on sucking him, even as the Egyptian continued to sodomize Fields.

“Perhaps you should marry the daughters, and keep my sister as their mother-in-law. Nobody has to know that they are not just maidservants.”

“Please marry us, sir, please! We will suck you every day, and spread our legs for you, plus we will eat each other, and our mother.” “I will suck you off, too, and spread my legs as well. Please, I beg sir, so that they can be wives- I want them to have a husband!” “Alright, but I’m going to use them first, so that I know what I will get. Agreed?”

“Agreed.”, they all said. Al-Rashid was pleased as well, because they might get into Paradise, whereas he felt himself already damned to Jahanum (Islamic Hell) for his “sins”. He was also pleased with the youth, who gladly took his jizz inside him for the first time. The boy then came himself, and Burns now came, from the feeling of those 3 mouths sharing his cock.

He knew that at last, he would have 3 beautiful women servicing him, just as he always wished, and he would make full use of them, for sure.

Of course, he intended to hold them to their end of the bargain, but he knew from their attitude that they would be delightful, at least enough to justify keeping them. They all looked at him with pitiful, adorable eyes, and he could hardly wait to have his way with such wonderful women. If al-Rashid didn’t want them, that was his loss!

They were about to have a new provider, protector, and head of the household, and Lord Andrew Burns was glad to exercise those functions.
Rashid, for his part, was soaking in the tub with a very happy Quincy Fields, who obviously intended to spend his stay in the town with the Mameluke, as his lover.

They had struck a great deal, and it made sense for the both of them, Lord Burns knew as he followed them into their bedroom, preparing to deflower the women, and enjoy the mother.

Refugee encounter

After finishing graduation Kiran joined as a teacher in a high school. This high school was started by a philanthropist who gave land, buildings and money to run the school. However, this school was located in the agency area of southern state of India. The philanthropist owned a lot of property. The high school was on the edge of a big mango orchard on the slopes of a hillock and there was a mountain stream flowing nearby. Kiran used to walk around these groves after school work and on the ledge of the stream sometimes catching fish also.

On one of these trips he saw a small herd of elephants which is domineered by a big bull elephant. There were many females including young ones. There was also a lone young bull and there used to be mock tussles between this young bull and the older one. Kiran got fascinated to watch this group standing at a safe distance without getting noticed by the herd. Suddenly he saw the young one running away from the big one and the big one now pursued a young cow, apparently who came to heat.

The young cow did not make any resistance perhaps for the fear of the big bull attacking her. The big bull had an erection of the penis which was the size of nearly one yard length with a slightly bent into “S” shape. He mounted the young cow and after probing for the vulva a few times with the penis, got the position as it had had experience of fucking and started thrusting which the young one enjoyed. As it dismounted, the cow ran away and nearing a bush started nibbling the leaves. The big bull went to the stream to drink water. This was the opportunity for the young bull to sneak near the young cow. The young cow pretended to move away but as the young one held with its trunk in a kind of persuasion, she obliged whereupon the young bull mounted and made intercourse with the young cow. Certainly the young bull is inexperienced from the way it made thrusting.

However, the big bull watched the young one making it with its harem and suddenly dashed with speed and a kind of roar. The young bull dismounted and ran away to save its own life. The big bull approached the young cow again, sniffed its vulva and also licked the cream cum oozing out of its vagina deposited by the young bull. The big bull patted the cow with its trunk in appreciation and as the cow stood still, Kiran observed the penis of the big bull swelling. Its glans penis was nearly eight to ten inches with a shade of pink in colour and the whole shaft is almost three feet in length. The bull leisurely mounted the cow and keeping itself steady started thrusting with vigour. Kiran got sexually excited and as he started masturbating, a group of baboons approached. One of these baboons had an open glans of the penis almost looking like that of a man’s. A passing by female baboon neared the male and touched the exposed penis and bent in front of him inviting it to mount.

The male grunted, pressed its forepaws against the sides of the female’s back and keeping its toes on the knee joints of the female, achieved intromission and fucked her with vigour. This further excited Kiran and he continued his masturbation. Suddenly he heard a giggling noise, and a middle aged woman with his little son on her backsack in tow carrying bundles of gathered wooden sticks on her head approached him and giggled at his predicament of masturbation. Kiran tried to tuck away his penis inside his trousers, and as his zip failed to close properly, his dick protruded half outside.

The woman saw his embarrassment and further giggled as he blushed. She kept her wooden stick bundle on the ground and moved the backsack containing her child on the ground. She came near him and took hold of his protruding penis into her nimble fingers and pulled it completely outside and told him, “you need a fuck, don’t you?” in her native tongue. As she slowly lowered herself on the ground on her back Kiran took the golden opportunity to push her lower garment upto her neck and viewed the inviting vulva with tremendous lust. As the woman spread her thighs wide, he noticed sticky gel threading her orifice showing that she is wet and ready.

Kiran moved on her with pleasurable sensations and though his knees were rubbing on the hard soil injuring him with friction, he never mind fucked her which she responded with experienced upward thrusts to meet his tool fully her insides. As he ejaculated, by this time the baby got stings from maggots and started crying. Kiran got up and gave her a few rupees and she thanked him for his generous fuck and also money. Apparently she is a wanton woman of the nearby village, later Kiran came to know. Luckily he did not get any sexually transmitted disease because of this isolated experience.

Very near to Kiran’s village, there is a Tibetan refugee settlement. One day a Tibetan couple approached him with the intention of selling woollen sweaters and small carpets to Kiran. The man is about thirty and the woman is in her late twenties. As Kiran is a teacher of Social studies containing History and Geography lessons, he became curious about these people and started making queries about the reasons of their being refugees and so on. The man named Tsering explained how the Chinese drove them out of their homeland and how they could reach India by crossing Himalayas. Kiran became very friendly with that couple and he offered them tea besides purchasing a couple of woollen garments.

As the man and his wife sipped tea, conversation proceeded as Kiran wanted to know their social customs. Kiran was surprised to know that Tsering is the eldest son of his father who died while crossing the border. He had three more brothers. When Kiran asked whether those brothers are also married, Tsering’s wife Norma giggled. When Kiran asked why she is giggling, Tsering replied that in their families only the eldest son marries and the remaining brothers are entitled to have sex with his wife that is their sister-in-law. The younger brothers never marry. Kiran became curious and asked Norma, whether she enjoyed getting fucked by her brothers-in-law, she blushed and replied “yes, of course”. Kiran became bold and asked her which of the brothers fucks her the best. She giggled and replied that “it does not matter, because, even if one cannot fuck to her satisfaction, she invites other to come over and usually the others take over the fucking”. Kiran asked her whose penis is the best looking in her estimate, she replied “all of them same same, but …” she looked at Tsering at askance whether she can reveal the secret or not.

New Years Eve 2004

I feel as though this letter should start out “Dear Penthouse” and anyone reading this will think it’s just another fictional story made up by someone’s sexual driven imagination… but not today. First off, let me tell you a little about my wife. Before we dated I was the only one she ever had sex with, not even her fiancé before me, so she’s never been very sexually active. A typical sexual experience with my wife is in the missionary position with ‘NO BOOBS” and speaking of boobs, she has a very nice set, beautiful before our child and bigger and better after.

Her areoles are about the size of silver dollars and she loves to have them sucked, unfortunately ONLY when she’s horny or better yet drunk. To get her really horny and have good sex I have to pretend I am someone else. Playing this role she starts riding on top of me getting nice and wet and wants her boobs sucked, hard, like a cheap whore sucking the chrome off a trailer hitch. Sometimes but not often I can bend her over and fuck her from behind feeling her slamable ass slap against my hips while squeezing her 34C’s. But like I said before, this only happens when she’s really horny, drunk, or when we pretend I’m someone else. This doesn’t bother me though for when we do make love this way it’s enjoyable for both of us even if I’m playing the roll of another man fucking my wife. As for pussy eating this rarely occurs even when she’s drunk.

One day while house shopping I brought up the fact that since I was the only one she’s ever made love to I wouldn’t mind if she experienced another man. She was hesitant at first but I could tell she was somewhat curious and a little excited. She made the comment she’d have to be drunk and she immediately started thinking of friends she would fuck. All throughout the day she was thinking of whom, where and when. I mentioned that if we did it in a hotel I’d like to watch if not participate and she immediately said no, she’d rather do it without me in the room or possibly without my knowledge. Later I could tell this was something she would really like to peruse for when I brought up the topic again she told me to just drop it because I wouldn’t let her go through with it if the situation ever came up.

Well back to the Penthouse story. It started it out at my buddy’s house on New Years Eve. We arrived late and when we got to the party most of the food was gone so my wife started drinking on an empty stomach, I usually stay sober at parties to drive and hopefully get luck so I only had 3 beers the whole night. The music was playing and people were dancing, she loves to dance and I can’t so she was dancing with anyone who would. We were having a good time and my wife was getting pretty drunk and loosening up, so loose in fact that she repeatedly told me how hot these 2 guys were at the party and was constantly flirting with one of them named Chris.

The party was spread out through out the house and on the back deck so people were all over. My wife, Chris, the one I was repeatedly told how cute was and I were the only ones in the living room where the TV and stereo were playing at this particular time when I left to get her another beer. As I left a song came on that she loved to dance to so she got up to dance, as did Chris.

When I came back they were dirty dancing, she was bent over with her hands on her knees rubbing his dick with her ass and he was holding onto her hips as if fucking her from behind. It didn’t bother me too much, they were only dancing and he was getting a cheap feel. I thought it was pretty cool, another man finding my wife attractive, so I said to him jokingly “Yah slam that ass” so he did. She turned around and smiled and I knew that look, she was horny and ready for sex. She’s drunk and horny now I thought, maybe I can get some here now at the party. The night went on and 2 times I tried to fuck my wife at the party, once in the master bath and once in the spare bedroom both times we were interrupted. I had her pants down and tits hanging out but access was denied because she wasn’t comfortable. With this rejection I lost 2 condoms in the process.

As the night went on she drank more and now the topic of my wife’s tits came up, she was concerned that she was the fattest girl there but I told her she was the prettiest and Chris made the comment that she had the biggest tits and was one of the hottest. A little while later midnight came, the champagne was flowing and everyone was kissing and hugging each other, than Chris and my wife hugged, he grabbed her ass and she kissed him on the lips pushing her tits into his chest, luckily no one saw it. This however did bother me a little bit, I didn’t care if she fucked this guy; I just didn’t want anyone else to see the sexual attraction they had towards each other, plus if you fuck my wife NO KISSING. About an hour later a few of us were standing around in the kitchen hanging out.

I was standing between Chris and my wife, the 3 of us talking. She looked past me and gave him a look, he gave it back to her and she proceeded to push me aside and get between the 2 of us. Once again looks were exchanged and he motioned towards the back off the house were the bedrooms were, she started to follow him. Dude that’s my wife, if she wants to fuck you or make out with you and it’s evident that she does it’s not going to happen here. I mentioned to my wife casually it was time to go and acted like I didn’t notice where she was headed, about 15 minutes later we said our goodbyes and got ready to leave, once again the 2 of them making eyes at each other.

As we were getting ready to leave Chris made a comment he needed a ride home but I didn’t offer to take him. My wife was saying her goodbyes and said she needed to go to the bathroom. I told her to take her time because I needed to talk to my buddy; I had to borrow a condom. My buddy and I walked down the hall with my wife following to use the rest room; unbeknown to me Chris was following my wife. We were in my buddy’s spare room for about 5-10 minutes looking for some but had no luck. As we passed the bathroom I called for her and she said she’d be right out. She came out of the bathroom and Chris followed about 30 seconds later. Now I wasn’t there and my wife doesn’t remember a thing from the party but I’m pretty sure someone was making out in there, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. I’m just glad no one else saw what was going on.

Once my wife and I got into our vehicle she started kissing me and asked me to play with her boobs. I proceeded to put my hand up her sweater and my suspicions were correct, she was getting felt up. Her tits, which are ALWAYS tightly supported in a bra, were out and her bra unsnapped but I never said a word to her about this. By the time we left the neighborhood she had her sweater and bra off and on the floor and her hand on my crouch. We got about 3 miles down the road both getting hot and heavy so I started to unbutton her jeans so I could finger her. We pulled over in front of the local mall so she could get her pants down.

As I proceeded to finger her she wanted to pull into the parking lot and fuck in there, but I recommended a hotel. It’s kind of hard doing it at home living with your mother-in-law, while your house is being built plus I knew how drunk she was and how loud she was going to be. She asked me if I could really watch her fuck another guy, yes and no I said but if you want to some day that’s fine with me. She asked if we could go back and get Chris but I didn’t answer her.

Marshall was in his mid-twenties and a good looking man. He kept himself in good shape and was attentive to his appearance. He was also very shy and retiring and had never had much luck with the opposite sex. It seemed that every time he got up the nerve to approach a woman, his courage would evaporate before he could follow through. He also had co-workers and acquaintances ask him out from time to time but he was simply too nervous and awkward to accept. He wasn’t a virgin but there had been very few sexual encounters in his life.

Finally, in an act of desperation Marshall purchased a book he saw on the Internet entitled “How to Get in Bed with the Woman of Your Dreams”. He read and re-read it from cover-to-cover and was fascinated to learn all the techniques on conversation skills, reading body language and especially pick-up lines. After committing key passages to memory Marshall resolved to test out his new found knowledge.

Donning his trendiest outfit one Friday night, Marshall plucked up the courage to visit the hot singles bar he had been reading about in the papers. After paying the outrageous cover charge he was immediately assaulted by the bright lights, pulsating music and the somehow intoxicating scent of intermixed cologne and perfume emanating from the masses of sweaty bodies writhing on the dance floor. Marshall nearly turned on his heel to retreat from the cacophony but then remembered his resolution. “Tonight I am getting laid” he repeated to himself over and over. It was to become his mantra for the evening.

Marshall couldn’t face the dance floor so he went to the quieter bar and managed to find a seat. He ordered a drink and turned around to survey the place. It was wild. He had never seen so many low-cut dresses, short skirts and bare midriffs. After a while Marshall turned his attention back to the bar. Seated two stools down was a cute woman. Not a fashion model knockout by any stretch of the imagination, but very pretty. She was about 5’4” tall and well proportioned, with brown hair and blue eyes. Sneaking several glances her way Marshall also decided she had very nice tits beneath her v-neck sweater. Plucking up his courage, Marshall walked over and said: “did it hurt?”


“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”  The woman laughed, which made Marshall blush. Now what do I say he thought. Luckily the woman broke the ice.

“That was very cute. My name’s Brandi.” “I’ve never said such a thing before. I’m MMMarshall.” (Oh my god, did I just stutter?!)

“I bet not” said Brandi with a wink. “That’s what made it cute. Usually I just shoot down the guys who try that old crap.” “Well, I’m kind of new at this but I really wanted to check this place out tonight.” Wow, thought Marshall, this woman is easy to talk to. The book was right.

Brandi and Marshall chatted for about an hour. It turned out that Brandi was in town for a reunion with old classmates. They hadn’t wanted to go out that night so she was by herself. Brandi leaned into Marshall and said “I can tell this isn’t really your scene. Would you like to walk me back to my hotel?”

Marshall remembered his mantra from earlier and thought things were going just like the book said they would. “Sure, let’s go”. Once at Brandi’s door she stood on her tiptoes and kissed Marshall on the mouth. “Would you like to come in?” she said in a husky voice.


Once inside things moved at a rapid pace. In fact, Marshall was a bit shocked at how quickly Brandi was coming on to him. But he wasn’t about to complain! The room was a suite and Brandi led him through the living area into the bedroom. She quickly started taking off Marshall’s belt and unbuttoning his designer jeans. He was rapidly getting excited. Brandi was pleasantly surprised as she removed Marshall’s shirt, then boxer shorts. “My, my, my I can see I’ve made a good choice” she said. “You’ve got to be at least 9” long and I can’t even get my hand around the shaft. And your balls are enormous!” Marshall blushed at such compliments about his manhood. He knew he was bigger than average but had never really thought of that as an advantage. Brandi knelt and quickly took him in her mouth. Marshall was in ecstasy! In almost no time he felt his balls contract and cock twitch as he shot his load into Brandi’s more than willing mouth.

“Sssorry” Marshall mumbled at his lack of control.

“Don’t worry sweetie” Brandi purred after swallowing every drop. “You just need a little more practice, that’s all. How would you like to try something a bit kinky?” A little embarrassed by his performance so far, Marshall agreed. Laying him down on the bed Brandi grabbed a couple of fur-lined straps from the nightstand.

“Whoa, you weren’t kidding were you?” said Marshall with a little trepidation. This was completely unexpected, and he didn’t remember seeing a chapter on bondage in his book. Slowly tracing her tongue around Marshall’s nipples Brandi said: “I can tell you are up for something new. What do you say?” “Welllll, okay. But not too tight.”

Once tying his hands securely she leaned over and whispered in his ear “have I got a surprise for you stud.” Marshall was curious as Brandi put a blindfold over his eyes and wordlessly left the room. In the silence that followed Marshall began to get a little nervous. Then he heard several voices in the other room. What was going on and how had he gotten himself in this predicament he wondered to himself. Stupid book! The voices were all female, and they were coming into the bedroom! How embarrassing to be seen like this.

“What’s going on?” Marshall cried out. Brandi sat down on the bed next to Marshall’s naked form and started to gently stroke his cock. Despite his fear, Marshall could feel himself getting hard. “Well Marshall, it’s like this. I am in town for a reunion of sorts, but it is not exactly a university-sponsored event. Each year my friends and I get together for some sport sex. One of us finds a willing candidate – and it sure looks to me like you are ‘up’ for the meeting (due to Brandi’s attentions, Marshall now had a major erection). This year, you are the lucky guy.” And with that, Brandi let go and stood up. Marshall’s cock was at full attention, throbbing helplessly into the air.

“Ladies” said Brandi, “here is the newest initiate to our “fucked” club. What do you think?” There were murmurs of approval around the room. “Ooohh” said one. “He’s much bigger than the last few. Looks like fun.” “Yeah, but do you think he can keep up with us?” said a second. Brandi cupped Marshall’s balls in both hands and said she had brought some supplements to help out in that department.

Marshall was shocked to say the least. He thought about screaming for help but a sharp point against his neck convinced him otherwise. Though Marshall couldn’t see through the blindfold, he heard the sounds of several sets of clothing falling to the floor.

Tying his legs and forcing him to swallow a handful of vitamins (and probably Viagra); the women were on Marshall like a pack of horny animals. He had never felt so many sensations at once. One mounted his cock and one straddled his face and two began rubbing themselves on Marshall’s hands. Some would demand he lick and suck on their tits while others would make him use his tongue to caress their wet pussies and swollen clits. Some of these were shaved, others weren’t and Marshall guessed there were probably six women participating.

They were fairly gentle at first but later on they became a little more aggressive. One woman in particular would wait until Marshall’s cock went soft then proceed to slap it back and forth between her hands like so much meat. Even though this was painful at first, Marshall eventually would respond with a hard-on, which the woman would then mount with reckless abandon. Another two untied his legs at one point and forced Marshall to roll over. Then they each spanked his ass with their bare hands until it was red and sore.

Others of the group were into exquisite torment. Three times during the night, they would tease Marshall’s prick to its full 9” length and then barely tickle the head and shaft with their lips, tongue, fingers etc. until he thought his cock would explode. Despite himself, Marshall ended up moaning and begging for release each time. Then they would whisper taunts in his ear: “I can measure your heartbeat just by looking at your pulsing cock Marshall” or “That’s the deepest purple cock head I’ve ever seen Marshall.” After what seemed an eternity of this torture, one of the women would end up impaled on his colossal hard-on, barely moving back and forth until they both would finish with a shuddering orgasm.

His balls had to be empty after so many ejaculations but still he managed to spurt load after load. This went on for hours, with only a few catnaps to recuperate. And each time, Marshall would be awakened by one of the women licking his balls or sucking his member to attention. At one point during the next day they shaved his cock and balls and rubbed in some strange smelling lotion. This caused his tired dick to once again rise to the occasion – and this time it stayed up long enough for three of the women to get off!

Sometime the next afternoon, Marshall could no longer get it up – despite the expert attentions of the “club members”. “Well ladies, I’ve think we’ve finally worn this one out. You’ve been the best we’ve ever chosen” said Brandi. The others had to agree.

One by one his captors left, each cradling his spent balls and kissing his sore, limp cock as she departed. Brandi was the last to go. She removed his blindfold and roughly twisted Marshall’s nipples, causing him to yelp in surprise and pain.

“Hope you enjoyed yourself Marshall. You’ve got a great tool and it sure seems like you know how to use it now!” She gave him a drink of water then put a piece of tape over his mouth. Then she let out a wicked little laugh and walked out of the room. As she reached the door she said over her shoulder, “housekeeping will be here in the morning. Have a good rest.” And with that she was gone, leaving Marshall to ponder all that had happened in the past 18 hours. One thing for certain, that horrible book was going in the trash first thing when he got home! Woman of his dreams, hah! More like a nightmare Marshall thought.

Once Brandi left, Marshall took stock of himself. Other than a few bruises and some fingernail marks in sensitive areas, his only injuries were to his pride. For that at least he was thankful. Even after his ordeal, or perhaps because of it Marshall was able to fall asleep while still tied to the bed. In the morning he was awakened by the sounds of a key in the lock and the familiar cry – “housekeeping”.

“Come in” Marshall croaked in a dry voice after managing to push the tape off his lips. “Get me out of here!”

The two cute young maids let out a gasp as they walked into the bedroom. Their nametags said they were Michele and Lupe. They took in the sight of Marshall’s naked body strapped to the bed and rushed to his side. “You poor thing” Lupe said, you look like you could use some help.” She reached over to untie his hands and as she did so her long hair brushed across Marshall’s chest, inexplicably causing his cock to jump.

Michele noticed this and told Lupe to look. Both housekeepers couldn’t help but admire Marshall’s imposing size, and as his cock once again began its impressive march upward they glanced at each other. Marshall could only groan as his rescuers paused. Michele picked up the phone next to the bed and whispered into it: “Maria, Vicki, get over to room 243 right away!”

Then, with a gleam in their eyes and another look at Marshall’s mammoth rod, Michele began to disrobe while Lupe put the tape back over Marshall’s mouth and started to trace her tongue down his chest and belly towards his once again stiffening cock . . . .

I called my buddy and told him my wife and I had stopped to get a bite to eat around the corner and asked if Chris was still looking for a ride. Everyone there was pretty drunk when we left so I’m sure no one gave him a ride. He was there so I told him we’d be by to pick him up.” Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked her, “Yes” she said. “OK only what say you want with no pressure from us, what you say goes” I responded.

When we arrived at the house I went inside to get Chris, when we returned to the car my wife had her pants pulled back up and her jacket on reclined back in the front passenger seat with her leg up on the dash, she must have changed her mind I thought, she got dressed. I was wrong, she had her jacket on but underneath her pants were unbuttoned and she was still shirtless. Chris got in back and thanked us for the ride. Nervously with my heart beating a mile a minute I asked him where he lived, he gave me directions and I proceeded that way. As we drove away my wife started talking to Chris, I looked in her direction and noticed her tits were clearly visible.

She stopped talking, got up, started to kiss my neck and grabbed my crouch than stopped, leaned back in her seat her jacket wide open exposing her tits and unbuttoned pants. Then she spoke and I thought the world had come to an end yet it got me so excited at the same time. “Are you sure you want to go home or do you want to drive around awhile and see what happens”? Chris was speechless but his actions were enough, he reached for her tits and started to play with them.

OK now it’s getting very scary and exciting, the look on her face was enough for me to lose my load. I looked at my wife and asked her if she was sure she wants to go through with this. She answered my question, not with a yes or no but by telling Chris to “squeeze them harder” I knew she wanted him when I heard words I’ve only heard her say to me, “suck um baby, suck um hard… play with the nipple”. Her tits, my tits, no one sucks my wife’s tits but me I thought but this guy was and I do however have to tell you, I loved seeing the look of pleasure on her face. There’s no turning back on my behalf now, remember I kept telling myself I fueled these thoughts into her head so basically I made this monster.

As we drove to the hotel Chris continued to squeeze her tits as she wiggled her pants down. I proceeded to finger the hell out of her while she squirmed in the seat waiting for one of us to take her and she didn’t care whom. I cannot tell you the last time she was this wet and I couldn’t wait to stick it in her and I wasn’t the only one. Chris had removed our child’s car seat and put it in the back of the SUV and that’s not the only thing he’d removed, he already had his pants off. “Chris, put your clothes back on, you think we’re going to do her here in the car” I said. “We almost there honey or can we pull over,” my wife asked. Damn I was hard and horny and I couldn’t wait to get there I was half tempted to just pull over and fuck her right there. “RULES I need to go over rules” I said to Chris. “Do you have a condom? Because your not gonna fuck her without on.” “Yes, he replied.” No anal unless she says so than I’m the only one and when she says stop, you stop, no French kissing, again no condom no sex?” Chris replied OK to the rules and yes he had a condom.

As we pulled into the hotel parking lot I froze. Shit, I don’t have a hotel room! I’m going to have to leave these 2 alone while I get a hotel room with my wife half naked, what if there’s a line? What if it takes awhile? What are those 2 going to be doing while I’m gone? Than my wife in so many words asked me what I was waiting for, get the room. OK now I know she wants to go through with this so I better hurry before we start fucking in the car. It took about 10 minutes for me to return but it felt like forever. As I returned I couldn’t believe what I saw and at this point I knew for sure someone drugged her because she wouldn’t be doing this if she were drunk.

My wife still in the front seat but now with her pants completely off and her feet were pushing on the windshield, Chris in the back seat frenching my wife while fingering her as she squirmed uncontrollably up and down in the seat. He was breaking one of the rules, he was kissing her but I do have to tell you it got me even hornier than I was earlier, I’m not going to last I thought to myself. I opened the door and I said I had the room, you’d think they’d stop but she started moaning and he started kissing her neck. “I’m sorry honey, you know you’re the only one I love” We pulled around back to where our room was while Chris fingered her and I played with her tit and all started to get out. My wife was so drunk we had to help her out and we tried putting her pants and boots back on. All we could do was get her boots on, she told us to just put her jacket on her since we were just going to take them off inside anyway.

As we walked up stairs to the room we were a little noisy, well my wife was anyway. “I’m sorry I drank too much honey, I didn’t mean to kiss him, I love you honey, I love you very much, are you sure you don’t care if I fuck him?” Again no turning back now, what am I going to say. “Are you sure I asked” “Yes” she said. As we were walking to our room another guy came around the corner and I know he heard her. He was a young kid and I know he was the type my wife thinks is cute and I was right. “He’s a cutie pie” my wife said, “What are you doing tonight? You want to join us” He didn’t say a word, just walked past us eyeing my wife up and down wearing noting but an unbuttoned short coat that barley covered her ass and black boots. I know this kid was probably scared shitless or ran to tell his buddies.

As we entered the room she threw off her jacket and plopped on the bed, Chris and I proceeded to get undressed as my wife stared at us with a huge smile and giving me the come here signal with her finger. I leaned over and we gave each other a beep hard kiss. I stopped and started working my way down south as she laid there kissing her tits than sucking her toes licking up her legs kissing her thighs until I was stopped by her hands at her pussy. She pushed my head down and asked me to go down there.

I proceeded to finger fuck her as I licked and eat her out as she laid there moaning and squirming as Chris played and sucked her tits, I think they even kissed a few times. I have never until that night ate my wife out to an orgasm. I than titty fucked her while she licked and sucked the head of my dick for a few minutes before I started something I’d never get to finish. I didn’t have a condom but this was my wife and I’d pull out before I came. My wife was always worried about getting pregnant and always freaked out and pushed me off if I even gave the slightest inclination that I was getting ready to cum in her, or so I thought. I got on top of her and slide my dick into the wettest pussy I ever had, she let out a moan and I proceeded to fuck her and suck the hell out of her tits, her nipples that night were the biggest I’d ever seen them and I loved it. She was loud, moaning fuck me and telling me this was my pussy, oh yah, she’s waisted.

I have to tell you I had mixed emotions, excited and jealous, she was louder with him than me but I loved seeing her facial expressions while she was getting fucked. She than asked for her favorite position, she asked to get on top; she always loves cumming that way. She rode him hard demanding that he suck and squeeze her tits as he slapped and grabbed her ass checks. She motioned for me to come over and she kissed me long and hard as I squeezed and pinched her nipples, she asked me to suck them but I wouldn’t after Chris just got done sucking them. That too was exciting to see, seeing her ride someone else that night and having her tits played with as she moaned with ecstasy and the look in her eyes. She rode him like a porn star or a bronco bull rider riding a mechanical steer: it was incredible seeing her tits slap him in the face and her thighs startling him, ass cheeks spread and the jiggle in her ass with every motion. She came hard that time, I know when she comes and she did, she let out a louder moan than usual and rested her tits in his face and laid her head on his shoulders, that’s they way she cums in that position.

One thing I will never forget about that night was her eyes, her eyes weren’t hers but someone else’s, I didn’t know who’s but that person wasn’t my wife, and I just wish this sexual demon in her would surface more often. God it was exciting to see her facial expressions and hear her moans and yelling “oh yeah”, and “harder” and “come on fuck me baby” as she’s was getting fucked. I wanted to jerk off but didn’t want to waste my load. She rolled off of him and he got on top of her and proceeded to fuck the hell out of her again.

Once again she started screaming “oh god, oh god” and moaning like she does when she’s drunk. Chris said he had to stop he was going to come soon and she told him not to “no don’t stop” she said “I’m almost there” “I’ve gotta stop now” Chris replied “I’m gonna cum” My wife wouldn’t let him pull out, and I was getting VERY nervous, she wrapped her thick legs around him and thrusted in the bed up and down “fuck me harder baby, come on fuck me hard” she said. “I can’t, I’m going to cum” he said.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard, don’t stop I’m almost there Oh god fuck, fuck me now” she yelled, than she said softly, “It feels to good, I’m almost there please don’t stop”. I was pissed telling him to pull out afraid he was going to cum in her. She let out a loud moan as Chris busted a nut inside her and didn’t pull out in time most of it was in my wife, a little on the bed.

I was pissed that she let him go that long and inside her, she ALWAYS pushes me off when I say I’m going to cum. But hey it’s my turn, he came inside her and I am too it was my turn. I proceeded to get on top of her and started to fuck her eagerly wanting to cum. “Stop” she said, “I don’t feel too good” But I kept fucking her, he busted a nut in my wife and I didn’t, no this guys going to bust a nut too. “Stop, get off” she said but I kept going. I know she told me to stop but I was almost there, my wife said she didn’t feel good and again asked me to stop, so I did than she passed out. Before this started I told her I would respect her if she went through with this and when she had enough we’re done. Unfortunately I didn’t think I’d lose out one the fun. I could have fucked her while she was passed out but I love and respect my wife, I wanted too but didn’t. She came to a few times but was too dried up and I couldn’t get her moist again. She and Chris were more than satisfied that night but not me.

About an hour later she came to, Chris had already left and I had to get her dressed and in the car by myself. The next morning she woke up in a T-shirt, no underwear or bra, I couldn’t find them in the room that night and thought Chris took them as a souvenir. As she lay in bed I asked her if she had fun last night as I examined her tits looking for hickies. She just laid there looking at the ceiling. “I can’t believe we didn’t leave any hicky marks on your tits” I said. She looked at me and asked “what are you talking about”. “Last night from the car and hotel room all the sucking you asked us to do” I said. “Us, What do you mean us?” she said with a puzzled look. “Chris from the party, the one you were flirting with all night, we took Chris back to the hotel room, we took turns, you let him fuck you last night” I told her.

She looked at me in disbelief; it was at that moment I knew she was drugged because she didn’t remember anything and she just stared at me. This one-time sexual goddess who rocked my world last night, the one I love and whom I hoped would add this to our list of great sex nights, forgotten, didn’t remember a thing. As I told her the story she kept getting wetter and wetter but her heart was pounding a mile a minute. She was scared and excited, she hide the excitement but the questions of fear were flying. She said she didn’t believe me than asked how I could let her do something like that. I told her the choice was all hers and that I repeatedly asked her if she wanted to go through with it. She kept getting wetter and her nipples were now rock hard, if she was scared she was also very horny so I rolled on top of her and stuck it in her with ease not to fuck her but to make love to her. I continued to make love to her and asked if I could cum inside her since Chris almost did last night. “What!” She said, stopping me. “You were too close to cumming and you wouldn’t let him stop, you wrapped your legs around him and he had to push off of you” I told her, she asked me to tell her I was kidding, she was getting ready to cry and started shaking so I told her I made the story up.

A month later the underwear and another little gift turned up, apparently it was in the back of the SUV pushed under the passenger seat the whole time. I had to work and my wife had to take our child to the doctors, she asked my mom to go with her and it was planned that my wife would pick her up on the way. My wife cleaned out the SUV that morning, thank God and found one black bra, one pair of black panties and one set of boxers. Can you imagine your mother seeing that in the back of your car? Later that night my wife said to me, “Look what I found. Is this from New Years Eve? My and panties and your underwear, was I that drunk I stripped in the truck?” she said with a smile.

I told her yes and no
“Yes that your underwear and no that’s not my underwear” I said
“Who else’s’ would they be?” She asked. “Hello, Chris’s, the guy from the party. Honey those are boxers, I wear boxer briefs besides look how huge they are I could swim in those”. She looked at the boxers and turned white as a ghost because as she looked at the size she saw Chris’s last name after his C. She looked at me with a how could you face.

“You told me nothing happened, you told me you made the whole thing up, how could you let me do that,” she pleaded. “Honey you didn’t do anything you didn’t want to do.” I said. “You told me nothing happened,” she said again. “You kept begging to go back and get Chris, I got tired of you begging so we went and got him”

“You told me you were kidding, you told me nothing happened,” She said. She sat there starting into air than looking at a calendar; I knew what she was thinking.
“At least your not pregnant” I told her “you had your period 3 weeks ago”
“Are you sure?”  “Yes honey” I know that’s what she was thinking about and trust me so was I.

“Please tell me you made this whole thing up”

I know Chris couldn’t wait for his turn and who could blame him. As she got on top to ride me I fingered her asshole and squeezed and sucked her tits, she started going crazy, and she must have came at least 2 times. The whole time we were fucking she made a lot of noise and I can ensure you anyone walking by or next door knew what was happening in our room. I stood her up and bent her over the dresser and fucked her from behind her face in the mirror was beautiful and I loved seeing her tits sway as I squeezed them. We lost balance and fell backwards on the bed; my dick fell out swinging like a spring. She was so wet juices hit the wall because some of it hit my face. She told me she didn’t know how much more she could take and motioned for Chris to come over. “You want to fuck me now?” she asked with a smile. “I didn’t come yet” I told her but I was put in my place when she said
“I want to fuck Chris now” she said pushing me off as I started to go back inside her. That’s all right, I’ll finish when he’s done I said to myself, or so I thought.

“OK Chris, do you have your condom ready?” I asked. He just stood there smiling at my wife. “Chris, where’s your condoms”? I asked him, he didn’t have one he said; no fucking condoms and he wanted to fuck my wife? My wife than said something I never heard her say, “just pull out”, as she lay on the bed opening her legs. Just pull out? I never had that option. But that night I would when he was done and I thought I’d take advantage of it.

Jen and Roger and Stu and Shirley and others

Jen was a bit annoyed with Roger as she sat with her second cup of coffee. At least she told herself she was annoyed. The thing that sort of irked her most was that she felt she should be irked, but when she looked inside she could find no reason to be. She had always been taught that a man should be able to expect fidelity from his wife, and that expectation should be enough to keep a girl on the straight and narrow.

His bantering remarks at breakfast had at first confused her, bad enough before the first coffee, then upset her. There was quite a lot to life that she had to find out, she was aware of that, and in the half year of wedlock she had adapted, she thought, quite well. She no longer objected to an impromptu romp somewhere other than bed, and at other times than bedtime. She had learned to quite enjoy some of the better porn that Roger had introduced her to. But that she should have an affair, that was a bit much to digest quickly.

Jen knew the characters in the porn flicks were meant to suggest any number of deviant relationships, and that was all right. Its only fiction, right? It doesn’t happen in real life except in deranged imaginations. So when Roger had plugged the DVD in and a new porn film came on, it was OK that Carl and Ivy were there. Nothing could happen between two married couples, could it? The film was not XXX. More like XX, really.

The only niggling little problem with that was, it actually had a plot of sorts, and worse, the plot was plausible. The scenes unfolding could with a bit of imagination happen in a normal life. That thought alone made Jen a bit tense as the film worked its effects its audience. That was troubling to her as well. AS far as she could see, she was the only one whose mind it had crossed that the plot could spill over onto her couch. She had evened determined to fight off Carl with her last shred of virtue should anything off-colour be suggested. When it didn’t happen, she had to admit to herself her mind, if not outright dirty, was at least a bit off-white.

“That was a fun flick, last night”, Roger had remarked , as he put her coffee in front of her. That as the first adjustment she had had to make, letting her man do some of the domestic chores. Making breakfast was a natural. She didn’t wake up well, and he insisted on it, but it rubbed against her training.

“Can you imagine people actually living like that, though? “ ”Maybe not quite as liberal as that, but you might be surprised to know that people actually do live like that. In this town. Probably on this block. It has probably happened in this house, even, and might well happen again”
She searched his face for clues to what if anything he might be getting at. He teased a lot, and her inexperience made her an easy mark. But he had learned when to ease up and not push her over the edge. They both knew he had a lot more life experience than his young bride, and she accepted that she would have to take a bit of coaching to adapt to living without mother around. Hadn’t they fucked on the couch right after Carl and Ivy had left last night? His face lost its teasing look and he laid the bomb on her.

“I want you to clear your mind of everything you have been taught about right and wrong,” Roger said gently, in the voice she had learned to trust as sincere, “ Imagine yourself in the missionary position, all excited and wet. Just like last night. Really hot and juicy. Imagine a cock pushed against your pussy. What would it do?’ She squirmed. She might be a nice girl, but she had an imagination. “It would go in.” “It would go in,” he agreed, “And if by chance ti turned out to be not my cock, but Carl’s, it would still go in. Simple physics.”

She had flushed dark, “But that’s silly. You wouldn’t let Carl do that, and neither would I”, A pregnant pause as Roger watched the emotions play across her face. And then a gasp and start as something nudged her memory. “That’s not what Carl had in mind when he grabbed my knee when the slutty one was getting it on with the metre reader, was it? He wasn’t coming on to me?”
“Just being friendly, I expect. Can’t guarantee it, mind you. Here’s something for you to think about , though. This isn’t a suggestion, or an order, or anything like that.

I just bet you that sometime inside the next say five years you will feel somebody else’s cock in you. It will be with your OK, and it will be good sex, and you will do it more than once.” Roger studied her incredulous face.”A few months ago you thought sex was something you had to do to make babies. Now you know all the tricks how not to have babies, and you like nooky more than any woman I have known. When you think about it, you’re hornier than any of the bimbo’s in that movie. There is no need to rush this, but I just bet that eventually you will be in the situation of thinking you should say no, but not wanting to, and you won’t say no. And afterwards, you will still be my little angel. Your little pussy will still feel just as nice to me. Maybe better, because he might teach you a new trick or two I haven’t even dreamed of.”

So now Jen added more sugar to her coffee and stewed. She had hotly contested the whole idea, of course, but what made it worse, she could feel that she was ‘protesting too loudly’. Roger had cuddled her and calmed her, and left for work, and she was left to sift through the rubble of her mind and sensibilities. She found herself one minute thinking what nonsense it was, then, in the next blink, wondering who it might be. What really bothered her was that she was sure that Roger wasn’t having her on, that he believed what he was telling her, and, so far at least, all he had told her in that tone had come to be. So while she had no desire to fuck the delivery man or anyone else, she was beginning to have doubts that she wouldn’t.

After the dishwasher was loaded and the bed was made, Jen’s mind was a bit calmer. As she cast around for something useful to do next, she decided on a whim to watch the movie of the night before again. This time as it unfolded, she put herself in the place of the actress. What was impressed on her reluctant mind was that the attitudes that some of the cast espoused at least were not that different from her own. The acting was a bit thin, but basically it was,”No, I’m a nice girl, put that thing away. OK, lets fuck”. She thought of Carl’s touch and wondered if he was trying his luck, and wondered if Ivy had noticed..

Her thoughts were short-circuited by the door bell. Jen quickly hit the pause button and went to the front door before it clicked that it was the back door that had chimed. At the back door was a neighbour two doors down with the oversize zuchini every neighbour of a gardener is familiar with. Still, it was a nice gesture, and he was a nice old man who had already won her over with dozens of witty old tales. So he shared the last of the coffee pot with her. She let her mind get away from the recent turmoil, and he basked in the glow of a pretty young lady. It wasn’t till after he left that she thought to shut down the TV and DVD. There still on the screen was the still image of the slutty one being bent over the kitchen table so that the metre reader could enter her from behind. In a panic, Jen checked the sight-lines to where the old gardener had sat. He would have had to crane his neck, but she could not be sure he hadn’t seen the TV.

AS she pondered the possibility, she felt herself getting warm with dread of being caught. Shit!!! Why did this old guy have to be the one that rang the bell? Couldn’t it have been a young, clean cut, grocer boy like in the flicks? Wait a minute, it’s a good thing it was the old man, he’s harmless. Whoa, girl, are you saying if it was the young grocery boy you would have fucked him? Jesus, Roger is right. I’m as slutty as anyone else, maybe more. I probably will fuck some strange guy, maybe lots. Did Roger mean one guy lots or lots of guys once? I think I better go for a run…

The day passed, as days will. It was a month later that the spark was rekindled. The news filtered home that a workmate had found out that his wife had been having an affair. He hadn’t caught her. A nosy neighbour had noticed a man calling in during the day and had stationed himself close enough to the house to detect noises that could only be sexual in nature when they forgot to close the windows. He had tailed Tom until he was able to get him alone, and then gave him a blow by blow of that and other encounters.

Tom had tried to laugh him off, but the busybody was adamant that the right thing be done, and the wife had gone off to visit family. As far as the busybody was concerned, a scarlet lady had got her just rewards and his neighbour owed him a debt of gratitude. Roger was one of the few who got the real story. Tom and his wife had experimented with swapping with another couple. Because the other guy worked shifts, he could only see Laurie in the day. Tom just as often visited Ruth in the evening, often with Laurie in tow. Now tom was taking a sideways promotion to another branch, and Laurie was already living in their new house where he would join her soon. Lesson in discretion.

Days home alone Jen thought of the affair. First in line was the thought that here was a woman who she knew only slightly, but was definitely in her near circle who had fucked at least one man, and that a great many times. Moreover, her marriage had survived. Indeed, it hadn’t even had a back-ward step. The forced move was no more than a caveat to be careful, not a warning to walk the straight path. In idle moments, Jen wondered if the strange man missed Laurie, or if she missed him. She wondered if the couple might make an odd trek to visit the other for a wild weekend. At times like these, Jen would grow quite hot with ..well, she wasn’t sure what she was hot with, but she knew she was hot, and , dammit, she hoped they did get together and have a wonderful time. Often she would remember Roger’s prophesy, and in whimsy at least wonder when her Lothario would charge in.

Carl and Ivy about that time got pregnant. Their new focus on life meant they seldom had time for Roger and Jen, and their place was taken by Stu and Shirley. Stu had been Tom’s replacement, and as such was Rogers immediate superior, but not so as to call him a boss.

Just slightly senior on the same job. Stu was almost forty, double Jen’s age, and more than ten years older than Roger, but he had a young man’s fancy, and a young wife of twenty two. She had been his executive secretary, but he soon decided he would rather have her in a love nest than making coffee for his meetings. The arrangement suited her. Stu was a bit of a dog, and she didn’t mind if people called her a bitch. So she said, anyway. Jen was drawn to them because shirl was so worldly wise and relaxed about the feelings and experiences she had. Shirl was the lady who had lived the day dreams Jen had been having for past few months. As Jen saw how well shirl had survived, she felt less fear and more excitement in her own fantasies.

Stu made her back up a bit. He was a handsome devil, sharp dresser, had courtly manners, and knew all of the above. He gave the impression that a moment’s inattention would leave her helpless against his intentions. Any time they were together she would wonder if this was the time he would press his advantage and fuck her. The fact that the weeks went by without it happening did nothing to ease her mind. By this time, she knew herself well enough to see that she wanted to be fucked, and Stu was the obvious culprit. He seemed more her age every day, and sexier with every complement he paid her. But aside from pats and looks to acknowledge he was aware of how sexy she was making herself, he took no initiative in her seduction. As she fucked Roger after these evenings, she often wondered if Stu knew the seduction had already happened.

Then one night while they were making love, and the juices were just below boiling, and Roger was pumping his love into her, she called him Stu. She didn’t know it at the time, she was too tied up in her own orgasm. She had been studying a book of Tantric sex and was finding ways of getting obscenely high of late, and this was the best yet. So when Roger looked down fondly on her after a long afterglow period and asked her how long she had been fucking Stu, she was confused and stunned.

“Stu hasn’t fucked me. He hasn’t even come on to me. Why do you think we did it?”
“Wishful thinking, I guess. Being called Stu does sort of tell me you having been thinking of it. You could do worse, you know. I can’t see a girl like Shirl sticking with a guy who isn’t pretty good.” “Did I really do that?” Jen’s brain cast about for a reasonable excuse for calling out for Stu, admitted to herself she had been fantasizing and was probably guilty as charged, and found not even a straw to grasp at.

Numbly, she heard Roger chuckle into her hair,”There is nothing wrong with wanting to fuck Stu. Just ask Stu, I’m sure he’ll agree. He thinks every sane woman wants him. Maybe he’s right. You’re one of the sanest women I know.” “I’ve been waiting for him to fuck me. I dress and act sexy, but it just doesn’t happen. .

One minute I’‘m relieved it didn’t happen, the next I wonder what’s the matter with me. Are you sure what you said about me having an affair/” “So Stu has a trigger you haven’t found yet. You will. Remember this is a five year plan. You have lots of time, they won’t be going away any time soon. Now I think You’d better go to sleep and dream naughty dreams.”

It was with a guilty start she heard the back door ring. She scrambled to find her robe as she struggled to think of who it might be. Not the old gardener, he had gout and she hadn’t seen him for weeks. She set the security chain and opened the door a crack. The caller was a young hunk about her own age. He had been called to fix the fence between them and the neighbour and wondered if she would care to inspect the work before he left. He had been paid already, but wanted to be sure the job suited all parties.

Jen’s mind raced as she looked him over. He must have felt something of the heat, as he quickly blushed, and made as if to leave. Jen still hadn’t said anything, but stopped him with a hasty “Wait, please.” She closed the door enough to unhook the chain, and at the same time dropped her robe again. Her mouth was dry, and she could hardly speak, but she knew it had to be done. She opened the door to show the young stud her nubile young body, glad that Roger had talked her into letting him shave her cunt just a couple night ago. It had been for Stu’s benefit, but it was bound to give this guy the right message as well.

As he gaped, she sweetly asked him for his name. “Just your first name. I just need something to call you when I’m cumming. I don’t think you should fuck someone when you don’t even know his name, do you? My name is Jen. Please come in.”

Chad tried to think of anything in the movies or books he had seen that matched this. Porn was pretty outragious in what they asked you to believe, but this vision was definitely for real. She was touching his cheeks now, then her busy hands dropped to rip open his shirt. Buttons popped, a few just opened, but his big muscular chest suddenly had her sweet tits pressed against it and her tongue was in his mouth as if to chock out any objections he might have. Chad had no objections.

This was new to him, but he knew girls and what to do to them. Guys like him generally do. By the time Jen had decided it was time to move on to phase three, he had taken charge. He ordered her to undress him, which she meekly did, glad to give over the responsibility. He was taken by surprise, but his charger was rapidly coming to attention, in fact was to full pride by the time his jeans were kicked free.

“How exactly do you want it?” He looked closely at her as he asked, and suddenly saw a very unsure and scored little seductress..
“Have you ever done this before?”

Jen looked up at him pleadingly. “No, I haven’t. But I want to do it now. I don’t care how you do it, just fuck me nicely and gently.” She glanced down at the stallion and some boldness returned. This young stud was going to come through just fine. “I think we had better go to the bedroom.”
She led Chad by the hand. She had a giddy thought that it might be fun to lead him by his cock, but knew nothing of what might turn him off. This way was working just fine. The bed was still unmade. She had come up to make it, but had piled back in and masturbated, then, finding that unsatisfactory, had left the rumpled mess.

Now she cared less. It saved the time and effort in throwing anything back. Chad scooped her up and gently placed her on the bed. She marvelled that anyone that strong could be so gentle. Jen curled herself down into the softness of the bed and smiled sweetly up at Chad. She felt so safe now, so secure in what she was doing and wanting. She let him take her in with his eyes as he stood beside the bed. He seemed in thought about how to proceed, how to give this vision the sport that she wanted.

“I want you to pin me down, open my legs, and just fuck me. I need to be fucked. Next time we can play more. I don’t want to go slow and let anything get in our way. Give me that cock.”

Chad seemed to have gotten over his wonder at his good fortune. This in fact had happened before, but it was a forty something, slightly over weight girl and, while he was open to new experience, it wasn’t like this. He hadn’t fucked a cheerleader more tempting and sexy than this. Maybe she was right in making sure the moment wasn’t lost. He quickly lowered himself between her legs and let her guide his cock to her pouting lips. As she rubbed him over her vulva her breathing went ragged and as he entered she couldn’t stop a yelp of pleasure. She heard herself and quickly stifled herself with his lips, remembering Tom’s misadventure.

Then wave after wave of forbidden pleasure and tingle and tickle swept and wracked and caressed her body, seeming to have no end. Chad had cummed, but showed no sign of slowing down, maybe even building up for a second one. Jen was vaguely aware she might be a bit sore later. Her sex last night had been great, but she wondered about having anything left for Roger tonight, and resolved she would make the effort. He was, after all, the author of this epic.

Chad sensed that her wad was blown. He slowed his tempo to just the occasional twitch, just to remind her he was still there and available. “I hate to say this, but I don’t have a bunch of time. If I go now, will you be too pissed off to let me come back?” There seemed to be genuine concern in his voice.

“Will you come back?”, Jen heard herself whisper. She was mixed between euphoric languor and proud excitement. She wanted to tell Roger, didn’t have a clue how to do that. If she were a rooster, she would have crowed. Now to have this stud wanting an invitation back. A really good sort of morning.
“Will you come back?”, she repeated, beaming up into his eyes. He nodded.
‘I can give you a business card that will get me here quick anytime there isn’t practice or class”. With that they were walking back down the hall, back to the kitchen where he reclaimed his jeans and she her robe.
“Great looking fence, by the way,” “I hope you find something else for me fast.” And with that he was gone.

“You look different tonight, but I can’t place it.” Roger broke into her reverie. Jen started guiltily. What was different? She had stripped again that afternoon and look at herself in the full length mirror and had been reassured to see no change at all. Roger had been right. She still had a knock-out body, a warm, juicy little pussy. The wild fling with Chad had not damaged her in any way. Still, Roger had seen a difference. She had been dying to tell him, but didn’t know how. The best time, at the first opportunity, had passed, and each chance that had been missed since had made it harder. Holding out was worse than the crime.

“I don’t know what it might be,” she tried to sound casual, knew she didn’t, and knew it was time. “Does it look like I got fucked today?”
She looked at him pleadingly, begging him not to be angry or hurt. She wanted to blurt out that it was his fault for planting these ideas in her head, He should have kept a tighter rein on her. Then he was holding her and it was all right. He was chiding her tears, suddenly worried that she had been hurt, laughing when he found out the reason for her tears, and then they were laughing together.

“So that dog Stu came over today and took advantage of my innocent little angel.” Roger chuckled into her hair. “I knew he would get you someday, but I thought it would …”

“It wasn’t Stu”, Jen interrupted. She looked up at Roger with a nervous smirk…”You know the football player you hired to fix the fence?”
“You scored with Chad Pennington? WOW!! Half the girls in school are after him. Hell, half have probably caught him. He just got a scholarship in a big ten university, and this was his last part time job. Its in the papers today.”

Roger held her at arms length and gazed at her admiringly. He tried to imagine the meeting of the beautiful young bodies, the passions that must have passed between them in those moments, and found himself immersed in his own passion. .It seemed like a fast forward movie, but they were in bed, the same bed, and they had been sated for the moment. Jen had not been sore, she was just very much in love, fuelled by overwhelming relief. Everything was all right. Her man still loved her. “So Stu lost out.” Roger mused, “I wonder if he’ll ever know how close he came.” Jen bit her lip as she worked up the courage to say what had been working on her mind. This time she failed.

Stu looked at Jen oddly the following week. He too could see a change in her, and found it strangely exciting. The vulnerable little girl needing protection seemed more like the hot young vixen needing hot cock.
“What world problems should we solve tonight? In the field of scientific sex, sociological sex, psycho sex, animal sex, political sex, name it.”
“I like scientific sex. Science is based on observation, and sex is fun to watch and to do.”

“Interesting insight”, Stu drawled, “Is there an area of study you had in mind?” “Do you think,” Jen leaned toward Stu and touched his arm, “that if Roger put his cock in Shirl’s cunt it would feel different to him? And would his cock feel different to her? This is science, so get that grin off your face. These are serious questions that need answers. You might fondle my breast while you think about them. Would your tongue on my clit give me a different tickle than Roger’s does? After Shirley, would your Cock even get hard for me, or are you too spoiled? Have you ever wondered if my cunt is shaved? What would be the best way to find out? By sight or feel? Are you tactile or visual? I see I have an answer about your cock getting up. I really think a guy with an erection tickling my nipples should kiss me.”

Stu, after a moment of bemusement, silenced her with a kiss. “I think,’ he said hoarsely,” that it might be hard, once we get started, to do any comparisons. Can we just take notes? You know, it crossed my mind it might be fun to shave you. I never thought you might already be smooth. So am I. Do you think we might stick together?” He glanced at Shirl who was sucking Roger’s boner. “Its nice to see the children getting along, isn’t it? May I taste your clit?”

After much research, it seemed that the questions posed would need much more probing, but there was no hurry for that. In her sleepy languor, Jen was happy in the knowledge that she was a big girl now. She had ideas about getting Chad over with a young cheerleader to give Roger a special treat. It seemed like a tall order, but she felt she could do anything now. Chad had been back, and it was he who asked about an evening assignation if he brought a girl for Roger. She would be young, almost jailbait, but no girl who Chad knew was a virgin. At the thought, her cunt twitched, and Stu’s semi hard cock jerked in response. She was on top, and the cum that had found its way out was threatening to indeed stick them together. Roger was again fucking Shirl, this time doggie, and she watched as his cock slid glistening out, paused for a moment with her lips clinging to it, then seeming to be pulled back in by her labia. The young cheerleader was in for a treat too.

Stu and Shirl slept over. It seemed pointless to get dressed and drive four blocks. As sleep closed in, Jen told Stu about Chad and her. “Tell me, Stuart”, she mumbled into his neck, “Do you feel as if you have missed out?”

It was with a guilty start she heard the back door ring. She scrambled to find her robe as she struggled to think of who it might be. Not the old gardener, he had gout and she hadn’t seen him for weeks. She set the security chain and opened the door a crack. The caller was a young hunk about her own age. He had been called to fix the fence between them and the neighbour and wondered if she would care to inspect the work before he left. He had been paid already, but wanted to be sure the job suited all parties.

Jen’s mind raced as she looked him over. He must have felt something of the heat, as he quickly blushed, and made as if to leave. Jen still hadn’t said anything, but stopped him with a hasty “Wait, please.” She closed the door enough to unhook the chain, and at the same time dropped her robe again. Her mouth was dry, and she could hardly speak, but she knew it had to be done. She opened the door to show the young stud her nubile young body, glad that Roger had talked her into letting him shave her cunt just a couple night ago. It had been for Stu’s benefit, but it was bound to give this guy the right message as well.

As he gaped, she sweetly asked him for his name. “Just your first name. I just need something to call you when I’m cumming. I don’t think you should fuck someone when you don’t even know his name, do you? My name is Jen. Please come in.”

Chad tried to think of anything in the movies or books he had seen that matched this. Porn was pretty outragious in what they asked you to believe, but this vision was definitely for real. She was touching his cheeks now, then her busy hands dropped to rip open his shirt. Buttons popped, a few just opened, but his big muscular chest suddenly had her sweet tits pressed against it and her tongue was in his mouth as if to chock out any objections he might have. Chad had no objections.

This was new to him, but he knew girls and what to do to them. Guys like him generally do. By the time Jen had decided it was time to move on to phase three, he had taken charge. He ordered her to undress him, which she meekly did, glad to give over the responsibility. He was taken by surprise, but his charger was rapidly coming to attention, in fact was to full pride by the time his jeans were kicked free.

“How exactly do you want it?” He looked closely at her as he asked, and suddenly saw a very unsure and scored little seductress..
“Have you ever done this before?”

Jen looked up at him pleadingly. “No, I haven’t. But I want to do it now. I don’t care how you do it, just fuck me nicely and gently.” She glanced down at the stallion and some boldness returned. This young stud was going to come through just fine. “I think we had better go to the bedroom.”
She led Chad by the hand. She had a giddy thought that it might be fun to lead him by his cock, but knew nothing of what might turn him off. This way was working just fine. The bed was still unmade. She had come up to make it, but had piled back in and masturbated, then, finding that unsatisfactory, had left the rumpled mess.

Now she cared less. It saved the time and effort in throwing anything back. Chad scooped her up and gently placed her on the bed. She marvelled that anyone that strong could be so gentle. Jen curled herself down into the softness of the bed and smiled sweetly up at Chad. She felt so safe now, so secure in what she was doing and wanting. She let him take her in with his eyes as he stood beside the bed. He seemed in thought about how to proceed, how to give this vision the sport that she wanted.

“I want you to pin me down, open my legs, and just fuck me. I need to be fucked. Next time we can play more. I don’t want to go slow and let anything get in our way. Give me that cock.”

Chad seemed to have gotten over his wonder at his good fortune. This in fact had happened before, but it was a forty something, slightly over weight girl and, while he was open to new experience, it wasn’t like this. He hadn’t fucked a cheerleader more tempting and sexy than this. Maybe she was right in making sure the moment wasn’t lost. He quickly lowered himself between her legs and let her guide his cock to her pouting lips. As she rubbed him over her vulva her breathing went ragged and as he entered she couldn’t stop a yelp of pleasure. She heard herself and quickly stifled herself with his lips, remembering Tom’s misadventure.

Then wave after wave of forbidden pleasure and tingle and tickle swept and wracked and caressed her body, seeming to have no end. Chad had cummed, but showed no sign of slowing down, maybe even building up for a second one. Jen was vaguely aware she might be a bit sore later. Her sex last night had been great, but she wondered about having anything left for Roger tonight, and resolved she would make the effort. He was, after all, the author of this epic.

Chad sensed that her wad was blown. He slowed his tempo to just the occasional twitch, just to remind her he was still there and available. “I hate to say this, but I don’t have a bunch of time. If I go now, will you be too pissed off to let me come back?” There seemed to be genuine concern in his voice.

“Will you come back?”, Jen heard herself whisper. She was mixed between euphoric languor and proud excitement. She wanted to tell Roger, didn’t have a clue how to do that. If she were a rooster, she would have crowed. Now to have this stud wanting an invitation back. A really good sort of morning.
“Will you come back?”, she repeated, beaming up into his eyes. He nodded.
‘I can give you a business card that will get me here quick anytime there isn’t practice or class”. With that they were walking back down the hall, back to the kitchen where he reclaimed his jeans and she her robe.
“Great looking fence, by the way,” “I hope you find something else for me fast.” And with that he was gone.

“You look different tonight, but I can’t place it.” Roger broke into her reverie. Jen started guiltily. What was different? She had stripped again that afternoon and look at herself in the full length mirror and had been reassured to see no change at all. Roger had been right. She still had a knock-out body, a warm, juicy little pussy. The wild fling with Chad had not damaged her in any way. Still, Roger had seen a difference. She had been dying to tell him, but didn’t know how. The best time, at the first opportunity, had passed, and each chance that had been missed since had made it harder. Holding out was worse than the crime.

“I don’t know what it might be,” she tried to sound casual, knew she didn’t, and knew it was time. “Does it look like I got fucked today?”
She looked at him pleadingly, begging him not to be angry or hurt. She wanted to blurt out that it was his fault for planting these ideas in her head, He should have kept a tighter rein on her. Then he was holding her and it was all right. He was chiding her tears, suddenly worried that she had been hurt, laughing when he found out the reason for her tears, and then they were laughing together.

“So that dog Stu came over today and took advantage of my innocent little angel.” Roger chuckled into her hair. “I knew he would get you someday, but I thought it would …”

“It wasn’t Stu”, Jen interrupted. She looked up at Roger with a nervous smirk…”You know the football player you hired to fix the fence?”
“You scored with Chad Pennington? WOW!! Half the girls in school are after him. Hell, half have probably caught him. He just got a scholarship in a big ten university, and this was his last part time job. Its in the papers today.”

Roger held her at arms length and gazed at her admiringly. He tried to imagine the meeting of the beautiful young bodies, the passions that must have passed between them in those moments, and found himself immersed in his own passion. .It seemed like a fast forward movie, but they were in bed, the same bed, and they had been sated for the moment. Jen had not been sore, she was just very much in love, fuelled by overwhelming relief. Everything was all right. Her man still loved her. “So Stu lost out.” Roger mused, “I wonder if he’ll ever know how close he came.” Jen bit her lip as she worked up the courage to say what had been working on her mind. This time she failed.

Stu looked at Jen oddly the following week. He too could see a change in her, and found it strangely exciting. The vulnerable little girl needing protection seemed more like the hot young vixen needing hot cock.
“What world problems should we solve tonight? In the field of scientific sex, sociological sex, psycho sex, animal sex, political sex, name it.”
“I like scientific sex. Science is based on observation, and sex is fun to watch and to do.”

“Interesting insight”, Stu drawled, “Is there an area of study you had in mind?” “Do you think,” Jen leaned toward Stu and touched his arm, “that if Roger put his cock in Shirl’s cunt it would feel different to him? And would his cock feel different to her? This is science, so get that grin off your face. These are serious questions that need answers. You might fondle my breast while you think about them. Would your tongue on my clit give me a different tickle than Roger’s does? After Shirley, would your Cock even get hard for me, or are you too spoiled? Have you ever wondered if my cunt is shaved? What would be the best way to find out? By sight or feel? Are you tactile or visual? I see I have an answer about your cock getting up. I really think a guy with an erection tickling my nipples should kiss me.”

Stu, after a moment of bemusement, silenced her with a kiss. “I think,’ he said hoarsely,” that it might be hard, once we get started, to do any comparisons. Can we just take notes? You know, it crossed my mind it might be fun to shave you. I never thought you might already be smooth. So am I. Do you think we might stick together?” He glanced at Shirl who was sucking Roger’s boner. “Its nice to see the children getting along, isn’t it? May I taste your clit?”

After much research, it seemed that the questions posed would need much more probing, but there was no hurry for that. In her sleepy languor, Jen was happy in the knowledge that she was a big girl now. She had ideas about getting Chad over with a young cheerleader to give Roger a special treat. It seemed like a tall order, but she felt she could do anything now. Chad had been back, and it was he who asked about an evening assignation if he brought a girl for Roger. She would be young, almost jailbait, but no girl who Chad knew was a virgin. At the thought, her cunt twitched, and Stu’s semi hard cock jerked in response. She was on top, and the cum that had found its way out was threatening to indeed stick them together. Roger was again fucking Shirl, this time doggie, and she watched as his cock slid glistening out, paused for a moment with her lips clinging to it, then seeming to be pulled back in by her labia. The young cheerleader was in for a treat too.

Stu and Shirl slept over. It seemed pointless to get dressed and drive four blocks. As sleep closed in, Jen told Stu about Chad and her. “Tell me, Stuart”, she mumbled into his neck, “Do you feel as if you have missed out?”

My Wonderful Sex Life

A neighbor with a son in college on an athletic scholarship was passing out flyers advertizing a lawn service her son was going to run when he came home for summer break because he could not find a full time summer job. I hired him and he showed the first day wearing grey cotton shorts and a black sleeveless tee top and he was built like the proverbial shit house, six feet three and two hundred and forty five pounds, nineteen years old and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

I guess this is a good time to tell you about me, I’m 31 years old, five nine tall, 36C chest and a 24 inch waist with long red hair and green eyes and I love sex with either sex. I met my husband in college and he is from a very wealthy family and we married after I graduated and he was working in the family business. He was not a real sexual person and I used to try everything to get him in bed but it just didn’t happen nearly often enough for me so he and I had a deal, I could fuck all the females I wanted but not any males. It worked out quite well for me as I was and am into butch dykes and they would stay for a few days at a time and it didn’t bother my husband to walk in and see them fucking me, actually he enjoyed seeing them spank me and use me.

It went on for six years and then one night I was on the prowl for a new dyke and met a couple and she asked if my tits were real and wanted to see them so her and I went into the ladies into a booth and I showed her my tits. She loved my tits, she held them, squeezed them and sucked them and told me her husband had a nine inch dick and would I be interested in a threesome and not having a real cock for a while I said yes. She lifted my skirt and saw my panties and told me to bend over which I did and she pulled the panties down over my ass and spanked me for wear them, she said she didn’t like her pussy wearing panties and had me take them off. We walked back to her husband with her hand up my skirt holding my ass and she said to her husband, she’s our cunt now so lets go to the motel and fuck her and we went to the closest motel.

Her husband did indeed have a nine inch dick and after they had me strip for them she made me get on my knees and suck his big cock and I was in heaven and then the wife was naked on the bed and she said come here cunt. I got on the bed between her legs and started eating her when he got behind me and put the head of his cock in my pussy. I was so turned on by having not only a real cock but one this big but he stopped with just the head in me and I started to move back to get more and she said, ask him nice to fuck you cunt.

I asked him to please fuck me and said I will do anything if he fucks me and with that he rammed it home and I came while eating her pussy and making animal noises. She ran the show and I sucked his cock while she played with me, she had him fuck my tits and cum on my face and she licked the cum off my face. I did a 69 with her and she stood on the bed with me on my knees eating her while she told me I was a dirty little whore only good for fucking which makes my blood boil and when she asked if my husband knows I am dirty cock sucking cunt I came .

She put me over her knee and spanked me, I had love bites on both tits and both ass cheeks and she had pissed on me not that I am complaining and when we left I had to walk to the car naked. They drove me home and she took my number and then I blew him and ate her and again had to walk naked into the house but it was late and my husband was sleeping as were the neighbors. She told me I would get my clothes back the next time we met which was to in three days at the same motel in the morning and they kept me there all day fucking me and it was heaven. I was meeting the very third day at the motel and after a few weeks there was another couple with them and they all fucked me and I loved having a cock in my ass and pussy or mouth and pussy at the same time.

After a few more weeks the wife told she had a big surprise for me the next time we would meet and when I showed up at the motel the other couple was there plus a black guy and all were naked. It took about ten seconds for them to take my clothes off and I had a cock in my ass, pussy and mouth all at once and I was in heaven sucking my first black cock.

A few weeks after that my husband had to be away for what was supposed to be four days and instead of going to the motel I had my fuck buddies come stay at the house. The third day I had the black cock in my mouth, a cock in my ass and pussy and my tits being sucked on by the girls and my husband walked in on us and I kept sucking and fucking as I knew it was over anyway. Now me being with a black man was a huge embarrassment to the family, especially since there were pictures of me sucking and fucking that cock so to get the pictures I got the house and an eight thousand dollar a month alimony payment. I fucked those people a few more times and then met a bull dyke who kept me prisoner for about a month in my house and the sex was awesome and since I have had a run of dykes but seeing this young man had my juices flowing. He was busy cutting the grass and had taken his shirt off and was sweating so the cotton shorts were wet and plastered to his cock and I knew I was going to fuck him or die trying.

I called to him and told him to come into the kitchen to get a drink and cook off and he did and I couldn’t take my eyes off the bulge in his shorts and I walked over to him and grabbed his cock. I looked him in the eyes and said, is this for me and he got hard as a rock. I just couldn’t help myself and I pulled his shorts down and was in awe, his cock I found out measured eleven inches and I took hold of it in both hands and kissed it. Now the silky smooth feeling of his big hard cock was making my pussy juice run like a river and I had to take that monster in my mouth and was sucking while using my hands to jerk it off and he grabbed my head and said, I’m gonna cum baby. With that I started swallowing so when he came I would already be swallowing and when he came there was so much cum, like a big dog cumming that I was barely able to swallow it all.

When I stood up I started to ask if he liked it and he told me to get naked and that was the last time I wore clothes in the house with him here, I would greet him naked or get spanked. One sucked cock later there was no question I was now this nineteen year olds as he puts it, fuck meat, he and his big cock own me. He had me pose for him naked of course and then he carried me up to what is now our bed and when he spread my legs and told me to put his cock in my cunt I was shaking from the excitement and when he buried that monster in my pussy I moaned so loud I think I was heard outside and I came.

That sweet cock filled my pussy so much I thought it would split me open but at the same time it felt so fucking good and he pinned my legs back and pounded me and I had never experienced a fuck as good as he was giving me and he has staying power. When he was finished fucking me I had cum seven or eight times and I had my legs wrapped around him so he couldn’t get off of me and we kissed and talked while he got soft.

That was when he told me I was never to wear clothes in the house again and to let my pussy hair grow as he likes a hairy cunt and his wish is my command. After a short break he put me doggy at the end of the bed while he stood on the floor and he slowly pushed his cock into my pussy and I couldn’t wait and pushed back onto that beast and he smacked my ass and said, so you want to fuck. He pounded me so hard when we were finished my ass was cherry red but I had lost count of how many times he made me cum but I never so satisfied. I made us lunch but he said he always wanted a blow job while eating so I got under that table and sucked his cock while listening to him and playing with myself and I came and there was a puddle of my cum and he made me lick it up. I knew for sure I was now owned by this hot teenager with the big big cock and I was a happy whore.

He was coming over every day after he finished cutting the lawns and I would wash him in the shower, suck his cock in the shower and then he would carry me to bed and fuck my brains out. The second weekend his parents had gone to the shore and he stayed over and that was a weekend to remember as he woke up with a hard on and I loved going to sleep pressed against him with his cock in my pussy. That first Saturday morning he woke me at seven thirty with his hard on and we never got out of bed until almost ten thirty and my legs were wobbly from the fucking I had just undergone, it was awesome. He told me that he was going to move in with me until he had to leave for school and his mom came down to see me to tell me what his favorite foods are and to tell me that her son was sixteen when he started fucking two of her friends and they used to have threesomes .

When she said that the light went off and it came to me I could eat pussy while he fucked me so I talked to a friend and she agreed to do a threesome with us and when he came home that afternoon there she and I were, naked with wet pussies as we did stroke each other. He took a good look at her and said, for me and I said yes but we shower you first and in the shower she couldn’t resist his cock either and she sucked it while I ate her and she finger fucked me, best shower ever.

I told him how much I love to eat a pussy while being fucked so I got between her legs and he fucked me and I was so turned on the only thing I can remember is I didn’t want it to end. After he fucked me he spread her legs and she moaned like a porn star when he buried his cock in her pussy and even louder every time she came. He loved having two hot cunts at his disposal so my friend moved in for the duration and she let her pussy hair grow and when we went out no matter shopping or dinner she and I were only allowed to wear a tee dress with nothing else except sandals as he loved to touch our pussies. He also loved to watch her and I get it on, he would sit on the bed touching us as we fucked each other and after a while he would put one of us on top of the other and go back and forth fucking us both while she and I kissed.

The with a week left before he had to leave this girl from his college showed up to drive back with him and we quickly put robes on and let her in to wait for him. When he came in she kissed him, told him he needed a shower and asked if he was fucking the two cougars and when he said yes she said, stand up whores and take your robes off and we did. Then she had us undress her and while I was eating her pussy my friend was working on the bitches tits and I have to say her pussy was very tasty and I made her cum for me a few times.

Wedding games

It happened several years ago, but it is still nice to think about it.

My friend was getting married. He had just moved to town and didn’t have many friends here. Paul (that was his name) asked me to be his best man. We were 22-23 years old that time. The ceremony was supposed to be held on Friday. Thursday was marked as a day of wild and crazy bachelor party. The next day the head was dizzy, and hands were trembling. Fizz brought us to life. When it was time to go to church everyone was ok, merry and a bit drunk. When the guys were already just married we took several cars and decided to ride around before the party began. We took pics, drank more fizz, and did stuff like that.

During one of the stops Paul took Rebecca (the bride) in his arms. I can’t say for the rest, but as for me, I really liked white panties and stockings with garter she had on. I must say Rebecca had always been very pretty, that day she was gorgeous. White dress exposed her beautiful cleavage, long slim legs were seen in the dress’s slit. All of the guys were envious of Paul. Rebecca had never been too timid and always wore something provoking. Paul wasn’t her first man, you know.

We arrived in the house for the party. The atmosphere was great, it was cheerful, merry, we all drank to the bride and the groom, we danced, then drank again, then danced…

I went out to smoke and breathe some fresh air.

-Give me a cigarette. – I heard Rebecca’s voice behind me.

-I didn’t know you smoke, – I grinned and handed her a pack.

We decided to walk around the garden. The weather was great, and we both seemed to be tired of stuffy heat of the house. There was a bench in the garden, so we decided to sit there for a while and discuss the wedding. A stranger could easily take us for a groom and a bride. Rebecca was wearing white, I was wearing a black suit.

-Wow, it is a bride! That’s very nice! – Five guys were passing the garden by. They were probably going to a pub (or maybe from the pub). There were heavily drunk.

-So, groom, are you gonna give her to us, or what? – Asked one of them, he was an ugly shorty.

-Guys, I don’t need troubles, ok. So leave us along.

I tried my best not to begin fighting. I wasn’t that strong as Paul or Mike (another friend of ours) who used to go into karate (exactly that time they were getting ready for the competition). Anyway, I wasn’t a wimp either, and when I was younger I went boxing and kickboxing.

I stood up and stepped forward closing Rebecca with my body. Hardly could I put out a cigarette when the shorty tried to hit me on the jaw. It was unexpected for me, but anyway I managed to turn the head aside. He touched me, though. I felt my lip crack, bleeding. I tasted its salt in my mouth. Rebecca shrieked and ran to the house. One of the guys ran after her, but I tripped him up, and he fell down on the path.

In realizing that negotiations were useless, I hit the shorty on the jaw. He fell on the ground. The rest of the gang drew nearer to me. I saw one of them had a knife. The other one came from the left, the one with the knife – from the right. I clearly realized I couldn’t handle all of them by myself. So I made up my mind to get rid of the knife-guy first. I grasped his hand and squatted awaiting a hit from the left. There was none. I raised my head and saw Paul. The attacker found himself deep in the nearest bushes. “Just in time,” I thought and pulled the hand that was still holding the knife. Mike ran up to us that moment.

It was not a fight, it was assault and battery of unexpected guests. They stood no chances against three of us. It all lasted no longer that a minute, and bridesmaids had to pull us away from the guys writhing with pain on the ground.

-Dammit, they spoiled my shirt, – I said when we were back in the house.

There were blood spots on my shirt, my lips were still bleeding. In addition, I noticed my jacket tore along the seam under my armpit. Fine, the party sucks. I was going home.

-You’re not going anywhere, – Rebecca cried pulling down the jacket, – we’ll get it right in no time.

She pulled me to the wardrobe. The rest of the guests went back to the hall, the party continued. It was dark in the room. Rebecca found her bag and took out white threat and a needle.

-I only have the white one. I was going to a wedding, not to a fight. – She whispered.

-It is more fun this way! – I tried to make her smile.

-I’ll remember that, – she said sitting on the chair. I saw her sew my jacket with her petite hands, – Ready. Turn around.

She gave me the jacket and helped to put it on. Then she suddenly squeezed me tight cupping my body with her hands.

-Thank you.

-For what?

-You defended me, though you could give me to them.

-Are you crazy? Give you to those bastards?

Rebecca turned me round and kissed me on the lips. She kissed passionately. It was very good. Her tongue got into my mouth and found mine. She tried to unzip my trousers.

-Rebecca, stop it. – I whispered trying to pull her aside.

I didn’t plan to fuck somebody else’s bride at the party! My intentions didn’t seem to stop her at all. She unzipped my pants and took out the dick.

-I’m so grateful to you, – she said getting on her knees.

She sucked my cock. She sucked it licking the balls. My pecker began to harden and soon was as hard as a rock. She knew how to suck. Now she swallowed it in full, then pinched the head with her tip tongue. She was hot. I could hear her moan. I was about to cum into her mouth.

-What are you doing here? – That was Paul.

That was totally not the way I planned. First the fight with those assholes, now with Paul…

-I wanna thank James. He saved me, – Rebecca replied.

-I also saved you, – he made a step forward, – thank me too.

Saying this he unzipped his fly and took out his prick. Rebecca sucked into it lustfully. So she turned out to be sucking our penises in turn.

Paul told her to get up and turned her to face her back. He bent her raising the fluffy white skirt. Rebecca got back to my dick when Paul pulled down her panties.

-So, you are grateful to us?! – He said entering her tight pussy with one thrust. She began moaning and sucking my penis with greater desire. When he had enough of her snatch, he turned her round and came in her mouth. Rebecca smiled and gave me her twat.

-What are you waiting for? – She asked me.

I entered her fucked cunt slowly but at full length till I felt her womb. Rebecca was swaying her ass, moaning louder and louder. We came together, I felt her body tremble. She sat down on the chair, raised her skirt in order for it not to get spotted. Paul took out a handkerchief and gave it to his wife.

-Wipe yourself and get dressed. We are off to the guests.

He went to the hall, I went out to smoke.

-Here you are.

I saw Melissa, a bridesmaid, standing behind me.

-I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Do you know that a bridesmaid is the first to choose a man among guests? – She asked coming up to me.

Melissa was a tall brunet with amazing bobs that couldn’t be hidden under a short tight red dress.

-Whom have you chosen?

Instead of answering she kissed me. Though she was drunk, she smelled another woman’s scent.

-Whom have you fucked? – She asked looking at me flirtatiously.

-Why should you care? – I said impudently, took her by the arm and went to that wardrobe room.

It became even darker there. We kissed. I raised her dress up by hooking the edge of it with my hand. In a moment she was naked. She had no bra on, and her tight breasts pressed against me. My hand slid into her panties and reached the cunt. She was all wet. I was aroused too.

-You won’t need them anymore, – I whispered in her ear tearing the panties apart and putting them in my pocket.

Melissa took off my jacket, unbuttoned the shirt, kissing my neck, chest, getting lower. There was a chair in the corner, I sat on it, while she was unzipping my fly. She sucked into the cock.

-I’m definitely not the first today, – she said in a frisky voice, licking my testicles zealously, – Who is that luck one?

-Guess – it was Rebecca’s voice from the other corner of the room.

-You’re still here?

-Yes. I wanna join you. I’m still leaking.

Rebecca appeared somewhat from the darkness.

-Sit down, – I told her.

She did, raising her skirt. She had no panties. I told Melissa get on her knees and pushed her face into Rebecca’s pubis.

-Help your friend.

Melissa started licking Rebecca’s pussy. The bride was surprised, she threw back her head, moaning. I entered Melissa’s twat and rammed her the best way I could. She bucked and moaned. When I was cumming I took out the dick and came on her back.

-I haven’t come yet – she said plaintively.

-I’m gonna help you. – It was Mike’s voice.

Turned out he’d been watching us, frigging and waiting for his turn. I let him take my place, picked my things and went to the hall.

-Where’ve you been? – Paul asked me.

I was exhausted and could only point at the wardrobe room. Paul winked at me and joined the threesome there. They all returned in about 20 minutes. They seemed to be tired but happy. Rebecca came up to me and whispered:

-Hear, you collect lingerie…

I felt her put something in my pocket. I took it out. It was a piece of white fabric. It was her panties that I liked during our walk earlier that day. It was a great souvenir from a wedding!

Guests began to leave at about midnight.

-Will you see me home? – asked red-haired Ally touching me with her tits.

-With pleasure.

-I can promise you pleasure, – she whispered.

Mike and Melissa left together. They got married in about a year.

Black and white 2

The limo eased it’s way through the traffic, keeping its three passengers oblivious to the outside world. Sitting between Steffi and Edward Colter, Dani made whimpering sounds and mumbling pleas not to make her go. A sharp reprimand by Edward only made Dani quiet down for a few minutes, and soon she was again begging the Colters not to take her to the hotel. Exasperated, Edward admonished his wife, “Christ, Steffi, make her shut up will you, feed her if you have to, but make her quiet down, she’s driving me nuts!” Steffi ignored her husband’s sarcasm, opened up her blouse, unhooked her bra, and gently had Dani suckle on her full breast.

She comforted Dani and brushed her face, knowing that breast feeding the young woman was the best way to calm her down as she was very oral, whether it be sucking on a nipple, or sucking the cum out of a large penis. Dani had been living with the Colters for almost six months being their sexual plaything and as she was a total submissive, and the Colters being dominants, it satisfied her natural urge to be told what to do and when to do it.

Most evenings were spent playing all sorts of sex games, with Dani doing the bidding of her two masters. Each night when the games were over, Dani would share their king size bed, usually going to sleep with Steffi Colter’s nipple in her mouth. That was the one thing that would instantly calm her down, having Steffi’s large full nipple to suck on. Today, Dani was particularly upset, because her masters were taking her to a down town hotel to have a session with another dominant.

Ordinarily this would have excited Dani, but this was different, the man they were going to meet was named Sir Midian, a well known dominate throughout the s&m scene. He was a huge black man, known for his unquenchable sexual appetite for young white girls. Dani was terrified at the thought of being taken and used by the black giant as she had heard stories of how his huge organ had ripped more than one helpless girl to shreds. She couldn’t believe that her own masters were going to allow her to be abused and possibly injured in such way, and while she had always obeyed them without question, this might be too much even for an obedient submissive like Dani!

The trip up the elevator to the thirtieth floor was made with little or no conversation, but when they were finally in front of room 3033, Edward looked at Dani and said, “Don’t embarrass us today, do as you are told or you will be severely punished, do you understand me!?!” Dani lowered her eyes and replied softly, “Yes sir, I will obey my master at all times.” A hard rap on the door, and a few seconds later they were being ushered into the room by a kimono clad Japanese girl.

Sitting over in a stuffed easy chair was a powerful looking black man dressed in a pure white silk suit and a mauve colored shirt. His head was shaved smooth, and when rose to meet his guests he towered over them, being at least six inches taller than Edward. The two men shook hands and the black man offered, “This must be Dani, she is even better than you described her to me, Sir Edward!!!” “Thank you, Sir Midian,” Edward replied, “she is a well trained little bitch, I think you will find her perfectly acceptable for you needs!” Sir Midian walked around Dani, checking her out from every angle, until he stopped and ordered, “Off with your clothes girl, and be sharp about it!!!” While not showing it outwardly, Dani nervously removed her clothing until she was standing nude in the middle of the hotel suite.

Although she was eighteen, being only 95 pounds and five feet tall she could have passed for a fourteen year old, and in keeping with her young appearance, the Colters kept he pubic area shaved smooth so her vaginal lips had the look of someone much younger. The only give away was that they were much fuller and puffier than a younger girl, and while her breasts were small, only an A- cup, she had no reason to wear a bra. This coupled with her small stature and the little girl clothes she was made to wear, made Dani look the part of a young teenage girl.

The Japanese girl showed Edward and Steffi to their seats and offered them drinks, and after they were comfortable, she came over and began assisting Sir Midian remove his clothing. When he removed his underwear, even Steffi made an audible gasp! Sir Midian had the largest penis she had ever seen in her life! Hanging down between his well muscled legs, it had the head the size of a tennis ball, and a huge nut sack to match! “Come here girl,” he ordered Dani, while standing with his hands on his hips. Dani quickly knelt in front of him, still not lifting her eyes from the floor. Reaching down, he lifted her chin until she was face to face with his cock, and even though she was terrified, the mere sight of his genitals made Dani’s pussy flood with juice. “Do me child”, was all he said, and Dani took the velvety head into her mouth.

She could feel the power that coursed through him, and now understood why Sir Midian was such a legend. She knew that if he ordered her to, that she would leave her own masters just for the hope of having this penis in her mouth. As it grew in her mouth, she began to feel more and more dependent on it for sustenance. She held his balls in one hand and the long thick shaft in her other, and while it was only a passing thought, she wondered how she would ever fit it into her tiny vagina!!! She knew it was going to happen, that he would soon be fucking her, but now an inner peace had overtaken her, knowing that this huge penis would protect her, and never hurt her!

Both Edward and Steffi sat transfixed at the sight before them, with their “baby”, kneeling on the floor with this giant erection in her mouth! Edward’s own cock was hard as a rock, and Steffi had stuck her hand inside her panties and was rubbing up and down her buttery slit. The Japanese girl came over and offered to suck Edward’s cock, which he gratefully pulled it out and stuck it into her delicate mouth. Steffi couldn’t stand it anymore, so she stood up and removed all of her own clothing, and knelt down to help the Asian suckmaster do her husband. Sir Midian looked over at Edward and gave him a nod of his head, as both men were in a hotel room having their penis’s sucked by very attractive women! He looked down at Dani and told her to stop and then to stand up. His cock was now totally erect, and looked to be at least ten inches long and as thick as a woman’s wrist! Sir Midian picked up Dani as if she weighed no more than a bag of sugar, and settled her vagina over his cock while she wrapped her legs around his waist as the big head probed at her opening.

She wriggled her ass, trying to make it easier for him to penetrate her until finally his glans finally popped inside of her, unduciang the first of many crushing orgasms. She had never been stretched like this before, and so far only about two inches of meat was in her pussy, and as he started a rhythmic rocking motion that slowly slid her vagina farther down his shaft, it seemed that with every inch, her cunt exploded in another cum! Dani had her arms around Sir Midian’s neck, and she could feel the massive power that he held over her. When all ten inches were inside of her, and she was riding his massive spike, he asked her, “What do I make you feel like, little girl!?!” In her best little girl voice she replied, “Like a little pussy, sir, you make me feel like a little vagina.” “And what do you need more than anything else in the world,” he continued? “Your penis, Sir Midian, I need your penis in my mouth or vagina,” she replied back to him. “Is it now the most important thing in your life,” he pressed on? “Oh yes, the most important thing in my life,” she answered!

Dani held on and rode giant cock for all she was worth, until finally her orgasms had wrenched all of the strength from her body. Sir Midian lifted her off his stump and held her high in the air, her vagina now only inches from his mouth, and hungrily his tongue snaked out and licked the juices from her now gaping slit. She hadn’t thought it possible, but in seconds she was cumming in his mouth, the result of his insistent clit sucking. He gently laid her down on the bed and turned his attention to Steffi, and even though she was a natural dom, she was no match for the charismatic black man, so just a flick of his finger, and she was on the floor in front of him worshipping at his magnificent organ.

Steffi’s pussy lurched when she felt the purple knob pushing against the back of her throat, while Edward watched the action through half closed eyes, thoroughly enjoying the cocksucking the little Japanese girl was giving him, and only when Sir Midian mounted his wife did he seem to pay more attention. Steffi tried to relax her vaginal muscles to accommodate the huge black cock pushing into her, but it was so large, that she knew she was about to be stretched beyond anything she had ever felt. Just like Dani, when the head finally slipped inside she had a thundering orgasm, the mixture of pain and pleasure being blurred together.

Moaning and panting, she begged him to fuck her, and he was only too happy to oblige her, with hard pounding strokes that tore at her insides, raising her pleasure-pain threshold to new heights. She looked down between her legs and saw the massive erection sliding smoothly in and out of her gaping slit and just the mere sight of it made her orgasm again, in what seemed like a string of cunt churning climaxes.

His wife

Tagert Prince stood in the doorway of his wife’s dressing room and smiled to himself as he watched her applying her makeup. She glanced over at her dripping wet husband and offered, “You better get a move on, Tag, we’re going to be late as it is.” He quickly started toweling off the residue from his shower while replying, “So we’re a little late, those things never start on time anyway.” Now turning to face her husband of twenty six years Kimberly Prince admonished, “Now Tag, we don’t have time for any of your foolishness!” What Kim was referring to as foolishness was the rapidly expanding erection that was springing hard and proud from her husband’s groin. “You weren’t calling it that last night!” he laughed while giving his dick a quick fisting. “Stop it!”

she said with a shake of her head. “You’re acting like a school boy for gosh sakes!” “Maybe I am at that!” he replied while pulling her to her feet and spinning her around so her huge ass was open and available. “O-oh Tag!” she gasped as he slid his now totally erect organ deep into her warm wet pussy. It only took a few moments until both of them were in the midst of a brutally satisfying orgasm that left them spaghetti legged from the experience! When his cock finally slipped from the now well fucked pussy both of them slipped slowly to the floor as their blood pressures began to slowly return to normal.

After a few minutes of recuperation Tag helped Kim to her feet and asked, “I wonder what it is that makes me so crazy for you?!?” She gave him a quick buss on the cheek and giggled, “I guess it’s just my knack for snappy conversation!” He kissed her back and replied over his shoulder as he went into the bedroom to finish dressing, “Yeah, that must be it!” Tag sat on the edge of the bed while pulling on his socks as his mind drifted back to that fateful day twenty some years ago when he first met Kimberly back in college. Being from a small town from the mid west, Taggert Prince hadn’t had much contact with black people, that is until he saw the beautiful nineteen year old chocolate colored young woman studying quietly by herself in the library.

For the next month he haunted the library hoping to catch another glimpse of this vision of beauty, but alas she was nowhere to be found. Then three months later, out of the blue, he found himself standing in line at the local movie theater waiting to buy a ticket when out of nowhere she was standing behind him all by her lonesome! The rest, as they say is history! Tag invited her to sit with him, and from that day on they were inseparable! At first his parents(and hers too) weren’t to hot on the idea of him dating a black girl. But once they saw how much they loved each other, they quickly fell in line and blessed the young couple’s union! So now, three kids and over two decades later they were happily married and still very much in love!

“What are you thinking about, Tag?” Kim asked as he wheeled the big Lincoln in and out of Saturday evening traffic. “Uh, nothing,” he replied while stopping at a red light. “Come on,” she pressed on, “you were thinking about something, I could practically see the gears turning in your head.” “Well, if you must know, I was reminiscing about the first time I ever saw you naked.” he replied while squeezing the inside of her ample thigh. “You are absolutely incorrigible!” she laughed. “So tell me, was it is good as you had imagined it would be?” “To say I was shocked would be and understatement!” he quickly answered.

“Good or bad?” she asked softly. “It was good and you damn well know it, Kimberly Prince!” Even after twenty some years had passed Tag still shivered when he thought about the first time he undressed his future bride. It was back in her dorm room after late movie. Her roomie had gone home for the weekend leaving the place available for the two young lovers. Once inside the door they just stood there staring into each others eyes until like magic their lips met in long sensuous kiss! Once they broke apart they laughed softly but quickly became quiet as Tag began undoing the buttons on Kimberly’s sweater. Once the last button was undone he looked into her eyes and asked in a hushed tone, “Are you sure you want me to do this?” She kissed him gently on the cheek and without any warning slipped the garment off her shoulders and down to the floor, leaving her standing there in only her bra and jeans.

Of course he had known that she had a large chest, something that big is hard to hide! But Tag wasn’t any way, shape, or form prepared for what was now seeing! “M-my god,” he stammered while staring at the huge breasts nestled gently into the white satin low cut bra, “this can’t be happening to me.” With his breathing now coming in fits and starts he gaped dumbly as Kim turned away from him and asked softly, “Tag, could you please undo the hooks for me?” “It would be so helpful.” “Uh, sure,” he mumbled while trying to undo the four small clasps.

For at least a minute he struggled mightily with the confounded bra strap until Kim took pity on him and undid it herself. “I hope I’m never caught in a fire and need you to unlock the door!” she teased while turning around and holding the huge cups in place with her free hand. “I-I’m sorry,” he moaned, “I’ll try to do better next time.” “What makes you think there’s going to be a next time?” she asked in soft sultry voice. His head was spinning like a top! What was she trying to do to him?!? He was about to lose his mind when all at once she let her arms drop to her sides, allowing her incredible breasts to come into plain view!

He was literally stunned into silence! If heaven was better than this he couldn’t have imagined it! Two cocoa colored mounds of flesh that were the epitome of perfection on earth! Massive in size, yet defying gravity as they sat high and proud on Kim’s chest! The nipples were darker, but hard and inviting, almost begging to be sucked! “I’m a little disappointed in you, Taggert,” she cooed while cupping the twin beauties in her small hands. “W-why?” he gasped. “Welllllll,” she replied, “I thought that maybe you would have wanted to suck my nipples, but I can see that I was wrong.” “Oh no!” he shot back. “I do want to suck them!” “Really?” she asked. “Oh god, yes!” he groaned as his rapidly expanding hardon made a tent in the front of his pants. “Can I please?!?” “I’m surprised at you, Tag,” she replied. “Why?” he asked dizzily.

“You’re and English major aren’t you?” “Yes, I am,” he answered while wondering what in the heck that had to do with anything. “I think the proper grammer is “may I”,” she said sweetly. “You’re making fun of me,” he replied with his head hung down. “I’m just kidding,” she said softly while gently guiding his mouth to her bosom. “Now, how does that feel?”

A long low moan gurgled up from deep in Kim’s throat as Tag buried his face into her massive cleavage. “M-my goodness!” she gasped. “That feels wonderful!” Tag was like a kid set loose in a candy store-so many things to try and not sure which to sample first! He quickly alternated his mouth from one hard nipple to the other while taking time in between to rub his face all over her heaving mammaries! “God you’re incredible!” he moaned while licking her nipple. “Y-you too!!!” she stammered. “I-I think I love you!” For a few seconds neither one said a word until in a quiet sure voice Tag replied, “I love you too, Kimberly!” With all her inhibitions gone to the four winds she begged hoarsely, “Please, Tag, hurry up and take me!” While Tag wasn’t the most experienced man on the planet, he knew enough that when a beautiful young woman wants you to take her, you don’t ask any questions, you just do it!

In a matter of just a few seconds he stripped off his clothes and watched in rapt amazement as Kimberly slowly slid off her jeans and panties, leaving her completely naked before him! He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply while his insistent erection pressed against her round tummy. Without a word he led her over to the bed where he lay her down and quickly mounted her. She reached down between them and carefully guided his head to the bulging opening of her vagina! She ran it up and down the length of her crack until she was sure that it was ready for entry. “Are you sure about this?” he whispered. “More than anything in my life,” she whispered back. He then kissed her lovingly one more time before slowly driving his manhood balls deep into the blast furnace that was her pussy!

Even before his cock had bottomed out for the first time Kimberly’s vagina spasmed violently around the invader as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasured pulsed though her hungry groin. “M-my god!” she gasped. “I never imagined it could be so wonderfulÅ” By now Tag was smoothly powering in and out of her, but listening to her last sentence brought him up short! “You mean that I’m the first one?” he moaned through clenched teeth. “Y-yesssssss!” she hissed as her sopping wet cunt was ravaged by another string of brutally satisfying cums.

“Oh sweet jesus!” he panted. “This is my first time too!!!” Kimberly’s huge chest jiggled like two giant bowls of jelly as she instinctively wrapped her legs around Tag’s ass to effectively lock him in place! For the next three minutes Tag’s cock was literally like a battering ram as it pounded his lover’s poor helpless pussy into total and complete surrender! Then just as she gasped one last time, Tag’s cock convulsed wildly, sending a gusher of hot sperm deep into Kimberly’s well fucked pussy! When it was finally over Tag collapsed on top her with his head nestled into Kimberly’s perfect bosom, totally spent and satisfied!

My wife’s roses

It has been several months since my wife and I had sex. Usually, our sex frequency was normal, two – three times a week, as the statistical average. We have been married for about nine years and had two young kids. But eight months ago, I was promoted as VP Sales, a job that is demanding long travels abroad. So, our intimacy and sex life took a dramatic decrease due my traveling.

I spent most of the time outside the country, far away from her. During my trips away from home, as a normal man, I needed to discharge my sexual tensions. So I was masturbating in my room, watching erotic movies on my laptop. But I wandered how my wife is taking care of her sexual needs and I was more than curious to know about that.

My wife is a few years younger than me. She is well educated, smart and kind. Her favorite flowers are roses therefor our garden is full with roses bushes. She is always elegant dressed, being a Cosmetics Dept. Manager in a large store. She’s 170 cm high, superb body and with wavy brown hair. I always admired her walking, her long legs and sexy bouncing ass. For me, she is probably the most beautiful woman in the world.

Six month ago, as I was abroad, she mentioned, during our cell phone conversation that she hired a school boy in his summer vacation, to take care of our roses garden. Till now, I was the gardener but being abroad and being the roses spiky, we needed someone to take care. She introduced him to me as he came one evening to pick up a tool he lost. He was 16 years old, shy, with handsome face, a son of emigrants from Romania. I didn’t payed to much attention to him.

Well, five months ago, at one of my trips, several meeting where canceled therefore I returned a day earlier. I took, an early morning flight, bought a present to my wife at the Duty Free and headed toward our home to make her a surprise. I parked my car outside end entered our yard. I noticed a bike in our garden but I didn’t saw the boy working.

When I went into my home, I felt a strong smell of roses and I saw a huge wreath of roses on the table. Again, I didn’t payed too much attention so I went through the corridor. Suddenly, at the angle of my eyes, I saw into the mirror on the corridor’s wall that the door of our bedroom was large open and the bed wasn’t empty. I stopped and looked quietly through the mirror and looks that “I” was the person that was surprised and not my wife!

Concentrating on the scene, I saw my wife’s tight ass going up and down on some guy’s face! I didn’t know who the guy was because my wife’s ass covered his face completely and she was facing his legs so her body was blocking the view but I saw that the guy was stroking his hard penis. The bed around them, was covered with roses. It took me several long minutes to understand this scene, where my wife was acting, but my dick shot up with excitement, much faster that my brain.

With large open eyes, angry and excited, I watched the action. For me, in those moments, nothing was sexier than watching my sexy wife pleasuring herself on someone’s face. Without being fully conscious, I took my hard penis out and looking through the mirror, I started playing with myself, enjoying the show.

I watched as her smooth and perfect ass cheeks where engulfing his face as she sat on him and her intimate places as she lifted her ass to enable his breath. Stroking my hard dick, I focused my attention on the gay’s tongue, that was licking her small asshole. It was such an extremely powerful and erotic moment that I instinctively exclaimed and almost exploded. Then she lowered her ass back and his face disappeared again in her ass crack. Placing her hands on his chest, my wife started moving on his face, enjoying his tongue in her asshole.

From behind her, I saw her body arching sexily, sitting hard on his face as she slowly released her head back, her long hair covering her shoulders. On the corridor, I was enjoying the masturbation of my life!

For about half an hour she rode him as he was fondling her ass cheeks, eating her pussy and licking her asshole. Then, she begun to moan, her head swung back and her ass bouncing increases as she rode him faster and faster. Her breathing started getting heavy and her moans filled the room. As her orgasm built, the guy and me begun stroking our penises furiously, synchronizing our moves to her ass bouncing.

All of us came together. I made some spots on the floor as she was washing his face with her juices. Then my wife got up and I saw his face. It was the garden boy!

Interesting, but I didn’t felt angry or jealous anymore. Maybe because I didn’t felt any treat from such a young boy and looks that this wasn’t even full sex. Looks that she used him and his sexual boyish eagerness, to release her sexual tensions.

Then, quietly I left and made my way back to my car. In some way I was pleasantly surprised with what she did. Actually, it was my fault, being away from home. Except that, I couldn’t gave her what the boy gave; his tongue in her asshole! And this way of tension relieving worth, because it kept my wife calm, relaxed and loving.

I left our house and went to a hotel. All the night I was thinking about what I saw and masturbated all the time. The view of my sexy wife on top of this slim boy, as his tongue was sending fire through her body, made me crazily excited.

I arrived home at second day, as planned. came home like nothing happened and I have never mentioned anything to my wife about what I saw. This time I brought her a huge wreath of roses. Kissing her, I said that she desire the best care, to look beautiful like a rose…

My Horny MIL Sarika

By: Suhailpaul

Hi ISS readers This year seems to be lucky year, as my maid Namita is pleasuring me and two days back my fantasy came true, I always wanted to fuck a woman older to me; my MIL (mother in law) not direct but my Father in law’s younger sister who’s a spinster her name is Sarika a year ago I had an argument with her and since then I hadn’t spoken to her and she used to stare me on occasions when we met.

I always ignored her; to describe her as she is not married she is average looking, wheatish with 36-32-38 figure age around 48. Last week she suddenly called my wife and asked her to send me to her place to run an errand to which I politely refused, but had to agree to when she persistently called, two days back I reached her place around 11 am she opened the door and let me in, she asked me to make myself comfortable while she takes a quick bath, I asked her to hurry up as

I had somethings to finish, she went into her room while I switched on the TV, after about 10 mins she called out to me I went to her room she was behind the bathroom door and asked me to hand her the towel seemed awkward to me I handed her the towel and left her room I was watching TV and a passionate scene was going on when she came up from behind and asked kya dekh raha hai I changed the channel and looked at her and was surprised she was standing

There in a pink nighty and wearing nothing underneath I could she her bush, her boobs, I looked away she came and sat on the sofa opposite me I was feeling embarrassed, she asked me if I wanted something, I said aap kaam batao mujhe kahin jaana hai she got up and went to the kitchen and in the light I could see her whole body I was getting nervous as she had never behaved like this before, she came back with a glass of water as she stood beside me

I could see her round firm boobs her nipples staring at me , I was getting a hard on and I could sense something was on, and she bent over and kissed my ckeeks I got up and said kya kar rahi ho she said are kya ho gaya main to bas laad kar rahi hoon” I said kaam batao mujhe aur bhi kaam hai she calmly took my hand and placed it on her Breast, I was shocked I could,nt speak and left she tried to stop me but I did,nt.

Part 2
After I left that thought was in my mind the appearance of her waist the firmness of her boobs I was thinking what to do whether it was right so I decided to leave everything to her after all I am her son in law, after an hour or so I went back this time I carried a pack of condom with me, after all her intentions were clear, I reached and knocked at the door she opened and let me in, she had changed into a salwaar kameez I was starting to doubt if she still had anything in her mind after

All when a woman initiates and you leave her she just dumps you, she did’nt say anything and went into the kitchen , when she came back I mustered up courage and said” yeh theek hai na” trying to be innocent she did’nt reply, I again said aunty main dar gaya tha ki yeh aap kyaa kar rahi ho” she was silent, I went and sat beside her, she didn’t respond, I whispered into her ears aunty wohi nighty pehen ki dikaho jo subha peheni thi she looked at me plainly got up

And went into her room and closed the door I knocked but there was no reply I thought that I have busted it I was about to leave when the door opened, and she was standing there wearing that nighty and smiling she said main bhi dar gayee thi kit u yeh apni biwi ko bata dega I went near her and touched her nipple which were already erect she pulled me inside her room and led me to her bed and made me sit and stood in front of me now her boobs were directly in front of me

I kissed her left boob from top of her nighty, she put her hand on my shoulder and gently pressed, she liked it I put my hands on her boobs and pressed them, they were firm according to her age, I said aunty aapki umar ke hissab se yeh to tight hai she said “ Chal hat kya kya baat karta hai I got up and kissed her lips she responded by biting my lower lip I let her take control and put my hand on her Butt fondling them she was now kissing me wildly and pushing herself against

It seemed she was very cock hungry, I bent down and lifted her nighty and touched her pubis, she stopped me and removed her nighty her body was even better than I expected she pulled my head towards her left tit and I licked her nipple while I groped her right boob with my hand, she was now completely nude and she was putting her hands inside my tee shirt feeling my body, I removed my tee shirt and she started kissing my chest and teasing my nipple with her nails

My cock was not still fully erect, I again touched her pubis, she stopped me again, only this time slightly I again moved my fingers between her pussy lips she was dripping wet, she moaned umm I pushed her on the bed, she was shocked by my roughness I said” kya hua , itna to chalta hai she said” pyaar se kaam kara kar I said “ aunty meri pant to kholo” she sat up and opened my pant my cock was straining against my Undee I took her hand and put it on my cock,

She pressed it and looked at me and I removed my undee and my cock sprang at her face, she smiled and lovingly stroked it a with the other hand she massaged my balls, I was on the seventh heaven, and I was going to cum, I said aunty mujhe ho jaiga mat karo she said hone de warm up hai uske baad araam se hoga I said aunty mooh mein le lo she obediently first licked my crown circling it with her tongue and sucking me crown, her grip on my balls were tightening

I said aunty dheere dabao dard ho raha hai she said tu jo in dono ko itne jorr se daba raha hai only then I realized that how hard I was squeezing her boobs, I relaxed a bit and she was playing with my cock nearing my orgasm, I said” bas anuty rukna mat hone wala hai she kept massaging my balls and storking my entire cock and I exploded , I won’t fake that she took my cum in her mouth or that she cleaned me dry with her mouth but she drained every last drop

I offered and my cum was on her tits. She said kya khata hai jo itna nikala hai I did’nt answer she was still stroking my cock which was returning to normal, she jokingly said” ab thoda araam kar le ab bahaut kaam karna hai to my cock. She got up and led me to the bathroom by my cock, she was now getting dominant. She made me sit there and took a bath in front of me teasing and showing her cracks and crevices my cock was not interested so he did’nt move after the bath

She asked me to wipe her which I did, head to toe she then went outside and said” chal idhr aa aur kaam pe lag ja I knew she was going to have her way with me, She sat on the bed and I went and stood in front of her my cock dangling at her face I said” aunty aap ko kya acha lagta hai” she said” tu jaise acha dila sake I kneeled dwon and kissed her on the center of her chest and pinched her nipples with my hands then I took her nipple between my lips and pressed it, she moaned umm,

I then made her lay on the bed and sat beside her, and moved my fingers lightly on her tummy and breasts and kissed her lips, she kissed me back , my hand was on her pubis and I inserted in her pussy lips still kissing her this time she opened her legs a little I kissed her harder and tried to her hole she was all wet, I moved my finger making quick movements inside her lips and whenever my finger touched her Clit she sighed ssss I tried to insert my finger but couldn’t,

I now kissed her breasts kneading and pressing them and circling my tongue around her navel. She was enjoying every bit of it. To turn things on I asked her to blindfold herself and let me pleasure her, she said” acha theek hai par koi shararat mat karna I said “ aunty aap bas enjoy karo now she lay blindfolded not seeing my moves I pressed her boobs sucked them she was just moaning umm,umm karta reh.

I kissed her pubis, her thighs I opened her legs she had trimmed hairs, and her lips were showing her age I gently kissed them she let out a sigh, I spread her pussy lips and gave her a long lick, to tell you she had a really big clit which was swelled and ready to be eaten, I licked her clit while trying to finger her pussy, her juice were oozing and she was spreading herself to be licked well , by now cock was erect by the sight of a mature pussy waiting to be filled with my cock, now

I had managed to get my finger inside her pussy, she was saying karta reh aur andar daal , hila ,I knew she enjoying and she was going to cum, and I was thinking that she is unmarried ad what if she bleeds and something happens, thinking this I said” aunty aap virgin ho koi problem hui to? She said tu chinta mat kar apna kaam kar by now her wet oozing pussy was becoming very tempting, my cock was fully ready and she was blindfolded I gave one final lick on which she raised her pubis to be licked,

I positioned myself to enter her and without warning I entered her, she removed her blindfold surprised her cunt was tight but shallow ,my average 6” cock was not inside fully, she was caught without warning she was liking it and rejecting at the same time, I drove as far as I could go firmly and I slowly withdrew, and again pushed in she said” kya kar raha hai, ek to bina batae daal diya aur taquat dikha raha hai I said poora nahi jaa raha hai” she said jitni jagha hai untna he jaayaga

Now she had her legs around my waist and her orgasm building I was pumping her touching her deep and she was crying in pleasure karta reh acha lag raha hai and her vagina was groping on my cock, I pinched on her nipples hard which were hard as marbles, she was clawing on my back. And she said “nikal bahar aur poor ander daal “ I withdrew and with force pushed hard and as far as I could go , and she locked her legs ob my back not allowing me to move she was going to cum, now she was massaging my cock with her pussy,

I felt tension around my shaft mine was also near I pushed hard she was crying ahh ahh ahh and within 2-3 strokes I was flooding her pussy with my seed, we both came together she was under me kissing me wildly and moaning and crying yeh kya kar rahi hoon I said” hone do bas ho gaya then I picked her up an turned her around and spread her butt cheeks and placed my semen stained cock on her asshole trying to enter her but she did’nt allow and my cock was also losing power so let go well it felt good to satisfy a mature woman later

I asked her aunty aap to kuvari ho phir aapko bleeding kyu nahi hui maine to theek se kiya hai she said mere do do jija hai dono ne kiya hai, tu hai hai jisne bina protection ke sab ander hi choda hai only then I realized that I hadn’t used any protection. She cleaned up and asked me to kiss her and I kissed her while I inserted my index finger into her wet pussy and said aunty next time yeh baal saaf karke rakhna I left and that day I also was satisfied as I am writing my maid namita is also smiling at me if I get a chance today I’ll post my experience, and for my MIL next time will be a great encounter.

Pounding Bindiya

By: Surmamail

I am Sabuj 28 years old 6 feet medium physical structure I have been married recently. My wife is a pretty lady. My wife had to go to her parents for some emergency, leaving me alone and hungry for sex. I am an asstt manager of a corporate tea garden. I had to stay back because our manager was out of station. I was in charge of everything. My maid cooked and worked few hours in the morning and left. It was raining very hard. I drove back home from my office in the nasty weather.

A garden labor who is my servant cum darwan was also sick and had to leave early. I parked my jeep in the garage in that havy rain and stormy weather and was opening the main door. Then I noticed a woman wrapped up with completely drenched cloth trying to save her head from the storm at the corner of my open corridor.When I approached her, she was shaking like hell and unable to talk. She might have been here for a while. She was a brown skinned young labor girl.

She had a platic basket with cheap women imitation stuff. She obviously was selling those things in the labor quarters. I opened my door and asked her to get in.But she was hesitating. I pulled her arm to get in. Because, I was also being soaked in the mean time.She kept aside her basket I was standing by drawing room wall. Water from her body was flowing in the floor and making it wet and dirty. I asked her to go to the bathroom and wipe off the water using a towel.

But she was just wrapping her upper body with both hands and standing there. She aparently did not have the courage to use my bathroom. She had to move, when I told her, she was making my room dirty. Because of the rain storm, weather was pretty cold. I could see she was wearing a very thin saree and blouse. I show her the bathroom. A few minutes later I found her still standing in the bathroom. She just squeezed out some waters from her cloths but did not dare to use my towel.

When I yelled at her and asked her to get the towel she reached for the upper rack to get it. Then I noticed her half naked body. Her wet yellow thin blouse could not hold her white bra with big nipples that were sticking out. She wiped off her body but the cloths were wet and cold. I could not offer her my wife’s cloth. She was still shaking like hell. I gave her one of my fatua and a lungi to change her clothes. She did not have a choice but to change. I asked her name she was Bindiya about 20 to 21 years old.

She was not an extreanly beautiful girl but fairly ok with a voluptuous body. She was married. The sleeping monster in me started to wake up. She came back and asked me give her something to clean the wet floor. I could see through her firm pointed breasts under the fatua.She did not know how to wear a lungi and holding it with one hand. While she was cleaning floor the lungi dropped on the floor. She was butt naked in front of me. It was funny for me and quite embarrassing for her.

She ran to the other room holding the lungi. I followed her shown her from her back touching her waste how to wear a lungi. She was shivering closing her eyes. The rain storm outside did not stop for a second. It was getting darker now. Bindiya was frustrated looking out there at my door. Possibly she was not comfortable at my touch and me at all. But Mother Nature was against her. She could not do anything. She was peeping and prying outside rereatedly.

I turned on the TV and asked her to watch.When rain started to diminish I would drop her off.She seemed to be happy about it.She started to watch TV leaning her back to the wall. I asked her to sit and watch. I was watching premium channels where a lot of hot scenes were played. She evetually sat on the carpet few ft away from my couch. I asked her whether she knew how to make tea or coffee. I get her to my kitchen and show her the ingredients to make coffee.

I willingly placed my hand on her shoulder pat her, she shivered with a smile.When she came back I was playing xxx type of DVD. She sat near me on the carpet. The coffee she made wasn’t that good I asked her to have some with me. She refused. I gave her few biscuits.She was happy for that. After few minutes man was pumping his girl friend’s boobs in the TV screen. I asked her whether she liked the movie! She replied sundar hey lekin gandhi vi hey.

I asked her why? Her husband does not do this to her? She replied kovi kovi korta hey I spread my left leg toward her and touched her butt. She did not respond. I pushed my toes couple of more time in her butt she did not say anything. The guy in the TV screen was sucking his girl’s nipples vigorously. I could hear Bindiya’s breathing, it was getting havier. I asked her to rub my feet. She pulled back towards me placed my leg on her lap and started to rub my feet. My leg was rubbing her right boob.

I was pressing my leg on her breast she was holding my leg even tighter on her boob.I was sure I got her. I grabbed her both arm from the back and pulled her in front of me between my legs. I started to rub her shoulder and eventually her both breasts. She shivered held my hand there and closed her eyes. I was squeezing her one boob and pinching the other nipple mercylessly.She was moaning loudly. I pulled her up on my lap glided the fatua through her neck and threw it away.Wow it was amazing I started to feast on those firm big melons.

She was holding my neck moaning loudly. I pulled her lungi down and set aside. She was stark naked. Her chubby thigh and ass was attrctive. Her flat amazing navel and wet thin haired pussy was tantalising.I released my monster cock opening my belt and zipper. I pushed her face on it. She was kissing and rubbing her face on it. I pushed it in her mouth. She was reluctant. Obviously she was not used to on sucking cocks.In few minutes she learned the art and turned herself a nice cock sucker.

She was touching all over my body with passion.I was mauling both of her huge boobs and pinching her brown grape size nipples.She was sucking me vigorously,enjoying it by squeezing my balls.I pushed her on the couch,climbed on her,placing my knees at both side of her.I was fucking her mouth and she was deep throating me.It was almost ten minutes,I could not hold it anymore and sprayed my hot luva deep in her throat.

She was gagged for few seconds and wanted to throw up.I held her head by my knees,forced her and she did not have a choice but to swallow every bit of it.Tears ere flowing from her eyes. I did not stop fucking her mouth with her half limp dick.She also was sucking me nice and steady.In about five minutes,I got my full strength back and my shaft was rock hard again.I got off her and pulled her on top of me.

I asked to place her hands on both side of my head leaning her chest on my face to allow me to suck her hanging melons and nipples.While I was sucking her nipples squeezing her meaty butts she was very exited and moaning loudly. I was also rubbing her pussy slit sometime with my one hand. She was also pressing her pussy on my dick. I stretched her both nipples together and sucked at a time. Bindiya was grawling and crying loudly. In few more minutes,

I pulled her down I spread her legs wide open and got in beteen her. I rubbed her clitoris with my middle fingers for a minute and placed my red strawberry in her slit. It was all soaked. I wanted to softly bite her cheek but she started to kiss me and suck my lips and tongue. I was bound to suck her lips back. She embraced me tight and crossed her legs behind my back and held me tight.With a mild push I poked the tip of my dick in her cunt. It seemed to be aburning oven up there.

I was doing in and out few times and with a long jolt I was able to send my tool at the bottom of her cave. She cried out with exitement and started to moan loudly. I slowly started to pump her squeezing her both melons with force. She was kissing my hairy chest and sucking my little niples.I started to increase my speed and fucking her like a musth bull. She was hauling and moaning aloud. In about ten minutes she softly bit my chest and reached her orgasm.

She soaked my dick with her nector. She asked me to cum in her pussy. She was saying,’tum jeisa gora beta chahiye muje.’I pulled her one leg on my shoulder and eventually both legs and fucked hard for few minutes. She folded her both legs around her own shoulder to get the deepest penetration at the bottom of her pussy. In about five minutes I bit her right cheek and dicharged at the bottom of her womb. She held me on top of her for few more minutes.

The rain storm was coming to an end.I told her that, I could drop her off near their quarter. She was just holding me tight. About ten minutes later she started to suck my dick again. She was able to make it stronger in few minutes.I told her, I wanted to fuck her two ways now. Both her pussy and ass. She got scared but agreed at the end. However I had to cum in her pussy. She started to suck my dick harder than ever. She seemed a hungry bitch trying to suck and swallow both of my balls.

It indicates she was a sex hungry young girl I sucked and chewed her nipples harder than ever. I asked her to lay on her stomach on the couch. I rubbed quite a bit of facial cream in her ass and position my dick in between her ass cheek. I poked the tip my dick in her ass with a small push. She got scared and wanted to get off. I pushed her down by the neck and held her waist by both of my knees. With a sharp thrust I entered half of my monster in her tight ass. She screamed loudly.

I held her mouth with my left hand and moved my cock in and out few times. With a lightening super thrust my tool was at the bottom of her colon. She was crying and sobbing. I remained motionless for few seconds. Then I slowly started to pound her super tight ass. I was on my knees and squeezing both of her boobs repeatedly and fucking her ass steady. In couple of minutes her ass got easier and I increased my speed. In few minutes her sobbing turned in to loud moaning.

I was strocking her like a wild stallion. I paused for a few seconds and asked her to get in doggy position. I entered her pussy in this position. I reached for her swinging boobs and fucked her for few minutes. She started to thrust me backwards few times and had a vast orgasm. She was dripping nectars from her pussy. I disengaged from her.She stretched her asshole wide by holding both ass cheeks. I easily entered her asshole this time. I fucked her ass few minutes and changed the hole again to her pussy. Then I was changing holes every minute.

I was rapidly approaching the climax. I asked her to lie on her back. Now I entered in her pussy in missionary position and fucked her few minutes. I could not stay any longer. I realized she had another orgasm in the mean time. I squeezed her both breasts bit her lips and discharged my huge load at the bottom of her uterus. Bindiya was holding me like crazy and kissing my chest and neck.She crossed her legs behind me and held me on top of her for a while. She left for the bathroom stark naked with her rumbled body. Later I dropped her near the labors quarter with a handsome amount of money in her hand.She was very happy.


Summer is a vacation time. Our family is not the exception to the rule. Usually we spent the vacation going to the ocean that is about 50 miles from our home. Our daughter liked to go to the summer camps with two her friends from the neighborhood. Having been left alone we decided to go to the ocean too and rest to our hearts’ content. At first we didn’t know where to go because we were bored with the resort houses and didn’t want to go there. Finally we came to the conclusion that it was better to spend one week on the beach of the ocean just taking the tent, provisions and wine. Amanda – my wife agreed with me. The whole day we were packing and preparing everything.

On Monday we loaded everything into our new Range Rover, turned on Rock-n-roll and sped to the ocean.

We managed to find the place for the stand. Beautiful ocean view, sandy beach, very nice bay. Applying the brakes we carefully got down to the ocean. The place was as wonderful as it could be. There was the only one upsetting thing – the group of motorcyclists was having fun just about half a mile from us. We didn’t see their tents otherwise we had to look for another place. However, we decided to stay and accepted the situation. Amanda stepped out of the car and stretched herself. Fresh ocean breeze and warm sunbeams were wrapping us round. Soon after that we set up the tent and unpacked all things. I was afraid a little that the young motorcyclists would steal something while we were swimming that was why I hid my pistol in the car and turned on the alarm. All I had left to do was to take off the jeans and jump into water. Amanda got into the tent and in several minutes she appeared in front of me in a very so to say sexy swimsuit. I was just gazing at her and didn’t know what to say. When did she manage to buy it, I wonder? If her swimsuit could be called bikini, I would be a ballerina in that case. Generally speaking, there were two stripes; one of them covered her breasts if it did and the other – her clean shaven pussy. From afar it looked as if she was naked. We were getting down to the ocean and the youths that came at the motorcycles were approaching us in the opposite direction. There were 4 young men about 18 or 20 years old and two pretty girls. Having seen my wife the guys stood still and their jaws just dropped down. The girls looked at my princess as if she was a rival to them. For sure I was also in a good shape. I practiced visiting the gym two times a week. One of the girls had looked at me, and in her eyes I read through curiosity. We passed by them and here sparks of ocean, warm water shrouded us as if by a blanket.

The evening was coming. We built a fire and my wife started cooking the dinner. I got the bottle of wine, turned on the radio in the car and the songs of Britney Spears resounded all over. We were seating at the table on the rocky chairs, eating our dinner and watching the sunset. Suddenly I heard that a twig crunched and swung round. There was standing one of the girls. Short boyish haircut, slim figure, petite breasts and long legs.

- I’m so sorry to disturbing you – her voice sounded very naive. Amanda looked at the girl and I saw a glitter in her eyes. – We are here for three days yet but unfortunately we forgot to take the tape-recorder. Allow us to dance not far from you, please.

- Music is free – I replied and looked at the wife. She was examining the girl thoroughly.

- Yes, sure – said Amanda sipping the wine and lighted the cigarette.

The girl smiled and ran away. Soon after that the whole company was dancing and laughing not far from us. My wife and I were getting a little drunk. Now we looked on dancing youths in the gleams of fire flames more often. I noticed that the guys were also looking into our direction, or to be more exact on my wife who was still wearing the bikini.

The evening was warm. The light breeze blew shoreward but it couldn’t cool our sun heated bodies. The slow composition played and one of the guys approached us to invite my wife for the dance. I only shrugged my shoulders and Amanda immediately agreed. Three pairs were dancing. I didn’t hear what they were talking about but my wife laughed from time to time. She liked when her partner ran his finger over her back as if accidentally. I felt some excitement watching all that. The song ended and my dear Amanda took a seat next to me. I offered her to swim and we rushed to the ocean once again. The bright moon was shining, water was pure. Having hugged my wife I planted a soft kiss on her lips. She kissed me in response. Her tongue penetrated into my mouth. The rhythm of the music resounded everywhere. Our bodies were in water. I was embracing and caressing my beloved wife. She lowered her hands and felt my rocky flash. Her fingers tenderly started to squeeze my dick. Pretty soon it turned to be tight in the pants and she let my friend out. I moved her strings a little and my finger entered her warm vagina. Amanda wrapped her legs around me and burning with desire I penetrated her with all my might. She moaned and kissed me even more passionately. We were moving in some furious rhythm and waves rounded from us. I only heard that the youths also got into water and began to splash around. And we were standing just 30 feet from them and making the thing that was always interesting to look at. I thought that was amazing: clean water surrounded us, our bodies were under the moonlight, people were splashing not far from us and we were just fucking enjoying with each other. I felt that I was near to cum and pressed my wife tightly. She screamed and my semen fountained into her womb. Under her own inertia Amanda kept impaling herself on my dick. She groaned and threw back her head. I kept filling her vagina with my sperm commixed with water. In a minute we finished. The wife kissed me tenderly. The youths were splashing around us pretending not to notice anything but in actual fact they were all eyes. I heard that one of the guys said:

- Wow! Isn’t that cool of them! I don’t mind fucking such chick myself, moreover in water.

My wife laughed, pushed away and dove as a water nymph, leaving only air bubbles on the surface of the water.

Later we tuned off the radio and went to sleep in the tent. The youths were still swimming in the ocean.

I felt that Amanda stared to fondle my cock and it rocked again. My wife lowered down and the dickhead of my brother found itself in her hot mouth. She was fondling it with her tongue, pulling the skin down, swallowing it till the very bottom, sucking it up and licking like an ice cream. There were seen stars through the open laps of the tent and the bright moon lit up the movements in there. Amanda was growling over my pecker and driving me to distraction. I heard that the youths were passing by and saw that they glanced inside our tent with curiosity. They saw my wife standing on her knees, having thrown out her buttocks and her head moving up and down. All that brought me great pleasure. Then as a mature horsewoman she set on me and started to move her thighs compressing the vagina muscles. She put her hands on my chest. She started repeating “Now, now”, and here she fell moaning on me. Her juices of love were flowing over my dick. Amanda liked sex and could come about ten times. Sex was always of great importance to her. That was why she was riding on me in a minute again, but now she wasn’t moaning, she was growling with the excitement. I was ready to come and bagged her only not to spot. When she came for the sixth or the seventh time I felt the huge wave of orgasm growing in me. I squeezed her breasts impaling my wife on my dick. Amanda cried out and leaned back so I could see my semen flowing out of her vagina.

We got down to the ocean again. My dear was naked so was I. Warm ocean water hugged our bodies. I noticed that two shades slipped near the car.

We awoke at about 10 a.m. The sun was already shining bright. I heard the voices of the guys and splashes of water. Amanda didn’t want to put on the bra and we got to the water. The guys were numb seeing such sexy sight. Amanda plunged into the water like Aphrodite. The girls were also staring on my wife as if she was their rival and the trendsetter. In five minutes they also were running topless, seeing that my wife didn’t feel shy before the lewd gazes of their guys. Having swum in plenty we got out of water and lied down on the big towel that I had already prepared. I took the sun block and spread the cream over Amanda’s back then she turned face up and I covered her breasts and belly with cream too, slipping under her strings from time to time. She closed her eyes, putting her body under the sunbeams. I went to the car to take the rocky chair for me and the bottle of wine. But when I got back I saw the show of erotic magazine worth: there were lying two girls on the big towel and my wife covered their slim beautiful bodies with the cream. Her hands tenderly caressed their skin especially around the nipples, necks and mounts of Venus. The guys were lying about 15 feet from them. They were watching that erotic show. Sometimes the girls arched their backs toward the fingers of my wife. Amanda fondled their skin under their panties. Then she suddenly broke it off and started to talk with them about something lively. I put the chair near the guys and sat like a lord sipping the wine. By the way I entered into the talk with them. They were drinking beer and I was drinking wine. My wife sent one of the girls somewhere and in couple of minutes they were also sipping the spirits and laughing. The guy appeared to be bright and sociable. When I asked some intimate questions they confused like children. I found out that the ladies weren’t their girlfriends, they just wanted to go to the ocean and offered them to go with them, and so they agreed. The guys obviously liked my wife as they told. They all admired her, so did I.

The day passed. In the twilight I started to barbecue and the smell of fried meat spread all over. Everybody was taking part in that. My Amanda and the girls were cutting the salads and setting the table; the guys were helping me with barbecue. And again music, wine and dances. The girls and my wife were still topless. That was the hint for the continuation of the evening but in a different manner. The girl with boyish haircut called Britney and the other was Megan. Britney invited me for a dance and I agreed with great pleasure. My wife changed the partners as the gloves. They liked to clasp Amanda to them feeling her plump breasts on their bodies.

When I hugged Britney and her maidenly breasts touched mine I felt the short electrical discharge.

- Your wife is so beautiful, – said Britney – she is so uninhibited and sexual. If only I were like she…

- If you wish, you will be – I smiled and looked in her eyes. – Just never be ashamed what you want and be as you are. Fulfill all the wishes of your mind, heart and body.

After that dance I was invited by Megan. She was a real fire. Her body was breathing with sex and demanded it, but she was confused a little and didn’t know what to start with. All together we kept having fun. Music, wine, beer and laugh commixed. Amanda was seating next to me and her left hand was lying between my legs. The other hand of hers was hugging Britney who was seating next to her. Everyone saw where the hand of my wife was and gradually I was getting excited from it. Britney was telling us some funny stories and after one of them my Amanda laughed, drew her up and kissed her lips. Every one could see that Britney turned red in the face. I offered to continue the evening on the oceanside and everybody agreed. We took the spirits and got down to the ocean. The night water was very warm. The guys were splashing near Amanda showing their boldness, I also kept up with them devoted much attention to my new young ladies. Sometimes Britney brushed against my pecker as if by chance and Megan was striving to come up so closely from me that her face touched my hard on dick. Amanda told me later that the guys were doing the same with her. Having swum enough we got to the beach and sat around the fire sipping wine and beer.

- Let’s tell the erotic stories that happened with you – I offered, – and then we’ll drink for them like for the toasts.
Everybody accepted my offer.

Story of Dylan.
I was 18. And once on winter I was visiting my brother. He left for the job and stayed tête-à-tête with his wife. In the evening I wanted to watch TV but all the programs were so boring that I decided to turn on the DVD. At the beginning there was some action movie with Silvestor Stalone but then I saw something shocking. My brother was fucking his wife. At first she gave her head and then stood on her four she began to impale on his shaft. Here I felt that someone put the arms on my shoulders. I tried to tear myself from it but my brother’s wife didn’t let me to do that. She rounded the chair and knelt in front of me. Without saying a word she unzipped my jeans, took out my rocky dick and started to suck it. Her tongue was playing with my pecker, her hands were fondling it. She swallowed it like a candy; I wanted her to do it deeper but all the times she took her head away.
- Utter fool! – My wife interrupted the story.

- I couldn’t hold the orgasm – Dylan kept telling – and came right to her mouth. But the brother’s wife took her head away and my semen covered all her face. And she looked at me and said that she couldn’t drink sperm. After that she went to take a shower.

- Your brother’s wife is so stupid – added Amanda again – I think there is no something tastier then cum in the world. – Laughed Amanda.

- The toast – said Dylan – let all women like to swallow semen like I like to drink this wonderful wine.

Everyone clapped their hands.

Amanda’s hand was caressing my cock under the pants and it drove me so much crazy. Britney’s head was resting on the shoulder of my wife and she saw everything that Amanda did with my pecker. The hand of Britney was lying on Amanda’s thigh and she began to fondle it slightly. I saw that guys were also getting excited and their hands were jerking a little their rocky dicks.

Story of Megan
I was 18 years old when I saw for the first time the grown ups fucking. I read about sex before but I had never seen it with my own eyes. Once our parents were away on business and I was in the charge of my sister. One night I was awoken by some noise in the sister’s bedroom. I set the door ajar and saw that my sister was lying on her back, her legs were lifted to her husband’s shoulders and his dick penetrated her hole. I saw that the cum of the sister was flowing out of her hole while her husband’s cock was ramming it. My sister was moaning with pleasure and her hands tightly held the buttocks of her husband. She was begging him to speed up but he fucked her in the same rhythm. I was all eyes. My hands lowered down between my thighs and I started fondling myself. Sometimes my finger penetrated inside and I felt the obstacle that didn’t allow my finger forward. I felt the wave of pleasure filling all my body. I probably screamed because having opened the eyes I saw my sister and her husband were looking at me. His cock was inside her. I quickly ran to my room and covered myself with the blanket. My sister came to me in a minute.

- Did you like what you saw? – she asked me.

- Yes, – I replied in a low voice.

- For how long do you caress yourself with the fingers?

- For the first time.

- Did you like it? – She asked calmly.

- Yes.

- Do you want to try it differently?

- I do – I answered. My sister took my hand and I followed her to her bedroom. There was lying her husband on the bed covered with the blanket. A little bit lower his stomach there was a knoll. My sister threw back the blanket and I saw the hard on man’s cock.

- Don’t be afraid – said my sister – touch it.

Feeling ashamed nevertheless I slightly brushed my fingers against it. Sweet lust caught me. I also want such man to fuck me like my sister was fucked. And I also wanted to feel the same pleasure.

- Do be shy! – said the sister. And here my hand was up and down over her husband’s pecker.

- Now watch and repeat after me. – She said. Then she bent over it and started to kiss his dickhead fondling it with her tongue, letting it inside deeper and deeper. Her tongue was flying about like a butterfly. I was seating next to her and my head lowered down and down to the man’s rod. As the head of my sister upped and her eyes looked at me, my tongue licked the dickhead, lips parted and the member entered my mouth. I choked over at first but then I started to control myself and did what my sister did. Here I felt her fingers moving my panties apart and her tongue touched my virgin hole. I backed my pussy toward her. Her tongue entered me deeper and faced the barrier.

- Are you still a virgin? – She was surprised.

- Uh- huh, – I replied keeping sucking the dick.

I sucked it like an ice-cream, licked it and then sucked again. My sister started to suck my clit with her lips. I was beyond the pleasure. Here the sister turned me face up with a swift gesture and pulled my panties off. Her husband started caressing my breasts and the sister kept playing with my hole. I was all wet and getting the greatest pleasure. Her tongue penetrated me deeper and deeper stretching out my virginity. Then they changed their roles. Now my sister was fondling my lips, neck, breasts and her husband pressed his lips toward my hot bud. I backed her kisses and she could suck my tongue a little when it was inside her mouth.

- Do you want it? – My sister whispered in my ear.

- Yes, please, take my virginity. I also want to fuck with men like you.

Her husband took my thighs, lifted them a bit and moved them slightly apart. I felt his dickhead stucking my vagina and slowly parted its lips. It was a little bit painful when the pecker was trying to rupture the hymen, but the lust and excitement prevailed. I pushed myself toward him and here I felt inside me an alien flesh that penetrated me deeper with every second. The dick entered me in the full lengths. I groaned with the overflowing pleasure, my sister and I joined our lips in a kiss and I started to make upward movements instinctively. Her husband’s cock was ramming my hole like a piston. And here came the moment when millions of suns shone and I lost my consciousness. When I came to my senses my sister and her husband were still caressing me.
It seemed that I freed from something in the lower part of my stomach. I looked there and saw that I was a little bit bleeding.
At the same time I was caressing my sister by the right hand and fondling her husband’s pecker by the left one.

- Now you should drink from this spring – said my sister into my ear.

The cock appeared in front my eyes and poked into my lips. I opened the mouth and it filled with the pulsating flesh. It moved like a hammer speeding up, straining, then stopped at one moment and his sperm filled my mouth, my throat. I tried to swallow it choking and crying with pleasure. Some part of semen flew out of my mouth and pathed over my chin. My sister nestled up to those paths and started to lick them off. I was delirious with joy. I propose a toast to the sex that brings us unforgettable pleasure.

Everybody drank to the toast. The hand of my wife was fiddling about with my dick intensively. Britney’s hand was already caressing my wife’s pubis and Amanda was fondling the girl’s breasts in her turn.

- Ten minutes beak! – I said and we all together rushed into the ocean.

My wife and the girls were slashing and diving. The guys were acting boldly now being excited by the stories. I went out of water and pulled off my swimming trunks.

- Can you do a thing like that?! – I cried out and dived right from the shore.

My wife followed my example and took off the left “ribbon” from her body and rushed into water. Everybody started following our suit. That was so amazing to see the young naked bodies swimming under the moonlit. The warm water wrapped our bodies round exciting our imagination. Now the guys were trying to touch my wife’s breasts, buttocks and pubis. I was keeping up with them. The girls tried to bush against my pecker and the dicks of the guys more fearlessly. I dove toward my wife and came up touching her body with my fingers. She clasped my cock and we joined our lips into kiss. I felt somebody’s hand touch over the hand of my wife and then over my dick. Megan emerged on the surface of water and laughed. I swam my wife off and Dylan took the place of mine. He was so close to my wife that he had to hug her just mechanically. He stood still for a moment and then dove and under the moonlit I saw a glitter in my wife’s eyes. I didn’t doubt that he was near her because Amanda’s hands were under the water. By all appearance Dylan pressed his lips against her slit. Here I felt that somebody touched my pecker with the lips under the water. In couples of seconds Britney came up next to me. She smiled and swam shoreward. We all followed her. Nobody wanted to put our cloths on again. Our women were Eves: slim beautiful bodies cover with water drops.

We took our seats. Amanda put her arm round Britney and the hand of the last hid between the thighs of my wife. Our faces were red but the most red were the dickheads that stuck like the legs of a table. The women had a good look at our peckers thinking about something.

- Well, Ashton, now it’s your turn. – I said.

- Honestly speaking I have nothing to tell about, – Ashton felt embarrassed. – I don’t have any experience in this field.

- Virgin, – laughed the other guys. – Don’t worry, this can be helped! In this case, let’s drink to the virgins who might break with it as soon as possible.

We all laughed and drank to the toast.

The story of my wife.
Every year I travel to Lexington to visit my relatives. Once I went by the train BC. I was along there though the compartment was meant for two travelers. I thought that the whole way I be by myself. I put on my short silk gown and made myself comfortable on the bunk reading the novel book. Three hours later after one of the stations somebody knocked at the door. Night was falling. I opened the door and saw a young guy about 20 years old. He was holding an attaché case. Having seen me he started to mumble something and bag his pardon. He looked at his ticket card then at the door number of the compartment.

- Probably we are the neighbors. – I smiled and went to the bunk again.

The co-traveler sat in front of me and started to look out of the window, glancing on me from time to time. It was getting dark. I took out of the bag some sandwiches and a bottle of Fanta. I asked him to some kind of dinner. He began to bustle and put on the table all the provisions that his mom prepared for the trip, I think.

- Sumptuous feast! – I laughed. – Well in this case we need something stronger to drink. – And I took out the bottle of liqueur.

- My name is Owen. – My neighbor introduced himself.

- I’m Amanda. Let’s drink to the meeting. – And we drank a little.

Owen relaxed a bit and he told me where he lived and what his purpose for the trip was. In that manner we ate the dinner and drank liqueur little by little. Several times I couch his glances on my breasts under the gown the more so they were seen to him. I was getting excited from it. About 11 p.m. there were no provisions and liqueur left. I went out to the aisle to smoke and Owen was preparing and going to sleep meanwhile. Having smoked the cigarette I entered the compartment. Owen turned his face to the wall and kept silent. I went to bunk and covered with the blanket. The rumble of wheels was rocking to sleep me but I was too excited. Here I saw the blanket movements of my neighbor. I shouldn’t be a Solomon to guess what he was doing there. “He is probably jerking off at me”, I smiled and my fingers entered my sweet hole. It was wet but of cause I wasn’t satisfied with it, especially when there was lying a young guy with strong rob. I got up and came to him quietly. With one swift gesture I tore the blanket off. The guy stared on me. His hand was still holding his dick that commanded respect for sure. I didn’t give him time to gather his wits and having knelt I took his dickhead into my mouth. Owen twitched at first but I swallowed his cock in its full length and my nose stuck against his stomach. I was sucking it, licking, kissing its dickhead and tenderly scratching the scrotum. Then my finger started fondling his asshole. He came pretty soon and his semen poured up my mouth and throat. I took his dick till the very end and drank all his love juice. Then I stood up and kissed his lips.

- Now it’s your turn to satisfy me. – I said and laid down to the bunk.

I threw open the gown and Owen knelt in front of my pussy. His lips were kissing my bud, his tongue penetrated me deep. He started licking off all of my juices. He kissed and sucked my clit. He licked all over my sweet pussy. I moaned with pleasure. I wanted more and arched my body toward his caresses. I got a living end orgasm and poured his face with my cum. He kept fondling me for about five minutes and I came again, then again. I was all in and leaned back. He stood over me staring.

- That’s the ticket! Thank you. – I said looking right into his eyes. – Now go to bed.

So my toast is to men who are to take the lead and never wait until a woman asks.

We drank to the toast. I heared about this story for the first time from my wife, perhaps she wanted to keep it secret. After that story the guys didn’t hinder the lust toward my wife and the girls. Megan was already fondling Jake’s penis. Amanda’s eyes glittered with fleshy lusts.

My story.
Not so long ago I was driving back home from my office. Before that we drank a little with the colleges, so I was tipsy. On the bus station I saw two young girls about 18. They waved their hands to me asking to stop. Well in some minutes they were seating at the back seat of my car and conversed in whispers about something. I smoked and one of them asked me a cigarette. Her voice was like spring. At the rear-view mirror I saw her eyes: they were so naïve and bold beyond her years at the same time. I gave them the block of cigarettes and allowed to smoke. They kept whispering and I heard from the distance “Think, when such opportunity can come up again.” Then that girl who asked me a cigarette said that they didn’t have money to pay me and I replied that I didn’t need their money because I was well-to-do man. Then the same girl asked how much I earn. I laughed and answered that my salary per month equals to their parent’s year earnings. And here the girl offered me to fuck them, no for free of cause. I even sobered up. I asked how much they wanted and the girl said that her friend was still a virgin and if I gave them 50$ I could try her. It got me excited and my dick was rushing out. Cool zero! I eagerly agreed and drove far from the highway. Having stopped the car I turned to them and said:

- Well, come on.

- Show us money!

I gave them the sum we agreed to. I unfolded the seat and said that at first they should suck my pecker. The virgin was confused, the other girl unzipped my trousers and said to her friend to watch first and then she was to do the same. She stared to lick my dickhead then her lips closed upon my cock. It was obvious that she was experienced in it, because she sucked my pines like a mature fellationist. The second girl was all eyes while her friend was impaling her mouth on the dick. Then the bold girl moved apart and the girl I was to take the virginity began to imitate her friend. Her mouth was pretty small and only the part of the dickhead entered her open mouth but it was absolutely different feeling. Something fresh and tender was caressing my cock enveloping me in some sort of mist. I was beyond myself with excitement. Then the virgin stopped, stood up and took off her cloths. She had petite breasts and long slim legs. Yeah, her legs were amazing. In two years she will be knockout. The girl laid down. I mover her legs apart and saw a small hole. It tempted me and I pressed my lips to it and started sucking those girlish lips of the vagina. The girl bent her body and groaned with pleasure. The taste and smell of her juice turned my head and excited every my every cell. When she was wet I raised a little over her and put my dick against her sweet fresh grotto. She was lying with her eyes closed. My hard-on dickhead moved a little apart her lips and half entered inside and was hampered by her barrier. The girl screamed a little.

- One more second and everything will be over. Hold on. – said her friend and took her hands.

I started to move my penis to and fro in order to get her used to the new sensation. Her lips tightly held my dickhead and it was so exciting. I just lost my head. I pressed the barrier a little bit harder. The girl groaned, bend her body and I roughly entered her. She screamed and I felt that the barrier was broken. I moved my cock inside and out smoothly. Her vagina was so tight that I hardly could work on her.

- Relax, – I said – the pain’s gone already.

She obeyed and it became easer to fuck her. She breathed heavily and felt that she liked it. I sped up and as soon as took my penis out of her the fountain of sperm covered her face, neck and stomach. Some blood dropped out of her vagina. I was in the seventh heaven. The girl hugged my head and gave me a hot kiss. So my toast is to the all women in the world who are grateful to us – men for those moments of pleasure that we give them sometimes.

Everybody drank. My wife snuggled up to me and whispered into my ear “That’s how you play me false?” I kissed her and said: “Is your train adventure also fib?” She laughed and toughed my rocky pecker.

- Now it’s your turn Britney, – I said

Britney stood up. At her slim mermaid figure were dancing the reflection of fire flames and moonlights. She started dancing caressing her body by herself. That was the everlasting dance of love. We clapped our hands beating time. Britney was fondling her neck and breasts. The body was moving like a wave. Her hands were caressing her thighs, belly and lowered to the cherished place. Then she arched her back and placed her hands to the ground, showing us her clean-shaven pussy. She remained in that posture staying on one hand, the other hand was fondling her pubis. Her fingers penetrated inside her slit and we all saw her love juices pouring down. After that she unbent and lick her fingers wet with her cum. That was her story. We kept silent and stared at her. She was amazing. My wife crept up to her as if she was in the state of hypnoses. Her ass was moving so inviting. Amanda pressed her lips to Britney’s bud and the last groaned. That was the challenge to all of us. I ran up to my wife and drove my dick into her vagina. Amanda moaned. She was wet. I didn’t pay attention to anyone and kept fucking my wife, looking into Britney’s eyes at the same time. I heard some noise behind me. I glanced back. Megan was lying face up and Jake’s pecker was ramming her slit furiously. She held two cocks in her head and tried to kiss them by turn. Only Ashton stood still and stared at that brilliant show. His organ was pretty big. I beckoned him up to me. He came and I let him use me wife. Amanda didn’t get that now another man was fucking her. I came from the front and pulled down Britney’s shoulders. She immediately understood what I wanted and laid to her back. My wife was standing on her four over Britney and licked her clit. At the same time Britney was fondling Amanda’s clit and licked Ashton’s penis that fucked my wife’s cunt. Amanda got everything she was dreaming about for a long time. I raised a little Britney’s legs and entered her. My wife looked at me and I read the satisfaction in her eyes. I bent forward to her and kissed her lips keeping fucking Britney. Her vagina was pulsating in the time with my pushes. She tightened her cunt and it drove me crasy. I was furiously ramming her hole and kissing my wife at the same time. Amanda started moving sped up and I go that she was near to come. I was near to burst into cum either. I pulled my pecker out of the girl and pushed it into my wife’s open mouth. She began to suck it deeply. Lion’s roaring threw out from my throat and I came. Amanda swallowed every drop of my semen. Squelching Ashton took out his shaft from my wife and pulled it inside Britney’s mouth filling her with his sperm too.

Britney wasn’t experienced in it very much that was why the bulk part of semen poured on her face. Her orgasm was so intensive that she was even trembling. My wife turned around and planted a passionate kiss on Britney’s lips, mixing my semen with Ashton’s one. They started to lick each other. Megan’s face was all covered with guys’ cum and her hole was squelching with sperm of Jake. Megan collected the life-giving liquid from the face with by her fingers and licked it. My wife raised a little, clung to Megan’s blossomed out flower and started drinking the flowing out semen. Our women were played out. We drank some more wine. In several minutes we took our beauties and brought them to the water. The ocean cooled them and again laugh and splashes of water resounded around. When we got to the beach the horizon was already lighter than at night. It was a wonderful sunrise. We were much tied and went to sleep. Amanda hugged me and kissed.

- Do you like the vacation?

- Yeah, it’s a pure dream. You’ve been irresistible. I love you for that. – I said. – It seemed to me that you liked Britney? – I asked her.

- Yes, she is very beautiful. There is some special thrill in her. Her hole is so sweet and the juices like honey.

- Don’t make me feel sore at heart. Otherwise I’ll bring her here in order to taste.

- Good idea! – Amanda raised a little on her elbow and I saw a glitter in her eyes.

Here the tent opened and Britney came to us as if she was listening to our talk. Without saying a word she laid down next to my wife and kissed her. Amanda put her arms around the girl’s waist and passion fired in them again. They were caressing each other in ecstasy paying no attention on me. And when Britney was under my wife I moved her legs apart and nestled to her flower. The wife was right. The taste of that nectar was truly unforgettable. I sipped it and enjoyed it. The women turned me to the back without saying a word and two greedy mouths began fondling my dick. They joined their lips in a kiss and between them was my hard-on shaft. Amanda set her hole in front of my face and I started licking it. Britney was riding on my pecker smoothly. The women were kissing each other again. Then they changed their roles and I felt that sweet nectar taste on my lips one more time. The wave of strong orgasm stroke them and they fell down near me. They started caressing me again and my hot cum filled in the mouth of Britney. Now she knew what to do. She bent toward Amanda and kissed her on the mouth, sharing my love juice with my wife. I woke up late. The sun was shinning brightly. I was lying between two wonderful women whom I loved.
The whole week we spent on that beach. And as the darkness fell, we played different games that ended with wild orgies. Amanda was happy. The guys were labored at her even harder than at their girls. Well and I satisfied every lust of Britney and Megan. At the departure day we swapped the telephone numbers. We didn’t talk on the way back home. It was boring. Every one of us was reminding that sweet days.

In some days Amanda and our daughter will go abroad and I’ll be along for about half a year. But yesterday there was a doorbell ring. My wife went to open it. I heard that she opened the door and silence reigned.

- Who was there? – I cried from the living room.

But in return there was only silence. I set the gown strait and went to look who came. There was standing Amanda and tightly kissed Britney. Then they turned to me and I could read a wild love to me and to each other. Now I think “everything’s gonna be all right, everything’s gonna be ok!” I was happy too.

At the lake

My wife hates to be treated rudely and brutally in everyday life. But as for sex, it’s possible here. Everything is possible, actually. Jennie loves when I sort of rape her. She loves me to fling her on the bed, rip off her clothes and lingerie, feel up her tits, paying special attention to her tiny nipples. Then I usually turn her on her stomach, making her get on all fours, and start ramming both of her holes with my fingers. She usually cums in about two minutes of my wild drill. Then I impale her pussy on my dick, and then I enter her butt suddenly. She usually cums again. By this moment I feel like cumming too. Then I take my cock out of her rectum, pull her by the hair and make her suck on the dick. Her hot frisky tongue makes me spurt semen in her throat. She often swallows some and then lets the sperm get on her face. She loves to slap my stem across the face, spreading the cum over it. I’m holding her hair, tossing her head back. It makes her cum again.

That’s how we usually have fun. Of course, it lasts a bit longer and it can be very exciting and fantastic. But that’s not the point. I’m gonna tell you a story that changed our family life completely.

It was summer. We decided to make a picnic by the lake. I loved the place. It seemed to be untouched by civilization and not spoiled by humans. It was a real oasis of virgin forest not far from our town. So, we arrived there. I must confess I dislike swimming in lakes and oceans, but Jennie loves it. I can’t get why a pool and Jacuzzi aren’t enough for her! So I was lying in the sun (I didn’t know why I was doing it when actually I spent a lot of time in tanning salon every week). Jennie went to the car to put on her bikini. She was absent for some 20 minutes. When she got back I found out that “we left the main thing at home”. She didn’t find her bikini. She said she wouldn’t get in the water in her expensive lingerie. It took her a moment to think up the decision. She pulled off her panties and her bra, and then rushed into water.

My Jennie is very beautiful. She’s slender and tall. Her butt is very firm, as well as her big boobs. And I love her waist – it’s so thin. She looks just marvelous, and she’s only 29 now!

So, I get back to my story. I closed my face with a magazine, hoping to get some nap in the hot sun. Jennie was swimming in the lake. I was lying on the sand, imagining her body in the water. I was thinking of sun beams on her slender body. I could almost physically see her small nipples get hard. My dick was getting hard too. I felt sort of uncomfortable and tight in my swimming trunks. I took it in my hand then, jerking.

All of a sudden I heard some noise. I stood up and looked around. I saw four guys. They were absolutely naked; their flaccid cocks were hanging between their legs. First, they saw our car. As the car was really great, it immediately attracted their attention.

-Wow! – One of them said.

And then they saw me. They saw me looking at their nude bodies. It was embarrassing. One of them covered his cock with the clothes he was holding.


-Hi. – I must say I was no less embarrassed.

Firstly, my dick was still hard. Secondly, my naked wife was swimming several yards away from us. I tried to do my best not to embarrass her too.

-Listen guys, can you choose some other place for rest, please?

-Why is that? – The one with the clothes said defiantly. –Have you bought this place?

-No, but we came here first.

-And we live not far from here. So this is our place.

They passed me by, heading for the beach. They dropped their clothes on the ground. They were standing still, looking at me and at my wife. She finally noticed them. She was apparently surprised. She was standing in the water waist-deep, letting the guys see her big tits with dark nipples. They were leering at her, whispering something to each other. The situation made me real hot! I love porn moves with gang bangs (Jennie loves them too!). But I couldn’t even dream about THAT kind of hardcore action.

I saw one of the guys going to me, while the rest were sitting on the ground, looking at Jennie. She regained control over the situation and drew herself deep in the water, looking at their young bodies.

-Hey man, we’ve got something for you. – The guy said, coming close to me. – You’ll let us have fun with your chick, and we’ll let you stay here for long.

His suggestion made me even hotter; I was on the verge of cumming. The guy’s cock was hard now. It was red and throbbing. I imagined his dick entering Jennie’s butt. That thought made me dizzy.

-OK, – I said. – But I guess she won’t agree to it.

-Then you gotta talk her in.

-No, guys, you do it yourself. But generally, I have nothing against your suggestion. But… Don’t slap her across the face. She’s my woman, anyway.

-She is a bitch, so it’s OK. – He replied.

Man, I can’t believe it! They thought my wife to be a hooker! Well, let them think so.

-Anyway, be careful with her, do you hear me, man?

-Don’t worry, dude. – Everything will be great. By the way, I’m Calvin.

He stretched his hand, I shook it.

-I’m Cameron.

Calvin went back to his friends. They were discussing something for several minutes; they were looking at Jennie now and then. I looked at her too. It was amazing! She was masturbating under the water! That was for sure, I saw it in her eyes. It was gonna be great naughty fun… Calvin stood up, caressing his dick and cried out loud:

-OK, guys, let’s swim!

They all stood up and went into the water. The closer they got the more I saw of my wife’s body over the water. The teens were standing round her, examining her body, sharing their expressions: “cool chick,” “nice boobs”, “look her nipples are really hard”. One of them put his hands on her boobs, feeling them up. Jennie closed her eyes and tossed her head back. Calvin stretched his hand, caressing her other tit. His hand slipped lower to her stomach and even lower to her pussy (Jennie got all so tense!). His hands were playing with her bush under the water and then slid between her hips.

Jennie was moaning. Her moaning was a signal for the guys to go on. They started feeling up her knockers and her butt. Then they pulled her back to the lakeside. She started jerking. I understood her to be pretending a rape victim. Well, the guys didn’t know about my wife’s love to this kind of games. So, they thought she really didn’t wanna go with them. So they had to use force to make her do it. That’s exactly what she wanted.

They threw her on the sand. Calvin was standing over her face for her to suck him. He pushed her hands under his legs and started caressing her body. Jennie was bucking, not really willing them to let her go. Two other guys spread her hips wide. The third one started playing with her pussy. He spread the vulva lips with his hand, while his index finger was fondling her opened snatch. Jennie arched her back, throbbing in delight. She caught Calvin’s scrotum with her lips, trying to get to his balls. Calvin was pinching her nipples.

Meantime, the guy who was studying her twat, poked his dick at her wet hole and entered her cunt. It made Jennie buck more vigorously. The guy came in several seconds. He spent some time lying on her, then took his flaccid dick out of her bosom and moved to aside to watch the show. Another guy took his place, ramming into her. The guy was taller; his dick wasn’t long, but thick. He was caressing her wet lips and the pink circle of her anus. My wife started swaying her pelvis as if inviting him in. She set her hands free and was pinching Calvin’s nipples, while caressing his scrotum with her lips. The thick-dick guy raised her legs up, drilling her butt with his fingers. Jennie was moaning non-stop.

Then the guy entered her vagina and then tried to enter her asshole. He couldn’t do it at first, but then Jennie helped him. He started owning her butt like crazy, slapping his heavy balls against her buttocks. Jennie let the balls out of her mouth, she was crying. The guy came too. Jennie was lying on the sand with her legs moved apart; thick white semen was flowing from her pussy and her anus.

Calvin stood up and made my wife get on her knees. He was prodding his hard-on at her face. Jennie cupped her hands round his buttocks and sucked into his cock. She was fondling the dickhead with her tongue, sucking on the dick. She never stopped caressing his buttocks; her fingers were getting closer to his asshole. The other guy was fingering Jennie’s holes with his fingers too.
Then she turned Calvin around, asking him to bend down a bit. Her fingers spread his cheeks. She stared licking his hole. She’d never done it to me! She was stretching the hole with her fingers, trying to thrust her tongue as deep as possible. Calvin was bucking; he surely liked what she was doing. Jennie changed her tongue for a finger. She got back to giving him head. He didn’t last long. Soon he came in her mouth. The last guy took his place, and Jennie did the same thing to him as to Calvin. By the time the last guy came, the other three were ready to go on.

Jennie took up the initiative. She made all of them get on the knees and stick out their butts. She was pleasing them with her tongue, her hands, fondling their dicks. There were many interesting things. She sucked each of them, then each of them fucked all her holes (she was pleasing all four of them at once a couple of times – she used her butt, her pussy, her mouth and her hands). They used all the positions they knew. Jennie never said “no”, she was cumming over and over again.

The guys got tired in a couple of hours, they were going to leave. Jennie gave each of them a good-bye kiss on the lips, dick, and ass. The guys said good bye to both of us and left, discussing their gang bang.

Jennie crept up to me. She was wet (she got in the water when the guys left) and satisfied. I was lying on my back, leaning on my elbows. Jennie kissed me passionately. I felt sperm on her lips. She was kissing my face, my neck, my chest, and my stomach. Then she pulled off my wet through pants (what?! I’d come several times not even touching my dick!!!) Her hot tongue was roaming over my balls, sliding along the stem up to the dickhead. She was holding the shaft with her lips, sucking into it. I pushed her to aside soon. I raised my legs and poked her face in my butt. She got what I wanted. She started licking my anus. When it was well lubricated with her saliva, she started ramming it with her finger. What was it like? I don’t know it wasn’t bad. Was it nice? I wouldn’t say that. It was unusual. It was arousing and unusual.

Then Jennie sucked in my dick again, trying to please my ass at the same time too. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I was so hot that my arousal made all unpleasant sensations dull. I came. I was crying like a real beast. Sperm was spurting on Jennie’s face, but she was still caressing the dickhead with the tip of her tongue. She was still screwing my hole with her finger. My orgasm was long and very bright.

When it was all over, I pulled Jennie closer and kissed her, tasting my own semen on her face. I realized we started a new chapter in our sexual life. What will happen next?

Lara Croft and the Elf 4

Here’s the 4th part where Arwen, Lara and Elbereth travel to Lorien to visit the grandest king in the whole land, Celebron. Lara wants to become immortal to stay young with Arwen forever and ends up meeting a handsome guy by the name of Steven on the way there…..wait and find out what happens between now and when they get to Lorien…I dedicate this part of the story to my boyfriend, Steven, who reluctantly agreed to put him in this part. Thanks Steven! You make up most of this part!

Arwen slowly woke up, eyelashes fluttering till her eyes focused on Lara who was lying next to her. Arwen smiled at her new wife. She slid her hand under the blanket and over Lara’s naked body. She slipped her hand between Lara’s thighs and began working at her clit. When it was rock hard and Lara was moaning, she slid 2 fingers into her hole. Lara gasped and woke up. Arwen giggled and said,”Morning sleepy head. We didn’t get to have any fun last night, soooo I’m taking my fun now.”

And at that she pulled the blanket back as Lara smiled and stretched her body out, preparing herself for a great tongue job. Sure enough, Arwen got between Lara’s legs and was tonguing her pussy. It didn’t take long for Lara to say,”Oh god, I’m cumminggggggg!!!!” Arwen held her tongue at the entrance to Lara’s hole and scooped up every single drop of her juices that came out. “MMMMMMMM that was good. I swear your juices get sweeter everyday.” Lara held herself from laughing. Instead she sat up and pulled a giggling Arwen to her and made her sit in her lap.

She pressed her lips to hers and they tongue-kissed passionatly for several minutes while Lara slid her fingers in and out of Arwen’s sweet pussy. “MMMMM Arwen, I’ve got to tell you something..something very important. “Lara stopped everything and turned her full attention on Arwen and spoke. “Elrond pointed out a fact to me at our wedding…somehing I never even thought of. I’m going to age, when you will stay this way forever. He even told me a way how to become immortal. Celebron, the king of Lorien can make me immortal. Please, Arwen, will you come with me to visit him? I need you with me always. You really don’t want the sadness of ever losing me, do you?”

The whole time Lara talked, Arwen sat there in thought. She sat and considered what Lara had said. “I will go. We can start out around noon, if you wish.” “Lets take Elbereth too. I’m pretty sure she’s never been away from here.” “OK, lets take her.” They got dressed and sent for Elbereth. She came and thought that they were going to play a bit, but they told her the story and she agreed to go with them.

They packed up what they needed and left while every elf sang a beautiful farewell song to them. They traveled on 3 horses and 1 horse to carry the supplies. They traveled 15 leagues that day and then they stopped for camp by a river. They set up their tent and made a small fire to cook with. They caught a rabbit and skinned it. They cooked it with herbs and roots and had dinner. Later that night, they went into the tent and undressed. It was a hot summer’s night, so no one wanted to sleep with clothes on. Lara layed down and pressed herself against Arwen’s back. Her hot skin heightened Arwen’s desire. She felt Lara rocking back and forth until Arwen finally turned over and began kissing Lara all over her body.

Elbereth turned over and saw what was happening. She crawled over to Arwen and began kissing her way down from her neck, down her back, down to her pussy, which was in the air by now. Her skin was tingling from the soft kisses left behind by Elbereth. Elbereth’s hair tickling her all the way down, and even now it layed curled up on her ass cheek as she licked her pussy. Elbereth slid her tongue between Arwen’s pussy lips and back up to her ass. She wiggled her tongue around her asshole and then back down to her pussy. Arwen gasped when she felt the girl’s hot tongue on her asshole. Arwen tongued Lara even more, then moved down to her breasts and circled the areolas with her tongue.

Lara moaned and her eyes rolled upward in pleasure. Arwen slid her tongue over Lara’s breasts, over her soft belly, around her belly button, teasing her soooo much. She reached her pussy lips and tickled each one with just the tip of her tongue. Lara groaned, back arching in pleasure. Arwen slid her tongue down her slit and back up. She brushed against her clit and electricity coursed through her veins all over her body. She arched her back and moaned,”I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I’m CUMMING!!!!” She came all over Arwen’s tongue and face.

Elbereth slid her fingers between Arwen’s pussy lips and into her hole. Arwen gasped as the 2 fingers entered her as she felt Elbereth’s tongue circle her way around her back. Arwen was bucking her hips as she came closer and closer to cumming. Elbereth went faster until she felt Arwen’s pussy clench around her fingers. She felt her hot cum squirting all over her breasts and belly.

“MMMMMMMM,”moaned Arwen as she felt the sweet release of her flowing nectar. They fell asleep in each others arms with a smile on each of their beautiful faces. The next morning, they woke up and packed everything up. They mounted their horses and took off. Elbereth couldn’t stop looking at everything. The world was beautiful to her. Arwen rode up to her and slipped her hand under Elbereth’s riding dress and rubbed her clit. That got her attention back. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”asked Arwen. Elbereth nodded and looked straight ahead. They saw a cloud of dust in the distance and stopped.

It got closer and closer until the person must have spotted them. They stopped and came slower. When they saw they were women, they rode their horse up to them more faster. Lara saw that it was a guy that rose the horse. He must have been about 6’4 with beautiful, thick brown hair. When he got close enough for her to see his eyes, she saw that they were hazel with some gold and brown specks mixed in. They thought that he was so handsome. “So, what brings you out here?”asked Arwen who was closer to him. “I’m a messenger to the King of Lorien.

Which brings me back to my question. What are 3 such lovely young ladies doing out here by yourselves? By the way, my name is Steven. What’s yours?” They told him their story, or at least part of it. They didn’t tell him they were elves and they didn’t tell anything except that they were on their way to Lorien. “This is Lara, Elbereth, and I’m Arwen,”said Arwen and she gave him a cute little smile and winked at him. He seemed to accept the story and offered to go with them. They agreed and set off to Lorien. They traveled a vast distance that day. It became sunset and they stopped to put up their tents. Steven noticed the girls only had one tent and thought it strange. He finally just cast it out of his head and finished with his tent. They ate some of Steven’s food and went to bed.

During the night he heard the girl’s moaning and giggling and he wondered what they were doing. He heard them come out of their tent and waited to see what they would do. What they did still surprised him to this day. They opened his tent and came in fully naked. He looked as their skin was illuminated in the glow of the full moon. They were beautiful beyond compare. The walked…no, no, no, they glided…over to him and layed in his arms. Arwen began to trail her hand down his naked chest, over his rippling muscles, down to his rock-hard cock.

She grasped it and slowly played with it. Steven groaned deep in his throat. Meanwhile, Lara went down to his cock and licked and sucked on it to the same rythm as Arwen was playing with it. Elbereth wanted more. She straddled his face and Steven could smell her wonderful exotic smell. He could almost taste the juices that were flowing over her thighs. He reached up and pulled her pussy to his mouth and he slid his tongue to her thighs, tasting her juices, slowly and teasingly making his way to her burning pussy. He slid his tongue up and down her slit, going deeper and deeper till he brushed her over-sensitive clit. White fire burned from her clit to every part of her body. Steven then started rubbing her clit, stroking the inferno inside her even more. He slipped in 1, 2, even 3 fingers!

“Oh godddddddd. Righttttt thereeee!!!!!!” Elbereth yelled as an earth-shattering orgasm ripped through her body down to her pussy as oceans of sweet cum splashed into Steven’s hungry mouth. Lara and Elbereth switched places and Steven wasted no time. He buried his tongue deep in her pussy as Lara fought for sanity as wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through every vein in her body. They heard a wolf howl at the moon outside. The elves perked up and listened to it. At that moment, Steven saw their pointed ears and knew they were elves. Oh my god. They are elves, thought Steven. They have sexual appetites beyond human. How can I keep up with them? At that time, Arwen straddled his cock and slammed down on it. The feeling was beyond human. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. Her pussy was silky smooth and he glided in easily. She was so tight that it took all his will-power not to cum yet. He groaned deep in the back of his throat as she raised herself up and slammed herself back down.

Lara slid off of Steven and laid down beside him, panting and trying to catch her breath. Elbereth came up to her and laid down and begain tongue kissing her, their tongues entwining together. Steven grabbed Arwen’s hips and helped her ride him. He moved his hands all over her soft body up to her breasts. He drew her down to him and he took one of her nipples into his mouth. She sat in mid-air as he slammed his cock into her repeatedly. The feeling was so intense as her juices ran over his cock and onto his stomache. Arwen was moaning as his cock entered her pussy over and over again. Elbereth stroked Lara’s clit and pussy hole.

Arwen yelled as her orgasm ripped through her pussy. Her legs trembled as the orgasm passed, back arching with her nipples still in Steven’s mouth. Steven gave one final push and his hot, boiling cum filled Arwen’s fiery pussy. He groaned as Arwen’s tight pussy milked every single last drop from his cock. He slipped into oblivion and fell asleep. The girls quietly slipped out of the tent and back to their own to get some sleep.

She finally stopped teasing him and got down to business. Her head bobbed to the same rythm as she was finger-fucking herself. He stopped her and told her to get on her hands and knees. When she did, he positioned himself behind her and rubbed the head of his cock around her clit, than her hole. When it was completely wet, he let himself slide into her silky-smooth pussy. Her pussy contracted, which made her legs spasm and her toes curl. It was sweet heavenly bliss when he pulled out and went in.

Each time he went a little faster until finally she had her ass in the air and she was resting on her elbows. He was slamming into her with such speed and force, she must have cummed about 6 times already, each one better than the last. He gave one final push, a grunt, than he shot his load deep inside her womb. She gave a cry so similar to an eagle’s and came one last time. Steven listened to that cry and thought it the most beautiful he had ever heard. They cleaned up and packed up everything. They got dressed and loaded up the horses. They mounted and rode on their way to Lorien. They reached Lorien around nightfall. By this time, they were so tired they almost fell off their horses while riding.

All the elves in Lorien welcomed them by singing a wonderful song. Lara smiled at all the elves. A handsome elf came up to them and asked them who they were and what their business was. Lara told them who they were and that they came to see Celebron. She told them what business they had was between them and Celebron. The elf nodded and took them to the king. When they reached his room, he left them. Celebron looked at the 3 elven girls and thought them even more beautiful than the females here. He shook his head to clear it and went back to business.

“Yes? What did you need me so much for to travel all the way from your distant land?”

Lara got to telling her story, all of it. Steven listened to everything since they didn’t tell him all of it. From what he learned, he found out that all 3 were lesbians…well, no, more like bi because they liked guys too…and that they traveled here for Lara to gain immortality. It all sounded strange to him learning all this stuff that he never knew before. Celebron thought all of this over and finally he agreed he will grant it, but she had to collect the item he needed in another part of the country. Lara sighed at the thought of more traveling. She turned around and looked at Steven and said,”I’ll only go if Steven goes with us.” Nothing more did she say. She waited for his answer, and he finally said he would go. Lara almost jumped in his arms, but was so tired she couldn’t.

“Please, join me for dinner and than my guards can escort you to your rooms, or room if you wish,”said Celebron with a wicked smile on his face.

“One will do for now. We will only stay for tonight and tomorrow morning. We will set out around noon. I miss my family a lot,”said Arwen. “And thank you kind sir for inviting us to dine with you.” She gave him a quick curtsey and sat down at the table in there. Everyone followed and sat down. “If you don’t mind, sir, I would like to have my own room,”said Steven with a slight blush. “So be it,”said Celebron and he clapped his hands 3 times and guards brought in delicous looking foods. Lara just had to have a bit of everything. During dinner, Celebron made conversation with the girls, learning where they came from, who their family was, and much more. After dinner they were escorted to their rooms. The guars left and everyone undressed and got in bed.

From left to right was Lara, Arwen, then Elbereth. Celebron, in the middle of the night, snuck into their room, naked. He stood there and admired their soft skins, especially Lara. He saw that Arwen was cuddled up to Lara, and Elbereth up to Arwen. They were all so beautiful, so soft, and so close to him that he just wanted to touch them everywhere with his hands, his tongue…his hard cock that just begged for attention.

Lara heard a noise as Celebron stepped and made a creak. She sat up too fast for him to escape, and she saw him. Her eyes traveled over his body, trying to figure out who it was. She saw it was Celebron and she gasped. She hurried to make sure she was covered up, and of course Arwen and Elbereth. “Shhhhhhhh. I won’t hurt you,”whispered Celebron. Lara’s eyes traveled to his hard dick and she licked her lips as she got wetter and wetter looking at it. It must have been about 9″ long. Celebron had long blond hair. Not long long, just below the shoulders kind of long. He had grey eyes that looked like the sea during a storm, so deep yet so tender. Celebron moved forward until he was just 2″ from her hungry mouth. She opened her steaming mouth and let her tongue come to the head of his cock.

She wrapped her hand around the shaft of his cock and wrapped her tongue around the head of his cock. Celebron almost came right on the spot at her soft touch. Arwen stirred and moaned in her sleep. She turned over and faced Elbereth, who was content on just sleeping. Lara let the blanket slip and Celebron got a great look at her breats. They were woderful and so full, yet so soft to the touch. He cupped her breats and tweaked them as she jumped. She slid her mouth over his cock and back up again. Celebron rolled his head back, moaning softly as she pulled the blanket off completely. He looked down and she layed down, offering his pussy to him.

He went down on his knees and slid hisfinger up and down her slit, getting her hotter every second. He went forward and kissed her thighs and she moaned, working his way from her thigs to her hot pussy. She was in heaven as his tongue dug into her slit and went straight for her clit. She gasped as his rough tongue went in a circle around clit, touching it with the tip of his tongue every time. He stood up and cupped her breats, sucking on each one and going to the next till they were rock-hard. He stood up and looked down at Lara.

“Fuck me,”whispered Lara as she rubbed her clit invitingly. Celebron didn’t need to be told twice. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down her slit, gathering her juices. He moaned as he pushed his cock into her silky smooth pussy. He grabbed her hips and finished sliding completely into her. “MMMMMMMMMM,”moaned Lara as Celebron pulled out and pushed in again. He pulled her towards him more and slammed his cock into her harder and harder with such force and such speed that Lara came. Her cum drenched Celebron’s cock and dripped on the bed. “Oh god,”whispered Lara as softly as she could. Her breathing became labored as she fought for sanity as he slammed into her repeatedly, harder and faster than she thought was possible.

Celebron grunted as he pulled out and came all ove Lara’s belly. Thick, creamy cum went all over her belly and her breasts, even some hit her mouth. She licked the spots where it hit her. Celebron gave one last look at her and left. He needed to hurry up, it was almost day time. Lara whispered good-bye to him and he left. She went back to sleep, luckily without anymore interruptions.

Jen at DFW – fantasies come true

As her strap-on cock pulled slowly out of my ass, I felt a slight burn as I anticipated the larger cock head stretching my ass and popping out.

The pleasure was overwhelming me as she pulled the last inch of her rubber cock out of me. I collapsed on the bed feeling nothing but he sudden emptiness in my ass.

After a few moments Jen was pushing at me to get me to roll over and expose my semen coated cock to her hungry lips. As I rolled over she captured my well lubed cock with her mouth and began sucking it with her tongue swishing around the sensitive head. My cock began to harden fully again as my beautiful Korean friend applied her significant oral talents to my rod.

Here I was in a hotel room in Dallas just having had my ass fucked and with my cock buried between the lovely lips of my fun loving friend Jen. Korean, short, thin, with long dark blue-black hair, and a set of gorgeous D-cup breasts, Jen had taken a flight to Dallas after work to meet me at the DFW airport hotel for a night of sex that would be taboo to our respective mates.

I met Jen when she was in medical school in Chicago while on a blind date with some friends. We hit it off immediately but never had a chance to date as her schedule was filled with the final year of med school and the following time as an intern. But, I’d not forgotten her and her incredible Asian body and sweet, fun loving smile.

A few years ago, while watching television I was doing searches on the Internet of various past girlfriends and thought to search for Jen. I found her by searching her name and medical school.
Jen’s smiling face was on the page I found along with her email address so I thought I’d innocently say hello by email. I didn’t feel guilty doing this as we had never been lovers or dated so I thought of it as just contacting an old friend.

Over the next several months Jen and I caught up with each others’ lives via email and began to form a nice friendship through the written word. Jen was not shy when we met years before and nothing had changed. She was direct and open about many things including her sex life.

In one email I explained how my marriage was happy, much happier than hers seemed to be, but how my wife just wasn’t creative in bed and had limited interest in fulfilling my fantasies. And, not have any fantasies of her own, my wife just didn’t understand how powerful these thoughts were.

Jen responded with a customary, for her, direct proposal that we should get together somewhere and have a little adult fun! Who was I to disagree and I didn’t. I had been thinking similar things for a while and had put some thought into how we could most easily get together. Both of us live in cities with many flights daily to the big Dallas Fort Worth airport and it has a big hotel on-site. So, I suggested we take a trip to meet each other some late afternoon. We could even fly back home on the red eye if we couldn’t stay overnight.

Jen agreed that this would work well for her and we began emailing each other for several more weeks with explicit sex stories and details of our various fantasies.
That brings us to tonight, our first meeting at the hotel in the Dallas airport with her sexy mouth giving my cock a workout after she had just fucked me in the ass with a brand new strap-on dildo. As my cock hardened to full attention, Jen moved up to kiss me and shared my semen with me in a very passionate, sexy kiss. There is nothing like the super slick feeling of a long kiss with a lot of semen lubricating the lips!

Jen then asked me how I enjoyed having my ass fucked as she knew this was something I had really been looking forward to.  “Jen, I loved it. You were great!” I told her enthusiastically. “How about you let me fill your little sexy ass up with the vibrator while I lick your clit?” I asked.

“Go for it sexy!” she said. I moved down to Jen’s wet and shaved pussy and began exploring with my tongue while I reached over and grabbed the small vibrator we had already used to warm up. I coated it generously with my natural semen and slid it into Jen’s tight ass while licking her clit faster.

As I licked her pussy and pushed the vibrator in and out of her ass at an increasing rate, I looked up and saw the sexy sight of Jen massaging her giant tits and pinching her hard nipples as her moans were moving closer to screams.

In just a few more moments, Jen’s tight thighs clamped down on my head and she began to buck in short spasms as she climaxed with the vibrator in her ass and my tongue darting across her clit. After she released her grip on me, I moved back up and shared her sweet juices with her in another long kiss while leaving the vibrator humming in her tight ass. As I began to pull the vibrator from her ass, she arched her back and moaned deeply as it pulled free from her sphincter. “How did you like it?” I asked. “Wonderful,” she whispered in my ear, “now I’m ready for your cock up my backdoor.” “Rollover baby,” I said as I nudged her over and began spreading her ass checks.

I got up on my knees, reached over and grabbed some KY lube, and started to lube her ass and my cock up. I began sliding my cock head across her asshole applying a bit more pressure on each pass. “Go ahead, fuck my ass,” she moaned. “My cock is about to slide deeply into your ass,” I replied knowing that both of us are very audio oriented and love the descriptive language.

I began pushing my cock against her sphincter and as she relaxed her muscles my cock began to slide into her tight hole. Jen began pushing back against my cock causing me to sink deeper in her ass quickly.

As she began to moan and tell me repeatedly to fuck her ass I began to move in and out slowly with her asshole tightly pulling against my cock. As I increased the speed, she lifted herself up on her elbows which allowed her huge breasts to swing freely under her.

Just looking at her ass in front of me with hips curving out was enough, but adding the sight of those breasts swinging was about all I could take. I slowed down to try and prolong my time before orgasm but she just stimulated me by moving her ass muscles to clamp down on my cock.

“I’m going to shoot my load up your ass,” I shouted. “Fuck my ass, come in my ass!” Jen shouted back. As I began to shoot my hot cum up her ass, Jen’s ass clamped down on me in rhythmic spasms which just milked my cock empty. My cock began to shrink and her spasms pushed me out of her tight ass. “Wow!” she said breathlessly as she collapsed onto the sheets. “Wow, back at you,” I said as I collapsed next to her looking into her pretty eyes. “Let’s go take a shower,” she said as she began to get up and pull me behind her.

We took a long shower with each other as we soaped and cleaned and stimulated each other under the warm water in the large Roman tub. As we enjoyed this time together we talked more about our fantasies.

Jen told me that, like me, she had been using a small to medium sized dildo on her own ass when masturbating for some time but had never had a live cock in her ass until tonight. Her husband thought it was gross and would have nothing to do with it.

She said that my real cock felt a hundred times better as it was warm and had a completely different feeling than the rubber or rigid plastic dildos. She also said that when I shot my load in her ass that the hot liquid feeling as incredible. All this description did was increase my own curiosity about having a live cock up my ass too!

I told Jen about this and she smiled devilishly, with my cock all soaped up sliding between her hands, and asked: “Why don’t we do something about that?” She said I should be able to experience what she did in all but the hot load as she would insist that a condom cover any other live dick that went up my ass. I agreed. After the shower, we got dressed. Jen put on an outfit so sexy there is no way she would wear it out back home in Chicago. It showcased her big breasts well as it was basically a bustier and mini-skirt with a tiny little transparent jacket covering her shoulders.

I put on the pair of black lacy front panties that Jen had bought for me as the fulfillment of another of my desires. I’d worn panties often when my wife wasn’t around as she didn’t like it. Tonight I got to enjoy even more silky softness on my skin as Jen had also bought me a black camisole to wear under my shirt. I felt great when she told me that I looked really sexy in the lingerie.

We went to a restaurant in the hotel to have dinner having changed from our plan of room service. The idea was to go to the hotel bar after dinner and see if Jen and I could pick up a willing live cock to further my fantasy fulfillment.

It wouldn’t surprise me if our waiter and the busboys in the restaurant had to go in the back and jerk off a couple of times each during dinner by the way they were enjoying Jen and her sexy breasts!
While they were all noticing her, I noticed a young looking busboy who looked to be from somewhere in the Pacific Islands. He had tan smooth skin, was thin and couldn’t have been more than 5’ 2” or so – just an inch or two taller than Jen.

I mentioned quietly to Jen that I would like to try and get him to join us as I found his fairly effeminate and oriental body and features somewhat attractive. Jen said that she would do her best but on the next trip she wanted big muscular Texas cowboy!

The never shy Jen got up before I could even rise and pull her chair out for her and made her way toward the ladies room. On the way, she motioned for our target busboy to come closer. I couldn’t tell what she was telling him but I could see his eyes locked on her cleavage while she spoke and I thought I saw a bit of a blush come across his face but it was hard to tell due to the dark lighting and his dark skin.

Jen continued on to the ladies room and while she was gone, the young busboy approached our table and spoke. “The lady said that you wanted to see me,” he said. I was a bit stunned as I assumed she had said much more to him. I didn’t quite know what to say but just as I was about to recover, he said more. “Nude. She said you would like to see me without my clothes and that I could see her if I went along. Is this true?” he asked rather matter of factly.
“Yes, and you can do more than look if all goes well,” I replied.

He smiled and said that she had already given him our room number and that he would join us soon after we left as the dining room was due to close soon. “What is your name?” I asked.
“Tran,” he replied, smiled and turned to walk away passing Jen as she returned to the table. It was clear that his eyes remained on her chest the whole way. “How’d it go?” Jen asked me.
“Great, chalk up another man as victim to your sexy body,” I said grinning broadly.
“He’s coming up to the room just after we leave,” I added as Jen reached her hand across the table and squeezed mine with a very romantic and loving expression on her face. “Just remember,” she said as she held my hand, “I want some that young body too!”

I went and paid the bill without waiting for our server as I was ready to suck those big breasts again and enjoy Jen’s sexy body a bit before Tran arrived.
We went up to the room making out in the elevator all the way and my teasing her by pinching her ass lightly reaching under her mini skirt while walking down the hallway. When we entered the room I had Jen’s skirt off in a flash and stood behind her while I undid her bustier. When her breast spilled out of the opened top, I reached around and massaged them while kissing and nuzzling her neck.
In just a few moments Jen had my clothes off, leaving my panties and camisole in place, and had me seated in the desk chair. She got down on her knees, pulled my cock out of the side of the panties and gave me a quick blow job to get my cock at maximum hardness.

As she began moving faster, my tongue worked on her nipples harder, and I reached around and squeezed her ass. She began to reach orgasm and began saying “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”
She stopped at the top of the last stroke and froze in place as she shuddered with an intense orgasm. A smile spread across her sweet face as she relaxed and fell back to my body with my cock buried deeply in her pussy. Jen then leaned forward and kissed me smiling the whole time.

We were kissing playfully with my cock still buried in her when we heard a knock at the door. Tran was here! Reluctantly, Jen pulled up off of my hard cock and went to the door to meet Tran in the nude. I stayed in the chair with my cock pulled out around my panties and the camisole top hanging loosely. Jen stood behind the door and opened it quickly telling Tran to come in. She immediately shut the door as he passed by her.

I’m not sure what he thought as he saw me with my hard cock and wearing black lingerie but I know he was damn happy the moment Jen spoke and he turned to see her incredible body on full display. She approached him and placed a hand on his crotch and the other behind his head pulling him to her for a kiss.

Tran began to kiss Jen passionately and as he did she placed his hands on her large breasts. I walked up behind Tran and reached around to undo his pants and worked them to his ankles. I then unbuttoned his shirt reaching around his body and I have to admit that it felt great having his skin rubbing against my chest through the cami and my cock sticking out and rubbing against the small of his back was very stimulating.

I pulled his jockey shorts down to his ankles and knelt down to pull his feet out of his pant legs. As he kissed Jen and fondled her breasts I saw that her hands were now rubbing his exposed cock. I slowly moved up rubbing his smooth hairless legs with my arms and hands. As I got all the way up my cock came in contact with his smooth, firm ass and it really excited me.

I had never really had any attraction to boys or men, just to the feeling of a cock in my ass. But, this young Asian man was giving me stimulation I’d never expected but seeing him hugging, kissing, and fondling my Jen would excite just about anyone!

My cock was very wet with semen and I began to hug Tran from behind reaching around and stroking Jen’s hair as he now had his head bent down sucking her breasts and she was fondling his cock which seemed to be perfect to fulfill my fantasies. It was about five to six inches and not too thick.

I did something next that I never had thought I would do. I went to my knees and moved between Tran and Jen and began kissing his cock and almost hairless balls. Jen’s hands began massaging my head and pulling me close to Tran’s cock. She had told me in an email that watching a guy suck another guy’s cock was something she wanted to do. So even though I thought, at the time, that that was something I wouldn’t be able to do, here I was bringing another of Jen’s fantasies to life!

I admit, it just felt natural and Tran seemed to enjoy it greatly but most of his focus was on Jen’s chest. I noticed while I began sucking Tran’s cock that Jen had a hand rubbing her pussy so I took one hand and placed a finger on her asshole and the other hand I placed near Tran’s boy pussy. I began placing pressure on them both and slipped a finger into each asshole at the same time.

That was a trigger for young Tran just as it is with me. He began to come and, not being ready to take a man’s ejaculation in my mouth, I immediately turned away and pointed his cock towards Jen’s pussy. She felt the hot come on her hand and pussy and just rubbed it in as lubricant as it landed.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit and got a wet towel with which to clean Tran and Jen. When I returned, they had fallen to the bed and little Tran had his head buried between Jen’s lovely legs eating her pussy with vigor. I walked over to Jen and kissed her and asked her if she was enjoying Tran. She replied with an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

We kissed for a while and then I began to suck her breasts while Tran continued to lap at her pussy. After a few moments I got up and climbed on the bed and standing on my knees, I moved my cock next to Jen’s face. She smiled and took my member in her mouth and began sucking me slowly and sweetly.

It wasn’t long before Jen began to orgasm on Tran’s young tongue and just as she did I stroked my cock and shot my load all over her face. We then kissed and shared the semen while Tran climbed up on towards us putting his cock at the entrance to Jen’s pussy. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled his cock into her. He began to fuck her as she started moaning more aggressively.

I sat in the chair a few feet away and just enjoyed the scene taking place before me and worked hard to commit it to my memory for future use. Jen was just so sexy and this young, smooth skinned guy was really hot looking as he was lost in fucking her alluring Korean body.

These two Asian lovers both reached orgasm as I watched from the chair. After Tran came, he collapsed and rolled over beside Jen with his spent cock small and exposed to the air. I went over and used my wet towel to tenderly clean his cock and then moved to Jen’s pussy. When I looked up, no surprise: Tran’s hands were back on those great breasts!
Anything to get him horny again as I really did want to feel his cock in my ass before the night ended. I took some KY and began to lube my ass as I played with my cock watching Tran play with Jen’s breasts. Jen saw what I was doing and was smiling a knowing smile.

Jen moved down to suck on Tran’s cock and get it good and hard. He just lay back and enjoyed her lips and tongue servicing his cock. I moved behind Jen as her ass was sticking up in the air and stroked my now hardened cock up and down her wet slit. I teased her as she kept pushing back to try and capture my cock in her love canal. Finally, I relented and sank my cock deeply into her well fucked pussy. I just stayed there only moving occasionally and very slowly as Jen continued to suck Tran’s cock.

It wasn’t long before Jen’s talented mouth had Tran’s young cock super hard again.
“Tran, now you are going to fuck him in the ass,” she told Tran with a sense of authority that surprised him and put him into immediate action.
I put my ass on the edge of the bed and rested on my back. Jen brought Tran up between my legs as I lifted them and put an ankle and each of his shoulders. I’ve always wanted to enjoy this position with a real cock in my ass.

She put a condom on his cock and positioned it against my well lubed and loosened asshole. Nature then took over and Tran began to push his cock into my ass and it felt great as it slid deeply into my body. Jen then moved up to my head and elevated my head into her lap allowing me to watch Tran slide his cock in and out of my sensitive ass. Jen was right; it felt so incredibly wonderful, much better than the rubber cock!

Tran was sexy looking, smooth and hairless and a bit effeminate. He slowly fucked my ass and Jen stroked my hair with my head in her lap and smiled at me with joy knowing that a long held dream was coming true for me. My ass felt so good that I cannot describe it with words. There were definitely as many nerves in my sphincter as in my cock!

Jen leaned down and placed one of her beautiful breasts just above my mouth. I instinctively began sucking her nipple while Tran’s cock pushed deeply into my ass and then pulled almost all of the way out, time after time. The feeling was tremendous and as Tran began to pick up his pace, I knew he was close to blowing his load in my ass. I just wish it was safe to feel his hot come flood my ass. As Tran got faster and faster, Jen moved to my cock and began partly sucking and partly stroking my cock as Tran fucked my ass faster. I just put my head back and surrendered to the sensory overload I was experiencing.

All of the sudden, Tran stopped moving and just buried his cock deep in my ass and began to twitch with orgasm. Jen put my cock in her mouth and I began to come in her mouth at the same time. The feeling of my orgasm causing my ass to squeeze tight with each spasm on Tran’s cock was a feeling I could never had predicted. It was great!

Jen took my come in her mouth and then lifted herself up on her knees and pulled Tran’s face to hers and kissed him. He was a bit surprised to get a kiss full of my sperm but he relaxed and took it in stride.

I helped pull Tran’s cock out of my ass keeping the rubber intact. It felt so good when he was hard but now his cock was shrinking to tiny proportions. Jen grabbed the condom and took it off his cock. She grabbed the wet towel I had previously used on them both to clean his cock.

We both were thinking the same and pushed Tran down on the bed and both of us began to suck his cock back to life while kissing each other. We couldn’t stop smiling at each other as our eyes met as we were both so happy to have such a perfect experience fulfilling our fantasies so ignored up to that point in our lives.

Eventually Tran’s cock was hard and we stroked him off again. We told him how much we appreciated his time with us and sent him on his way.
Jen and I made very slow and lazy love to each other as we fell asleep well before having another orgasm.  Later in the night, we both awoke and took another sensual shower together before getting some sound sleep.

I awoke in the morning with Jen walking across the room in a completely different lingerie outfit. This one had black stockings, garter belt, thong panties and a lacy bra holding back her massive breasts. Her long blue-black hair was glistening with moisture from the shower she must have taken and her lips were gleaming with red lipstick.

In just a moment, those painted red lips had my cock between them as Jen sucked me awake in more than one way!

Jennifer’s Vacation

I and my wife Jennifer were on vacation on the Island of Dominic Republic last year. We have been married for 10 years and have two kids whom were not on this trip. Jennifer is blonde 6 feet tall with 38 DD breasts and just turned 40. I’ve been trying to get her to have a affair for about 5 years now she always says she’s happy. But from all the stuff she has told me about her single life ,I know there is a slut inside waiting to get out. On the 2nd day of our stay we had been drinking all day and Jennifer was just pissed. I told her we were going to the club at the motel. She was all excited and put on a thigh high skirt a low cut grey t shirt.

We had been at the club for 45 minutes when a very large black man come to our table and asked Jennifer to dance. She said no thanks but after he left she asked me to dance but I said I’d to much to drink. She got mad and said she was going to the washroom. I watched as she was coming back she stopped by a table of 4 guys 2 white and 2 black. One of the guys was the large black man who asked her to dance. She was leaning over their table talking to them and giving them a good look at her cleavage hanging out of her top. I watched as one of the guys reached behind her and put his hand up her skirt. It was under there for a good 30 seconds before she playfully slapped it away. As she continued to chat them up she looked over at me and smiled. She was trying to make me jealous all it was doing was giving me a boner. Again a large black hand went up the back of her skirt, I could see his arm moving up and down and my wifes body lean over the table more.

This when on for 5 minutes When one of white guys whispered something in her ear. I watched as she come back over to me and sit down. She said she wanted to dance with a guy over there and placed my hand under her skirt to feel her pussy it was soaking wet and she said one of guy’s finger banged her. I was in shock I asked if my fantasy was going to cum true.She winked and walked back their table. I watched her dance at least 15 dances and drink about 6 more drinks. Every dance one of the would be feeling her up , one had his hand under her shirt to feel her tits. Then the last dance with the big guy it ended with her necking with him on his hands all over her body. Then she went back to table their all got up and went out. I followed as they went behind the building dragging Jennifer with them as she was so drunk. One of guys started kissing with her and lifted her skirt over her hips. Then they pushed her to the ground..

My pretty wife was receiving some go old gangbanging from the guys she was sitting with. Jennifer was lying on her back with her legs spread wide and a big black man about 25 years old was on his knees, with his face buried between them. There were two other white men beside her , each holding one of her ankles up high in the air and using their other hands to reach up under her grey top to explore her big breasts. There was one other big black man sitting on a picnic table watching. Jennifer looked as if she was in COCK HEAVEN, she had the zippers of the two men at her side open and slowly checking out each of their tools while her cunt was getting a good tonguing from the younger black boy and he had some rather thick lips that clamped tight on her suit pussy the entire time. Every now and then he would pull his lips away and stick his tongue out to work her clit in circle, Hell his tongue had to be four or five inches long, he probably could have fucked her with it.

By now Jennifer had carefully inspected each of the white boys cocks and they must have met with her approval, cause she was now stroking them constantly. They had now pulled her grey top up over her nice big tits and the dark headed guy on her right bent over to suck one of her big nipples into his lips. He grabbed the other and was pinching it while he sucked the first one. The other guy and younger blonde boy, had taken this opportunity to move his hips closer to Jennifer’s mouth. I could see the thick drops of precum on the head of his swollen pink cock as Jennifer pulled it to her tongue and as she took the first taste of it, she pulled it back from her tongue leaving a string of sticky precum from her tongue connecting to his cock. She looked long and lustfully at it then reached between his legs and grabbed his ass pulling his hips to her face and swallowing all seven inches of his white cock in one mouthful.

Her other hand went to the back of the black guys head, and as she sucked cock she began to hump her cunt against his face. The blonde boy was humping her face as if he were fucking a wet cunt, Jennifer’s tits were being pulled and sucked like mad and her ass was bouncing up and down furiously as she humped the black lips on her cunt, which were now joined by his right hand buried inside her. From outside I could here her well as she began cumming, “OHHHHH, OHHHHH, OHHHHH, YYYYYEAHHH, OHH, AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!” Then her screams of delight were drowned as the blond boy erupted a huge load of thick white cum into her mouth overflowing and running down her chin, dripping into her blonde hair.

The big black guy in the chair now stood up and began to remove his clothes, as the other black boy stopped eating her cunt, and Jennifer licked all the cum from the blond boys cock, cleaning perfectly. Jennifer looked used and exhausted after her wild cuming and just kind of laid there motionless for a few minutes. Then as the big guy undressed she became more and more interested, his semi hard cock must have been at least twice as big as mine and was as black as midnight. She sat up on her knees and fondled her big tits as the man towered over her, he was about 6’7″ and probably 275 pounds of solid rock hard jet-black muscle. Jennifer took the head of his semi hard cock into her mouth and with her other two hands began to stroke the base of his cock with one and massage his huge black balls with the other. It was only a matter of seconds until his giant cock was stretched wide and hard, with huge veins protruding all around it. She sucked and licked on it as if she was a hot woman with a craving for chocolate and it was a huge chocolate covered banana. As Jennifer made love to his big black love-muscle the dark headed white guy knelt behind her and began rubbing his cock between her nice asscheeks as he reached abound and continued to feel those big tits that he’d apparently loved sucking so much, and she too must have enjoyed, the way her big nipples stayed so hard the whole time.

Then Mr. Big, decided to lay down on the grass, Jennifer’s mouth dove straight down, back on the huge cock, not wasting a second on her big chocolate banana. She pumped it hard as she sucked on the big purple head of it. Then Mr. Big gently held her head and guided her up to his mouth were she kissed him deeply as she positioned her dripping pussylips on his oversized cockhead. As she slowly and carefully let his huge dick began to part her cuntlips the dark headed white boy began licking her exposed asshole, with long, wet, slow, licks. Jennifer’s big white (although tanned) tits were really a color contrasts against the jet-black skin of Mr. Big as they hung down and rested on his chest. It took about five minutes for her to work that huge black cock all the way inside her vagina, all the time having her ass kissed and licked with hot, wet tongue.

As Jennifer began to slowly raise her cunt back up his long shaft, I could see the overstretched lips of her cunt gripping his cock, and the excess juices left his cock shinning like it’d just had a wax job. Now the other black boy changed places with the white boy and took his turn kissing Jennifer’s ass. The white boy raised Jennifer’s chin up as he straddled Mr. Big and she eagerly took his thick white cock into her lips. She sucked it deep and as her lips reached the base of it her tongue came out and licks a circle around it, at the same time her stretched cuntlips slid back down on Mr. Bigs huge tool. She then began a slow, steady, rhythm of black cock fucking and white cocksucking and she was extremely wet on both ends, her thick juices dripped from her cunt down coating Mr. Big’s black balls while saliva dripped from her chin as she sucked cock.

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Milf and Matt : Part 4

My husband and I were at a coed baby shower for one of his co-workers. His buddy and wife were having there second baby and had a little get together/baby shower. It was nice, but as the time would slowly pass, I found myself bored out of my mind. I looked over at my husband and started to notice he began to get a little tipsy. Instead on insisting he should stop, I would bring him another beer everytime he seemed to have finished one. I began to think about Matt and started thinking that since my son wont be home tonight, I could get my husband drunk enough to pass out and have sex with Matt at home. I texted him, and for almost an hour there was no response. I started to think to myself..”hmmm he must be busy.”

About 2 hours later and 4 text messages that I had sent him, I finally get a response. His text read “Hey sorry for the late response I was busy.” I sent him a text that said “Thats fine, can you be at my house by 9pm?” His response was…”more down the line like 930pm.” I said “Fine, cant wait to see you again love, xoxo.”

At about 845ish I went and grabbed my husband and told him it was time to leave. With the strong smell of alcohol on his breath, I could tell he had one too many beers tonight, thanks to me of course. We get home and my husband decides to play touchy, and starts to feel me up. It takes a very long time for my husband to turn me on. Sad, I know but the truth nonetheless. He spreads me out in the couch on the living room and starts to fuck me missionary style. It must of took 2 minutes for my husband to cum and roll over and fall asleep. He was snorting really loud, I knew he was out for the count.

Maybe about 15 minutes later or so, I hear a knock at the door. I knew it was Matt as I started to fix myself up and look sexy for him. I answer the door and say out loud “hey Matt how are you hun?….didnt George tell you he was going out tonight on a date?” I said it loud just incase my husband was still awake. I looked over my shoulder and still saw my husband snorting loud as ever hunched over sleeping. He walks in and starts grabbing my ass as I walk in front of him, whispering to him “wait, hes right there” pointing my finger at my husband who was slouched on the couch. He said “wow seeing that hes half naked, you must of really put it on him huh?” At that moment, he gets a text message, he reads it and shuts his phone off.

I started to remember that it took him about 2 hours to respond to my texts, so I asked him….”What were you doing that you were so busy?” With a nervous look on his face he simply responds with “Huh? Ummm I was helping my friend with his car troubles…” I knew he was lying to me, I asked…”its another girl isnt it?”….you have a girlfriend now Matt?”

There was awkward silence for about 10 seconds, I couldnt believe I was jealous. I was jealous of the fact that some other female was enjoying my lover and his cock that I was so very in love with.

He tells me “nothing to worry about, its nothing.” He noticed I was bothered by it, he grabs me and kisses me, he starts to undress me in the living room while my husband is sleeping on the couch. I whisper to him “I cannot let you be taken from me, youre mine” he starts to rub my pussy and whispers in my ear “I wont let that happen, youre the one I love to fuck and pleasure.” He strips me down and jokinly sits right next to my husband. He waves me over with his finger, I whisper “no get over here”….he whips his cock out and says “come get it babe, come get this cock…..crawl on your knees over here.” I began to crawl as my infatuation with this young mans cock grew over me again. I reach him and grab his cock slowly, lift it up and begin to suck his balls. I grab both of his balls and start sucking on them as I jerk his cock. I then took his cock in my mouth as I started to suck his dick right by my husbands side.

Wrong turn

“Frank, you nitwit,” his exasperated wife Millie exclaimed, “you took the wrong turn, now we’re hopelessly lost!!!” Frank slowed the big Caddy to a crawl as he tried to make out a street number, but was having no luck staring into the pitch dark! “Now what,” Millie groaned, “well, you’ve done it again, now we’re never going to make it to the reception on time, I told you to get directions, but no, you had to try it on your own, now look where we are!!!” “Oh, shut up, Millie,” Frank retorted, “don’t worry, once I get turned around and back on the main road I’ll stop at a service station and get some directions!!!” He pulled the nose of the big car into a dark alley and was just about to put it into reverse, when both doors were flung open and both of them were jerked out of the car and thrown to the ground!!! The two car jackers hopped into the Caddy and calmly drove off, leaving Frank and Millie stunned and dazed in the middle of the dark alley!!! “Are you all right, Mil,” Frank asked!!! “Oh, god” she moaned, “it feels like they ripped my arm out of its socket!!!” After helping her to her feet, Frank offered, “We gotta find a phone and call the police, let’s go!!!” Just as they were turning to head down the street, a sinister voice from the darkness said, “I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere for a while,” and seconds later, the middle aged white couple was surrounded by a group of young black toughs!!! “Ya know what,” one of them stated, “you’re in a lot of fucking trouble!!!”

“Bring’em along,” ordered a tall muscular man of about twenty, “and if they give you any trouble, cut’em!!!” “W-where are you taking us,” Millie sputtered, as one of the gang grabbed her by the arm and fairly pulled her down the alley!?!” “Not far,” one of them replied, “in fact, were here,” as he kicked open a pedestrian garage door and threw Millie inside!!!” The rest of the gang soon followed, accompanied by a stumbling Frank!!! The door was quickly closed and someone turned on the lights revealing a club house of sorts, with a few old chairs, tons of empty beer cans, along with a smattering of drug paraphernalia! “Whadaya wanna do with them, Rom,” one them asked the obvious leader!?!” “Well,” he replied with a sick laugh, “I think I wanna fuck the old lady here and show her hubby just how it’s done!!!” “F-Frank,” Millie begged, “y-you can’t let them touch me, please stop them!!!” “Now see here,” Frank began, but was brutally cut off by a hard shot to the mouth and an admonition from Rom, “Now, shut your fucking mouth, I won’t fucking tell you again, got it?!?” With blood spurting from a split lip, all Frank could do was slip to the floor and nod in agreement!!!

Rom quickly turned his attention to Millie, who stared in disbelief at her injured husband!!! “Okay pretty lady, you came into my ‘hood, so I must assume that you wanted to meet me up close and personal, am I right!?!” Millie slowly began backing away as Rom moved towards to her, as the horror of the situation finally sank in!!! “N-now you stay away from me,” she ordered in a stern but shaky voice, “t-this is illegal and you know it!!!” “Uh oh,” Rom replied with feigned fear in his voice, “I-I hope a cop doesn’t come in and arrest me, don’t you boys!?!” The garage rocked with laughter at the sinister joke, but all at once his voice turned hard when he said, “You ever been fucked by a brother, bitch!?!” Still backing away she replied, “Now you keep away, or I’ll scream!!!” Rom looked at one of his buddies and remarked while shaking his head, White bitches are so fucking stupid, they don’t know that is over even when it’s over!!!” Taking once last step, Millie was abruptly stopped by the garage wall, and a second later Rom was pressing against her!!!

She struggled to move, but he was strong as an ox, so he easily held her in place with one hand, while grabbing her dress by its front collar and giving it a hard rip downward, tearing it away and leaving her standing there in only her bra and panties!!! “Whoooeee,” someone whistled, “look at those titties, the bitch as got some fucking guns on her!!!” “Yeah,” Rom replied softly, “look at them titties,” as he grabbed her bra and casually tore it off her like it was so much wrapping paper. Millie’s big boobs swung free, and in the cool dank air, her nipples immediately stood at attention!!! “Hey, bitch,” Rom said while kneading the big knockers in his large hands, “you gonna take off those panties for me, or do I gotta rip them off too!?!” From the other side of the room, a small voice came from the corner and said, “P-please leave her alone, don’t hurt her, please!” Rom turned around and spat to one of his men, “Take that piece of shit and shove a cock in his mouth, that’ll keep the little cunt quiet!!!” “No, no,” Frank pleaded, but it was for naught, as a big black pecker was soon pressing against his mouth and forcing his lips apart!!!

“Look, cunt,” Rom crowed, “your bitch husband is suckin’ some dick, and that’s just what you’re gonna do,” as he pushed her to the floor in front of him and pulled out his big thick black satisfier!!! “Okay, bitch, open wide for daddy, that’s a good girl, do a good job on daddy’s dick for him!!!” The garage was filled whoops and hollers from the other members of the gang as both Rom and Jake got their big peckers sucked by the fifty year old couple!!! “Hey, Rom,” one of them yelled out, “the old guys got a hard on, I think he likes suckin’ cock!!!” That remark of met with regales of laughter by the gang, but a wet tear slid down Frank’s cheek as he sucked the big pecker and watched his wife of thirty years orally servicing the young black stud!!! After several more minutes of sucking, Rom ordered, “Okay, now it’s time for a line up boys, get out the mattress and let’s all have some fun!!!

Rom dragged Millie by the hair over to the old cum stained mattress and threw her down roughly face first and at the same time said, “Him too, lay him right next to her!!!” The gang formed a line of four each, one behind Millie and one behind Frank! Rom dropped to his knees behind Millie and pulled her ass towards him, until his erection was pressing against her now swollen pussy lips! A big dicked gang member did the same to Frank, only in his case, it was Frank’s virgin ass hole that was about to get fucked!!! “On three,” Rom said, “one, two, three, now, give it to’em,” and with a mighty shove, his thick black pecker rammed its way deep into Millie’s dripping pussy, causing her to orgasm within the first three strokes!!! Frank, on the other hand, didn’t have it quite so good!!! His ass hole had never been penetrated, and as the thick freight train like cock bored into him, he screamed in pain as the black jack hammer pounded away at his tight virgin hole!!! Over and over they got fucked, Frank in his ass, and Millie in her pussy!!! Even though she was totally repulsed, Millie’s pussy betrayed her with a series of blinding orgasms courtesy of the hard thick peckers that filled her now aching cunt!!! After awhile, the pain in Frank’s ass was slowly replaced by a sense of fulfillment that he had never before experienced!!! All at once he could see how a woman was at times almost desperate to have a penis inside of her, as his own cock had turned hard as a rock, openly displaying the devotion he was feeling towards the thick black invaders!!!

When they were finished, both Millie and Frank lay side by side, stunned into utter submission, and with a torrent of cum oozing from her pussy and his asshole!!! “Well,” Rom opined, “we’re just about done, but for a last little fling, we want you to fuck your whore wife for us, Frank, show us how you make the little tramp scream, climb into the saddle and ride that hot little cunt!!!” When he didn’t move, a hard smack pierced the air, as a leather belt bit into his ass cheeks, causing him to yelp in pain and scramble on top of his shaken wife!!! It was unreal, but true, even under these circumstances he was fully erect and fucking Millie like there was no tomorrow!!! He began grunting as his nut sack tightened in anticipation of his ejaculation, and incredibly, Millie was panting hard and approaching an orgasm of her own!!! Both of them stiffened at the same time, while their genitals wrenched together as a mutually satisfying orgasm pulsed between them, and it wasn’t for a few seconds that they felt a sprinkling of hot wetness dousing their bodies!!! “W-what’s that,” Millie stammered, “is it raining in here!?!” And it was, in a way, as all eight gang members had taken a place around the fucking couple and circle jerked themselves to one last cum, all over the unsuspecting love makers!!!

Bhabho Willingly Fuked By Bhaisur

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For years the drug companies have been looking for Hibercus a jungle plant said to heighten sexual experience for both men and women.According to legend the Napenthe people – also known as the “sex tribe” – were said to be experts in locating and using this rare plant.

After months of tracking my wife Sylvia and I found the tribe in one of the remotest areas of the rain forest.They were amazed that we survived our trek through the forest but were even more fascinated by Slyvia’s long red hair.The women touched it and pointed to her crotch. “They want to know is it red down there too” I said picking up their meaning.

Soon the whole village was around us.The leader was Kuza a tall fellow with beautiful black hair that fell to his shoulders and the lean build of a hungry mountain wolf. After much trouble I was able to make Kawe understand what we had come for.He agreed to give us some Hibercus but we had to participate in a ceremony that evening. We were so desperate to finally get our hands on the treasured Hibercus that we hastily agreed to it.

All we could think of was the fame and money our discovery would yield.We never dreamed of what the ceremony entailed.It was an unforgettable experience. Sylvia was immediately taken up by the women and carried over their heads 3 times around the village.She was stripped in spite of her protests and stood up in front of the whole village. The young women danced around her. Sylvia has a beautiful body and this wasn’t lost on the young men who sat fascinated on their haunches,some openly masturbating as the women chanted. Sylvia tried to hide her nakedness but the women held her arms as Kuza ordered them to rub her down with oils. She was soon glistening and as her legs were held open a cheer went up at the site of her red pubic hair.This was obviously something that marked her as having special sexual powers because the young men went crazy upon seeing it.There were maybe 20 of them and they all had erections which could not be hid by their flimsy loin cloths.

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They carried me into the ceremonial hut and placed me in a corner for what seemed like hours.Night fell and the chanting started again.All the while I watched them prepare the Hibercus.They worked it into a gel like substance which they spread over their cocks and then they drank a cocktail of some other root. I young man came over and pulled down my shorts,slowly he slathered the gel over my cock and as he worked it in I felt a warm sensation.My cock was getting hard and super erect. I drank the cocktail as it was passed to me and it gave me such a craving for sexual satisfaction that I was raring to fuck anything.

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Kuza ascended the altar and as the women spread her legs he shaved Sylvia’s cunt as the men chanted furiously.Her cunt hairs were distributed amongst the men who put them in their own fertility amulets.Then he took hibercus gel and spread it all over her shaved cunt. The women made her drink so much of the cocktail that it spilled out the sides of her mouth.

After a while the women let her go and left the hut.Sylvia seemed to relax.She brought her legs up to her chest and fingered her pussy seemingly oblivious to the 40 pairs of eyes watching her.As she swirled her fingers in her cunt I could see how wet it was.Her pussy lips were swollen and puckered.

At a signal from Kuza all the young men of a certain age stood up.There must have been 10 of them.Kuza picked the best of the bunch to join him on the altar.The young man’s dick was hard and stuck straight up he had to pressed it down as he mounted my wife.She felt the head work in and sighed loudly.The chanting stopped and there was only the hard breathing of Sylvia and the young man. Slowly her pussy became compliant and he was all the way inside of her. She squirmed as he jabbed his rock hard cock into her like a rhythmic pile driver.I could see her nails digging into his back as she started to cum over and over. With each stroke he pushed her closer.

“Oh God…” I heard her shout as her orgasm started.He shot his load soon after and rolled off spent and sweaty.Another young man got up and mounted her and through the course of the night she took all 10 young men. One after the other and 2 at a time when the previous ones got hard again. Once I looked up and she had three on her. One in her pussy one in her mouth and one in her hand. Kuza stepped in after that and positioned her on her hands and knees ass up in the air. He called for a man in the back who strode forward his cock was the biggest in the village.She nearly fainted when she saw it.12 inches long and 4 inches around it was. He lubed her butt with gel and incredibly started sinking that monster in her asshole.

Sylvia screamed “It’s breaking me in half”… but the monster kept plunging it into her, right up to the balls. She shuddered with each thrust crying for him to stop I thought.But as I listened closer I realised she was saying don’t stop. The tears in her eyes were tears of multi-orgasmic joy. As he gained released his cock was slimy with anal mucus and cum.

Kuza proudly held Sylvia’s ass cheeks apart to show the others how much her asshole had been stretched. It looked like a gaping hole filled with a lake white cum that slowly oozed out onto her ravaged cunt.

Dans le Murs (Part 9)

Dans le Murs – Part IX

Synopsis: Colin witnesses another Cult ceremony after which he is selected for a prestigious project in Thailand and assigned Nahdya, a beautiful 23-year-old Thai woman, as his partner. Simone has thrown another tantrum but now seems to be more stable. Now read on.

Part IX – Bangkok

Authors note: As this is written in the UK any reference to the ‘Age of Consent’ is to the age in the UK, which currently stands at 16 years. Whilst consensual sexual relations between a 16-year-old girl and a 45-year-old man might raise eyebrows, it does not contravene English law. Don’t get it confused with the ‘Age of Majority’, which remains at 18, as does the age for consensual Gay relationships. The intervening years are a grey area. I have also tried to apply the national age for consensual sex in the country of origin where the person is not English. It’s called ‘bending the rules’. This episode contains references to paedophilia. The author and the principal characters are unconditionally opposed to this sickening form of exploitation and, as will be seen from the storyline of this and Part X, positive action is planned by the team to stop the abuse and punish the abusers. I would dispute any charge of irresponsibility and sensationalism for including it in the story because paedophilia exists, especially in third world countries, and turning a blind eye does not make it go away. Only by raising awareness, even within the shadowy confines of erotic writing, will ignorance be dispelled and pressure exerted on the appropriate authorities to take punitive action. I hope that readers will understand my reasons for its inclusion. All characters, names and most organisations are fictional but some of the places exist. Geographical and logical errors are mine.

It was a tearful parting as I backed the little Peugeot out of the drive and headed for l’Ecole where I picked up Nahdya and left the car. From there we were driven to EuroLille railway station for a TGV to Paris Gard du Nord. Another change to the Metro link to Roussillon and Paris CDG Airport. From here we would take a Cathay Pacific Jumbo to Bangkok. The arrangements moved smoothly and, apart from a ten-minute departure delay, we arrived in the Thai airport at 6:00 am the following morning, local time. Despite the early hour it took over two and a half hours to reach the city centre and our hotel through the horrendous traffic jams. The Hotel Royale was very high class and we were booked into a very large double room with all the usual facilities. “Do you want breakfast?” I asked Nahdya. She shook her head.

“Just a shower, coffee and a rest.” she replied, stretching her arms. I agreed with her and we both settled down to rest, in separate beds. I awoke at 4 pm, ravenously hungry, to see Nahdya slipping out of her bed wearing nothing but a gold bracelet. She looked around at me, saw that I was watching her and smiled as she lifted her fine breasts. “You like?” she said with a chuckle in her voice, “Does my ‘husband’ wish for something? My position in bed had left me with a firm erection and nature would only be satisfied by one activity. I fumbled under the light covering until I was naked then threw it off and half sat up allowing my towering penis to thrust towards her.

“Perhaps my ‘wife’ could suggest a cure for this?” I said suggestively as her eyes homed in onto my manhood. Her eyes opened wide and she licked her lips. “Magnificent!” she drew a long breath, “I am honoured that my ‘husband’ finds me so arousing.” “It would be difficult for any man to be otherwise.” I twitched it and a bead of excitement appeared at the end. Her tongue flicked between her lips. “Is that a small tear for me?” she simpered, “Would you permit me lick it clean?” “Is that all you want to do?” I said as she moved to me, her eyes still glued onto my overweening phallus. “I would like to taste all your tears also.” she said honestly. “It would be my pleasure,” I said, leaning back on my hands and letting my penis jut out towards her, “to allow you to do as you desire whenever it pleases you Nahdya.” “Right now.” she dropped to her knees and shuffled towards me, “Let me kneel between your legs and venerate my husband.”
“Venerate eh?” I giggled, “I love that word Nahdya, it sounds so sexy.”

I parted my legs and she settled between them letting my dribbling prick smear films of juice over the curving mounds of her breasts. She put her hands near her armpits and enclosed my erection between her soft mounds squeezing bubbles of juice into her dark cleavage. The feeling was exquisite – almost too much so.
“I can’t control it,” I yelped almost as the sensations surged rhythmically to the swollen head; a thicker swirl of whitish liquid streaking the already shiny, slippery knob, “I’m going to come.”

Nahdya immediately released my tingling penis from between her firm breasts leaving a streamer of fluid dripping from the foreskin. Gripping the swollen base she guided the tip to her lips and straight into her soft, warm mouth. Her tongue lapped over the smooth skin, tasting the spicy love I was leaking; sucking gently but effectively as she went. The physical passion surged up my firm erection bringing with it the essence of my sex. I looked down at Nahdya and our eyes met; her lips clamped around the pliant head; she knew exactly what was coming. I love oral sex performed in this open and unbridled manner, a young woman submissively taking my cock in her mouth and willing me to let go. I love watching the girl’s face as the spunk comes; some girls, no matter how many times they do it, never quite get used to the taste and draw back or wince slightly. Others enjoy the experience and look forward to the moment and positively eat the semen. First time girls are best. There is a degree of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. They want to do it properly but have some concern over the actual act. They know what boys do and they know that it is going into their mouth but they are very uncertain of their reaction when it actually happens. Will they dislike the taste? Will they dislike the consistency? Will there be too much? How will they know exactly when it is going to come and how does it come? Will it shoot out or will it simply pour out? When I finally shoot into the girl’s mouth a range of emotions flash over their faces.

The first taste of the salty-sweet milk sends conflicting signals to the brain. The desire to spit out the offending juice is very strong but very carnal ladies resist the initial temptation and let me come the lot. Many girls, having first taken sperm in their mouths once, refuse to contemplate the act again. Others, after considering the taste as well as the physical control over a man’s emotions, are willing to continue and grow to enjoy oral sex. I suspected Nahdya was definitely of the latter breed. Her eyes willed me to ejaculate, to fill her mouth with the thick, creamy seed and I wasn’t about to disappoint her. Holding her bobbing head gently I lifted my buttocks, pushing my full length into her mouth. At the same time the feeling ripped up the swollen phallus and exploded out of the rounded tip spraying the hot, spicy semen over her tongue. She grunted softly as the flood of sperm filled her mouth and slithered down her throat, the persistent trembling signalling the continuing flow of the precious fluid. I could feel her throat working to swallow the outpouring of come and, to her credit, not a drop was spilt outside. I knew that I was doing a lot; I tended to in these circumstances but she handled it magnificently. Eventually I stopped shooting and stroked the glossy, black hair while she held my softening, spunky penis in her mouth.

“Phew Nahdya.” I breathed, allowing my satisfied prick to slip from between her lips, “That was worthy of the highest praise or in colloquial English, ‘By heck you are good!’.” “Thank you, my Lord.” a melange of semen and saliva bubbled over her pearly teeth as she smiled, “I now see why Simone and Melanthe desire your attention. Although I have had but few men in my mouth with which to compare, you do not disappoint me. You were gentle when you felt it coming and your sperm is so good. It is not bitter and there was so much. I think some men promise a mouthful and yet fail to deliver, you gave me one, I would like some in my vagina.”

“I’m sure that will happen.” I smiled kindly and offered her a large tissue to wipe her face, “Tell me, how many men, exactly, have you had in that delightful mouth?” Nahdya looked sheepishly at her knees. “You are the third.” she said softly. I looked querulously at her. “I find that hard to believe as your technique is so sophisticated but I will accept what you say.”
“I have had but two other men,” she looked almost fiercely at me, “but those men more times than once.”

“They are honoured.” I stood up to wash my wet penis, “Did you love them?”
“One my cousin.” she followed me, “He made me not virgin when I was eleven. We always good friends and one day we go fishing. Cousin slip on stones and fall in. He take off wet clothes and I see boy for first time. He had hairs between legs and a long prick. I know little bit about boys but never seen. He saw me looking and it started to get stiff. Soon he really hard but he not try to hide it from me. He put his hand around it and played. He make knob fat and red. He ask me if I like to play and rub him.

I put it in my hand and did like he did. I squeezed and rubbed his prick while I played with the two balls. I notice he getting wet and slippery but he did not seem to care so neither did I. Then, suddenly, lots of thick white stuff shot out of the end all over my fingers. It happen so quickly I not get my hand away and when I did he began to rub himself hard. He shot lots of sperm; he tell me later that he hoped he would come in my hand. He tell me about sex and then he ask me to let him fuck me. I said yes, took my clothes off and let him lay on me. Soon he right up inside me and then he shot more sperm. It feel great and we do it many times. One day he ask if he could fuck my mouth. I say no initially but then agreed to try. First time he put cock in mouth and use it like a pussy. He taste funny as he rub it then he come. Everything came into my mouth and he not pull out until he had finished. At first I not like but then the taste somehow better and I enjoy. When he finished I ask if we do it again, he agree willingly. We then do it plenty times.”

“And the other?” I asked. “The other my boyfriend before I join the cult.” Nahdya smiled winsomely, “He very poor but love me. He not do much but he very gentle and he taste nice. He not fuck my face, he like me simply to suck it out of him. He lay on his back and let his stiff prick point up his belly. I put my head on him and suck his knob. I feel his belly tense and swell then his prick starts to vibrate. Suddenly all his spunk come into my mouth and I swallow hard. He say he feel good. Sometimes he fuck pussy and do everything inside me. I like very much. When you do first time?”

“I was a teenager, that much I recall,” I began, “and my girlfriend was younger. I had occasionally touched her but one particular day I wanted more. I began to tease her and grab her pussy, like silly boys do, but this time she let me see it. I got mine out and showed it to her, all stiff and hard. I asked her if she would like to touch it and play with it and she said that she would. Anyway, I lay down and she examined me and generally felt and played with it. I was getting really worked up by this time and it began to dribble a lot. She asked me what was happening so I told her that I was going to have to shoot before much later. She giggled and asked if I minded her watching it come. I told her that I would be delighted if she saw me doing it. After a few more moments I knew that I was not going to hold it back much longer. I told her to rub it properly and make me come. She rubbed me steadily and I let myself go. Suddenly there was sperm everywhere but she kept hold of me until I had finished. She inspected what I had done and asked if she could do it again sometime. I jumped at the chance. She continued to masturbate me often until we broke up. She seemed to enjoyed it and came back for more time and time again.”

“Did she ever take you in her mouth?” Nahdya asked, cocking her head to one side. I shook my head. “No, that was not really in at that time. I’m talking about thirty years ago.” “Today girls do anything,” she said softly, “men want that…..” She stopped as the telephone rang. I leant over the bed, picked it up and spoke.
“Room 217.”

A metallic voice greeted me. “Is that Mr Colin?” I confirmed the request.
“Ah good. This is Leubeka Saramsiya, we meet this evening, yes?” I confirmed when and where we were to meet then returned the phone to the rest. “That was Leubeka Saramsiya,” I informed Nahdya, “we are to meet him at seven in…” I consulted my scrap notes, “… in The Sunset Bar in Sakrah Street.”
Nahdya screwed up her nose. “Sakrah Street in Soi Cowboy and have plenty brothels,” she shook her head, “I hope he not try to sell us rubbish.” “Let’s see,” I shrugged, “if we don’t like what he offers then we turn it down, let’s eat first, I’m starving.” She dressed deliciously in a sarong style silk dress and we eat sumptuously in the hotel restaurant. At the end the waiter brought me a small brandy and Nahdya a glass of creamy liquid. “What is that?” I peered at it.

She held it to her lips and sipped, leaving a film. “Rizteere,” she smiled, “but often called ‘Quano olti Saventash’ which, roughly translated means, ‘Young Boys Seed’.” “I can see why.” I looked at the fluid puddling in the glass then leant to whisper in her ear, “It certainly looks a little like I used to do when I was a teenager.” “It is rumoured that in some bars in the sois you get the real thing if you order Rizteere so it is a girls drink.” she smiled, “This is rice liqueur but it reminds me of you.” She gulped it down.

“We go now,” she moved, “we walk to Sakrah Street, taxi take too long.”
She slipped her arm into mine as we walked downtown. The sounds, the noise, the fumes were overpowering. I drew her closer as we moved from the lights, breathing in her soft smell. I couldn’t help getting a hard on as we walked. Suddenly the urge was too great. I stopped, turned to face her and kissed her passionately pressing my growing erection against her flat belly. When I drew breath she gasped. “You got big hard.” she giggled, “You want make love?”
“Do we have time?” I asked. She nodded. “Yes, if we ready and you make sperm quickly.” “Please, Nahdya,” I rubbed myself against her, “where shall we go?” We were passing a small market and to our left was a rough shelter left from the day. “There,” she pointed, “we do it there, quick.”

Two people sidled to the crude structure and then slipped inside. The smell of vegetables and spices was strong. Nahdya bent over onto a pile of scrap offering me her pert buttocks. I stroked the firm curves as she lifted the sarong to reveal her shapely bottom and dark cleft. I stroked her soft, shaven slit and my penis jerked. The zip came down and my aching erection jutted out. Smearing the lubricant over the helmet I guided it into the damp furrow and pressed against the yielding vagina. She opened easily to let the contoured head into her and I rammed myself deep into her tight pussy. She yelped and tightened her buttocks to grip my solid penis. With little time I took hold of her thighs and began to slide the hard, greasy pole to and fro inside her slick vagina. The excitement, the risk, took their toll on my sexual control. The semen boiled in my balls as I readied to fire it into her. “I’m coming, Nahdya.” my voice whispered gruffly, “You wanted some inside and here it is.”

My climax came swiftly and sweetly. The hard prick packing her sex rippled and throbbed sending waves of soft, white sperm deep into her womb. Nahdya went rigid. “Aah, it’s warm.” her voice trembled, “Your sperm feel good.” “Take it, take it all inside you,” I shuddered, sending thick pulses of creamy juice flooding into her eager sex, “I want to fill you up.” “You do that,” her breath hissed softly through pursed lips, “you shoot plenty sperm again.” I chuckled as the last contractions sent the final drops of watery semen into her tight vagina and I slipped out of her. Nahdya straightened as I pulled out a handkerchief to wipe the sticky juice from the head. “Do not wipe it,” she put her hand on mine to stop me, “I will lick it clean.”
“It’s not necessary.” I smiled at her.

She put her hands together and looked wistful. “It will please me.” She crouched down, hooked her fingers under my already softening penis and slid her lips over it. Her tongue lapped at the melange of male and female secretions. I sensed that she was not only cleaning me off but attempting to arouse me once more; and she was succeeding to some degree.

“Nahdya,” I tenderly stilled her bobbing head, “it’s very pleasant and I know it’s getting a little stiff but if you’re trying to get me to come again then I think you’re going to be unlucky. Anyway, we’ve got an appointment to keep and I don’t think there’s any more left to come. Ohh, I’m mistaken, Nahdya, I am going to come again. Take it right in, suck me off. Here comes your mouthful. Uh! Uh!”
I looked down at the young woman with my cock gripped in her mouth. It throbbed and trembled, releasing watery streams of sperm onto her tongue. She sucked avidly, her throat working to swallow the mixture of saliva and semen. I realised that she preferred oral to genital sex; something that I would not complain about. I finished and she let me out and flipped her tongue over her shiny lips. “You like a man to shoot into your mouth, don’t you?” I asked as I adjusted my dress.

She nodded. “I think it is much better than between my legs. I can see man all hard; I can explore him with fingers and tongue and I can drink everything he does very slowly. Man taste good too.” I laughed as we resumed our walk to Sakrah Street talking animatedly, generally about sex. Despite her very refined appearance, Nahdya was best described as “broad-minded”. At this moment she was almost a gutter woman, crude and basic while at all other times she was sophisticated, demure and ladylike. She quite freely talked of her body and gave me a graphic description of what it was like for a girl to let a man shoot into her mouth including the taste. She described how another cousin had lusted after her and her younger sister. The boy was fifteen but had a massive penis; from her words it must have been over twenty-five centimetres long, while her sister was just ten. Although Nahdya had originally agreed to sex her mind had changed when she saw his length. This really irritated her cousin because the sister was strong willed and also rejected his approach. She was, Nahdya insisted, still a virgin.

Sakrah Street was a tatty street of rough buildings and a couple of very seedy looking bars. Scruffy and dirty girls lounged in the dusk. “Hell’s teeth!” I exclaimed after a quick scan, “This is a tip. I’ve got a feeling that we are wasting our time. Now, where are we supposed to be meeting this guy?” “Sunset Bar.” she replied, wrinkling her nose as she squinted in the gloom, “It’s over there.” She pointed to a small sign surrounded by flickering lights, 50% of which were dead.

“Nahdya,” I stopped here for a moment, “I think it might be wise to concentrate on maintaining our pretence of being married from this moment.” She nodded. With trepidation we found the rough door, pushed our way through three unwashed females of indeterminate age. I felt that if we touched them something would jump onto us. Inside the atmosphere was fetid, smoky and dim. Nahdya coughed at the smell of human sweat. Together we approached the ricketty, cane and rough wood bar. “You want drink?” the middle-aged mamasan asked in a rasping voice, studying them closely. “No thank you,” I replied, “I am here to see Leubeka Saramsiya; tell him Mister Colin from the Greatorix Corporation is here.”

She slammed a glass down on the counter, raising a cloud of dust and insects then disappeared through a curtain. We breathed as little as possible to minimise the intake of polluted air. The woman reappeared followed by a paunchy man dressed in a kaftan. He beamed as he approached us holding out his podgy hand. As he flopped his arm up and down, gripping my hand in a firm, dry grip, his weasel eyes flickered over Nahdya.

“Welcome to my humble club, Colin sir.” he gushed unctuously. I nodded.“Nice lady.” acknowledging that Nahdya was Thai and drew the obvious, but nfortunately erroneous, conclusion, “But you have no need to go pay for lady, no sir, friend Colin. We do business then you have any girl you want. My girls good, they clean and do anything you want; fuck, suck; you see my friend, they the best. This lady very nice I am sure, but not so young now, go past her best I think, Leubeka introduce you to beautiful, teenage girl.”

“I’m sure your girls are everything you say Mister Saramsiya.” I smiled smugly at Nahdya, “However, before we continue perhaps I should first introduce my wife Nahdya.” Leubeka Saramsiya’s jaw dropped and he fidgeted. His lips moved but no sound came out for some seconds; when it did he was very uncertain of his reception. “A thousand apologies sir,” he grovelled, “I… I did not think. Lady look Thai, I think she your….. your; you understand? I not mean to insult her.” Nahdya was having difficulty keeping the smile off her face; I managed to look stern and hurt. “A man who speaks without thinking is a risk,” my voice was low and menacing, “I’m not sure we can do business with such a risk. My wife is Thai and very offended.” Leubeka Saramsiya wrung his podgy hands. “Madame, I make terrible mistake,” he whined as he bowed towards her, “I in this business long time, I see what not there.” Nahdya nodded sagely at him then at me. “Not a good start, my friend.” I acknowledged, “Let us hope that we can salvage something from this.”

“Yes, yes,” a look of hope flashed across the man’s face, “we do good business now. Come, follow me.” He beckoned us to follow. Through the grimy curtain was an equally grimy, dim passage. Curious rustling noises preceded us and Nahdya gripped my arm tighter. We stopped at a substantial door set in a dark grey breeze wall of a room within a room. This was new and very solid. Leubeka slipped a key into the lock and it turned easily with only the faintest of sounds. The door opened outwards on four massive hinges. I could see that the door was over 150mm thick but what was amazing were the walls. I estimated that they must have been over half a metre thick.

“Steel core,” he said nonchalantly hitting the wall, “no break in here.” He chuckled softly as he guided us to two large, comfortable chairs and sat down himself. We declined his offer of a drink, eager to get down to business. Leubeka looked straight at me, all pretence of humility gone, the hard businessman restored.

“Let us get to business.” his voice was low and authoritative, “You wish access to our girls, we wish your technical and administrative knowledge; correct?” “Absolutely,” I smiled, “Thai girls are very popular in Europe and we have the distribution infrastructure for your films. Nahdya will consider your young ladies while I will study your films and advise on any changes to make them more marketable in Europe; agreed?”

“Agreed.” Leubeka rubbed his hands, “Let me show you film while we wait for Tanika. She will bring two of our young girls for your lady to see. I do not keep them here, you understand.” He pressed a button on the desk. He stood up and beckoned us through another door into a small, dark room. It was air conditioned with a large Hitachi plasma screen, video and what looked like a CD player in one corner. On a table was a box of VHS videos. Leubeka went to the box. “What you want?” he asked.
“You choose,” I said, sitting beside Nahdya, “just run a couple of typical films.” “O.K.” he shuffled through the pile and selected two cassettes. He held one towards me. “This one called in English ‘Daddy’s Girls’ and this one ‘Sue-Tan learns to suck’. Which first?” “Sue-Tan, please” I smiled at Nahdya who shrugged, “I like sucking, don’t I, darling.” She looked down in embarrassment but remained silent.

Leubeka switched on the hardware and inserted the cassette. The large screen TV flickered then an opening sequence of stars and bodies faded and drifted across the screen leading to an acknowledgement of the distributor, one TFI. Leubeka informed us that it was the title of Thai Film International. Then crudely on the screen was the title of the film, “Sue-Tan learns to suck” in gold on blue. Immediately there was on the screen the camera panned up a young Thai girl, I estimated just about legal but made up to look younger, curled up nude on a bed. She had one hand between her legs and the other cupping a small breast. After lingering on her face and bosom for a while the camera switched to the opening door through which came a young man. He was a slim, well-dressed Western man in his mid-twenties. After closing the door he looked at the young girl on the bed, letting his hand move to his groin. He sat down on the bed beside the sleeping girl and gently stroked her smooth breast with the back of his hand. She awoke with a start and moved away from him, curled up like a little foetus trying to cover her nakedness. The boy moved closer again, his hands roving over her smooth skin finding the swelling breasts and tight, curly hair between her thighs. After token resistance the young woman allowed him to explore her, thrusting her small boobs out towards his fingers.

Her muscles relaxed letting his probing fingers part the pouting sex lips. Zooming in the camera displayed her sweet charms, the sparse fur allowing a close up of her intimate femininity. The young man stroked and explored the fleshy mound, carefully parting the full lips and caressing the pale flesh beneath. With his other hand he explored the young woman’s hard little breasts, his fingers grazing the firm, erect nipples. Her hands squeezed her tiny bust, pushing them upwards so that they swelled against his hands. She gasped; until now the sound had been almost absent. The camera flicked to her belly and revealed the young lad sliding a middle finger into her vagina. For some moments he massaged his finger against the velvety membranes lining her love passage occasionally stroking her prominent clitoris with his thumb.

Removing his other hand from her bosom he unzipped his fly and eased out a well-proportioned and very erect penis. He rubbed it suggestively as the young girl looked on wide-eyed. He pressed her down and pointed his dribbling monster towards her downy sex. She shook her head and tried to cover her engaging charms. The boy insisted but she persisted in her refusal. She indicated by curling her hands over her flat belly that she was afraid of getting pregnant. After a moment the boy released the downward pressure, knelt up on the bed and, rather roughly pulled he towards him, obviously trying to get her to suck him instead. Again the girl resisted but the boy, being stronger, managed to smear her lips with his juice. She unconsciously used her tongue to sweep the fluid away and, for the first time, tasted a boy. Almost immediately, as the realisation that the taste was not so unpleasant, she agreed to experiment with oral sex. The boy smiled widely, gripped the base of his ample penis and pulled the foreskin back over the knob. The girl dipped her head slowly towards the fleshy head, already shiny with his oily lubricant, and extended the point of her tongue. Boy and girl connected, her tongue flicking over the taut, rosy skin tasting, gathering his piquant fluid. Pulling back a short distance she took a deep breath, opened her mouth wide and guided it over the palpitating swelling. For a moment she closed her lips over the ridged before sliding it out again, making it shine with saliva and letting the abundant juice pool into her mouth. She made a face as she shrugged her shoulders and licked her lips but the boy was in no mood for delay.

He gripped his swollen prick and pressed it against her mouth trying to get in, we assumed before he came. She relaxed slightly and let it slip between her lips; he took advantage of her error and pulled her head towards his pubic hair, driving his mature hardness deep down her throat. Gagging slightly she pulled sharply back. The lad gripped her jet-black hair and began to oscillate her head, sliding her mouth up and down over his penis. Her lips rolled over the heavily veined skin leaving it glistening. She gave a sharp, muted cry and pulled against his guiding hands. The boy’s flat belly rippled; we all knew what was happening but, unlike many American and Western films, he did not pull out. He held her to him, his penis pouring thick semen onto her tongue, filling her mouth with a strange, new taste, the taste of a man. She released the clamp around his quivering prick allowing the erotic mixture of sperm and saliva to stream out down the shaft. The young man instinctively gripped his fluttering penis and squeezed it onto the girl’s lips as the camera zoomed in to focus on the erotic detail. The smooth skin of the girl’s face was smeared with shiny fluid and bubbled out of her mouth. The boy tightened his grip on the stiffness and forced the last, spicy droplets from the wet tip. The camera panned out to include both youngsters as they wound down. He wiped his drooping prick while the girl scooped the puddles of semen from her chin and sucked it off her forefinger. Nahdya and I looked at each other while Leubeka removed the film and turned to us inviting comment.

Nahdya nodded silently to me. “I think it has promise.” I said with authority, “The girl definitely did not act as if it was her first time but that can be overcome. I like the freshness of the girl, her coyness is a good selling point and, naturally, her Oriental beauty is very attractive to Europeans.”

“Good, good.” Leubeka rubbed his hands and hopped from one foot to the other. “I promised you good merchandise; now you see that Leubeka keep promise.” I held my hands up sharply. “Hold on there.” I stopped him, “One film does not make that much success. We need to see a selection and talk to some of your girls. We need to be sure that you can maintain the highest quality. This is a cutthroat business sir; we cannot afford sloppy production, second-rate performers or erratic supply. We need to be assured that you have the authorities under control and that there is a good supply of performers, female and male for you to work with. Our punters become quickly bored if they see the same faces –or other parts- too often. In addition we may want to put ‘special assignments’ to you. One-off, bespoke productions for rich clients. Can you handle these? Have you the resources to produce; I am speaking of bizarre content, perhaps a little sado-masochism? It is early days yet; we must be satisfied before we return otherwise it must be a negative report.”

Leubeka was mollified. “Okay Mister Colin,” he blustered, “You are good businessman – and your lovely wife too. I show you that I top studio in Thailand. Produce the best for you; only the best girls, young and clean. Very beautiful and skilful. Oh, dear me yes. Yes, special girls too. You tell me, I can help of course. Let me show you ‘special’ film I keep very secret. Only my best client see this. Show how young Thai and Cambodian girl make men very happy. Everything, oh yes indeed; let me show you now.” He gesticulated before dropping to his knees, removing a thick floor tile to gain access to a solid looking safe. Using his body as a shield he twiddled and pulled open the heavy door. A quick fumble as he withdrew not a video but a single, shiny disc, a DVD. He moved with an agility that belied his bulk to insert the disc into the second box. Suddenly the TV was displaying a new title “Su-Lin’s Family”.

Leubeka looked at us and I nodded for him to play. He flicked a remote control and stepped quickly aside. The screen displayed the inside of a small house with a young girl playing. He let us watch a film that depicted her having sex with an older man followed by two youngish boys. I looked questioningly at Nahdya who looked very solemn in return. I was suddenly getting the wrong vibes over this man and his products. After they had finished a different scenario began but I waved my hand to indicate enough. “You are surely not serious?” I challenged Leubeka, “This is NOT what I understood we had come to discuss. Do you agree Nahdya?” She nodded looking a little flushed. “I will not dispute that some older men like to see a very young girl perform. However we cannot and will not market that in Europe. I would even more like to speak to your girls; please make haste.”

“For sure, for sure madame.” Leubeka fawned and pushed the button hard a few times. “Tanika slow, I hurry her.” Almost as soon as his finger had released the button a buzzer sounded. “Ah, Tanika here.” Leubeka turned and swung open the heavy door. Into the room came two very nubile girls followed by a Thai woman of about 35 to 40. Both girls were pre adolescent, at least from first impressions. Black hair just below the ears and very baby faces. I estimated their ages between 9 and 10. They stood until the woman signalled for them to sit. Leubeka beamed at us and I nodded to Nahdya who shook her head sadly. She sat on the floor between them and spoke animatedly but hesitatingly, first to one then the other. At times they seemed uncomfortable, at others quite bright. Both nodded and shook their heads while Nahdya chatted and made short notes. Finally she nodded to both and turned to me. “I have much information.” she stood up, “But I don’t understand why Saramsiya brought these girls instead of the older ones that we expected.”

“Perhaps his intention was to push the kiddy porn onto us at the expense of the normal stuff.” I turned to the man who was sweating a little, “I think you are trying to piss with us. You show us both films but with the intention of pushing the kiddy stuff. I have a feeling you have no older girls and that this is all you do.” He waved his arms, sweating hard now. “I show you good film.” he blustered, “Two times good then girls like you want.” “Crap!” I banged my fist down hard, “Nahdya and I came to negotiate mainstream films using legal girls and that is what we wanted to see. Greatorix is totally opposed to this sort of exploitation. Normal porn we can accept but all police forces in Europe co-operate against paedophilia. So, in fact, do we. There is no way we would even consider this stuff, it is total filth! Now, have you got what we came for or are you just pissing us about?” “I get all good films and girls.” he looked very uncomfortable, “Not here but very soon.” I looked at Nahdya who shook her head. “You mean you don’t do them and you will have to do a deal with someone else?” I accused the pompous ass, “We don’t talk to the monkey, only the organ grinder. So let’s cut the crap and get to the people who really matter.”

“No no!” he shook his head violently, “They very bad people, not like deal and you fish food. Very true, oh yes indeed. I speak with them, we meet two days, much safer.” “Oh yes, and much better for you too.” I spoke cynically, “You butter up to them, make a deal in your favour and we end up paying over the top. Was I born yesterday? I don’t think so. If you won’t help us we will do it ourselves. A pity, we could have had a good deal without the kiddy stuff if you had been co-operative, but now, it’s toast.” “Yes, yes, we do deal.” he stood between us and the door, “I give you contact, then we do deal on unusual film. I do plenty good film and supply girls too. Very good here, men like the younger girl or boy. Exciting and they pay good for short time. Oh yes indeed. Pay many dollars for cherry girl or buy special film. I make you good price, no problem.”
Should we even consider dealing with him? I turned to Nahdya and enquired by a raised eyebrow. She shrugged in indecision also. I made a spot decision. “Okay Mister Saramsiya,” I smiled a wicked grin, “Let’s see if we can make a deal. No shifty business; no wriggling and a good contact for the mainstream films. If I find, or even suspect, that you have two-timed or short changed us then I am sure the long arm of our organisation will reach out to your heart – and rip it out! For once in your life you are going to be honest and straightforward. I know it will be a new experience for you so enjoy it. And make sure it isn’t your last. Shall we proceed?”

He was red and bubbles of sweat ran down his face. As powerful as his organisation was, the cult was even more so and he knew it. His life would be forfeit if he failed and this he feared. I trembled also realising the power we held simply by calling on our masters. Coffee mysteriously appeared on the worktops as we sat, the two girls almost ignored a metre or so away with their minder.
“Nahdya, my love.” I tilted my head at my ‘wife’, “I think the first part is yours. Tell me what you think and have discovered.”

“Thank you my L ..” she hesitated at the near slip, “husband. First the girls are not Thai but Cambodian. So they are illegals and have no protection at all from the Thai police who would simply return them to the border if they could. But that is all. This one, Simsa is twelve, the other, Sau-Let is part Chinese and is almost eleven. Simsa has made two films for Leubeka and she has been used by many men.” She paused and addressed the older girl in Thai. After the reply she continued. “Many is about five or six, she did not keep record. She tell me that men enter between her legs and in her mouth. She tell me that they stay and make much water inside and to swallow. She say quite hurt sometimes.

One also get close to face, she see him make thick water spray onto her hair. Not like real water but like milk. She tell me that him, Saramsiya, he make water inside two times, take picture. Other girl she not make film, just here from Cambodia. I think she a virgin and only begin to learn what she must do. They say Saramsiya has many girls in many places for films and for men. She say though that they are looked after good, plenty of food, clean water, clothes and nice sleeping” I leant over and kissed her. Leubeka looked at me closely. He had noticed the slip and made four from the usual two and two. Leubeka was clearly a paedophile, which disgusted me, probably the top man for this type of film, and I began to hatch a plan to bring him down and stop his filthy business. I decided there and then I did not like him or his trade.

Before I could speak Leubeka chipped in. “All true sir.” he said carefully, “I take care of them, feed them and they repay me with good film. For you too, good film or –“ he licked his lips disgustingly, “ – maybe sir like to experience one or both.” “Kids? Like you do?” I snapped almost automatically. “You kind of people disgust me. There are plenty of legal girls around Bangkok without resorting to children. What the devil do you think I am? He shrugged. “Sir, I too have feelings. You very fortunate to have beautiful ‘wife’ to take care, make relax. Leubeka have no wife but need relax. Oh yes indeed. Why not girl? Girl working for Leubeka, perform in film so help Leubeka sleep.”

I felt sick. Whilst I had little problem with younger children experimenting among their own age groups I despised these older men who preyed on vulnerable girls and boys. In my book I would castrate any of them who were convicted. I knew now with absolute certainty that we would do all in our power to destroy the degenerate Leubeka and his perverted trade, but first we had to woo him. I dismissed my feelings and we got down to business. I didn’t tell Nahdya but I had a strong feeling she was ahead of me. He was a shrewd negotiator and it was very hard work before we got a deal we could both accept. The price was a little higher than we would have accepted but I knew that the films would have a premium value if we were stupid enough to handle them. I wanted him to believe that we were still serious.

The primary negotiations over relaxed the atmosphere significantly. Our additional contact was a Mrs. Tharamdapur for whom we had a telephone contact. This was another Triad type group whose name, when translated became the delightful ‘Misty Dragon’. We were told, however, to ignore the gentle sounding name; the leader was apparently one of the hardest and most feared underworld characters in the whole of Thailand. She had inherited her empire from her assassinated husband and had ruthlessly sought out and removed every individual and his or her families she believed to have been involved with his death. Some gave the estimate of her retribution at over three hundred souls. She had then expanded her activities into every aspect of Thai crime. To cross her was a death sentence; a slow one at that. As an individual however, she was a paragon. Supporting the arts and the disadvantaged, she even patronised a cat rescue centre, which, not surprisingly, never suffered petty crime of any sort. It was not thought to be anecdotal that anything from the rescue centre could be left unattended anywhere in Bangkok and it would remain inviolate. Even the thought of this lady frightened me. After we all had a Coke, Leubeka beckoned the two girls over with their minder. He spoke to her and she them. I looked at Nahdya who delicately shook her head.
“Please sir,” the pimp addressed me and once more sidelined Nahdya, “you wish to inspect my girls, they very soft and willing. They show you good skill, oh yes indeed, very pretty good. You see, they do things for you only young girl can do.”

I looked at Nahdya, grinned and then turned back to Saramsiya, my face like thunder. “Is it your objective in life to insult my wife?” I asked in a voice of gravel, “First you treat her as if she were a common prostitute, then you virtually ignore her and now you blatantly suggest that I go with your children as if she were not here. Whatever we do in business does not extend to the bedroom. I negotiate and assess the technical aspects of our task while she, and she alone, is responsible for the quality of the merchandise. Outside this we are a married couple; I love my wife and I do not, repeat do not, screw other women or girls simply because they are offered. I have said it once too many times, the lack of control of your mouth makes this venture insecure. Perhaps we should cancel this agreement and negotiate only with Mrs Tharamdapur; I feel that she would be more professional.”

Saramsiya deflated almost physically. With the prospect of a healthy cash flow beginning to evaporate he looked for a saviour. He found none. The jaw wobbled as he sought the right words.
“A thousand apologies again sir.” he grovelled, wiping his brow, “I do not know what I am thinking again. Oh no indeed I do not. Your wife, beautiful lady and I not wish to insult her. Dear me no indeed. I will listen with both ears to all she say and make no speech to interrupt. My girls are good and I try very hard to tell you. Maybe I try too hard, oh yes. Of course you do not use young girl for unlawful sex, oh no, your wife she do that indeed, she do that good. Oh yes.”

We could hardly contain our laughter. “Leubeka, “ I tried to keep a straight face, “We have a saying in England which says, ‘When in a hole – stop digging.’ I think you would be well advised to heed this.” “A hole, what hole?” he asked, obviously totally confused. “Everything you say is making the problem worse.” I said, “Your mouth is the spade, I suggest that you say no more unless we abandon you.” “Mouth, spade? I do not understand what you say.” he said. “Just shut up!” I waved my hand in a termination gesture. He shut up.

“Mister Saramsiya.” Nahdya turned on him, her voice syrupy and suggestive, “Perhaps you would permit Simsa to accompany us to our apartment where I could talk with her alone? I think it better you not around. We take care of her until tomorrow. Food and good bed. Then, if I happy with what she tell me we confirm deal tomorrow.” She stopped for a moment, her eyes distant. “Perhaps too you send one of your boys to us also. I wish to know much about our investment.”

I smiled broadly. I genuinely admired Nahdya. She was not only very beautiful and sexy but also shrewd and calculating. This was a brilliant move that put pressure on Saramsiya and strengthened our position.

“Of course, of course dear lady.” he fawned, “I could not suggest better. Take Simsa, I send boy to you. Room 217, oh yes, I remember. Meet tomorrow, fix contract I am sure indeed.” We nodded, finished our drinks and prepared to move. The door opened and we followed Saramsiya back towards the club. He stopped for a moment, his mobile to his ear, then directed us to a small passage and door. “Taxi will take you back to hotel.” he said, “Safe for you and Simsa. I send boy later. You come here tomorrow, eleven hours, bring Simsa and boy, okay?” I nodded. “Make it later, say seven pm again. It is getting late now I think.” He agreed with a nonchalant wave.

Hardly had the words passed my lips that there was a screech and a large, dirty yellow cab shuddered to a halt with a squeal of tortured rubber. We all clambered in, myself alongside the driver to guide him to our hotel. In fairness, he needed only to be told once and we were off, weaving our way through the snarled traffic. Forty minutes it took us to travel about 4km before we disembarked and entered the Royale. I glanced at my watch and realised for the first time how late it was. We had met Saramsiya at seven and now it was past 1am. If the hotel was concerned over our addition it did not show it. The night clerk handed over our key with a smile and the three of us grabbed a lift and wearily flopped to the room. I called for some late club sandwiches which arrived in minutes. We all eat, showered and collapsed for the night. Both my and Nadhya’s clocks were out of sync but it did not matter; we were whacked. Simsa curled on a chair until Nahdya guided her to a spare, small cot. After just a few minutes the room contained three sleeping beauties.

End of Part IX

Look out for Part 10 – Fight and Flight

Conqueror’s Reward

*** Prologue

Diun’ja was the greatest warrior his people had ever seen. He had won many battles and much honor. As was custom the strongest was chosen for the breeding as was his reward. A world was chosen to spread his seed and through this spread his perfection as his people saw it. It was an isolated world where his progeny could grow. Earth was its name and the inhabitants would be unaware of the true purpose of this alien visitor.

*** Mistaken for the Homeless

Diun’ja traveled from the landing site dressed in street clothes that his people had given him to better blend in. He was lured by the city lights of L.A. Even from a distance it drew his attention. In this place there were many opportunities to meet potential mates allowing him to spread his genetic material.

Diun walked the streets of Los Angeles taking in all the new sights. There were building he had never seen and many people dressed in strange garbs. He must have wandered a good portion of the city before he decided to rest. Uncaring of the cold he fell asleep on a park bench in the middle of a park. Diun awoke to feel something tap his foot and a woman’s voice. Shifting where he lay he caught sight of an attractive brunette in a uniform. It was the middle of the night and a full moon hung overhead. The badge she wore said police on it. Diun ignored her and went back to sleep. There was another tap on his sneakers this time more insistent. Annoyed he rolled over to face the cop and found a second one with black hair done up in a pony tail. She had tanned skin and the features of a Hispanic woman. Her body was tight and slender. This time she had been the one who had tapped his boot.

The other woman was backing up her partner when the black haired woman said, “Alright buddy time to get a move on or we’ll have to put you in the squad car and take you downtown.”

Diun disliked the threat that was implied in her voice and rose to his feet. Growling he returned the challenge staring down at the two women. The second one moved for her taser firing it at him. The jolt that would have put down a full grown human no matter what size he was didn’t bother Diun. For him the jolt was barely noticeable though it was clear what she tried to do. Picking up the dark haired one by her uniform he tossed her into the second one easily. The two women fell to the ground together unconscious from the impact. The attack now answered he moved off no longer interested in staying there. On his way out he found their cop car and to avoid possible pursuit he decided to put it out of commission.

Jessica and Patrice woke up to find the homeless man gone and rushed to the cop car. Exiting the park they found it laying there tipped over on the street. Looking inside they found the radio ripped out and the camera inside the car destroyed. Patrice pissed off kicked the side of the car. She couldn’t believe something like this had happened. It took awhile before her partner was able to calm her down. They decided to walk back to the station and possibly wave down a police car along the way before one of them spotted the perp up ahead.

Diun had just started walking away when he heard someone yell, “Freeze!” Standing in front of a wall he merely sprang over it landing in a crouch on the other side before continuing on. Both women looked at each other in disbelief. Finally Patrice after a moment led the way after him leaping to catch the top of the wall. Hoisting herself up she offered a hand to her partner who did the same. After landing on the other side they unholstered their guns continuing the pursuit.

“Shouldn’t we shouldn’t we just let this one go and call for backup?” Jessica said as they continued to follow his trail. Looking for any sign of him Patrice replied, “And tell them what? That we lost the perp after he somehow managed to knock us out, flip our car, and leap over a wall right in front of us? Are you nuts? They’ll laugh us right out of the station! Now come on!” Patrice said leading the way. Jessica was close behind when she saw Patrice disappear suddenly and she moved around a nearby corner.

Jessica wasn’t able to get a shot off as she followed and was caught by surprise with a punch to the gut. The wind knocked out of her she folded to the ground her legs giving out. Patrice was on the ground in a similar position holding her gut and barely keeping herself from puking. Looking up Jessica saw the perp looking down at them waiting to see if either of them got up. Both women’s bodies had never taken a punch that hard and would take them a little while to recover.

He picked up both their guns now loose on the ground and tossed them on the building they were leaning against. Satisfied that they were in no condition to follow he turned around. Patrice managed to catch her breath and got up. Charging she tried to leap on his back and catch him in a sleeper hold. Jessica’s partner had a good grip and had taken many other much larger opponents by doing just that. This time however Jessica saw the man quickly turn around and catch her with one hand by the throat.

Shaking his head in disgust at this continuing annoyance he decided that no other choice but to embarrass them to try to end this. He intended not to hurt them seriously and would hold back. Letting her go he ripped open her sleeve tossing it aside then backing away. Patrice not getting it attacked again with a punch only to lose another piece of her clothing. Jessica soon began to see the rules. Every time he was attacked Patrice would lose something. Deciding to hit him while he was distracted she aimed low for the back of his legs aiming with her nightstick. A hand caught her near the collarbone and squeezed before she could even bring the weapon to bare. Jessica’s eyes rolled up into her head as she passed out.

By the time she woke up Patrice was riding the man they had just been fighting. Sliding up and down on his cock she felt him cum coating her insides. Jessica was so shocked she could only stare at the whole scene aghast. Pushing Patrice’s heaving body off so she rolled onto her pile of clothes beside him Diun got up. Jessica was soon given a face to face with his huge member still stiff, and hard now wet with her friend’s juices. The moon light illuminated his tan skin and powerful form as smiled the smile of a predator stalking his prey. Even now his pheromones were beginning their work but Diun was growing impatient. He was beginning to like the softness of these human women. Even now he yearned to feel their velvety softness envelop his pole as he fucked Jessica as he had her friend.

The other one had been less resistant he found this one far more admirable. She reminded him of one of his own species’ women. Mating among his people were far more violent in comparison. A male had to prove his prowess by showing his strength. The act fueled their hormones of both causing the mating to become much more heated. The other one had begun to show him some new things before she finally lost it and mounted him riding him to the end.

Grasping Jessica’s hips he pulled he up onto her knees. Positioning her in front of him he was given a pleasing view of her crouch. Ripping a big enough hole to expose her beautiful pussy he rubbed it with his fingers stroking her. Jessica sucked in a breath gasping at how good it felt. Slipping his fingers inside he copied his earlier actions with Patrice. Stroking her he teased her pussy until she begged for release. Smiling Diun slipped his cock in easing it in inch by inch. Grasping her hips he buried himself all the way up to the hilt. Jessica sighed in contentment as she felt his full length buried inside her Jessica’s body shivered with anticipation.

“Fuck me please fuck me!” Jessica cried out. Needing no more encouragement Diun gave Jessica what she wanted. Grasping her hips plunge his hips forward as he used her hips to pull her back against him giving hard deep thrusts. Building up a hard pace skin could be heard slapping against skin as their two bodies slammed together.  “Ah, ah, ah aaah!” Jessica screamed passionately a Diun hammered into her.

“I’m gonna cum!” Jessica yelled after ten minutes of this her body squirting out her juices all over him. Her whole body spasmed as the orgasm wracked her from head to toe. After pulling out his sperm on its way into her womb he got up and got dressed. Two women were now pregnant in this surprising turn of events.

Jessica was still gasping for air shivering in the cold night air when Diun left the two of them. It would take awhile before her or Patrice were in any condition to head home and get dressed. Both were sore but still feeling the effects of their orgasms as they tried to recover. Seeing him leave Jessica wondered who the stranger was and where had he come from? There was no doubt that she and Patrice would remember this night for the rest of their lives. They would call their sergeant later and try to explain how their car got flipped, and try to get it returned to the station. Even now Jessica knew they would have to lie. Who would believe the truth?

Sniffing his fingers Diun licked Jessica’s juices off his reveling in the taste. No one had told him how good human women tasted down there. Their cum tasted ever so sweet, and satisfying. His taste buds went wild as he licked his fingers clean his thoughts turned to idea of eventually getting more.

A Female Hiker

To avoid any further trouble from the police Diun decided to move away from the city for a while heading out to the hills. He had discarded most his clothes preferring to leave them behind once he reached the safety of the hills. Already he began to dislike their constriction and how they made his body feel hot as he hiked up the hill towards the Hollywood sign. He felt quite free like this without the restrictions of human clothes. A young female hiker was making her way up the path and spotted the naked man up the slope. His body well formed not too muscular. His species were not built to get much bigger for they were far denser than humans. Though his skin looked soft like theirs it was in fact stronger than any metal after dealing with strong gravity from his homeworld.

The woman stood dumbfounded looking at his alluring body every bit masculine. She made an audible gulp as he neared her, his pheromones filling her nostrils and making her body excited. She looked down in shock to find her nipples already hard and her pussy juices soaking her panties and pants.

She had extra set of clothes in her backpack and she would need them as Diun ripped open her shirt before planting a hard kiss on her. In a second movement he tore her pants open tossing them aside.

Monica a petite blond with small breasts and sexy curved ass stood now naked in front of the well-hung Diun. How all this had happened she didn’t know but she didn’t argue with her luck as he bent down and picked her up hoisting her right off the ground.

The strange man must have been 6’4 towering over her at Monica’s height of 5’2. All the natural lube her body was producing was about to be put to the test as his massive member buried itself into her helpless body. Hanging off him she was jarred by the impact as he began to fuck her Monica’s orgasms coming all too fast. Every nerve in her body was so sensitive and she didn’t know how long she could last like this. Part of her felt like she was going to die by being fucked to death her body finally giving out under the strain. Monica felt like a rag doll and was loving every minute of it. Never before had she felt like this with every other man, and she didn’t want it to stop. Sweat covered her body and her breaths came in gasps. Monica felt like she was running a marathon as she seemed to climax without end against this seemingly tireless machine of a man.

With a loud growl she felt him cum inside her spurting his great load. Monica whimpered as she sensed that the experience was over and this strange man would leave her.

“Please don’t leave me. I have a house not far from here. You could spend the night there and leave in the morning if you wish.” Monica suggested hopefully. Diun nodded seeing such a thing could prove useful.

Helping her dress he carried her back to her home because her legs could no longer carry her for a time. Diun found clothes from one of her old boyfriends that he had left there inside her closet. Some of the more baggy sweats and t-shirts fit him and he picked the most ideal to wear. He had decided that though he might have to wear human clothing it was not necessary to be uncomfortable.

Before he left Monica begged for him to take her one more time. This time he experimentally tried a slower pace to see how she handled it. These human women appeared to be more fragile than the females of his species. It wouldn’t do to kill one of his mates so he tried things more slowly. Her responses to this change further encouraged this.

Monica wrapped her legs and arms around him meeting each thrust. Pumping in between her legs Diun became fascinated by this response. Normally his species simply took what they wanted hard and fast. Now it was not nearly pheromones that were bringing her to orgasm but his improving technique. He sensed every reaction before she made it anticipating her. It was a new experience not simply breeding but giving a part of himself. The sound of her breathing, and her smell heightened his own pleasure.

Kissing her neck where it met the shoulder he heard her gasp out, “Yes, Yes. That’s it! Don’t stop! Ohhh Sh—-ttt!” Diun felt her cream all over his cock her mouth hanging open. She kissed his neck as she tried desperately to catch her breath her chest heaving.

Diun had been unaware he was even capable of this and it was a welcome discovery. Monica’s orgasms were fewer but more intense as her body was barely able to contain it. On the last one she passed out overwhelmed and exhausted. Diun was sure even now that a child would soon begin to grow in her womb. In a matter of weeks not months she would give birth to a healthy child that would be his. He had not talked to her the entire time at least not verbally.

He merely communicated his intentions unconsciously as was common among his people. Monica would raise her hips during sex allowing him better access or give him a glass of water when he wanted it earlier that morning. He could achieve this after making a conscious effort to communicate it. Speech had been forgotten years ago among his species. Even now he was barely relearning it instead he decided to stick to sensing her intentions just as she sensed his. It began with an image or emotion. Sometimes it was hard to describe. He simply knew what she wanted.

It was a beautiful feeling when dealing with humans. Their emotions were less raw like a pouring river and more like a gentle stream. Diun found it soothing as he let it flow through him mixing with his own emotions. He communicated how beautiful he thought she was at that moment gently planting that image in her mind. Like a flower she opened up to him it was Diun’s turn to gasp as he felt the full impact of it.

The thought of this woman carrying his child filled him with unusual pride. Normally his people did not open themselves to the thoughts of their partners especially when they considered them inferior. By all accounts that is what humans were. His people were the picture of physical perfection. None suffered from any physical ailment or disease.

They were tougher and stronger. Their minds sharper than the greatest of the humans able to anticipate an opponent, and take preemptive actions to defeat them even before combat commenced. Diun remembered each battle he had ever fought in and those that belonged to his forbearers. In his DNA were the emories of thousands of males and females from his line that came before him. Each lesson had helped shaped him adding to his own personality and strengths.

He had proven his line to be superior and all had bowed before him acknowledging his perfection. The new title of Nafi had bestowed to him for he was the first to ever rise to such a height. Even after he had bred with the unwed females of legal age many more of his own people’s women awaited his seed seeking to share in his superior genetics. Why did he not feel as honored by that notion as he once had? Was it perhaps that he felt a kinship with these humans?

In the beginning their two species had not been dissimilar. His people had dvanced far because their desire to prove their own genetics. When a new species came their genetics strengths were added to their own, and those who were not strong were merely breeding stock to make their children strong. Eventually the weak were bred out and only the powerful remained.

Diun’s mind now turned to the woman on the bed before him. Her name was Monica and he saw her dreams and desires. She wanted children one day but had been told that she couldn’t. Despite this he sensed that his DNA had only fixed this problem. The first sample had healed her imperfect womb and the second had planted his seed there. In their coupling he had and sensed their potential.

A new doubt was placed in his mind: Did he really want to leave is progeny to fend for themselves? Why not stay and see them grow up? Perhaps he could even see what they would do on this far removed world, and what of the mother’s of his children? Diun had no doubt his children would act out of the ordinary.

While some might not notice their mother’s soon would. Eventually they would seek out their birthright as warriors yearning for the call of combat.
Even now Diun remembered his past experiences. It had a strong pull among his people. Through it genetics were proven as with every other physical or mental competition. That same drive would exist in his young no matter what the humans tried to teach them. Why he worried about such things when none of his kind had before he didn’t understand.

Putting these thoughts aside he kissed her cheek tenderly an image of tenderness he had seen in her mind. She would have her wish for a child and he had provided the opportunity. Walking out of the house he headed towards the lights of the city. Already exciting possibilities filled his thoughts and he was eager to see what else he could learn from these humans.

Naughty Librarian

Diun decided in light of all he had learned already he should do some more studying on humans. Heading back into the city he eventually found a library where he could have access to books to learn from. Picking out books on sexuality he placed his hands on each page reading it by touch. Each impression from a former reader gave him the information the book carried within it. He was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t notice a librarian sneak up behind him.

“Find what you needed?” She asked a smile on her face as he turned. Diun calmly turned to look at her returning her smile.

Sending her the impression he hadn’t she replied, “Would you prefer a book on sexual positions?” This startled Diun as he noticed that he hadn’t consciously communicated it. Was this a side effect of having sex with humans? How else had they begun to affect him that he had been unconscious of? Why had his people not told him of this risk? Diun had never heard of anything like this happening in the past.

Recovering quickly without her noticing Diun smiled acknowledging her question. Looking at the floor shyly Dana tried to gather her courage as she tried to think of what to say.

“If you want I would be happy to show you some personally.” Dana said blurting out her innermost desires. Her hand quickly covered her mouth as she realized what she had just said to him. Dana wanted to simply get away her face burning with embarrassment.

Diun was intrigued as the freckled red head blushed. He had never seen anything like it. Reaching out he stroked her face surprised it was not red hot due to its color. Smiling as he looked into her deep blue eyes he nodded indicating he was interested. Dana couldn’t believe it.

“We could meet here after work.” Dana suggested. Diun frowned at this. He did not like the idea of waiting. Seeing his reaction Dana’s tongue licked her lips simply trying to wet them. What Diun saw was an action that inflamed his arousal. He had read about the act of kissing and was eager to try it. The act had in fact reminded him of it. Using his stroking hand on her face as subterfuge he reached into her mind lightly plucking out an image. It was her version of the perfect kiss.

Controlling himself and his growing need to have her Diun planted the image of her home in Dana’s mind. Nodding in agreement as if he had said it verbally she led the way out the door. Finding her car they drove back to her house. Once they were inside Dana closed the door behind them. When she turned around Diun began kissing Dana’s neck making it hard for her to concentrate. Something was still causing her to hesitate so Diun stopped.

He wondered what was wrong and she gave him her answer, “I’m a virgin.” A questioning look came over his face after hearing this. He did not understand the full implications. The impression he was getting didn’t make sense. She knew about sex but was nervous about her first time. His people were never nervous. They had too much memory to call from. Surety was a part of being who he was.

Taking his hand she led him to the bedroom. Inside was the usual furniture along with a T.V. and VCR.

Turning on the television she pressed play on the VCR. Images came on to the screen of a man and a woman having sex. Seeing it Diun nodded understanding. That was how she knew. Like he knew how to have sex from his memories she had learned from these images on the screen. Touching the VCR he read from it that she used it quite often for this purpose, as well as something more.

He saw her touching herself while watching as well as using some strange object. Pleasure was attached to this image and he wondered what it was. Even now he could hear a steady hum attached to this new image.

Moving to one of her drawers Dana took out a vibrator showing it to him. Taking it he looked it over and handed it back wanting her to show him how to use it. Removing her clothes shyly she moved to the bed. Dana felt so self conscious in this situation. She had never done this with a man in the room before or anyone else for that matter. Laying there with her head propped up by the pillows Dana began to stroke it across her pussy. It buzzed and vibrated sending tingles through her body. She seemed to focus on her clitoris a lot pressing it there and holding it before moving on. As soon as she was good and wet she slid the vibrator inside herself.

Once it was all the way in she began to move it in and out fucking herself with it. Diun watched in wonder moving in closer for a better view. An image on the screen caught his attention. Dana had forgotten to turn it off. Its sounds filled the background as she continued to play with herself. The sound of one woman cumming had caused him to look at it. A man was licking the woman’s pussy and she was running her fingers through his hair.

Diun liked this image and was eager to try it for himself. Searching for the word from among her memories his mouth moved clumsily trying to say it, “I…try…please?” Dana stopped slowly removing the toy and handing it to him while it was still on. Taking it he positioned his head over her pussy so he was lying on top of her. Using the vibrator at first he teased her clitoris pressing it firmly against her clit and then removing it.

Facing his cock Dana had her own ideas about teasing and began to lick and play with it. Her fingers and tongue stroked it playing with its length. Diun gasped at the sudden sensation unprepared for it with his attention directed elsewhere. As she began sucking it firmly in her mouth he tossed aside the toy and began licking with enthusiasm. Dana made sounds to show her appreciation. She was so wet and delicious that Diun practically tried to suck and lick off all he could of her juices.

Dana came many times this way making him cum with her as well. What she lacked in experience she made up with passion. Apparently Dana liked how Diun’s sperm tasted as well. To her it tasted like a sweet syrup and she couldn’t get enough. About the fifth time Diun had to get her to stop or she would have kept on going until her jaw got sore.

Lying there next to each other they kissed tenderly while Dana rested and relaxed. Diun was eager to cum inside her after she had caught her breath. Dana was only happy to oblige. Climbing on top she mounted him and began to move her hips up and down riding his cock. Now she was in control, and the one time that Diun tried to get too involved fucking up into her she shook her head to stop him saying, “Wait a minute baby you’ll like this.”

Moving her hips in a circle she ground into him like the porn movies had shown her. It took awhile to get the hang of it but eventually she got the response she wanted. Diun grasping her hips began to spurt inside her the stimulation too much. How many times he came she didn’t know but each one sent her into a mini orgasms and she liked it. She had never seen a man do that in any of the movies and was so proud of herself for causing it.

By the time it was over he was exhausted as well. Both of them were covered in sweat as they slipped underneath the covers. Dana cuddled against him and Diun enjoyed the feeling wrapping one of his arms around her and kissing her forehead. For the first time he found himself wanting to tell her everything but he knew he shouldn’t. How could she understand and what if she turned away from him because of it? These new emotions began to unsettle him and he decided to leave the next day when she left for work. There was something dangerous about this woman he had not dealt with before. Part of him was screaming to get away from her.

Kissing her goodbye he waited until she was out of sight before he left. As he walked down the street in search of something new another emotion surfaced and he did not recognize it. It made him feel bad for leaving her and not trying to explain. It was an emotion humans called guilt. What he didn’t realize is that during the experience he had done something without realizing it: Diun had stopped using pheromones.
A Stripper’s Surprise

While walking the streets Diun met a mugger. Pointing a gun at him the man urged him into an alley. Little did the mugger realize just who he was dealing with.

“Give me your money!” The mugger yelled keeping the gun on him. As close as they were Diun could feel the evil of the man and see the images of the innocent people he had killed. Some he had raped, while others he had murdered in cold blood uncaring of how much they suffered before they died. This made Diun angry though he couldn’t explain why. Moving forward he felt the impact of the bullet on his skin and ignored it. The bullet did not penetrate or even hurt. The mugger panicked and kept firing without any better luck only stopping when a punch from Diun leveled him breaking his jaw.

Taking the gun Diun crushed it into a hunk of metal in his hand easily, dropping it on the ground beside the mugger. Liking the man’s overcoat he saw little harm taking it from the unconscious thief. When he thought of it the man might have tried to kill him and done the same as he put it on.

As part of that thought process he had little trouble taking any of the man’s money or the valuables he had stolen. Touching the man’s sleeping mind he picked out the image of a pawnbroker nearby who unknowingly sold the stolen goods from time to time. The mugger had used many of them to cover his tracks and not cause suspicion.

Walking there Diun sold the watches, rings, and other things that he had found on the mugger. The money was pretty sizable because most had been expensive, and Diun added it to the cash he had already taken. Thanks to what he had already learned Diun knew how much each bill and coin were worth.
Walking the streets he walked in front of a strip club where a man called out to him, “You interested in a good time friend? Plenty of pretty ladies inside just waiting for a fella like you.”

Diun sensing no danger from the man or from anything inside, he shrugged and entered the building walking right past the man. He was a large fat man with a big buzz cut and a good set of muscles on him. Judging by the look of him Diun guessed he was also there just in case of trouble. The man smiled pleasantly at him waving him inside.

It was dimly lit inside with flashing lights and mostly empty chairs around little tables surrounding a stage. The stage was towards the middle of the room against one of the walls. There were a couple of guys inside but they were just some of the regulars who frequented the place. Most were middle aged guys or older men looking to get away from the troubles outside and see a good show. Diun watched some of the women as he took a seat at the bar with some of the other men. “What will you have stranger?” A pretty little blonde bartender in nice black shirt vest and black slacks asked.

Seeing what the nearest man had been drinking he pointed at it. The drink was a hard whiskey. The lady poured and all the men who happened to glance over at him were impressed when he just downed it unfazed. Sitting there Diun wondered what the purpose of the drink was. It held a slight warmth going down but that had been it.

Looking at the other men he saw varied degrees of reactions from them as they continued to drink. Everyone one of them seemed to enjoy the aftereffects if not the taste. Putting a bunch of money down Diun asked for the bottle. Handing it to him the bartender had a amused smile on her face that quickly disappeared as she watched him drink. Downing it with ease Diun opened his throat chugging the contents of the bottle. When he was finished he set it back down again not drunk at all. Waiting for a few moments he sat there patiently wondering when he was going to start feeling as the other men felt. After awhile he grew disappointed staring at the bottle as he waited when nothing happened. Looking around he found everyone at the bar staring at him their mouths wide open.

Uncomfortable under all those eyes Diun moved to one of the tables near the stage for a change in scenery. There were some chairs surrounding the stage itself. An attractive Latin woman with nice tan skin a beautiful ass and shapely legs motioned him over. Unsure of what to do he stayed at his seat unwilling to move.

One of the other strippers who had been talking to a regular came over to Diun and said, “She wants you to go over there big boy. Don’t worry she doesn’t bite.” The stripper who had said it was an older blonde woman with a sizable bosom and nice curves. She was still quite pretty and had an aura of sexiness about her that seemed so natural. “After you’re finished you can have both of us if you want. By the way my name is Emily and the one eyeing you on stage is Candy.” The blonde said.

Getting up at her urging Diun made his way to the stage taking a seat. The woman started posing in front of him arching her back and giving him a view of her still covered pussy and tits. Diun watched the show curious. While interesting it didn’t feel private like he wanted. He was growing to dislike the attention of other eyes, it proved to be distracting. Seeing that she wasn’t getting his full attention Candy danced a little closer now her pussy was only inches from his face. Smelling its sweet scent and feeling her closeness Diun started to pay more attention.

“What’s wrong baby? Don’t you like me?” Candy said concerned. While her tone had been playful when she said it there was genuine concern behind it.

It had been a long time since she had actually had to try to keep a man’s attention. Obviously either this man felt uncomfortable in present circumstances or he had something else on his mind. Part of her job was to make him comfortable and forget about other worries. A happy man came back because he had been satisfied in the past. Coming up behind him Diun sensed Emily’s presence.

“Maybe it’s the crowd. He seems to not like it. I saw him looking around while your back was turned. Perhaps he would prefer some private time.” Emily suggested. Smiling as she understood Candy said, “Would you like to have both of us sweetie?” Diun looking at each of them and nodded. After Candy finished her show she and Emily each took one of his hands and led him into one the private rooms.

Both women were very wet and hot from being so near to him. Technically the pheromones that Diun was pumping out without thinking about it weren’t even necessary. Diun was a lot more handsome than the average joe who came in here and both women were eager to have a little fun.

Taking their tops off each woman gave him a lap dance feeling his hardening cock as the rubbed against it, and were impressed by the size of it. While Emily was giving him a dance her friend watched Diun’s hand move to Emily’s pussy rubbing it. Candy was surprised when her friend didn’t move it away immediately and instead seemed to go with it. Rubbing her clit through the fabric of the g-string bathing suit Diun felt her grinding against him increase. He quickly loosened the strings on each side of her bottom revealing her pussy. The reason soon became clear as Emily squirted all over the place gasping as she was overcome by an orgasm. Diun had safely moved her clothes out of the way just in time.

Candy could only watch as Diun set her friend on the ground getting up off the cushioned seat they all had been using. Rubbing some of the juices dripping from Emily’s pussy Diun coated them on his rock hard member. Getting behind her while she was on her hands and knees he entered her ass slipping in easily with all the lube. Emily had never cum that much in her entire life and was now glad of it. Her cum now allowed Diun to fuck her virgin ass with minimal discomfort.

Fucking her ass like he would her pussy Diun went nice and deep causing Emily to shake as another orgasm hit her. Jealous of her friend Candy quickly removed her own bottoms and took a position right next to Emily looking back at Diun expectantly. Smiling Diun pulled out of the other stripper and entered her pussy.

At first he plunged in and out for a few moments until she too came squirting all over his cock. Pulling out he pressed his cock against her asshole. This time he plunged in halfway in one move. The force of it caused Candy to tighten from shock of the sudden intrusion gripping him. There had been no pain thanks to the lube but she had expected a little more warning and there had been mild discomfort. Diun gave her a second to get accustomed to him before he finished burying himself in her until he was all the way in.

Candy braced herself for the fucking she knew was coming but it never came. She looked back at Diun after a moment puzzled at this and saw a smirk on his face. Candy realized that this man wasn’t about to do anything until she begged for it.

“Fuck my ass baby. Please fuck my tight little ass. I need you baby!” Candy said begging just like he wanted. Satisfied Diun started fucking her ass just as he had done with Emily. “Harder baby! Fuck me harder!” Candy called out the music outside covering her shouting but everyone in the room could hear her.

Grabbing her firmly around the waist Diun started slamming his hips forward catching her surprise. Orgasms began to hit her faster than she was ready for them as he pounded into ass relentlessly.

“F—k, f—k, f—k, f—-ck!” Was all that could be heard from Candy after awhile. Pain began to mix with pleasure and she asked him to stop. Collapsing to the floor she lay there breathing hard covered in sweat. Rolling onto her now sore backside she soon got a view of Diun moving back to Emily. Locking eyes with Candy he gave her a conspiratory grin. Candy nodded smiling as she knew that poor Emily was about to get exactly the same thing.

Watching Diun give it to her friend made Candy all hot and she played with her pussy. Cumming just as Emily came Candy saw her own fingers all drenched with her cum from masturbating. Seeing it Diun pulled out of Emily moving towards Candy. Candy was almost afraid he was about to take her ass again and quite frankly she didn’t know how much more of that she could take. When Diun instead sucked on her wet fingers licking them clean and then moved to her pussy to begin licking it instead she found it a welcome surprise. Candy’s head fell back as she came all over Diun’s tongue.

“I…think I have a few more in me as does my friend.” Candy said catching her breath. Who was this guy and where had he been her whole life? Smiling teasingly Diun went back to Emily making Candy jealous. Slipping between Emily’s legs he looked at Candy the entire time as he fucked her friend finally cumming inside her.

On the last one Diun’s tongue flicked repeatedly across her right nipple as he licked and sucked her breasts before cumming inside her pumping his jism into her. Leaving half the money he had brought with him Diun kissed the women goodbye after getting dressed. Walking out of the strip club he made his way outside joining the city foot traffic.

The Great Awakening

Diun wandered all day touring most of the city. As the sun began to set his thoughts turned back to Dana and the short time they had spent together. What was it about her that he couldn’t get out of his mind? Was it her smile? That in itself warmed his heart, or was it something much deeper? Standing in an empty parking lot he wished to be alone with his thoughts away from the distracting sights and sounds of the city. In the blink of the eye he found himself in the middle of a forest. Looking around he wondered how he had gotten there. Diun had never experienced something like this before. How had he traveled outside the city in such a short time?

Going over the last moments before transporting himself instantly to this place Diun remembered his thoughts had been about Dana. Curious at this discovery he focused on her trying to search through his feelings about her to learn more. He remembered the sense of goodness he had felt from her and her openness. She had felt a connection with him that made her automatically comfortable. Diun had not had to try with her. Everything had felt so natural and he had truly enjoyed it. It was not simply lust but something different, something more. Finding this feeling interesting and wonderful he dwelled on it living in the moment.

Like gas to a flame the dark flame he had used to win so many battles sprang forth showing on each hand at first. It was made from psychic energy that he had learned to control over the years. He alone had learned to master it while the rest of his people were incapable of achieving it. Turning white it began to spread over his body covering him from head to toe.

Just like all the other times when it had stayed on his hands Diun felt no pain or suffered any damage. The same warmth was there like before but he felt the heat within him grow stronger. The heat went from the outside in meeting at his core it sprang out again in a powerful chain reaction. Diun barely kept himself together when the shockwave of psychic energy began to build up in his body. Diun called for help as his mind began to shutdown and he saw only a white light.

Dana heard Diun’s voice calling for help and rushed to her car driving out of the city in the direction of his call. As she drew near Dana saw a flash of light ahead and immediately stopped her car. A shockwave rushed towards her and she ducked down unbuckling her safety belt to get to the floor. It struck the car sending spinning for several moments before it came to an abrupt stop next to a few downed trees. Getting out of the vehicle she found the trees on either side of the road knocked down. From all evidence she had been on the edge of the effected area.

Diun’s voice still called to her but is was weak and barely a whisper. She climbed over a number of fallen trees before she found him in an open area free of trees and vegetation. Floating in the air he shown like a miniature star brightening up the entire place.

“Diun, is that you?” Dana called out. The light from Diun dimmed until he was his old self again floating to the ground. When his feet finally touched the ground Diun sighed in exhaustion falling on his back. Dana rushed to his side cradling his head. “Hello, fancy meeting you here.” Diun said with a tired smile.

Raising an eyebrow Dana said, “Well it seems your speech has improved. If nothing else that’s something. So…wanna tell me what happened?”

Getting up slowly with her help Diun replied, “It seems when I experience a deep emotion it affects the control of my powers. Now they seem to be stronger than ever, and I am witnessing new ones as well.”
Looking around at the devastation Diun said, “Somehow I think I am responsible for all of this.” Glancing around Dana nodded saying, “You wouldn’t be wrong. Perhaps we should stop from the top. Who are you exactly?”

“Well there is an easy way to do this that is really going to hurt or the hard way which won’t but will take some time.” Diun offered. Thinking it over Dana said, “I guess I’ll take the easy way.” Bracing herself she felt Diun touch her forehead with his fingers and a searing heat stabbed into her brain. The heat was followed by a series of images that flooded into her mind until the pain disappeared all of the sudden. Opening her eyes even though she didn’t remember closing them Dana found her mind filled with uncountable images.

“You wanted to do what?” Dana said coming at him threateningly. Raising a hand in warning Diun replied, “I should point out that hitting me would hurt you a lot more than me. In fact all I’ll feel is the impact. With that in mind I am a very different person now though I can now understand why you would be angry.”

“Well at least you know that!” Dana said kicking him in the balls and then crying out in pain. Slightly grimacing Diun said, “I admit that hurt a little. Do you feel better now?”

Rubbing her sore foot Dana said, “Good it was worth, and yes I do. Now that that’s done where do we go from here?” Hearing the distant sounds of sirens approaching Diun said, “My suggestion would be to get your car and head home before they arrive.”

Looking in the direction of the sirens Dana asked, “Exactly how are we…” A single flash of light occurred and they were back at her house damaged car and all. Turning to Diun she found him rubbing his temples. “Got a headache?” Dana asked.

Giving her a tired look Diun answered, “Yes, I suppose you are enjoying this as well.” Walking up to him Dana kissed him on the lips pulling his mouth down to meet hers. The kiss was short and sweet. “Forgiveness is a human emotion too.” Dana said looking into his eyes. Taking his hand she led him inside.

Feeling A Little Hungry

Dana awoke the next morning to find Diun eating ice cream. From the look of it she saw it was her French vanilla. “Hey!” Dana said as she watched him eat another spoonful.

Swallowing Diun said, “What? I woke up this morning and was really hungry.” Walking over to the ice cream container she found it empty. “So you ate all my ice cream!” Dana said. Shrugging Diun replied, “It tasted good. You have really good taste.”

“Don’t try to kiss up. You owe me a new container of ice cream.” Dana said. Setting down the spoon in the now empty bowl Diun said, “But I don’t have any more money or a job for that matter.” Writing on a piece of paper she peeled off a notepad on the counter Dana handed it to him.

Looking it over Diun said, “This looks like a list of chores.” Nodding Dana replied, “Yes it is, you can do it or get a job. Good luck on that without anything like a birth certificate or a social security number.”

His shoulders sinking in resignation Diun got to it. He waited for Dana to leave before a smile appeared on his face. It was now time to see what he could do with his new found powers. Focusing he pictured each of the windows opening and saw each one had indeed opened. Moving furniture out of the way with his mind he levitated each rug to her washer in one of the back rooms. Picking up the detergent by hand he stuffed the smaller ones inside.

Pouring the in the cleaner he started the washer. The larger ones he levitated near the window. Shaking out the dust using one motioning with one hand he collected the dust using his other hand. With another gesture with the same hand he forced the dirt outside.

Finishing his “dusting” job Diun moved on to cleaning with sponges in the bathrooms and kitchen. Finishing mopping he moved all the furniture back smiling as he looked around at the now clean house barely an hour after Dana had left. The question was what to do now? Diun bored decided to head out into the outside world. T.V. as it turns out didn’t really appeal to him. After watching for a couple of minutes he lost interest. What he needed was something active to do.

The world itself now seemed to have a new depth to it as he walked among the crowds of people. Each of them appeared to have varying degrees of white and black colors that highlighted them. A number of them fit into a comfortable gray. It was the darkest of them among the flood of people that interested him the most. Following a few of them Diun watched some gradually turn darker and darker while others went totally dark in one moment. Diun saw each decision and was able to anticipate it.

After a time he was even able to intervene easily with a mere suggestion to just turn them around. Some of the harder cases found a ghostly figure whose eyes had a frightening fiery stare. Unnerved they chose to run rather than face him. In the end it saved them from getting hurt. It was easy to trick them by placing images in their mind.

One however didn’t seem to care how scary he seemed and pulled a gun on him in the middle of a convenience store. The shotgun started to swing toward him and Diun moved too fast for the gunman to level it on him. Grasping the stock he jerked it up towards the ceiling allowing it to discharge before he cracked it back in the man’s face knocking him out. Unconscious with a bloody nose the man just laid there in front of the register.

When he started to leave Diun heard a voice behind him. “Hey mister you forgot your reward!” The teenage girl behind the register said. Handing him some money at the door she thanked him for his help. Nodding Diun made his way to a nearby supermarket and bought some groceries. Finding a place where he wouldn’t be seen Diun blinked back to Dana’s kitchen. Once there he stored away some of the groceries sitting down after making himself a ham sandwich. Dana liked them a lot so he made another one for her and placed it inside a sandwich bag. Storing it in the fridge he cleaned up after himself. When Dana got home Diun said, “House is clean and your ice cream is in the freezer. He failed miserably when it came to hiding his smirk as he saw the look of shock crossed her face. Finishing the sandwich he had made Dana said, “Well considering all you have done today I think you deserve a reward.”

Washing dishes Diun replied, “No that isn’t necessary. I was happy to help out.” A change in her mood caused him to perk up and turn around. Removing her top Dana took a spoon out of one of the drawers. Next she took out the new ice cream container from its place in the freezer. Opening it she dug some ice cream out using the utensil spreading it over her nipples. Motioning him over Dana smiled. Returning it Diun licked the ice cream off her nipples running his tongue over their entire length not missing a drop. The sensation of cold ice cream and then his warm mouth on her breasts was lovely. As he got into it Dana wished he would suck her toes just like that. Dana had always fantasized about a guy doing that to her. She thought of it sometimes when she played with herself.

Taking her hand Diun led her to the shower in her room washing her body from head to toe while they were inside. Dana wondered what would be next as he handed her a towel after drying her off with another one and said, “Let’s move to the couch.” Following him there hand in hand Dana sat down and Diun knelt down in front of her. Taking her left foot he brought it to his mouth while keeping eye contact with her. Licking and sucking her toes he watched her gasp and squirm. Gripping the couch the act totally turned her on. “Fuck me!” Dana cried out.

Pausing a question on his face Diun said, “But your other foot…” Grabbing him by the collar of his shirt Dana said, “I said fuck me!” Getting up Diun quickly got undressed as she unwrapped her towel exposing her naked body.

“Yes maam!” Diun said positioning himself and entering her pussy. Grabbing both her feet he began to fuck her while continuing to give her toes some much needed attention. It didn’t take her long to cum like this loving what he was doing to her. Noticing Diun was still hard and ready to go Dana said, “Against the door baby. I want you to fuck me against the door.”

Picking her up Diun positioned her so her back rested against the front door. “Now give it to me Diun baby. Let’s see what you’ve got.” Dana said stroking his chest and kissing him. Their tongues moved inside each other’s mouths. Taking his cue Diun plunged into her with short thrusts so as not to hurt her.

“Tell me when you get close baby. I want you to fuck my tits and cum all over them.” Dana said her head leaning back. Diun nodded continuing to fuck her without missing a beat. When he felt the first signs of his body getting close he pulled out letting Dana down. Laying on her back she cupped her breasts together waiting for him expectantly. Straddling her chest Diun moved his hips back and forth fucking his cock between her beautiful freckled tits. After a few moments Diun’s cock exploded shooting ropes of sperm directed over her tits and neck.

Looking down at the evidence of his climax Dana said, “Nice pearl necklace.” Seeing the puzzled look that crossed his face Dana said, “Never mind dirty joke.” Laying down beside her Diun smiled up at the ceiling enjoying the afterglow. “So how did you pay for all that food?” Dana asked curious. “I got a job.” Diun said with a pleased look on his face, “And you know I think I’m pretty good at it.”


Diun sat by the bed in the hospitable room with his new wife. He smiled as she held their little girl Daniella. Looking on her with pride Diun prayed to Pree’mus his god, and creator of all that he had not made a mistake granting her the power that had been bestowed upon him that fateful night years ago.

While his other children would have the physical strength of the Harreden she would grow into new powers they would not possess. The only half human among them she would represent the strengths of both races. Calling on the ancient words of worship buried in his genes and long forgotten by his people he asked that she become a moral person and strong enough to face the trials ahead.

Maid to Order

Not for the first time, she swished her ass as she walked by him.  It was an ongoing temptation that he could no longer resist. Steve had decided that he was going to teach this little tease a lesson, and have his way with her whether she wanted it or not.  This beautiful cockteaser had been taunting him long enough.  He grabbed her from behind, pushed aside her dark blue blazer, and cupped the soft mounds of her breasts through the thin material of her white blouse.  He smiled to himself as he realized that she wore no bra.  At the same time he was feeling her up he was pressing his already hard cock into the crack of her perfect heart shaped ass.

“No, no,” she pleaded, trying to pull away, but Steve was much too strong for her. “I’m gonna fuck you now wench,” he told her forcefully, “you’ve teased me once too often.”  With one hand, Steve lifted her skirt, and shoved her stocking clad legs apart.  With his other hand, he placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her exposed cunt.  Exposed because she wore no panties, and her stockings were thigh highs.

“Damn you Steve,” his wife laughed, as Steve pushed his hard prick into her dripping wet snatch, “you’re gonna make me late for my meeting.” By this time, Steve had bent Terri over the sofa and he was fucking her hard from behind.  “If you didn’t want to fuck before you went to work,” he panted, chuckling; “you shouldn’t have been teasing me all morning.” She looked back at him over her shoulder.  “It’s your own fault,” Terri giggled reathlessly, “you kept flashing that big beautiful cock at me.  What’s a horny girl supposed to do.  Now shut up and fuck me hard and fast.”

Always happy to oblige a lady, Steve picked up the pace of their fucking.  Terri’s moanings were getting louder and more intense.  He could feel the always-tight grip her pussy held on his cock getting even tighter, a sure sigh of her impending orgasm.

“Fuck me darling,” Terri screamed, “fuck me.  I’m there Steve, I’m cumming.  I love you darling.  Oh God, I’m cumming.” Her pussy grabbed his cock in a vise-like grip as she came, sending waves of incredible pleasure through both of them; and bringing him to the brink of his own powerful orgasm.  “I’m cumming too, Sweetheart,” he hollered, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming too.”

“No, no,” she protested vehemently, “don’t cum inside of me.”  Obediently, Steve pulled back as she moved forward.  As soon as his cock was out of her, she spun around, quickly dropped to her knees, and took his cock in her mouth.

At the same instant that Steve felt himself enter the warm wetness of her mouth he started to cum.  Spurt after spurt shot into Terri’s mouth, and she eagerly swallowed every drop.  “Terri my love,” Steve intoned, looking down at his wife, who still had his softening dick in her mouth, “you are incredible, but I was more then ready to fill your perfect pussy.”

Terri smiled at Steve as she let his deflated cock slip from her lips. Then, as she stood and smoothed out her clothes she said, “I know darling, but I have an important meeting with Judge Wilson, and didn’t what to have your cum running down my leg.”

“You mean that you’d rather have cum breath,” he chided her. “No silly,” she laughed, “a breath mint will take care of that.  Besides, I didn’t have any breakfast, and I wanted the protein.  Now let me get out of here, or I will be late for my meeting.”  They kissed quickly, and she ran for the door.   Just as she was leaving, she called back, “don’t forget, the agency is sending a girl over for the maid’s job.  She will be here in about an hour.”  Then she was gone.

Terri was an associate in one the city’s most prestigious law firms.  The only reason that she was not a partner in the firm was because she was only willing to work part time.  As a successful e-business owner Steve also only worked part time now.  This working arrangement gave the randy pair plenty of time to pursue their favorite sport.  Fucking.

Leaning back against the sofa, Steve thought with pleasure about the woman who had just dashed out of the door.   Even after eight years of marriage he was still madly in love with her.

She was five foot two inches of sexual dynamite, with long flowing blond hair, although when she went to work it was always done up in a severe bun.  Deep blue eyes, as deep as the South Pacific, and as warm as the summer sky.  Perfect tits, high and firm, she claimed they were a B-cup, but on the rare occasions that she wore a bra, if it was a B she didn’t fill it well.  Steve didn’t care.  He loved her small size, and her beautiful, silver dollar sized aureoles, and nipples the size of a fingertip.  As far as Steve was concerned, Terri’s face, ass, legs, hell, everything was as near perfect as humanly possible.

Despite her beauty, and a sexual appetite that complimented his superbly, he knew that it was her soul, her heart that he truly loved.  Steve decided that there was time for a shower and shave before the girl arrived from the agency, so he headed for the bathroom.  A short time later, he was back in the living room, showered, shaved, blow dried and dressed in shorts and a pull over shirt.  It was straight up nine o’clock when the doorbell rang.

Chapter 2

“Hello,” Steve said as he opened the door. “Mr. Jenkins?” the young woman seen a little surprised by his relative youth and casual appearance.


“The agency sent me,” she continued, “I’m Nina Romana.   I’m here about the maid’s job.” “Of course,” he responded, “I’ve been expecting you.  Won’t you please come in.” Nina smiled the kind of smile that melts stone hearts.  “Thank you sir.”

Pointing to the hall closet Steve said, “You can put your jacket in there.  Please be so kind as to leave your shoes here,” he added, showing her a shoe caddie, “we do not allow outside shoes in the house.”

“But sir,” she protested, “I only have this pair with me.” “Don’t worry about it,” he informed her, “by the time you need them, you will have other shoes.  Now follow me please.”
“Yes sir,” Nina replied, still looking a little uncomfortable.

“Stand here please,” Steve ordered, indicating a place near the center of the living room.  “I’m going to be moving around as we talk, but I want you to continue facing in the same direction.  Do you understand?”

Nina swallowed hard, obviously somewhat nervous, “Yes sir, I understand.” “Good.  You were told, I’m sure,” he began, “that this is a live in job, and that it pays about twice the usual rate for a live in?”  No words this time, just a simple nod of her head; so Steve continued.  “One of the reasons that we pay so well, is that we expect complete obedience from our maid.  How do you fell about that?”

Her eyes were downcast, but a slight smile played across her face as Nina replied, “I take orders very well sir.” “Excellent,” Steve smiled.  “Now before we continue with the interview, we need to do something about your uniform.” “But sir,” she stated, “this is what the agency told me to wear.”  The dress that the agency had given her was ultra conservative.  White lace collar right up to her neck.  The hemline was an inch, maybe two, below her knees, and what was in-between looked more like a potato sack than a dress.

“I’m sure it is my dear,” he said consolingly, “but it is not acceptable.  Down that hall,” Steve gestured, “first door on the right, is a bathroom.  In there is a new dress for you.  Please go there, change, and come back here as quickly as you can.”

Steve chuckled quietly to himself as he watched Nina nearly fly down the hall.  This, he thought to himself, is going to be fun.

Nina was back in record time.  She was trying hard not to look pleased with herself.  Steve wondered if she looked so happy because she got back so fast, or if it was because she liked the new dress that much better.   Had he been able to read her mind, he would have found that is a bit of both.

He walked around her, carefully examining the new outfit.  It had a hemline that stopped just short of mid-thigh, and was tight enough to show that Nina had a terrific ass.  The collar was wide, and the neckline deep.  Her bra, and bra straps were clearly visible in several places.  “Much better,” Steve informed her, “but I see we still have some changes to make.”

Stepping close, and touching her bra, he said, “We can’t have this thing showing.  Please go remove it at once.” “But sir, I” she started to protest. “No buts,” Steve interrupted sternly, “remember what I said about obedience?” With a quick nod, Nina scurried off to the bathroom again.  This time she returned a little more slowly.  However, Steve could still see the slight jiggle of her small tits as she walked back.

When she was back in place, Steve turned Nina slightly, so that she was facing a decorative mirror only a few feet away.  “If you can see yourself,” he told her, “I’m sure you will better understand what I’m doing.”

Steve resumed his inspection.  Still standing behind her, Steve ran his fingertips across her now mostly bare shoulders causing shivers to run down her spine.  “See,” he smiled at her reflection in the mirror, “no ugly straps to mar the beauty of your shoulders.  No unsightly bulges back here either.”  He added as his hands traveled down her back.

Nina was trembling now.  Steve’s gentle caresses and his softly commanding voice were causing the young woman to go weak at the knees. Looking in the mirror, Steve could clearly see Nina’s nipples protruding though the material of her dress.  He reached around front and cupped both of Nina’s firm young tits, causing Nina to gasp in surprise, and secret delight.  With a squeeze of her little tits, Steve told Nina, “These perfect little beauties don’t need a bra, so you won’t wear one while you work here.”  With that he released her, stepped back and ordered, “turn and face me please.”

“You are wearing stockings I see,” Steve commented, “stocking and carpet do not go well together.  Sometimes they cause static shocks.  Go remove them at once.”

“Yes sir,” she said. “Oh, one more thing,” he added, “when we’re alone, you are to call me Master.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Master,” that ghost of a smile he had seen earlier was back, “I’ll go remove my stockings now.” Nina sped off down the hall, all but tore off her hose, tossed them onto the growing pile of clothes; and ran back to stand in front of her master.

Once again he resumed his inspection.  “You have perfectly lovely legs my dear,” Steve told her, “you really don’t need stockings.  Tell me, were you wearing pantyhose?”

“Yes Master,” was her simple reply.

“When it is just my wife and I, you will remain barefoot.  When we have guests and you must wear shoes and stockings, the only stockings that will be allowed will be black or tan thighhighs.  Most of the time, you will be allowed to choose the color.  However, from time to time we may pick the color for you.” While Steve had been talking he had continued to walk around Nina.  He was standing behind her when he finished.  At that point he began to stroke her shapely ass.

“”Yes I want you to take them off,” he informed Nina, “no I don’t want you to do it here.  Now scoot,” he added, swatting her playfully on the ass, as she dashed for the bathroom.
When Nina returned a moment later, she faced Steve, looked him in the eye, and said, “I’m naked under this dress now Master.”

Steve smiled at her boldness, stepped closer to her, and said, “I guess I had better check to be sure.”  With that, he place his hand on her bare thigh just below the hem of her dress, and moved it upward until he reached the junction of her shapely legs.  “My my,” Steve chuckled, as he slipped his middle finger all the way into Nina’s honey hole, “your pussy is dripping wet.”

“Yes Master,” Nina cooed, “my pussy is so wet because I want to serve you any way you wish.”
“That’s good Nina,” Steve crooned.  With his free arm, Steve pulled Nina closer.  He pressed his lips to hers.  Nina parted her full red lips, granting Steve’s tongue access to her willing mouth.  His finger, still quickly fucking her hot pussy, swiftly brought her to orgasm.  Steve broke their kiss, when her shudders ceased.  “How would you serve me first, if the choice is yours?”

Nina sighed, and leaned against her new master.  “If I get to choose how I serve you first, it will be on my knees, with my mouth; so you will know I want to serve and obey.”  With that, Nina sank to her knees, took the snaps of Steve’s short in her hands, and smiling up at him added, “may I serve you now, Master?  Will you fuck my mouth with your big beautiful cock?”

“Yes Nina,” Steve replied, his voice hoarse with desire, “you may suck my cock now, but I want you to do it naked.”

“Oh yes Master,” she responded happily.  Nina pulled her dress over her head and tossed it on the floor.  Then she sat back on her haunches, thrust her chest out, grabbed her tits, and gave them a squeeze.  “Do you like my tits Master? I know they’re small, but some men think they’re pretty.”

Nina’s tits were small, about the size and shape of half an orange. Long, pale pink nipples, and chocolate colored, half dollar sized aureoles drew Steve’s eye, and made his mouth water.

Steve watched Nina caress her tits, and tweak her nipples for several seconds before he replied.  “Nina, you have wonderful tits, and if you’re a good little maid, I may suck them for you in a bit.”

“I’d like that Master,” she returned.  Nina’s hands drifted downward over her flat belly to her widely spread thighs.  “Master, I shave my pussy.  Do you like it?  Oh, and Master, may I finger my pussy while I suck your cock?”

“Forward little thing aren’t you?” Steve chuckled, “yes I like your shaved pussy.  You may leave a small fur patch on top if you wish, or you may shave completely.  Yes, my pet, you may finger your pussy while you suck my cock; and it’s time that you got started.”

Nina leaned forward, grasped the snaps on Steve’s shorts, and with a quick snap, zip, and tug, they were off.  While she was busy with his pants, Steve removed his shirt.  “Master,” Nina gushed, “you don’t wear underwear either.” “No I don’t,” he replies indulgently, “now use your pretty mouth to pleasure my cock, not my ears.”

Nina smile and kissed the head of Steve’s erection.  Her tongue licked all around the head, down the underside all the way to his balls.  One at a time, she gently sucked each nut into her hot mouth.  Once she had paid oral homage to each small sperm factory, she licked her way back to the top.  Nina pressed the bulbous head of Steve’s hard prick to her lips then slowly let it pass into her mouth, much like a dick would slowly spread her pussy lips as it entered her snatch.

Steve moaned in pleasure at his maid’s expert oral ministrations.  “Nina baby,” he muttered, “you are one hell of a cocksucker.”

Nina’s chest swelled with pride at her master’s praise, but her hands and mouth were too busy to respond.  One hand was fingering her wanton, wet womanhood.  The other, alternated between jacking Steve’s rock hard cock, and gently massaging his sensitive balls.  Her mouth was too full of dick to speak.  In fact, it was so full at this moment that her nose was in his pubic hair.  Steve grabbed the back of her head, and for several moments, literally fucked Nina’s mouth as if it were a cunt.  When he released her, Nina move her mouth back so that only the head and an inch or two of his cock were in her mouth.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck,” Steve shouted hoarsely, “fuck, I’m so close, Nina, so fucking close.  Keep sucking, Nina, I’m going to cum in your mouth.  I’m going to fill your mouth with my cream, and you’re going to swallow every drop.”

Nina’s fingers had been furiously fucking her pussy the whole time she had been blowing Steve.  Between her diddling digits, and her love of sucking cock, Nina came just as Steve shot his first load.  Nina held his first blast in her mouth, savoring the salty, bittersweet taste. Two, three, four, five, six, seven cum blasts quickly followed, each entered the young maid’s waiting mouth.   Still she did not swallow.  Her master had told her that he would fill her mouth with cum before she swallowed; so Nina waited obediently.  Waited until her mouth was full and her master withdrew his softened cock before she happily swallowed his seed. “Very well done,” Steve sighed contentedly, “you have passed the oral portion of your interview.  Now let’s adjourn to the bedroom so we can continue.”

Chapter 3

As soon as the couple entered the bedroom, they climbed into bed.  Steve took Nina in his strong arms, and kissed her deeply, passionately.  His probing tongue entered her mouth; her own tongue met his in a sensual dance of welcome.  Steve’s gentle fingers stroked her naked back, causing her to shiver with delight.  Her soft hands trailed along his flanks, causing his soft cock to swelled into renewed life.

Steve’s mouth left Nina’s; his tongue made a wet path down her graceful throat, across her heaving chest, to find and suckle on her hard, pink nipple.  His mouth paid homage to her beautiful breasts.  Sucking first one, then the other small tit almost entirely into his mouth.  Licking around Nina’s dark aureoles, nibbling and sucking on her erect, sensitive nipples.

Nina’s sighs of contentment became moans of pleasure, as Steve’s searching fingers found, and twirled around her highly receptive love button.  Even as Steve slipped two fingers into Nina’s pleasure sodden snatch, her fingers wrapped around his now fully hard cock.

While Steve was sucking on Nina’s tits and fingering her hot cunt, Nina’s stroking his of cock became a gentle tugging.  “Fuck me Master, please fuck me,” Nina begged, “I want to serve your pleasure with my hot cunt.”

Steve’s mouth broke contact with Nina’s soft tit.  He rolled on top of her, and in one swift thrust, pushed the entire length of his fierce erection into the young maid’s tight twat.

Nina screamed out in pleasure as she felt Steve enter her. “Oh fuck Nina,” Steve grunted, “you are tight.  I love fucking you.” “Yes Master yes” the horny little beauty moaned, “fill my pussy with your wonderful cock.  Fuck me good and hard.  Command me, and I’ll obey.  Oh Master,” Nina’s moans became screams, “I’m cumming, yes, yes, I’m cumming so fucking hard!” Steve pulled out of Nina and ordered, “up on your knees girl, I’m going to fuck you doggy style.”

“Yes Master,” Nina panted as she moved quickly into position, “fuck me Master.  Fuck me like a dog.  Make me your bitch.  Make me cum again.”  In an instant, Steve had reentered her, and was pistoning his prick into her hot box as hard and fast as he could.

Steve could feel Nina’s sucking snatch grip his throbbing cock even more tightly as her body was racked by waves of a new and even more intense orgasm.  Nina leaned forward, and screamed into the pillow beneath her head.

When Nina’s orgasmic shudders had eased, and her bucking against him resumed, Steve wrapped his arm around her tiny waist and pulled her off her knees.  Without ever having withdrawn from her, Steve had them laying spoon style on their sides, still firmly fucking.
“Master,” Nina sighed, ”that was cool.  No one has ever tipped me over while fucking me before.”

“I’m glad you like it little wench,” Steve laughed, “now I’m gonna fill you pussy with my cum, and you’re gonna cum with me.”  Steve continued to pump Nina hard and fast.  He could feel the seed welling up deep within him.  He could sense her rapidly approaching orgasm.  Another moment and the hot fucking pair screamed out almost in unison, “I’m cumming, damn I’m cumming.”  Steve kissed Nina deeply, while the pair rode the tidal wave of the their mutual orgasm. The hot couple were still kissing, and cumming down from their orgasmic high when a stern voice interrupted their passion, “Now isn’t this a pretty sight.”

Chapter 4

“I see you’ve had fun fucking the new maid,” Terri said, glaring at her husband.  “So dear,” she added, switching her gaze to the frightened girl, “did you give him a nice blow job before you fucked him?”

Poor little Nina did not know what to do.  Steve’s softening cock was just now slipping from her cum soaked cunt.  His arm around her waist held her tightly in place.  All she could do was stammer, “I, I ah I” “Yes my sweet,” Steve interrupted calmly, “she gave me an expert blow job just before I fucked her tight, wet cunt.”

Nina got up on her hands and knees and took Steve’s cock, still slimy from their mutual fuck juices, into her eager mouth.  As she did so, she pointed her pretty little heart shaped ass at Terri.  Terri watched Nina suck for a moment, admiring her skill, and the obvious pleasure she derived from sucking Steve’s cock.  Her eyes drifted between Nina’s lovely, slightly parted legs.  Nina’s shaved pussy, a bright reddish pink from her recent fuck, was clearly visible.  Even as she looked, Terri could see a large dollop of Steve’s cum ooze out of Nina’s snatch.

Leaning in and bending low, Terri used her tongue to scoop up the mixed love cream that seeped from Nina’s cunt.  Delicious, Terri thought, the only thing she liked better than the taste of cum was cum mixed with pussy juice.  Terri continued to lick and suck on Nina’s hot, cum dripping snatch.

Slipping Steve’s stiffening cock out of her mouth Nina moaned, “Oh my God, that feels so good. Eat me please.” “That’s, eat me please, Mistress,” Steve corrected, breathlessly.

Nina smiled up at her master, as another moan escaped her lips.  Then turning slightly and looking at Terri, Nina purred,  “Mistress, that feel wonderful, please make me cum. Eat me until I cum again.”  Nina took Steve’s, almost fully hard dick back in her willing mouth.   Almost as soon as she did, Nina started shuddering, moaning, and grinding her dripping wet cunt onto Terri’s long, stiff, talented tongue.

“Eat her baby,” Steve encouraged his hot and horny wife, “her pussy tastes almost as sweet as yours.  Make our little slave cum before I fuck your tight tasty twat.”

“She is delicious,” an incredibly aroused Terri agreed. “Darling, your beautiful cock is almost hard.  I can hardly wait to have it inside me.”  Terri’s mouth once again descended onto Nina’s pulsating pussy. Realizing that Nina was about to cum, Terri redoubled her efforts.  In no time, Terri’s pistoning tongue, and hot sucking mouth pushed Nina over the brink.  Terri could feel the contractions in Nina’s pussy that signaled her orgasm.

Nina’s squeals and moans of pleasure were muffled by a mouthful of Steve’s cock.  Terri continued to lick and suck Nina’s spasming snatch as the little maid’s orgasm broke over her in ever increasing waves of pleasure.  Finally, as Nina quieted, Terri removed her mouth from the girl’s cunt.

“All right little slut,” Terri scolded happily, “out of the way.  You’ve been playing with that dick long enough, it’s my turn now.”  Nina scrambled out of the way and sat on the bed next to Steve.  She watched as Terri dropped her knee length skirt to the floor, revealing black thigh high stockings and no panties.  Terri quickly straddled Tim, taking his enormous erection in her dainty hand and guiding it to her waiting love tunnel.  With one swift thrust, she took Steve’s entire length deeply inside of herself.  “Oh Stevie, I’ve wanted your cock back in me all morning.  It fills me so well, and feels absolutely wonderful.”

“Yea baby,” Steve panted, “ride my hard cock.  I love the way your tight pussy stokes me.  Now take your blouse off and show me your beautiful titties.” Terri had already started unbuttoning her top, and in a moment had it off.  As soon as her blouse off, she cupped her small tits in her hand.  “These what you wanted to see?” Terri purred, as she caressed her sensitive mounds.

“You know it Terri,” he growled lustily, “I love your pretty little titties.” As Steve reached for Terri’s tits, she gently pushed his hands away, looked at Nina and commanded, “Come Nina,” sit on your master’s face.  I want to see him eat the sweet pussy that I just tasted.” Smiling happily, Nina was quick to obey, “Yes Mistress,” Nina cooed as she placed her wet wanton womanhood over Steve’s eager mouth.  “MMMM,” Nina moaned as Steve’s talented tongue caressed her clit, “Master eats my pussy so well.”

“Of course he does,” Terri almost screamed as she rapidly approached her first orgasm, “now kiss me, I’m going to cum.”  Terri pulled Nina to her, pressed her lips to the maid’s, and slid her tongue between Nina’s parted lips.  Nina returned her mistress’s passionate kiss with fervor.

With her mouth locked to her maid’s, and her cunt clamped tightly to her husband’s cock; Terri reached the precipice of passion.  All rational thought left her as Terri succumbed to her need for release.  Rolling waves of red-hot rapture spread rapidly from her loins to every part of her.  For a wonderful moment of eternity she was filled with ecstasy.  When she finally came back to earth, Terri broke her kiss with Nina.

“I love you Steve,” Terri sighed breathlessly, “that was terrific.  Want to fuck me doggie style?” Steve gently pushed the still horny maid from him and said, “You bet honey.” “But Master,” Nina pouted, “I didn’t cum yet.”

“You are here to pleasure us,” Steve told her sternly, “if in pleasing us you cum, that’s okay with us.  If you please us well, we may decide to reward you with orgasms of your own, but it is always our choice, not yours.” Eyes down, Nina replies softly, “Yes Master, I’m sorry Master, please command me.  I’m yours, and I’m ready to obey.”

“Lay down,” Steve commanded, indicating that she was to lay on her back with her head towards the foot of the bed.  “Now, you are going to lick us both as we fuck.  If you do a good enough job, Terri may reward you with a tongue lashing.” As soon as Nina was in place, Terri straddled her face and lowered her cum drenched cunt to the maid’s willing mouth. When Terri’s pussy was in reach Nina licked her mistress from clit to ass hole.  It was the first time that she had tasted Terri’s snatch, and she wanted more.

Terri moaned softly at Nina’s gentle tonguing.   As much as she enjoyed the feel, what Terri really wanted was Steve’s hard cock.  “Fuck me some more baby,” Terri crooned, “fill me with your beautiful dick.”  Steve slipped just the tip of his ridgid rod between her pussy lips, and held still for a moment.  “ Don’t tease me Steve, fuck me good and hard.  I want it now”

“I’m gonna pound your pussy till you cream,” Steve warned, as he slammed his raging hard-on into his wife’s tight love hole.  Terri squealed with delight, and ground her hips back against her husband’s thrusts.  In an instant, the frantically fornicating pair was lost in there own land of mutual lust and ecstasy.

Meanwhile, momentarily forgotten, Nina lay with her face right below the surging sexual union of her master and mistress.  For several seconds she just watched as Steve’s hard cock slammed into Terri’s tight twat.  Then, as her own lust grew, she reached out with her tongue and licked the tender bud that was Terri’s clit.

Nina’s touch brought Terri out of her passion-induced dream world, and noticing for the first time Nina’s sopping wet snatch just below her, Terri lowered her head and sucked Nina’s pebble hard clit into her hot mouth.  Terri soon fell into a pattern of alternating tongue fucking and clit sucking.   At the same time, Nina was licking from Terri’s love button, all along Steve’s pistoning shaft when it was out of Terri’s pussy, down along his balls, and when she could reach, all the way to Steve’s puckered ass hole.

For a passion filled eternity, the threesome were lost in a timeless world of lust, and pleasure; but all things, no matter how wonderful come to an end. Nina was the first to erupt.  Terri’s tongue stabbed deeply into Nina’s hot box sending the lust filled maid over the edge.  Releasing Steve’s cum filled balls from her mouth, Nina screamed out, “Fuck, Oh Mistress, please fuck me with your tongue.  Oh God, I’m cumming. I’m cumming so hard.”

Lovingly caught between Nina’s talented tongue and Steve’s hard driving love muscle, Terri was already on the brink of orgasm when she tasted the sweet nectar of Nina’s cum.  It was the last straw, and it sent Terri over the edge.  “Oh Steve,” Terri’s voice was hoarse with passion, “I’m cumming baby, fill me with your jizz.  Fuck me deep, and let me feel you cum.”  Even as she spoke, Terri’s orgasm broke over her causing her to slam back against her husband and to bury her face in Nina’s snatch as her body shook with the power of her cum.

Steve’s balls were filled to overflowing when Terri started to cum.  Her passion filled words, and wonderfully spasming pussy were more then he could take.  He erupted with an inarticulate shout.  Firing shot after shot of hot cum into his wife’s waiting pussy.  Terri’s pulsating pussy seen to suck on Steve’s cock like a hungry mouth.  As his orgasm subsided Steve found voice again.  “Baby, you’re the greatest.  Nina, unless I hear an unexpected objection, you have a job.”

“No,” murmured Terri contentedly, “ no objections, I think we should keep her.” “Thank you Master, thank you Mistress,” Nina said with evident feeling.  Still below the connected pair, she watched as Steve withdrew is softened penis from Terri, and fell to the bed beside them.  As soon as Steve pulled out, Nina could see the creamy fluid that was the couples combined cum.  Nina had tasted girl cum, and cock cream many times before, but had never tasted both together.  She stuck her tongue into the oozing mixture, and loving the taste, immediately placed her mouth over Terri’s hole, sucking and licking for all she was worth.  Nina wanted every drop of the sweet love juice that seeped from her mistress’s honey hole.

Terri yelped at Nina’s unexpected touch, but she raised up on her haunches, and squeezed her pussy muscles to give her new maid the creamy reward she hungered for.  It wasn’t long before Terri was cumming again and Nina had cleaned out her cunt.Three well satisfied people lay in a tangle of limbs.  Their satisfaction came from more than just good sex, but rather from the knowledge that their mutual needs were now met.

Life When the Kids have Gone, Part 1

Barb and Dick were now at the time of their life when their kids were out of school and they were on their own. One of their first decisions was to take a romantic cruise.

Being somewhat unfamiliar with an ocean trip they invited their friends Vickie and Bip to go with them. Vickie made all the arrangements for a 7-day Caribbean cruise with all the extras. They would have adjoining cabins and could share all the festivities.

The hassle of boarding a liner and getting unpacked for the 10 days at sea was very tiring for Barb but she recovered when she saw their gorgeous cabin on one of the upper decks. Barb suggested to Dick that they rest for a while before they met Vickie and Bip later. Stripping down to her lacy panties Barb bent over and looked out the porthole to see the other passengers going by.

Now Barb and Dick always had an active sex life, which their children could attest to having many times heard their parents through the bedroom walls. However, when Dick saw his lovely wife bent over looking out the porthole he found himself with a huge erection.

Sliding up behind Barb he laid his cock on her back where she could feel it vibrating with anticipation. Barb was also very excited although tired. As he rubbed his cock on her back she reached behind and began rubbing his balls while still watching the passengers pass by. It was exciting to her wondering if they could be seen which she was sure was impossible. Dick loved to have his balls squeezed as Barb pulled his erection only got harder. He now guided the almost purple head of his cock against the outer lips of Barb’s velvety pussy. Her lips slowly spread as his manhood slowly entered her and began to fill her lover’s cavity. The feel of his cock inside her made her move her hips from side to side and back and forth. Inside her vagina she could sense that he was about to find that secret little spot that made their fucking complete.

Holding onto the windowsill Barb became more and more excited at Dick powerfully glided his cock deep inside her. Dick varied the speed and direction of his cock to make it even more sensuous. He loved the way Barb’s pussy was filled with a woman’s natural lubricant and how that amount grew and grew as he entered her more and more.

Barb couldn’t resist anymore and began moaning and jerking in the way that told Dick that she was ready to cum. “Fuck me, fuck me, faster, faster, deeper, deeper, lover!” she cried in her wantonness. Dick decided this was going t be Barb’s own special orgasm so he concentrated on making her cum to the fullest.

She was now almost screaming as he plunged into her from the rear. She loved the sensation of his cock deep in that torrid pussy of hers and the feel of his balls and thighs pounding against her ass. Barb could wait no longer and as she watched the darkening sky outside the cabin she went into an almost paralytic orgasm. Wave after wave of erotic sensation flowed over her and she dove into a gigantic wave of passion.

As she finished there was a knock at the door and she heard Victoria announce through the door, “Can you guys hold it down in there. We’re having a hard time relaxing next door with all the pounding and yelling. We’ll be back in 30 minutes to pick you up to go to lunch.” Barb was mortified and yet somehow exhilarated to realize that their friends next door had heard their love tryst. Her pussy was dripping and she dived into the shower while Dick stood there with his huge erection still in hand unfulfilled.

However, Dick knew that Barb was eminently unselfish and would certainly take care of his needs as soon as possible.
Dick knew that Barb had bought a new wardrobe before they left on the trip but she had never modeled it for him. When she stepped out of the bathroom she was a knock out from her head to her toes. Dick had always loved Barb’s long black hair when they were first married, but for whatever reasons when life became hectic the hair went for a shorter style that never really was the turn on of the original shoulder length hair. However, whomever she went to on the ship while he was dozing had done a great job and Barb looked like a beautiful flower ready to be plucked.

Her dress and shoes while a not overly provocative, still accentuated her great body and lovely legs. Dick could hardly restrain himself considering he was still not sexually satiated. In response to a knock on the door, Barb opened it wide and allowed their friends Vickie and Bip to enter. Dick almost gasped when he saw Vickie in her dining and dancing ensemble. Vickie was approximately 5’5” and was sporting a mocha summer tan that accentuated her deep blue eyes. The neckline on her dress was low enough to demonstrate to all the goodies that lived within. The dress she wore clung to he tightly and accentuated a body that looked great even after 4 kids. Her browned legs advertised the wonders that lived between them and her little toes peeking through her sandals begged to be kissed.

Supper that night was a blur to both couples. They drank the complimentary bottles of wine supplied by the travel agent and were rather giddy when they left the dinning room. After scanning the list of activities and entertainment possibilities they decided upon an intimate lounge where dancing was available.

Being new to the cruise life they selected a table to the rear in a dark corner. When the music started Vickie and Bip were the first ones on the dance floor. While Vickie was a petite gamin, Bip was a tall athletic type who knew his way around the dance floor and also around Vickie’s gyrating body. Barb said to Dick, “The way Bip caresses Vickie’s body out there he may as well fuck her on the spot.” Bip’s hands were really giving Vickie quite a massage during the dance so much so that the other dancers couldn’t keep their eyes from them.

To calm Barb down, Dick led her to the dance floor and began a slow sensual movement of his own. Bip encouraged him and Barb was more than a little excited by the dance lesson Vickie and Bip had just given them. Barb knew that Dick was more than ready for some late night loving and she began to tease him with her body as they danced.

Barb squeezed Dick’s hand holding hers as she rubbed her belly against his. Her other hand slide slowly down his back and caressed his tight little ass making him squirm with delight. When they turned away from the other dancers she moved her hand from his ass to his crotch and could feel his cock engorged with blood and waiting for her sweet lovemaking.

They barely made it off the floor with Barb moving in front of Dick to conceal his huge hard on. When they arrived at the table they could see by the expression on Vickie and Bip’s faces that they had truly surprised their friends with their wantonness.

Bip turned to Barb and asked her if he could have the next dance. She had danced with him before, but somehow this was different. She looked to Dick for encouragement but he was in a deep conversation with Vickie. Barb accepted Bip’s hand and let him lead her to the dance floor. Bip was an excellent dancer and particularly good when it came to slow romantic sensual pieces. Quickly Bip had Barb firmly pressed against his body. She was frightened at first but as she moved her body in rhythm with his she became more at ease. Barb didn’t realize how erotic dancing with Bip could be. She had always believed that he was a wham bam kind of lover, but his dance style belied this myth.

Then something scary and yet wonderful began to happen. Barb felt Bip growing and growing against her belly. Could this huge monster of a thing be Bip’s cock rubbing against her? She gasped as it began to slide up and down on her belly as Bip moved this way and that. Bip was obviously enjoying himself and threw caution to the wind. He couldn’t know whether Barb would be offended or not. Yet she wasn’t. It was exhilarating and animalistic to be erotically stimulated on a dance floor with all these couples around them. The heat of their bodies engulfed them in a perfume of lust.

When the dance ended Bip walked behind Barb in an effort to hide his hard on from the curious. It was apparent to Barb that Vickie was not deceived. Vickie was looking directly at Bip crotch with awesome eyes. Barb and Dick sat the next dance out while Vickie and Bip resumed their dance floor exhibition of inhibition.

“Dick,” Barb began, “something happened out there on the dance floor with Bip. While we were dancing he got an enormous erection and rubbed against me. He’s your friend isn’t he? Why would he rub his cock against me like that?” “That bastard! When he and I used to double date he was always asking my dates to dance and then would rub his cock against them like that. That’s how he got to fuck most of my girl friends!”

Barb gasped, “I can’t believe he could do that to a good friend like you. What’s wrong with him?” “Well, they don’t call him Bip for nothing. He has a huge cock and a desire to stick it into every cunt he can find. Your must have felt its enormous size.”

Barb though for a minute and realize that it was really something to fantasize about. She then said, “But I thought he and Vickie were so happily married.” “I think they are. Before they were married she was known to be almost a nymphomaniac and Bip took full advantage. There are stories about places that they fucked that would knock you out.”

“Seems like you know an awful lot about Vickie’s eroticism. Could that be one of the reasons you wanted to go on this trip with them?” Barb asked this petulantly. “No, no, I just know that they are a fun couple our age who are up for a good time. Tell me your not thinking about that big cock of Bip’s that was giving you such a work out on the dance floor.”

“Oh shut the fuck up, here they come.” About 2 am both couples were a little tipsy and ready for bed. They parted outside their cabin doors and prepared for bed. For Barb and Dick this meant tearing off their clothes, a deep French kiss and laying down on the bed.

“I know what you want, Dicky.” Cooed Barby. “You want your little wifey to suck that big old cock of yours, don’t you?” “Oh Barby, you’re the greatest. But don’t forget you promised to give Lord Jim a hair cut. You know you don’t like to swallow a spare hair or two.”

Barb went to Dick’s shaving kit and removed his electric razor and a throwaway straight razor. With the electric razor she quickly shaved off all the long public hairs and then lathered his cock and balls and shaved them very carefully. When she was finished she washed off her piece of work, which was standing at attention. She admired his big cock. Many times she enjoyed blowing him just before he went to work in the morning.

This time, however, she grasped his throbbing cock and began gently to slide her hand up and down his shaft and with her other hand she grasped his tight balls. After being massaged in this way for a few minutes Dick gasped, “For God’s sake suck it, Baby. I need some relief. That’s it slowly swallow the head and suck it. Bite it! Hard! Real Hard! Swallow the whole thing you bitch. Take it all!”

Deep throating was not one of those things that Barb could easily do. She was an easy gagger and she really only got it all the way down when Dick was not fully erect. But it was different tonight. She couldn’t forget that huge cock of Bip’s rubbing against her on the dance floor. And with each thought about that cock she got more and more of Dick’s cock down her lovely throat. Finally, with a groan Dick came and came and came and for the first time she didn’t mind the taste of his cum.

Barb laid back partially satisfied by the fact that she had satisfied her husband more than she had ever done before orally. But Dick was not a selfish man and realized that Barb was not fully satisfied.

Suddenly, Barb felt some soft, warm and caressing on the lips of her vagina. Dick had begun to give her head and was trying to do it the way that really satisfied her. Slowly he moved his tongue to her clit. Barb was lucky in that her clit was easily accessible and in no time to enhance the experience Dick was slowly sucking her clit. By now Barb was moaning and slowly rotating her hips. At this signal Dick moved his tongue lower and began to insert it as far as it would go into her vagina. By now she was bucking frantically and almost screaming. Dick inserted a finger into her pussy and began to tickle her little rose bud ass hole. Barb frantically reached down and pushed Dick’s face further into her steaming pussy and with the other hand began to violently rub her pussy and clit. Then all hell broke loose and Barb had one orgasm after another until she virtually passed out.

At 8 am there was a knocking at their compartment door. Vickie and Bip were up and ready for breakfast. After a quick shower and a walk to the breakfast nook, the couples discussed what to do next. “Let’s take an early dip before the crowd arrives at the pool,” suggested Bip.

Everyone agreed and went to change. Dick was a little surprised at the revealing suit that Barb had brought. Barb was a little shy about wearing it but Dick assured her she looked great. It was clear to Dick that Barb was tanning in the nude due to the lack of tan marks.

When they arrived at the pool Vickie and Bip very already at the outdoor pool bar. Vickie was a knockout in her miniscule thong that barely held her generous pussy in check. They moved over to the deck chairs and rested beside the pool. Soon Bip was in the pool cavorting with the young teenage girls while Dick tried to keep up.

Barb couldn’t help but notice the generous portion of cock hiding behind the bulge in Bip’s pants. When he sat down across from her saw that he was showing her and everyone else the big red head of his dick. Barb was somewhat embarrassed sitting beside his wife who could obviously see the same big cock winking at them.

“That bastard!” Vickie said to Barb. He shows that cock of his to anyone who will look. If it didn’t feel so good every night I think I’d divorce him. Of course he is displaying it for you and all the teenage girls. He never gets enough attention. I wish he were more a gentleman like that Dick of yours. It must be great to be able to go out and not have your husband rubbing his cock all over the girls.”

“Gosh, Vickie. I don’t know what to say. Bip is such a nice guy most of the time and sometimes Dick is a little too quiet.” “Oh, I get it. You’re another of those ladies who is impressed by a big dick. Well, it is a great experience to ride it. But I’m always wondering where it was last. It’s not so much I worry about his fucking other women; I know they really don’t mean anything to him. It’s that I don’t want him bringing any babies or diseases home!”

“I didn’t know that you and Bip had such an open marriage as that. It’s obvious that Bip is a bit of a flirt, but you’re gorgeous, how could he do any better than you?” “Don’t you know men any better than that? The biggest part of their brain controls their cock. The first thing they think about any woman is whether or not they can fuck her. Watch how a man checks out a woman’s tits, legs and ass before he ever looks in her eyes.”

“I can’t believe all men are like that. Dick surely isn’t.” “Dick would like to fuck me right now on the diving board if he had the chance and he wouldn’t mind if Bip was fucking you right beside him. As for you, I see you looking a Bip’s dick all the time dreaming about what it would feel like.”

“I can’t deny that the size of that monster of his is mesmerizing but I could never fuck him.” “Look, Barb, I’m no saint. I like a little fuck on the side once in a while. Bip looks the other way and so do I, but don’t tell me you wouldn’t fuck Bip if it were safe and not threatening.” “Well, Vickie, it’s a moot point and will never happen. Dick would go nuts for one thing.” “Are you kidding? If you told Dick he could fuck me if you could fuck Bip he would jump at the chance. Are you adventurous enough to try? “

“Vickie, Dick would never agree to such a thing.” “Alright, let’s make a little wager, if Dick accepts the proposal, will you be willing to fuck Bip?” Now they were down to decision time. Barb thought about the bulge in Bip’s pants and got flushed. She knew she secretly wanted that huge cock. She also knew that everyone on the boat was a stranger and no one would ever be wise but them. “What’s the bet?” Asked Barb. This already told Vickie that Barb was willing to fuck Bip.

“Let’s make it real simple. If, you win I’ll buy you that filigree ring you’ve been eyeing in the gift shop. If I win you and I’ll have a ladies day.” “What the hell is a ladies day?” “I’ll leave that to you. Either we can pick-up two lucky lads here on the boat and do something outrageous or have a quiet day in bed together or both.” “Wow, that’s some mind you have there! Okay, I know I going to win anyway.” So they shook hands.

“Let’s get back together by 5 pm and let the games begin,” said Vickie. After lunch Barb and Dick returned to their compartment for little rest.

“It wasn’t only the teenagers. Bip is going to be very popular on this trip. Vickie was watching him all the time and spoke to me about it at length. I guess Bip is still fucking anything that comes his way. Vickie seems to be a little out there, too.”

“Vickie is getting some action on the side? I thought that big prick of Bip’s would satisfy any woman. Although you girls are always saying size isn’t everything.” “I wouldn’t say size isn’t everything. I love the size of your cock for instance. You always satisfy me, but you always make sure that you take care of me”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that, but I suppose it’s only human for a woman to wonder what Bip could do with that ram rod of his, or are you different?” “Well, no, that trouser snake makes any girl wonder. Have you ever seen it? Of course you have, you golf together.” “Men don’t stand around the locker room sizing up each other’s dicks, but of course you can’t miss Bip’s cock.” “Well, be a little more descriptive.”

“I can see you’re really interested. It must be a foot long and appears to be real thick. I’ve only seen it flaccid but I gather that cocks that are that long soft don’t grow much in length when they harden. Hey, why all this interest in Bip’s prick? Don’t tell me you want to fuck him?”

“Oh, Dick, you know I’d never cheat on you, unless…” “Unless what, Barb?” “Unless you were agreeable. You know I wasn’t a virgin when we married. I know what another man’s cock feels like. I love your cock but it’s only natural to be curious and it’s such a spectacular one at that.”

“I can’t believe this is you talking. My sweet little wifey of all these years wanting a big cock for a change!” “Don’t bullshit me Dick. I see you looking at Vickie you’d fuck her in a minute and I don’t think you would come to me first if the chance occurred.”

“Look Barb, I don’t want to be a prick and sure I look at other women. Vickie is a stunner and who wouldn’t want to fuck her, but it’s never going to happen.” “Don’t be too sure of yourself stud. Vickie told me today that she would fuck you if you’d let Bip slide his monster cock into me, tonight!”

Dick gasped and fell onto the bed. Was his constant companion of all these years someone he didn’t even know? Dick resolved that he had to put her to the test. “All right you cock slut, tell Vickie I agree. But it has to be tonight and right here in our two compartments right next to each other. When you want me to help you pull that big cock out of your pussy just knocks on the wall.”

“It’s a deal,” said Barb wondering what she had gotten herself into. A little while later she slipped out of the room and knocked on the door of the room next to theirs. Vickie stuck her head out and Barb nodded yes to her.

“Let the fun begin after dinner tonight,” sighed Vickie. Everyone was tense at dinner that evening. The girls were dressed beautifully and literally sparkled in the dinning room. They drank perhaps a little to much wine and were a little unsteady by the time the dining was over.

The couples walked hand in hand to their compartments and when they got there changed partners and entered the rooms. Their girls went into their own rooms to feels more at home.
Barb looked at Bip’s back as he turned to remove his jacket. He had a broad muscular look and she knew that he was all man. Bip turned and stared into her eyes, in spite of herself she looked down at the rising bulge
in his trousers.

“I know what it’s all about Barb. There is this thing about big cocks that fascinates people. I get as many offers from men and women, but I only play with the girls. It’s a blessing and a curse. I have the ability to please women in a way few men do, but I consequently know that you girls treat me as a piece of meat not a person. But that’s okay with me. I know it’s the best I can get and I sure do get a lot of great pussy. I’ve had my eye on you for a long time.”

Barb was a little surprised by this speech and wondered where to start. “I see you’re a little confused Barb. Let’s turn the lights low, turn on some music and sit on the bed.”

As they sat down Bip told Barb to undress him while he did the same for her. First, she removed his dress shirt and noticed that he did not wear any underwear. She caressed his strong muscular chest bending forward to kiss it and lick his nipples. Barb thought, “I am getting into this a lot quicker that I ever expected.”

The trousers were more difficult and he had to help her. His gigantic cock now appeared for the first time. She was alarmed at the thought of accepting this monument to man into her little body. It was a two hander and more. Surely it was more that a foot in length.

By this time Bip had completely undressed Barb and she hadn’t noticed. He began to move his cock up towards her breasts. Barb’s breast were more that ample even without surgery and soon Bip was before her gliding his cock between those two lovely mounds which she pressed with her hands firmly around his erection.

“Barb it will help if you lubricate my cock. If you don’t have any KY sometimes a sloppy blow job will suffice.” She looked at the red headed monster and began to lick the head. She closed her eyes and wondered why she did. It was smooth and tasty which she could not believe. Bip obviously took care of his cock and used some tasty ointment on it.

The head of the cock was now in her mouth and she salivated on it to make it easier to swallow. Now the shaft of the cock began to slip between her lips. Slowly, ever so slowly. She knew it was impossible to swallow the whole thing but she wanted to try as much as she could. Some invisible force was driving her. The head hit the back of her throat and she gagged. She tried to turn the corner to ingest more. She gagged again. Bip lifted her off his cock.

“That’s farther than most can go Barb and it was wonderful. Now try letting yourself down slowly on my cock as I sit here. You don’t have to take the whole thing. It took Vickie months before she could accept my whole cock.”

Slowly Barb lowered herself unto the scary sword below her. The red head approached the tremulous lips of her vagina and was slowly engulfed. Barb couldn’t believe the feelings aroused in her as Bip’s cock took up more space inside her. She had had 4 children and was no longer as tight as she was at one time but still this was a massive missile being inserted. Bip was gentle and in no hurry. He was more of a gentleman than Barb had ever anticipated as he helped her accept his cock into her ever-filling orifice.

Barb didn’t believe she could take anymore of Bip’s cock and he sensed her concern. Slowly he lifted her up and then let her slide down on his well-lubricated cock. At first very slowly but always becoming more intense and more engulfing. Her pussy was more full of that wonderful cock than she could ever have imagined. Barb now took over and began sliding up and down on Bip’s cock at her own tempo. Now slow, now fast, now rotating around on it, but never all the way in. He was gentle and didn’t push his advantage. The result was that Barb was enjoying with increasing pleasure the fuck of her life.

She became aware that Bip was beginning to thrust more than at first into her bursting pussy. She was responding by increasing her own thrusts onto his slimy prick. It was good. Oh it was very good. The love juice from her cunt was running down over his unused cock and onto his balls. She could feel an explosion coming and as he screamed in anticipation she began to feel the advent of her own orgasm. The feeling began to grow and at last got beyond her control. Fucking together like two wild animals all they could do was feel thinking was out of the question. Barb’s pussy was being pounded for all it was worth and she was riding his cock to an all-consuming orgasm. Then he came and it was all over. They were awash in a sea of cum. Barb couldn’t believe a man’s balls could hold so much. When his limp cock slide out of her pussy their bodies, the bed and the floor were covered.

They were exhausted and yet Barb felt a real appreciation for Bip in the way in which he had handled their fantastic fuck. He had protected from hurting herself on that huge member of his. She laid and stared at it as he lies beside her on the bed.

Next door, oddly enough, Vickie and Dick were a little shy of each other. Vickie’s charm and great body certainly captivated Dick, but they really were never very close. “Well here we are and I guessed I asked for it,” said Vickie. “In a way I never thought this would happen. I thought Barb was a little too uptight to does anything so out landish.”

“Vickie, you can’t be more surprised than I am. I just hope to get my honey back after she rides that ram rod of Bip’s.” “I’ve a feeling that you’re probably pretty good in the love department yourself, Dick. Let’s have another drink to break the ice.”

Vickie bent over in front of Dick fully aware of the effect her fantastic ass had on men and waited for his response. Dick couldn’t restrain himself and found his hands on Vickie’s ass caressing it and raising her skirt for better access. He soon discovered that Vickie had like her hubby not donned any underwear that evening. Quickly Dick had his cock out and was rubbing Vickie’s ass with it. As she wiggled her ass he slipped his cock between her legs and into her waiting pussy lips. Immediately Vickie pushed her ass back towards him to receive his erect penis. With an increasing frenzy Dick mounted Vickie from the rear and fucked hard and long. As an after though he slid his thumb gently into Vickie’s little brown button. The response was electric. It was as though he had turned on a fucking machine. Vickie drove her ass hole and cunt onto his finger and cock for all she was worth. Faster and faster the hot action intensified and deeper and deeper went the tools of rapture. Vickie was screaming, “Fuck me, Dick. Fuck my pussy, fuck my ass. Give it to me hard, Baby!”

It was all Dick could do to keep up with this raging siren as she bucked and fucked him. At last he could feel her cunt tightening on his cock giving him an even more intense feeling. When he felt he could stand no more they both exploded in a sea of cum.

They were spent. Vickie lay there on her stomach with her bare cum splattered ass in the air and he sat there with his shrunken cock hanging out of his trousers. “Whew, that was a little more that I expected from you Dick. You really drove me home with that cock of yours. It only proves that size is not always the answer, although yours is plenty big enough.”

“I’m glad it seemed to work out, but what next? We have a whole evening before us.” “Did you hear them screaming next door? Do you have you key to the compartment, Dick? Maybe we could sneak in and catch them. Wouldn’t you like to see Bip slipping his big schlong into your little wifey?”

Dick hated to admit it but the suggestion did tantalize him. What was happening to him? Here was fucking his friend’s wife and now he wanted to see his wife fucking his friend.

“What the hell we’ve come this far. Let’s sneak in on the 2 bastards.” Vickie slipped into a negligee and Dick put on a pair of Bip’s pajama bottoms and went into the hall hoping not to be seen. Quietly he slipped his key into the lock and turned. As the door opened they could see that the room was only dimly lit and there were 2 figures lying on the beds. Apparently they were currently at rest.

Vicky and Dick slipped in and crawled across the floor towards the sleepers. Vickie whispered into Dick’s ear, “Let’s see if we can arouse them and then slip into bed with them.” Dick nodded approval and Vickie began to stroke Bip’s limp cock. Dick in similar fashion began to caress Barb’s sleeping body. He nibbled her nipples and Barb murmured, “Oh, Bip I love it. Let me know when you want me.”

Vickie by now had Bip fully erect and was fondling his balls. She loved to lick the underside of his cock and watch it jump. Soon she had Bip awake and gigantically hard. Bip just lay back with his eyes closed and enjoyed the caresses.

Dick was now enjoying what is sometimes called a grass sandwich. While his wife didn’t care for the hair around his cock, he loved her hairy velvety pussy. Licking and chewing away he worked his way down to her clit, which really began to turn her on.

Bip cock was now in Vickie’s mouth and she was endeavoring to deep throat it. While Bip never forced her to do such a thing it was a challenge for her and she could now get it all the way down her throat. Through her lips the head glided and finally rested against the back of her throat. With a little adjustment on her part it began its journey even further. There was a little pop as it went down and finally made it all the way. Vickie then raised and lowered her head on Bip’s cock as she jerked him off in her throat.

Barb felt something familiar about the way her pussy was being eaten and when she felt that finger in her ass hole she knew who was at work. She decided to play along and enjoyed the work being done on her cunt and ass.

Bip also realized that this was not a regular blowjob and it was only Vickie could accomplish this feat. As she increased her bobbing Bip could hold it no longer and in a sigh of relief released another load of cum. The sound of Bip coming put Barb over the edge and she also came in Dick’s mouth.

Vickie and Dick the two conspirators slipped of the bed giggling quietly to themselves. Barb turned to Bip and said hoping that he would catch on, “That was great head Bip. I thought only Dick’s tongue could get me off like that.”

“You must have been dreaming, but I was too, I dreamed that Vickie just gave me a monumental bJ.” “Let me see your cock, Bip. Wow, it sure looks used. Let me see if I can get it up again.”

Barb took Bip’s cum drenched limp cock in her mouth and began to suck. She actually got the whole thing in getting past her gag response and getting a little down her throat. But as it began to rise once again she had to back off on his enormous tool. She was still proud for some unknown reason for what she had accomplished.

“Looks like you might be ready for another round, Bip,” Barb observed. “Why not?” said Bip. “Sometimes I can fuck all night.” With comment moved and allowed Barb to get on top of him and slide his cock into her pussy that was just lubricated by Dick’s tongue.

“Mmm, that feels sooo good! Let’s just soak up each other for a while.” By now Vickie had taken Dick erect cock into her mouth and was deep throating him easily. Dick raised his head so he could see his wife riding Bip’s cock in slow gear. Slowly Barb leaned forward and lay on Bip’s chest with her tongue deep in his mouth. She searches his mouth for his tongue and began to suck it for all she was worth. Barb could feel Bip’s cock rising in response to gyrating pelvis. Taking a breather Barb said to Bip, “What I could really use now is what I see in some of those movies Dick brings home to excite me. There’s only one thing that I would like to try but I’m afraid it would hurt.”

“What’s that honey?” Bip asks. “Sometime I’d like to take 2 men at the same time. One in my pussy and one in my bum.” “It’s great but you have to have good lubrication particularly for your little brownie.”

“Well, I thought Dick might like to give me a little rear action on this trip so I bought KY at the drug store. He’s a little shy about doing it because I have always put him off. But some times at night he slips a finger in my bum when he thinks I am sleeping. And in the middle of good fuck fingering my asshole can create an even bigger O”
Hearing this Dick slipped over to the dresser and found the KY to grease up his cock. He sneaked to the bottom of the bed and by this time Barb was happily sliding up and down in Bip big cock. As her pussy was adjusting to it mare and more of it was getting in.

Dick put some KY on his wifey’s little brownie and began to press his cock against that little puckered opening. “What the fuck is that?” gasped Barb. “It’s only Dick shoving his cock up your ass, Barb.” Said Bip.

“Oh well that’s Okay. Give it to me Daddy! Give it to me the way you always wanted I’m ready for you now!” Barb felt Dick’s greased cock slide further and further up her ass. At first it hurt a little but later as the friction began it felt better and better. Now she could feel Dick’s cock rubbing against Bip’s cock inside her.

“Can you feel it, Dick? Do you feel Bip’s cock inside me? Fuck me, hard, harder. Ram that ass. What the fuck’s wrong with you Bip? Fuck me, Fuck me you two pussy eaters!” Somewhere around this time the emotions of the excitement and pressure of the on coming orgasms took over and the 3 friends were locked in a fucking embrace that defies description.

What could poor Vickie do? She found one of Barb’s biggest dildos, greased it and shoved it into her cunt. She then stood beside the bed and cheered her friends on as she pumped the dildo into her cunt.

“Rah, rah, rah. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Fuck her pussy, Bip. Fuck her ass, Dick. Three cheers for Barb the best double fuck in the universe” Barb was just conscious enough to feel the great wash of cum as it entered her cunt and ass. Needless to say Barb didn’t walk very far the next day but the two couples were closer than ever before.

Life When the Kids have Gone, Part 2

After a day of relaxation Vickie approached Barb at the pool and sat beside her.

“Remember our little wager, Barb?” Vickie asked coyly. “You can’t be serious, Vickie. What could you possibly have in mind?” “Tomorrow the boat goes into port and Dick and Bip intend to golf. That leaves us with a whole day to go cock hunting around the boat.” “Can’t you get enough cock with that wonderful monster your husband has?”

“Oh, I see you would probably like some more. However, Bip is worried that if he fucks you again Dick will really get pissed. You know ever since our little group grope, Bip has been a lot more open with me.”

“That’s just great. Even if the boys are off the boat, I couldn’t get more of Bip’s cock if I wanted it.” Once again Barb have left the cat out of the bag to Vickie. All she could think about was that wild ride on Bip tower of pleasure. Her panties were getting wet as she thought about it.

“Well my little minx if you’re so hot for my Bip’s big cock, it can be arranged. But you have to spend tomorrow with me and help me satisfy one of my new urges.” Barb knew she was trapped and decided to make the best of it. After all what would it hurt to have that big cock of Bip’s in her one more time.

“Okay, let’s do it, but nothing dangerous and nothing that will get us into trouble.”
“When did you ever hear anyone complain from having sex with two gorgeous babes like us,” Vickie laughed. “I’ve just got a great idea. You remember our cabin steward Antonio? Since he wants to be so helpful, let’s ask him where the action is.”

Vickie led the obedient Barb to their compartments and there was their always ready steward Antonio. “Hello, ladies how can Antonio be helpful today? Ice, water, drinks, snacks?”
“No, Antonio, today we would like some very very personal service from you,” cooed Vickie.
“Whatever, I can do for you ladies will be my greatest pleasure,” replied Antonio and he meant it. He was used to making all kinds of arrangements, but he suspected this was going to be different.

Vickie moved very close to Antonio and as quick as a wink had her hands between his legs. She could feel a nice sized cock there and already it began to rise to her touch. Antonio although his dark complexion hid the fact that he was in his 3o’s looked like a hot-blooded teenager. Even though he had been around many horny female passengers before, Vickie’s directness surprised him.

“You see Antonio that Barb and I need some special entertainment when we go ashore and the hubbys golf. Can you suggest any nice pubs on the island where a nice girl can find a horny young man like you who has a nice package in his pants for a willing lady,” murmured Vickie as she stroked Antonio’s trousers snake in it lair.

“You know Madame we are not allowed to consort with the passengers on the boat!” gasped Antonio now fully in Vickie’s grip. “I don’t intend to release your cock until you give me some better news than that,” Vickie wickedly replied. Barb was shaking in her sandals as she observed Vickie’s wicked behavior. “Give him a break, Vickie. Antonio could loose his job.”

Antonio turned to Barb and she could see by the light in his eye that perhaps he was familiar with the antics of over sexed American women.
“Ladies stewards are only allowed a few hours off the ship when we go into port and there is a bar near the dock where they can be found called the Leaky Tiki. Perhaps you can find what you want there!”

Before he could move away, Vickie bent down and kissed the bulge in his pants. She would have sucked his cock right there if Barb hadn’t been pulling at her. As she rose she handed Antonio and hundred-dollar bill and they went on their way.

“My, God, Vickie, I thought you were going to suck his cock right there in the gangway. Are you crazy? Do you want someone to find you out?” Barb said this although she was unbelievably aroused by what she had just seen. Her panties were again dripping with erotic juices as she could picture herself between Antonio’s thighs.

“You know, Barb, sometimes is fun to take a chance and even to be discovered. Didn’t you ever grab Dick’s cock in the movie theatre only to realize that another couple was watching?”

“I’m no angel. Sure we’ve fondled each other in the movies but you were probably going to blow Antonio right there and then,” Barb was getting hotter the more she though about it.

Vickie reached over and pulled Barb towards her and before Barb could stop her Vickie had her tongue in Barb’s mouth. In a moment of wild abandon Barb sucked on Vickie’s tongue for all she was worth before she knew what she was doing. And then in a knee jerk reaction pushed Vickie away as she stood in the gangway panting.

“What the fuck are you doing to me? I’m and wife and mother. There is no way I want this from you, Vickie!” Barb cried almost hysterically. “Are you kidding me? I felt you sucking my tongue during that kiss. Besides, nowadays my actions are accepted as almost the norm. College women are all experimenting with their lesbian self. You don’t even know what you want, do you?”

Confused and trembling Barb staggered against the wall and looked at Vickie. Barb had to admit to herself that the kiss from Vickie was overwhelmingly satisfying although very scary. Was it opening part of her that she would rather leave in a secret hiding place?

“I have to go back to the compartment and think,” said Barb in order to break off their current dilemma. “I’ll see you later for our trip ashore, Barb, and don’t be such a ninny.”

The boys were surprised at how early the girls arose for their shore excursion. The girls wolfed down their breakfasts and were at the gangplank before the boys. Even Barb was surprised by the way she was looking forward to her next adventure.

Vickie was beside herself with anticipation. She believed that she had found a trustworthy female companion who could keep her mouth shut. Further, Barb obviously had deep yearnings, which Vickie intended to encourage and fulfill. Where this would lead by the end of the cruise no one could guess.

Barb hit the land in her little sun suit but only she knew that there was nothing under it. Her wantonness was growing beyond her control. She Vickie bid the bays farewell and headed for an outdoor bar and lunch counter. They ate a few tapas and hammered down some rather weak tropical drinks. The combination of the small amount of alcohol and the tropical sun soon had them in an erotic frame of mind.

Vickie turned to their bar tender and politely asked; “Have you ever heard of the Leaky Tiki and is it near here?” The bartender’ eyes opened wide and he replied, “Yes, Mum, it is only a block from here on Sailor Street, but it has a bad reputation. Why do you ask? You don’t intend to go there do you?”

“Yes, it was recommended on our boat as a place to have a good time. What will we find there?” Vickie inquired. “It is primarily a bar patronized by the boat personnel and they get rather crude as a relief to living in the confines of their boat.” “Do women ever visit the bar?”

“Only women of the lowest class and occasionally tourists looking for a cut of life one the raw side.” “Sounds interesting to me. Let’s go, Barb,” said Vickie as the bartenders jaw dropped almost to the floor. “Are you nuts, Vickie? We’re going to get raped in there!” Gasped Barb.

“Honey, you’re going to have to learn to go with the flow of things and stop being so tense. Do you think this is the first time I’ve walked on the wild side? Grow up and follow my lead,” Vickie wickedly growled turned on her heel and followed the directions to the Leaky Tiki.

Tailing behind Barb saw the pub first and though it didn’t look so bad from a distance. However, it soon became apparent that this bar as they neared it was a raucous hangout. Gathering up her courage she followed Vickie to a table in a dark far corner.

The pub seemed to be lit only by the light that streamed through the shuttered windows, which were only partially open. There was a blaring jukebox playing erotic island music, which was being danced to by a few entangled couples. Their bodies were swaying to the hypnotic rhythms and seemed to be involved in a dancing fore play. The women were scantily clad and were obviously native to the island. Many of the men were dressed in their uniforms worn aboard the various cruise ships.

Barb almost jumped out of her skin when she heard a voice say, “I see you’ve found our little hideaway, ladies.” There before her stood their dark cabin steward Antonio. “Your services are always of the best quality, Antonio,” cooed Vickie ask she winked at him. “Can we buy you a drink as a reward?”

“Oh, yes, madam, and perhaps I can repay you with even more of my special services!” Replied Antonio as he blatantly massaged his groin in front of our two heroines. Barb’s eyes quickly when to the sources of Antonio’s amusement and involuntarily licked her lips. Antonio saw Barb’s interest and said, “You are so quiet, Mistress Barb. May I be seated and protect you from all the riff raff?”

As he seated himself he could see that Vickie was a little disappointed due to his interest in Barb. “May I not call over one of my fellow crew members to fill out our table, ladies? It would facilitate our conversation and whatever else might come up.”

Vickie nodded yes to Antonio’s proposal and he waved over a large very dark man the girls recognized from the boat. He was well over 6 feet tall and walked with an island swagger.
“This is my friend, Tombey, from the Cameroon in Africa. We are slowly civilizing him during the cruise and teaching the niceties.” Tombey exuded the smell and flavor of the jungle. He was an original primitive and Vickie’s hunger was instantly aroused. “Waiter,” Vickie called out. “Four of your strongest and most exotic drinks, please.”

“Perhaps you ladies would like to share some of our island cigarettes? They are those which are not legal everywhere but give you such a heavenly feeling,” suggested Tombey.

Barb wasn’t raised in a barn and had tasted some forbidden fruit before and though perhaps this would at least help to get her through this ordeal and maybe even forget it.

Soon everyone of the table was relaxed, happy and becoming very uninhibited. The girls noticed that some of couples sitting near them were sharing the same chair. The girls were on the men’s laps facing their partners. They way there skits were pulled up they appeared to be rubbing their pussies against their man’s crotch. Upon closer examination it was clear that cocks were out and inserted in those pussies and an erotic lap dance of love was going on. The couples were kissing deeply as they rubbed together and their actions were in sync with the music.

Tombey soon felt Vickie’s massaging his dark meat through his tight pants. He whispered in her ear, “You must release my little friend before he breaks his way out of his jail.” This was all the encouragement she needed and Tombey’s little friend, who turned out to be a big black cock was soon in her two hands. Stroking it in unison to the music it became harder and harder and vibrated like a huge dildo.

“Would you like to dance, little lady?” Tombey asked Vickie? “You can’t dance in that condition,” Vickie exclaimed eying the black snake in her hands.

“Oh yes, Missiy,” Tombey said as he lifted her from her chair and slowly lowered her unto the cock waiting for her in his lap. Finding her sweet velvety mouth, Tombey kissed it and inserted the biggest tongue she had ever had inside her mouth. Whatever he had been drinking or eating his tongue had a wild taste that was at once tropical and exotic in flavor. Licking his lips and teeth and sucking his tongue, Vickie became very very turned on.
Tombey’s cock was now pressed against her flat quivering body and slowly being worked by him. She could feel him squeezing and releasing his sphincter muscle to make him cock jump on her belly.

Vickie placed her feet flat on the floor and raised herself above Tombey’s ebony rod in position to lower her onto it. “No, Missy, it is too big for a small woman such as you are. Only my girlfriend can handle it!”

“Oh, Tombey, that is very considerate of you but let me try it just this once,” said Vickie as the lips of her pussy came to rest on the giant head of Tombey’s erection. Vickie was always a self-lubricating machine and this would be of great assistance in this venture.

Tombey’s eyes opened wide as he felt the head of his cock slide ever so slowly inside the waiting vagina. Many a woman had not gotten that far. Vickie gave Tombey an even deeper kiss as she felt her warm sex chamber being filled. This would be an experience she wanted to savor and not forget. She let Tombey’s dark shaft begin its journey into the inner reaches of her lusting body knowing that Tombey was in for a big surprise. He might be a little longer than Bip her husband but he was not as thick. The head of Tombey was all the way to the bottom of her vagina and she was sitting on his balls. Vickie grabbed Tombey’s balls and began rocking from side to side to enhance the feeling of that giant black monsters presence in her. Then she began to ride that black cock like the stallion it was. Up and down, in an out, side-to-side the black machine went. Tombey was no longer in control. The white bitch in his lap was draining his lifeblood from him like a succubus of old. As he was about to cum Vickie stood up and let the jizz squirt in front of them and onto the floor.

While this was going on Barb watched as though in a fog. It was the hottest fuck she had ever seen. Vickie had to he admired the way she could handle that enormous projectile. Barb felt like cheering her on.

“Here, sit on my lap and you can see the show better, Mistress Barb, “suggested Antonio. Barb knew that Antonio had his own motives for making this suggestion but she was so hot and so curious she immediately sat on Antonio’s lap. She made sure to face away from Antonio thus making it almost impossible for his to snake his cock into her pussy.

However, Barb forgot that she and Vickie had agreed not to wear panties and she could soon feel Antonio’s cock rubbing against her back and ass. Antonio did not bother to ask Barb to release his cock; he had taken it upon himself to release his erect member. While Vickie was rolling on Tombey’s cock, Barb began to feel Antonio’s sword rubbing her little brown bud. “No, Antonio, I can’t do that! You’re too big and I’m inexperienced!”

“Don’t worry, Missy. I have some island lotion that will make it all fine.” Saying that Antonio began to lubricate her ass hole with some lotion from a small jar he had in his pocket. Barb’s anus immediately began to burn like fire and for a moment she though she would scream. Then the feeling became warm, very warm and Barb could feel her anus actually beginning to loosen. Soon the head of Antonio’s cock was at her anus. While, she darkly had wanted a little anal action, she was always afraid of the pain and the dirtiness of it all. But Antonio’s cock ended that concern as the head of the cock slowly but surely penetrated further and further into her bowels. When it was totally inserted Antonio stopped and let Barb sit on it. The longer it was in the better it felt. Slowly Barb moved her ass from side to side and she was betting turned on. Maybe a little up and down motion she thought. Now her ass was a flame in a sea of erotic stimulation. What the fuck is that lotion Barb thought. Barb began bouncing on Antonio’s cock for all she was worth. She couldn’t get enough of his cock and she couldn’t get it fast enough.

Barb and Vickie were at this time in a race to an orgasm. Vickie finished first as we described with the huge wash of cum in front of her and Tombey. When Barb saw the gusher she pulled off Antonio’s cock and watched was his equally huge load of cum hit the floor. It was a virtual tie. All those lecherous couples around the girls clapped as the girls finished. It was their first public sexual performance. Vickie immediately bent down and sucked the cum off Tmobey’s cock and spate it on the floor and in spite of herself Barb felt compelled and did the same to Antonio’s cock and cum.

It was one tired foursome that later that afternoon dragged out of the Leaky Tiki and headed back to the boat. Although, hard to believe, the girls still had the strength for a little shopping.

It was a surprisingly hard course and Bip and Dick were rather tired out. It was all for the best considering the workout the girls had had one shore. Barb had secretly asked Antonio if he could acquire for her a jar of that anal ease that he had used at the Sneaky Tiki. As usual Antonio supplied his wards with what they required to make their cruise more satisfying.

By this time Barb was almost as big a sexual addict as Vickie. She could fuck all night the way she used to but she found herself in a constant state of arousal. Dick had always satisfied her and was a fine lover but she lusted for another sample of that great love monster of Bip. She was even jealous of the huge black cock that she saw pop out of Vickie’s cunt at the Sneaky Tiki.

The boat was out a sea and they would be home tomorrow. The girls decided to go to the pool early while the boy’s slept in foregoing breakfast. Barb watched they way Vickie ogled the all the men around the pool. Her hot looks were creating many a hard on around the pool. Barb didn’t realize that she was having the same effect with her new wantonness and hot look, but Vickie did.

Vickie turned to Barb and took her hand. “Do you remember our little wager, Barb?” “Sure, but I feel a little guilty about yesterday. If Dick knew I fucked the steward in front of a crowd in a barroom he’d shit. I have to admit I enjoyed it, but it can’t happen again,” she said firmly. “Well that’s up to you, Barb, but I don’t think your life can go on as it did in the past. You and Dick are going to have to spice it up a little from here on in.”

“I’m not sure what you mean, but I do agree things are going to change.” With that comment Vickie leaned over and gave Barb a big kiss on the lips inserting her tongue deep into Barb’s mouth. Quickly Vickie sat back and waited for Barb’s response.

“What the fuck was that?” Exclaimed Barb. “Where do you come off doing that?” “Barb I love my husband and I love his big cock but there are other things, too. I think Ellen Digenesis and Ann Hecht have shown us the way. I’ve always loved to see beautiful women and be with them. Only recently I had a little tryst with a shop girl while I was trying on clothes in a small store near us. I saw that she was watching me closely and I intentionally rubbed against her and we fell into each other’s are in a deep embrace. I almost cost her job by the noises we made in that dressing room.”

“No, I can’t believe this Vickie. Are you insatiable?” “Don’t tell me you aren’t curious about the gay life. Surely when you were in college you kissed another girl and wondered.” “I’m normal and have been curious but I never gave into that curiosity.” “Barb, remember our ladies day? Let’s just get a little closer and if you don’t like it we’ll stop.” “Do you want Bip’s big prick again?” Barb was caught again. All she could think about was that big prick sliding into her swollen pussy. Oh once more before the end of their trip would be heaven!

“You fucking bitch, Vickie! You’ve had that wonderful cock inside you. You know I can’t resist having Bip between my legs on more time. Bring it on, Vickie. Where are we going to get on with it?” “Well the boys are sacked out so we’re going to have to find some secluded location. Let’s go see what our cabin steward can suggest.” Vickie and Barb trudged off to find Antonio in his passage way home.

When they located him Vickie asked, “Antonio is there a secluded location here on the boat where my friend and I can be alone for an hour or so? We don’t want to disturb our sleeping hubbies.” “Ah, madam, why not use one of your compartments? Your husbands just went up for breakfast and I know the lines are long at this time of the morning,” Antonio replied winking at them.

The girls thanked Antonio and quickly slipped into Vickie’s compartment.
Vickie embraced Barb and they fell backwards unto the bed still warm from Bip’s body. Barb was almost over powered by the smell of Vickie’s man that permeated the bed. Barb pussy was already from the erotic proximity to Bip’s prodigious prong.

In an instant Vickie’s tongue was swabbing out Barb mouth and to tell the truth Barb was turned on in spike of herself. Barb was soon sucking on Vickie’s tongues, as their clothes seemed to fall away on their own. Their bodies were locked in a sexual embrace and Vickie began to massage Barb back making her even hotter than before. Vickie moved Barb onto her back and began kissing her way down from Barb’s mouth to her breasts. Fondling Barb’s breasts Vickie licked and sucked and needed those beautiful globes and in the process released any remaining tension in Barb’s body. Now Vickie resumed her trip further down Barb’s body towards her warm fuzzy grotto of love.

“You think Dick can really make love to your pussy don’t you Barb? Well get ready to have it done by a woman who’s familiar with the equipment!” With that Vickie dove into Barb’s bush. Vickie immediately found Barb’s protruding clitoris and began to stroke, kiss and lick it. Slowly and in no hurry Vickie made Barb’s clitoris swell and grow in reaction to her manipulations. Now Vickie’s long soft tongue slide deep into Barb’s wet pussy. The sweet tongue went in and out and around and around getting Barb more and more turned on. Barb grabbed Vickie head and pulled her into her pussy as deep as should could.

Vickie pulled her head free and took a deep breath. “Barb I need you too. Please relieve me. Suck my pussy, please, please!” Before she knew what was happening Vickie’s pussy was before her. Barb reached up, grabbed Vickie’s ass and pulled her pussy down to her. Barb’s sucking mouth was fastened to Vickie’s cunt. Barb sucked and licked that sweet cunt. She never knew that she could really get into this but it was funky and wonderful.

The girls were sucking on each other’s pussies for all they were worth. By now they were in an erotic delirium and were slipping into their own personal multiple orgasms. Exhausted they fell back side-by-side. Barb reached over and pressed her pussy-drenched lips onto Vickie’s swollen lips and kissed her long and hard. “It was beyond my wildest dreams she murmured to her female lover.

Suddenly from the foot of the bed came a round of applause. There stood their husbands clapping for their wives sexual performance. “That was great girls but now the piper has to be paid,” said Bip as he and Dick stood there nude with their erect cocks in their hands.

The girls shot up and then just giggled realizing that they boys were going to play along. “Well, Bip,” you may as well fuck Barb one more time. She wants one last ride on that cock of yours before this vacation is over. So slip that black monster into her one more time!” “And Dick use some of Vickie’s ass cream and giver a good ass fuck for me. I know she loves it.”

A awesome wedding present

It was less then a week after my wedding when I got the greatest wedding present of them all. Me and my wife had been together for 4 years before our marriage. We meet thru her younger sister Ashly. She was 5 years younger then me and when i first met her she looked older then me. I was flirting with her and her other gorgeos friends, Amy, And Becca when i found out that they were way to young for me. So Ashly hooked me up with her older sister who looked dead up like her.

When we got back from our honeymoon we were spent. Sex almost non-stop for a week was very tiring. I was relieved to be home. We weren’t home for more then a half an hour when i heard the door bell ring. I answered the door to see Ash, Amy, and Becca standing at the door. Hello ladies what brings you to this neighborhood. Ash answered back with a devilish smile and a very sexy voice, we missed you and Tina. Come on in and have a seat. As they all walked in i couldn’t but help notice how hot they were looking. Ash had on a black tank top that was barely holding her D size tits in and a very low cut pink skirt. Amy was wearing something similar with a white top covering her C tits and a yellow skirt while Becca had on a low cut tshirt and the shortest shorts i think i ever seen. Becca was the one with the smallest tits but the best ass prolly the best i have ever seen. All three had long straight blonde hair.

I went to my bedroom while Tina chatted with them about the vacation. I was about done putting up clothes when tina walked in and told me she was running to the store and told me to entertain my guests. I followed her to the door and gave her a kiss and as i was shutting the door i heard her yell back to me something about enjoying my wedding present.

I sat on the sofa across from the girls and we started talking about where the girls were going to college. After a couple minutes of idle chit chat Becca asked Ash when where they going to give me their wedding present. I looked at here with a puzzled look. She looked at me and grinned and said well now sounds like a great time. I asked her what it was. She said well you always said you owed the three of us for hooking you up with Tina. I shook my head and said yea i did. Well we have been wanting to do this since we first met you. We talked it over with Tina and she agreed. Well what is it. I said with anticipation. The girls giggle and looked at each other. Amy answered well we want to fuck you. I was shocked and couldn’t believe what i just heard. After Amy finished her sentence she spread her legs and so did Ash and revealed to perfectly shaved pussys. I was hard in an instant.

Becca got up and walked over to me and leaned down and started nibbling on my neck and ear. I stuttered and finally got out the words that i can’t do this, i’m married. That didn’t stop them cause by that time Ash and Amy was standing and dropping their skirts to the floor. They didn’t waste time taking off their shirts either. Let me tell you there is nothing like see two blondes standing naked 5 feet infront of you.

Becca was now rubbing my throbing dick as she continued to nibble and bite on my ear. I couldn’t think straight, my eyes were going from both sets of tits to their pussies and back. Ash said well i want to suck him first. She was quickly on her knees and ripping at my button and zipper, finally taking off my jeans and boxers in one swift move releasing my rock hard erection. She stroked it once then took the whole thing in her mouth. God it felt great she was deep throating my cock with ease something her sister couldn’t and would rarely do. Amy started to french kiss me and when she stopped i saw that becca was standing on my other side naked.

Against my will i stopped ash and quickly laid on the floor where immediatly becca stradled my face lowering her very wet shaved pussy onto my lips. I dug my tongue deep into he pussy and tongue fucked her. She was moaning as i went back and forth from licking and sucking her clit to tongue fucking her. At the same time i was recieing a great blow job. With in five minutes i was ready to blow and let them know it. Becca hopped up to allow me to watch Amy recieve my load in her mouth. She started to gag but swallowed it all and sucked me dry.

Amazingly i was still hard and the girls were very much pleased saying it was going to be a long nite for me. Ash quickly hopped up on me and positioned my cock right below her pussy. She slowly went down on it. She was so tight. I was pretty certain she wasn’t a virgin but she wasn’t having too much sex to be this tight. She started off slow and quickly was up to full speed moaning and yelling. I got to watch her tits bounce up and down until Amy grabbed them with her hands and started sucking on them. At that instant Becca shoved my shoulders on the floor and said i haven’t cummed yet and lowered her pussy right back to my lips.

I was eating a girls and being fucked by another, pure ecstacy. It went on for what seemed like ever but was only 7 or 8 minutes when i heard Becca start screaming OOOOHHHH IIIMMMMM CUUUMMMMIIINGGGG at the top of her lungs. Right after she got that out of her mouth i was drenched with her cum. My face was soaked and i did the best to lick it all off of her and were ever my tongue could reach. She stood up. I then saw an awesome sight. Ash was still riding me hard but she was eating Amy out. Amy was standing with her ass to me. Ash had one hand finger fucking her and the other rapped around squezzing her ass. Amy had her hands on the back of her head pushing Ash’s face into her pussy. At about the same time the both hit there climax. I could feel Ash’s puss tighten up around my dick and i could see Amy’s knee’s start to tremble. They both let out loud screams.

Ash got off of me and spread out on the floor. Becca climbed onto my dick and started to fuck me hard. Amy sat on the sofa and gathered herself. After about two minutes she was standing in front of Becca and Becca was eating her out just like Ash did before her. I was being fucked and was enjoying every second of it. I felt Becca tightening up and she started to arch her back as she reached yet another climax.

She stopped riding me and shortly got up. Amy glanced back at me and said, i don’t want to ride you, i want you to fuck me in my ass. she got down on all fours and motioned for me. I got up off my back and crawled over to her and started to position myself for entry. I noticed she wasn’t lubed and knew it would hurt so i told Ash to lick her asshole to give me some lube. She didn’t apose and was quickly licking franticaly at Amy’s asshole. I made her stopped and slowly pushed my dick in Amy’s ass. I got it all in and was starting to fuck her with a vengence when Tina walked in the front door and stood staring at me. I was caught! She looked at me and said you better not stop she looks like she needs your dick. I didn’t hesitate and started right back where i left off. I looked over at Ash and Bec and saw them eating each other out.

I glance back at Amy and saw Tina already with her pants off with her pussy infront of Amy’s mouth. It wasn’t there long until Amy was eating her pussy. The mixture of watching two girls 69, fucking a girl in her tight ass, and watching my wife get ate out was too much. I could feel my balls tighten and without any warning i was blowing my load deep into Amy’s ass. I Pulled out and got up on the sofa and started to watch what all was going on when i just passed out.

Joy’s Trip To Cancun (Part 6)

The Background

In October Joy and I took a vacation to Cancun. I had never been there before but Joy had gone a couple of years before we met with her ex-husband. Her first visit there was fairly conventional, with a couple of trips to the downtown market, trying several of the more popular restaraunts, and taking a couple of day tours. She was already planning out our vacation so that we got to see as much as possible while we were there. We had been having trouble with our relationship lately and we were hoping this trip away from the kids and life would help to rekindle some of what seemed to be missing. Sex had become somewhat infrequent and only when we had time.

Let me give you a little background on both of us. Joy was raised in a very propper and conventional family enviroment. She was born 2nd of twin sisters. She always weighed more than her twin sister so she always felt uncomfortable about her weight. When they were in high school and running around with all of their friends, everybody else was allways getting laid while she always felt like a fifth wheel. It wasn’t that she wasn’t fooling around, it was mostly with guys that got really drunk and then only oral play. But she really didn’t date much. She mostly hung out with her sister’s on-and-off boyfriend, Rick, because the girls would all go do girly things and Joy and Rick would go to car shows and other stuff. Rick was really the only person that Joy fooled around with sexually when she was younger. The first time she ever had sex was with her first husband and she said it was never anything to write home about. Most of the orgasms she had were the result of her own doing.

When we first met she would cum just from me entering her and wanted it over and over again. She is truly the only woman who has ever sucked my dick and was able to go all the way down! It drove me crazy and she knew it. Sex with Joy is still really great, when it happens. We have been together now for four years. We are both 40 and have 5 kids between us from previous relationships. Joy is 5′ 5″, beautiful long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and she weighs around 230lbs. She carries her weight proportionately. I would describe her as stocky. She played softball most of her life so her muscles are definately developed. Her legs are smooth, beautiful and allways tan. She keeps her pussy smooth shaven for me almost all of the time. She has the cutest little chubby feet(size 6 4e) with perfect little short toes. Her tits are not what you would usually see on a bigger girl. They are between B and C cup which is the perfect size in my eyes. Her hands are small with cute short chubby fingers. She leaves me breathless. She is very uncomfortable with her body. She only shows herself in a bathing suit for very brief periods. And then she covers up as soon as possible. She prefers sex in the dark and usually only in our bedroom. She just has the attitude that she doesn’t want to gross anybody out which she knows upsets me.

The following is just one of the true stories from our trip to cancun. As the days progressed, the stories become longer as a result of us being less inhibited. Be sure to get all six stories, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on a single moment. Not all of the facts were completely clear(thanks to alchohol) but I tried to recall everything to the best of my abilty. Regargless, everything I’m writing happened. It was only six days but we had a blast!

When I woke up and finally was able to clear my vision, nobody was in sight. I was still laying on the floor and the sunlight was coming through the sliding glass door to indicate that morning had come. I could hear muffled voices from one of the rooms, but I couldn’t make out who it was and what they were saying. I raised my head up off of the floor and felt very queesy. I knew that feeling and if I didn’t make it to a bathroom soon I was going to vomit all over the floor. I staggered to my feet and found the first door I could make it too. I opened the door and heard loud moaning. I could see somebody on the bed but I rushed by to the bathroom door and put my head into the toile just in time to let go the contents of my stomach. I puked for a few minutes until I felt I had emptied whatever remained. “OHH…are…OHH…you…OHH…ok…OHH…baby?” I heard a voice come from the bed that I suspected was Joy’s. I looked up from the toilet to see Joy, Mike and Brad in a thresome. Joy was on top of Mike with his dick in her pussy and Brad was behind her with his dick in her ass. They were going at it pretty heavy. They were all three covered with sweat. I wondered if they had been at it all night. I heaved a couple of more times and when I removed my head from the toilet to look again, Tom had entered the room and shoved his cock into Joy’s mouth. She was getting a tripple penetration and I was too sick to enjoy it. They were all moaning loudly. all I could do was flush the toilet, grab a towel and wipe my mouth, and lay down on the cool marble. I was back out again

“Wake up baby! We have a big day ahead of us!” I heard Joy say. I opened and cleared my eyes. I was still laying on the bathroom floor and the shower water was running. “Get into the shower, it will make you feel better.” she said. I peeled myself off of the floor, dropped my toga to the floor and got in the shower and sat on the bottom. The steamy water felt great. I washed my hair and body while I continued to sit on the bottom. She was right, I was starting to feel alot better. I stood up and turned off the water and opened the shower curtain. Joy was standing there, still naked, and was holding a towel for me. She smiled and help me get dried off without saying a word. She handed me a familiar toothbrush with paste on it already. I studied it for a moment. “Is this mine?” I asked. “I went over to our room for a few things.” she replied. I wondered why she hadn’t gotten dressed. “Your trunks are on the bed.” she said and then dissappeared into the other room.

I walked out and found a clean pair of my trunks and one of my t-shirts laying on the bed. The room smelled of sex. I got dressed, hung the towel up and walked into the living room of the suite. “Hey! You are still alive!” Mike yelled. I looked around and they were all here. Actually, there were also three guys here that I hadn’t met yet. They were all eating breakfast from a large buffet cart that I assumed was brought up from room service. Joy was still walking around naked as if it were second nature. She was serving breakfast to everyone. “Are you hungry yet?” she asked. “I could probably eat something.” I replied. “Better wait until she let’s IT rest, we all ate it last night!” Brad said as they all laughed, even Joy. “Well, you guys ate IT last night, some of us didn’t get it until this morning!” one of the other three guys said as they all laughed loudly again. “You guys stop it and let him eat!” Joy scolded them. She handed me a plate with crepes and bacon and some fresh strawberries on the side. She got me a mamosa and set it down by me on the table. Joy looked like she already had a shower. She had her hair pulled back and she had left it curly. She looked like a little girl. As I was eating, Joy bent down to kiss me and I grazed my hand across her pussy and I could tell that it was freshly shaved. I could also tell that she smelled like Plumeria lotion. I love that smell on her. “It’s pretty smooth, huh?” she asked, “Tom shaved my pussy and my legs for me!”. I had a mouthfull of crepes and couldn’t speak so I looked over at Tom and waved and he reponded with, “Anytime, I enjoyed it!”. I bet he did!

“What time is it?” I asked Joy. “It’s almost 8:30. I thought we might go to Xel-ha today and go snorkling at the reef. What do you think? Do you feel up to it?” Joy bent over to ask me as she looked into my eyes. Brent walked by to take his plate to the sink and stopped briefly to rub Joy’s pussy from behind. “You did a great job on her pussy, Tom!” he said as he looked back towards the guys. “You have no idea!” Tom shouted back as they all chuckled. They were all watching the XXX channel and were pretty engulfed in the action. “What do you think, you wanna go?” Joy asked again. I knew that if we didn’t go and do something soon we would be in this room for our whole last day in Cancun with her getting fucked by all of these guys. Not that I minded, since I didn’t get to watch last night or this morning. But I knew that we could always come back after we got back if Joy wanted to. “Sounds like fun. Let’s do it!” I responded.

Joy pulled the tags off of a new t-shirt that one of the guys gave her and put it on while i finished my breakfast and put my plate in the sink. The shirt was just long enough to come to the bottom of her ass cheeks. She gathered the rest of out things and just before we headed out the door, Mike asked, “You guys coming back later for cocktails?”. “We can. We probably won’t be back until this evening.” Joy explained. “Sounds great!” Mike replied, “See you guys then.”. They all yelled goodbye as we walked out the door. As we walked towards the elevator I asked Joy if she had a good time last night. She told me that she didn’t get alot of sleep and that, in fact, she had fucked all of them. Duh! I already knew that. She said she finally laid down around 5:00 when the other three guys showed up. They started fucking her and didn’t finish until almost 7:00 so she downed a Mt. Dew and threw on one of the guys shirts, that didn’t come down far enough to completely cover her ass, and ran over to our hotel to get us some clothes. As she walked through the lobby she saw Mr. Hernandez and they waved at each other just before she got on the elevator. She went up to the room and grabbed some clothes and our bathroom bag and started to leave to come back when Mr. Hernandez showed up. She told him that she was in a hurry and he said that was ok as he pulled his dick out. She dropped to her knees and started sucking his already hard dick. She said he came quickly and they walked back down to the lobby together as she said goodbye. She came back and went in to take a shower and Tom joined her. He started shaving her and when he finished he ate her pussy in the shower. She got out and fixed her hair and then came in to wake me up. “Are you having fun yet?” I asked with a laugh. “It feels like one big dream!” she replied. I agreed.

We walked down to catch the shuttle bus and I realized that she had decided to only wear the t-shirt. “Is that waht you’re wearing to snorkle?” I asked. “I don’t feel like wearing a suit yet. I feel alot more comfortable like this for now. I’ll put my suit on when we get there.” she said. We hopped the shuttle bus and made our way to the downtown bus station.

Joy leaned her head over on my shoulder and as she did her legs parted even further causing the shirt to ride up more which I was sure exposed her whole plump bald mound and slit. More men were gathering to watch the view of Joy’s beautiful meaty cunt. I think she was finally getting to the point that it no longer embarassed her when her body was exposed to people. In fact, I think she was getting off on it. I know I was! We finished our drinks and got up to get to our bus before it left without us. As we walked by the crowd many of the men yelled “Gracias!” at Joy. She just smiled and kept walking. What a tease! I’m sure that there weren’t alot of American women who came downtown Cancun and showed them their pussies. Another first for us again! We got on the bus and began our adventure.

We sat in the back of the bus on the right side opposite of the bathroom. I sat near the window so I could try to take some pictures during our drive. The bus driver waited for several minutes after our scheduled departure time to see if he could fill the bus with more passengers. We leaned our seats back and snuggled up next to each other. As I looked out the window, watching all of the different people that patronized the downtown shops, I heard Joy’s breathing become loud and deeper. I turned my head towards her to find that she was sound asleep. Last night’s adventure must have worn her out. I’m sure that she had spent most of the night fucking and sucking which probably left her with little sleep. I was still a little hung over myself so I settled back and took a nap with her.

I felt the slight jerking sensation that indicated the bus was coming to a stop. I opened my eyes and glanced out the window. We weren’t to Xel-ha yet. We had stopped in Tulum to let some of the people off. I looked over to see if Joy was awake yet. She wasn’t but the first thing I noticed was her shirt had ridden up and her whole pussy and part of her belly were completely on display for whoever wanted to look. Joy was still in the same position she was when she fell asleep so I didn’t see how it could have worked it’s way up that far without assistance. I was sure that everyone who had been to the bathroom had no choice but to notice the fat woman in the back seat with her entire plump pussy exposed. I bet alot of people had to piss!(grin)

The bus started to move again and I thought I would pretend I was still asleep and see what might happen. I soon found that my suspicions were correct. After a couple of minutes, a young Mexican guy leaned over the back of the seat in front of us and started taking a few pics of Joy’s exposed mound. He reached over the seat and gently raised the shirt until Joy’s tits were also visible. He took some more shots. The guy next to him came back to our seat and quietly posed with his head next to Joy’s nearly naked body. I thought I would have a little fun with them. Just before they too their next shot, I opened my eyes and smiled and waved at the camera to pose for the shot. The guy with the camera freaked! He immediately sat back down in his seat. The guy that was just on the other side of Joy’s naked body hadn’t seen me, and he was whispering something to his partner tying to get him to continue what they were doing. He gently rested his hand on Joy’s pussy and continued whispering what I assumed was something to get his buddy to quickly take a picture. His buddy whispered back, what I figured what something to tell him that I had awoken. Without taking his hand off of Joy’s pussy, he looked over the plump flesh of her belly to find me smiling back at him. It must have scared the shit out of him! He immediately withdrew his hand and returned to his seat. I kinda laughed to myself which stirred Joy. I pulled her shirt down before she entirely woke up. She looked up at me with sleepy eyes and said, “Hi baby. I must have been tired.”. “I bet you were. You obviously didn’t get much sleep last night. That’s ok, I took a little nap too.” I told her. The bus was coming to a stop and I looked out the window to see where we were. “We’re here.” I said to her. We started gathering our stuff together and got in line to exit the bus. I didn’t see the two guys who had been snapping the picture, but I figured they didn’t waste any time in getting off of the bus.

We got off of the bus and went to the ticket window and got all-inclusive tickets so that all of our food and drinks would be furnished during our day’s events. We entered the park and walked to where we could get our snorkling gear. We got our snorkles, masks and flippers and rented a locker. Joy went to the changing room to put on her bathing suit while I stood in line to get us a couple of margaritas. As I ordered our drinks and waited for them to mix them, I looked around to check out some of the people. Most of the poeople were from The States and Europe. It was faily crowded where we were at because of all of the people getting their snorkling gear and lockers. There were alot of plump women here. Most of them were wearing long coverups or swim dresses. I was hoping to see a few fuller figured women showing some skin, but it was like they were all ashamed of their bodies. Several minutes had passed and I was wondering what was taking Joy so long. Then one woman caught my eye. I could only see her from the chest down and she was wearing a two piece bikini that was obviously way too small for her frame. She was sticking out all over the place. It appeared that she was walking in my direction and when her face came into view I was kinda shocked. It was Joy! Where had she gotten the bikini she was wearing? I couldn’t take my eyes off of her and I noticed that most of the people she passed had the same reaction. A voice behind me said, “Damn! She might as well not be wearing anything at all!”. I turned to see the bartender setting our drinks down as he smiled and began watching Joy’s every move as she approached.

“That was interesting!” she said to me with a large grin on her very red face. “What was?” I asked. “The changing room had several cubicles with bench seats and doors so you could change in privacy. It was very crowded and I was lucky to slide into one to start changing without waiting very long. I had just gotten my shirt off and was digging in the bag for my suit when the door opened up and a Mexican woman entered. I was standing there naked and was kinda shocked. I just froze for a second and was getting ready to tell her that this changing room was taken when she walked up and kissed me deep on the lips. I wasn’t sure what to do. She started rubbing my pussy as she continued to work her fingers into my slit. She gently pushed me back onto the seat and dropped down between my legs and started licking between my legs.” she said without actually looking up at me. I think she was very embarassed. I noticed that the bartender was trying to hear our conversation. “What did you do?” I asked. “I was too much in shock to do much of anything.” she continued, “I was pretty tensed up but it felt so good and she was so gentle. I wanted to stop her but I couldn’t seem to get the words out. The orgasm overcame me before I really knew what was happening. I’m sure that the people who were outside the cubicle heard me when I came. When she was done, she kissed me and then opened the door and disappeared. I just sat there in shock for a few minutes. I got dressed and exited the cubicle to find several women giving me shitty looks. I didn’t really care because I was still basking in my orgasm.”. “Did you like it?” I asked. “In a wierd way, yes I did…very much!” she replied. I noticed that she couldn’t stop smiling.

We walked down towards the water. The footpath was only wide enough to accomodate two people so we had to go single-file to allow room for people to walk back the other way. Joy walked in front of me and I closely watched her ass as she walked. The bikini bottom was way too small for her and most of her ass wasn’t covered. As she walked the suit bottom would almost disappear between her ass cheeks. She would pull it back out and it would return itself within a couple of steps. When we got to the water I finally asked her, “Where did you get that bikini?”. “One of the guys from last night went shopping and picked it up for me.” she replied. “What size is it? It looks pretty small” I asked as I smiled at her. “I know, I know. It’s only a size 16 but I didn’t want to offend him so I promised that I would wear it today. Why, does it look like shit on me?” she asked as she looked me right in the eye to see what I would say. “I think it’s fuckin hot!” I replied. She smiled at my reassurance and I think it made her feel a little more comfortable being barely covered by the tiny pieces of material.

We sat on the edge of a set of wooden steps and began putting our flippers on as we looked down into the clear water. There were thousands of tropical fish gathered in the water in front of us. I got my flippers and mask on first and gently layed back in the water to wait on Joy. She was fighting with one of her flippers and hed her legs spread to easily acces the one she was struggling with. I couldn’t help glancing in between her legs. The crotch of her bottoms had worked it’s way in between her fat little pussy lips. It almost looked like she wasn’t wearing any bottoms at all. As she leaned over to fight with the flipper, her left tit kept coming out of her top. She would push it back in and start messing with the flipper again and then it would pop out again. Even though I was enjoying the show, I swam up and began helping her adjust the strap on the flipper. She lowered herself into the water and we swam out towards the opening of the cove.

We saw many different types of tropical fish. I had never gotten that close to that many fish. They weren’t afraid of us at all. I spent more time under water than Joy did because I was able to hold my breath longer. I couldn’t help but look at Joy’s nearly naked body under the water. The suit was definately way too small and she had stopped trying to rearrange it and just left it wherever it seemed to manipulated itself. I would try to watch the reactions of the men who swan close by us. You could actually see them do a double take under the water. My dick was getting hard again from watching all the men gather nearby as they pretended to watch the wildlife while the whole time they were getting an erotic show from Joy.

We swam around for a couple of hours and decided that it was time to take a break and maybe get a bite to eat. We swam back to the steps we had used to lower ourselves into the water. Joy climbed up and sat on the bottom step while I continued to swim close by. A three foot stingray swam directly under me so I went underwater to watch and follow it. It was so graceful. The natural beauty was breathtaking! I came up for air and when I went back underwater the stingray had disappeared. I looked all around but couldn’t see it. I guessed that it had gone to the bottom and buried itself in the sand. When I came back up, I looked over to tell Joy what I had seen to find her chatting with a couple of guys that were floating in the water directly in front of her. I swam over twords them. As I got closer, I could see that Joy’s bikini bottom had ridden up and was buried deep in between her pussy lips exposing her whole pussy to these guys. Her belly was slightly overlapping the top of the bikini bottowms giving the illusion that she wasn’t wearing anything.

“Hi baby!” I said as I swam up betwwen them and pulled myself up out of the water. “I’m going up to grab something to eat, when these guys get done checking out your pussy, meet me up at the restaraunt.” I said as I headed up to the steps. Joy just smiled at me and as I looked back I saw that both of the guys had dropped their jaws in disbelief of hwat I had said. I was laughing to myself as I got to the top of the steps.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a couple of drinks and cheeseburgers. I figured that Joy would be along soon and I was sure that she was just as hungry as I was. I turned in my stool so that I could watch all of the people walk by. There were alot of fuller figured women at the park. I even was a woman that wasn’t far from Joy’s size and she was also wearing a skimpy bikini that didn’t cover much. I watched her walk over to one of the sun chairs and saw her bend over to straighten her towel on one of the lounge chairs. I could see her plump slit stick out from under her suit bottoms as she did. The guy she was with was laying in the lounge next to her and kissing her and fondleing her ass as they kissed. She stood up and came to the bar and sat at the stool next to me. “Can I get a couple of strawberry margaritas?” she asked the bartender. She was also watching the crowd and slowly turned her stool to get a better view of the people behind me. As she did, her crotch came into view. Her bottoms were doing almost the same thing that Joy’s had been doing. They were riding up into her plump slit almost completely exposing her pussy to me. She was also obviously shaved. I must have been staring because I was startled by the words, “Like the view?”. She had caught me staring. “I apologize…I…I was just…” was all I could get out before she said, “It’s ok! I was just fuckin’ with ya!”. We both laughed and introduced ourselves.

Her name was Trish and she was beautiful. She was married to a guy named Todd and they were from Indiana, as were we. We had small talk until her drinks arrived and I expected her to return to her lounge chair, but she seemed intrigued by the conversation. “Did you like what you were looking at?” she asked. I studdered and didn’t know what to say. “You are a very beautiful woman. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. So yes, I did like!” I replied. She pretended to stretch and she reached down and pulled the suit bottoms to one side completely exposing her bald honey hole. I thought, did all big women shave their pussies? I almost gasped! Her pussy was beautiful! I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. She was kind of giggling when she saw the look on my face. “Wanna touch it?” she asked with a sly look on her face. I sincerely thought to myself, “what a stupid question”. At that moment, our food arrived, but Joy was nowhere to be seen. When Trish saw that there were two plates, she said, “Oh, I’m very sorry. You must be here with someone else?”. “Don’t worry about it. She’s down by the water probably either getting fondled of fucked by two guys she met.” I replied. “Not getting along on your vacation?” she asked. “No, actually, it couldn’t be going better. She plays around with my permission.” I responded. “So do I!” she exclaimed. “Let’s walk over to the ocean-side beach so you can eat your BURGER in private.” she said with a smile as she grabbed my hand and we headed down the narrow path towards the beach.

When we got to the ocean, there was nobody anywhere. I guess that all of the people were to wrapped up with snorkling leaving the beach unattended. We walked down the beach a bit and found a couple of lounge chairs and sat down. We had some small talk as I started to eat my cheeseburger. Trish stood up and started tugging my trunks down. I looked around to see if the coast was clear as I raised my ass off of the lounge to allow her to take them the rest of the way down and off. She laid them on the sand and kneeled between my legs and began licking my sweaty dick and balls. My god, could she suck a dick! I soon forgot about the cheeseburger as the plate slid out of my hand and into the sand. She stood up and pulled her bikini bottoms off and straddled my dick as she reached down and placed it at the opening of her plump little pussy. She looked me straight in the eyes as she forced herself down to my balls. She came right away and began bucking up and down on my pole. It didn’t take me long either and she must have felt it because she let out a yelp when the first squirt hit the inside of her pussy. She collapsed on top of me, both of us out of breath. We were both laughing as we got dressed. “Sorry about your burger.” she said with a smile. “That’s ok, I had a much better burger!” I said as we both laughed.

We arrived at the Myan Ruins and rode the trolly out to where the Myan city had been. The ruins were very awesome. They were on a large cliff overlooking the ocean. We followed one of the tours around listening to the description of each building. Joy was getting alot of attention from all of the men. Several guys asked if they have their pictures taken with her. She, of course, didn’t mind when they groped her during the picture session. Several of the guys wanted us to go party with them but we both knew that it was getting late in the day and we would have to catch our bus soon. Five of the guys followed us onto the trolley as we headed back up to the front gate. Joy let them play with her pussy and finger her out most of the ride. They continued to try to convince us to hang out with them and we explained that this was our last night in Mexico so we wanted to get back early. We got in our taxi and waved goodbye.

When we got back to Xel-ha our bus was already there and was getting ready to leave. I stayed with the bus while Joy went to our locker to get the rest of our stuff. We didn’t have time to change out clothes and had to board the bus as we were dressed. We were lucky to find that there were two seats left. One was in the back of the bus next to the bathroom and one was about halfway down the isle on the oppisite side. I kissed Joy before she went to the back of the bus. We both got settled in and we started out trip back. The sun was just setting. It seemed like we had been gone from out hotel for days. I fell asleep almost immediately.

The bus was coming to a stop as I was stirring. I slightly stood up to look out the front of the bus to find that there was a wreck on the road and we were slowly going around it. I had to piss so I thought I would go back to the bathroom and check on Joy at the same time. As I approached the back seat, Joy wasn’t visible at first. Then I got a view of her bare ass. She was completely naked with her head bent over into the lap of the Mexican guy sitting next to her. By the look on his face, she must have been giving him the blowjob of his life. Her bikini top and bottom were laying on the floor of the bus. I tried not to stare as I entered the bathroom. I took a long piss and quietly began peeking out of the door. Joy had stopped sucking him and was now on his lap facing the front of the bus. She was reaching between her legs to place his dick where she wanted. She was holding onto the seat back in front of them using it to pull her self up and down on his cock. He was reaching around with both hands and rubbing her belly, pussy and tits. He couldn’t keep his hands still for a second. He started moaning and grunting as he bucked up. She pushed her weight down on him so he could squirt his load deep into her. She had a disappointed look on her face so I was sure that she hadn’t cum and was still horny. She climbed off of him and sat back in her seat while he continued to rub her bald pussy and plump belly. I exited the bathroom and returned to my seat without looking at either of them.

We shortly arrived at the Cancun bus station and everyone began getting off of the bus. The guy that had fucked Joy was telling his buddies all about it as they exited. Joy was the last person in line. She still hadn’t gotten dressed and walked up to sit in the now emty seat beside me. The bus driver was getting an eyefull in the rear mirror. “Are you gonna put any clothes on?” I asked her as I smiled at her and felt her still wet pussy. “I really don’t feel like it. Besides, I’m still very horny.” she said. “At least wrap one of our beach towels around you until we get away from the bus station.” I told her. She kinda looked disgusted but agreed and wrapped it around her as if she had just got out of the shower. We grabbed our stuff and exited the bus.

The sun had completely set as we made our way out of the bus station. We decided not to walk all the way to our normal shuttle bus stop and instead we walked towards downtown until we found a closer bus stop bench and sat down. There were a large crowd of Mexican men that gathered downtown to party at the end of the day. Some of the guys had watched us and they talked softly as they watched us sit, but after awhile we seemed to blend into the background. At first I think that Joy was a little uncomfortable and I was sure that she would ask that we leave to find another bus stop, but since most of the men had bacame more interested in drinking and their conversations she relaxed and sat back and relaxed a little, letting her legs part a little. I couldn’t really tell just how much she was showing until I noticed that more and more men positioned themselves directly in front of us casually glancing in our direction and talking as they drank. “Maybe we should go somewhere else. There are alot of guys here and I don’t want things to get out of hand.” I told her. “I’m not scared, if that’s what bothers you, but we can move if you want to.” she replied. She stood up first and suddenly and unexpectedly, the towel fell to the ground! Joy sat back down quickly and grabbed the towel and attempted to cover herself up, but alot of the men had already seen and began whistling and yelling comments in spanish that we couldn’t understand. They immediately began gathering around the bench and began running their hands through Joy’s hair and talking to her. The towel was barely covering her privates and they began gently tugging on it. I started to stand up and try to stop them but Joy stopped me and told me that there were too many of them. I was kinda frozen, not sure of what to do.

“We’re not gonna hurt you.” one of them said to Joy. “You are very beautiful, did you know that?” another said. I looked back over at Joy and the towel was now laying on the ground and she had at least 6 pairs of hands carressing every inch of her body. She had her eyes closed and she started to lean back and relax. One of the guys knelt down and parted Joy’s legs and began eating her pussy, his face partially disappearing between her plump pussy lips. She started to slightly moan and spread her legs even more to give him better access. Even more men had gathered around to watch the action. There must have been 30 or 40 now, all yelling and laughing. Even more hands began probing her naked body. One of the bigger guys shoved the guy between her legs away and pulled out his already hard dick. H knelt down between her legs and shoved his dick into her all at once. She gasped and couldn’t seem to catch her breath as he began pumping her furiously. She tried to wrap her feet around his ass but he was too big and some of the other men had to help her hold her legs up into the air. This guy that was fucking her came very quickly and kissed her on the cheek and disappeared into the crowd. Another took his place immediately and began fucking her as he palmed ber plump belly. I looked up to see that she was alternatly sucking two other guys. I was so hard that I just started joining in groping her tits.

Just then, I heard a loud voice yelling above the crowd in spanish. As the crowd parted to let the person through, I saw that it was Fernand. He pulled all of the men away from Joy and began yelling at them. He looked back at Joy and asked, “You ok?”. Joy nodded. She looked a little embarassed. “You seem to get youself into some interesting situations.” he said with a smile. He held out his hand and she took it as he helped her to her feet. Her pussy let out a slight bubble of air as she stood and cum began leaking down her leg. Fernend and I both saw it running down her leg at the same time and we looked at each other and smiled. We grabbed our towel and the rest of our stuff and followed him over to his squad car. Joy didn’t even try to cover up at all, she even kinka strutted a little to let all the men see what they were going to be missing. We got in Fernands car, with Joy in the front with him and me in the back, and drove off towards our hotel.

“I don’t think you guys were in any danger, just a bunch of horny locals loving the fact that a plump American woman was letting them have their way.” Fernand reassured Joy as he placed his hand on her upper thigh. I couldn’t really see completely, but I was sure that her was playing with her pussy most of the trip even though the conversation was consistant.

We arrived at the hotel and Fernand pulled up in front of the hotel and shut off the car. “I sure could use a drink.” she said. “I’ll go get all of a drink if you’ll walk her up to the room?” I asked Fernend. “Ok, but I have to make a couple of radio calls and let them know that I’m off-duty down at the station.” he replied as he picked up the mic and began speaking in spanish. “You ok with that?” I asked Joy as I got out of the car and leaned into the passenger window. Fernand’s free hand was still working her pussy and all she could do was nod and smile. By the way his conversation was sounding I doubted that he would be able to walk her to the room. It sounded like he was needed elsewhere and he didn’t seem too happy about it.

I headed into the hotel and walked into the bar. It was packed with people. I got in line at the bar. “Hey! How’s it going?” came a voice from behind me. It was Tim and Roger. “Hector told us that you guys went snorkling for the day. How was it?” Roger asked. “Very exhausting!” I replied. We chatted while the three of us waited in line to get drinks. They had spent most of the day visiting several of the clubs through the downtown area and by the sound of their voices they had been drinking heavily. “What are you guys doing tonight?” Tim asked. “I’m not sure but I think that we are going to spend a little time in our room and maybe fall asleep on one of the beach beds later.” I answered. “Sounds like fun! Maybe we’ll see you out there!” Tim said. We all got our drinks and I said goodbye as I carried ours up to the room.

When I got to our room the door was locked and Joy had the only key so I had to knock. She didn’t answer so I knocked a couple more times. I figured that she must still be getting her pussy played with down in Fernand’s car so I started to walk back down towards the elevator when the door opened. Joy was standing there soaking wet and was dripping all over the marble floor. “Sorry, we were taking a shower!” she said as she disappeared back into the bathroom. I entered the room and sat the drinks on the table. Clothes littered the floor that I recognized as Fernands. I could hear them giggling and talking softly in the shower. Soon after I arrived the shower water stopped. After a couple of minutes they both appeared from the bathroom naked and dry. Fernand was sporting a rock hard chubbie. This was the first time I had seen his cock in plain view. My god, I hadn’t ever seen anything that big even the pornos! Now I could see why he didn’t get laid very often. He probably scared most of the women away from hi girth. I would estimate it to be, with no exaggeration, 10 inches long and at least 10-11 inches around at the base. It actually was bigger around than my forearm! He laid back on the bed and Joy crawler in between his legs and began stoking that monster. I sat down in the chair and quietly watched.

Joy would slowly stroke his cock, starting at the base, putting pressure all the way to the head until you could see the precum building up at the tip. Then she would touch the tip of her tongue to it and stretch it out until it broke. Then she would do it all over again. She did this for a few minutes until it started driving Fernand crazy. He started grabbing the back of her head trying to get her to try and take it into her mouth. She then started licking up and down his enormous ball sack making his dick twitch as she did. The precum was starting to drip down his shaft and as soon as Joy noticed she gobbled it up. She tried for several minutes to get more than the head of his cock into her mouth, but he was just too big. I saw her reach over to the nightstand and grab the KY jelly and apply a liberal amount up and down the shaft of his cock. Then she got up on one knee to spread her legs and stuch the tube up into her pussy and squeezed it hard allowing most of the contents to enter her pussy. Then she straddled his dick and placed the head at the entrance of her plump little pussy, their fat bellies squeezed tightly together as they kissed and he kneaded her tits. She managed to get the head into her, but that’s as far as it would go. Every time she tried to push down, she would get a look of severe pain on her face and then let the weight of her body rest on him while she caught her breath. This went on for about an hour, and since I had finished my drink, I thought I would give them a few minutes alone and run down to get another. I grabbed a room key and quietly opened the door and headed downstairs.

The three of us walked out of the hotel and down the north end of the strip to a seedy part of town. I kept asking them what it was they wanted to show me but they kept saying that I would se when we got there. We walked up in front of a small adult book and video store and Tom opened the door and looked at me. “After you.” he said as we all entered the shop. There were cork bulletin boards covering all of the walls with pictures tacked up on them. Below the bulletin boards were racks with movies that seemed to coorospond to the pictures. We walked up to a bulletin board that was entiltled “Selection of the Month”. My mouth fell opened in shock! There were pictures of Joy covering the entire bulletin board with signs that read “Hot Slut and “Tourist of the Month” all over it in letters that looked like red fire. There were pictures from our first day that had obviously been taken from the helicopter through our room window of Joy sitting naked in the chair with my head between her legs. There were pics of her and Fernand, and some of her and Mr. Hernandez, and even some that Brent and Tom had taken of their thresome. There were also different pics of her sunbathing topless and nude. Below the bulletin board was three movies different movies. The covers showed pics of her having sex with me, one with her and Fernand, and one of a threesome with her, Mr. Hernandez and the photographer that had offered her the modeling job. I was kind of in shock! “Pretty fuckin hot, huh?” asked Tom. “We know that you like to watch her and we were sure that you would appreciate this!” Brent said. All I could say was WOW!

We left the bookstore and headed back towards the hotel talking about the pics. Tom said, “The store manager of the bookstore said that he couldn’t keep copies of the movies in stock. He was spending most of his day at work just making more copies of her videos.”. I wondered to myself what she would think about this. I thought that I might wait for awhile before I told her. We walked back into the hotel, and since I had finished my drink, I thought I might go ahead and get another. “So, what are you kids getting into tonight?” asked Tom. “I think we are just gonna get kinda drunk and fall asleep on one of the beach beds since this our last night here.” I replied. “That’s right…you guys are leaving tomorrow. Well, we’ll try to get out to the beach to say goodbye sometime tonight.” Brent responded. I said ok and grabbed my drink and headed back up to the room to see if they had finished yet.

When I got to the room, I opened the door quietly to see that Joy and Fernand were still in almost the exact position as when I left. They both kind of waved at me and I asked, “You guys just finishing?”. Joy was breathing heavily as she replied, “No, I just finally got him all the way in!”. I looked closely to see that she was completely impaled on that monster! Man, it had taken them almost two hours just ot get it in. “I’ve already came three times just getting it in. I’m just trying to get Fernand off now.” she said. I sat back to watch. She kept trying to move up and down slightly on his pole, but every time she would move a little she would start cumming and then wouldn’t be able to move for a few minutes. This happened at least four times while I sat ther and watched. Finally Fernand pulled her ass up in the air until only a couple of inches of his cock was still in her. He started hunching up and down driving his cock in and out of her. At first, she was trying to stop him. Then she just sort of collapsed onto him and let him do whatever he wanted. There was a loud sort of farting sound coming from Joy’s pussy every time Fernand would pump his cock into her. After a few minutes of their fat flesh slapping together I heard Fernand yell, “FUCK! I’M CUMMING! I”M FUCKIN CUMMING IN YOUR FAT ASS!” Joy was yelling at the same time, “OH YESSS! I CAN FEEL IT! I’M CUUUMMMIIINNGGG TTOOOOO!”. His orgasm had triggered hers. He emptied every last drop into her as she again collapsed on top of him.

They lay breathing together, their chest heaving for at least 10 minutes. Finally, Joy turned her head to find me and said, “Baby, I don’t think I can get off of his dick by myself, I’m going to need some help.”. I walked over and placed my hands under her armpits and tried to lift her, but every time I did, all of her muscles would tense up and her pussy would tighten up around him prohibiting me from lifting her up. “No…no…stop for a second! This isn’t working!” she softly shouted. “Maybe we could wait until he gets soft and then pull you off.” I said. “I don’t think that will work. I don’t think I can get soft while I’m still in her.” Fernand said. “Stay right here, I’ll be right back.” I told them. I walked out into the hallway but didn’t find anyone. I got into the elevator and went down to the bar. There were several guys that had been checking out Joy at the pool day earlier hanging around drinking. I didn’t see anyone that I already knew so I approached the group. “Hey there, you’re the guy with the hot wife!” one of the guys said. “Hi guys,” I started, “Can one of you guys help me with something up in my room. My lady has gotten into somewhat of a prediciment and I need some help.” I was amazed at how many of them wanted to help when I mentioned it involved Joy. I told them that I only needed one or two of them, but since they had all been drinking most of the day five of them followed just to see what was going on. I didn’t see that I had any choice so I let them follow me into the elevator and up to the room.

“Ok, please keep this to yourselves.” I said as I opened the door and we entered. I saw all of their jaws drop as they say Joy impaled on Fernands monster cock. “She’s almost asleep.” Fernand said as he saw all of us. I looked over at the guys and said, “He’s so big that she’s stuck on him and I need help lifting her off.”. At first they acted like they couldn’t believe their eyes. “I think her pussy muscles have contracted tightly around him and they won’t loosten up enough to get his dick out.” I explained. “And it feels wonderful!” Fernand added. We all laughed, even Joy. We all grabbed Joy at different points of her naked body and began lifting her slowly. At first she didn’t budge, but after a few seconds we were able to start her up his huge shaft. After a couple of inches, she started cumming again! “OHHHHH…FUCK YESSSS!” she kept screaming over and over again. As she was cumming, her pussy must have loosened up enough and we were able to pull her off of him with one large suction sound. She fell down onto his fat belly as she continued to cum for a minute or so. We all watched in amazement! “Jesus, will you look at the size of his cock!” one of the guys said. “I have!” Joy said. We all laughed again. She rolled off of Fernand and laid on her back with her legs spread wide. There was alot of pink fluid leaking from her plump shaven pussy. I suspected that she had bled some. Her hole was still opened quite a bit and you could see at least 3 or 4 inches into her. “Are you ok, baby?” I asked her. “I think so, I’m just a little numb down there.” she responded. “How about us? Do we get a turn for helping?” one of the guys asked. “I think she’s had enough tonight.” I replied. They all sounded disappointed from my response. “It’s ok baby. Let them have their fun for helping us.” she said. That was all they needed to hear. They were all undressed in a heartbeat! Fernand got up and started getting dressed while he watched the action. Instantly, Joy had a cock in each hand, one in her mouth and one in her fat pussy. They rubbed every inch of her. It only took about 45 minutes for all of them to cum. They all thanked us and left, including Fernand.

“Are you really ok?” I asked her. “Yes, but I could use a drink. How about you?” she asked. I looked at the clock. It was 1:30am and the bar would only be opened for another 30 minutes, so she put on a short t-shirt that barely came to the top of her crotch and we headed down to get a drink. “I think I’m going on out to the beach, why don’t you meet me out there with our drinks?” she asked. I agreed as I, and several other people, watched her walk out the door towards the pool. She was waddling as if she was holding a pillow between her legs. Fernand’s cock had really done a number on her!

I ordered us two drinks each and worked my way out to the beach beds. Joy was laying on the one to the far end and had stripped out of her t-shirt and was laying spead eagled on the beach bed. As I approached I could see that her hair was wet and she was already sound asleep. She smelt of sea water so I figured that she must have went for a skinny dip in the ocean to soak her swollen pussy. I loved looking at her naked body exposed with her legs spread wide on the public beach. I carried the drinks all the way to the other end and sat on the beach bed that was furthest from her to drink my drinks and just watch her.

I had finished two of the drinks, and was starting on the third when a couple of guys came strolling down the beach and chatting. I could smell the pot they were smoking and they said hi to me as they passed me, headed in Joy’s direction. It wasn’t very bright at that end, but I could generally see most of the far end. I could hear them talking and laughing softly until they saw Joy, and then all I heard was silence. They stood on the beach, just at the end of her and talked softly. I’m sure they were freaking out and thinking, what was this naked woman doing out here? They started continuing to walk on down the beach as they finished their joint. I almost lost sight of them as I finished my third drink and started on my fourth. I was getting pretty drunk and I was already exhausted. I felt my eyes close.

Once again I felt that familiar brightness of morning. I slowly opened my eyes and tried to focus. I had spilled my last drink all down my chest and I could feel the stickyness that covered me. Just then, I remembered whaere I was and that Joy was at the other end. I focused and looked down towards her beach bed. I could see someones bare ass lying on their side, but I could tell from here that it was too small to be Joy’s. I stood up and walked in that direction. As I got closer I could see that the ass I saw was hairy and I could see several feet at the end of the beach bed. I walked to the end of the beach bed and saw Joy laying between two guys. They were all snuggled up to each other and they were all three naked. I didn’t want to wake her too early, but I wasn’t sure what time it was. Our flight was leaving at 12:10pm and I knew that we still needed plenty of time to pack and get through customs. I wasn’t sure but I thought our shuttle van was going to pick us up around 10:00am. I decided to walk up to the restaraunt to check the time. It was 7:20 so I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked back out towards the beach.

As I walked through the pool area, I noticed that people were already making their way to the lounge chairs. I knew that I had better wake up Joy and her two friends before someone saw them. I got to the beach area and I saw that the three of them were moving around. As I walked closer, I saw that one of the guys were on top of Joy with his bare ass going up and down. The other guy was getting a blowjob from Joy. I guessed that they had decided to have a quickie first thing before all of the people arrived. Neither of them too very long to cum, so I approached right after they withdrew their cocks. “Have fun?” I asked as I startled them. The two guys started to stutter as they quickly stood up and began dressing. “It’s ok, he’s just fuckin’ with you guys!” Joy said as she and I started laughing. They saw our exprssion and joined in. Regarless, they exited the beach quickly. Joy was still laying on her back with her legs spread and cum was leaking from her slit. I layed down next to her and we hugged each other. We laid there for about 30 minutes and just took in the beautiful scenery. Several people walked by and stared at Joy laying naked, but she didn’t care. She knew, as I did that we had to leave paradise today and neither of us wanted to.

“You wanna grab something to eat?” I asked her. “Sure.” she replied. She put on the t-shirt and we walked up towards the restaraunt. I wasn’t sure if they would let her in the way she was dressed. Most of her ass and plump little pussy lips were visible. The t-shirt left little to the imagination! She walked right in like she owned the place. We decided to get the breakfast buffett and we started with having an omlette made by the chef. He could hardly take his eyes off of Joy’s pussy as he made out omlettes. We filled our plates with fruit and french toast and went over by the glass wall facing the pool to sit and eat. We were both famished and didn’t say much while we ate. The busboy kept my coffee and her water filled constantly. I’m sure he was getting a great view of Joy’s ass. We finished our food and decided to head up to our room to get packed early. As we walked through the lobby, Mr. Hernandez waved at both of us. I’m sure that he didn’t know that I knew about the video and pics he had sold to the bookstore.

We saw Hector near the elevator. “Hola! Nice pussy!” he yelled. Everyone in the lobby area heard him and they all looked to check her out. She slightly blushed. As we got up to him I said, “Very funny!” as we all laughed. “You guys leaving today, huh?” he asked. “Yes, unfortunately!” Joy replied. Hector offered to help us pack our things and we agreed. He followed us up to our room. We packed slowly, making sure to seperate our dirty clothes. As we finished, I looked at the clock. It was 9:30 and our shuttle was picking us up at 10:00. We took one last look from our room window and we left for the lobby. I said goodbye to our room as I shut the door behind us.

The three of us set our luggage down in the lobby. Hector looked over at us and gently took Joy’s hand, smiled at us, and started leading down the first floor hallway. I suspected he was taking her to his room for one last quickie. I walked over to the bar and ordered a mamosa and waited for them to finish. Our shuttle came early and they wanted to get an early start towards the airport because of the heavy traffic. I told them to hold on a sec and I would go and get my girlfriend. I went to Hectors room and knocked on the door, but nobody answered. I knocked a couple more times and was just getting ready to go to the pool to look for them when I heard Joy saw, “Come in!”. I walked in and saw Joy laying on her stomach with her legs spread wide. She had a painfull look on her face and Hector was in the process of cramming his dark brown cock into her ass. I figured that her pussy was still pretty streched out from all of the attention it had gotten so Hector decided on the tighter hole, and she was letting him.

“Our shuttle is here and they are waiting!” I conveyed to them. “I’ll try to hurry!” Hector replied. He got his dick in her and began fucking the hell out of her ass. He was ponding her hard. Joy was reaching up under her plump belly and was playing with her clit. She started cumming hard and that pushed Hector over the edge. He rammed his cock into her fat ass as he deposited his seed into her. After he was sure that she had gooten his entire load, he pulled out his cock and gave her a long deep kiss. As he pulled away he looked into her eyes and said, “I can’t wait until I see you guys next year!”. He kissed her again and they both stood up to get dressed. “We don’t have time, grab your clothes and we’ll get dressed in the shuttle!” I said to Joy as we headed out the door. She ran through the lobby with her clothes in hand, her fat and tits jiggling with each stride. The staff had already loaded out luggage and the drive was impatiently waiting until he saw that Joy was naked. He opened the door and we jumped into the van and headed for the airport. Joy gave the drive head on our trip to the airport to pay him for waiting for us. She got dressed just as we pulled into the airport.

Mistaken Identity 2

I was a little anxious this was the last day of my training with the company, it was the very first call that I was doing on my own. If I passed I would get the uniform, and the company van. I had been given an identity pass just in case I had any problems. My upervisor stayed in the car talking to his wife on his mobile. I knocked on the door o number 22, and a very attractive blonde young lady answered the door.
“Hello…. I am here ………….”

“Yes honey I know why you are here!” She said with a beaming smile. Before I could complete what I was about to say, she had grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the apartment. She was really a very pretty blonde. She was wearing a very exotic perfume, and her make up had been applied with great care. Her hair hung down her back, and she had obviously used a very highly erotic perfume.

She was dressed very smartly and quite sexily, her skirt was perhaps shorter than is normally worn by most girls these days. Her breasts were very prominent, and not in any way encumbered by wearing a bra, and her boobs were almost hanging out of her nearly see through blouse. The whole ambience did nothing to stop my cock from nearly bursting out of my pants at the sight of her..

“I’m Meg by the way. Meg Rossiter but I call myself Sadie when I am working.” “Hi Meg I’m Ronnie.” I followed her into the lounge. I opened my mouth to try and explain the reason for my call, but she interrupted me.

She pushed me down into a one of those deep armchairs and she sat on my lap, holding my head in her hands, while she started kissing me on the lips, progressing from there into a full blown French kiss with her arms locked round my neck, then without breaking the kiss she took one of my hands and pushed it under her skirt on to a very bare and well shaven pussy.

Then using the same hand she fiddled until she undid a zip on my pants and started to release my cock from my underwear. She broke the kiss long enough to whisper. ”Oh Ronnie dear you are a very big boy,” She gave a happy little giggle, and a broad smile as I began to use my finger to excite her shaven pussy. “Oh honey I can see that you know just what a girl likes – I can see that we are going to get on well together.”

At that point I had given up the idea of trying to explain my real reason for being there and decided to go with the flow. My cock was on fire, and I needed quick relief, when she pulled me to my feet and dragged me into the bedroom, I was quite happy at this point in time to let her take the lead. In the bedroom Meg turned and looked up at me.” I know all about the job honey. I was in the fucking business before I married. So I will show you just how good I am. I still know what is needed to please a man.”

She turned and said “Do you like me with my hair down like this or should I tie it up before we fuck .” I was about to give my answer when she said “Yes I agree it will be better tied up.” She gave me a lovely sexy smile as she turned and walked to the dressing table, grabbed her hair and used a rubber band to tie up her hair into a pony tail.. I was speechless. Once again I tried to explain, but she said “No more talking honey, just let me fuck you. I know the business inside out.,” she said. Now I decided to relax and keep my mouth shut, and just go along with the ride. So I did not attempt to answer as she slid my shirt over my head, then she dropped to her knees in front of me.

She undid my belt and pulled my trousers down My cock was straining to be released and popped out into the open without any help outside help. With a short, swift motion she yanked my underwear down around my ankles. My cock stood to attention. “Mmmm,” she said. “That looks good enough to eat.”

Meg then licked the palm of her right hand and started to stroke my cock gently. After pumping it for a few seconds, she brought it up to her mouth. I almost came in her mouth right there and then as the warm sensation of her mouth on my cock almost sent me crazy.
She kept pumping my cock into her mouth as she sucked it. There was spittle coming out of the side of her mouth in her enthusiasm. It was ramming into the back of her throat so hard, I could feel my balls tense up as she deep throated my cock and made herself gag.

Mmmm” she groaned as my cock filled her mouth. In minutes I was on the verge of shooting my load. As if sensing it, she took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me with her hazel eyes.

“Do you want to fuck me, Ronnie?” “Uh-huh,” was all I could reply. I was determined at this stage to see how far she would go. She stood up and took off the rest of her clothes, just leaving her stockings and a garter belt. Now I could see the lovely shaven pussy which I had been playing with previously. Her few remaining clothes fell around her feet, and she walked over to the bed. She climbed on top of it on her hands and knees, then looked over at me.

She raised her arms and said “Come on Ronnie dear – don’t be shy.” I walked over to her and climbed onto the bed. Meg left her tight ass in the air as her face rested on the bedclothes. I grabbed my hard cock and moved it up to her pussy lips. She moaned as I rubbed it over her pussy. I slowly slid the head of my cock inside her as she gasped and moaned in delight. After a few seconds I plunged deeper inside her, until my balls rested against her buttocks. “Ohhhh fuck that feels lovely Ronnie,” she said. As I fucked her harder I saw her pussy juice dripping on to the bedclothes. I grabbed her hips and thrust harder. She was moaning in ecstasy.

“Ohhh yeah honey. Oh god.” “Meg I’m going to cum.” As I was preparing to thrust into her for the final time she pulled away. “Honey, I want you to fuck me in the ass before you cum,” she said. “Do you want my ass?” All I could do was nod as she slid a finger into her ass. “Fuck me in the ass Ronnie dear.”

I grabbed my cock in my hand again and brought it up to the entrance of her ass. I lightly pressed the head against her wrinkled hole, and she moaned again. It took me a couple of attempts, but I eventually managed to slide my cock inside her ass while Sandy’s fingers toyed feverishly with her clit.

She was really good, I concentrated on fucking her ass harder and harder. “Fuck Ronnie fuck yes. Fuck my ass.” “I’m going to cover you with my cum,” I replied. “Yes dear I want you to cum all over me.”

I pumped her ass some more and my balls tensed up again. I could feel myself getting close so I pulled my cock out of her ass. Meg turned around and grabbed my cock in her right hand and started to pump it. “Yeah fuck baby I want you to cum on my face,” she said. Meg briefly took my cock in her mouth and moaned as she tasted her own juices.. She made a loud slurping noise as she pulled my cock out of her mouth and continued pulling it. I was ready to explode. My balls rode right up under my cock and I could feel the cum was about to spurt. “Oh god Meg oh god I’m going to cum. Unnnngggggghhhhh. Oh…unnnngggghhhh.”

My cum spurted all over her face. There was a big glob in her left eyelid, which she didn’t seem to mind. My cum rolled down her face like tears, as she took my cock in her mouth one more time and sucked it clean. “Was I good ?.” she asked. “ Yes honey you were really good.” I told her “Mmmm,” she said. ” I said as I climbed off the bed. My legs were jelly.
She lay on the bed and propped her head up with her elbow as she watched me dress.

She gave me another sexy look. “Just pop round any time your feeling randy honey.” She murmured. Then she asked. ”Do I get the job?” As I finished dressing I looked at her and said quietly “ Thank you for your hospitality Can you tell me where your gas meter is please“

“What do you want that for?” “Well I only came to read the meter“ I thought that she was going to explode as my real identity sank in.

It’s a long story!

It’s a long story as to how it came to be that I, a straight male, willingly took a fat cock in my mouth and sucked the head while rolling my tongue on the tip moments before it shot load after load of cum down my throat. I just finished sucking all the cum out and was savoring its flavor when another cock slapped my face and shot a spurt of hot, hot cum on my cheek. As I turned to take it in my mouth another spurt shot, it went right up my nose. I liked the feeling of its warmth on my face but was upset I didn’t get it my mouth. I tried to suck the rest but the majority was on my face. I used my fingers to slide it in my mouth, but it was not the same as taking it right out of a throbbing cock.

I may be getting ahead of myself here. Let me explain how it came to be, me being a cum loving straight guy that likes it right from the dick.

I’m not going to lie, I love a great blow job. To be honest I love a good blow job. Well, any blow job is fine with me. If I’m getting my dick sucked, I’m happy. My ex wife used to suck me all the time, she would let me cum in her mouth whenever I wanted. She would swallow and we’d go on about our business. I never thought of those poor bastards that didn’t have a wife or girl friend that would take a load without question or at least without bitching about it.

My wife and I went our separate ways after 7 years. I found dating to be hard, in the sense of getting comfortable sexually or getting comfortable asking for something, like ‘suck my cock and swallow my load’ I never had to think about it or ask for it. I have been dating this Girl, this young girl she’s almost half my age. She’s a little slutty, I started dating her to piss off my ex wife. Well anyway she’s young, 23, slutty and loves to fuck. We would fuck all the time in the beginning, now it’s slowed to 2 or 3 times a week. I’m fine with that. I never get head though. I would ask her to and she would always say “I bet you do” I think she’s had my dick in her mouth twice. Up until last month. I didn’t say anything, I guess I was just used to not saying anything, I blew a load in her mouth and she freaked! Slapped me and everything, left my house and didn’t answer my calls for a few days.

We talked about it. I told her I was used to doing that ( that made her mad by the way) I didn’t see the big deal. She said she would never suck my dick again. Well I contemplated breaking up with her, because like I said I love a good blow job. I didn’t though, I guess I was going to stick with it till I found someone else. It was the next weekend we went out got shitfaced drunk and we went home. We were fucking around and I jokingly said come on suck my cock a little. I expected her to get pissed and roll over and go to bed. She didn’t, she started laughing and saying are you going to cum in my mouth again. I said no I promise. She says, what if I want you too. Of course I reply, Awesome lets go. I start pulling at my shorts. She says only if you know what it’s like? What? I can’t suck my own dick. She started laughing and said if you want to cum in my mouth I get to spit it in yours so you can see how nasty it is. I was like, whatever.

No way is she going to do that. I said lets go, calling her bluff. She got right on it, I mean this girl was into it. Using her hands and tongue. I never thought she could suck dick like this. I let her go for a while, then I dumped a big load. Seeing as how it had been over week since we fucked I came a lot. I just laid there I could hear her moan a little. Stroking my softening cock. After about a minute or two she climbed up to lay next to me she moved in to kiss me. She grabbed my jaw and squeezed. I obviously opened my mouth automatically from the pain of her thumb and finger digging in my jaw. And then it happened. Thewp, is the only way I can describe it. She did it, she spit my own cum back in my mouth. To be honest I thought she might but after the way she just laid there I figured she just gave in a swallowed.

She spit it in my mouth, then took her other hand and pushed down on my head and up with one she used to pry my mouth open with. She said “Swallow!” I was dumbfounded, I had cum in my mouth. I could feel it sliding on my tongue. I could sense it slowly draining in the back of my throat. I gagged a little bit, just from the shock, I didn’t expect to have cum spat in my mouth. Again she said “SWALLOW!” she said it a little meaner this time. As I swallowed, as I felt my throat contract, as I felt is sliding down I finally tasted it. I have to be honest, it was unbelievable, salty, thick, still warm. Like warm pudding just off the stove. Pungent, rich with a unique flavor like nothing else. As all this was going through my head it must have sho