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Dear Readers, I hope you have enjoyed my story of sex with my MIL & her eldest daughter. Now today I will tell you the story of the first sexual encounter I had with her next daughter, now my wife. As you know now that after her eldest daughter lost her virginity to me, she was sent packing to a hostel where she continued with her studies. In the meantime, after I promised my MIL that I would marry her next daughter, that I was allowed a free run with her. She had a beautiful figure, almost 5?7? tall and with a 38-27-36.

She was unaware that her eldest sister has already lost her virginity to me. It took me sometime to start the relationship, and one day jokingly I proposed her. She did not know how to respond. Since she was unable to take any decision,

I knew it was time that I would have to take the help of my MIL. So one day when myself & my MIL were having sex, I told her the predicament of her daughter. Then that night my MIL cajoled her to tell her what had happened as her daughter

was very unmindful of all the work she was doing. Her daughter told my MIL that I had proposed, and she was unable to take any decision. She said that there was lot of difference between her family & mine. She was wondering if at all my mother would at all accept her.

It was then my MIL said that she has all the support from her side and should immediately accept my proposal. Slowly our relationship started to bloom. In the meantime one day my MIL said that she would let her daughter meet me alone

on one condition that before meeting her daughter I would have to squeeze out my last drop of sperm in her vagina. So there started a regular exercise of fucking my MIL almost 4 days a week. I would arrive exactly at 3:45 pm,

fuck my MIL for the next 15 ? 20 minutes and then her daughter would come from the school, and after refreshing herself her daughter would sit beside me and chat. During that time my MIL would go to the terrace.

When my MIL would have her periods, those days she would suck my penis clean. So one day, while we were chatting we became a little cosy, and I pretended to have a headache. She came near me & ran her fingers through my hair. I was feeling very relaxed.

Her boobs was touching my shoulders. As she was doing it, I also started running my fingers through her silky hair. As I opened my eyes, she asked me whether I was feeling good. I slowly pulled her face near me & kissed her lips.

As I did it she said ?Naughty boy?. Well that day ended like that. Next couple of days I did not go as I had work, so her daughter gave me a call. She started crying that she was unable to pass a single day without seeing me.

So next day I again went to their house, fucked my MIL, and then as her daughter came near me, I started to kiss her lips. As I kissed her she closed her eyes, and then I started to kiss her eyes, cheeks, throat, earlobes and as I moved down she started to shiver.

First I did not touch her breast and started to kiss round on the sides. She started to breath heavily, and I knew she was excited too. As I laid her on the bed & climbed on top of her, held her hands on the sides with my palm, she became almost motionless under my grip.

As I slowly started to kiss her left breast round slowly moving to the top to reach her nipple, I suddenly found that the nipples had become so hard and were so large, that they were protruding out from the bra & churidar.

As I placed my first kiss on her nipples she started to moan. Suddenly, I let her loose, picked her up, opened the chain of her churidar, opened her bra and there came out her breast in full view. It was mind blowing. It looked like a silicon implant breast, so large, and yet so firm.

I started to suck her nipple, and she started to let out loud moans. She encircled her hands tightly around my neck and started mumbling out ? Yash, I love you, I would die without you?. I thought not to overdo on the very first day.

After about 15 minutes of caressing her breast to my satisfaction, I let her go. But now she would not let me go. She clung to me shivering, for another 5 minutes and then slowly dressed herself and lay down on the bed holding my palm. Kissing it at times.

As my MIL came down from the terrace, she looked at us, her daughter lying beside me and went to the kitchen. I called my MIL, and as she came inside her daughter moved away a little from my side. I told her daughter to get up

and she sat near me facing her mother looking down, I told her MIL that I wish to marry her daughter. She smiled and said that I need to talk to my parents first. But in front of her daughter I said, whether she gives her permission. She said yes.

Here daughter immediately got up, touched my feet an then her mother. I drew up my plans the next day. I convinced my MIL that I would like to get married to her daughter within a couple of days as I would not be able to control myself

and not only that I also fell in love with her daughter. So my MIL talked to her daughter, who after initial hesitation agreed. So the after a weeks time, we went to a temple & got married, accompanied my MIL. After getting married as we were coming back

she told me to stop in front of a hotel. As I stopped, she said that you can enjoy your honeymoon here and she would proceed to her residence. I looked at my wife, and it seems both of them had planned it beforehand.

So my MIL went away to her home with a taxi and both of us went inside the hotel room. Before, leaving my MIL called me to a side and said not to hurry up and do everything very slowly or I will hurt her as I did with her eldest daughter.

She said I should always remember that my penis is thick and long. So after, she went away, I called up my residence and told my mom that I was not coming back. After that we had a gala launch and spent almost the entire afternoon in each other arms

occassionally kissing each other and chatting as to what lay for us in future. As it started getting dark I slowly started undressing her, first her blouse and then her bra. As we were standing in each other arms, I slowly opened her sari,

and then some how could not open her saya. So I literally tore open it & there she was naked wearing only a panty. I slowly laid her beside me & started to kiss her madly. She responded equally, and as I touched her panty, it was completely drenched with her juice.

As I pulled it down, she tried to hide it with her palms. But I forcibly removed her palms, and then stretched her legs apart. Slowly after kissing her breast and nipples I moved down teasing her body with my tongue.

As my tongue touched her pussy she let down a shiver, and started moaning. I parted her pussy and started eating it. Oh my God ! Till date I thought it was my MIL who could eject so much juice, but my wife was awesome.

As I parted her pussy, juices just started flowing down and wet the bedsheet. She closed her eyes, clasped my hair tight and started breathing really heavily. I just did not know what to do, as I slurped all that I could from her pussy.

After that I undressed myself, and let her hand catch my penis, as she did it she bit her lips and closed her eyes. Then I moved on top of her, sitting in front of her shaved pussy, parted her pussy lips and started rubbing the penis top on the clit.

She started writhing in pleasure, and dug her nails on my back. As she became more and more aroused she suddenly got up, literally pulled me with all her strength on top of her and laid down saying she could take it no more.

She pleaded to put my penis inside her and as I did it just slid in very easily and met a resistance. I gave a little thrust and then it was in full. Her vagina was really tight but her juices had lubricated it in abundance.

As I started pumping her vagina with my penis, she suddenly looked at me straight and told me ? Yash, its so wonderful. Please do not stop. Give me more.? As I started squeezing her nipples and kept on ramming my penis, she let out a loud moan crying out my name,

and suddenly I felt something warm flowing out of her pussy. It was again her juice that came out and now completely wet the bed.We had sex atleast six times and the next day we went to my MIL?s house. However, after that we got married after about a year later formally,

but in the meantime enjoyed sex to the hilt. We would both see blue films and try it ourselves. Many a time my MIL would spy on us, peeping through a slit, and I would have to satisfy my MIL too. Next I would tell you the story of my experience with the youngest sister of my MIL.

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