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My wife Vicky


This one is about my wife or how I got to know her from the other side. My wife Victoria is a gorgeous woman. She has highest values and model looks. She’s 27 but looks much younger. She’s got amazing green eyes and chocolate hair. She’s an ideal woman. We’ve been married for three years. [...]



Irene Tamford drove slowly in the early morning sunlight towards the national park; her eyes scanned the road for hitchhikers as she always did at weekends. In the summer she was nearly always lucky, she felt a tense excitement it was always a thrill to pick up a young adolesent male and her plan seldom [...]

Innocent play


I hadn’t seen Paul, my husband, for a quarter hour or so, but the party was good, and I felt safe in the company of Eric. We were dancing close, like teenagers at the prom, but like those teenagers, I was innocent of carnal thoughts and thought Eric was too. I didn’t know him well, [...]

Paul’s version of innocent play


So Carrie was dancing with some guy, and they seemed to be getting on, so I thought, great, I don’t really get much from dancing and as long as she was having fun it freed me up to circulate. I shot a game of pool with the host, looked at the pond he was so [...]

Boys night in


I was sitting listening to some of Eric’s nice jazz with Eric’s wife Sue, I even had a pair of Eric’s slippers on. Carrie was at home with Eric. Sounds a bit funny, but it gets even better. A discussion had come up a week earlier after a few beer about whether liquor contributed to [...]

Plans for a twosome (I watched this time)


Our third outing was slightly different to the last 2. The first time was all 3 of us, my girlfriend, my friend and me all active. Both of us guys having sex with my girlfriend. (Plans for a threesome part 2) The second time she took him to bed alone leaving me downstairs to wonder [...]

Who do you want to fuck?


So the subject was brought up after we had watched an old movie about truck drivers, bandits and bears. You can probably guess the one, if you’re old enough. Anyway, it had a very young Sally Fields in it being sexy as only she can be, at least in the opinion of many men, not [...]

Janet’s Honeymoon


Janet was a bit disappointed as she looked around their room at the all-inclusive resort she and Bob had booked into. It was just like both hotel rooms they had stayed in en route, the first hotels she had ever seen except on TV. Coming from a small northern Ontario town to the Caribbean had [...]

I had a dream


Some day I’ll tell my angel about my dream, the truth that is, but for now I think I’ll just let her live the dream, while I coast along for the ride. We have been married for five years, with no kids and it appeared we were going to have to take heroic measures if [...]

A Swinger’s Diary 1


Hi there! I am Shruti from Pune. I am fair skinned girl of 24. I am 5ft. 6in tall. I have (as mentioned by my near & dears) a cute round face, brown eyes, shoulder length black hair and a voluptuous figure (36-26-36). I was married to Asutosh in January this year. He is a [...]

New Years Kiss


Janice really liked her special occasions. Didn’t matter which one, Ney Years, birthdays, July 4th, May day, they were all good. Ever since last New Years Eve. She wasn’t really at the party, except it was at her parents’ house, and when the hour struck she was sort of hanging in the periphery, wishing she [...]

What a night


I could have sworn that the clock was going slower and slower as it ticked round towards 8.30. Sonia and I both took a swig out of our wine glasses at the same time, then looked at each other and laughed. “Are you as nervous as me?” she asked. I told her that I was [...]

Loving Wife and Best Friend


My wife Beth and I have been married for 16 years. Beth and I were highschool sweethearts. I was Beth’s first and have since been her only lover. We were married right out of highschool. In highschool I was pretty popular which made it easy to pick up girls. I wasn’t exactly the most loyal [...]

Amber the first time


It’s taken me a long time, but I have finally decided to put pen to paper on how Amber became my lovely shared wife.A little information about us to begin with, I met my wife Amber when we were both 18 and we eventually married when we were 23, Amber is not and never has [...]

Swinger’s Diary 2


2010 May 16 – Today evening was incredible… We have come for a vacation to Goa. Asu’s sister Ria and her husband Vikas are along. We arrived at our hotel in the morning. The rooms here are fantastic. We left from Pune while it was early in the morning. I could guess Vikas’s growing lust [...]

Swinger’s Diary 4


2010 July 8 – Yesterday Night was one of the wildest in my life. Asu went on a visit to audit the performances of the area under his supervision. But he left me badly feeling horny. But as usual I went to the office and resumed my duty. As you know, I am an object [...]

Jeni’s First Anal


Jeni had never been to a sex club before, but it had always been on her list, so when Rene mentioned it one night she was on board. She wore a tiny red dress and red fuck me heels, and her thick blonde hair was swept back in a messy ponytail. Rene’s jaw dropped when [...]

A night with a couple


I was full of energy and strength and wanted to experience something new. I googled porn sites and found a free one. There was a category named swingers. “What the hell is this?” asked myself. I logged in and found hundreds of married mature women and couples who wanted a stud for group sex. I [...]

My Secret To Having A Happy Wife


I met my future wife through a good buddie. I was moving into an apartment back in my old town. I met up with my friends and was introduced to a couple. Mary-ann was 30 and Mike was 18. Well, I needed help with hauling a bit of my stuff into my new apartment so [...]

My First Experience at a Swingers Club


My husband Dave and I had talked about getting involved sexually with another couple or a single female. It had just been talk never really did anything to make it happen. I had never done bi and had not been with any other guy since Dave and I started dating and at this point we [...]

Almost a threesome


After weeks of planning and talking about it we were finally on our way. Just placing the advert on the swinging website had taken long enough to get round to. Then we had to pluck up the nerve to actually contact a few blokes, and finally after a weeding out process involving telephones calls and [...]

Me and my Dad


Okay, a bit about myself. Im gay im 18, but this happened many years ago. Im small, quite thin, Black hair and brown eyes. My names Zachary by the way well this all started one night when I got up to go use the bathroom by the way I live with my dad because my [...]

Dark Room With A Swing


Well it’s been a year now since I started fucking my cute little tight ass hole with big toys I can’t believe what I can fit up my ass hole with out lube. And the bigger the better I usually set the duna pushed up against my couch put the magical plastic cock in a [...]

Unplanned sex at the gym


I am English and live in Thailand, the land of sex and smiles. I went to a new, small local gym recently, mostly with Thai boys inside. I was the only foreigner so always the Thai boys like to chat to and…… Anyway, I was working out on a bench, lying on my back and [...]

My first time with another guy..true story


I am a 46 year old married guy…I have a beer belly but otherwise not bad looking 6’2″ 250 tatoos and an average 6 inch cut cock. I have always been turned on by both men and women but never had sex with a guy although i did have dreams about it. One day I [...]

Simon and Me In The Hotel


We entered the hotel room, a knot of nerves in my stomach as I had never done anything like this before or since, he was a head taller than me, I felt so small next to Simon and I could feel his eyes on me as we entered the sterile looking Holiday Inn room. I [...]

The bankboy


He had written in his profile on some gay socializing site that he was looking for mature tops or versatile had pinged him there and he immediately responded. Initially he was hesitant in sharing face pics and our chat used to be off and on. Within a months time the trust or passion or whatever [...]

The Vermont Boarding School: Part 7 Hidden Treasures


Sean and Noah put their clothes on and hurry out the dorm leaving Deavon and Jonathon warm and satisfied. Deavon just pumped Noah full with his warm cum, and Noah’s sensations are elevated with the stimulus. He can’t wait to see Todd. Sean is equally aroused after sucking Jonathon and feeling the hot cum bang [...]

The Vermont Boarding School: Part 8 – Noah Visits Sean


The fall semester is nearly over for Sean and Noah. They are now veteran players in the field of six other friends who have shared sensual pleasures and intimate moments. They continue providing special treatment their mentors which means that they have to suck their dicks either before or after tutoring in the evenings. What [...]

Having a great time


I walked in the door and at the table sitting with my mom was this guy she introduced me to him and i liked him immediately. My mom was gonna be going grocery shopping and she thought I might want some company. As soon as she left he pulled out his Dick and told me [...]

The bus ride : Part 1


“Kevin do that funny voice you do” a girl shouted.”ok what do you want me to say” he responded. ” anything at all” she said. After about 10 minutes he ran out of things to say so the girls started to ask questions. “are you shaved” one asked. He turned red and answered “no” “are [...]

My first MMF time : Part 3


After our shower and some rest she took me to my house to get my things while her man went to the store for more things to put on the grill and a stop by the liquor store. We got back before him and she started fixing some side dishes for our meal, When he [...]

The Jaylynn Chronicles: Dream a lil’ Dream


It was getting dark out. My father and i had just returned from attending a highschool playoff football game that i was a cheerleader at. Our team had won so my dad took me and some of the girls out for pizza. Upon arriving home i was to tired to shower or anything i just [...]

Unexpected Fuck


I answered the door in a robe, almost forgeting to put that on. I was surprised to see a young, handsome man in his early twenties. “Hello Mrs…” he began. “Smith. Stacy Smith.””Right,” he continued. “I’m your plumber, Jason.” I guess I was a bit shocked. Whenever I’d had a plumber over, he was much [...]

Sex with 2 construction workers


Hai reader I santosh posting my second story having sex with two construction worker . U will find very it intersting. This story about 4 yrs ago when my building was having some repairing work. In our compound there were four construction worker house. In that tin stucture house many family use to stay. Actually [...]

Sex with mature fish vendor


Hai this is santosh again with new story of sex with a fish vendor. When this incident happened I was 25 yrs old and having a good urgue for sex specially with mature women. In our building these fish vendor use to sell door to door . Out of these I like only urmila bhai. [...]

The 4th of July Massacre 2


As Cap approached me with his enormous smile which matched his cock he was stroking, I attempted to climb to my feet. The swelling in my pussy and asshole was increasing with every second. I continued to wipe the large amounts of cum from my eyes, tring to clear my blured vision. “That’s ok doll [...]

The 4th of July Massacre 3


Soaked in cum from head to toe, used like a play toy, and barely able to move I stood looking at the group of bikers known as hell on wheels. Already taken a complete fuck down from half of them a realization came to me that there was nothing I could do but take it. [...]

How I turned my wife into a slut


My wife Chevelle and I have been married only a couple years, and our sex life is anything but boring. Chevelle stands 6 tall and weighs a nice 140 pounds. She has extremely long legs and a nicely tanned shapely body. She’s always been a bit ative. At the age of 27, I was only [...]

Juli’s Jean Shorts Paddle Spanking, Enema & Anal Punishment Revenge.


Art and two of his friends were sitting on the terrace that over looked the tennis courts. Tim and Jay were clowning around as usual making suggestive comments to all the girls who passed within earshot of the table, but Art had all his attention focused on the on one person Juli. Art had fallen [...]

Fun a truck driving school


Hi, my name is Arvin, I’m 6’4 245lbs with blue eyes, brown hair and a good tan body. My story starts in May of 1997 I was in Indianapolis, Indiana at C1 truck driving school learning how to become a truck driver. The day I arrived at the school I meet my teacher he was [...]

My First Time Tied


I was dating an older guy who my parents didn’t know about. He made me feel special and he did things to my body that were electrifying. Even now, I think he had one of the largest cocks I’ve ever seen. Not much when soft but once aroused, he must have been eight or nine [...]

Eight Months


Brandon sighed as he laid down beside me. We had been dating nearly eight months now. Our relationship is great, except for one thing that seems to bother him. Right now, we are at my house studying, well supposed to be studying, for a big test tomorrow. Yes, a test. We’re both sophomores at the [...]

A day at the hotel with my bestfriend


It started off as a normal hot Summer day, Teagan and I were sitting by the poolside soaking up the sun. We were there for the Summer vacation and thought it would be fun to go to Florida for a week. She and I have always been close friends we have known each other since [...]

Seducing My Sisters Husband


“So sis what’s up for this weekend?” Tina asks her sister while putting her things into her things into the guest room closet at her older sister holly’s house. “Well since your 18 now we could go clubbing and have us a good time to celebrate, I’m so glad to have the weekend off and [...]

Small Town Girl Turns into exhibitionist


I couldn’t wait for a good night out with the lads It had been a month or two.I came in from work on Friday night and stripped off and got into the shower washing away all the days aches and pains,it had been a rough day and if I’m honest a hard week all round [...]



It was late friday afternoon as John Stuart, the 49 year old senior executive of a small engineering firm made his way home from work. The working week was over and John looked forward to spending the weekend with his daughter Jessica. Recently separated, John was living on his own and was eager to spend [...]

The Vacation


Clint and Elsa were on vacation for the first time since they’d been married which meant it had been five years. Both had been busy with careers, and getting ahead, but now it was time for a break. Clint had finished his shower expecting to find his wife in the bedroom, but to his surprise [...]

Trailer parks are for hot sex


Being a drunken, puking, insecure, naive mess freshman year of college, I at least was able to date a girl a year older than me who was also a drunken, insecure, chain-smoking, sex-addicted mess. She certainly was not naive, though. And this is how she made me a little less so. I wasn’t even planning [...]

Pool party


we dont have the kids for the weekend so someone at your work asked if they could use our property to host a pool party, we had the space and it is on a private setting so we were like cool how many people. they were like 10 guys and three girls. wow ok that [...]

My Daughter-in-Law is Hot!


My daughter-in-law is hot as hell, and she loves to show her body off. In her 30′s, nice tits that she shows with low cut blouses and a big bubble butt that she put’s in tight jeans and short skirts. She has a bit of a reputation dating several men before hooking up with my [...]

The Game … First Time Sex: Part 12 – Presents – 2


I can’t resist the jab, “No buttons on the fly? Am I teaching you nothing?” I am expecting his normal, defensive reply, and he doesn’t disappoint me. “Fuuuck you. These pants come off just as fast as yours, and I’m not sticking by gawd damn dick through the zipper tonight anyway. These will be history,” [...]

The Game … First Time Sex: Part 12 – Presents


After Tonya, Donna, Trish, and Donnie leave my house Monday night, Marcus stays all night with me. My parents are half way around the world on business, and we have the house to ourselves. It’s about midnight, and instead of sliding across the floor in white underwear singing “Old Time Rock ‘n Roll” like Tom [...]

My holes will never be tight after tonight


My name is julie I went to a party shortly after my 18th b-day at a friends house. The house was packed drinkin and smokin weed was all around. I danced with a girl friend of mine when several black guys gathered around us. I seen them put thier hands up her skirt but she [...]



It happens sometimes that you call on a stranger living in another part of your city. You are invited to drink some coffee and get acquainted. Yes, to drink coffee, right. I knew for sure that he was a real playboy, and women adored him. I also knew he was a rope freak. As for [...]

Can stand no more


This story is probably not just an average story, it’s more of a cry from my heart, of a way to express my feelings as I can’t stand it anymore. Up till yesterday I was a happily married guy. I know my wife Grace since teenage. We’re married for 6 years now. We met when [...]

My weakness for sex!


My name is Kira, I’m almost 23. I’ve been married for the last three years. My husband is a really nice person, but unfortunately he doesn’t satisfy me in bed at all. For the last two years I lived in hell. I always admired husbands and boyfriends of the other girls that I know. One [...]

Taxi Adventure


… That happened once in the weekend… I didn’t feel any joy of the up coming holidays, because I knew the usual program for it. My husband was to get drunk as usually, fall asleep… and I was to seat along… I was so tied of this fucking life!!! I thought I’d better go to [...]

He made me his sex slave!


Now read this! Perhaps some of you say that this story is false, but things happened just the way I’m gonna tell you about. I don’t know why I share this story of my life with all of you, may be because I’m tired of keeping it so far. I got married when I was [...]

Her first orgasm


“I’ve never had an orgasm”,. Linda said in a sad voice to the family therapist, the sessions of which she had been visiting with her husband. They were having troubles in their family life and Linda thought it would be a good idea to try to save their marriage by turning to a family therapist. [...]



I live in the States for almost my entire life, my family immigrated here many years ago when I was just a teen. So I consider myself to be a real American girl though I still speak some Russian, and I can surely understand it. So when my husband got a job in the Moscow [...]

Sexy neighbor


I was absolutely nuts and crazy about my neighbor, she was a lady of about thirty years old, married but her husband was an absolute jerk. He worked shifts at some geological site and sometimes he was missing for days spending his time in the mountains looking for gold and stuff like that. His wife, [...]



We were invited to a birthday party. It was summer and the party was held in a country house. It was great fun there. My husband and I got drunk. It was real blast! We were partying like crazy teens. There were many people doing different things there – some were chatting, some were dancing, [...]

I loved being a dirty whore!


I’m a very sexually horny woman, some people might even say I’m crazy about sex or even nymphomaniac, but I reallyf love to fuck. My husband can do without sex in his life, on our honeymoon we fucked only a few times, and now, after 5 years of married life, I’m very lucky if I [...]

அண்ணியும் நானும்


முதலில் என்னைப் பற்றி சொல்லி விடுகிறேன். என் பெயர் ஜெயராம். நான் ஒரு கல்யாணமாகாத கட்டை பிரம்மச்சாரி. நான் சென்னையில் இருக்கிறேன். எங்கள் இல்லத்தில் நான் என் அண்ணண் அண்ணி ஆகியோர் இருக்கிறோம். என் அண்ணியை பற்றி இங்கே சொல்லியாக வேண்டும். வயது 25. கிள்ளினால் ரத்தம் வருமளவிற்கு செக்கச்செவேலென்று இருப்பாள்.செக்ஸியாகவும் இருப்பாள் முலைகள் இரண்டும் அளவாக இருக்கும். பின்புறம் தான் கொஞ்சம் பெரியது. கண்ணிற்கு லட்சணமாக இருப்பாள். நாங்கள் இருவரும் சகஜமாக பேசுவோம் சிரிப்போம். எல்லா [...]

அழகிய அண்ணி


அப்போது எனக்கு ஒரு 18 வயது இருக்கும். படித்துக்கொண்டிருந்தேன். அப்போதே பெண்களை பார்ப்பதென்றால் எனக்கு அல்வா சாப்பிடுவது போல்.அடுத்த வீட்டு அக்காவின் முலையை நைசாக பார்ப்பது, என் அத்தையின் எடுப்பான இடுப்பை பார்ப்பது என எனக்கு எல்லா பென்களையும் செய்ய வேண்டும் போல இருக்கும்.போதாக்குறைக்கு நண்பர்கள் கொடுக்கும் சரோஜாதேவி புத்தகங்கள் வேறு என்னை சூடேற்றி வைத்திருந்தது.எனக்கு எப்படியாவது யாருடைய புண்டையையாவது நேரடியாக பார்க்கவாவது வேண்டும் என்று ஒரு வெறியோடு அலைந்து கொண்டிருந்தேன்.அந்த நேரத்தில்தான் எனக்கு ஒரு அருமையான [...]

அனிதா அண்ணி – 4


அப்படியே அவனது நாக்கு அவளது பெண்மை சுரங்கத்தை பிடித்து நக்கி துழாவ, அனிதாவால் மேலும் பொறுக்க முடியவில்லை… தன் கையை நீட்டி, ரவியின் கோலை பிடித்தாள்… அதை இழுத்ததும், ரவியும் புரிந்து கொண்டு திரும்பி, தன் கால்களை அவள் தோள்களின் இரு பகுதியிலும் அமர்த்தினான். அப்போதும் அவன் அவளது புண்டையை சுவைப்பதையோ, விரலால் மொட்டை திருகுவதையோ நிறுத்தவில்லை. அவள் மேலே 69 பொசிஷனில் படர, அனிதா அவனது கோலை தன் கையில் ஏந்தி முகத்தருகே கொண்டு வந்து [...]

அனிதா அண்ணி – 3


“சேச்சே, அண்ணி. என்ன அண்ணி இது, நான் அப்படி எல்லாம் மோசமான ஆள் இல்லை. உங்கள்கிட்ட போய் அப்படி எல்லாம் நடந்துக்க மாட்டேன்.” “ஏன்? நான்… வேணாம்னு எப்பவாவது சொன்னேனா?” சற்றே கிசுகிசுக்கும் குரலில் தலையை குனிந்து கொண்டு அனிதா கூறியதை கேட்டதும், ரவி அதிர்ந்தான். “என்ன சொல்றீங்க, அண்ணி?” அதற்கு மேல், அனிதாவால் பொறுக்க முடியவில்லை. கைகளில் முகம் புதைத்து அழ ஆரம்பித்து விட்டாள். “ஏன் அண்ணி, என்னாச்சு?” என்று அவளருகில் அமர்ந்து அவள் தோளை [...]

அனிதா அண்ணி – 2


சிரித்துக் கொண்டே, ரவி, அனிதாவுக்கு தோசை ஊட்டிவிட்டான். பிறகு அழகாக வாயையும் தொடைத்துவிட்டு, “ஹ்ம்ம்ம்… அண்ணி, நீங்க மஸாஜுக்கு ரெடியா?” என்று மீண்டும் அவளது இடுப்பை பற்றி கொண்டான். அனிதா அவனது இடுப்பு மஸாஜை கண்களை மூடி ரசித்தாலும், அவளது வலி எல்லாம் புட்டத்தில் இருந்தது. கிட்டத்தட்ட ஒரு மணிநேரம் மசாஜ் செய்து சற்று களைத்து போய்விட்டான், ரவி. ஒரு அரை மணினேரம் அப்படியே கட்டிலின் அருகில் அமர்ந்து கண்ணயர்ந்தான். அனிதா அவனை அன்புடன் பார்த்தாள். ‘ [...]

அனிதா அண்ணி – 1


ரவிக்கு அப்பொழுது பதினெட்டு வயதுதான் ஆகியிருந்தது. கிராமத்தில் பள்ளிப்படிப்பை முடித்துக் கொண்டு, சென்னையில் நல்ல காலேஜில் அப்ளை செய்து, அட்மிஷனும் வாங்கி விட்டான். அவனுடைய தந்தை சுப்பிரமணியம், தன் மூத்த பையன் ராஜுவிடம், ரவியை பத்திரமாக பார்த்துக் கொள்ள சொல்லி, பணமும், சில சாமான்களும் வந்து தந்து விட்டு போனார். ரவி இதற்கு முன் வீட்டை விட்டு எங்குமே போகாதவன். தனியே தங்க வேறு இடமில்லாமல், தன் அண்ணன் வீட்டிலேயே மாடி போர்ஷனில் வாடகை தராமல் செட்டிலாகி [...]

ஆணழகனின் உண்மை அனுபவங்கள் – 7


நாங்க பொற்தாமரைக்குளக் கரையில் ஒரு தூண் மறைவில் உட்கார்ந்து கொண்டோம். மைதிலி என்னிடம்,” என்னங்க வேலன், நாந்தான் பேசிக் கிட்டே வ்ர்றேன்..நீங்க ஒண்ணுமே பேச்மாட்டேன்கிறீங்கன்னு கேட்டாள். நான் மென்னு முழுங்கியபடி..அது வந்து..என் ப்ரெண்ட் வந்து பாத்துட்டு ஏமாந்து போயிடுவானோன்னு நெனப்பிலே ஒண்ணுமே பேசவரலே..சரி இப்பக் கேளுங்க..பதில் சொல்றேன்ன்னு சொன்னேன்.. அப்ப அவ கேட்டா..நீங்க இதுக்கு முன்னால யாரையாவது லவ் பண்ணியிருக் கீங்களான்னு… எனக்கு என்ன பதில் சொல்லறதுன்னே தெரியலே.. யாரைன்னு குறிப்பிட்டுச் சொல்றது.. இப்ப இருக்கற மாலதி [...]

தங்கைக்கோர் பூலாட்டு..முலையழகி அனிதா


என் தங்கை சங்கீதா..ஒரு சிற்பி செதுக்காத பொற்சிலை. அழகு என்றால் அப்படி ஒரு அழகு..நடிகை ஸ்னேகாவுக்கு இருப்பது போல் 7ம் நெம்பரைக் கவிழ்த்து வைத்ததுபோல் கூர்மையான அதேசமயம் நளினமான மூக்கு தேங்காய் பத்தையைப் போன்ற நெத்தி, வண்டுபோல் இரண்டு கருவிழிகள், கொவ்வைப்பழம்போல் செவ்விதழ்கள், அதற்குள் மாதுளம் முத்துக்கள் போல் வெளிர் பல்வரிசை, சங்குக்கழுத்து, கும்மென்று முட்டிக் கொண்டிருக்கும் தேங்காய் சைஸ் முலைகள், சிக்கென்ற இடுப்பு, மடல்வாழைத் தொடைகள், வழவழவென்று தந்தம்போல் கைகளும், கால்களும், தாமரைமொட்டைப் போல் சிவந்த [...]

குடும்ப சுகம் – 3


“அத ஏன் குட்டி மூடுற , நல்லா திற , இப்பவே smell ஆளத்தூக்குது, இன்னும் ஒழுக ஆரம்பிச்சா!!” அப்பாவின் குரல், ஆசையோடு அவரைத் தேடினேன் ,”அவர் ஒரி மூலையில் அம்மணமாக!, அந்த சுன்னிச்சாத்தானோடு!, அவரைக் கண்ட மாத்திரத்தில் வெறி ஏறி ஓடி அவரைக் கட்டிக் கொண்டேன் , அவரது அம்மண உடல் என் மீது!, அவரை ஆசை தீர முத்தமிட்டேன்!, அவரது இதழைக் கடித்துக் கொதறினேன், அவரது சுண்ணி விடைத்து உறுமியது, அதனைக் பிடிக்க முற்ப்பட்டேன்! [...]

குடும்ப சுகம் – 2


இப்படியாக என் கன்னிப் புண்டையை என் அப்பாவின் ஏவுகணை குத்தி கிழித்தது, அடுத்து சில நிமிடங்களிலெல்லோரும் உடை அணிந்து வீட்டிற்குள் வந்தோம் , நான் அம்மாவிடம் கேட்டேன் ,”எதுக்கும்மா அப்பாவோட பூலுக்கு அபிஷேகம் பண்ண சொன்ன?” ,”அடியே எனக்கு அரிப்பெடுத்த போதெல்லாம் அப்படியே ஆட்டி ஆட்டி சுகம் கொடுத்தாரு உங்கப்பா, அது மட்டுமா நான் என் அப்பாவோட ஜல்சா பண்ணும் போது பாத்துட்டு ஒன்னுமே சொல்லாம அவரும் எங்க பஜணையில கலந்துகிட்டாரு, அது மட்டுமா என் மகனோடவும் [...]

குடும்ப சுகம் – 1


ன் பெயர் அனிதா , வயதோ 19 , படிப்பது B.Sc பிஸிக்ஸ் இரண்டாம் ஆண்டு, இந்த கதைச் சம்பவம் எனது 18ஆவது வயதில் எனது வீட்டில் நடந்தது, அது என்ன என்று சொல்வதற்கு முன்னால் என்னைப் பற்றி சொல்லிக் கொள்கிறேன் , எனது நிறம் சிகப்பு , உயரம் 4’5 , சின்ன முகம், எடுப்பான் மூக்கு, தடித்த சிகப்பு உதடு, இடை சின்னது,ஆனால் புட்டமோ மிகப் பெரியது!, பார்ப்பதற்கு நான் boyz படத்தில் வரும் [...]

அக்கா ஜமுனா


என் அக்காவின் பெயர் . என் பெயர் மணி .எனக்கும் , அவளுக்கும் ஐந்து வருட வித்தியாசம்தான் . எனக்கு அப்போது பதினாறிருக்கும் . அக்காவுக்கு , 21 – தாண்டியிருந்தது . அக்கா , தம்பி என்றாலும் , நான் எப்போதும் உடனிருந்ததில்லை . கிராமத்தில் பத்து வருடங்களாய் படித்து வந்தேன் . 0007493462அடிக்கடி டிரான்ஸ்பர் ஆவதால் , என் அக்கா மட்டும் அப்பா , அம்மாவோடு ஊர் , ஊராய் பயணிப்பாள் . ஆக [...]

Cheating wife with a new neighbor!


I’m 1 month pregnant, my asshole husband hasn’t touched me since I told him I got pregnant with him. And my pussy is wet all the time; I can’t get sex off my mind. I am spending much time playing with myself then doing anything else with my soaking pussy. We have just moved to [...]

She asked me to arrange some good fucking for her!


I met my wife just over 5 years ago and, as you understand, we have been having sex for over those 5 years. That’s why the honeymoon is not the way to get to know each other well, but only a means to meet demands of my parents. You know, my wife has always been [...]

I wonder what happens next!


I was admitted to a college and moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. Being a student, I could not afford to rent a place by myself. So I rented out a room in a cottage, owned by a couple. The guy’s name was Fred and he was working in a financial firm as [...]

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My name is Andrew. I’m working in a cargo airline, I’m 42 years old. My wife Pamela is the most beautiful woman all over the world, she is 38, a sexy girl with cute appealing curves and exciting humps, and she’s got large breast and big round ass I always love to fuck. Pamela and [...]

Fuck in the car!


I met this woman a few years ago. She told me at once she was married, but she didn’t look like a loyal wife. Well, for me it was careless. They live in another city, on Western Coast and it took me a 3 hours flight to see her. Last summer I flew out to [...]

My Sexual Fantasy With My Brother


Hello everyone, this is Pinky. Thank you for appreciating my first story, ‘Sex with a Raddiwala’. That has encouraged me to write even more and as I had promised, I will be telling you stories about my sexual encounters with my cousin Karan in details. Just to brush up your memories, I am a 27 [...]

My Sister Ravaged In The Tain


Hello friends I, AMIT and back with another story about my sister and me on our journey in the train , I have a younger sister who is really hot and i would like to tell this story to everyone ,this incident happened few months ago , my family was on a trip to north [...]

My Cousin Sister Riddhi Moaning


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Sister In Law Repaid By Sex


I am regular follower of FSS. I am aged 40 years and this is my first writing, though I have explored a lot in sexual activities. When I was in Mumbai, my cousin brother’s wife had brought her son for treating his genetal disorder. She along with her husband’s elder brother, his wife and their [...]

My Mom Was Fucked By Servant


Hello readers I am back with 42nd story. I am Sanil and this story is about my mother Naima aged 48 and her debauchery with our servant Ravi aged 20. Lately, I had noticed a drastic change in my mother’s dressing sense and her behavior towards Ravi. She began wearing loose gowns with low cuts [...]

My Elder Sister Helping Me


This a story about how I seduced my own elder sister. This is my first story, so please ignore my mistakes. About me, I’m Josh (name changed for privacy) a guy with a normal body. I have a little bigger dick 8 inches which is always hard. About my sister, Nasreen 27 years old married. [...]

Who is Watching Who


Sometimes a small incident no matter how insignificant will change a person’s entire life. I would like to relate such an incident that happened to me. Five years ago my wife and I moved into a High rise apartment on the south side of Chicago. There are also many apartments across the street that are [...]

A sofa delivery!


It’s been a long time since she last had the same experience over. She woke up, opened her eyes and sat on the bed. Then turned to the right and looked at the mirror standing on the nightstand near the wall. She still couldn’t get used to having such a nice and luxurious apartment. She [...]

Adventures in the dormitory


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Golden cage. Part – 2


Several weeks passed. My family life remained unchanged. My husband was still interested in nothing but his business. He saw the change in me. He said he was pleased to see me finally find the inner balance I’d been looking for. I told him I got enrolled in dance classes and gym and really felt [...]

Golden cage. Part – 1


People thought I was lucky and damn happy. I bet some of my friends were dreaming about having the life I had… But I was so unhappy. I’m sure I wasn’t the only big boss wife who felt like a bird in a golden cage, gulping for air and unable to breathe. I had everything [...]

It wasn’t intended…


I was returning to office after the lunch break. Today was my birthday, another birthday… A sad holiday. I wasn’t 40 yet, but very close to that… However, I didn’t look my age or probably people didn’t want to tell me about that… Though my female friends would surely give me a hint I was [...]



Her life was full of sexual adventures. I realized it too late… I met my wife at work. We both work for a large corporation. Once I had to go to one of our departments and saw a beautiful girl there. She was neither thin (as many of her peers were) nor fat. Good body, [...]

Ellen’s sex affairs


Ellen entered the room. Oliver was sitting on the sofa and doing nothing. He was obviously bored. When he saw the woman he transformed. Ellen was wearing a black chiffon gown, the collar and the bottom part of which were trimmed with faux fur. A chic satin lingerie set including a bra, thongs and a [...]

கல்லூரி பருவ மங்கை


கல்லூரியில் படித்துக் கொண்டிருந்த போது ஒரு முறை கோடை விடுமுறைக்காக தாத்தா-பாட்டி வீட்டுக்கு சென்னைக்குப் போயிருந்தேன். அங்கிருந்து என் இன்னொரு சித்தப்பா வீட்டுக்குப் போவதற்காக பாட்டி வீட்டிலி ருந்து, காலை 8.30 மணி சுமாருக்கு பஸ்ஸில் ஏறினேன்.ஏற்கனவே பிதுங்கி வழிந்து ொண்டிருந்த பஸ்ஸில் மிகவும் கஷ்டப்பட்டு வலது காலின் கட்டைவிரலை ·புட்போர்டில் வைத்து தொற்றிக் கொள்ள, எனக்குப் பின்னாலிருந்து என்னை நெருக்கியடித்து தள்ளியபடி ஒரு இளைஞனும் ஏறிக் கொள்ள… மிகவும் பிரயாசைக்குப் பிறகு… இரண்டு படிகள் மேலேறி, [...]



முல்லையுர் என்ற கிராமதில் வசிக்கும் என் பெயர் ‘ரவுசு ராஜா’ பள்ளிப்படிப்பை முடித்தவுடன் கிராமத்தை சுற்றுவதுதான் பொழதுபோக்கு. என்னுடன் படித்தவர்கள் நிறையபேர் பல்கலைகழகத்தில் படிக்கின்றனர். பொழதுபோகாத நேரத்தில் டவுனுக்குச்சென்று பல்கலைகழகத்தில் படிக்கும் என் ஊர் நண்பர்களுடன் விடுதி அல்லது அறைகளில் தங்கி அவர்களுடன் சினிமாவுக்கு போவது, ஒட்டலில் சாப்பிடுவது என வகுப்புக்கு போவதை தவிர மற்ற அனைத்தையும் செய்து வந்தேன். நண்பர்கள் கிராமதிற்கு வந்தால் நான்தான் அவர்களுக்கு கம்பெனி. எங்கள் கிராமதின் ஒரே கனவுக் கன்னி பரிமளா [...]

சமோசா கொடுக்க வந்த பருவ மயில்


படுக்கையிலிருந்து எழ பத்து மணிக்கு மேலாகிவிட்டது. மனைவி பிஸ் போய்விட்டாள். அலுவலகம் இடம் மாற்றப் படுவதால் எனக்கு மாத்திரம் விடுமுறை. குளித்து சாப்பிட்டுவிட்டு டிவி முன் உட்கார்ந்தேன். காலிங் பெல் அடித்தது. போய் கதவைத் திறந்தேன். என் மனைவியின் தோழி சிந்து நின்று கொண்டிருந்தாள். எங்கள் பக்கத்து வீடுதான். கையில் ஒரு பொட்டலம். அதிலிருந்து சமோசா மணம். “பிருந்தா இல்லையே! ” என்றேன். “தெரியும். நீங்க தனியாக இருப்பீங்க என்றும் தெரியும். சமோசா கொடுக்க வந்தேன்.” “உள்ளே [...]

படுக்கை சுகம் கேட்டு ஒடும் கள்ள மனைவி – 2


உடனே அவள் மீது நான் ஏறி படுத்து கொண்டு, என் இடுப்பை அசைத்து அசைத்து அவள் இடுப்புடன் தேய்த்தேன். . என் பிறப்பு உறுப்பு மீது அவள் இடுப்பு தேய்த்துகொடுக்க, உணர்ச்சிகளை கட்டுபடுத்தமுடியாமல் நான் அவளை கட்டிபிடித்து முத்தமழை பொழிய, அவள் திடீரென விழித்து பார்த்து, என்னடி இது என கூற, “சாரிடி, என் வீட்டுகாரருக்கு ஆக்சிடன்ட் ஆனதில் இருந்து எனக்கு உடல் சுகம் கிடைக்கலே, போதாகுறைக்கு, இன்னைக்கு நீயும், கிருஷ்ணனும் என்னை சூடேத்தி விட்டுடீங்க” என [...]

படுக்கை சுகம் கேட்டு ஒடும் கள்ள மனைவி – 1


பாதுகாப்பு கருதி உண்மை பெயர்கள் மாற்றப்பட்டுள்ளது. ஏனெனில் இதை படிக்கும் எனது உறவினர்கள், நண்பர்கள் நான் யார் என தெரிந்து கொள்ள வாய்ப்புள்ளது. எனது வயது 40 ஆகின்றது. சமீபத்தில் எனது கணவர் விபத்தில் சிக்கி காலில் அடிபட்டு வீட்டில் ஓய்வில் இருக்கின்றார். குறைந்தது ஆறு மாதம் ஓய்வில் இருக்கவேண்டும் என டாக்டர்கள் கூறிவிட்டனர். எனவே அவர் பிசினெஸ் நான்தான் பார்த்து வருகின்றேன். தினமும் காரில் ஆபீஸிக்கு சென்று வருகின்றேன். ஆரம்பத்தில் ஆபிஸ் நிர்வாகம் சற்று சிரமமாக [...]