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Hi friends, this is Raja. I’m 22 years old guy student from Chennai, Tamilnadu. This is my first story so please ignore my mistakes. I love this site and I have read lots of stories here. I really did not even dream that I too would have sex that too with Chithi about my chithi, her name is Rani, her hubby is in London though she is very innocent and she has really a sexy figure having a great body of sizes 36-30-34.

I always masturbate thinking of her Boobies. She was the only fantasy while I masturbate. She too lives in Chennai but in a different place. I often visit her home to see her and masturbate. Her bathroom was my favorite place for masturbating. About me, I have really big kunji (cock) once my friends caught me while I was masturbating in my room, from that day and they use to make fun of my cock size.

Because it is very big for my age and I really have about 7.5 inches long cock white in color. Coming to the story, this happened 2 week before when I was staying in my Aunty’s home. My aunty’s house is inside the city so, I had to stay with her to attend my maths tution. I had arrears in maths. I went there on Monday and stayed there for the full week. Daily I used to get some cleavage sight that would help me masturbate.

The week went like this. Then on Saturday I woke up at 8:00 am. My aunt woke me up. She kept coffee on the table and told me to have it after brushing. I had my morning erection after I had my coffee, I straight away to the bathroom to finish jerking. While jerking, I got an Idea to have my chithi there. I stopped jerking. I took the towel and went to the bathroom.

I called my chithi and asked her for the maid. She asked for the reason I said that I need someone to clean my back (while bathing) Chithi said that she would help me as maid is busy with some other work. I was very happy as she came to the bathroom with another towel and a dress for her. I thought that she is going to bath with me. But to my disappointment, she did not remove her dress.

Chithi: Dai raja, dress ah kalatu da

I removed my t-shirt and lower and I stood with only jatti. My cock was already making tent with my jatti. She smiled seeing the tent but did not ask anything. She poured water on my body and started applying soup. All of a sudden, she removed my jatti. I was in my full temper. She saw my cock when it was in its full temper.

Chithi: Daaai! Enna da idhu ivlo perusa irukku? I suddenly covered my cock with my hand.

Chithi: Adhan paathutene, apparam enna kaiyya edu da. Un vayasu ku idhu rumba perusu da. I was really enjoying the moment.

Me: Nan onnum pannala chithi. Adhuva dhaan ipdi perusu aagidichu

Chithi: Sari vidu idhuvum nalladhu dhaan (She said with smiling) she applied soup on my cock and all over my body. I was about to cum. But I controlled myself. She finished bathing me and I wore my underwear.

Chithi: Go to your room and change the clothes. I’ll serve you breakfast after I finish bathing.

Me: Na vena unglalukku mudhugu thechi viduren chithi (I’ll help you clean your back)

Chithi: Ok da wait inga ye pannu

She turned opposite side of me and tied her pavadai up to her breast. And the back side was loose. She poured water on her and asked me to apply soap on her back. I’m in my full temper and my cock was making a big tent. While I applied soap, I gradually massaged my cock over her Ass. She was smiling (I saw through the mirror). Then I gave more pressure. She was just smiling. After I cleaned her back, I tried to touch her boobs, but she did not allow me. I was so depressed.

Chithi: raja, Ne room ku poi dress change pannu na kulichittu varen

Me: Na urgent ah aayi poganum chithi. Nenga kulinga (The toilet and bathroom is in the same area)

Chithi: Dai na payadai ya kalatittu kulipen da. Ne veliya po

Me: Enakku urgent chithi Nenga andha pakkam thirumbi kulinga. Na onnum paaka maaten

Chithi: Sari da.

I removed my jetty and sat on the toilet (I was completely naked with my erect dick. Then she turned to the opposite side and removed her pavadai. What a site! On seeing her Ass, my white dick became red in color. I was also able to see her boobies through the mirror. Suddenly I was out of control and started masturbating. Within seconds, I splashed the sperm. To my surprise, she was seeing me through the mirror.

Chithi: Enna da nalla kai adichiya?

Me: Sorry chithi. Ennala control panna mudiyala

Chithi: Daily ippadi kai adipiya da?

Me: Illa chithi eppayavadhu dhaan.

Chithi: Kai adikiradhu udambukku nalladhu dhaan da daily pannu.

Me: Illa chithi veetla ennaku free ya edame irukadhu

Chithi: Sari appo inga irukumbodhu daily chithi ye adichi vedure, Hearing this, again my cock got full erection.

Chithi: Ha ha Enna da ivlo seekirama va? She came near me and caught my cock in her hand. Suddenly, I jumped over her and started kissing her.

Chithi: Enna da un chithi ya ve okka poriya?

Me: Aamam chithi enna la mudiyala.

Chithi: Kojam poru da bedroom poidalam. Aana idha veliya yaarukitta yum sollidadha da.

Me: Sathiyama solla maten and we went to her bed room. All of a second I started to lick her pussy. She made heavy noise.

Chithi: Nalla nakku da, Shhhh Aaaahhhh

I took my mouth from her pussy and started fucking her with my dick. I was not really tight for that 28 year old lady. She started screaming. I came there. A thick stream of cum splashed inside the condom. I came nearly 4 times. I came in her ass (without condoms) then at last in her mouth I’m fucking her weekly two times using condoms. She did not allow me to fuck in her pussy without condoms till now

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