My Cousin Sister Riddhi Moaning


Hi, my name is Shahid, I am a 19 years old guy studying in NM College in Mumbai. I am 6.1″ tall with average built. Let me tell you something about my sis Riddhi, we both are in the same college and of the same age. We always used to share our personal talks. She was around 5.5″ tall and she had a very fair skin and sexy figure. I dont know her stats and i would not like to fake it as others do.

I had a gf in the past and we often had sex but after my break up, my cock was eagerly searching a pussy. And I always had eye on Riddhi as she was very sexy, her boobs just poke out and I always liked that. Now let me directly come to the incident, it happened around 1 month back. My uncle and aunty were going for a marriage reception and they wanted riddhi to go with them but she didnt wanted to go and she told to her parents to drop her to my house.

Her parents informed me and dropped Riddhi to my house. Within 5 mins she asked can we go for a movie and I agreed. We reached to movie hall and the movie started but the movie was not so interesting so we were just chit chatting meanwhile I heard some sounds and very soft moans just looked around and saw couple sitting behind us were smooching. I told riddhi to turn behind and see and she saw and started laughing. After sometime she asked how it feels to do all these things as she knew I often had sex with my girlfriend.

I told her that it can’t be explained it should be done practically only she got the clue of my intentions. I knew that she had never done it as she didnt had a bf because her parents were very strict.

I asked her can we do it. She said no but i knew even she wanted it but she was afraid of her parents but somehow I convinced her as she had lot of trust on me. I just kissed on her forehead and she closed her eyes so it was a green signal for me to proceed.

I kissed her on cheeks followed by lips then I started to smooch her and even she reacted to it positively simultaneously I was fondling her boobs so she was moaning softly after smooching couple a times I asked her can we go to your house so we can do it more properly and she nodded her head. We went back home leaving the movie and on the way I also bought condom from medical store. She opened the door with a pair of duplicate keys. Without wasting any time we headed towards bedroom and started smooching again

We stopped in between and were just seeing in each others eyes it was feeling so good, sexy and her eyes full of lust. Then I started to fondle her boobs, She told bhaiya ab toh khol do yahan toh koi nai dekhega(open the boobs now no1 is there to see us) after hearing this I just removed her top and jeans she replied by removing my jeans and tshirt we were in front of each other only in our undergarments. She was really looking sexy in her black bra and panty having a contrast of fair skin.

Then we removed our undergarments and she took hold of my penis and was stroking it amatuerly. I asked her to take it in her mouth she hesitated but finally took it she was not sucking it properly as she was new to it but still I was enjoying it and after few mins I was about to cum so I stopped her and started to lick her pussy as I didn’t liked to cum so early. By the touch of my tongue she was going mad, moaning like a bitch and pushing my head into her pussy.

So, I got wilder and was going more deep and her moans increased. She complimented it even my ex used to say that I lick pussy like a pro. After sometime I wore a condom and was ready to insert my 6″ dick into her pussy, I tried to insert the tip of my dick into her pussy but she was not able to bear it as she was a virgin only my inside but a tear ran through her eyes.

She asked me to stop so I stopped there for a while and started to smooch her and meanwhile just jerked my dick into her pussy and she screamed and said stop it but I didn’t bother to listen and within 2-3 jerks I was full inside her.

I could make she was having from her red face but after few mins of jerking her pain was converted into pleasure as even she was coordinating her hip movement with mine so even I was getting excited and jerking fast after 10-12 mins I cummed in her pussy but it was not a problem since I had the condom on.

We both were so tired that I slept on her for about half an hour. After we woke up he also had it in doggy style and was fully satisfied. While cleaning our body she said her parents will be on the way to home so we should get dressed, while dressing she said that she will never forget this day as she had the best time of her life today.

Finally we smooched and I went to my home. Thereafter whenever we get time and no one is at home we have sex. Hope you all liked my experience with my sis.

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